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Author Topic: Translation Required Please - does anyone understand "Utter Bollocks"?  (Read 1258 times)
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« on: July 17, 2009, 08:37:08 AM »

Actually it could be that other foreign language "Complete Gibberish"!

"...Well, let me tell you a little story. This isn't just a story. One
the Fifth Invader Force, an officer, came down here to take a survey,
and this is very adventurous. And in order to take a decent survey of
the place - of course, you understand the Fifth Invader Force officer
carries a doll. They don't carry bodies, they carry dolls. Their
identification is a doll. It's a very little, flimsy, mechanical
that you can make talk and walk and so forth. They're cute, they're
about a meter tall, they're very light. Therefore, you don't need, you
see - you don't use oxygen in saucers. And all of this stuff in
fiction is just rococo. Boy, it's rococo beyond rococo. It's just
beyond simplicity. You have this little doll, and the thetan energy
a fellow puts out is quite sufficient to monitor the control
in the back of the doll, that's all. I mean, simple. And he tunes it
he's got his wavelength tuned to it and so on and it's - he can walk
around and ...

He has, at the same time - in installations, he has what you would
classify as human beings. I mean, there are people in bodies who are
doing work in various installations out through the system. Bodies

But I'm talking about officers, they're a pretty high order of thetan.
So, here's a doll. He's monitoring this doll.

And he parked his doll and picked up one of the persons connected with
the ruling house of Hapsburg and went on a survey of the domain, and
took notes on it. And unfortunately, he didn't have any foggy notion
how violently this particular prince was hated. And this prince was
assassinated. And before this officer could disconnect and so forth,
thetan charge which suddenly sprung up in the assassinated prince,
KABOOM!, was sufficient to overwhelm and overpower this officer
momentarily, and he went through the screen.

I'm telling you this because it's an average story, not a spectacular
story, not because it's different, but because it's the same.

And he went through the screen, KABOOM! And he landed on an
installation - well, about a few hundred miles north of the equator
(what you would consider north, just trying to translate the words and
directions) on Mars. Boom! He went through. And the Martians "Oh, boy!
What have we got here? Ha Ha! Wonderful, Wonderful! A high volume
thetan! He must be a space officer from some place or other."

So, they took a couple of standards, put them down at the foot of the
cell and so forth, because they have a good identification through a
body in pawn and so forth, and they decided they were going to use him
back here against Earth. He wouldn't transport! So they just threw him
in the clink, you might say, and kept him there. Just kept him there
kept him there an kept him there and kept him there.

And one fine day he took the body in pawn and threw it through the
guard screen and blew it up - was able to do this - and himself got
on the back-concussion, you see, of this explosion, and went out.

He went back down to a station we'll call "X" and said, "Where have I
been for the last twenty-seven years! Hmph!" Something of - on the
order, "You should ask!" And he wrote out a chit, and they got a
of cruisers and they put together a few commando forces and they took
that installation to pieces - but thoroughly to pieces. And they took
what Martians were in that installation and so forth, and put them in
cans. As far as anybody knows, they're still up there. But blew this
thing practically off the face of the map. Most Martian stations are
much tougher than this to crack.

That's an incident of the tiniest character in a person operating ...
Now, I'm telling you that incident because it's a fairly modern
in the last few hundred years.

All right. Now, as I say, this sounds science-fictiony. Well, don't
let it sound science-fictiony to you, because the truth be told, it's
not science fiction. In the first place, it's not fiction, and it
isn't very closely resembling what you read and call science fiction.
Science fiction is just a very chimerical sort of a picture of it.
is wild. There aren't any writers down here and there's no audience
here that could take real stuff about space. It's wild!"

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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2009, 09:22:23 AM »

This one was Hubbard`s free ticket to the Laughing Academy.

No wonder Hubbard wanted to stop Psychiatry.
He wanted to stop them before they stopped him.

Medication time "Doctor" Hubbard.

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