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Hi all, EPIC - an ex-scn sent a brilliant fake Church newsletter about SPT article to all Hungarian Scientologists

Yesterday, something that looked like an email newsletter from the Church arrived. I know that quite some of the current people still 'in' fell for it.

It is a kind of an OSA briefing parody, while giving a lot of vital info to Churchies... Brilliant!

To: ______ area Scientologists
From: _____ local Dissem


The following data were not published so far, as early release would have been very entheta. But now we have shattered suppression, and dealt an effective blow to SPs as well as all cowardly organizations hiding behind their backs.

This as big a Win as the 1993 IRS tax exemption win!

Maybe you have heard about the attack by the St. Petersburg Times (a newspaper financed by pharmaceutical companies and psychs), which recently tried to smear the Church of Scientology and especially David Miscavige, COB RTC, personally. False and invented charges were made against Mr. Miscavige. Four SPs were interviewed by the publication. They had infiltrated Int Management in Hemet, California (where Golden Era Productions and RTC are located), and worked with Mr. Miscavige personally. They were probably financed by pharmaceutical companies & psychs when they first joined the Sea Org, in order to suppress the Church from inside by wasting funds and crashing stats. Their purpose was to get rid of David Miscavige and seize power for themselves and their masters.

They are:

- Mark C. "Marty" Rathbun 
SP and Sea Org member from 1977-2005; former RTC Inspector General for Ethics and auditor of Tom Cruise.

- Mike Rinder 
SP and Sea Org member from 1974-2007; former director of Church of Scientology International and Executive Director of OSA Int. (Thomas W. "Tommy" Davis holds this post now).

- Amy Scobee 
SP and Sea Org member from 1978-2005; held various Int Management positions.

- Tom De Vocht 
SP and Sea Org member from 1977-2005; was F/CO (deputy exec director) FSO in Clearwater before arriving at Hemet.

The following baseless and laughable accusations were made:

- David Miscavige was involved in Lisa McPherson's case supervision and death
- David Miscavige beats staff members
- David Miscavige forced Int Management to play musical chairs as a condition of remaining on post
- LRH did not put David Miscavige in charge, but David Mayo, and Pat and Annie Broeker
- David Miscavige holds Int Management staff hostage in Hemet, California in the so-called SP Hall or The Hole

These baseless charges were published without giving COB any chance to answer those earth-shattering lies.

We have fully handled the situation, and struck a blow of monumental proportions to the psychs.
Norman Starkey, Tommy Davis, Marc Yager, Guillaume Lesevre, Mark Ingber, Ray Mithoff -- all from Int Management -- have personally refuted all the charges and told the reporters that these 4 SPs were beating others. To fill the vacuum, they gave theta news on David Miscavige and the Church.
The ex-wives of de Vocht, Rathbun and Rinder dutifully told the reporters that their ex-husbands were all negligent bullies.

And then we completely shattered suppression by handing over a cross-referenced binder of documents. They had no choice but to publish it. The material in the dead agent pack was compiled from the PC folders, confessionals, Sec Checks and O/W writeups of the four SPs. It became crystal clear that these criminals were accusing others with crimes they committed.

Marty (Mark) Rathbun

April 19, 1994: Communication. "While I didn't spread any lies about you directly, it did become manifest to me that my actions over the past year have potentially created black PR on you. ... To me, worse than all the shortcomings and overt acts and their effects, is the potential effect they had of tarnishing your image and presence and power. I say 'potential' only because I think it would be presumptuous of me to suggest I could do any real harm to you. ... I did want you 
to know that I have never regretted anything as deeply as I regret having betrayed you."
2001: Statement. Rathbun confesses to physical and degrading attacks. "In May 2001 I grabbed Yager by the shirt and lifted him into a wall when he got caught out on outright false reporting to COB as I recall.... In April or May 2001, Guillaume gave me some 1.1 backflash and I threw him across a table.... On about 25 occasions I severely ripped into (name blacked out).... I called her a 'f------ c---' and a 'suppressive b----,' and a 'black PR infested criminal'.... I ordered her to Ethics on about 8 occasions to get her overts, withholds, BPR and evil purposes handled in lieu of cramming orders."
Dec. 8, 2001: Suppressive Person Declaration. Referring to himself as "Marty," Rathbun said he had harmed and undermined colleagues. "Marty took advantage of a number of false reports he had put in place over years giving a false picture as to his role in handling external attacks and the IRS in particular." "Marty then engaged in a campaign to covertly and systematically take out and undermine any executive or staff who might expose him. He did this through abusing his privilege to act as a security checker.... He began the out-tech practice of sec checking people with no formal session set up, and brow beating hair-raising confessions out of them."
Sept. 28, 2003: Public Announcement. Rathbun wrote: "I have developed a slick false PR technique of positioning myself as having been integral in handling threats during and after the fact, when they are actually terminatedly handled by COB. By calculation I have lost the Church 43 million dollars on losses and expenses that could have been avoided...." Miscavige "has single-handedly salvaged Scientology from potential external ruin ... Had he not been here and done what he has, 
Scientology would have been lost...." Rathbun writes that had he not wasted so much of the leader's time, "Scientology would be so big not a dime would have to be diverted to defence because no one would dream of fooling with it, and we would be very well on the way to a clear planet." "The motivation for these acts are a psychotic computation for self- preservation: keep enough chaos and threat stirred up in the environment, make myself appear to be a solution to it instead of the instigator of it, and lots of people go down and remain in turmoil while I go unrecognised as the source of it and survive." "I recognize my actions have been unfounded and ignorant and destructive in the extreme."

Mike Rinder

He wrote an Admission to Miscavige in which he said he lied 43 times over the years.
February 2005: Apology. "Dear Sir, I owe you something way beyond and, in addition to an apology, my gratitude for saving my life. Your insistence for months and years that I get straight is the only thing that has actually brought me to my senses. Several times in the past I 
pretended to myself, you and others that I had confronted my out ethics and gotten myself handled. It was not true."
June 4, 2005: Announcement. "I recognize very clearly how Treasonous I have been towards you and Scientology. This comm. is to inform you of my Step B and Doubt Announcement. The announcement is to go to 'persons directly influenced' and that is most definitely you. Your insistence that I get straight is what made me confront my suppressive acts. I know that when you say something it is true and it is what has kept me going...."

Amy Scobee

Scobee violated rules on "romantic involvement outside marriage."
Jan. 16, 2005: Reasons for leaving. "I have constantly been in ethics trouble," Scobee writes, to the point that she has become a "distraction to the group."
Jan. 22, 2005: Specifics on 2D activity. In graphic detail, Scobee outlines everything from "holding hands" to back rubs that "evolved into full out 2D" and the time "we were in the C/S office and had sex."

Tom de Vocht

July 20, 2004: Treason report. De Vocht writes that he blew a land deal in Clearwater that not only cost the church $1 million, it wasted the time of the Chairman of the Board -- Miscavige -- cleaning up De Vocht's mess.

These data fill the vacuum and shatter the SPs, the psychs and the pharmaceutical companies. But, there are not the first SPs who infiltrated the Church and tried to destroy it.

Here are some historical facts:

L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. (Ronald Edward DeWolf, aka Nibs Hubbard) -- LRH's eldest son -- accused Scientology of being a money-making scam. The truth came out in 1986 when he recamted his baseless accusation.

Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard (child of LRH and third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard). Psychs accused the Church of Scientology of having goaded the 22-year-old Quentin into suicide. Mary Sue Hubbard claimed Quentin had died of encephalitis.

Mary Sue Hubbard (LRH's third wife) 
The psychs managed to get her unjustly sentenced to jail in 1979 with other Guardian Office execs, including Jane Kember. The truth has since been revealed.

David Mayo (Senior C/S Flag, LRH's auditor, staff member from 1958-1983) 
David Mayo was secretly allied with the psychs and pharmaceutical companies, and became a squirrel. After LRH left his body, Mayo claimed he helped to develop NOTs (OT V - VII). He dared to claim that LRH assigned him to be the top technical person and continue his 
research. After Mayo was declared as an SP, he opened squirrel Advanced Ability Centers. David Miscavige crushed each and every one of those squirrel AACs. Finally, David Mayo retracted his statements and ceased his squirrel actions.

Jesse Prince (Deputy Inspector General External and Sea Org member from 1976-1992) 
A black man, Prince claimed that David Miscavige is a racist. Naturally we don't hear much about him lately.

Gerry Armstrong (Sea org member) 
He was assigned to organize some personal papers of LRH that were to serve as the basis of a new biography of LRH. Omar Garrison, a non-Scientologist, had been hired to write the book. As part of his assignment, Armstrong also requested Hubbard's war records from the Navy and his transcripts from George Washington University. While reviewing these documents, both Armstrong and Garrison -- in accord with the psychs -- said many of the claims Hubbard made about himself were completely at odds with all other evidence: Hubbard had not graduated from George Washington Universtiy as a nuclear physicist, but attended for only two years, failed his only class in physics, and left without graduating. Hubbard's Navy record showed no promotion to Commander of Corvettes in the North Pacific, but only to Lieutenant. When it was found out that Armstrong lied, he escaped 
to Canada and later to the homeland of all psychs, Germany.

Jon Atack (Sea Org member: 1974 -1983) 
In September 1983 Atack made a decision to join the psychs. He said he was unhappy with Scientology's new "tough" and "ruthless" management, the 15-fold increase in training fees, and that he was "unwilling to have his communication controlled and his freedom of association denied." He began personally investigating the Church of Scientology. Atack assembled a large collection of Scientology- and Hubbard- related materials, interviewed more than a hundred former members (including a number of former Hubbard aides) and read thousands of pages of Scientology-related court rulings, government enquiry reports, affidavits and sworn testimony. His research culminated in 1990 with the publication of his book, A Piece of Blue Sky, a history of Hubbard and his organizations. Naturally all of his baseless false claims disappear in the light of Truth.

Jon Zegel (Sea Org) 
Jon Zegel was paid by the psychs and the pharmaceutical industry to be the first outspoken critic of Scientology to provide important, factual data to Scientologists about what was really happening inside the organization. He did so by recording audio tapes on cassette. These tapes were reproduced on home recorders, swept through "the underground" and created quite a stir. He released three tapes critical of Scientology before he came to his senses. Then he recorded a fourth tape in which he repudiated the information in the previous tapes. This was a big victory for the Church of Scientology.

Patrick (Pat) Broeker and Annie Broeker (the couple who "helped" LRH in his final years) 
They tried to take over Scientology when LRH had left his body. They forged a Flag Order (Flag Order 3879) that promoted them to Loyal Officers, a higher rank than that of David Miscavige. The truth was found out, and David Miscavige cancelled the forgery by issuing Flag Order 3879, Cancelled. The whole Loyal Officer fairy tale was invented by them. They were not even close to LRH.

Lisa McPherson (Clear, Scientologist) 
Lisa was put on the Introspection Rundown in Room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel (FLAG) from November 18 to December 5, 1995. On December 5, 1995, she was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater Florida. According to the coroner's report, Lisa's body was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites. Psychs and the pharmaceutical industry indicted the Church of Scientology on two felony charges: "Abuse and/or neglect of a disabled adult" and "Practising medicine without a license." The charges against the Church of Scientology were dropped after the county medical examiner changed the cause of death from "undetermined" to an "accident" on June 13, 2000. A civil suit brought by her family against the Church was settled on May 28, 2004.

Jeff Hawkins (Sea Org) 
He claims that he was responsible for Dianetics's planetary dissemination. Evidently the psychs are behind this statement.

Lawrence Woodcraft 
He has lied under oath that Freewinds contains blue asbestos, the most dangerous form of this carcinogen. Lawrence has written a sworn Declaration concerning his "discovery," his attempts to alert Sea Org officers (including David Miscavige's sister- in-law Bitty Miscavige) about the problem, and their refusal to remove it. Because of this, the material had to be removed from the Freewinds, so the Church contracted Nordica Engineering. Nordica brought in 240 Polish workers, who lived on the Freewinds for six weeks. We didn't know that time, but these Polish workers were paid by the Psychs. When the workers told Nordica there was blue asbestos on the ship, they stopped the renovations, and the workers returned to Poland. Witold Maliński stated that Nordica planned to demand compensation on behalf of its workers.
This is why the Freewinds was sealed, quarantined and cordoned off at a wharf in Otrobanda, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles on April 28, 2008 for a long time. But finally we issued a statement that the air quality on the Freewinds is safe, meeting standards set by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. With this action, we Confronted and Shuttered the Suppression.

So this is our success story.

Since we identified the SPs at Int Management, stats are soaring to unprecedented heights.
Nine new orgs have opened since 2004, plus four smaller test centers, including those in downtown St. Petersburg and Plant City. Three ideal orgs opened this year -- Dallas, Nashville and Malmo, Sweden --- with five more to open before year's end in Las Vegas, Rome, Brussels, Tel Aviv 
and Washington, D.C.
The new Basic Books and Tapes were re-published in 2008, with corrections of errors that had been overlooked since the 1950s.
In Clearwater, the church's signature property, the Fort Harrison Hotel, re-opened in March 2009 after a $40 million renovation.

ML .........
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