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Author Topic: Open letter to ANZO Scientologists, Nov 30th, '09  (Read 1706 times)
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Below is a letter from me, to Scientology public and staff, specifically those in ANZO. Feel free to distribute it.

Hey Folks,

Out on the fringes or as a public Scientologist, the Scientology one sees, can be and mostly is vastly different to the Scientology one experiences and lives when one is in the thick of it, like in the SO for example.

True, not everyone involved with Scientology and the CofS has experienced crimes and abuses at the hands of the CofS, but just because they haven't, is no reason for them to so quickly refute the claim that thousands of others have. At the very least, one should look into the possibility of what others have been subjected to, at the hands of the Church.

Anyone who has listened to LRH's tapes or read his policies, would know that LRH was critical of much. Those who have read book one of Science of Survival would have read that the ability to see and have the courage to criticize in an effort to bring about change, was "high toned".

Maybe you'd be doing yourself and others a favour, if you actually had a look and saw what is and has been happening, right in your own back yard.

- Whilst some of us were never denied medical attention, nor denied it to others, the vast majority of SO members (and some staff and public) have been denied that care, including the majority of SO members here in Sydney. For example, did ya know that week after week, Colm O'Leary had to endure severe pain with a bad tooth, because week after week his purchase order to go to the dentist and get it pulled was denied? Did you know that some SO members have had a mate pull out a bad tooth with a pair of pliers because money to see the dentist wasnít approved and they could no longer stand the pain? Did you know that in the States where they donít have Medicare, that the vast majority of SO members donít even get to see a doctor when they need to, because they donít get approval of funds necessary to do so? Have any of you asked yourselves whether or not Amanda Fletcher/Kingdon got the medical treatment she needed, before she died so young?

- Whilst many scientologists haven't had their families torn apart through Scientology, there are thousands who have had. You all know that divorce is rampant within the SO in Sydney. Have you just put it down to irreconcilable differences, rather than ask yourself the question why? Do you know for a fact that these divorces weren't brought about by pressure from Senior SO members, when a marriage cut across their effort to follow command intention and needed a job done? As an example, have you asked yourself why Shane and Julie Brockdorff got divorced - If you haven't, maybe you should, and look for answers outside of those given by the Church.

- Whilst some Scientologists have never had to face disconnection because of Scientology, there are literally thousands who have had to. You people have had to disconnect from the likes of us...well, we can all live with that, but there's another scenario that isn't so easy to live with. What about when you and your whole family are in the SO, and you want out. For some, it can take months of being on the decks and sec-checking every day, to get "permission" to leave, and then sometimes that permission won't ever be granted. If you leave without that permission, then you will be disconnected from your family members who are still in. There are hundreds of affidavits giving testimony to this, not only from those it happened to, but also from those whose job it was to deny permission and from those who enforced the disconnection.

- Whilst you may not have been pressured into having an abortion, or heavily coerced into doing so, how can you be so confident that it doesn't happen to every female SO member who gets pregnant, including here in ANZO? Genny Gray and I for example were pressured into having an abortion, but we were org staff (not crew), and didn't succumb to the pressure. It's a lot harder for SO members not to succumb to that pressure, and most do or have. For obvious reasons, I won't name names, but I could, because I know/knew these women (and by the way, so do you). Do you have any idea what a pregnant woman in the SO who doesn't do the expected by getting an abortion, is subjected to? Or any idea of what she is confronted with if she doesn't succumb to the pressure to have that abortion? Sadly, chances are that you don't.......if you did, you probably wouldn't stand for it.

- Whilst many have not been personally subjected to "pay up or get declared SP", there are many of us in ANZO who have been, and you don't have to look far to find them. The vast majority of you DO know that this does or has occurred. Step back a little, don't you think that it's a bit "reasonable" turning a blind eye to this one?

- Whilst many have not had priest penitent privileged info in their pc folder used against them, there are at least hundreds who have had, and have given testimony to the fact (not only in the States but also here in ANZO). Aaron Tweddell and Aaron Judge (both AOSH ANZO SO members) and Dean Detheridge (who was ED ACT) have each given testimony to the fact that they were involved with using pc data in an effort to either muzzle, threaten or adversely affect the credibility of people, labelled as "threats" to the Church. While those "threats" are often critics outside the Church, many are still very much inside the Church (whether crew, staff or public). Yeah sure, the vast majority of us auditors and/or C/Sís would have never dreamed of using pc info against a pc, nor were aware of it occurring, but for DSA staff and OSA crew it's a different story. Have you ever asked yourself what OSA's function actually is, and what they spend their time doing, especially before Anonymous hit the scenes and there was little or no bad press in ANZO? Do you want to know the answer? Let me tell you, you'd have to be sitting down for that.

The above is only part of the picture, and only a small part. It's a part which I have communicated, because I believe you could and would see it for yourself, if you applied "look don't listen", or precept 17 of WTH. Maybe then, doors would open for you and you would look more. Or, maybe then, you would make an effort to take responsibility and try and correct these "outpoints" internally, within the organization. I wonder how far you would get before your head was on the chopping block and you started to get the treatment, because the likes of Vicki Dunstan from OSA labelled you as an internal "threat" (like she did with me in '97). I tell you, you wouldn't get very far, but then maybe you'd blame yourself and think that the treatment you received was the exception rather than the rule, just like most do. Sadly most look no further after that, and don't discover that what occurred is the rule rather than the exception.

Have you ever wondered what happened to this or that SO member and/or this or that prominent dedicated field member who just seemed to drop off the lines? Has it seemed strange or odd to you that the likes of Dave Gibbons is declared now? Or that Scooter, Kevin Mackey, and I were declared before we ever went to the media? Do you really buy the line that it's because we have crimes? Could it possibly be that we have now been exposed to and have direct knowledge of crimes and abuses within the Church, have now realised why we could never handle the outpoints internally, have now realised why we copped so much heat for trying to handle those outpoints and aren't happy to turn a blind eye while these crimes and abuses continue to occur? Could it possibility be that we feel we need to take responsibility for what is occurring?

Did you know that Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun (ex IG Tech) left the Church and are now speaking out publicly against it? Have you asked yourself why any of us who you know would speak out against the Church, and when personally the consequences for doing so are far less than favourable? We are not "attacking" Scientologists, nor their beliefs. The "Bridge" is available outside of the Church in what's called the Freezone. There are arguably more Freezoners going up the "Bridge" than Scientologists. We are not "attacking" the Freezoners, nor those practicing Scientology. What we are "attacking" are the crimes and abuses at the hands of the Church of Scientology. The way the CofS treats its own is inexcusable to us. We care, we are in a position to do something about it and are doing what we can in an effort to do so.

We all had our reasons and purposes for getting involved in Scientology and giving our allegiance to the Church. My purposes haven't changed, although my perception of the Church and its purposes certainly has.

Some of you are already aware of what goes on behind closed doors - Maybe you should ask yourselves what you have done or are doing, in order to prevent these things from continuing to occur. We are not the target here, and nor are the psychs. The Church of Scientology is under attack because of its own crimes and abuses. Because you personally haven't been at the receipt of them, and/or because you may not be aware of the extent of them, is no justification to deny their existence. It's time to step up, have a good hard look at what is right under your nose, and do something about it.

I'll leave you with this - In all honesty, can any of you say that you would like to live in a world run by the Church of Scientology? If not, then why not?

All the best.

Carmel Underwood.
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