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Author Topic: Wicked witch of the West  (Read 1187 times)
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« on: June 24, 2009, 09:24:20 AM »

 Larry Brennan, the genius behind Scientology`s impenetrable
corporate labyrinth, foretold of this "shit storm" approaching from
the East. (Florida)  In his latest post he hints about another shit storm
about to hit the West coast.

I`ll just leave this thread ready for when it arrives.  Stay tuned.

And now over to Larry...

"I am thrilled with this 3-part report in so very many ways.

It is a piece of the shit storm spreading over the world and I truly hope that all the truth revealed in those reports helps: 1) both staff and public get out of organized scientology; 2) prevent new public and potential staff from getting involved in organized scientology and 3) helps bring about some form of justice.

With all that Anon is doing to raise public awareness and to make things like this go viral, I think that at least both 1 and 2 above is pretty much assured.

Much will follow this.

I applaud all four for speaking out.

A number of us have tried to tell much of what is in these stories for some time now but it is these folks who got it heard worldwide and that is awesome!

I cannot pretend to really understand the three guys that spoke out and I am not even trying to be critical but I must disagree on one thing that I feel is important.

One did NOT have to beat others to survive. One could have just left rather than beating others. Beating and otherwise abusing others was a choice. I was just as "high up" and never laid a finger on anyone nor abused anyone even though I was once ordered by Hubbard to spit on some poor people under guard there and had many opportunities to be abusive but CHOSE not to despite the fact that abuse was in vogue even then. And IMHO most ex staff were like me in this fashion.

Hell I lived and worked at the infamous Guardian Office World Wide before that time where all kinds of crazy shit was supported by B1 there including operation freak-out and Snow White and many others. While most of us did not know that shit was going on we still helped defend an organization that this world would be far better off without. But even there at the headquarters of the GO itself I never ever HEARD of staff beatings and abuse like that. Hell it used to be a big deal there if someone was applying some lower condition and having to wear that stupid dirty gray rag. Certainly it was not commonplace there. And that too was a wacko organization.

The first time I personally saw staff beatings and the like was at Int with Miscavige and also seeing his Int Finance police abuse the shit out of countless people. It was so crazy that part of my job as Special Unit IC was to stop the finance police from trying to set up people for crimes they did not commit.

Miscavige was the MOST immature person in group of immature people who knew nothing of life, who had blind loyalty to Hubbard, who believed everything he said and who thought they were "on source" by being as abusive as Hubbard ever was at his worst.

But that shit was a choice. You DID NOT have to beat others!

Hell I have lots to answer for by being such a huge factor in their religious cloaking and corporate veils and I have been trying to do something about it for years now just like those three guys seem to be doing now as well.

But, again, I think it is important to state that one NEVER had to beat or abuse others. I developed cloaking to hide Hubbard's controls and intentions and that was a choice. I thought I was helping "save the world" just like these guys felt but that is not an excuse. It was a choice. A poor choice but a choice nonetheless. Likewise beating others was a choice.

The fact that one or more of them has been seeking out others and apologizing to them is a great step forward no doubt.

That said, and maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill, I again say I am thrilled with this and what will come of all this and I am very happy those three guys and Amy did what they did here.

So the shit storm came up more in the east. Now brace for more epic in the west:) LOL
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