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Author Topic: Missing in inaction?  (Read 1303 times)
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« on: March 05, 2009, 08:15:39 PM »

Hi giuse and guils,

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  The wife has me renovating the house and garden!!

What I am extremely interested in is the disappearance of David Miscavidge.  Seriously no one appears to have seen him since he was at the Moto with TC - we posted piccys here.  That's damn near a year - isn't it????

So where has he gone?  Seriously I'm not joking around here.

Tommy Davis has been doing the PR stuff - rather badly as it happens, and appears to be living at Gold Base in Hemet.

So who is giving the orders?  TC has gone all quiet on matters of Scio - so he got the message.

Come on scio members - who is running your show now?  Where and what is Miscavidge doing?

We all know Miscavidge did a terrible job running scio - has he in his turn been ousted?  Did he just run off with the cash?  Is he ill?  There is a rumour that he is in rehab for alcohol addiction but can we believe that?  We do know he hasn't bothered taking scio services for years.

If you know please let me know - one way or another.  Put our minds at rest.

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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2009, 07:06:39 AM »

The last confirmed sighting of Davey, to my knowledge, was August 19th
2008.  He spoke at Celebrity center Int in Hollywood.

It was an outdoor venue and Davey received his first personal experience
of the love the world has for him.
Anons across the road raised merry hell and inspired many honks
from passing motorists.

I posted many months ago that Miscavige should be the number one target
of anonymous. If he goes down the whole organization will crumble.

Right from Day One of the protesting, Miscavige has mismanaged
Scientology`s offensive and defensive strategies.

However, what he has also done is set in stone his consciousness of guilt.
Someone who is guilty of crimes has a completely different mindset when
dealing with the consequences of the fallout than the innocent have.

An innocent guy doesn`t run when he hears police sirens approaching.
By his actions David Miscavige has shown he doesn`t give a darn about
ending war, crime and insanity, or saving the world.
All he`s ever done is try to save his own arse.

Which is what he is busy trying to do now.
I recommend all current Scientologists word clear the term "spoiled brat."

History is full of leaders who led from the rear.
All their empires crumbled.

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