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Author Topic: I guess we are close to the time Miscavidge runs off with the loot.  (Read 908 times)
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« on: June 22, 2009, 08:58:16 AM »

Hubbard never gave the keys to miscavidge - he stole them

Since then he has turned scientology into a real estate development business which I suspect he and his cohorts (lawyers) own lock stock and barrel.

You idiots donated and worked for his retirement fund.

At the moment miscavidge is hiding out on the freewinds out of the way of US jurisdiction.  We can expect him to disappear completely soon.  He won't stay around to face the music - will he?

The thing is - what will happen to your dreams?  What will happen to scientology?

The buildings will be sold out from underneath you and then where will you be?  Miscavidge owns the copyrights so where will you be?

OK - please don't despair!  ALL the tech is out in the field already and has been since 1982.  Very capable people are out there providing services.  That's if you still want them.

My own cognition after doing OT3 led me to becoming a Darwinian!  Mind you it took a couple of years to destimulate first.

Anyone who needs help adjusting - call me - I will do my best.  After all what are enemies for!!??  Just a little joke.  I'm yer friend but you don't know it yet.

It may take a bit to unwind but I really believe we are seeing the start of the end game.  When 4 top ex execs start unburdening on video for all to see you get that certain feeling.

A lot of bigger corporations have fallen from less.  AND scientology IS a corporation - it may have religion wound around it but this is just a cloaking device.  You all know that deep inside.

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