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                ANZO "Old Timers" treated like Crap by David Miscavige

This is a story from the Int Base for all the guys out in ANZO. This will have slightly more significance for all of the ex’s out there as it concerns some of the “royalty” of ANZO old timer scientology families. I will try and keep it mainly about the ANZO guys that were at the Int Base.

So there are a few families that have been around forever in ANZO. Children and grand children of at least two of those families ended up at the Int Base. The two families I am talking about were the Conleys and the Allens. From the Conley side, you would have Gary Conley, Gary was the son of Jim and Kaye Conley. Kaye’s sister Cherie was Kate Ceberano’s mum. For all of those outside on ANZO, Kate Ceberano is the aussie superstar recording artist that has had several platinum record albums and regularly shills for the Scilons every chance she gets. Okay so Jim and Kaye were in PR in LA. They would routinely get put on high profile PR jobs such as representing for Scilons at the 1988 LA Olympics all the way to taking care of LRH’s old house in Arizona. Jim and Kaye were both in the Sea Org. Their son Gary, also in the Sea Org would reach the highlight of his Sea Org career in the late 1980’s when he was the Inspector General MAA in RTC. He worked directly for COB and the IG – Marty Rathbun. He was basically the highest MAA post on the planet.

As for the Allens, there was Lisa and Kate. They were the twin daughters of Elaine Allen. Elaine Allen had been in ANZO from day one and was supposedly the first registered Scientology minister in Victoria as of May 1977. Both Lisa and Kate had their ups and downs and were regularly in trouble at the Int Base. In the early 1990’s they would both end up busted off of their posts in CMO Int and end up posted in Golden Era Productions, the so called bottom feeders of the Int Base. Kate would end up being an electrician and Lisa was posted as the Director’s Assistant in the Cine Division were they produced all of the videos and films for Scilonville. Their brother Shaun, worked in OSA in LA. I think there was another sister, but I am not sure where she worked.

Kate was married to this very cool Swedish guy in the Estates Division named Matz Markowitz. Matz was an engineer and could probably fix anything. Matz was never going to be anything but an engineer and was a good worker. Kate looked out of place in Electrical and had hopes of getting out of there one day.

Gary Conley would also take a fall - literally. After being busted out of RTC and posted in the Estates Division, the bottom feeders of Golden Era, Gary was working high up in the ceiling of the garage building cleaning the rafters. Without a safety cable or any kind of harness, you can guess what happened. He slipped and fell to the hard concrete below and shattered both ankles and his feet in several different places. Doctors told him he would be lucky to ever walk again, and after several years in a wheelchair, he actually did, with an odd limp, but he did end up walking.

Gary ended up being posted in the E-Meter manufacturing building I think mainly due to the fact that sitting down was the only kind of work he could do now. The only light in Gary’s life at this point seemed to be that Kate Ceberano was his cousin. He had her music cassettes and would force us to listen to them every chance he got. He would constantly have to remind people who the hell it was as she was popular in ANZO but had never been heard of in the states.

While Kate was slaving away in Estates and Gary was rolling around the Int Base, Lisa had bigger and better plans. She used her connections on the Director’s Assistant post to get in good with COB RTC and slowly rose up the ranks until 10 years later, she would become the Commanding Officer Gold. Lisa would regularly tell stories about her mum back in ANZO and how she was the Commanding Officer at the Advanced Org there. Her mum, Elaine Allen had met LRH in 1973 aboard the Apollo and was an old school Scilon and had been working in Scilonville well before David Miscavige was knee high to a grasshopper. Her being the CO AOSH ANZO was no surprise and as far as anyone was concerned, she would hold that post until she died.

Lisa was married to a guy named Paul Schroer. Paul was in RTC during the time where Vicki Aznaran was COB RTC and therefore when Dave Miscavige showed up, he promptly busted everyone out of RTC that worked with Vicki. Paul was one of these people. Because Paul had this past stigma stuck to him, no matter what he did, no matter where he was posted, every time he ended up doing anything that Dave Miscavige was involved in, he would end up getting in trouble.

The situation with Paul came to a head in the early 2000’s. Paul was the Director of A/V Manufacturing and Lisa was the CO Gold. David Miscavige had this big plan to re-release all LRH lectures on CDs was going down to A/V manufacturing just about every day to check on where things stood. Paul had no chance. David Miscavige was going off on a trip somewhere and had a message for Lisa. David Miscavige told Lisa, “You get rid of him or I am not coming back!” She had to take Paul off post and send him to the PAC RPF, or COB RTC was not going to come back to the Int Base. It was unclear to some if David Miscavige realized that Lisa was married to Paul. We knew that he knew. This was another one of his sick twisted ways he did shit. Get the Wife to RPF her own husband because David Miscavige was sick of him and had been sick of him since the day he became COB RTC just because Paul had worked for his nemesis, Vicki Aznaran. Paul did end up going to the RPF in PAC and Lisa divorced him so that she could keep in good graces with David Miscavige.

As if that was not enough, one day Lisa was told by someone in CMO INT that her mom had been flown to LA from ANZO for an ethics handling. When Lisa inquired further about this, she found that her mum was being routed into the RPF for Out-2D! Now while I have no doubt that older people can still get it on as good as the next person, her mum was in her 60’s. She was the CO of a Sea Org installation and that last thing that a 60 year old woman that works over a hundred hours a week is going to have time for is to get some nookie on the side. Lisa could not believe this. It was one of those things that just did not make any sense. Lisa was going to LA for something else and arranged to meet her mum down in PAC.

“CO GOLD here to see Elaine Allen,” Lisa said into the security console at the Horseshoe in PAC. Dressed in the RPF black shorts and T-shirt her mum came out of the Big Blue building escorted by another RPF’er. They had not seen each other in many years and now the circumstance were not at all good. They both cried and hugged. Then Lisa asked what the hell was going on. Elaine proceeded to tell her about some stupid Ethics Mission that had been sent from Management to yell at everybody in the AO and get the stats up. Typical of Scilon upper management that they send out some green weenies from LA that had never worked in an org before, only been in the Sea Org a few years, and only knew what David Miscavige’s “ Ideal Orgs” should be like and anything short of that was a criminal activity that should be destroyed. Elaine was none too impressed by these guys and they saw her as an enemy. When the stats for the AO were down, they piled into a room and put Elaine on the meter. Gang Bang Sec Check. After hours of yelling at Elaine and accusing her of having sex with a public Scilon, Elaine joked, “Yeah that’s it, I went Out-2D!” They had their confession! Even though they knew Elaine was being facetious and not serious, they rolled with it and wrote up the whole back story and even picked out some local public guy that they knew Elaine had met with before. This was it. After more than 30 years of dedicating her life to Scilonville, she was going to go to the RPF in Los Angeles for something that she never did by some kids from Hungary that joined the Sea Org 2 years ago so that they could get free room and board. After Elaine told the whole story to Elaine, Lisa was pissed. Lisa had enough power to maybe make this right again and told Elaine this. Elaine was upset, The Ethics Mission in ANZO had already spread the lies about Elaine. They had also screwed up enough other stuff at the AO that it was doomed at this point anyway. The org had already not been doing well, the new programs coming down from Int management had all but closed the place down anyway. Elaine was tired of being the hard ass Sea Org member. She wanted a break. Too bad the PAC RPF would be the furthest thing from that.

While Elaine did not want to do the RPF, she did not want to go back to ANZO either. It was a lose lose situation. Elaine was getting on and the RPF was the last place that an older person should be. Elaine could not believe how many old Sea Org members were on the RPF in PAC. Back, knee, and hip problems were the order of the day down there. Elaine was worried that she would end up broken and disposed of down in PAC. They hugged some more and Lisa said that she would have some stuff sent down to her mum to help her along until this whole thing got sorted out.

When Lisa got back to the Int Base, she went up to CMO INT. She asked a whole bunch of questions and tried to find out who sent the mission, who the people on the mission were and everything about this mess that landed her mum up on the PAC RPF. The dust was still settling from all the destruction these guys had caused and the CMO INT people told Lisa that they would let her know as much as they could find out.

Meanwhile an International Event was being pre-produced at the Int Base and David Miscavige wanted to review some footage in the Edit bays and Lisa had to go meet with him there.

Often, when David Miscavige would come into the edit bays to review an editor the latest music score for a video, he would make small talk or lay into someone before the review started. Today would be no different. As he sat there waiting for a few more people to show up, he started making small talk with Lisa.

“So did you hear about this old slut in ANZO?” David Miscavige says. “Yeah, we’ve had a mission down there and they put this chick on the meter and she confessed to all this lurid shit. Turns out this old hag down in ANZO has been fucking this big FSM down there and smoking his pole every chance she got. And she like 60 years old! She was the fucking CO of the AO! No wonder my new programs have not been getting done. Anyway, I could not believe it ” David Miscavige laughs as he recounts the story.

Everyone in the room besides David Miscavige is quiet. Pretty much everyone knows that Elaine was Lisa’s mum. Lisa is stunned into total silence and just stands there as he talks. He is oblivious as he flings out insult after insult.

Knowing that Lisa once hailed from Down Under he asks, “Did you know this bitch?”

“Yes, Sir. She is my mother Sir.” Lisa answered. You could see David Miscavige squirm for a second there. Here he was in a good mood and just trash talking about some old dag down in ANZO and all the sudden he is being made out to look like the bad guy here.

“Not really? She is your mom? I had no idea, really I didn’t.” David Miscavige knew that even his normal vulgar insensitive banter was over the line this time. He was literally shitting all over her mom and to top it all off, it was all bullshit.

“Lisa Allen is my maiden name Sir.” Lisa tells him so he can connect the dots.

After Lisa explained to him the whole story, he said that he would check into it and sort it out. He never did. Elaine stayed on the RPF. She did end up having the normal pains that 60 year old people have that work over 100 hours per week. On the RPF you are not allowed to walk. You have to run everywhere you go. Most RPF’ers have perfected the fast walk that looks like a light jog, but either way they are not walking. To add insult to injury, the RPF are not allowed to use the elevators. The RPF work in the basement and their showers and berthing are on the 6th floor. So in the best case scenario, you have these people jogging up at least 12 flights of stairs daily just to get to get to and from their rooms.

What’s the point of all this? I guess there is no point. This is just how David Miscavige ruins lives on a daily basis. It does not matter where they are from. I am aware that there are people in ANZO that are on the fence as to what they should do in regards to Scientology. I thought that many of them would know of the Allens and the Conleys. Obviously the Rinders are also old time ANZO Scientologists, but most people know about Mike Rinder and his departure from the organization.

I know there may even be some people out there in ANZO that hated Elaine Allen. She might have been a hard ass that no one liked. She was still someone’s mother and she was still a person. While there might be such a thing as Karma and she might have gotten what she deserved in the end, it does not mean that people can be treated like animals and this stuff should be allowed to take place in a modern day world.

To all those fence sitters out there in ANZO, is this what you signed up to support? As long as the money stops or slows flowing up the line to David Miscavige, new random programs will continue to come out. More and more people will disappear to the RPF in LA and you will be forced to buy things that you already have and get new E-Meters that put the old one to shame etc. More and more families will be disconnected and more and more people will be hurt by this organization.

What will it take for you to face reality? And I am not talking about the one you “created.”

No wucking furries eh?

Until next time...
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          Mark Fisher - Former Assistant to DM - Thanks Anonymous

Hello to Anonymous.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Anonymous for all that you are doing to expose the corruption of David Miscavige and Scientology.

For those of you who don’t know, I was in the Sea Org for many years and worked as DM’s assistant for almost 7 years before finally leaving in September 1990 after becoming more and more disaffected with DM and what he was doing to the group that I had dedicated my life to. One of the final straws was his physical attack on me in the garage at the Int/Gold Base. I would not put up with that behavior and shortly thereafter left for good.

Part of my story was told in the SP Times articles and videos at the link below a few weeks ago:

Scientology: Mark Fisher video | St. Petersburg Times

After leaving, little did I know that I was being spied on full time by Scientology hired and paid for Private Investigators in Las Vegas when all I was trying to do was earn a living, make a life for myself and recover. Thanks to Marty Rathbun, I was able to get the true story about what was happening regarding these spies and found out that my closest friend for the past 10 years was actually a paid spy for DM and Scientology.

Scientology: What happened in Vegas, Part 2 of 3 in a special report on the Church of Scientology - St. Petersburg Times

One of the attacks made by Scientology against me to the SP Times Reporters was that I was a “member of Anonymous” and participated in protests against Scientology. As if there was something wrong with this???

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I in fact did come out to support your protests early on. I was so impressed by your first protests around the world, that I decided to come out and show my support in Las Vegas in March 2008 when the Las Vegas Anons marched down the Las Vegas Strip. I wore a hat and mask to hide my identity as all the other protestors did, but I did talk with several of the Vegas Anons during the protest and told them a bit of my story. At first they thought I was a cop or spy for Scientology because of the way I looked.

Following that protest, I went to LA for the April 2008 protest against Scientology’s disconnection policy which they deny they practice. This time I went with several of my former Sea Org friends and we decided to not wear masks. Here is a photo of me at that protest in from the Management building on Hollywood Blvd:

Continued here.... With photos.
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                           Man Says Scientologists Enslaved Him as Boy

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A man claims the Church of Scientology forced him to work as a "virtual slave" for 16 years at jobs ranging from washing pots and pans to restoring old films produced by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. John Lindstein says he was kept "busy, poor, tired, and uninformed" by Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige at the church's ranch in Hemet, and feared that "things would get even worse if he did not work as ordered."
     Lindstein's Superior Court complaint alleges human trafficking and violations of hour and wage laws at the church's "Gold Ranch" compound near Hemet, a semirural area east-southeast of Los Angeles.
     Lindstein says that from 1990 until 2006, starting when he was just 8 years old, he "performed this work as a virtual slave, working 16 to 24 hours days with no sleep, no time off and no personal freedom" at Gold Base, a mysterious and once-secret headquarters that "resembles a prison camp," with razor wire, security guard patrols, surveillance posts and three roll calls each day.
     By age 16, Lindstein says, he was working for Golden Era Productions, Scientology's film production company, restoring Hubbard's films from the 1970s. He says he often worked 24-hour days at the "tedious, frame-by-frame work that would normally cost more than $400,000 per movie to accomplish at industry rates."
     Lindstein and his crew of five were paid $50 per week, he says.
     Lindstein says Miscavige and others "intentionally, consciously and wrongfully made a tactical decision to ignore labor laws, take [their] chances with a compliant and intimidated work force, and hope that the running of the statute of limitations would in the long run save [them] millions of dollars."
     Lindstein says that Miscavige "runs the Scientology enterprise with an iron fist, according to his own rules, and enjoys the lifestyle and job benefits of royalty while those at the bottom of the food chain live like slaves and inmates."
     Those who tried to escape from Gold Ranch and were caught were assigned to the "Rehabilitation Project Force," in which workers faced "a brutal regime of manual labor, have no freedom of movement and are subjected to almost total deprivations of personal liberties," according to the complaint.
     Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw said the church would not comment on the allegations.
     "The complaint filed by John Lindstein against the Church of Scientology International and others has not been served," Pouw said. "We do not comment on cases to which we are not a party."
     In his complaint, Lindstein says he was eventually "pushed to his breaking point and he found a way out."
     He says he has since been "declared an enemy of Scientology, given a large illegal bill for his purported scientology training, and cut off from friends and family who are still under the control of the Scientology enterprise."
     Lindstein wants the church to pay him at least minimum wage for his years of work. He is represented by Barry Von Sickle of Roseville, Calif.
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               Post by Aaron Saxton copied from EXSNB

It is embarrassing the lengths the Church will go to to silence critics.

For any Scientologists in doubt as to the church of Scientology`s tactics, here are four examples:

1. The Church of Scientology attempted in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2009 to have me charged for "Extortion". For an incident that took place in 2005. The Department of Public Prosecutions threw it out, laughing. Mike Ferris the local Director of Special Affairs failed.

2. The Church of Scienotlogy sent Private Investigators to my mothers house in December 2009. Lied to her, and attempted to gain information.

3. The Church of Scientology AOSH ANZO sent Sue Hunt via request from Vince Spataro, outside the organization while I was on protest at the church 4 times to approach me and another individual. She has now attempted to file a Violence Restraining Order against me. The Constable involved at the Redfern police station is laughing at it, although for proper conduct, she will attempt to serve it.

4. In response to the allegations made by Xenophon, the Church did not respond to the allegations, but chose to violate the Privacy Act and take information out from my PC file and Ethics file - none of which is allowed to be publically issued, and made public those statements.

If your a member of the church of Scientology then look above. The Church will not deny any of these matters as they are true.

What makes it OK to do ANY of the above? If it is OK with you, then your one that does not belong in a civilized society. And, the fact that you as a Scientologist accept any of these actions as acceptable is proof that you, too, are not only out-ethics, but condone activities usually reserved for a hard line communistic minded or Nazi minded movements.

Your church leaders in America and here in Australia have refused to meet to accept information on the abuses in your Church from myself, despite me offering names, dates and times. They have been asked on a number of occasions. The truth is they are not interested.

Your own leader of the Church here in Australia, Virginia while preaching the value of Scientoloy has for over 20 years refused to speak to her own father because of his viewpoint on Scientology.

So you think your Church is not in the business of harassment and intimidation?

             Wake up.
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« Reply #19 on: January 08, 2010, 02:47:52 PM »

Go Aaron!  Rock on!! 
Stop the criminal Cult!!!!!
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                Ex Sea org member speaks out

4 vids on youtube.
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                Transcript of Aaron Saxton`s latest vids.

See link at bottom of this article

Good evening. My name is Aaron Saxton. I'm a previous member of the Sea Organization and member of the Church of Scientology International.

The purpose of this audio presentation is to present information to media outlets, the general public, and politicians, primarily of the United States, and to release information that can be verified and used to prosecute the Church of Scientology International for violations of labor laws in the United States.

A brief introduction about myself: My name is Aaron Saxton, previously known as Aaron Tweddell. I served in the Sea Organization from 1989 to early 1996. I spent the years 1992 through to 1996 in the United States. I am now outside of the United States in Australia and I am presenting this information as follows.

This audio presentation will be brief, approximately 15 minutes in length, and will cover the following areas:
(1) The names of my recruits, so that they may be contacted and verify that this information is true and correct;
(2) The Cadet Organizations of the Sea Org, their true purpose, and incidents involved in the Cadet Organization that were not reported to the police by the Church of Scientology International;
(3) I will advise why the CMO and certain divisions of the Sea Organization used young children, as opposed to adults, for recruitment;
(4) I will provide information on the illegal certificates provided;
(5) I'll provide the results of our activities.

Firstly, who did I recruit? During the years 1992 through to 1996, I served primarily as the Division 1 Secretary of the Commodore's Messenger Organization International Extension Unit, which is located at the Hollywood Guaranty Building, 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles. As the Division 1 Secretary, my prime responsibilities were for the ethics of that organization and to see that it correctly policed all of middle management. I was also responsible for the personnel of that organization.

During that time, the following people were recruited by myself, primarily, or I assisted in. Of the following list of names, I directly recruited more than 90 per cent mentioned. I do not have a complete list of those people, and this represents approximately 50 per cent of all people recruited by me. The list is as follows:

Melissa Bylsma
Chrystal Cisco
Edward Dickey
Marissa Profittlich
Eric Profittlich
Jamie Guay
Mike Valiente
Tyrone Webb
Hender Alvarez
Dorian Andriette
Dan Bosa
Jessica Bulet
Shawna Christiansen
Javier Montez
Deborah Downing
Robbie Downing
Robert Fulmer
Wayne Furnell
David Gutierrez
Zane Hollingsworth
Andrea [surname I do not remember]
Jenny Lenacheck
Page [surname I do not remember]
Rob Willett
Jenny [surname I do not remember]
Mandy [surname I do not remember]
Javier Montez
Dan Modras
Suzanne Mochrie
Christina MacDaniel
Barbara [surname I do not remember]
Kendra Lister

Most of the people that I have just named were between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age.

The next topic I will record is that of the Cadet Org. The Cadet Org. What is the Cadet Org? In every major Sea Org International location, an organization was established to house, furnish, feed, educate, and train all young members of the Sea Organization. Whilst not considered young members of the Sea Organization, being the children of Sea Org members entitled them to such a title, and as such, they were financed and protected by the Sea Organization. Branches were established: one in the Flag Land Base and one in Los Angeles. The one in Los Angeles, out in Ventura County, where some 30 to 50 odd young Sea Org members were housed between the ages of 4 to 13. During this time they received "an education in the real world" and "an education in Scientology." However, as young members, they were given instructions and treated like Sea Org members. They had jobs, positions to do, wore hats, and slept in berthing not unlike what Sea Org members also went through. They were allowed and permitted very little time with their parents. The Ventura location County was so far away from the Sea Org location in Los Angeles that it was a physical impossibility for the children to really associate with their parents in any great extent.

The advantage of a Cadet Org is that it gave the Sea Organization a very unique resource pool: people that have not been exposed to the outside world, people that were fully indoctrinated in Scientology and had already agreed to join the Sea Organization at a later date when they are old enough to legally be able to be permitted. It should be noted here that, "legally permitted" ... I mean ... when we felt ... in the Sea Org, we could get away with it, legally enough to avoid prosecution.

At the Cadet Org, several illegal activities were undisclosed, such as... Often, Sea Org cadets would be involved in sexual activities at a young age of 13. While it's not illegal to do this with another underage person, there were instances, such as the Flag Land Base of one particular recruit, Sarah is an example, from the Cadet Organization, in 1992, having sex with people over the ages of 16 and 18. Primarily, this occurred during the Estates Project Force training. Here, all details of these were withheld from the police and not reported. This also occurred at the Ventura County, and all unusual relationship activities of all children were never reported to the police, even if they involved adults.

Why did the Sea Org like to enjoy the recruitment of young people? The answer lay in the history of the CMO. The CMO, the Commodore's Messenger Organization, was established on the ship by L. Ron Hubbard, aka the "Commodore" of the Sea Org. Young children provided a very unique perspective: one, they were easily taught, easily trained, and could easily be made to worship or deify a senior authority or person. When they saw the horrors of the Sea Organization, such as heavy ethics and justice, it wasn't hard to convince a person to join the CMO. CMO typically, from continent to continent, and particularly in Los Angeles, enjoyed a higher level of berthing conditions, food conditions, and welfare conditions above any other members of the Sea Org. Also, being children, they would naturally have a fear of adults. Being in the CMO was of a great advantage, because here they were made authoritative and given total authority over all other Sea Org members. This gave them the authority they needed to feel protected. Also, love-bombing, a commonly documented technique in cults, was very prevalent in the CMO. CMO ate away from the rest of the Sea Org, we berthed away from the rest of the Sea Org, and we had our own separate quarters, our own separate musters and conditions. Such an environment was very conducive to young children. As an example, in the Commodore's Messenger Organization in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Guaranty Building, very few messengers were over the age of 18. This created a good, unique environment for children to thrive in, where they felt they were part of a similar group of people.

Policies in the Sea Org that allowed us to bring the children in at such an early age did not exist. Simply, what existed was the desire to have Sea Org members. I recruited public Scientologists as young as 15 years of age to come into the Sea Org and join the CMO. Why did the parents permit this? The parents permitted this because, primarily, they knew that if their children joined an organization such as Bridge Publications Incorporated or Celebrity Center International, they would receive some form of status and better treatment than the average Sea Org member. However, allowing them into the CMO offered their children a very unique chance to be part of a more elite group.

Also, within the CMO, we provided and guaranteed education to our children. However, none of this was ever delivered. In fact, the moment a person started working for the CMO, no education was allowed at all. However, we had a legal responsibility in regards to allowing children to be educated. How we got around this is that there were several educators involved in the WISE group, called "World International Scientology Enterprises Incorporated", around the world, and these educators existed in Los Angeles, and what would happen is we would pay them and we would send one of the Messengers out. And what they would do is what was known as a pre-examination, where they were actually given the actual exam required to pass the legal requirements. They would always fail, because they hadn't received an education. What would then happen is the answers were fed to the children over a period of several hours and then they were given the exam "for real." Of course, they would pass the examination. Passing the examination, they were then given a certificate of educational requirements. The Office of Special Affairs in Los Angeles and all Church of Scientology International directors were well aware of the scam. However, legally, it couldn't be rebuffed, as the parents of Scientologists would not refute that this had actually happened, and they would stand by their children and say they had received an education, even when they had not. The last known example of this that I was involved in was the sending of Suzette Barnett to the International Base. Her mother, a prominent Scientologist out in the field, condoned and accepted her daughter to go through illegal certification of her educational requirements in order to facilitate her daughter rising through the ranks of Scientology.

I want to outline to the politicians and the media that may be listening to this audio presentation the severe results of our actions. The result of these actions resulted in children that no longer pursued sports, no longer pursued arts, crafts, or any other form of career, and as a result, the children grew up without having any other options in their life, other than to pursure careers within the Sea Organization. In particular, children that had grown up in the Cadet Organization were literally condemned to a life within the Sea Org, regardless of what they wanted, because their parents were in it, and they hadn't known anything in their entire lives. Children that were recruited publicly and then put into the CMO had a second option: if they did leave the Sea Organization, they could hypothetically get another career. However, if years had passed between these dates, they were now young adults and would no longer be qualified to go through standard educational lines. This is one of the reasons why parents of Sea Org members, particularly young Sea Org members, often assist and keep their children within the Sea Org after this, and once they decide to leave. It is because they know that they can't particularly have much of a career outside of the Sea Org.

I have provided this very brief information as a guide to others out there about just how many children were involved in this in Los Angeles and the ages of those children. There isn't a single person I have named that cannot be contacted and have verified through their personnel records that they were in fact in the Sea Org at too early of an age. Such staff members such as Dan Modras and Zane Hollingsworth are clear examples, including Tyrone Webb, of people being allowed in at far too early of an age.

It would be impossible for the Church of Scientology International to deny the existence of such a program to recruit young people, and I stand by to assist with anybody who wishes more information.

Thank you.
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          Former Scientology Marketing Staffer Speaks Out After Leaving 'Cult'

A former senior writer in the Church of Scientology’s “Central Marketing Unit” has left the organization to join a dissident group of independent Scientologists. A rambling account of Steve Hall’s life inside Scientology’s headquarters can be found on Rediscover Scientology, the dissident group’s web site.

The church disputes his account and says Hall was kicked out of the organization after he claimed to be Jesus and Bhudda, and sent a fellow parishioner a 12-page letter claiming he was channelling the man’s deceased wife.

Hall (pictured) claims he wrote Scientology’s current advertising tagline, “Know Yourself; Know Life,” as part of an effort in the mid 1990s to make Scientology more useful to potential recruits and less like a cult. He left the church because its leader, David Miscavige, disagreed with his efforts, he says:

    Starting in 1995, Steve began to use his position as Senior Writer to overhaul Scientology marketing and make [L. Ron Hubbard] products and services relevant. Ads that robotically parroted survey buttons were replaced with marketing that was more sophisticated, fresh and humorous.

    And readers began to notice. For Dianetics he teamed up with Caroline Mustard and wrote, “When life becomes a battleground, your mind is the best weapon.” In 1997, he coined the tag line for Scientology still in use today, “Know Yourself; Know Life.” Scientologists who were there in the 1990s may remember the shift when Scientology’s marketing took on on new life.

    As Steve recalls, “The ads demonstrated it was possible for Scientology to be useful and valuable in solving life problems, instead of being a cult.

Miscavige hated it, Hall claims:

    Steve’s consequent attempts to “de-cultify” Scientology’s image and create a positive future put him on a violent collision course with David Miscavige.

    Miscavige screams obscenities and assaults people and instead of observing the obvious, staff become specialists in justified thought, afraid to rock the boat.

    The few remaining staff who continue to defend Miscavige are classic cases of the ‘battered person syndrome’…

Hall claims that when he finally left the church in 2004 he was presented with a bill for $82,181 for the church’s services, which included a $3500 “life orientation course.”

Tommy Davis, pr chief for Scientology, dismissed Hall’s story. “This guy’s a lunatic,” Davis said. “He’s a sick guy.” Davis told BNET that Hall was merely a copywriter at the Church and was “dismissed” after behaving erratically. Hall’s exit from the church came after he sent a letter to another Scientologist in which Hall said the man’s dead wife was speaking through him, Davis said. Davis also said the $82,181 bill was cancelled and not pursued. “He has no credibility.”

Rediscover Scientology is run by “rebel Scientologists” who believe “the Church has drifted from its original humanitarian purpose laid down by LRH.”

Correction: The original headline on this story incorrectly referred to Hall as a marketing “chief.” Apologies for the error.
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For anyone still in the cult.
Here is an interesting read.
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                        The Scientology Bridge to Total Freedom

From an OT 8 !!!

$$Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom" is a horrible and deceptive

It should be called "THE PIER TO TOTAL FLOTSAM"


Scientology's Bridge is not that.

It does not have a far end that reaches anyplace.

I walked it right to the end (New OT8) and it does NOT lead
to Total Freedom. I had paid half a million dollars for bridge, not a

It was not a bridge at all but basically just a pier leading away from
the shores of real life, self-worth, success and love and out into the
stormy disturbed waters of cult dependency, financial ruin, oppression
by totalitarian beaurocracy and heartless abuse by injustices and
tyrannical whims.

I could not go further as there was no more road to walk. (Feb 1990).
The end of the OT road was a realisation (NEW OT 8 END PHENOMENON:"NOW
in fact that was the state I was in BEFORE spending $500,000 on the
cult's "Bridge".
I tried finding my own way forward (reading things from
non-Scientology subjects) that helped me know more about who I am, but
was forbidden to read them by Scientology's #2 executive (Marty
Rathbun) and given an ultimatum to stop reading and talking about the
"other" books or get expelled. I had paid for a bridge but the deed I
held was like a fake deed on purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge, except
that the Brooklyn Bridge is really a bridge! I could not go on and so
I "fell" off (their viewpoint on why I left).

In fact I was pushed off the end into the icy waters of
litigation against the fraud that was claiming it had sold me a

The mobsters of the criminal cult tried to affix two buckets of
official cement
to my ankles so I would be deep-sixed and disposed of "quietly and
without sorrow" (per Hubbard's instructions on gay people and all
others that dare to tell the world about the Scientology scam). The
cult attorneys of "Moxon and Kobrin" and hired goons used tax-exempt
dollars and funds destined to charitable purposes to enforce an
eventual bankruptcy on me (1999) by illegally solicited lawsuit
against me and an attempt to sabotage my US immigration application
(in addition to blackmail threats, PIs harassing my friends, sabotage
of my job, attacks on my attorney, loss of all my assets, home, car,
bank acounts, credit standing,....etc.....).

The immigration sabotage failed when my special attorney sued the INS
and won.

The rest of the sabotage did occur and it was only by a series of
miracles that I even survived it. I was eventually able to get washed
ashore and crawl up onto the edge of real life again (2000).

I guess I was a piece of the cult's "flotsam" for a while there.

Others who have also swum ashore somehow are posting here to
alt.religion.scientology. They got shoved off the criminal cult's
"Pier to Total Flotsam" too, probably when they started to see through
the fraud of the false promises. I salute their bravery for sticking
up for the truth and having the courage and sheer guts to continue to
tell about it.

Let's all enjoy the vast and glorious mainland of non-cult reality and
help to stop others from getting scammed and thrown overboard into the
ocean of Scientology's deceit and viciousness.

Love and warmest regards to all those who "Survived Scientology".

I will never "vote you off"

Michael. (Pattinson.)

I know first hand what they have been through.
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« Reply #25 on: February 19, 2010, 07:26:11 AM »

I think that is the best description of Scientology I've ever read.
Thanks for Posting.
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« Reply #26 on: February 19, 2010, 10:17:34 AM »

As I keep telling everyone - it's not a bridge - or a pier!

It's a damn roundabout!  You end right back where you started!  And everytime around when you go past "go" you pay $200!

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           Power FSM who got 40,000 people in, is OUT/ declares David Miscavige

                          Suppressive Person Declare Order     February 16th, 2010

David Miscavige, (hereby declared, former) COB of RTC;
Also known as the leader of the Church of Scientology
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« Reply #28 on: March 01, 2010, 07:41:57 AM »

                 New OT 8 leaves Scientology.

From Ex scientology message board.

Hello all. I have finally worked up the courage to make this first post. Take this first step. I have been lurking for several months as a guest on this and other boards. What finally brought me to the point of registering, after having read horror story after horror story of staff and public, was reading Feral’s and Ms. Pattycake’s stories. OMG. Many stories that I have read on this board and others have really touched me, but their stories actually caused me to take my first action and register so that I could participate, too. At least so that I could share my comments with others as I felt comfortable doing. I am slowly handling my “fear” considerations of what might happen if I “get caught.”

Just a brief introduction: I am a long time Scientologist, having taken my free personality test in November 1974 and getting started on the Comm Course right away. Once I had wins on the TRs, I felt it was the first time in my life I had actually communicated and been communicated to. I felt I was finally in present time. My life was wonderfully warm and fuzzy. I was so happy to have found this group of people. I will have to say that before I ever found Scientology, I already knew I was aware of being aware; I knew I was immortal; I had gone exterior many times before my introduction to Scientology under multiple different situations. On the TRs, I was introduced to a way I could actually communicate to another in the theta universe, even sometimes without speaking words in a telepathic manner. This was an ability I was already familiar with. I could feel a wonderful flow of communication, attention, admiration and theta. People liked me more and more; and I like them more and more. Even people at work and outside of Scientology liked me more than before and made that known to me. Before Scientology, people may have thought I was outgoing, but actually I was rather shy. I was now more in communication with my environment and others. This was good and was very encouraging and I felt I had found a new way of life. The grade chart pointed the way for me and Clear and OT was where I was headed.

Let me back up just a minute. Before Scientology, I was looking for something. Something more. I had graduated high school, gotten married to my high school sweetheart, gotten divorced, was a single person working day in and day out, goofing off evenings and weekends and I knew there had to be more to life than that. I was reading the Tao, B.F. Skinner, self-help books, the Bible, transcendental meditation, anything I could get my hands on to find out what more was available to me in life. There just HAD to be more than I could perceive at that moment. I felt I had found it in Scientology.

I joined staff a couple of months later on a 2 ½ year contract. It was wonderful and hard; I hated it and I loved it. I met my husband, we married and by the time I left staff 2 ½ years later I was 5 months pregnant. However, leaving proved to be very messy and I ended up being declared. Since I told someone I wasn’t going to re-sign when I was asked about it, but was going to leave, I got declared an SP based on the recently released HCO PL Leaving & Leaves. I experienced disconnection from all my newly made friends. Then, when I returned to the Church in the early 1980s, the MAA told me the SP declare was an injust action and it was rescinded. I got back on the Bridge after having done a set of lower conditions.

For the next 31 years I did training and auditing and eventually attested to New OTVIII. I was an FSM, VM and an OT Committee member. Then, I join staff again at a Class V org. My staff experience this time was not like it was for me in the 1970s. Something had drastically changed. It was hard and not pretty at all. The theta was mostly non-existent or came across as forced or false. I really couldn’t believe things had changed so drastically. In the 1970s, it was of the utmost importance for a person to get trained and audited; to actually go up the Bridge and training was very much pushed. Make auditors, get trained, be a Class VI. Even staff were trained and audited and went to do their OT levels. That did not seem to be the case with my recent staff experience. It was my perception that people were valuable as long as they had the money to contribute to the various entities, such as IAS, Super Power, Library Project, etc. Otherwise, they were kicked off to the side to fend for themselves, more or less. I personally did not witness the expansion spoken of in the recent international events I saw. It wasn’t happening at my org. I don’t know where it was happening, but not where I was. The org I joined back in the 1970s was huge. The org I had recently joined was small. I was very shocked. In the 30 intervening years what in the world had happened?! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I knew I was capable of helping. I was certain of it at the time I joined staff again, but that turned out to apparently not be the case either.

Over the years, I mostly kept my mouth shut concerning the changes I saw happening with the Golden Age of Tech, the new definition of FN, the way the 6-month sec checks were being audited, the solo NOTS auditors dropping off the level, revision of the Basic books, etc. It became clear that these were things not to be questioned or there would be trouble. As my dad used to say, “Yours is not to question why. Yours is but to do or die.” Then, there was the militaristic way of handling public, as well as staff, especially OTs. This was especially baffling because as we move up the Bridge to OT, we are to be more trusted, right? It was hard for me to reconcile what was being said to what was being done. Then there were the mandatory meetings, mandatory attendance at events, the incessant call-in activities, heavy ethics handlings, insistence to come up with more and more money. The knowledge reports I wrote on the situations I observed seemed to go nowhere and seemed to have no effect. I saw no changes as a result of having written them. I saw my Scientology friends having grave financial difficulties, declaring bankruptcy, losing their homes and businesses. These were people who had contributed many 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars to the Church. I witnessed them having to endure heavy ethics handlings because they had no money to donate, no money to continue auditing on the Bridge. This was heartbreaking to me to see so much upset being created by, of all things, my church. I noticed that one (including me) didn’t say much of anything when they were witness to a staff member being yelled at in the hallway or being manhandled. Sometimes I was just stunned into silence thinking that this is just not the way a church should operate; not the way a church should treat their parishioners or their staff. A church, of all things, should not operate like this. Especially MY church, the one which has the tech to handle case on the planet and clear everyone. But, because I was so focused on achieving my lifelong goal of being OT, I kept the blinders on and my nose to the grindstone and minded my own business. My eternity was at stake, as you know, as was the relationship with my family and friends.

Since I left staff, much has happened with my viewpoint about the Church of Scientology proper. One day a few months ago, I was doing an internet search for something and bumped into an article I knew I shouldn’t read about Scientology. But I did anyway. Then, I read another and another and another and have been educating myself since that time on what I haven’t been allowed to look at for 35 years. I am still adjusting my viewpoints to this new information and sifting through and evaluating the information now available to me. I haven’t fully formed an opinion of how I really feel about LRH or the technology as yet. Right now, I feel parts of the tech are valid, workable and valuable, and will and do help mankind if applied per LRH. Other parts I have not made a decision about thus far. However, as far as Church management and the direction that has taken, I have experienced the bad effects of that from inside Class V org staff. I did not like what I saw and had to experience. I felt that it was very destructive of staff, public and the church. The destruction far outweighed the construction and I see the result now of an apparently crumbling church. I never, ever thought I would witness this in my lifetime. I never, ever thought I would feel about the church as I have come to feel now.

Once I realized that my viewpoint had changed, I knew, as a matter of personal integrity and truth, that I had to somehow speak to my closest family members about it. I started by gently speaking to each of them in a test communication cycle to see if I could find out where they stood regarding the church, the tech, LRH and what is currently happening with the church in the news. I knew there was something there preventing complete communication with me and I wondered if somehow this could be it. To my utter amazement, I discovered all three had been withholding themselves and their communication from me about this for fear they would have to disconnect from me if they communicated how they really felt! One had been withholding communication about this for as long as 14 years, another longer than that and another for a whole year. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. How happy and relieved I am to have regained the communication with them that I had been missing. It is a wonderful feeling to have my family back.

I cannot deny the gains I have experienced on my Bridge. I do not regret having done the Bridge that I have done. One of my friends, a Scientologist for longer than me, has disavowed the Church and the tech. I am not of that mind. Some are. As I said, I am relatively new to this research but I know what I know and know what the tech has done for me. And what it has not done for me.

This introduction has not been as brief as I had originally envisioned. I am happy to make my introduction to you, nonetheless, and hope to hear from you, too. I appreciate you being here and sharing your stories. It is valuable.

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« Reply #29 on: March 03, 2010, 07:37:27 PM »

Story of my Scientology life
Hey everybody. here's my story. In a clamshell... :D

I was born into Scientology, and raised as such. Never really had a choice, and never knew differently. I went to Delphi Academy in (at the time) La Canada, California. Not a Scientology school my ass. I guess they could argue that 'the study technology' isn't Scientology, but being forced to do 'ethics conditions' when you were in trouble definitely is. And doing TRs? Right. No Scientology here folks, move along.

So, I was constantly in trouble in school, for generally breaking the rules, blah blah.Kicked out once, suspended a few times. When I was 16 I was recruited by Bridge. I hated being in school. Having been brainwashed my entire life, I thought that joining the Sea Org would be the best thing I could do with my life. I would be helping people! Yippiee!! It disgusts me now thinking back to how my parents would let me do that. No 16 year-old fully understands the seriousness a decision like that carries. A bajillion year contract? Sure! Where do I sign? Feed me more BS please, the brainwashing of Delphi has obviously worked.

I left school, got my GED, and began my short Sea Org life. I was recrutied by BPI, but ended up, at first, working for the 'Events' part of CLO/WUS (Continental Liason Office, Western United States). I then was moved over to BPI. Me and willhaven720 knew eachother back then. We weren't best friends or anything, but we knew eachother. Different circles. He was the book sales master, and I was the 'Deputy Shipping Officer', which meant I put books into boxes and called UPS to pick them up. You see, I ended up working out in BPI's warehouse in the city of Commerce, California. I shipped the books that Will sold. lol.

I loved it out there. there were only like 5-6 of us, we could listen to music all day, and it was honestly fun. I got to drive forklifts around corners as fast as I could go, etc. That part was awesome. other than that, my life sucked.

I ended up 'dating' (if you could even call it that. you don't really date in the Sea Org ). Then, bum bum bum buuuuummmm....we 'went out 2D'. We knew we'd be kicked out or RPF'ed, of course. Subconsiously, I think that was pretty much the plan. An 'easy' way out. Long story short, i chose to get the boot rather than be a mindless slave on the RPF. I don't need to go into the details, you've all heard them before from other people. typical guilt trips, you suck, 10billion questions, etc.

So, I went back to live at home. My parents were totally cool about it from what I remember. I would go to Delphi afterwards to hang out with my friends when they got out of school. Lol. The Sea Org didn't like that. The daughter of the lady in charge of delphi at the time was in the Sea Org. I think she was in CMO. She told her mom, the headmaster of Delphi, that I was an SP and a DB, and under no circumstances should I be allowed on Delphi's campus. See, they didn't want to send their recruiters there after school (which is how they got me) if there was a 'freeloading ex-SO member there'. lol. This was back when my mom actually understood the value of family over the Co$. Not the same now, which you'll read about soon enough.

That was 11 years ago.

Now I'm all growed up, and no longer blind. That being said, I am in a pretty interesting situation. lol. I'm no longer a Scilon, of course, BUT I do work at a company where maybe 1/3 of the people are. Well, they SAY they are (not to the 'normal' employees though), but only 1 or 2 of them are actually active/on course. A few of us are ex-SO, but i'm pretty much the only anti. My sister and her husband work here, and both call themselves scientologists, even though they don't do any courses or anything. Nobody here really feels the way I do though, so i never bring anything up. I don't need any fucking drama in the workplace. Most people here are cool, and i really don't have anything against them. Scientologists or not, they are my friends. I've known some of then since we were little kids. What's funny to me is that scientologists in general don't bother me. i just feel sorry for them. I fucking hate the Co$, but the 'regular' members are just blind, harmless sheep.

Ok now, here's the nitty gritty. My dad, an OT7, was declared an SP a few years ago. I haven't seen or heard from him in about a year and a half. Allegedly, he was doing 'squirrely' shit, by auditing himself when he wasn't supposed to or something. He also supposedly cheated on my mom. Then, the rumor I heard from my wife, who heard it from my cousin, is that he also supposedly brought a hooker back to the house when my mom was at work, or something like that? I don't know. I know my dad, and that seems a little out there. Seems like some fairy tale shit to me. you black pr/fair game bs. Pretty sure none of that really constitutes labeling someone as completey evil, worthless, piece of dirt.

Here's how that situation went down...

A few years ago, my mom calls me to tell me she needs to have dinner with me and my sister, it's important, blah blah. At the time, my dad was at Flag, spending God only knows how much money. i think he had been there for a few months, doing a 6 month check or something. I dunno. Ok, so we go to dinner.

As soon as we order, my mom says something along the lines of "ok, there's no easy way to say this, so i'll just say it". i'm thinking, ok, bankruptcy. had to be that. my parent's marriage had been great (to my knowledge). My sister and i look at eachother in wonder.

"Your father and I are getting a divorce. He's being declared an SP.."

Huh? What the fuck? MY dad? No, that can't be. At this time our food shows up. Perfect. Not fucking hungry now.

So, I don't say anything at first. My sister starts asking questions, etc. My mom tells us that he cheated on her, it's not important who with, and he was doing some sort of unauthorized self auditing, etc. After her making excuses for why the Co$ was right, she asks me if i want to say/ask anything. "No. You really don't want to hear what I have to say, Mom. Trust me."

So, as the months go by, there is no declare yet. I think the total time it took was like 3-7 months. My memory regarding time really sucks so I'm really not sure, but i think it was something like that. My mom and dad are 'working things out'. She says she loves him, blah blah blah, and that since there is nothing in writing, they aren't disconnecting yet. She wants to stay married, etc. He finds his own place to live, which is literally 2 streets away from her place. He knows the order is coming, so he's not waiting until the last minute. Still, they both want to work things out. So my mom says. During all this, I'm not worried, cause i'm not a Scilon anymore, and the declare won't effect me at all. lol. Right.

Ok, so finally, after months of waiting, the order comes. Honestly, I really don't understand why it's taken so long. It's a fucking piece of paper, not a book. Whatever. So my mom, and sister and I go down to PAC to read the declare. Let me tell you, after years of being out, walking into that place is fucking weird as hell. Seeing all the plastered on smiles and empty eyes. Creepy to say the least.

So we're waiting, and finally some dude, Julian something or another, comes up and says he's ready for us. at that exact moment, my dad calls my mom on her cell. he has no idea we are there, and what we are about to read. remember, he has his own place now, so he's out of the loop. my mom, in the bitchiest voice she can muster up, says 'i can't talk to you anymore. ever. bye.' and hangs up. I look at her with a raised eyebrow "really mom? was that necessary? you could have just muted the ringer". No response.

So we sit down in 'Julian's' office. I read the order, which is just a generalized order, saying he was out 2d and somthing about doing squirrel shit. Julian asks if we have any questions.

'Ok julian, so my dad, who's spent his ENTIRE LIFE as a $cientologist, since he was 5 or so, is now an SP. Cool. Can you explain to me how him cheating on my mom and 'auditing himself without permission' makes him a complete piece of garbage, evil person? How does that work out? I mean, he's not a murderer or anything".

As expected, no good answer. It doesn't really matter to me though, i'm not going to 'disconnect'.

"Nothing wrong with me not disconnecting, is there? I mean, you guys aren't going to declare me and make the rest of my family disconnect from me too, are you? Oh, yeah. I'm not a scientologist. Never will be again."

"No, we can't tell you what to do, you aren't a member" blah blah. Typical 'tell you what you want to hear' BS.

So, a few months go by, and I am still in contact with my dad. I don't tell my mom how he's doing, or anything about him, because i don't want to do anything malicious or anything. whatever. That's when the fun starts.

She tells me that I need to disconnect from him. I say 'No, I don't. Your church can't tell me what to do'. Long story short, she says the reason is that I'm family, and an ex-Scio. Even though her neighbors were still having dinner with my dad and talk to him all the time, as does she, since i'm family and a previously brainwashed Scilon, it's different. Riiiiight. I tell her, "sorry, doesn't make sense. I'm not following some dumb rule that your church puts out".

Her response? "Well then i'll need to disconnect from you, and so will your sister. And I don't know how that will affect your job". You know, since I work with some $cientologists (my sister and her husband included).

"Ok mom. Now you are going to threaten my job, which in turn fucks with my whole life? That's fucked up. What is my boss going to do, fire me? He'd be facing a huge lawsuit, you know that. Tell your church I said to fuck off. Sorry.'

A Couple of weeks go by.

"You need to disconnect from your dad, because if i'm in contact with you, and you with him, then i can't go up the bridge" she tells me.

"Well mom, that's just shitty for you. Have fun not talking to me then, because I'm not going to disconnect from dad. He fucked up. I get that. What, am I supposed to now just ignore him and leave him alone? He has nobody. NOBODY. All of his friends were $cientologists. He has nobody now. only the people he works with. That's it. If you need to disconnect, then do it. your loss. I find it pretty fucking twisted that you put more value on your church than you do on your own son, not to mention your grandkids and YOUR HUSBAND OF 26 YEARS."

She tells me shes not choosing the church, but chosing her own spiritual freedom. I laughed.

"Spiritual freedom? Show me one $cientologist that is free! How many OT's do you know that died from cancer? i can name almost 10! " etc. etc.

Another week or 2.

"Your dad can't do his steps he needs to do in order to get back in with the church if he is in contact with you" is the latest. Even though he talks to his brother, who is an ex-scientologist. their mom, is an OT5 or 6, in her 80's, is a founding member of the church. she doesn't talk to my dad, but she talks to her other son (my dad's brother) who in turn, is talking to him. Essentially the same type of connection, right? I think i made that make sense. lol.

So now, this is the tactic they use against my dad. He can't do what he needs to do if he is in contact with me. He, of course, wants to get back in with them, since it's all he knows. It's also the only way he sees now to be able to be in contact with us in the future. This includes my 2 sisters, all of his grandkids, my mom, and all of his former friends. So, of course, he breaks ties with me. I haven't seen or heard from him at all since then.

That all went down just before Christmas a few years ago. On Christmas Eve, being the good, loving family that we are, my wife and I bought a little mini xmas tree, and decorated it. We cooked up a big Christmas dinner, and brought that with the tree, presents and cards over to the house he was living in. Now, this house had a gate at the bottom of the driveway, so i couldn't bring it up to him. we set it all up just outside the gate. I blocked my number and called him. when he answered and found out it was me, he said he couldn't talk, and he's really sorry. Before he could hang up, I said "I know dad. I know. Just do this one thing. go to the bottom of your driveway and get your christmas present. I won't be there or anything. don't worry. Just get it before somebody steals it. I love you, dad. merry Christmas." and I hung up.

We sat in my car just around the corner, and watched him come down the driveway. We watched him read the cards that we left him, and the look at the pictures my kids drew for him. He stood there for a few minutes just holding them. All alone.

He has since moved, and I don't know where too. All I have is his email address. He doesn't answer emails I send. He's scared that will fuck up his chances with the Co$. No answer at all. Not even to the "Hey dad, it's me. Jjust letting you know me, the wife and kids are ok. Let me know if you are doing ok. Even if your reply is just a smiley face, or a 'all is good' email. We love you". No responses. I'm assuming I would know if something happened to him. I do know I'm listed as an emergency contact, etc. at his office, and wherever else.

So much for Tommy Davis' public denial of Scientology having/enforcing a disconnection policy. Fuck you tommy davis. lying bastard. I've seen the policy. i don't remember what HCO/PL it was in, but it's the most general fucking vague thing I've read. And if my memory serves me right, it's only like a paragraph i think.

Needless to say, I am still in contact with my mom, every now and then. I have kids, and I'm not going to keep them from seeing their grandmother. I don't believe in tearing families apart.

Last time she was over at my house, she mentioned trying to have the church clear up my freeloader debt. Hahah. Yea right. "You mean the money they say I owe them for the courses i was REQUIRED to take? Oh, not to mention the fact that i was a minor. Doesn't effect me any, either way, mom. Have fun". Pretty sure she only wants to do it because they are telling her to. 'it will help her move up the bridge'. Meh.

Oh yea, I remember one time i was talking to her and she brought up wanting me to get back into Scientology. Fucking $cientologists. Jesus. Really? After all this? lol. I tell her "No, never going to happen. Why would you try to even talk to me about that?"

Her response is "You're an EMT. If you told one of your patients that you could save them if they'd let you do a certain procedure, or give them a medicine, and they still said no, you would still try to convince them, right? I mean, you'd seen it work. you know it works. that's how i feel right now. Scientology works".

"Mom, don't even compare the two. That's ridiculous. Comparing emergency medicine and lifesaving techinques to a fucking 'religion' that you honestly can't show me any proof of actually doing anything is seriously stupid. I'm not even having this conversation.'

Sigh. Anyways, that's part/most of my story. Thanks for reading. :) I'll try to add more as it comes to me.
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