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           List Of All Ex Scientologists Who Have Spoken Out

The following is a list of ex Scientologists that have left and have spoken out against Scientology.
There will be mistakes, typos, and misinformation due to the fact that it is just being set up and updated.
Names are listed Alphabetically by FIRST name.

And please be patient, this is a very tedious task and all help is welcomed and appreciated.
*Please check and double check names and facts before submitting names, as it is causing disagreements. THANKS!!!!

We are not going to include critics who are not ex-Scis.
ONLY ex-Scis, and only those who have spoken out in an interview, a testimony, publicly, in protest, books, articles, or openly on a forum or website or what have you. Sound fair?

The purpose of this list is to give courage to others who are still in to finally leave, or those who have already left to speak out.

Also perhaps those that are still in may recognize a name they may have known before and are unaware they have left.
It is also important to show how extensive this list is, especially after four top execs have come foward.
Add it shoots BIG holes into Scientology's claims of there only being a handful of disgruntled members who have left and have spoke out..
When put all together, it is pretty mind blowing.
Thanks to all that contributed to this list.
Any BLANKS that can be filled in, (how long they were in, their position,deceased etc.. would be helpful)


Aida Thomas-Mexico -Spanish Class VIII Auditor, left after 20 years
Alain Stoffen-France (book and lots of TV)
AlexM- 3 years in, one year on staff, 9 months in Berlin, 2 and a half months in San Francisco, German TV ZDF and XenuTv interviews
Amy Allen
Amy Scobee- Joined at age 14. In over 20 years as manager at the church's international base in California. Built the network of Scientology Celebrity Centres
Anke Dievenkorn- staff, left after 10 years
Anne Marie Dunning -ex-EO/HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology Buffalo
Andre Tabayoyon
Annie Rosenblum
Arnie Lerma
Ariane Jackson -attained highest available level, OT8. Left after 17 years
Astra Woodcraft- ex Sea Org
Astrid von Rönn-more than 20 years, ethics officer
Aude-Claire Malton (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)

Barbara Kaye- Hubbard's girlfriend while he was married
Barbara Zizic
Bent Corydon-the former head of the Riverside mission, Former scientologist of 20 years and
Author of "L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman
Bill Franks -Former international executive director of the Church of Scientology
Bill Zizic- dentist
Bob Penny -left after 13 years -deceased
Bonnie and Richard Woods? -former Sea Org staff member,he has a new book coming out?
Birgitta Dagnell Harrington -Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe
Brendan Moore
Brian Canup

Carol Garrity- eft after 5 years
Caroline Letkeman -left after 24 years
Caspar de Rijk- former director of Scientology Netherlands
Catarina Sandström Pamnell
Cheryl Sola -left after 13 years
Chip Gallo
Chris Lyman
Claire Headly
Claire Swazey
Creed Pearson -left after 26 years, victim of disconnection
Chuck Beatty - left after 27 years
Cynthia Kisser -Former Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network
Cyril Vosper -Former senior officer scientologist, author of The Mind Benders - Scientology

Dan Garvin -25 years in the Sea Org, 10 years in OSA
Daniel Fumagalli - 1984 to 1989, Zürich, Copenhagen, LA, Commodore's Messenger Org
David Graham-ex-Sea Org member
David John Carter - ex-Sea Org member
David Mayo
Deborah Barnes
Dennis Erlich -Former high-ranking scientologist, left after 15 years
Diana Conova
Dodie Geary- held for 2 weeks
Don Larson
Dorothy Geary
Dr. Donna Shannon

Ed Hattaway- Chiropractor-1992-1995
Edward Walters
Enrico Costantini-1991-2003

Frank Gerbode -1977-1981,former head of the Palo Alto mission
Franklin Freedman
Frank Notaro
Frank Oliver

Gaby Hubeny-left after 12 years
Gary Weber - ex-member of the Guardian Office
Gene Allard
Gerhard Förster
Gerry Armstrong-Hubbard's Household Manager
Giacomo Sotgia
Glover Rowe, Dee Rowe Dentist who was brought along with his wife into Scientology through the front
organization Sterling Management Systems
Grace Aaron- missing son who disconnected
Greg Barnes
Greg Marlowe, 1975-1978
Gunther Träger-a member for more than 20 years

Hana Eltringham Whitfield-left after 20 years-Ship's Captain, Deputy Captain, Commodore's Staff Aide, Deputy Commodore of Hubbard's Three Ships, and part of GO
Homer Schomer -Treasury Secretary of ASI
Homer Wilson Smith-freezoner

Ildiko Bajnoczi Former scientologist, reached OT 8
Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang

Jane Scott
Janice Hayward -sued the Church of Scientology
Janie Peterson -former member of the Guardian Office
Jason Beghe
Jeanette Schweitzer
Jean-Luc Barbier
Jean-Paul Dubreuil
Jeff Hawkins-in for 35 years -top level- Int. Base Hemet
Jenna Miscavige -ex Sear Org nice of David Miscavige
Jennifer Gorman
Jesse Prince-highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Org
Jim Beebe - worked for the old CAN after leaving - deceased
Jim Dimcalci - Hubbard's Medical Officer
Joe Harrington- deceased
John Cullison
John Duignan- Sea Org 20 years Wrote The Complex
John McLean
John Peeler ("BTs2Free") Former high ranking scientologist
Jon Atack-left after 9 years
Joyce Stephenson
Juan Esteban Cordero- filed case against COS for "progressive mental conditioning''. He spent more than $167,000 on Scientology-related courses.
Julie Christofferson Titchbourne -sued the Church and Hubbard for 43-million

Karen [Schless] Pressley - left after 16 years, 9 years as staff member. Author of a book titled Escaping Scientology.
Kathryn Smith
Karen Wolff- (also Karen Mitchell and Oram)
Karsten J. Lorenzen
Ken Aaron-missing son that disconnected
Ken Rose
Kendra Wiseman- ex Sea Org member
Kevin Creech- some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
Kima Douglas
Kim Baker

Larry Brennan -Watch Dog Committee
Lawrence Wollersheim -left after 11 years
Laura DeCrescenzo
Laurel Sullivan- left after 15 years
La Venda Van Schaick -left after 9 years
Lawrence Woodcraft- ex Sea Org member
Lee Reynolds- staff secretarty treasury
Lorna Levett
Louise Cook

Mac Stevens
Madeleine Genesse, Canada (TV interview) deceased
Magne Berge -Norwegian Sued the Church of Scientology and won
Marc Headley
Margery Wakefield-left after 12 years. Authored four books
Maria Pia Gardini
Mark Plummer Former Sea Org executive, left scientology after 14 years
Martha Greene Creech- some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
Martine Boublil
Martin Ruston
Martin Hunt
Martin Ottmann- Sea Org
Martin Poulter
Martin Samuels
Marty Rathbun- in for over 27 years, top exec- still practicing and auditing
Mary Tabayoyon-Member of the Sea Organisation for 21 years
Mary Johnston -sued the Church of Scientology, settled out of court
Mary McConnell
Marion Evoy- former Canadian head of Scientology's Guardian Office, testified in court against Scientology in 1992
Maureen Bolstad
Melissa Miller
Michael Pattison-OT8 scientologist, left after 24 years
Mike De Wolf
Mike Goldstein-Hubbard's Finance Controller
Mike Henderson-IAS Patron (donated at least $40,000 reached OT 8
Michael Leonard Tilse- left after 27 years
Mike Rinder-CO OSA Int
Miss. Sieber
Moira Hutchison
Molly Hutchinson
Mona Vasquez- France (wrote books and Tv appearances)
Monica Pignotti
Mylene Beyer-France-ex-sea org, left after 21 years (french radio interview)

Nan McLean Nan McLean -Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game
Nancy Many- former president of the Celebrity Center and under cover operative for the Guardian’s Office, OSA and RTC, testified in the Lisa McPherson trial in 2002
Nelly Reziga (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)
Norbert Potthoff-Spokesperson until 1987, Düsseldorf Org

Otto Roos

Patricia Braine-left after 15 years
Patrick Jost
Patty Pieniadz - left after almost 30 years
Paul David Schofield
Paul Grosswald
Pertti Muhli
Perry Scott
Peter Alexander- left after 20 years
Peter Devaney Jr.- Sea Org , left in 1982
Peter Forde
Peter Gilham - Class VIII, OT VII, was with LRH at La Quinta-?
Peter Letterese
Peter Voßmerbäumer
Phil Scott
Pierre Ethier-Class XII Auditor. Still practices and audits

Raymond Scapillato- France (book)
Reverend Murray Luther Scientology insider, 30 years in
Rhett Westerman
Rich Dunning -ex-Deputy to the Executive Director, Church of Scientology of Buffalo
Rex Basterfield
Robert Dam
Robert Dardano -former member of the Guardian Office
Robert Geary -Dentist
Robert Kaufman
Robert Vaughn Young-Public Relations Officer, left after 21 years- deceased
Rod Pearson
Ron Glazier
Roger Gonnet
Roland Rashleigh-Berry-left after 5 years
Ron (Hubbard) DeWolfe- Hubbard's son!
Ruth Lorenzen- left after 15 years
Roxanne Friend-She was led to believe that Scientology could cure her cancer-deceased

Sara Northrup- Hubbard's second wife, spoke about about being tortured by Hubbard
Scott Mayer Former senior-executive scientologist, left after 12 years -deceased
Scott Yeager
Sean Ostler
Shane Vincent
Shiona Fox
Stacy Brooks Young-GO/OSA staffer, left after nearly 15 years
Steven Fishman
Stewart Gadner
Susan Lentsch ex-staff, disconnected, heartbroken mother
Susan Simmel
Susan Talbot -Class V1 Auditor & C/S, There for 15 years, left because of the forced abortions & abuses.
Susanne Elleby-1988 to 1990, Flag in Clearwater, "missionaire" in Copenhagen
Suzette M. Dearing
Sylvain Bilodeau, Canada (TV interview)
Sylvana Garritano

Tanja Neumann - EX-SeaOrg kid
Tara Hathaway
Ted Mayett
Tom DeVocht-oversaw the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater
Tommy Gorman
Tom Padgett - target of fair game practice after he left
Tom Smith
Tom Voltz -author of Scientology With(out) an End
Tom Weeks- Ex Sea Org
Tonja Burden Former scientologist, spent five years in scientology as a teenager
Tory Christman-left after 30 years
Troy Miranda

Vickie Aznaran- left after 15 years
Vivien Krogman - Ex-SeaOrg kid

Wayne Whitney -deceased
Werner Hubeny- left after 12 years
Wilfried Handl-Austria 28 years in, formaly high ranking, wrote a book, a lot of TV, some recitals
William S. Burroughs, American writer-deceased

Yolanda Howell

Zane Thomas
Zoe Woodcraft- ex Sea Org member

This list is incomplete and names will be continually added.
These names are only the people who have spoken out.
There are thousands more who left, and have not come foward to tell their story yet.
And there are also hundreds more who spoke out who did not want their names known.
You can find them at Scientology Through The Door
and at
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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2009, 11:30:17 PM »

What a mighty list this is!
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« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2009, 08:56:01 AM »

To be honest it's only a tiny percentage of those that have left AND spoken out!

If I had a memory I could personally add another 500 to it.  I'll do my best to think.

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« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2009, 02:00:26 PM »

OK - if you can get this list added to - I don't know where to send it.

I took a trot down memory lane - here

and copied many names  - there will be duplicates and I make no apology for that.

Most of these names I know or did know personally.  They were the first wave - the real "old guard".  In those days we were still "believers" but after time I think most of us became normal again! Sadly many have died.

There are a LOT more!! I just can't remember them all.  Many thousand over the last 28 years and a few before then.

John McMaster - clear number one and world wide spokesperson of scio - deceased
Capt Bill Robertson - ex so - friend of LRH and Kha Khan - deceased
John Caban - was with Capt Bill for start of Free Zone
Robin Scott - ex SO and started AAC Canda Craig
Peter Lauritsen - started AAC Miami
Gwen North - class 8 or above - was with AAC Miami
Joyce Barnes left scio in 1982
Neville Chamberlain - class 8 left 1982
Trudy Chamberlain - left 1982
Malcolm McPherson - ex SO - left 1982
Merril Mayo - David's wife
Harvey Heber at AAC SB
Donna Heber
Ken Urquhart  - ex SO - was LRH Personal Communicator for 8 years
Neville Glazier - Ron's aide in Rhodesia)
Julian Bell - left 1982
Darrell Sykes - left 1982
left in 1982 rush also
Eddie Mace
Bernie Wimbush
Mason van der Linde
Pam Baczkowska - came into Scientology in 1961, she was amongst the first 400 OTVI's, and is Class 6 and Full OT VII
Henry Baczkowska
Morag Bellmaine - ex SO - with AAC East Grinstead
Ron Lawley - infamous!!
Steve Bisbey - started AAC EG with Morag and Ron Lawley.
Irene Kaye - MCSC(Flag)
Eric and Vicky Ballard
A and K Boland
Jon and Vivien Zegel
Regina Dennison
Bruce Bishop
Steve Kaye
Jay and Pam Hurwitz - ex GO
Carol Kanda
Lloyd and Thea Greenbery
Larry West
Kingsley Wimbush
Enid Vien
Mary Jo Thomas
Michelle Brown
Ron Biggs
Betty Mace
Marjorie Mace
Eileen Wimbush
Brett Nevill
Trevor Bone
Jenny Light
Barbara Miles
Richard Barnsley
Diane Hawkins and Craig Hawkins
Burt Griswold and Eileen, Burt Class VIII joined scio in 1963 - Clear Number 111 - deceased
Adrienne Scott
Amorel Allen
Gary Earle
Ira Chaleff
Paul Franklin
Martin Price
Bill & Connie Hamilton
Valerie Stansfield
Mary Jo Thomas

cut and paste - sorry duplicates here

John Ablett
Bob Ainsworth
Armorel Allen
Mick Alpin
Val Alpin
Dora Atack
John Atack
Brian Auker
Unni Auker
Chris Barnes
Joyce Barnes
Vince Barnes
Eric Ballard
Vicky Ballard
Mitch Beedie
Julian Bell
Horag Bellmaine
Carmen Biggs
Ron Biggs
Steve Bisby
A Boland
K Boland
Mohamed Bouderba
Maurice Broad
Andrew Brown
Michelle Brown
Terry Brown
Mauricio Cattarossi
Neville Chamberlain
Fiona Cowe
Joanne Dancer
Bill Devlin
Nicky Devlin
Gary Earle
Diana Fearon
George Fearon
Sue Fisher
Philip Gardiner
Alan Groothius
George Hanson
Yaron Hillel
Ralph Hilton
Thelma Hodges
Jay Hurwitz
Pan Hurwitz
Kim Hutton
Peter Impey
Margaret Jennings
Irene Kaye
Steve Kaye
Jenny Lansdale
Harinder Lawley
Mike Lawley
Ron Lawley
Debbie Leighton
Noella Milner
Colin Mills
Emma Mitchell
Tony Moss
Iris Palfreyman
Marie-Sylvie Patterson
Bevan Preece
Phyllis Preece
Adrian Ribolla
Frankie Robinson
Steve Robinson
Manuel Rodriquez
Martin Ruston
Adrienne Scott
Helen Silcock
Peter Silcock
Don SummonS
Mel Slnith
Maryon Stewart
Darrell Sykes
Linda Tedman
Patrick Tedman
Peter J Webb
Barrie Weller
Heather Wray
Mike Wray

Fred Smithers
Denise Smithers
Terry Whiteman
Loretta Whiteman
Matt Allan
Christine Allan
Mike Clark
Madge Scott
Yaron Hillel
Bill & Connie Hamilton
Mark Jones

Colin Mills (1972 NOTs, Snr Cl IV)
Julian Bell (1975 on NOTs)
Michele Brown (1978 OTIV NED)
Terry Brown (1978 OTIII HQS)
John Mace (Founding Scientologist, new OTV, Cl VI)
Jon Atack (1974, on NOTs, Cl II)
Martin Ruston (1964, on NOTs, Clear No 2359)
Joyce Barnes (1964, OTI, Ex Pgms Chief FOLO UK and Flag)
Henry Baczkowski (1961, Clear No 4084, OTIII)
Ron Lawley (1973, on NOTs, Cl IV, OEC)
Jeanny Hanson (on Solo NOTs, Cl VI)
John Hansen (on NOTs)
Alex Cronin (OTII)
Bevan Preece (1957, OTIII, Cl IV)
Phyllis Preece (1961, Grade IV)

Dr Stephen Davies
Dr Shoura Davies
Dr Allan Stewart
Maryon Stewart
Ron Biggs
Carmen Biggs
Dora Atack
Ken Wood
Derek Toombs
K Boland
A Boland
Margaret Jennings
Gary Earle
Bill Devlin
Nicky Devlin
John Ablett
Alan Stafford
Nancy Carter
Shiona Fox-Ness ( now deceased ex GO)
Mitch Beedie
Joanne Dancer
Ian Moore
Gavin Stott
Chris Barnes
Ralph Hilton ( now freezone)
Terry Scott

added info
Jon Atack wrote "Blue Sky"
Martin Ruston (myself) started scio in 1965 and left in 1982
David Mayo - Senior C\S Flag - LRH's own CS  Was left position of senior CS but ousted by Miscavidge - started AAC Santa Barbara

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« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2009, 10:20:17 PM »

Have those people all spoken out against Scientology? I think that's the point, to name the ones who are out there, or were :)
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« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2009, 11:11:56 PM »

Just the fact that their names are known means they have spoken out.

People can drop out of scientology but they are still considered
to be scios at heart, who have ARC Breaks (caused by the inevitable OVERTS)
So to show up on a list means they have not been bashful about sharing
their experiences with others. ie. A public renouncement.

This list will grow in proportion to the rate scio shrinks.

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« Reply #6 on: July 04, 2009, 08:59:50 AM »

yes at some point all these guysngals spoke out to someone or other.  All publicly resigned from scientology as well.  All are declared SP's

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Seize the moment

« Reply #7 on: July 07, 2009, 06:14:59 PM »

I'm not there!  :(  If I'm not there and neither is my ex, then there must also be LOTS of others not there either!
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« Reply #8 on: July 07, 2009, 07:53:32 PM »

more than you or anyone can imagine!
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« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2009, 09:28:23 AM »

OK then Once - get yer thinking cap on a list from you too is required.

Kiwiland and OZ and anywhere else.

I sent my list to wwp.

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« Reply #10 on: July 15, 2009, 10:20:26 PM »

I hope you exes have gone an added your names :)

And hey, you might find some old friends who were in but now are out, that would be kewl :)
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« Reply #11 on: October 17, 2010, 08:37:36 PM »

Here is the list of those whoo have spoken out against Scientology...
With links to the media they spoke out on.

Add your name soon.
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« Reply #12 on: December 01, 2010, 06:26:20 AM »

Below is an e-mail I sent to OSA. This e-mail was also forwarded to IJC and Flag.
This is what happened in Sydney over the weekend.



From: Adrian Kelsey

Re: My son Shane Kelsey.

Information has come to hand from a witness that my son Shane has wanted to leave the RPF on more than one occasion with one of them to come and live with me. I have also been in the RPF, I know how this is dealt with – RPFs RPF and further duress with all you communication blocked to and from the outside world, essentially he is being denied leaving and held against his will or heavily coerced into staying.

Shane’s whole adolescence has been in the RPF, loosing his schooling and his childhood in what is a Rehabilitation group that essentially is hard labour. I know I was in it, in the program called the RPF. He would not have been allowed to talk to me or receive communication from me unless authorized, insane working hours, shocking living spaces, dressed in black all because the first reason given to me was “Out Hygiene” and recently “Stealing from the Canteen” maybe the kid was hungry. My point is a six plus years sentence for that, destroying his childhood and complete cut off from the world.

After recent events with Scientology policy forcing my other two children who are minors to disconnect from me, enough is enough. This abuse on my family and mistreatment of my children and the shear brutality of the RPF is no longer going to affect my family.
Make no mistake if you are unfamiliar with Shane’s history in the Sea Org you will be well advised to inform yourself before considering any action.

My life and family have been torn apart by Scientology all my children, parents and brother no longer talk to me as I am not in the cult; and with Scientology putting out a Suppresive Person declare on me that per my ex wife a copy was not given to her or me due to the legal implications of such a document, this will now end.

I am not part of Scientology therefore its policies do not apply to me.

The policies that do apply to me are the laws of the land and its full legal structure.
I want my family back and first up I am coming to collect Shane.
You have 10 days to arrange this then I am coming to collect him.
You can contact me by e-mail or call on ………….

Make sure your number is not blocked so that if the signal is bad I can call back.

Adrian Kelsey


Now I know I gave OSA 10 days but I remembered that when I was on the RPF that it was very possible that they could ship him off to Los Angeles to finish the RPF. Past actions of the Church confirm this type of action. So I decided to not wait and just go and see my son.

This was a coordinated effort with some key people and once this was all set up I went to Sydney.

History tells us the church is not going to just hand my son over and my son is no longer a minor; as an adult he could refuse. I would not have accepted that obviously.

So I went prepared to do what ever it took.

I had protestors that I could call should I need them. The media was informed and were with me should I need them. I had gone to the Parramata Police station to inform them of my intentions and gave them some documents. The protest signs were ready in my car and I was determined to get my son.
On arrival at the base I parked near the entrance and the media car that was following me parked a little down the road.

I got out and walked straight up to the entrance and asked a lady in Sea Org uniform if they had a reception she replied yes who are you here to see. I said Shane Kelsey she then asked my name and when I told her, her face changed as if she either knew something or realized that this could get complicated. I waited outside and about 20 minutes later Shane walked out alone.
This was very unexpected but good I was a bit flustered to see him so easily. We spoke briefly and I said I wanted to be alone with him he replied we are alone now but I responded saying not here under church control. I told him I want to go for lunch, no time restraints and just us. He said he would check with his senior; he went back into the building. I then called the media saying I would probably be taking him for lunch so when you see him it’s not because he is leaving but we are going to talk. They agreed and said they would follow and be near should I need them.
Shane came out about 10 minutes later in a different shirt and said cool we can go.
I had a grin on my face, probably created by disbelief as to what was happening.

Lets face it I am an SP leaving for lunch with an RPFer, yes he is my son but this has to be a first.

My mind was racing as to how and why this was happening but I happily had my son and could get to know him for the first time without having him under duress from another cult member and finally after many years and not being separated by vast oceans living in different countries.
As we drove off I noticed he got very nervous and uncomfortable and as I looked over at him I realized I had left the Medias parking permission on the dashboard and he was probably concerned about a difficult media situation.
I basically told him I want this to be an honest and open time where we can talk to each other freely he agreed so I went on to say you see that red car following us that is the media. He responded saying he would bolt if they forced anything. I said that is fine I am telling you as I do not want distrust between us and I would not allow things to get out of hand, he relaxed and we drove out to a restaurant for lunch.
I told him I had the media with me because I would have done anything to be able to get to talk to him.
We arrived at a restaurant sat down and started talking.
We spent six hours talking. My main purpose was to get him to hear from me about my declare and why it happened, why I consider myself a critic and what was my purpose for speaking out. I tried to give him as much info that I knew he would be isolated from being in the Sea Org and more so the RPF. The restaurant table became a huge demo kit.

He has grown up in the Sea Org it is all he knows. Most of us know the life outside scientology and the life inside so it is easier for us to compare the two and decide what’s best. He only has one and that is life as a Sea Org member. For him to evaluate scio and the Sea Org he needs something to compare it to which he does not have so I tried to give him that.
I could see that he would not leave with me and I asked him a number of times if he would, but he said no. Many times or talk got a little emotional with both of us at times getting teary eyes.
He looked healthy, his teeth had all been straightened up, he looked good and he showed strong character which made me happy.
I got a call from Shane’s mother asking where we were I told her and I invited her. About an hour later she arrived and we sat down and had more coffee. She was worried that I was taking Shane and I quickly got that out of the way saying I had asked but Shane did not want to. We had a good chat the three of us and I explained in a far more condensed way why I got declared my views with regards my kids and what lay ahead for me with regards my kids in Mexico.

I do want to thank OSA on this occasion for being civil about the matter and allowing this to run smoothly. OSA you should take note of what could have happened should you have not allowed me to see him and bare this mind for future situations of this type.
It was a good call on your behalf because the media storm would have been big. You showed a degree of trust in letting him come with me and I returned it by calling off the media. Thank you

I am sure you have now been fully briefed by my son and ex wife.

So OSA you now know a bit more about me and more about where I stand with my kids not just Shane but my two kids in Mexico who as minors are under disconnection confusion.

This turn of events could spark a massive debate as to why it played out the way it did; so very, very contrary to scientology normal operating basis.

As we had inside information, did they?
Did the police call to say I was coming for Shane?
Are they in damage control?
Was Shane drilled?
Did they consider me a real threat?
Is change on the horizon?

These questions could go on and on but at the end of the day, drilled or not, the end result was good and the best it could be under the circumstances.

Points of interest in reponses from Shane to questions.
1) When asked by someone else if he knew I had been declared Shane replied no. Even though he knew and we had spoken about it already.
2) He said he went into the RPF in 2007, he would practically have been an adult. That is not true. This covers up the fact he went in as a minor. It was at least 2003 if not earlier, with out a doubt.
3) When I confronted him on his education and that he was taken out of school to do the RPF he responded no I was schooled in the church. I said a third party would not see it that way you have not completed official schooling.
At one point Shane patted himself saying see no microphones, so I did the same.

The above responses could lead me to believe he was coached as they deny or cover up what would have otherwise been interesting points for the authorities, to say the least.

Shane is strong willed at the moment and I was happy to see he had back bone and can be very determined if he wishes and has my stubbornness.

Time will tell how he goes and what happens.
"If you don't run your own life, somebody else will"
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                   List tops 1,500 mark

The list of ex Scientologists who have spoken out publicly about the fraud and abuse perpetrated by the CULT of Scientology has just reached 1,500.

See if anyone you know is on the list.

Do you know yourself ?
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         I took the liberty to check on the count on the wiki. There are 1647
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