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The CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know about Tom Cruise’s Lobbying for Scientologists

I'm mostly amused by Steven Aftergood's report that the CIA refuses to release the PDB-related materials introduced at Scooter Libby's trial.

    Even though certain information concerning the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) was redacted and declassified for use in the prosecution of former vice presidential aide Scooter Libby in 2006, that same information is nonetheless “currently and properly classified,” the Central Intelligence Agency said (pdf) last week.  The Agency denied release of the material under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The existence of the declassified PDB material was disclosed in a January 9, 2006 letter (pdf) from Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald to Mr. Libby’s attorney.  He wrote:  “In response to our requests, we have received [from CIA] a very discrete amount of material relating to PDBs and discussions involving Mr. Libby and/or Vice President Cheney concerning or relating to the PDBs.  We have provided to Mr. Libby and his counsel (or are in the process of providing such documents consistent with the process of a declassification review) copies of any pages in our possession… in the redacted form in which we received them.”

    Since declassified PDBs are comparatively rare, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request in February 2006 for a copy of the PDB-related material that was declassified by CIA for the Libby prosecution.  Last week, the CIA responded that it had located the requested material but that “we determined [it] is currently and properly classified and must be denied in its entirety.”

As Aftergood notes, two of the PDB-related tables of contents were introduced at the trial--Libby's briefing for June 14, 2003, and Cheney's briefing for July 14, 2003. Those tables of contents are prominently stamped "unclassified," but they're entirely redacted except for a few logistical notes and Libby briefer Craig Schmall's notes from those briefings, which are:

    * Why was the Amb told this was a VP office question? Joe Wilson Valerie Wilson (June 14)
    * Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz at his office. (June 14)
    * Sensitive memo from DDCI] RETURN (June 14)
    * Senior intel official: someone in the sessions spoke directly to the press > press is calling Scooter directly -- he asked who he spoke to directly (June 14)
    * Did you read the Novak article? Not your problem. (July 14)

For some reason, the CIA refused to release these two highly-redacted PDB-related documents. I guess they don't want you to know that these top-secret briefing sessions include discussions of the private meetings that Scientologists get with the Vice President's Chief of Staff (Cruise and Cruz were lobbying Libby--as they had lobbied Ricard Armitage that same week--to pressure Germany about its treatment of Scientologists). Our culture of secrecy is protecting some really important secrets, I guess.

That said, just to piss off the CIA, here's what--according to Schmall's testimony--the June 14 PDB contained, in general form, along with the daily threat assessment. Libby lawyer and graymail artist John Cline led Schmall through this list in an attempt to introduce the memory defense without having to put Libby on the stand.

    Q   I want to take you through those topics and see if you can recall briefing Mr. Libby about them on that Saturday June 14th.  Now, all I want you to do, in answer to my question, is say yes, you recall or no, you don't recall.  I don't want you to expand, okay?
    A   Okay.  Recall briefing it on that day, sir, correct?
    Q   That's correct.  Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby on Saturday, June 14th, about a bomb that had been diffused near a western residential compound in Yemen?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about the police arresting an individual responsible for a terrorist bombing in a country that I can't identify?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about nearly simultaneous explosions in the capitol of a country?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about an East African extremist network?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about information on a possible Al-Qaeda attack in the United States?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about a concern involving a specific vulnerability to terrorist attacks?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about a proposed Middle East security plan?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby about a country's security measures hampering Al-Qaeda's activities?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   How about an international organization's position concerning a country's nuclear program, do you recall briefing him on Saturday, June 14th?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   How about briefing Mr. Libby on the, that Iraq's porous borders present a security threat?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   How about violent demonstrations in Iran?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   Do you recall that you gave Mr. Libby briefings on a total of 27 items that day?
    A   I'm not aware of how many items were briefed that day.
    Q   Did you review the unredacted table of contents before you came over to testify?
    A   Yes, I had seen them before.
    Q   And based on your review of that unredacted table of contents, are you able to confirm for us that there were 27 items that you briefed Mr. Libby on that day?
    A   No, sir.  I really didn't pay that much attention to these specific items in the briefings.
    Q   You mean in preparing for your testimony?
    A   Yes, sir.
    Q   At the time you paid close attention?
    A   Absolutely, sir.
    Q   Because you knew this was very important stuff, right?
    A   Yes, sir.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby on June 14th on the challenge posed by Palestinian terrorist groups to improving relations between the Palestinian authorities and Israel?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   Do you recall that Mr. Libby requested that several items from the June 14, 2003, list, several of these articles that you gave him, be returned to him on June 16th?
    A   I don't recall that specifically.
    Q   That did happen from time to time, correct?
    A   Yes, sir.
    Q   You just don't recall what happened on this day?
    A   Not on June 14, no, sir.
    Q   Now, I've asked you about some of the inteligence articles that you briefed Mr. Libby about on Saturday, June 14th.  You don't recall any of them; right?
    A   That's correct, sir.
    Q   Now, I'm going to ask you about some of the items on that list of terrorist threats that we talked about before but can't name.  Are you familiar with what I'm talking about?
    A   Yes, sir.
    Q   Do you remember briefing Mr. Libby on Saturday, June 14, about the concern over possible suicide operations to highjacked aircraft at Al-Qaeda International Airport by a terrorist group with links to Al-Qaeda?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby on Saturday, June 14th, about a concern about terrorists providing support to a planned terrorist operation or business transaction by Al-Qaeda?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you remember briefing Mr. Libby on Saturday, June 14th, about potential suicide attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq by a terrorist group?
    A   No, sir.
    Q   Do you recall briefing Mr. Libby on Saturday, June 14th, about potential terrorist attacks at unspecified times against the U.S. Embassy and the British High Commission in Kenya?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   Do you recall, Mr. Schmall, that there were 11 pages of terrorist threats in that list that you gave him that day, Saturday, June 14th?
    A   It's not clear.  I'm not sure whether I actually gave it to him that day.  It wasn't listed on my table of contents. And there came a time when frankly we stopped putting that compilation in the briefing books.
    Q   I understand.  If it has been represented to us by the Agency that this was presented to him that day, would you agree with me that those items were in there or do you not recall?
    A   I don't recall, sir.
    Q   I take it you don't recall briefing Mr. Libby that an unspecified group was observed videotaping facilities near a U.S. university on Saturday, June 14th?
    A   No, sir, I don't.
    Q   That list of items that I've just run down for you, both the articles and the terrorist threats, I understand you don't recall anything that happened on June 14th in terms of what you briefed Mr. Libby on, correct?
    A   Yes, sir.
    Q   I gather, though, that those types of items, putting aside the question of when you stopped presenting the list of the terrorist items, those are the kinds of items that would be briefed to Mr. Libby six days a week, correct?
    A   Yes, sir.

There. I've just exposed highly classified PDB-related materials the CIA says cannot be released. Pretty impressive huh?

(I think admitting that our top CIA briefers are wasting time talking about Scientologists might be an even greater threat than releasing the information in the actual briefing document.)
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« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2009, 09:12:36 AM »

                                New site for ex scientologists
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« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2009, 01:48:36 PM »

                                Scientology Attacks!
Mon, 2009-07-20 01:36 — gargy

OK, so that really isn't news. The Church of Scientology always attacks, has always attacked and, for as long as they can, will always attack. Since this is mandated by L. Ron Hubbard, they just have to do it.

So what?

Well, things are changing.

First, the attacks are much more narrow. David Miscavige has directed that the broad attacks cease and that his henchmen focus on major media and those individuals who have the greatest potential for damaging the church. Why? Because he is running out of money and, more importantly, personnel. He can no longer support the broad attacks of the past.
While this means the general critic community is seeing fewer attacks, it, unfortunately, means that a few major figures are seeing more.

Second, the attacks are becoming more vicious. It did appear that Miscavige had realized how his ill-conceived and poorly executed attacks were more damaging to the church than to his "enemies" -- and had started easing up on his criminal attacks. However, recent times have proven that, once again, Miscavige didn't learn at all.

And, once again, his attacks are, indeed, seriously damaging the church.

Attacking the media

As is standard Hubbard policy, Scientology has continued to attack any news outlet that dares report the truth about the Church of Scientology.
But things are different now. The news media isn't backing down out of fear anymore. They are reporting the attacks. And the attacks by Scientology are causing the news outlets to expand their exposés, dig deeper and report even more about the lies, crimes and threats by the Church of Scientology.
Only Scientology would think that viciously attacking news media outlets would result in positive articles.

Attacking big names

There are people who are no longer in Scientology who were very big names in the church, and who have never spoken out against Scientology -- but who are being viciously attacked by the church.

They are being attacked because, if they ever did speak out about what they know, the results would be devastating to Miscavige's church.

These big names do not wish to speak out and criticize anyone. They have many friends who are still in and do not wish to harm them. If left alone to get on with their lives, they would remain silent. But the Church of Scientology continues to viciously attack them, and continues to work very hard to control and destroy their lives.

Don't look for logic here, neither Scientology nor Miscavige are capable of thinking logically.

Only Miscavige would think that viciously attacking these people, who have done nothing, is the right thing to do. Eventually and inevitably Miscavige's attacks will result in exactly what he fears most.
(Private message to big names: While I respect your desire to not hurt your friends, you do have all the power, Miscavige has none. Please, write up everything you know, give it to a lawyer and then demand Miscavige stop all attacks against you and your family -- or you will release it. You have the power, please use it.)

Attacking critics

While the broad attacks by Scientology have abated, the focused attacks against prominent critics have increased.

But the reaction is different now.

The church's illegal activities, hacking, lies and attacks are being carefully documented. They are being reported. They are being investigated.

Before, police, government agencies and corporations couldn't believe that a church would do such things. But now they know it is true. They now know that the Church of Scientology does lie, does commit crimes, and these organizations are more than willing to investigate and report. We hope that, soon, there will be more criminal prosecutions.

Times have changed. And it is the Church of Scientology itself, that has caused these changes. By continuing, robotically, to attack and attack and attack "by any means possible", they have created a world-wide backlash and a broad awareness of how vicious and criminal they really are.

They have no one to blame but themselves.
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« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2009, 12:42:34 PM »

              Scientology’s Freewinds Cruise Ship Continues To Pollute Bonaire
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« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2009, 04:46:30 PM »

          Scientologists behind Jackson’s marriage to Lisa Marie: book
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« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2009, 08:12:57 AM »

                          What ever happened to ...

1. Jenny Linson is the daughter of Art Linson. She also was married to Tom Devocht. And yes, Art is a movie producer and produced Fight Club and a host of other great movies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Heat, Lords of Dogtown etc.

2. Pictures of SP hall people are old Only pic in the bunch which seems at all current is one of Angie Blankenship. She is in her mid 30's. (she is semi hot IRL) All other pix look top be old and were done at least 10 years ago as part of picture that were done for entire base. I have a picture against that same backdrop from years ago! They all would look like they were in their 60's at least and Angie would have split ends and bags under here eyes from David Miscavige's constant torture.

Fun facts about SP Hall People -

a. Dave Bloomberg's wife divorced him in order to stay in RTC. No one in RTC was allowed to be married to anybody outside of RTC for fear of infiltration and leaks. (All of RTC had to watch the movies Internal Affairs and No Way Out several times as well.)

b. Marc Yager's wife divorced him when Davis Miscavige told her that she was married to an SP and if she stayed married she would be an SP too. At least she got the car.

c. Mark Ingber's wife has been battling cancer for years and almost died due to mistreatment. Mark Ingber has been getting in trouble with David Miscavige for at least 15 years nonstop.

d. Norman Starkey's wife never gets to see him as she works directly for Dave Miscavige and since Norman is an SP, she has to be a hard ass with him when they do meet up and they are both miserable.

e. Ray Mithoff has been an SP for the longest at the Int Base and has been being treated like a dog for so long, Clifford is his hero. He can only wish that he was big enough to pop and squat and bury DM in a steamy pile of SP.

f. Greg Wilhere divorced his last wife Sandy to get the younger bustier Sue as his wife. Sandy then got MS and was moved to PAC so she could die off the Int Base. Greg's son Darius Wilhere was offloaded from the Int Base and moved to a Sea Org installation in Mexico where he was in a car accident and died. He was revived 11 minutes later by paramedics (where the hell was Tom Cruise) and is currently living in Mexico in constant pain due to sever back injuries and face lacerations. (Greg is also the guy that found Katie Holmes for Tom Cruise)

g. Angie Blankenship was a hot shit executive at Flag before arriving to the Int Base in 2003. It took her only a matter of months to become one of the Int Base SPs. Now she has a long celibate future to look forward to or she could marry one of the other old guys in the picture.

h. Guiliume Leserve has been ED Int for years. He cannot take a breath without David Miscavige telling him how he did it wrong. His wife Vanella was offloaded from the Int base years ago and lives in Europe. His children were also offloaded from the Int Base and not only never see him, but don't think they will ever again. He does not write them or call and has not been part of their life at all.

i. Lyman Spurlock has had to put up with David Miscavige's bullshit for years and is one of the few people at the Int Base that has mouthed off to him on occasion. Lyman just likes to be able to spend a few minutes with his wife Carol every once in awhile and the last time they had a few days off with each other was over 20 years ago.

j. Russ Bellin was brought to the Int Base by David Miscavige after Russ had overseen the building of the underground vaults in California and New Mexico. Russ's wife is still posted at CST and he rarely if ever sees her due to him being locked up at the Int Base as an INT SP.

So if you wondering why they are so happy in the pictures, it is the things above that fill them with overwhelming happiness! (Or they know David Miscavige is about to have a cell mate named Bubba.)

3. They love to add up years and say how much experience people have combined. "470 years of lying and cheating." These same people have over 100 years combined experience at being designated "Suppressive Persons" by David Miscavige! That is over 700 in SP dog years.

4. Stats are total bullshit and in most cases unverifiable. They say that stats doubled or tripled in effort to leave out the numbers so that they cannot be verified. They used to show the numbers and people started to catch on that the stats were going down not up, so they stopped doing that. Also doubling a stat is a easyt thing to fudge. You have one guy start a course last year. You get the same guy and his friend to start a course this year and they might not even finish or join anonymous a week later and you still have DOUBLE the course starts as last year! Hurray!!!

Until next time...

photos on this thread.
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« Reply #6 on: August 06, 2009, 10:00:47 AM »

             EXCLUSIVE: Will and Jada Fire Head of Their School

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have fired the head of their controversial private school The New Village Leadership Academy, has learned exclusively.

Jacqueline Olivier - the woman the famous husband and wife enlisted to set up their Calabasas campus - was axed from her $200,000 a year position via a telephone call from the Matrix actress.

"Jada phoned Jaqueline and told her that they had 'decided to go in another direction' with the school,” an insider told “As head of the campus her position was becoming untenable as she did not agree with Study Tech and felt uncomfortable with it.” Olivier “thrashed-out” a severance package with the couple and “it’s understood that she signed a confidentiality agreement with regard to her time at the school.”

Calls to Olivier were not immediately returned but it is understood that she has taken-up another position within the educational recruitment field.

The school head and the superstar couple were said to have clashed about the school's mysterious Study Tech curriculum which was devised by Scientologist founder Ron L. Hubbard. While the school’s official website simply reads “Coming Soon!” under Head of School, has learned that Piano Foster is the new woman tapped for the role.

"They have appointed somebody else who is more 'in-line' with their thinking as to how the school should be run," the source added.

When contacted by, Foster confirmed: "I officially took over on July 1, 2009, and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I've been working in education for the past 20 years at various public and charter schools so I feel I'm ready for the job."
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« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2009, 04:34:18 PM »

                            The battle for East Grinstead

Dithering, stitch-up and dismay within the Government over how to treat the challenge of Scientology emerges from the confidential papers.

L. Ron Hubbard’s choice of East Grinstead as the headquarters of his religion made the West Sussex town a Jerusalem for a certain kind of adherent in the 1960s.

Kenneth Robinson, as Health Minister, in 1968 banned followers from entering Britain to study or teach Scientology, which was accused of exploiting the vulnerable. His successor, Richard Crossman, thought the ban excessive and commissioned a report by Sir John Foster, QC, a Conservative MP, who recommended letting them return.

It now emerges that the exercise was a sham. Sir Keith Joseph, as Health Secretary in the early 1970s, had a quiet word with the author, then wrote in confidence: “Sir J Foster would say PRIVATELY that he was appointed to provide an excuse for my predecessor to reverse his predecessor’s decision to ban entry.” When the Scientologists sued the Government for libel, Whitehall sought proof they were dangerous. In 1976, one health official wrote that the evidence could lead to “a public outcry against the sect and a demand for further action against it”.

Young, mentally ill people had gone to East Grinstead for treatment and had complete breakdowns. A woman who paid £300 was found living in a forest.

The ban remained in place until 1980, but last night the Church of Scientology described the claims as ridiculous and said that police repeatedly found the allegations in the Government’s papers to be “completely false”.
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« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2009, 08:23:19 AM »

 Village Voice covers Paul Grosswald talk
Scientology Escapee Tells Skeptics' Group How It's Done
By Candice M. Giove in Events, Featured, Scientology
Monday, Aug. 17 2009 @ 7:30AM

Photos by Candice M. Giove.

Gathered in a room at the New York Public Library Jefferson Market Branch at the Avenue of the Americas and West 10th Street a group listening to an ex-Scientologist evaluated their traits.

Bright? Of course. Curious about the world around me? Sure. Idealistic? Sometimes. Like being the recipient of a compliment? Who doesn't? Take risks? From time to time.

So when Paul Grosswald, a former Scientologist-turned-anti-cult-lecturer, instructed those who checked off at least three of the nine general statements on a handout to raise their hands, everyone's digits reached towards the ceiling.

"You are exactly the type of people that cult recruiters are looking for," he said -- which, of course, elicited a peal of laughter since New York City Skeptics, a group of local critical thinkers, was hosting the event last Saturday.

Intellectual or not, Grosswald believes that anyone could be susceptible to cult recruitment. Stereotypes play less of a role in a cult catch than a recruiter striking during one of life's trying times. A book for Scientology recruiters he brought along instructed those in the field to find a person's "ruin." It included a chart of common problems and Scientology courses, films and books as remedies.

"Nobody leads a charmed life," he said. "We all go through points in our life when we're vulnerable."

In 1989 the Church of Scientology took advantage of Grosswald's teenage troubles. Lured in by a personality evaluation, Grosswald dedicated six months of his life to the cult and dropped out of college to join the Sea Organization. His quick-acting parents intervened before he embedded further into the group.

After his departure from Scientology and now with decades of hindsight, Grosswald spends time speaking out against their practices and those of other cults that perform mind control to keep members believing. During his short time as a Scientologist, Grosswald said they swayed his thinking through hypnotic activities like auditing.

The Church of Scientology, and other cults like the Unification Church, he said, conquered thoughts in the ways psychiatrist Robert Jay Laftin's outlined in his book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A study of brainwashing in China. Laftin's "Eight Marks of a Mind-Control Cult" include placing people in the organization's environment, creating mystical illusions, demanding purity, making people confess, implanting the idea that their way of thinking is superior, communicating with jargon, making the mission more important than any individual, and establishing the idea that outsiders have no right to exist.

Grosswald hopes that spreading this knowledge will prevent people from getting suckered into joining dangerous cult groups. His tell-tale signs may be helpful, since nobody would approach you on the street asking if you wanted to join their cult. Recruitment is much more subtle.

The former Scientologist moved from behind his podium and placed a chair next to it. He released an accordion of printer paper containing the names of global front agencies for the Moonies. The paper unfurled many feet below him. "This is to give you an idea of how sophisticated it is," he said. "If I gave you the Scientology list it would be just as long."

He released an accordion of printer paper containing the names of global front agencies for the Moonies. "If I gave you the Scientology list it would be just as long."

The L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics Foundation hooked Grosswald twenty years ago, while he was a sophomore at Hoftra University on Long Island. Vexed by a lack of major and an angst-ridden romance, the young Grosswald decided to fill out a lengthy questionnaire titled "Are you curious about yourself?" which had been handed to him on Times Square. He was called in to hear the results of his analysis.

The analysis concluded that he had girl problems, he lacked a life path, and that he was socially awkward. "I came out of there feeling like, wow, that was the most incredible personality analysis ever," he said. "They know everything about me!"

He now compares their analysis to James Randi's horoscope experiment, in which people made the same general horoscopes fit their personal situations. In Randi's test everyone received the exact same predictions and everyone believed that it zeroed in on their lives.

But after receiving his personality test result, the possibility of setting himself straight seemed worth the $95 fee for the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar.

Grosswald first learned auditing, which he said, is a form of hypnosis. "People have a lot of misunderstandings about what that means," he said. "I think people assume hypnosis is when you swing a watch in front of somebody's face and put them into a deep sleep and then they act like a chicken on stage."

But during auditing, critical thinking skills slip away, he said, leaving a person in a trance-like state where they become susceptible to suggestion. "I never fell asleep or lost consciousness so I never realized that this was actually what was going on," he said.

The Church of Scientology employs other techniques to shut down thought. Grosswald said they practice "training routines" - which seem like a sinister spin on childhood staring contests. A supervisor intently watches at an underling and barks "flunk!" at the subject's slightest move. Then the exercise begins all over. By the time Grosswald left, he could sit with an impenetrable stare for three hours.

In another exercise called "bull-baiting," a supervisor shouts at a Scientologist, sometimes using things ripped from the records of their auditing sessions, to elicit reaction. Again, the subject learns to turn the mind off and sits with a blank expression.

The Church also wrested control of his mind through word-clearing exercises. (The organization has its own dictionary.) They also force adherents to display their understanding of words and ideas much the way kindergarteners do by making them arrange paper clips, clay and other objects to illustrate concepts.

They prevent members from learning information about beliefs upfront, Grosswald said. The story of Xenu only comes after a Scientologist invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the organization. So by the time many reach the OTIII level - where the Sci-Fi population control tale is revealed - some people commit suicide or walk away, he said. But some realize they've put too much into it to stop and continue onto the next level, he added.

"At the point where you see body Thetans crawling on your arms, you're psychotic," he said.

Grosswald did not make it that far along the Bridge to Total Freedom.

After being involved for months in the organization, an incredibly attractive southern belle and a friend from the Church convinced him after five hours of emotional torture to quit school and join the Sea Organization. He signed a billion-year contract and moved into a compound on West 48th Street.

"My parents went ballistic," he said.

While in their service he earned $35 a week, working 14 hours for six days scrubbing toilets. Sea Organization officials then made him an offer to move to California.

His parents remained persistent and phoned the Church of Scientology demanding to see him. According to Grosswald, his father ultimately wound up threatening organization leader John Carmichael in Scientology jargon. "He said, 'If I don't see my son by Wednesday you're fair game."

The Church of Scientology permitted Grosswald a 45 minute outing. His parents, his aunt and his best friend, however, kept him in a car speeding along the Long Island Expressway to a hotel where exit counselors were waiting.

Those counselors put many, many questions in his head. Then they handed him the story of Xenu. As his parents recall his face whitened. The Church convinced him that reading those materials prematurely would cause death.

Back at the Church, Grosswald spilled the evening's events to Carmichael. He also told him that his father warned, "For every person you recruit, we're going to keep ten people out."

The Church of Scientology deemed Grosswald a security threat and threw him out. "They couldn't have me running around telling people about Xenu," he said.

It took him about a year to recover his cult exit. He went back to school, finished his degree and went on to earn a law degree -- magna cum laude -- from Brooklyn Law School.

He would love to take on the Church of Scientology in the courts, but with a three-year statute of limitation most victims of brainwashing aren't ready to take action at that point.

"I'm dying for someone to bring me a case," he said.
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« Reply #9 on: August 19, 2009, 03:59:43 PM »

        Rant/ Rave in bed with Scientology? Here’s the proof
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« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2009, 10:44:36 PM »

                 Ten years after...

Post from OCMB...

Ten years ago today, Tom Tobin of the SP Times reported that the Happy Slappy Fun Cult known as the Church of Scientology had poured the foundations of the Super Power Building. The Super Power Building remains unfinished today following a decade and a litany of excuses from Scientology about why it takes more than ten years to finish a building. SP's cannot finish cycles of action according to LRH, but the SP Building is a different matter because...ahh, factually, ahh, I don't know why. COB Dave "Slappy McSlap" would have to tell you the why's.

Despite the long delays, Scientology has kept raising money for the SP Building and continues to raise money for the unfinished hulk. After the SP Times exposed David Miscavige's beatings of his staff, CoS declared that the SP Building would be finished... next year. I guess it takes two wog reporters lighting a fire under Miscavige's ass to get COB to finish his Super Power product -- if for no other reason than as a distraction from those stories! Otherwise it's manana! Tomorrow all of our Theta Dreams will be realized at Super Power. Tomorrow. Not today. Today is for handling Hill 10's and flapping flaps!


© St. Petersburg Times, published August 20, 1999

CLEARWATER -- The foundation has been poured and two towering white cranes reach into the downtown sky.

Construction is well under way on a 370,000-square-foot Church of Scientology building that will take two years to build.

When it opens, Scientology expects to have doubled its uniformed staff to 2,000. It also projects that the number of Scientology parishioners visiting Clearwater will increase from 1,500 to as many as 5,000 at any given time...


Another SP Times story from May 6, 2006 said that the Happy Slappy Fun Cult was almost ready to unveil Super Power, but three years later there are still no Super Power Rundowns or Super Power Building:


Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power

In the works for decades, the closely guarded spiritual training program will be revealed in Clearwater.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard taught that people have 57 "perceptics." They include an ability to discern relative sizes, blood circulation, balance, compass direction, temperature, gravity and an "awareness of importance, unimportance."

Church officials won't discuss specifics of Super Power. But Feshbach and another prominent Clearwater Scientologist who, like Feshbach, is a major donor to Super Power's building fund, provided some details in interviews with the St. Petersburg Times. A group of former Scientologists who worked for the church on a campus in California where the program was in development also described elements of it.

Super Power uses machines, apparatus and specially designed rooms to exercise and enhance a person's so-called perceptics. Those machines include an antigravity simulator and a gyroscope-like apparatus that spins a person around while blindfolded to improve perception of compass direction, said the former Scientologists.

A video screen that moves forward and backward while flashing images is used to hone a viewer's ability to identify subliminal messages, they said.

Hubbard promised Super Power would improve perceptions and "put the person into a new realm of ability." He believed it would unlock abilities needed to spread Scientology across the planet....


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                   From an article awaiting publication by Gerry Armstrong

Hubbard and Scientology teach that SPs comprise the most evil two and a half percent of the planetary wog population. "Wogs" are what Scientologists call the human race or Homo sapiens. Scientology teaches that Scientologists comprise a new race, "Homo novis" or "Homo scientologicus," a much more able, aware, intelligent and ethical race than the "humanoid" wog race. The organization markets and delivers courses training Scientologists how to spot or identify SPs among the wogs they encounter in life, and then to shatter the SPs once spotted. In reality, cult leader Miscavige and his Sea Org religious police do the identifying of Suppressive Persons for shattering, and rank and file Scientologists simply obey their police arm's SP declarations and other orders.

Scientologists are indoctrinated to proclaim that Scientology possesses the only mental or spiritual system that "works," or has ever "worked," and in fact produces "total freedom." Scientologists universally are dedicated to "keeping Scientology working," and they spend immense amounts of time and enormous sums of money to keep it working. The work Scientology claims it is performing is the "processing" of people, with its trademarked technology, from the state of "raw meat," or wog or human being, to the most astonishingly superior and stable state called "Clear." More processing, Scientology says, takes Clears to superperson states and "never before imagined" beings called "Operating Thetans," or "OTs."

A Clear, Scientology says, has achieved optimum rationality and optimum sanity, and is as far above normal wogs as normal wogs are above "institutionalized cases." Scientology scripture promises that a Clear's IQ has shot up like a skyrocket, about a point per hour of processing; he recalls everything that ever happened to him and anything he ever studied; and he does mental computations, as in chess, which a wog chess player would do in half an hour, in ten or fifteen seconds. Scientology says that the Clear is a created evolutionary step in man, without ills or aberrations. OTs, Scientology claims, are "at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life" and can operate outside their bodies. By the time I left the organization, I had reached Clear and OT Level 3, and had undergone over a thousand hours of processing to get there.

Scientology calls its system of manifold grades and levels for processing people from wog to OT the "Bridge to Total Freedom," and all Scientologists are somewhere on that bridge. Scientology scripture, which is unalterable on this point, states that the whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and the Scientologists' own destiny for the next endless trillions of years, depend on what each Scientologist does here and now on the Bridge. The Suppressive Person doctrine declares that the only thing stopping everyone from moving up the Bridge and becoming more able, aware, ethical and intelligent, the only thing preventing total freedom, indeed the only thing wrong with this universe, is SPs.

Originating in racial dogma within Scientology's religious scriptures, SPs form, from the Scientologists' perspective, a religio-racial class roughly equivalent to Jews from the Nazis' perspective. Just as the Nazis could theoretically join and leave Nazism, Scientologists can theoretically join and leave Scientology. Just as the Jews, from the Nazi perspective, however, could not stop being Jews, SPs, Scientology teaches, cannot stop being SPs. According to Scientology dogma, which Scientologists also accept as "science," Suppressive Persons possess a genetic pathology plus a mental and psycho-spiritual handicap and morbidity that prevents them from ever being anything but SPs. The Nazis' dogma and science concluded that the Jews were handicapped with their own set of irremediable genetics and psycho-religious malignancies that kept them from being anything other than Jews.

Scientology's SP doctrine states that SPs are the truly destructive, truly psychotic and truly criminal of the world's wogs, the cause of illness, at the root of every bad condition, and deserving no civil rights. According to the doctrine, the majority of people in mental institutions are not insane at all, but were put there by SPs, who are the truly insane. Wog psychiatrists and psychologists are seen as a subclass of SPs, and psychiatry and psychology are considered "Suppressive Groups," which Scientology seeks to "obliterate." The SP doctrine identifies archetypal SPs like Hitler, Stalin and Osama bin Laden, but also says that SPs are very average, common too, just like me, and undetected.

The "stellar examples" Scientology uses to personify Suppressive Persons are very likely what wog mental science now calls antisocial personalities or sociopaths. Hubbard in fact also used the term "antisocial personality" for Scientology's enemies, but inside the organization the settled and universal label is "SP," or formally "Suppressive Person." Many of the characteristics Hubbard imputes to SPs resemble the traits that psychology and psychiatry say sociopaths possess. The majority of the people Scientology calls SPs, and treats or attacks as irredeemable criminals, however, do not exhibit these characteristics, are not sociopaths, and do not manifest antisocial personality disorders.

The people Scientology and Scientologists identify and target as Suppressive Persons are largely good, social, non-sociopathic people who have simply stood up to the organization and spoken out about its fraud, its persecution of good people, its SP doctrine, or its numerous other antisocial policies and practices. The more knowledge a person has of these things, the more he communicates that knowledge, and the more rationally and accurately he communicates it, the bigger SP he is in the view of Scientology's leaders. The bigger an SP these leaders consider a person to be, the greater the persecution that is to be inflicted on him, and the more of the organization's personnel and resources that are directed to that target or front in Scientology's global war. The form and amplitude of the persecution are further modulated by Scientology's and Scientologists' opportunities and means, and the need to be seen as winning.

Scientology does nothing really to wage war on the world's actual or arguably truly dangerous sociopaths. Organization leaders, in fact, recruit and form alliances with certain sociopaths, and enforce within Scientology a self-perpetuating group sociopathy. Hubbard was a sociopath, who used his God-given will and mental power to make himself even more sociopathic. He saw his own sociopathy, as perhaps every sociopath does, not as a disorder, but as an ideal condition and way of life that made everyone else, and their conditions and ways of life, inferior. He conned countless people into admiring him, slaving for him, committing crimes for him, and paying him huge sums of money to obtain the fabulous qualities and abilities he claimed he possessed and had the "tech" to impart to others. The individuals that Scientology uses its inordinate wealth and power to attack are simply ordinary people who might recognize that Hubbard's mental states are not ideal or even superior, or observe that other claims are false, and who speak out critically about him or his organization's system and actions despite the inevitable persecution.

Hubbard devised, built and operated a global bait-and-switch psychotherapy scam, promising amazing results and money-back guaranteed satisfaction for its mental processing "technology." Since Hubbard's death in 1986, David Miscavige has operated the Scientology scam. The organization claims cures of many distressing or pernicious physical and psychological afflictions, and promises "gains" of superhuman abilities, powers, awareness, memory and intelligence. Scientology extracts exorbitant fees from its customers on these promises and fails to deliver what is promised. Even worse, it also extorts money, labor and immoral or criminal activity from its customers or members with threats of doom or of being declared SPs. The organization abuses its own people, breaks up families, induces dissociation and other deleterious psychological conditions, incites fear and hatred, and damages many of its members' physical health. Consequently, a great number of the people who have knowledge of Scientology's destructive, antisocial policies and actions to speak out about are already its victims.

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How many orgs and missions ARE there? According to Katherine Fraser at Gold Base: "We have, you know, 6,000 groups, churches, missions internationally." In 2008, Tommy Davis told CNN that they had 7,500 orgs and missions. Let's go to their official source and see what says.

This is just the official list from the Scientology site itself as of April 8th, 2009. If you know any other orgs or missions, or if you see any that have closed or moved, please let me know. I know I must have missed a few with the sucky system they've got set up, so if you see one I've missed, tell me! Feel free to check my research and my math.
[edit] Interesting things I noticed

    * There are a lot of countries I've never heard of before.
    * There are more Scientology centers listed in France than all of Canada.
    * Italy has more Scientology centers listed than any other European country.
    * There are a disproportionally large number of Scientology centers in Taiwan and Italy.
    * There are Scientology centers in only four African nations.
    * Pakistan is the only Islamic nation with a Scientology center.
    * There are 1.6 billion people in China and not one Scientology center.
    * Gold Base in Hemet is not listed as a Scientology location in the provided search. Neither is ASHO ANZO Sydney. I had to add them separately.
    * There are more Scientology sites listed for California than any other state in the US.
    * There are 17 US states without any official Scientology orgs/missions.
    * 27 countries have at least one Org no change from 2007.
    * 23 countries have missions only, down 7 from 2007.
    * Most countries show little change in the number of service units. As noted in our previous surveys however, a few countries are different.
    * Russia has two Orgs supporting a lot of Missions, but growth has reversed (30 down from 73) perhaps due to competition from Rons Org.
    * Italy also has a lot of Missions, the number seems to have stabilised.
    * Several other countries experienced a big growth in Missions such as Hungary, Slovakia, Taiwan and Ukraine but these like Russia appear to be in decline.
    * In the USA the number of Missions has now fallen after a decade of steady increase.
    * Orgs: 128 (no change) Missions: 322 (down 61 from 2007)

Historical geographic breakdown of orgs/missions: [1]
[edit] Results and Number Crunching

There are 472 listed Orgs and Missions in the whole world according to the official Scientology site

6,000 - 472 = 5,528 apparently missing orgs/missions that are not officially listed by

If there are 8-10 million Scientologists in the world and 472 missions/orgs officially listed by, there would have to be an average of 16,949 to 21,186 members for every single mission and org in the entire world.

Note: this number includes Gold Base and ASHO ANZO buildings in California and in Sydney that were not listed by the website.
[edit] International

(Countries listed Alphabetically, X means no Scientology org listed)

    * Afghanistan - X
    * Akrotiri - X
    * Albania - X
    * American Samoa - X
    * Andorra - X
    * Angola - X
    * Antarctica - X
    * Antigua and Barbuda - X
    * Argentina - 3
    * Armenia - X
    * Ashmore and Cartier Islands - X
    * Australia - 12
    * Austria - 4
    * Azerbaijan - X
    * Bahamas - X
    * Bahrain - X
    * Bangladesh - X
    * Barbados - X
    * Bassas da India - X
    * Belarus - 2
    * Belgium - 2
    * Belize - X
    * Benin - X
    * Bermuda - X
    * Bhutan - X
    * Bolivia - 3
    * Bosnia and Herzegovina - X
    * Botswana - X
    * Bouvet Island - X
    * Brazil - 1
    * British Indian Ocean Territory - X
    * British Virgin Islands - X
    * Brunei - X
    * Bulgaria - X
    * Burkina Faso - X
    * Burma (Myanmar) - X
    * Burundi - X
    * Cambodia - X
    * Cameroon - X
    * Canada - 10
    * Cape Verde - X
    * Cayman Islands - X
    * Central African Republic - X
    * Chad - X
    * Chile - 1
    * China - X
    * Christmas Island - X
    * Clipperton Island - X
    * Cocos (Keeling) Islands - X
    * Colombia - 3
    * Comoros - X
    * Congo, Democratic Republic of the - X
    * Congo, Republic of the - X
    * Cook Islands - X
    * Coral Sea Islands - X
    * Costa Rica - 2
    * Cote d'Ivoire - X
    * Croatia - X
    * Cuba - X
    * Cyprus - X
    * Czech Republic - 4
    * Denmark - 6
    * Dhekelia - X
    * Djibouti - X
    * Dominica - X
    * Dominican Republic - X
    * Ecuador - 1
    * Egypt - X
    * El Salvador - 1
    * Equatorial Guinea - X
    * Eritrea - X
    * Estonia - X
    * Ethiopia - X
    * Europa Island - X
    * Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) - X
    * Faroe Islands - X
    * Fiji - X
    * Finland - 2
    * France - 12
    * French Guiana - X
    * French Polynesia - X
    * French Southern and Antarctic Lands - X
    * Gabon - X
    * Gambia - X
    * Gaza Strip - X
    * Georgia - X
    * Germany - 18
    * Ghana - X
    * Gibraltar - X
    * Glorioso Islands - X
    * Greece - 1
    * Greenland - X
    * Grenada - X
    * Guadeloupe
    * Guam - X
    * Guatemala - 1
    * Guernsey - X
    * Guinea - X
    * Guinea-Bissau - X
    * Guyana - X
    * Haiti - 1
    * Heard Island and McDonald Islands - X
    * Holy See (Vatican City) - X
    * Honduras - X
    * Hong Kong - X
    * Hungary - 16
    * Iceland - X
    * India - 4
    * Indonesia - X
    * Iran - X
    * Iraq - X
    * Ireland - 1
    * Isle of Man - X
    * Israel - 4
    * Italy - 62
    * Jamaica - X
    * Jan Mayen - X
    * Japan - 4
    * Jersey - X
    * Jordan - X
    * Juan de Nova Island - X
    * Kazakhstan - 7
    * Kenya - 2
    * Kiribati - X
    * Korea, North - X
    * Korea, South - X
    * Kuwait - X
    * Kyrgyzstan - X
    * Laos - X
    * Latvia - 1
    * Lebanon - X
    * Lesotho - X
    * Liberia - X
    * Libya - X
    * Liechtenstein - X
    * Lithiuania - 1
    * Luxembourg - X
    * Macau - X
    * Macedonia - 2
    * Madagascar - X
    * Malawi - X
    * Malaysia - X
    * Maldives - X
    * Mali - X
    * Malta - X
    * Marshall Islands - X
    * Martinique - X
    * Mauritania - X
    * Mauritius - X
    * Mayotte - X
    * Mexico - 15
    * Micronesia, Federated States of - X
    * Moldova - X
    * Monaco - X
    * Mongolia - X
    * Montserrat - X
    * Morocco - X
    * Mozambique - X
    * Namibia - X
    * Nauru - X
    * Navassa Island - X
    * Nepal - 1
    * Netherlands - 1
    * Netherlands Antilles - X
    * New Caledonia - X
    * New Zealand - 1
    * Nicaragua - X
    * Niger - X
    * Nigeria -1
    * Niue - X
    * Norfolk Island - X
    * Northern Mariana Islands - X
    * Norway - 1
    * Oman - X
    * Pakistan - 1
    * Palau - X
    * Panama - X
    * Papua New Guinea - X
    * Paracel Islands - X
    * Paraguay - X
    * Peru - X
    * Philippines - 1
    * Pitcairn Islands - X
    * Poland - X
    * Portugal - 1
    * Puerto Rico - 1
    * Qatar - X
    * Reunion - X
    * Romania - 1
    * Russia - 32
    * Rwanda - X
    * Saint Helena - X
    * Saint Kitts and Nevis - X
    * Saint Lucia - X
    * Saint Pierre and Miquelon - X
    * Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - X
    * Samoa - X
    * San Marino - X
    * Sao Tome and Principe - X
    * Saudi Arabia - X
    * Senegal - X
    * Serbia and Montenegro - X
    * Seychelles - X
    * Sierra Leone - X
    * Singapore - X
    * Slovakia - 7
    * Slovenia - X
    * Solomon Islands - X
    * Somalia - X
    * South Africa - 9
    * South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - X
    * Spain - 6
    * Spratly Islands - X
    * Sri Lanka - X
    * Sudan - X
    * Suriname - X
    * Svalbard - X
    * Swaziland - X
    * Sweden - 4
    * Switzerland - 11
    * Syria - X
    * Taiwan - 12
    * Tajikistan - X
    * Tanzania - 1
    * Thailand - 1
    * Timor-Leste - X
    * Togo - X
    * Tokelau - X
    * Tonga - X
    * Trinidad and Tobago - X
    * Tromelin Island - X
    * Tunisia - X
    * Turkey - X
    * Turkmenistan - X
    * Turks and Caicos Islands - X
    * Tuvalu - X
    * Uganda - X
    * Ukraine - 11
    * United Arab Emirates - X
    * United Kingdom - 18
    * United States - 139 (See next section)
    * Uruguay - X
    * Uzbekistan - X
    * Vanuatu - X
    * Venezuela - 2
    * Vietnam - X
    * Virgin Islands - X
    * Wake Island - X
    * Wallis and Futuna - X
    * West Bank - X
    * Western Sahara - X
    * Yemen- X
    * Zambia - X
    * Zimbabwe - 1

[edit] USA

    * Alabama - X
    * Alaska - 1
    * Arizona - 3
    * Arkansas - X
    * California -53
    * Colorado - 4
    * Connecticut - 2
    * Delaware - X
    * District of Columbia - 1
    * Florida - 12
    * Georgia - 1
    * Hawaii - 1
    * Idaho - 1
    * Illinois - 5
    * Indiana - 1
    * Iowa - X
    * Kansas - 1
    * Kentucky - X
    * Louisiana - 4
    * Maine - X
    * Maryland - X
    * Massachusetts -2
    * Michigan - 3
    * Minnesota - 1
    * Mississippi - 1
    * Missouri - 2
    * Montana - X
    * Nebraska - X
    * Nevada - 3
    * New Hampshire - 1
    * New Jersey - 1
    * New Mexico - 1
    * New York - 8
    * North Carolina - 2
    * North Dakota - X
    * Ohio - 3
    * Oklahoma - X
    * Oregon - 2
    * Pennsylvania - 2
    * Rhode Island - X
    * South Carolina - X
    * South Dakota - X
    * Tennessee - 2
    * Texas - 7
    * Utah - 2
    * Vermont - X
    * Virginia - 2
    * Washington - 3
    * West Virginia - X
    * Wisconsin - 1
    * Wyoming - X
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considering most "missions" are run out of the cupboard under the stairs of private homes - this doesn't mean much.

They seemed to have missed the ChCh mission in NZ as well.

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Re the above post by Rocky... Subject ChCh mission.
If they aren`t paying their fees to uplines they
may have lost their mission status.
Happens to WISE...

 As agreed I have removed names, locations or any other data that might help OSA figure
out the source of emails. The emails may not seem all that interesting but it gives you
some idea of what they are pushing on the inside.

Date: June 2008
Subject: membership


Your General membership with WISE has expired.

As a businessperson in the XXXXX Area, it is important that you promote the administrative principles of L. Ron Hubbard to others in your community and set an example of ethical business practices for others to follow.

That is what a WISE Membership represents, and by maintaining a current membership you are confirming your own adherence to these principles and standards.

If you feel there is a matter which needs to be addressed, or you have some situation which is preventing you from maintaining your membership, you can reach me directly by replying to this e-mail and I will do my best to assist you.

You can renew your membership quickly and easily by visiting our website at Select the "Join WISE" option and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can also make payments to the WISE Office directly via the phone, fax or e-mail listed above.

Payments can be made by check or credit card.

We look forward to having you back on board as a member of this group and to your assistance in forwarding the purposes of WISE in the XXXX Area.


Josh Scott
CO WISE Flag Land Base

©2008 WISE. All Rights Reserved. WISE and the LIONESS & CUBS Symbol are trademarks, service marks and collective membership marks owned by World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.
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