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Author Topic: DAVID MISCAVIGE  (Read 2777 times)
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« on: March 16, 2009, 11:04:28 PM »

Here is a link to David Miscavige`s Suppressive Person Declare.

This is as valid as the SP declare you will get for
reading it.

Sorry it`s so long. But he is so darned suppressive...
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« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2009, 05:28:09 PM »

Lolwut? He was an SP in the past? How did he unsuppress himself, if he did indeed do that?
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« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2009, 06:22:43 PM »

I believe he was declared an SP by some (former) execs after they got booted during the coup after LRon kicked it. Ronny's personal auditor or someone.
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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2009, 01:05:56 AM »

Miscavige is desperate.

If the Church of Scientology were a person, they would be in the ER right now on life support. In an effort to staunch the internal bleeding, they are making an unprecedented offer to some select Ex-Int Base staff members. We?ll cancel your Freeloader Debt! We?ll cancel your SP declare! All you have to do is disconnect from the ?Bad SPs.? People like Marc Headley, Jason Begue, Mark Rathbun. And me.

I bet you didn?t know there are ?Good SPs? and ?Bad SPs.? Well, there are. In fact, there are many classes of SP. And it?s important that these different classes of SP not communicate with each other.

Management SPs: These are the people who have been ?declared SP? but are not permitted to leave the Int Base. People like Guillaume Lesevre, Marc Yager, Heber Jentsch and a reported 40 or 50 others. They stay in the ?SP Hall? ? for years. Of course, they can?t communicate to other SPs.

Tame SPs: These are the people who, although declared SP, are ?working on their A to E steps? and paying off their Freeloader Debt. They are quiet, compliant, and don?t make waves. And they even do certain chores, like spying on other SPs and reporting to OSA.

Good SPs: They aren?t necessarily doing their A to E steps, and they are not paying their Freeloader debt, but at least they don?t speak out and they don?t make waves. They are quiet. They may read the chat groups and internet sites, but they don?t post under their own names. They don?t make any trouble for the Church, at least not openly. They are nice and quiet.

Bad SPs: These are the ones that make trouble. They write about their experiences on the inside. They reveal the abuse, the lies, the fraud. They talk to others. They post. They demonstrate. They speak out. They are not quiet.

Well, the Church is desperate. So desperate that they now have Tommy Davis, the Golden Boy, the Church?s ?top PR,? working full time on a campaign to get the ?Good SPs? to disconnect from the ?Bad SPs.? The offer is irresistible ? they will cancel your Freeloader Debt. They will fast-track you?re A to E steps. Just think ? you?ll be able to talk to your family again!!! All you have to do is disconnect from Headley, Rathbun, et. al.

And if you don?t? Well, your family members on the inside will get into trouble. Sorry about that. They will get demoted, assigned to menial tasks, assigned to deck work, maybe even RPFed. Now, you wouldn?t want that to happen to your family members, would you?

We hear that Scientologists are ?masters of communication.? And ain?t it the truth? Communication as a weapon of control. ?You want to talk to your family? Toe the line. You don?t want to cooperate? Good, your family will disappear into a slave gulag.? That?s right, masters of communication, in the tradition of a Hitler or a Stalin.

So okay, you say, the deal sounds great. What?s next? Well, you take a meeting with them. It?s you on one side of the table and four or five of them on the other. And you get grilled. Who are you in communication with? What do you know about Headley? They will pump you for information. And don?t be surprised if they have a printout of your Facebook page, highlighting those you have to disconnect from. Or a printout of your website or blog, with ?suggestions? as to what you should delete or change. Oh, yes, they?ve done their homework, like good little spies.

And if you take the deal? No more freeloader debt. No more SP declare. You can talk to your family. You can ?move up the Bridge.?

A few things they just might not relay to you:

That Freeloader Debt? It?s bogus and unenforceable anyway. They lose nothing by cancelling it.

Your ?progress up the Bridge?? DM will make sure you are never allowed on the ?OT Levels.?

And your communication with your family? Well, your letters will still be censored and your phone calls covertly monitored. Of course. And they STILL won?t be able to get time off to visit you.

Details, details. Other than that, it?s a great deal, right?

There are also a few things we don?t need to tell them:

The ?Good? SPs and the ?Bad? SPs have one thing in common ? they all hate David Miscavige and think he is crazy. They disagree with the abuse, lies and fraud. Just because the ?Good SPs? are nice and quiet doesn?t mean that they are blind, deaf and dumb. They know the score. So all of this ?getting you back in touch with your family? is a double-edged sword. It puts Scientologists and staff in touch with people who have seen behind the curtain. But let?s not tell them that. They will try to control the communication line so no one inside finds out the truth of what really goes on at the Int Base. All I can say is good luck with that.

So it?s a great deal, right? Should you take it?

Well, that?s up to you. If it gets you back in touch with your family, okay. If it helps you get them OUT, even better.

But realize that any deal the Church makes with you is designed to benefit them, not to benefit you or your family. Any deal has as its purpose to control you and your family members. To keep you in line. To keep you quiet and compliant. Realize that your family connections are being used to blackmail you into submission. That?s what disconnection is all about. Control.

They think they can control you by withholding and granting communication with your family.

Well, can they?

Copy and paste from Operation clambake message board.
POSTED by Fishdaddy
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« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2009, 04:32:16 PM »

Attention all scientologists...

Keep sending your hard earned money to David Miscavige.
He sure knows how to spend it.

This from the Tampa Bay .com. The St Petersburg Times.
Scientology church gives Clearwater's Fort Harrison Hotel a $40M makeover

By Mike Brassfield, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Crystal Ballroom at the Fort Harrison Hotel houses a 12,000-crystal chandelier. The hotel opened 82 years ago as the New Fort Harrison Hotel, and was a focal point of the community during the Great Depression and World War II.
   The Crystal Ballroom at the Fort Harrison Hotel houses a 12,000-crystal chandelier. The hotel opened 82 years ago as the New Fort Harrison Hotel, and was a focal point of the community during the Great Depression and World War II.

Paintings and wrought-iron railings adorn a stairway in the Church of Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel. Visitors can enter the hotel’s lobby and look around, but the hotel’s three restaurants will not be open to the public.


CLEARWATER — Marble floors from Spain. Gold leaf painted on elaborate crown moldings. Richly colored carpets from South Africa. Decorative plaster cornices. A 12,000-crystal chandelier for the ballroom.

The Church of Scientology is reopening its lavishly renovated Fort Harrison Hotel after pouring $40 million into upgrading it. The 82-year-old landmark has been polished into an elegant hotel for visiting Scientologists. It has adopted the same grand, stately look as iconic Florida hotels like the Breakers in Palm Beach or St. Petersburg's Renaissance Vinoy Resort.

Now attention turns to Scientology's enormous building across the street that has sat vacant and unfinished for six years, mystifying the public.

The Flag Building, nicknamed the "Super Power" building, is a seven-story, 380,000-square-foot empty shell that encompasses a whole city block. The church gets fined $250 a day for not bringing it up to code, and the fines now total $245,000.

Numerous promises to finish the building have come and gone, but church officials insist that this time it really is next on their to-do list. At this point, church architects and Clearwater building officials say they're going over some final details.

"We're ready," said Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis. "All the money has been put aside, and the plans are in place. As soon as we get the go-ahead from the city, we'll begin."

The Fort Harrison's makeover is the latest in a series of construction projects that will give the church an inventory of more than 800 hotel rooms around downtown Clearwater. It and the Flag Building are intended to add to the church's presence in the city it considers its spiritual mecca, a destination for church members from 66 countries who travel here for high-level Scientology counseling.

The Fort Harrison

The scaffolding that shrouded the 11-story building for a year has come down, and the 220-room hotel has reopened. Nightly rates range from $150 for a standard room to $1,500 for the presidential suite.

Built in 1927 as Clearwater's first skyscraper, the hotel was a local focal point for decades. It was vacant by the time Scientology covertly bought it under an assumed name in 1975, sparking years of hostility between the church and the city.

The church has gained greater acceptance over the last 15 years or so, to the point where many local bigwigs felt comfortable attending a reception at the hotel Saturday night. But the church's own research a few years ago found that many in the area still don't know much about Scientology and view it as a strange cult.

To renovate the Fort Harrison, the church gutted it, tearing out plumbing, wiring, floors, walls, elevators and unsightly window air-conditioning units.

Now the redesigned lobby opens up to the third floor, where a pedestrian bridge crosses Fort Harrison Avenue to the unfinished Flag Building. A new marble staircase leads up there.

The Crystal Ballroom on the 10th and 11th floors, once a fashionable spot for high school proms, has been completely rebuilt and its patterned wooden floor restored, said Bob Wright, a Scientology staffer overseeing construction.

Church staffers made thousands of custom wood and plaster moldings at Scientology's local wood mill and workshop.

The hotel has three restaurants — none of which will be open to the public, despite what the church previously said. The ballroom won't be rented out for weddings either.

And the hotel won't be hiring because it is staffed by members of the Sea Org, the legion of uniformed church staffers who dedicate their lives to Scientology.

Members of the general public can walk into the lobby for a look, but ultimately this hotel is for Scientologists only.

"This is a religious retreat," Davis said. "That isn't to say that people can't come in and look at the beautiful building. It's open to the community, but it's not open for business."

'Super Power'

Construction on the Flag Building began in 1999, and it was supposed to open in 2002. Work stopped in 2003 and has been at a standstill ever since.

One of the county's largest buildings, it is stuccoed, trimmed and painted on the outside, but empty on the inside. A big hole in the building's northwest corner draws curious glances from drivers on Alt. U.S. 19.

Clearwater officials get asked about it all the time.

"People say, 'My gosh, why is it taking so long?' The public doesn't understand the church's sense of priorities — why they would leave such a large building unfinished for an unusual amount of time," said City Manager Bill Horne.

"We look forward to them getting it complete," said Mayor Frank Hibbard.

In 2006, Clearwater started fining Scientology $250 a day for failing to bring its building up to code. When it's finally finished, the city's code enforcement board will review the fines and decide whether to forgive any.

City officials get asked why they're not taking harsher measures. Horne said the city treats the church like any other landowner: "Our building codes and state statutes give property owners quite a bit of leeway to get a structure completed."

Scientology's explanation for the unfinished building: It repeatedly redesigned the interior, and it embarked on an international building spree. Recently in Clearwater, it has chosen to work on the Oak Cove and Fort Harrison hotels instead.

The church says the Flag Building will eventually house the bulk of Scientology's religious services in Clearwater. It will have about 300 rooms for Scientology's core practice of "auditing."

The building is nicknamed "Super Power" because it will be the only place in the world where a highly classified Scientology program called Super Power will be offered. Its upper floors will house special equipment that church officials say is designed to heighten one's perceptions. The specifics are secret; like much of Scientology training, details aren't revealed until one pays to take the course.

Wright said the building has cost about $40 million so far, and the church expects to spend $50 million finishing its elaborate interior. He leafed through 800 sheets of construction drawings for it. "It's been planned to within an inch of its life," he said.

Times staff writer Joe Childs contributed to this report. Mike Brassfield can be reached at or (727) 445-4160.

Scientology's taxes

The Fort Harrison Hotel's renovation will increase Scientology's property tax bill. Two-thirds of the church's property in Clearwater is tax-exempt because it's used for religious purposes, but Scientology's hotels and restaurants are taxed. Last year Scientology was charged nearly $800,000 in taxes on nearly $108 million worth of Pinellas County property.

A building time line

1975: Scientology secretly establishes its spiritual headquarters at the Fort Harrison Hotel, sparking years of controversy.

1995: Scientologist Lisa McPherson dies after being in the care of Fort Harrison staffers for 17 days. This leads to felony charges against Scientology, later dropped, and a wrongful-death lawsuit, later settled.

1999: Church breaks ground on Flag Building.

2003: Construction of Flag Building stops.

2006: City of Clearwater begins fining Scientology for not bringing Flag Building up to code.

2007-2008: Church renovates Oak Cove into a waterfront hotel and moves church operations from the Fort Harrison to Oak Cove.

2008: Church begins renovating Fort Harrison.

2009: Church finishes Fort Harrison and submits final plans for Flag Building.

For photos and comments click here...
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« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2009, 05:17:35 PM »

As I've been saying for some time - scio is now ONLY a property development business.  The proof:-

Last night I went to the LRH birthday event,when I got home I wrote down as many details as I could remember.

During the thing,I was actually having difficulty understanding some of what was being said. Could it be that I'm forgetting Scio. speak? Was it ever meant to be really understood? I noticed for the first time, how fast they tend to speak at those events.It allows one no time to digest the information being given. I wonder..?

I missed the first part of the event but was told later that it showed thousands of Way to Happiness booklets being passed out by the police in Colombia. The staff were later talking amongst themselves about the big impact this would have on that "out ethics"country.

When I arrived the LRH biographer( does anyone know this guy's name) was talking about LRH's management skill and genius. There are also some excerpts from the ol' man himself denigrating all those who had ever been executives in the "Church" and even a few of his assistants and secretaries from the early day who had caused him so much woe and sorrow because of their incompetence . This was not only extremely boring but extremely annoying. The biographer and then the excerpts from LRH go on an on about his military history and his management skills;on and on it goes,it is nauseating. You hear LRH wondering how Boeing can keep an airplane in the air.How can companies survive when they are so ..? Apparently nothing was organized or managed correctly till LRH arrived here on planet earth.

Next comes Little Nap. His voice seemed hoarse;I wonder why? He starts talking about the "ideal orgs." There were 7(or was it 9?) before and 2 more that just got completed. The Don Pardo voice toggles back and forth with DM's.You who have been to events know what I mean.Over an hour of endless data regarding these buildings. The two new "Ideal Orgs"made were Sweden the other one was Nashville Tennessee(Celebrity Center). David Caradin was shown playing guitar.Is he a Clam now?

Guillaume L. introduces the winning orgs--The Birthday Game winners:In the Mission category--Los Felix, Class V Org. category--Tokyo, CLO category--West US.
By the way he was the only Int Exec.there. He looked gaunt and tired.

The Fort Harrison Hotel just got finished being remodeled.I forgot exactly what was said on how many men hours were spent in refurbishing it.Hundreds of thousands or millions. I wonder how much money was spent also? This was not mentioned. Not mentioned either was the Super Power Building or the Freewinds.

An architect or a real estate agent would have truly enjoyed this event.

I found it interesting that very little regarding the stats was mentioned. You guys remember the "good ol' days" when you'd hear about Flag making millions of dollars and lots of Clears,OTs and Auditors,right? Not this time,it was basically about the buildings.Some mathematical equation was thrown in attempting to explain how by having these Ideal Orgs you would eventually have two million members...I just didn't get it but I really was too... I'm at a loss for words here.

I thought I would have a fun time telling you guys how my night went but, to tell the truth, I don't feel all that great right now.I met family and friends there and we hugged and talked and all were really happy that I had attended; it broke my heart.

I was asked on about three different occasions how I liked the event and each time I said "Honestly, I do like events,I never have." I did this with a smile and truly trying not to antagonize these individuals.They seemed to accept what I said and nothing more was mentioned.It felt so good not to have to lie or pretend,something which becomes so much a part of you when you're in.

But there are always a few hard core FANATICS and I ran into two of these. One wanted me to donate to the building fund. I said no.This person attempted to "handle" me, saying that he did not know what the definition of "no." was. I just looked at him smiled and walked away.He didn't persist. The other person wanted me to donate to the IAS. I just said,"Not interested,I'm...." I wish I would have had a camera and taken a picture of his face.He persisted for a while but finally gave up. I'm sure I'll have a "KR" in my ethics file tomorrow.

One forgets how many good people there are in the "church" though. How many are giving up their dreams and comfort to be there. Seeing this I get both very angry and sad.

This is a dry,boring report, I know, but like I said before I found nothing to joke or laugh about. It's easy being a critic from afar. When you see the actual human beings involved in that trap,the perspective changes.

Any connection to this "church" causes one to have no sense and no humor.

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Seize the moment

« Reply #6 on: March 26, 2009, 08:35:53 PM »

Thanks Rocky.

Hope you are rocking along!

Love Once
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