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Author Topic: THE REAL STORIES.  (Read 132229 times)
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    My journey to Uwe-What would I have done without you ESMB and Anonymous?

The reportage "The Soul catchers" and all I found out about my brothers live I owe to you members of ESMB and you Anonymous.
Without you I would never have been able to meet or even find people who could give me so much valuable information about his life in the Sea Organization.
I do not know how many readers of this thread are able to understand what it means to loose a brother to this cult. What it means for a mother to be hindered in seeing her son for 17 years, only to be able to hug him once in 25 years. To be hindered in helping him against his severe illness. What it means for an old woman to be disappointed again and again because her beloved son was not allowed to visit her for her 50., her 60. birthday despite her son promised to come.
Who understands what it means for me to have lost my brother into nowhere.
Most of the time we didn't even know where Uwe was living. Simply because an old crazy fanatical fraudulent man had decided to create a secret headquarter in the desert where he needs slaves to work day and night for his wealth and glory.
Uwe disapeared into a black hole when he joined the Sea Org - it was not able for his family to get a picture of his life because even when he was not locked up in an RPF he was never ever able to speak freely about his life.

If you have children you love very deeply then maybe you are able to figure out what that meant for my mother.
She knew that he was alive but she learned soon that so many things were hidden from her. Serious accidents, the divorce and finally his severe illness not for "only" 6 but for about 14 years as I just recently found out.

You people here helped me to fill this black hole with the colours of Uwes life because you helped me to find people who met him at Gold or in the RPFs.
The Anons all over the world helped to spread the message about his suffering in the Sea Org and did a great job in backing up Ex Scientologits and victims of this cult. And I was able to meet so many marvellous, genuine, worthy and honest people who helped me with so much love, compassion and
understanding on my long mental journey to my brother.

All this was and is an invaluable experience in my life which I will never forget - and I owe it all to you.

Thank You members of ESMB and thank you Anonymous all over the would - especially to the Anons in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich.


In honour of Uwe and my mother I leave this video here - it is from a story about two young women who were killed in another totalitarien system just because they were different and loved each other - and below the wonderful song "I believe" by Eric Levi with lyrics.
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See the photographic evidence.  Scientology is going down the toilet.

For more....
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           Current photos of PAC base  (Big Blue)  17th April 2010

All they need is a bit of tumbleweed to officially be a ghost town.
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                 2010 child abuse report.

From Anonymous

For comments go here...

Here is the fairgamestop site...
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Ex Scientology staff member interviewed by Tory Magoo.
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 My father disconnected...
In November 2009, my dad caught me with the book "My Billion Year Contract" by Nancy Many. This led to a series of heated arguments, as he was in total opposition to me reading the book.

My father thought he could 'save' me by calling in OT 8 Andy Hill to discuss my feelings about my mistreatment in the SO. After less than an hour, Andy had called me an enemy, and went home to report me to OSA.

In early December, CO OSA, president of the CofS Toronto, met with me in her office to find out what my beef was. Again, it got nowhere, and she sent up a CSW to Declare me.

My main problem, even when I was in the SO, was the intense stat push that was occurring, ruthlessly, to sell Basics packages to everyone. Not to help them - really only to make $50,000 each week by thurs at 2:00pm.

My SP declare was done on 13 March 2010. That's just in time for LRH's birthday - IJC wanted to get their stats up. But to add insult to injury, even my declare was only a stat push, really. Otherwise it would have been done by the time limit of two weeks on any justice submission.

There is no sense of justice anymore. But I Guess IJC wanted to go out for a movie, needed better stats, and they put a tear in my family just for that.

My father made me move out after I was declared. He didn't even say goodbye.

It is incredible how they can get good people to do such awful things.

-Wiseman of the watchtower
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   Greg and Sandy Wilhere spent time here in Auckland offering guidance
          to the local scios. During the early to mid 80`s.

Greg once ran a Book one seminar here which I attended.  He did some impromptu
auditing on a guy named Jim Lawson. Who stayed Clear.... of  Scientology
ever after.
Sandy once told us that she`d sat next to Glen Campbell on a plane and had
no idea who he was.

One of the more brutal personal stories of how Miscavige handled long duration SO members is the story of Darius Wilhere. How DARE Tommy Davis say there is NO Disconnection !!!!

Greg Wilhere and Sandy Wilhere were both SO members since the early 70s from the Flagship Apollo.

Their son Darius pissed off DM and he was declared a Suppressive Person and banished from the INT Base.

Darius' wife was ordered to divorce him, which she promptly did.

Sandy Wilhere, his mother disagreed with Darius being kicked out and she was subsequently banished to PAC. She is currently a CS at CLO.
She has MS and shivers and shakes when she walks (with a limp), a true testament to DM technology for the last 25 years.

Greg Wilhere, briefly "IG RTC" became an execution go-fer for DM.

Darius, born and raised in the SO knew nothing else, he was thrown out on the street, a declared SP, approx 28 years old and petitioned to rejoin the SO. He was sent to LATAM, to "boom" a Mexican org as further DM penalty.

He takes a bus to Mexico and soon after arrival he is in a catastrophic car accident when his car is struck by another car in a high speed race. Darius is ejected through the windshield and is brain dead for several minutes. He comes alive again against all odds. After he comes back to life, he is in extremely rough shape, with multiple broken body parts and for the next year is bed ridden with a broken back, neck, several ribs, and so on. His parents are forbidden to do anything for him, or communicate with him as he is a DECLARED SP.

Darius sells off every last personal possession to pay for hospital bills. Even though he was born and raised in the SO, and served for some 28 years, he is not given any financial support while 1 billion sits in SO reserves and DM lives like a rock star.


Sandy Wilhere was suffering from sleep deprivation as was common at INT BASE.
So, like others who had accidents due to lack of sleep, Sandy fell asleep while driving.

This was close to INT BASE. She drove into a ditch and was not visible from Highway 79.

Blow Drill occurred and for at least 2-3 days search parties went looking for her.

She was comatose when found, and stayed in a coma for some weeks.

Of course DM ordered GREG to divorce her immediately so he wouldn't be "enturbulated" by this downstat.

Greg Wilhere had eyes for a younger babe Sue Gentry now Sue Wilhere.

This is the infamous Sue Wilhere who tells the St Petersburg TIMES

"David Miscavige IS SCIENTOLOGY"
These are from the comments section at the end of the article called..

Sea Org Children: The Final Solution

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Holy Shit!  More tragedy's. I feel so sorry for these brain washed people.  Very sad.
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             Knowledge Report on a dying Sea Org Auditor suffering from cancer

Chief Staff MAA
17 Jan 2001

Sen SO Vets Liaison Off
Dept 14 FSO

cc: RTC Inspector for the AO
Sea Has FLB
Sen Dir I and R FLB
Security Chief FLB
Hacienda Batman, Max
Captain FSO
Supercargo FSO
Dir I and R FSO

KR: Claire Reppen

This is a general write up regarding specific Out - Ethics I have observed Claire to be involved in.

I have checked up /seen her about 100 times since I took her on in November, 2000. Every time I see her she is doing the following things:

Putting on make-up
Getting ready to dye her hair
Buying a St. Pete Times newspaper
Plucking her eyebrows
Reading the newspaper
Reading a novel
Drinking coffee with a room mate or friend
Visiting her daughter
Chatting with friends
Giving me bad or critical remarks about RTC, CMO terminals, Security and other crew.
Causing out PR with non-Scientologists

I have only once seen her resting.

I have never seen her exercising, like she is supposed too.

I also have not seen her twinning on Assists even though I gave her various elderlies who were happy to do this with her.

With my other elderlies I handle them myself if they are slack or out ethics. This is my job and any responsible SO member would do the same. When I have tried to take up these points with Claire her response is to write to very high Org terminals and spread black PR about me and natter about how I am mishandling her.

She seems a bit obsessed with reading the newspapers. When I took this up with her she insisted how the paper is not entheta and is informative. This is a bizarre viewpoint for a Scientologist let alone a S.O. member. She also reads the obituaries and tells me who died. This is destructive for her first Dynamic and will not contribute to her getting well. Hacienda Security says that she goes out every day like clockwork just to get a paper. One day she did not get cue as we had to go to an early morning medical appointment and she was very PTPed about getting one later that day.

She is also very addicted to coffee and cigarettes and when she left her coffee at Magnolia she was very PTPed about me getting it to her that day and asked me numerous times to get it as if it was some emergency. She smokes at lot and of course has been told to stop smoking many times by her doctors.

When I take her to doctors offices she is loud, rude, and sometimes curses loudly.

A few weeks ago I got her in with a government official (a Mr. Casisis) who in the past has gone out of his way for the Church and has been very helpful in getting our elderly crew onto Medicaire. (this saves us 100's of thousands or dollars)I have been working on my comm line with this guy for about 2 years and it has been going very good and proven very valuable. Anyway, I was very pleased he was going to see her and fit her in. At this point she decided she was too hungry to do the cycle right then. This was bad as it is extremely hard to see him and can take months to get a appointment for him. I asked the receptionist if had time to get a snack for my friend and unfortunately he went off and told Mr. Casisis that Claire was hungry.

Anyway at that point Mr. Casisis called us in to see him and we sat as his desk in the back rooms of this proper government office. He then asked Claire if she was hungry and I expected her to say no, she was fine. She could wait etc. and to my horror she said yes - and he asked her if she wanted some of his pizza and she said yes. He went off and got her this. Then she proceeded to eat this at /on his desk. It was hot and she used her fingers to scoop stuff off the top and it got messy bad she got tomato sauce around the val docs etc. Then she asked him for a cup of coffee! This was so inappropriate that I could not quite believe it was happening.

This was absolutely creating a shore flap and she should do lower conditions for that alone. This is just one story in dealing with her - just thought that as I kept saying she is troublesome without giving a lots of specifics - I should give some - so there is one story.

Anyway the next day the Hibo capered him with an Italian (he is Italian) take out meal brought to his office and we dead agented this as best as possible.

She also has done some inappropriate 2D stuff, like tightly hugging Ernie, who is 86 and he commented on it and she thought that was funny.

After she got back to the Hacienda she would frequently return to Magnolia. Manor and would spend the day there visiting and socializing. All the time saying she was way too ill to do 2 hours of light desk work 1-2 times a week, as I had asked her to do. She even arranged for them to give her meals there. This was out exchange and of course - out PR.

Also after she was back at the Hacienda for a few weeks she heard that someone elderly from Magnolia Manor had died and she went there and closed the manager at Magnolia to take her to the funeral. I do not even know if she was invited.

Also all these times she goes to Magnolia - she walks. This is outpointy as again she has been "too sick / too weak to work" but can go off around town socializing.

Per security - when her family was here she went off with them for the entire days for 1-2 weeks.

An per security she often goes out shopping at night with Dorothy Cosby.

I also saw that she was writing to the Feshbachs - this needs to be investigated to see if there is something bad going on. In the past she was very social with public and had received inappropriate gifts like a cell phone, and I think a VCR.

While she was at Magnolia she arranged for a public, Sandra Litchfield - to take her out shopping to help her do personal cycles. When I went over this with her and enlightened her on, the current FLB rules regarding fraternizing with public- she did not think she had done anything wrong.

It also should be checked out to see if she has gotten any other special favors or money from public. She has been too open with them - telling how rough it has been and how sick she has been, etc.

She also mentioned to me that her son had sent her money. This should be checked out as he is a recent freeloader.

A main complaint she has is that she has is that she needs to use the bathroom often. When I took her to Tampa to get a green card (to get her on medicaire) I was with her the whole day and she used the bathroom 1-2 times.

I also have wondered if she is faking being ill - so as to not to have to work. I doubt it - but factually her physical universe actions cause me to wonder about that. When I have had eldelies too sick to work they are mostly bedridden, and they dream and postulate about the day they can return to post and serve the group.

Katie Botha, a dorm mate of Claire's, told me she has stolen things and used her things without asking.

There is more - but I think there is more than enough data here for HCO.

This is true

Author unknown
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                       Beginning to unravel this ball of string

Part 1

My life in Scientology began as far back as I can remember. My father would tell his kids stories of battles fought out in space, of galactic empires, of the space police and how he created the rings of Saturn. Watching the movie The Exorcist when I was 10 years old he mentioned that he had seen the demon in that movie back in 1978. I believed in reincarnation and the ability to ‘exteriorize’ from my body.
These ideas can be compared to a Christian’s belief in Jesus and what he represented, the story of Eden and Adam and Eve – they are legends which don’t much affect one’s life. They are more of a history and a guide to how we all came to be here on this planet. So, despite my beliefs, I lived a normal life up until the age of 15. I went to the local church of Scientology about once a month. I did a few life improvement courses designed to boost my self esteem or to increase my ability to communicate effectively. These courses worked to some extent.
At the age of 13 my life took a turn. I was doing very well at school and would have gone off to university and landed a pretty good job I suppose. Unfortunately though, a series of events shaped my future. The first and possibly the most crucial one was my father’s death. A month after my mother had a car accident and was temporarily incapacitated my father got hold of a bottle of sleeping pills. He took them with him one morning, parked by a beach, fitted a vacuum cleaner hose to the exhaust pipe and asphyxiated himself with the burnt petrol fumes after downing those sleeping pills. He killed himself on the 4th of July. Independence Day.
There was a lot of grief in my home after that. He left behind an overworked mother struggling day and night to support her two teenaged boys and six year old daughter. I remember her working at the kitchen table at all hours, taking an afternoon nap and other times slumping over her work, exhausted. You could safely say this was the most desperate period of this family’s life. And this is the time they decided to swoop down and break the family further apart – I’m talking about the Sea Organisation, and this is the second event which shaped my future.
Being the ‘elite’ of Scientology’s management structure, the Sea Organization will recruit new staff members to join their crusade: to convert every man, woman and child on the planet to Scientology. They got permission from my mother to talk to her two boys about joining the crusade. They picked up me and my brother – older by a year – and took us to an office where they were to interview us. In fact, they did not interview me at all. They asked me to wait in the next room while the two recruiters went to work trying to recruit my brother. An hour later my brother came out of the interview a changed being. He had decided to join and there was no way to talk to him about the decision. He did not explain why. This was something totally out of the blue. We had not thought about it before, talked about it. I never understood what happened until many years later. And what happened is a very good example of how the Sea Organization operates. They pushed a particular button and used it to trick my brother into joining their cause.
Over the next year I would get calls from Aaron every now and then and always at some point during our conversations he would tell me I need to come over to Sydney where he was living and to join staff with him. He’d tell me how good it was to be there. So, a year after he left the family I left too. Another recruiter was in town and she wanted to see me. She got me to sign the employment contract which stated that I, being of sound mind, elected to dedicate the next billion years of my life to the Sea Organization. Also, that if I chose to break this contract in the future I would become a freeloader – that is, an ex staff member who, after receiving training and Scientology services, would now owe all fees for those services and be unable to continue his or her journey in Scientology until all debt was paid up. I got my plane ticket, left my mum and younger sister and headed over to Sydney to begin my training. I was 14 years old.
My time in Sydney was short lived. A month after starting my basic Sea Org training (called the Estates Project Force) I was not getting anywhere. The first course, called the Basic Study Manual used words too big for me to understand easily. I was bogged down in my studies. I knew that the entire basic training was supposed to be 2 weeks maximum and that I wasn’t even 10% through yet. I knew I was in danger of being ‘beached’ at any time. Instead of that happening though I was further recruited to a more senior branch of the SO’s management structure – Flag Command Bureaux in Los Angeles.
I arrived in Los Angeles with a phone number to call and an address to turn up to – 6331 Hollywood Blvd, the Hollywood Guarantee Building, centre of the upper middle management arm of the church. That was where I would work after completing my basic training program. Unfortunately my problems with study continued and after six months I was still nowhere near finished. So, I got beached – sent back home to New Zealand, to my family.
By then I had been out of school for 6 months. I didn’t want to go back to school. So when Sydney offered to take me back in I said ok and came back. This time I managed to get through the training in a few months. I started wearing the navy style uniform they give you, following the same schedule as the other staff members and taking days off every second week if my stats were ‘up’.
I lasted another five years as a Sea Organization member. I spent about half of that time in Sydney, the other half back in LA as part of the Flag Command Bureaux. It will be very difficult for me to explain what I went through in this time. In order to do so I’ll need to break it down into parts and explain each, then hopefully bring it all together into one cohesive lump of crap. To begin I’ll talk about the history of Scientology as I was taught it and then where the Sea Organization fits in. I wish to make clear from this point that I believe there are evil things happening within Scientology walls and that it stems from the policies and practices of the Sea Organization – not Scientology churches in general. The Sea Organization is what this story is about and the rest of Scientology activities, groups, participants and churches are victims.

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Part 2

Terra Incognita – The Mind
The title of this chapter is also the title of an essay written by a man named Lafayette Ronald Hubbard – known as Ron by Scientologists around the world. In this essay L Ron Hubbard describes the malaise that all humans suffer from, the Reactive Mind. Supposedly this was written by him in 1948 and presented to a body of psychiatrists in an effort to help guide their processes. After they rejected it Ron decided to write a comprehensive book on the subject which he called Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health. The book was released in 1950 and should be considered (as far as I can tell) as one of the earliest new age philosophies of our world today. In it he describes the subliminal and insidious survival mechanism all animals have which affects us all in daily life – affects our ability to reason, to observe accurately, make correct decisions, to think analytically (the other part of our mind is called the ‘Analytical Mind’).
Dianetics tells us that physical entities developed a survival mechanism called the Reactive Mind. In times of duress and unconsciousness the analytical part of our mind (you could say conscious mind) goes offline and another part, the reactive mind, takes over. While the reactive mind is in control we do not store memories in our analytical mind. Therefore, when we snap back to conscious thought we are unable to access memories of those things that occurred while unconscious. The reactive mind consists of all the painful incidents of our past. In an animal such as a deer, to give an example of what this all means, there was a time when it was foraging in the woods and it heard the sound of a stick breaking as something stood on it. Having no previous experience of a stick breaking nearby, the deer didn’t think much of it. That is, until the pack of wolves surrounded it and tried to eat it. The deer gets hurt but manages to get away. The reactive mind kicked in and recorded this incident. Now, when hearing a stick break, the deer will become afraid, will prick its ears up and get ready to RUN. This is the reactive mind in effect: stick breaking=wolves=danger= pain=RUN AWAY! The deer does not stop to consider other aspects of its present time environment. This is a very simple example of how this reactive mind in Dianetics works and it is known as re-stimulation.
Ron goes on to say that the advent of communication and speech short-circuited this survival mechanism by introducing hypnotic commands into the equation. Apparently anything said during a time when the reactive mind is recording and acting becomes part of the reactive memory and so, later on in life when something in present time has triggered a re-stimulation of previous pain or unconsciousness, anything that was said in the previous incident becomes part of the present crisis. I’ll give an example of this:
Basic incident: a person is riding a bicycle on a road next to a waterfall and gets hit by a red car which causes unconsciousness. The reactive mind is recording what is happening during this time, including the voice of one bystander who says “I think the kid is dying – get an ambulance!” as well as all the other sounds around there such as the waterfall splashing down into the lake and the siren of the ambulance when it shows up. The person feels pain in their leg where the bones have been broken, the person feels scared and weak. The reactive mind is recording the ambulance ride to the hospital, the smell of bleach in the hospital perhaps and all the rest. Over time the pain goes away and life goes back to normal except that there is now a record of pain and unconsciousness.
Secondary incident: the same person is standing over the kitchen sink washing up. Out the window the person sees a red car speed by. At the same time the phone starts ringing. These present time conditions – red car, sound of running water, ringing not too dissimilar to a siren, all subconsciously remind the person of their previous accident. Ordinarily this might not trigger a re-stimulation but as it happens the person is tired from the night before and so closer to unconsciousness than normal. The reactive mind will now come into play with its survival mechanism: similar present time conditions to previous accident = DANGER. And what happens is that the memories will exert themselves on the present time. The person may feel a twinge in their leg, feel unsafe, a strange feeling of anxiety for no apparent reason. Considering the words the bystander spoke “I think the kid is dying – get an ambulance!” the person may suddenly feel their own child is in danger or even that they are closer to death.
So, what is the result of this? Ordinarily the person would probably stop washing the dishes and go to answer the ringing phone to see who it is. They would not be expecting bad news. Everything is normal. However, now that their past incident is in re-stimulation they may decide not to answer the phone because of a nagging anxiety. They may rush to the phone expecting their kid is in hospital. They may decide any number of things. The point is that they are not acting on present events. And they are not in full control of their actions but letting their subconscious control them to some extent. This is what ‘baggage’ from past relationships might be all about. It might also be the reason mum always gets angry when you bring home strange insects or goes bananas when you try to go for a bike ride unsupervised.
Anyway, that all seems reasonable. I’m not saying it is an accurate description of how our mind works but certainly it fits within the realm of possibility. I should also say here that the reactive mind is all about non-confront. Something is too big for one to grasp, too scary, too much effort, too painful – it all gets thrown into the reactive part of our mind where we can’t see it. In Dianetics it is taught that only those things which we fear can actually harm us or control us. To be able to confront is to be in control.
The book goes into great detail about the reactive mind. It speaks of greater and lesser incidents, how similar incidents which re-stimulate previous ones become part of a chain of similar events. The whole goal of Dianetics is to help us understand what goes on behind our foreheads and also gives treatment therapy techniques to resolve and to reduce the power the reactive mind has over us.
This book was immensely popular and was a best seller. Still it is sold in bookshops and you can find it in the local library. Still people read this work and use the ‘co-auditing’ techniques designed to help uncover areas of reactive control. With the success of this book came floods of letters asking Ron to help them on their journey to self betterment. Ron introduced seminars where he got believers to buddy up and start co-auditing each other. Many, many people claimed to have huge successes and whole areas of their lives which had once been problematic resolved themselves and became manageable – from family to friends, work and play, communication and motivation, better memory recall and regained abilities such as better health, fitness, mental gymnastics.
A crucial part of these therapy techniques is to find an incident, run through it – getting the person to remember and run through what happened, over and over until the incident gets full disclosure and becomes part of analytical memory. I mentioned chains of related incidents earlier. It is supposedly impossible to clear the chain of incidents until the very first, the original incident has been found and resolved. If this BASIC incident is not found then the co-auditing will not be fully effective. The key question asked when trying to locate earlier incidents is this: “Is there an earlier, similar time when… happened?” This is asked only when the incident seems to have been resolved yet the patient has not yet displayed some of the signs you would expect of someone who has become freed from their malady or trauma.
So that’s Dianetics – the science of the human mind. Where did Scientology come from then? And how is it different to Dianetics? Well I guess the easiest way to describe the difference is this: Dianetics covers the science of the mind whereas Scientology covers the science of spiritual beings/life force itself. In Scientology this is called Theta. And a thetan is an individual being that contains the ability to perceive and analyze, and to emote. A Thetan has memories too not just limited to the current body and its genetic history but also to the entire Time Track of its whole existence, which runs into the billions of years.
Supposedly, in these early seminars in which people co-audited each other, sometimes a person being asked for an earlier, similar incident would go to ‘memories’ which dated back to before they were born. Enter pre-natal incidents and past life incidents. How do I explain this? I don’t, but I have a cynical theory which could be spot on. The early Dianetic technique asked only for earlier and similar incidents. Well, what if the incident they just ran happened when the person was only 2 years old? There’s not really much room to go any further. But there’s also no room for variation in the auditing technique: the person does not yet display the signs resulting from successful therapy so therefore there must be an earlier and similar incident somewhere, possibly even before the person was born!
A human condition is to reach further than we can grasp. We also like to think more of ourselves than maybe we deserve. “God created Man in his own image” is a pretty good example of our egos. Personally I’d prefer to say that Man created God in his own image ha-ha. Whether we believe we reincarnate or that we are in fact spiritual beings I won’t speak of here, but I will say that there are examples in our lives of things which can be construed as other-worldly or seem to point towards an overall picture bigger than we can easily grasp. Our minds play tricks on our understanding. My theory is that, in this human condition, perhaps a few of the early Dianeticists created a memory from an earlier life to suit the auditing technique being used. They managed to ‘find’ an incident from their subconscious which was earlier and also similar.
Back to the story as I heard it. After a few years of this going on Ron decided there may in fact be recollection other than just what was contained in the mind or in genetics. There must perhaps be a thing called life-force after all. A spiritual being. So he started to write about that too, to research and develop techniques which might address the spiritual being directly. He quantified varying levels of awareness based on an individual’s ability to recall the past, control the reactive mind and act analytically in present time. He described a new thing, called ‘Operating Thetan”, a being sufficiently in control of their thought and action that they were able to make decisions, observe their environment, know truth, operate at a high level of awareness – awareness of themselves and all parts of their lives. He created more therapy techniques and as a result compiled a systematic course of treatments designed to take an individual from anywhere on what he called the ‘Chart of Awareness’ and bring him up the levels to a state called ‘Serenity of Beingness’. While Dianetics could take anyone up to a state of ‘Clear’ (clear of past traumatic incidents to a point where they could act instead of react, also deemed by Ron to be Dianetics’ equivalent to Nirvana in Buddhism), Scientology could take that individual past clear and into Operating Thetan status. The first OT Levels handled a basic incident which supposedly happened many millions of years ago. Ron called it the Wall of Fire and in handling a person on these higher levels the person would encounter deep implants and hypnotic commands which had been specifically placed there in the reactive mind of the spiritual being. The purpose of these implants was to keep the naturally powerful thetan in a state of ignorance as to the true extent of their own power, keep them impotent and manageable. Many people have heard about this part of Scientology: An evil interstellar ruler named Zenu who put all the beings in this sector of the universe through a series of painful incidents and brainwashing, then froze these beings in ice at absolute zero so that they could not escape or emote energies. After freezing them Zenu placed them (us, actually) here on Earth and somehow tied us to a cycle of birth, death and rebirth through physical bodies. Even now we are, at times, pulled back to an implant station situated on Mars where we go through a conveyor belt type of construct where various energies are applied to our spiritual bodies, visual implants are imprinted or re-imprinted on us which keep up the illusion that we are nothing but physical bodies living in a human condition. This may be a good time to mention that our beloved founder of Dianetics and Scientology once made a living as a science-fiction writer.
If this is the story you’ve heard about Scientology – Zenu and the Wall of Fire, aliens, etc. – I urge you to forget about it. Scientology studies are far more involved in daily life and living situations than some outlandish and laughable story about an evil galactic empire bent on domination. If you really want to get a good understanding of what this school of thought is about then you should classify the above story as a drop in Scientology’s ocean.
In England Ron set up the first church. I don’t believe it was considered to be a church at the time – that came later on. The place was and still is called Saint Hill Manor and it lies in East Grinstead in Sussex, England. There, it is said, Ron continued to run seminars, to develop more auditing techniques, refine his ‘technology’ and set up various offices and departments designed to protect against the misuse and subversion of his technology. With groups springing up around the world he codified the techniques he had developed, laid down rules for the safe and appropriate application of these techniques and eventually the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course came into being. This is a course which covers all training and auditing techniques since Dianetics’ inception and the course is delivered to specially selected staff members from groups and churches around the world - all in the name of perfect application of Dianetics and Scientology internationally. All the data contained in this course is enough to enable a trainer and auditor to take a patient (called a PRE-clear, or ‘pc’) to the state of Buddhist Nirvana, or CLEAR. This state is achieved in stages, called Levels – Levels I, II, III, IV and then Level V – CLEAR. Mostly Churches around the world will take the pc up to this level and no further. They are called Class V (five) Organizations for this reason. But there are levels above this, and here is where the Sea Organization comes into being. The Sea Organization is the group I became a part of and it is vastly different to any church or group below it.

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Part 3

Beginnings of a Cult
L Ron Hubbard used a wide variety of media to expound his trollop. Seminars, lectures, written policies and directives, many books on various aspects of his studies and research, some of it classified and tailor made to fit a particular audience. An example of this classification and targeting of particular audiences is his famous Philadelphia Doctorate Lectures which are a series of talks given to highly classed auditors (counselors) who were already well versed in many of the Dianetics and Scientology techniques of the day. He is a lot stricter in his teachings here than in introductory workshops designed for the newbie - understandably considering we all learn in stages.
There is one lecture he gives which has become widespread knowledge among Scientologists. It is called Ron’s Journal ’67 and was specifically addressed to members of the Scientology public who were already well advanced in their own journey along the ‘Road to Total Freedom’. They were his more fanatical or dedicated sheep. This lecture is now widespread and easily obtainable from your local church or mission and is in fact one of the tools used by Sea Organization recruiters to convey the sense of elitism and higher purpose which the Sea Organization claims to have over regular Scientologists. In this lecture he speaks of evil governments and powerful individuals who control the world through finance, corrupt psychology and psychiatry, population control, etc. He claims they are out to destroy Scientology because of the great wisdom and power it can impart to us all and therefore the danger it brings to the ‘status quo’ which these evil men hope to maintain. In this lecture he speaks of subversive elements trying to undermine Scientology, potential lawsuits against him, the attempts to steal his works and to change copyright ownerships, etc. He speaks as though he is personally in grave danger and that the future of Scientology hangs in the balance.
He also speaks of the Wall of Fire – the first OT Levels, above the Class V State of Clear. He says the materials and data covered in these OT Levels are of an order of magnitude high enough that, if this body of data were to fall into the wrong hands it could spell doom for anyone not prepared for the shocking truth – information so re-stimulative to the reactive mind that it would undoubtedly overwhelm the pc and ruin lives. Ron tells that in order to survive, the higher levels must be well protected from outside forces, that the technology must be safeguarded in pure form, and that the base of operations from where this technology will be delivered must necessarily remain a secret. The organization or group in charge of its safekeeping must remain ‘Fabian’ – this basically means un-traceable, un-catchable.
Here is the creation of the Sea Organization, originally known as ‘The Sea Project’. It began with a single boat called the Athena. Another few boats were added and so it became a flotilla, with Ron as the Commodore. To Sea Org members today he is still known as Commodore L Ron Hubbard. He is still the Commodore even though he has been dead for over 20 years. In this group of sea-going Scientologists there came about a command structure with Commanders, Captains, Ensigns, Lieutenants, Swampers, Petty Officers, etc. Naval uniforms were – and still are – worn by all, particular crews were responsible for various activities and projects. The most important vessel in the fleet was a boat a few hundred feet long named the Apollo. THIS is where a Scientology member could come to have the first of the OT Levels delivered to him or her. This is where Ron continued his research into the Whole Track and developed more techniques for uncovering humanity’s shared history down through the ages. Here he developed , with some help from his research partners, more OT Levels, more hard hitting processes designed to smash away the blocks to awareness and spiritual freedom. The Sea Organization took up the reigns of an international phenomenon called Scientology and managed the whole thing from this one location, constantly moving from port to port, remaining Fabian and unreachable by the evil powers of the world. Ron’s words were like the Bible is to Christians. His words were gold and every utterance was capable of delivering a new understanding of the universe. He was adored by all his servants and really did become a demigod among his people. Extraordinary abilities were acclaimed to be within his realm of possibility – the ability to turn back time, to exteriorize, to astral-travel, read you like a book, move his body so fast it could shatter his bones if he wasn’t careful to observe the limits of stress he could exert on his ageing frame. To Scientologists he was like Buddha is to Buddhists.
Because of the climate of high intrigue there was the ever-present fear of plants – people injected into the Sea Organization who were double agents, spies, subversive elements. Rigorous lists of questions were asked regularly to the members of the Sea Org. Each member was to observe everyone as much as possible and to report on any ‘out-nesses’ seen in other members. Court-martials were happening all the time, ethics handlings were standardized and graded in terms of severity. The first ever Scientology Ethics book was released and distributed to churches and missions around the world. Crimes and punishments were handed out where none had existed before. Rules tightened up in what I can now see as an atmosphere of extreme paranoia. Scientology as a practice lost its innocence and became a very, very serious business indeed.
Conditions Formulae came into existence with the advent of Scientology Ethics. These were assigned to crews, teams, divisions, individuals on a daily and weekly basis and set steps were to be taken for each particular condition. These ranged from Power, affluence and normal operation down to the low conditions of emergency, danger and non-existence. Later, more conditions were added – Liability, doubt, enemy, treason and confusion – these being called the ‘Lower Conditions’. Every staff member was given one or more statistics which they were to control through the actions they performed on their post. An example would be the cook’s statistics of ‘satisfied staff’ who would rate the food they ate that day. A public relations officer might be responsible for keeping the number of ‘shore flaps’ to a minimum (a shore flap is a problem with port authorities or other authority). These statistics were then used to denote ones condition of operation. ‘Up-stats’ were rewarded with liberties such as a day off if it was their week to have a day off whereas ‘down-stats’ were denied their time off, had to find ways to become a more productive member of the team and were used by ethics officers as bait.
These conditions formulae and monitoring of statistics, coupled with an ‘observe and report’ mentality on the ship meant that people did not have a private life. Nothing was sacred and the Command Structure became omnipotent in terms of dictating the life of a crew member. There were strict schedules, punishments and rehabilitation project forces which further limited the amount of freedoms available to the member of that group. One punishment for particular offenses was to be thrown off the side of the ship (and later retrieved). Another was to be deprived of access to one’s own children or spouse.
The atmosphere had changed from one of compassion and fellowship on a wonderful journey of discovery into one of paranoia, hard work, dedication, following orders and doing as you were told. Here I want to say I recently read a book ‘For the Good of All Living Things’ which is a novel written about the Cambodia situation around the time of the Vietnam War. The slave labour camps, indoctrination of party belief systems, civilian spies, penalties and punishments, deprivation of sleep and liberties, reduction in meals or food, instant ethics actions – all these things were present in the Sea Organization when I was a part of it. What was missing and was different to communist parties of the sixties and seventies is only the severity of punishments, of the degree of inhumanities projected onto the population. There are evil things going on behind the walls of Scientology.
So now we see that there are two parts to the Scientology structure. There are ‘public Scientologists and staff members’ and there are ‘Sea Org Members’. One lot operates in much the same way as a business or church would operate, with freedom and little or no oppression. The other part operates in a state of constant supervision, second-guessing, make it go right, threats and paranoia. Perhaps I’ve not yet detailed all these aspects of the Sea Org properly. When I get to my time with the SO I will give some more specifics.
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Part 4

The Sea Organization Evolves
In 1982 the Sea Org command structure was revamped. New legal entities came into being. Copyrights changed hands and so did the power to control the Scientology juggernaut. A new company called Religious Technology Centre came into being and with it came a slew of other organizations high on the chain of command. I believe this is the time when the Sea Org really did grow its teeth.
RTC now held the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. Anything written for the church which used the words of Dianetics or Scientology needed to be reviewed first and approved by the RTC. Policy was handed down from the RTC to be followed. Changes to existing technology and techniques were made by RTC. To understand the significance of this you must remember that LRH was totally paranoid of others changing his developed technology. He wrote policies and directives specifically against the misuse and alteration of the technology he had created. So for an organization to now have the ability to alter the policy and tech is hugely significant. It would be similar to the hierarchy of Catholicism deciding on an 11th Commandment or changing the wording of the original ten. And in my time I certainly saw many examples of words being changed, entire directives and policies being revamped, processes and treatments and lines of therapy being altered. The Scientology of today is different than it was just 30 years ago.
With the RTC came the Inspector Generals for Ethics, for Tech and for Admin. These highly ranked Sea Organization members were responsible for safeguarding their respective areas of LRH’s writings. In order to achieve compliance to their directives they had a committee of ‘Watch Dogs’ – other, nearly as highly ranked officers who each policed a particular arm of Scientology activities such as book production, non-secular groups, class V organizations, missions, training organizations, etc. In turn these watch dogs used another arm of the command structure to monitor activities in churches around the world – the Commodore’s Messengers. These messengers were attached to Sea Organization branches around the world and actively policed the goings-on of the members of middle-management, upper-middle management, international management and the Sea Org delivery organizations taking people into the OT bands of Scientology processes. The management of book production and sales fell to Bridge Publications, Inc. The production and sale of Ron’s science fiction writings fell to New Era Publications. The handling of all legal issues became the domain of the Office of Special Affairs. The day to day running of all groups, missions and churches was the domain of the Flag Bureaux. Many of these are legal entities on their own. So to attack the Church you really are not attacking more than a small part of it. Legally they are very savvy.

Let’s Make Some Money

So how does the church make its money? There are many ways, the most obvious one being exchange for services delivered to public Scientologists. Let’s say I’m a relatively new Scientologist looking to move closer to total freedom and serenity of beingness. I was a drug addict in the past so there are toxic deposits within my body which have affected my mental and physical ability to recall past events. Having spent a lot of time in mind-altered states I have successfully turned my neural pathways into a plate of spaghetti. There is a way to fix it, they say – DO THE PURIFICATION RUNDOWN! It’s a course of treatment specifically designed by LRH to re-nourish your body, sweat out toxins, de-tox your body and mind. Until you’ve done that one you’re in no condition to go further up the chart. $3,000 later you’re feeling pretty clean and fit, physical problems such as skin disease, fatigue, etc are no longer present, flashbacks from drugs are a thing of the past. Now you’re ready to do the Scientology Drug Rundown – the companion to the Purification Rundown. The Purif handles your body and the Drug Rundown handles the mental aftermath of those drugs. $1,500 later you’re ready to really get going. Level I auditing de-stimulates the more pressing incidents from your past. Level II gets off all those feelings of guilt, blame, shame and regret from past transgressions, etc. Finally you get to the State of Clear and can buy a silver bracelet to prove you made it. We’re talking many thousands of dollars by this stage. The further you go the more expensive the services become. I know of people who’ve spent upwards of a million dollars getting to higher OT Levels. The money is said to pay for time spent by the auditor and case-supervisors in handling your particular case and to keep the church operating.
Another way they make money is through straight donations for particular causes. “We want to get the technology of Dianetics and Scientology into every library in the world!” Every dollar you donate helps. “We need to fight the IRS in court!” Donate to the Church of Scientology War Chest. “We need to preserve the tech against nuclear holocaust!” Donate towards this cause and we will make long-lasting copies of LRH tapes, lectures and books which we will then bury in secret locations around the world, to be dug up and re-discovered by man after the nuclear fall-out and dark-age has ended! “We want to get the tech into schools, every dollar you donate helps.”
The most fantastic money making scheme they’ve come up with is probably that nuclear holocaust one but I think the most audacious of all is one they came up with a couple of years back. If I was still a Scientologist then I would have found my faith sorely tested here. It goes like this:
I’ve already said that a participant in Scientology follows a set path of levels and grades in order to achieve their spiritual freedom and re-acquisition of lost OT abilities. It is common thinking in the church that the misapplication of the tech at a lower grade will inevitably cause problems later on in the road to total freedom. Each course and service has a stated result to be achieved in the pre-clear. Once attained, the next level can begin. Well, I watched a DVD that was given to me of a Scientology event where the head of Scientology describes a typographical error that was made in the original printing of a basic course all Scientologists must do early on in their journey. The typographical error had been around for decades and it involved a minor point in understanding the overall gist of the course, which supposedly meant that anyone who had done this course had, in fact, not fully attained the end result of that course. This meant that their path to total freedom since that time has been off-track by just a little bit. This also meant that anyone who had since gone on with another 10 or 20 years of Scientology courses and services had, in fact, not really achieved the end result of any of those subsequent actions. So someone who had supposedly achieved the level of OT III, or OT VIII was now no longer qualified to that level. In order to continue their journey up the chart to total freedom they must correct the original mistake, and to do that they had to complete a mini extension-course for each of those levels since the original typographical error! And don’t worry, these extension courses cost money. Talk about double-dipping. And by the way, ‘typographical error’ is nearly always the excuse given when a policy or technical bulletin or course is changed. Other excuses are ‘we have uncovered in someone’s attic some ORIGINAL LECTURES by L Ron Hubbard’ or, ‘the original version was corrupted by someone who has since been identified and excommunicated for trying to alter LRH’s tech. Here is how it should have been written….’
One might ask, as many in fact do, why the technology which exists to free every living soul in the universe is being sold and not distributed freely? The answer, as described in a policy letter from Ron, is that people who receive a free service will not value that service. Therefore it won’t work on them. This, despite the words of another policy letter from Ron where he says that a participant needn’t have faith that it’ll work: so long as the tech is applied correctly it will have the desired result. These appear to be contradictions which each serve a particular purpose: one says freedom shouldn’t be dished out freely (so we can make money) and the other says you don’t need to believe it works for it to work anyway (lucky, since it’s kind of hard to take in on faith).
And where does all this money go? My experience is that a standard 30-40% (I can’t remember which) of the gross income of an organization will be sent up-lines to the senior offices, this portion being called ‘reserves’. When I was on the financial planning committee in Australia for the continental office I saw every week that 30-40% went up-lines. This was true regardless of other considerations. Often this happened despite the fact we staff members – due to low gross income for the week – received only quarter-pay or half-pay, sometimes no pay at all. Full pay for the week was $30. So sometimes we’d get $7.50, $15 or nothing. This was to pay for our personal hygiene needs, uniforms, cigarettes, coke and entertainment on our occasional days off. So, up to 40% goes to reserves. But what are you talking about? When reserve money is needed they do all these donation drives and evangelistic visits from Scientology celebrities gathering groups together to talk about what exciting things are happening in Scientology and how you can be of financial assistance to them. Where did the 40% go?
(Note: I used to consider myself an intelligent person. How could I miss these signs for five years? I realize now that an idiot has no way of knowing they are not that smart.)

This is the start of my unraveling ball of string. I am writing this as a comprehensive understanding of what I believe the Sea Org's relationship to Scn is, as I am asked so many questions by so many people. I welcome any feedback.
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Standing Up to Be Counted
Synthia Fagen

Hello my new amazing friends. I hope you find this story interesting enough to read as it isn’t “sexy”, full of danger, abuse or torture but it is a story of a disgusted member of the “rank and file” that may give solace to those who have been fighting the battle for years. You are, indeed, winning.

I have been contributing to this blog, and to Marty’s, as “Elizabeth” but have not officially stood up to be counted. So, I thought now would be a good time to give my story and to let the C of S know, in no uncertain terms, that I refuse be a cog in the wheel of the crime syndicate any longer. I will not be used. I will not be lied to. I will not give up my individuality to be herded like an unthinking robot to carry out the dictates of a cold and greedy machine.

I have been helped by Scientology. I am sure almost all of us could make that same statement and yet, therein lies the rub. A very good friend of mine recently made the observation that Scientology was like a yummy, delicious, 7-layer cake laced with arsenic. I find that description fitting.

In 1985, in Chicago, I became a Scientologist. Grateful to find this wonderful group and a real purpose in life, I would consider the experience valuable as, among other things, I am now married to a wonderful man as a result of reading Dianetics and walking through that door. You could even say that Scientology saved my life. I was a self destructive druggie on the wrong path and might have wound up dead had I not reigned myself in and found this new “science of the mind”.

My personal dwindling spiral reversed when I got auditing and joined staff. So why would I want to discontinue something that saved my life, gave me purpose, and got me off the road to hell?

My story follows:

Six months ago, in November of 2009, my staff contract was up and I did not re-sign. Though I was expected to come back I knew I never would if my concerns were not addressed. They never were.

I was the IAS Membership Officer (of all posts!). My husband was, at the time, the Chief Academy Sup and had been on staff for 25 years straight. During this last staff contract, the Basics came out and that was the beginning of the end for me as this is when the group engram was laid in.

The Basics evolution was, in my opinion, insane. Where outpoints in the church and its management were not new, here they were coming at us full force, with a vengeance and with a ferocity and velocity that I had never experienced before and it was NOT FUN. Now, DM and the “quota mongers” would state that this was straight up and vertical expansion. After all, the staff were not doing enough so “get used to the rocket ride baby cause we’re clearing the planet for real now”. Unequivocal hogwash.

The insanity begins:

The Basics were to be announced at the Maiden Voyage events in 2007. The staff had to be bonded and were given a briefing right before the first event so that we would understand the magnitude of the release and therefore the importance of getting the HIGHEST EVER attendance. The call-in for this was nuts!

We invited people who had no business being there. We would call until 10:30 pm and sometimes later. It was okay that people who could only speak and understand Spanish were invited in droves (even though the event would not be translated) just to get the body count up. It was okay if raw public and even public right off the street with no prior reach were invited, just to get the body count up. During call-in I would bring up the logical argument that I did not agree that we should be inviting people who could not speak English just so we could have a warm body in a seat. This was ignored. It seemed chaotic and not thought out at all. No one seemed to care about the PR consequences. We would “burn that bridge when we came to it”, so to speak. When the first event finally aired, we had many people walk out and I felt bad for them, giving up their Saturday night, getting all dressed up, only to be scammed by the C of S and made to feel stupid for not understanding.

Staff of a spiritual crusade or glorified telemarketer?:

Next came the real organizational psychosis: The sale of the Basics.

The sale of the Basics turned our staff into telemarketers morning, noon and night and pulled them off their regular posts. Instead of Musical Chairs it was a daily teeter-totter where the bulk of the staff members time was spent on Basics sales and the rest of the time trying to squeeze in regular care of the public where they could. New Div 6 public were looked on as a minor nuisance, in certain ways, as they were sitting right in the middle of all the action and so we had to “be careful”of what we said. We would handle these people as quickly as we could so we could get back onto what really mattered – the stats we had better have at the end of the night. Those stats were not the number of attested clears or new people on service, I can tell you that much.

Over many months, all that really seemed to matter was how many Basics packages were sold. Not just books, but packages. The HES and BSO, seriously, were called every 15 to 30 minutes by Bridge and Gold. They had to know what everyone was doing, in regards to Basics sales, at every moment. No one was asked about PCs or students or releases or attestations or any service stats. People onlines who had not purchased the whole package (3,000.00) were literally hounded and ganged up on by tag teams that included top SO members from the CLO who would not let up on the person until he/she purchased. It got ugly.

I am realizing as I write this that I could go on and on for pages. To shorten this up, what I saw during this time was insanity and outright criminal behavior. Here are some of the following activities that made me start to doubt what I was involved in:

Mega financial irregularities/Criminal activity:

Public accounts being debited, at Flag, for thousands of dollars to pay for multiple sets of Basics that they never approved.

Boxes of Basics just showing up on people’s doorsteps unordered while being debited off account without permission (someone’s stat push). One such was an 84 year old woman who did not know what to do with all the many boxes outside her door. She lived alone.

OT Committee members and others with wealth being hyped up and asked to purchase multiple sets of Basics to sell to others. This was only to get the stats up and like unused stock from some multi-level marketing scam after the greedy emotion dies down, the books sit in the people’s basements untouched and unsold.

MAAs and other “non-sales” people willing to have a conflict of interest, essentially extorting money from the public, by insinuating or outright telling parishioners that they could get through the lines faster if they donated money for libraries or sold Basics packages to their friends.

Stat pushes with little or no result:

Event after event to get library donations to, again, get the stats up. I live in Chicago with a huge library system. Very few of the libraries carry LRH’s books here. They still kept their old books and, of the new that they do have, few are in all of our libraries and they are not checked out (I am able to check this out online). That campaign was a waste of money and yet it still continues.

In regards to donations for materials, on two occasions I noted that opportunistic means were used to pull heart strings that seemed amoral to me at the time. One was using the earthquake in Haiti and the other was using a raid on the church that had happened weeks before but was made to seem like it just happened and in both occasions books, quite frankly, were not the immediate solution.


People being called non-stop, daily, no matter how many times they asked not to be and, after being harassed by the org, being put in a stack of “ARC X” folders. One gentleman told our ED that he literally felt so depressed that he thought of taking his own life because of our unrelenting calls. He said he counted that one day, he received 63 calls.

DM pulls it all together for us:

At some point during this insanity, DM makes the 1.1 statement to all of us, somewhere along this line, “If this feels like drudgery or slavery, than you’re doing it wrong because Scientology is supposed to be uplifting, exhilarating and exteriorizing.” How very clever of him to know and spot exactly how we were all feeling but could not express (as it was deliberately being caused) and then indicate to us all that we were DOING IT WRONG. So, just as staff may be getting ready to tell management to stick it where the sun don’t shine, he pulled the old introversion trick.

Oh, there’s so much more. Lots of cross orders and cross regging and impossible money targets and I could go on and on. I felt like everyday on post was all about money and I was engaging in behavior that I felt wrong about just so that I wouldn’t appear reasonable or off-purpose. I started to lose self respect.

Doubts are creeping in:

Each day, for quite awhile, we would chinese school the many Basics package prices. This insipid inculcation literally made me nauseous and the crass commercialism felt so “unspiritual” that I longed to just sit in some temple and burn incense in peace. I went to qual to complain about the non-spirituality of it all. Understandably, the Qual Sec knew not what to do with me. I thought to myself, many times, “What am I doing here?” About this time, too, Anonymous had left a note on the window of our org that stated, “It’s okay to have doubts.” I realize, now, that had an effect on me.

The veil is lifted:

Because I was so unhappy and knew something was really wrong, I told a staff member that I was feeling critical toward DM and management. This was my own personal observation but it was thought that I must have gotten some Black PR that I didn’t even realize. I knew that I hadn’t because I had dutifully, for 25 years, avoided and swatted back all bad press and all negative comments on the Internet. I just hadn’t gone there. I knew nothing about DM’s behavior and crimes. I just didn’t like what I saw right in front of my own eyes.

It was thought that I should go to the DSA and get the Freedom Magazine dead agent pack on DM as a handling for the “possible hidden insidious Black PR” that got on “my lines”. This was a mistake to have me read this but I am glad it was suggested as it led me to the truth. I knew nothing about Mike Rinder and I had never even heard of Marty or Tom DeVocht and since the magazine only called these people Fact Checker, King Pin, and Con Man, I still didn’t know who they were talking about….oh, oh, mystery sandwich.

So, I sat down and read through this and I was appalled at how nasty the tone of it was and how unprofessional, juvenile, and creepy it made our upper management look. There was no denial of a culture of violence and it was all just a matter of who was perpetrating this violence. Until then, my mental picture of Int was that of a pristine organization of truly sane, kind, caring, and OT beings that would never, ever allow that type of behavior for a nanosecond. This was quite a blow. When I realized the whole shooting match was being run by a bunch of bozos I felt a sense of anger and yet, a sense of absolute relief at the same time. This was the beginning of connecting all the dots so that everything made sense to me. I could tell the church was lying and I hadn’t even heard the SP Times story yet.

Still, I was continuing to be “with the program” to a certain degree. I hadn’t even gone on the Internet yet! I let the cognitive dissonance knock around in my head for a couple of months and then it got so bad that I had to hear the other side of the story, the story of the people that the church was trying to dead agent. So, I turn to the Internet.

First stop: The SP Times, The Truth Rundown:

I watch every video – Amy, Marty, Steve, Jeff, Tom, Shelly, etc. Everyone of them I watched over and over. I could not believe what I was hearing and yet I totally believed them. It was obvious they were sincere.

Well, then I found the SP Times story on Geir, Sherry and Mary Jo and then I contacted Geir who helped me and then Amy took my phone call and then I was on the path of reading and reading and reading and I still have not stopped. I want ALL THE TRUTH.

Will my husband stay with me? How can I not tell him?:

Geir, Amy and Dan Koon helped me to be able to break this all to my husband. My husband is a very, very dedicated auditor and supervisor who loves LRH and has been on staff for 25 years straight.

I finally decided that I had to tell him. How could I live this lie? I let him know that I could no longer support the C of S and asked him to please look at the data I had been reading and the testimonies I had been watching. It took some confront, but once he looked, he really did his due diligence. He did the best doubt formula I have ever seen and he finally told me that he had reached a point of no return and could no longer support the church either. This took many weeks. This is not easy to confront when you’ve devoted your whole life to the crusade. I was grateful he was so sane. I did not want to lose him.

Announcing this to the org:

He and I went and made the announcement to the HAS, CO OSA and the DSA that we felt COB was an SP and could not support the organization and the human rights abuses. This was not easy for them to hear, of course, and to be very honest and give credit where due, we were treated like absolute gold. The DSA did the absolute best job she could do given these horrific circumstances. Though, of course she does not agree, she treated us with the utmost kindness as did the HAS and CO OSA. I have nothing negative to say about our org or our staff at all. We were shown many dead agent materials on all of my now friends, Amy, Steve, Dan, Jeff, etc. and none of it moved us an inch as it was all of the variety of the usual character assassination that is the signature of the church and so we finally had to say that’s that.

In conclusion:

It’s obvious now that what we were experiencing was symptomatic of the horrific unethical and criminal behavior at the top of the org board. It’s funny, I used to rationalize the insane amount of regging by saying to a fellow staff member, “We must really be losing the battle against the SPs” or “We must have run out of time for this to be so engulfing and so frantic.” I would always get lots of agreement on these thoughts, as that was the only explanation that would make sense to a staff member.

Now I know that it was all actually as it appeared – a greedy, desperate and uncaring drive to extract every last dime, hour, and original thought from its staff and parishioners for the aggrandizement and protection of a sociopath who has committed a huge act of betrayal against mankind. It’s also repulsively creepy when you juxtapose the reality of the man against what parishioners actually think of him.

I have learned a lot though and now I understand how I allowed my involvement to hinder my critical thinking skills and I believe it was a valuable lesson. I highly doubt I could be that stupid and vulnerable again. Let’s hope not.

Thank you ALL for bring smart, perceptive, kind and tremendously caring. We miss our old friends. We are counting on this all being exposed to the rank and file soon, so that we can talk to our friends again but, in the meantime, we will sacrifice our comfort to expose these unconscionable human rights abuses. I, for one, am standing up to be counted.

With Love to You All,

Synthia Fagen
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Adrian Kelsey

I don’t know if everybody knows me. For those who don’t know me, I am Adrian Kesley, ex-husband of Fransyl Marmolejo, daughter of OT VIII Francisco Marmolejo. I hope that you all remember me and that you also forgive me for my poor Spanish but Spanish is not my mother language.

I spoke to my thirteen-year old daughter Estefania last Saturday and she was crying. For purposes of not lengthening this email I will be very straight forward on what went on while on the phone.

My daughter was crying because she can no longer talk to me. I asked her why, and she said that it was because I was declared a suppressive person. I told her that I don’t have anything in writing and that I was not aware of it either.

Then, while being on the phone with Fransyl she told me that when she was at Flag she was shown my SP declare. I haven’t done anything to prevent my daughter nor Fransyl to practice Scientology but I am going to tell you something that I did do. I spoke out against an incident that my older son went through and the abuses he is getting. I didn’t speak out against the Tech, only against this specific abuse. I only tried to make them take responsibility for this incident but they don’t to talk about it because it is a very bad one. With Scientology, I am mad at the fact that you had to pay to go Clear and now that things were revised and some Clears are no longer Clear, they have to pay again. For me the Tech was 100% standard so how is it possible that it wasn’t. I don’t want to go into all of the details as each one has a different side of the story. What is important to me is that I cannot forgive the fact that a thirteen-year old girl is being put through this painful situation and is being made to disconnect from her father.

The battle has just begun.

Thank you for your time.

Adrian Kesley

(End of email)

Sorry for the translation but Spanish nor English are my first languages.

Dear Adrian,

As a Scientologist I DEMAND that you do not be in communication with any Scientologist until you handle your condition.

Per policy, your line is the International Justice Chief.

Use ONLY this line, and otherwise cut your communication until you have ok to communicate with the rest of the group.

In this email I am informing all Scientologists because Adrian Kelsey is declared a Supressive Person.

Marina Simon
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