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Author Topic: HUBBARD ADMITS DIANETICS BOOK IS A FRAUD.  (Read 2695 times)
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The 59th Anniversary of Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health is being celebrated in worldwide events in a few weeks. Here is the surreal part that you won't believe until you see/hear it yourself:


But, Scientologists ignore that and celebrate it anyways! I told you it's surreal, do you want to see it for yourself?

Around 2:00 of this LRH EVENT he states: "We had in Book I, simply no more and no less than a rather adequate description of the reactive mind, the mental image picture, the engram, the secondary and so forth. We had ways to run these things but those ways were not the ways used to clear people. Now, that's very interesting that I could be guilty of an oversight to that degree."

It gets more bizarre....

Since 1951 Hubbard and the Church has ranted and raved about precision scientific technology that has been proven to work 100% of the time. They have promoted millions of copies of The Way To Happiness worldwide to teach people not to lie. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent promoting Dianetics courses and auditing so every man, woman and child on Earth could go Clear. The book DMSHM has been re-published over and over again, most recently with the release of "The Basics". It is continually asserted, stated and written that Dianetics is a science of the mind and that in about 20 hours of Dianetic auditing, anyone can reach "Clear".

But around 1959 (when this congress was filmed) Hubbard admitted that DMSMH could not produce a clear.

In spite of that, for the past 50 years, the church has continued to sell the book and the courses and the auditing.

They never revised the book to tell the reader that the author said there was other technology he later developed (allegedly) that was needed to make the state of clear. They never even hinted that anything was less than perfect in this book. Not one person in the past 59 years ever was produced by Scientology as evidence that the abilities of a clear were even real. It was just a claim... But back to the point,
even if Hubbard later figured out how to make a Clear (which he clearly did not) then why would they sell a book that they knew was incorrect about the precious, scientific technology to free mankind. (hint: their total dedication to freeing mankind with the miraculous tech of Dianetics must not very "total"...or at least less total than their dedication to getting people to pay MONEY for a shiny car that doesn't run.

Have to admire the boldness of it! They take a broken down car, give it sparking new paint and then sell it for wayyyyyy more than blue book value, claiming it is not only a car but it is a super-car, capable of winning every race.

That is knowing and outright consumer fraud.

They know it doesn't work. But they still sell it and make all the false claims and misrepresentations without hesitation.

And they get Scientologists to go to events to celebrate something that Hubbard says doesn't work.

Marvelous hoax, isn't it? A masterpiece of deception. Belongs in an art museum in the Baroque Brainwashing Gallery.

here is the link:!

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