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(Other parts of this story are told in the new BFG book - Blown for Good)

Narconon was being set up in Oklahoma the late 1980's.

A Sea Org mission was sent from ABLE International in Los Angeles to get everything in order so that Narconon could open and get tons of new clients in for their expensive drug rehab program. The mission was to create a safe PR environment and get everything that legally needed to be done in order to open a drug rehab center. Buildings were renovated, staff were recruited from all over the world. One of the Sea Org missionaires – Gary McKague made a mistake that he would spend many years regretting. Gary applied for a permit to operate a drug rehabilitation center in Oklahoma. This would be denied and not granted, but that is not why Gary would end up being assigned to the RPF.

As Scientology had done so many times before, they were dishonest in how they represented who would be buying the property and what would be done with the property once purchased. When Scientology purchased the Fort Harrison hotel in Florida they did so as the United Churches of Florida. When the International Base was purchased in Gilman Hot Springs, it was done so under the name - Scottish Highland Quietude Club. Narconon Oklahoma was no different. Narconon would try to set-up shop under the banner of ABLE, the Association for Better Living and Education. ABLE was the newly renamed unit that used to be part of the Guardians Office – SoCo or Social Coordination. It was thought that ABLE, being new, would be able to navigate under the radar or scrutiny of a scientology recognized organization. This might have worked, was it not for the work of one guy – Bob Lobsinger. Bob was the owner and editor of The Newkirk Herald Journal. Bob was smart enough to do his research when the Sea Org mission arrived in Newkirk getting the Narconon set-up.

Bob exposed the Scientology connection and from that point forward, everything in Narconon Chilocco would be a battle. The Sea Org mission would also dig themselves into a whole by applying for permits from the State of Oklahoma and then after they were denied these, change their position and say that as they were operating the rehab center on sovereign Indian land, that State regulatory items were unnecessary. This would go on for years and cost Narconon millions of dollars in contact legal and PR fees.

Another plague that would haunt Narconon Chilocco would be its own employees. After the initial Sea Org mission sent to set-up NN Chilocco had utterly failed, ABLE International staff members would spend months sorting through hundreds of Sea Org Personnel internationally to find the most ethical people to run the new Narconon that would be set-up there. Hundreds and hundreds of proposals would be done on which people would end up going to Oklahoma. Sea Org members that had stolen a candy bar as child were rejected as out-ethics or having a history of out-ethics. Any sort of behavior that was considered to be non-optimum by Sea Org members standards was rejected out of hand.

Finally after the group of people that were doing the Submissions were busted for not ever getting anyone approved in six months, the final Narconon Chilocco staff were picked by the highest authority over ABLE Int – WDC (Watchdog Committee member for ABLE) ABLE. WDC ABLE was a person located at the Int Base within the CMO International (part of CSI). WDC ABLE picked two guys that were posted in ABLE. One guy was Manny Salinas and the other was Gianni Ruggeri. While these staff did not have a stellar record in the Sea Org and had both been to the RPF, they were the ones picked and they went. They would be the most senior management personnel in Oklahoma and a direct representation of the Sea Org and the ethics standards in Oklahoma. Manny would be the Executive Director and Gianni would become the Senior Case Supervisor, the person that would directly oversee those participating in the drug rehab program.

Years later I would see both of them in LA and ask what they were doing in LA. Both were on the PAC RPF in Hollywood. I could not remember what Manny had done in Chilocco, but I seem to remember it having to do with screwing the staff or students at Narconon and just had sex with a random women in a parked car down the street from the complex and Gianni was either trying to leave the Sea Org. In Oklahoma, Gianni had become very good friends with one of the girls that was on the rehab program and had gotten to know her carnally, of course. There were other staff there that had issues as well and most of them would be sent back to LA or gotten rid of.

Coupled with its own staff problems, legal suits started to mount against the facility and persons going through the program and reverting back to drugs as well as family members of addicts that saw through the recruitment aspect into scientology challenged the scientific methods used to rid people of their addictions.
In 1995, while Narconon, ABLE INT and ultimately the International Management staff of the Sea Org have decided that they do not have to follow the rules of the State of Oklahoma as Chilocco is located on an Indian Nation, the five Indian tribes located there refuse to deal with Narconon any longer. The deal with the Indians was that the Chilocco facility would be leased to them over a 25 year period for 16 million dollars. By 1995 they had been paid under $75,000 for the six years they had been there. The Bureau of Indian Affairs had to now deal with Narconon Officials.

In the late 1990’s a new project was started to find a new location for Narconon in Oklahoma. Everything that was wrong with Narconon Chilocco would be fixed and when the new place was set up, they would make sure that it was done correctly and without issue.

In the years before Narconon would move out from Chilocco and set up shop in a nearby Indian reservation, I had heard about several other staff that had slept with people that had paid over $15,000 to do the drug rehab program there and were to say the least – vulnerable. Frequently, persons that completed the Narconon Drug rehab program, would stay and become employees there. This not only gave them a place to stay, but also gave them immediate work that they could do. Most of these people would not be able to find work easily while being a recovering addict or convicted drug user. Many of these staff would end up leaving after not being able to stay off drugs or getting into fights or relationships with those on the program.

When the new Narconon facility was picked out and purchased, the design, planning, renovations and full direction on what was to be done with the facility was overseen and directed by David Miscavige. This new facility would have to be made bigger better and so much better than Chilocco that the move would appear as an upgrade and so much as a salvage operation. This new location was just a few hours’ drive from the old Narconon Chilocco facility. By this time David Miscavige had developed ways to handle most of the problems that would plague such new building purchases. Most of these methods started with paying anyone and everyone that might oppose them, and the other had to do with using movie & TV stars or celebrities to wine and dine their way through any problems.

In August of 2001, Narconon Arrowhead was opened.
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I can add a little bit to what Marc covered just by way of background information.

I was at Chilocco a few times. The first time was when organized scientology was considering using Chilocco for a Narconon. I was a public scientologist then of some means and was the CEO/President of a scientologists-owned company called "RealWorld".

I went to Chilocco and met there the then WDC member for ABLE and the Int Finance landlord. I took tons of videos for them then so that they could determine what buildings to try to renovate and what could be required.

The campus and the buildings on them were a mess, having been basically unused for over a decade as far as I recall. It was an old Native American school for boys who called Chilocco their "mother" as they were forcably taken from home and made to live there. They had lots of agriculture and their boxing team was well known.

Anyway, getting back to the run-down school some ten years later, it was decided to try to renovate just 2 or 3 of the buildings to start and the five tribes had to approve it. As part of getting their approval, the reps from organized scientology told the tribes that a certain percentage of the beds would be for local native Americans who would get the services free of charge. They did have a lot of problems there with substance abuse with many of the Native Americans in local depressed towns like Kaw CIty, Ponca City, etc.

One of the Native American tribal leaders that I met with several times there was William Mahoja (Spelling?) known as "Gray Blanket". He was one of the last pure bred Kaws which was soon to end as all the pure breds left were men.

Anyway, the Native Americans set up tee-pes to talk to the ansectors to try to get guidance about what to decide.

It was a very, very interesting place. On and BTW loaded with "ghosts" as per the caretaker. He was a big tough guy but feared one of the ghosts in one of the buildings chosen to be renovated. I remember walking with him late one dark night on the overrun campus and him showing me in what buildings the "ghosts" appeared. One he would not approach at night as that was the "evil one". Too long of a story here but it was fun.

I must admit it was fascinating and I really enjoyed it there.

Later I went back for the grand opening complete with top notched country singing (Barbara Mandrell and her band, just out of Los Vegas), you name it. I also got the honor of being let in on the inside circle for a Native American circle to pray on that trip.

I loved the place and the people. There really was something special about it all. But it was organized scientology taking over there not by any means some independent Narconon which didn't exist. It was spearheaded by WDC ABLE himself. As an old WDC member I know how that works. It was 100% control by scientology and it was meant to make a lot of money there.

That they had no workable solutions for the problems and ended up more with bad PR and suits is sadly "normal" for them IMHO.

Anyway, just a bit more background to all this.
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                    Strike one.

Goodbye and good riddance to NarCONon Newport. USA
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                                     Intoxicated by Scientology

by Marc Allard
Le Soleil

(Quebec City) Since he's been out of Narconon, David Edgar Love hardly gets any sleep. He has flashbacks about the traumatic experiences he says he experienced in the Scientology detox centre in Trois-Rivières, and sometimes he becomes so anxious that he loses his breath.

In November, a doctor at the Cité de la Santé hospital in Laval diagnosed him with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mr. Love now consults a psychiatrist in a Montreal hospital who was recommended by Mike Kropveld, the director of Info-Cult, and he tries not to appear too drowsy at his new job.

Sitting in a small restaurant in a glum corner of Montreal's Lachine district, where he found a small apartment, Mr. Love, 57, recounts his experience with Narconon, where he was a client from December 2008 to May 2009 and an employee until the end of October.

Revealed for the first time today in Le Soleil, his testimony about the Quebec detoxification centre connected with the Church of Scientology adds to a series of disclosures that have shaken this religious organization in various places throughout the world in recent months.

At his side, David Love has a briefcase full of documents to support a complaint he filed with Quebec's Human Rights Commission and a separate complaint filed with Quebec's Labour Standards Commission, which are investigating his allegations.

During the 11 months he spent at Narconon, Mr. Love says he was the victim of harassment, threats and many other violations of his rights. He also says he did not receive a large portion of his salary.

In a letter dated December 21, 2009, the law firm representing Narconon, Heenan Blaikie, offered David Love $2,550.29 on condition that he not share his story with the media. Mr. Love declined the offer.

"They will not silence me," he says. "I have rights and I intend to have my rights respected."

By telephone, Le Soleil reached the director of Narconon Trois-Rivières, Marc Bernard, who declined to give his version of the facts. "I have nothing to say, I have no comment," he said. "No comment."


A resident of British Columbia, David Love arrived at Narconon shortly before Christmas in 2008. He was addicted to methadone and cocaine and had decided to follow the rehab program at the detox centre in Trois-Rivières, where he knew an employee.

During the first weeks of his treatment, Mr Love says he was surprised by the omertà that reigned at Narconon about Scientology. He remembers hearing an employee interrupt a discussion among a group of clients he was in, by issuing an order: "You are not allowed to speak about Scientology when you are at Narconon»

The employee later explained to him that Narconon wanted to avoid the subject so as not to scare clients, their parents, or the "sponsors", who pay more than $20,000 for the treatment, a majority of whose clients are English speakers from the United states and English Canada.

On its Quebec website, Narconon presents itself as a "non-profit program of rehabilitation and detoxification" and boasts of having 50 centres in 21 countries. There is no mention anywhere that Narconon is part of the Church of Scientology.

For Paul Schofield, who was a member of the Church of Scientology for more than 20 years before becoming "case supervisor" at the Sydney and Melbourne Narconon centres and then director of Narconon for all of Australia, there is no doubt that Narconon is a satellite of the Church of Scientology.

"Aside from the withdrawal phase, all the courses you take at Narconon are almost identical to those you take at the Church," he says, "Except that when you take them at the church, they only cost you about a quarter or a third of the price."

While he was a client at Narconon, David Love says he was forced to memorize passages from books by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction author who founded the Church of Scientology and wrote the 8 books on which the Narconon program is based.

"Any book that might interfere with the mind-altering and brainwashing process is prohibited and confiscated," says David Love.

In addition to reading books by Hubbard, David Love also had to practice regularly the "training routines" prescribed by Scientology's grand master.

He remembers one routine that consisted of sitting for long hours while staring at another client without saying a word and without moving. There was another similar routine in which he was told not to react while his partner bombarded him with insults.

Extreme Purification

The 57-year-old man also remembers the training routine involving an ashtray. "I had to yell at an ashtray, 'Stand up!' then 'Sit down!' until it obeyed by itself," he said. "But since I was unable to find the right tone, I had to lift the ashtray by myself over and over." "After all these training routines," says Love, "I'm lucky not to be insane."

To help addicts overcome their dependence, Narconon also requires that they strictly follow an intense vitamin and sauna treatment which Scientologists call the "Purification Rundown" and which is also provided by the Church of Scientology of Quebec City at a cost of $2,000.

For two weeks, David Love said he had to spend almost four hours a day in a sauna and swallow large amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. He recalls having had, among other things, to take a lot of niacin, a vitamin (B3) used to reduce a person's cholesterol level.

In a July 17, 2004 interview with the Journal de Trois-Rivières posted on the detoxification centre's website, the director of Narconon Trois-Rivières, Marc Bernard, described the virtues of niacin for expelling drugs from fat cells.

"The toxins remain trapped in fatty tissues for several years," Mr. Bernard explained. "When they are released, this is what addicts call flashbacks."

Asked about this practice, Dr. Lise Archibald, of the Ubald-Villeneuve Rehabilitation Centre in Quebec City, told Le Soleil that she has never read anything about the benefits of niacin for drug addicts.

A toxicology specialist at Quebec's National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ), pharmacist Lyse Lefebvre, also has never heard of niacin as an aid to combat drug addiction. However, she warns that consuming too much vitamin B3 may cause digestive problems, aggravate asthma, lead to a certain form of arthritis attack, and cause redness and itching.

Health Canada recommends a maximum of 500 mg of niacin per day. Clients of Narconon and Scientologists who follow the "Purification Rundown" ingest up to 5,000 mg per day," says David Love.

"The vitamin and sauna treatment was far from pleasant for the clients of Narconon," recalls Mr. Love. "It was horrible. People were sick. They vomited and had diarrhea."

Like a military base

During his rehabilitation, Mr. Love wanted to leave the Trois-Rivières detox centre to return to his family in British Columbia. But he says that Narconon refused to give him his wallet and his identity papers, even though he requested them more than once.

Except in special cases, Quebec law prohibits forcing drug addicts to continue treatment, which is to be followed on a voluntary basis.

Mr. Love recalls that, instead of giving him his papers, he was sent to the "ethics officer", who argued that he should stay longer.

"Many students want to leave and try," he says. "Some even manage to leave and set out on foot along along the road, but the ethics officer is called and a car is sent to recover them and bring them back to the Narconon buildings."

David Love said he never witnessed a client being forced to get into a car. Instead, he points out, Narconon calls a student's parents or sponsor and convinces them not to pay the bus or air fare for the student.

Every day, adds Mr. Love, Narconon's staff closely monitors the comings and goings of their customers. "It's like a military base," he says. "There is security, they have radios. They check on you every 20 minutes to know where you are."

Clients turned into employees

Mr. Love is not the only client to have worked at Narconon. About 40% of clients subsequently become employees, according to a statement made in May 2002 by Devinder Luthra, then president of Narconon Canada, at a session of the Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the House of Commons.

While he was an employee, David Love was responsible for contacting former clients of Narconon to compile statistics on the success or failure of the program. He says he received emails from many "exes" who had relapsed and still need help. What he was hearing did not appear to match the 70% success rate which Narconon boasts about on its website.

Mr. Love says he tried repeatedly to warn his superiors at Narconon Trois-Rivières, but they refused to change their practices.

It was at this point that David Love says he realized Narconon was a "hoax" at the service of the Church of Scientology. "Once I understood and believed it was true," he wrote on a message board operated by Anonymous, an anti-Scientology movement that originated on the Internet, "My eyes were opened to the reality of the lies that I had swallowed."

From the day he resigned, November 3, Mr. Love says he received threats from Sue Chubbs, Narconon's director of production.

With documents to prove it, David Love shows that, among other things, she posted on his FaceBook page the words "Enemy" and "Fair Game". This means, in Scientology jargon, he "may be deprived of property or injured by any means and by any Scientologist."
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« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2010, 08:40:35 PM »

                  Part two...  Translated from French newspaper

The church of Scientology, another hard hit

(Québec)Forced abortions, violence, imprisonment, torture, sexual abuses, embezzlement, blackmail: The church of scientology has been accused of commiting all these crimes in the last months, as denunciations from ex-scientologists multiplied in the world.

In Australia, senator Nick Xenophon requested, last november, a public investigation about the Church of Scientology, after receiving numerous letters from ex-employees and high ranking members of the religious organisations, amongst them, Paul Schofield, who spoke with ''Le Soleil''

«De mon point de vue, c'est une organisation à deux visages», a dit Nick Xenophon au Sénat australien. «Il y a le visage public d'une organisation qui prétend offrir des conseils et du soutien à ses fidèles et il y a le visage privé d'une organisation qui maltraite ses membres et cible vicieusement ses critiques, et semble carburer à la paranoïa.»

«From my point of view, it's an organisation with 2 faces», said Nick Xenophon in the australian Senate. «There is the public face of an organisation that pretends to offer to offer support and counsel to it's members, and there is the private face of an organisation that mistreat it's members, targets viciously it's critics and that seems to be fueled by paranoia.»

Beating Staff Members

In the United States, the St. Petersburg Times revealed for the first time in june, accounts from four ex high ranking members of the organisation, that accuse the head of the Church, David Miscavige, of beating frequently his employees.

At the start of the month, the New York Times was publishing an investigation on the difficulty that scientologists encounter when trying to distance themselves from the organisation. To quit the Church of Scientology, the couple in the article affirmed having to sign false confessions about their life and their work, to give the Church thousands of dollars and having to cut any communication with their friends and family that stayed in the Church.

In france, following complaints from 2 ex-members of scientology that said they were defrauded of tens of thousands of euros, the correctional Tribunal of Paris condemned in last october the Church of scientology for ''Organized group fraud''.

In every country, the Church of Scientology accused the ex-members of lying.
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David Love interviewed on The Edge about Narconon
Tom Smith, the host of The Edge, interviews David Love about the fraud and abuses in Narconon. This interview broadcasts at 12:30 p.m. eastern U.S. time on Friday 16 July 2010 and at 11 a.m. eastern U.S. time on Sunday 18 July 2010.
The url to
A soundfile of the interview will post after it airs.
To say the least, you will receive some education about how NarCONon really operates.

Here is the download (audio file)
50.02 MB
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                                    Complaints against Narconon

                                    This is a translation.

Former employee says he was subjected to psychological and sexual harassment

by Paule Vermot-Desroches

Trois-Rivières - The Narconon Trois-Rivières organization once again finds itself in the public eye now that complaints concerning psychological and sexual harassment are under investigation by the Quebec Human Rights Commission (Commission des droits de la personne) and the Quebec Labour Standards Commission (Commission des normes du travail).

The person who filed these complaints, Montrealer David Edgar Love, is a former patient who became an employee of Narconon once his therapy was completed. Though he is well known for publicly speaking out against the detoxification centre for the past few months, David Edgar Love had always declined to give details about the basis of his complaints regarding acts that are alleged to have occurred while he was an employee, between May 2009 and October 2009. He agreed to discuss them with Le Nouvelliste.

David Edgar Love entered Narconon in December 2008 because of a drug problem. In May 2009, he completed his therapy and was hired by Narconon. One of his duties was to perform a follow-up with patients who had already followed therapy at Narconon. "The organization claimed that it had a success rate of over 70%, but I quickly realized that it was much lower than that. When I raised this issue with my employers, they were not pleased," notes Mr. Love.

This questioning of procedures and his overall attitude did not seem to please the management. David Love claims that he was then subjected to intense psychological pressure and forced at least eight times to undergo "PTS interviews". The English acronym PTS stands for "Potential Trouble Source" and, according to David Love and another activist against Scientology, Gerry Armstrong, this concept is directly related to Scientology teachings. "What they believe is that there does not exist any sickness, neither an illness nor an accident, unless we are in contact with 'suppressive persons', people who do not believe in Scientology teachings and who contaminate us from outside. For them, I had thus become a trouble source", explains David Love.

The "PTS interviews" which he says he was forced to undergo at Narconon were, in his view, intended to cut him off from the outside world to prevent him from revealing the information he possessed.

"They held me in a room and would not let me leave. They forced me to disconnect from my family. They yelled at me, they even threatened me. My life was threatened. It was horrible, horrible! I was even told that if I said anything about what I know, I would be stalked and I would disappear," says Mr. Love.

The Labour Standard Commission judged that there were sufficient grounds to look into the matter and the investigation is presently under way.

Sexual harassment

Furthermore, the day after he was hired, David Love says he received a quite explicit letter containing sexual advances from a woman in the organization's management.

Feeling embarrassed by this message, Mr. Love says that he mentioned it to certain colleagues in order to ask about how he should react. He even says that he was encouraged by some employees to accept the advances, a suggestion which he refused to follow.

He says that the sexual harassment from this executive continued up to a few days before his departure from Narconon in October 2009. This matter has been reported to the Human Rights Commission.

In both cases, the employer refused to enter into mediation with David Love and an investigation is currently in progress. The result of the investigation could either acquit Narconon or bring the organization before the Human Rights Tribunal (Tribunal des droits de la personne).

Reached by telephone, the director of the Narconon Trois-Rivières centre, Marc Bernard, refused to make any comment regarding David Edgar Love's allegations, preferring to let the procedures of the Human Rights Commission and of the Labour Standards Commission follow their course.

Five Moves in Eight Months

David Edgar Love says he was persecuted long after he left Narconon

by Paule Vermot-Desroches

Trois-Rivières - The connections between Scientology teachings and the therapies provided by Narconon have already been the subject of many news reports and of comments and discussions all over the internet, especially on websites of groups opposed to Scientology, for example, Anonymous.

In an interview with Le Nouvelliste a few months ago, the director of Narconon Trois-Rivières, Marc Bernard, admitted that four or five employees out of about thirty staff members belonged to the Church of Scientology.

Marc Bernard said he had nothing to hide on this subject, but he also stated that the therapy centre was not being used as a proselytizing agency where the practice of Scientology is obligatory or recommended. On the contrary, he maintained that all races and religions are accepted at Narconon, and that the employees do not speak about Scientology with the patients.

David Edgar Love says he was surprised to read this statement. He arrived at Narconon in December 2008 for therapy and he says he had to view a documentary film that discussed Scientology teachings.

"I was even accompanied by a management person during the screening to ensure that I watched the entire film," he says.

In October 2009, upset by the experiences he says happened to him, David Love wanted to leave his job as an employee at Narconon. "But you can't leave Scientology just like that, especially when you have as much information as I could have acquired," says David Love.

He moved to Montreal and he says he has had to change his address five times since October 2009 because he was receiving threats from certain persons.

"On my FaceBook page, visible to everyone, I was declared an enemy. To them, this means that I can be harmed, robbed, spied upon without any retaliation from the church," recounts David Love, who gave a copy of this FaceBook message to the Labour Standards Commission and the Human Rights Commission.

These allegations are also under investigation by the Labour Standards Commission and the Human Rights Commission. Narconon declined to comment on this as well.
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« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2010, 11:54:17 AM »

               Narconon Warner Springs aka Sunshine Summit Lodge

I'm here to tell my boyfriend's story since he is currently stuck in
the "high desert" and cannot. For the time being I want his identity
to remain anon. so let's just call him John for John Doe lol.

John had left just last week, on Aug 11th. His brother was referred to
Sunshine Summit Lodge aka Narconon Warner Springs from a referral
I looked at the website and it looked good.

Now the night before he left I came across a few things online that
mentioned something about Sci. relations to Narconon. At the time I
didn't know the seriousness of it because I saw it for 5 mins and
decided to stop with the computer and spend time with J before he left.
However I did mention it to him quickly, and he knew nothing about
where he was going he said.

It wasn't until the morning he left that I googled some stuff,
expecting to find just simple reviews that kinda go "program helped,
food sucked" type of BS. That's not exactly what I found...

I don't have to get into the things that I came across because you all
are already aware. I was horrified to say the least.

I sent multiple links to his brother informing him on where we had just
shipped him off to. The more digging I did (and still am doing) the
more I am getting worried, and really PISSED off.

I contacted CRR, Mark from XENU, and Proff. T and they all have been so
kind and helpful sending me informative info etc. They are truly
awesome people!! (Thank you guys if you're reading this!)

John's brother thought they had no religious affiliation of any kind so
on that same night, he called up the facility and asked them straight
if they had any ties or affiliation with Scientology. They said NO.
plain and simple as that.

The next day I spoke with John's brother pleading with him to send him
somewhere else, that he will not get the help he needs there! Telling
him about everything I learned, the unsafe Sauna, the Niacin, the

He admitted to me that I may have a point that it may be based on some
theories of Sci, but if it works so what!
He basically took and is still taking this situation very lightly.

I think he thought I was being paranoid so he made me call Josh. Josh
was the referral hotline dude. Josh was no help, I new right away what
his deal was because he was waaayyy too biased and defensive over
Narconon. He did admit that Narconon was based on some theories of
Sci. I asked him why they lied to us and he said that it was probably
the way we asked?!

The rest of the convo was filled with useless crap bc all he did was
talk over me, get extremely defensive over Narconon (yet claiming to
have no ties to them other then going years ago).

I told Mark B about the convoo and he dug up that the number is owned
by Narconon and registered under a a Sci. I knew what to look out for
beforehand, and get other info thanks to CRR.

I immediately emailed this info to John's brother! Instead of
getting help choosing the best place for John, his brother basically
called Narconon directly to hear a good pitch from a salesman.

I wanted to scream at this point because wrong just isn't the word for
it anymore. These people are really getting under my skin at this point!

Over the past few days I have been in contact with my boyfriend.

The first day he was at the Dr getting a full phys. I talked to him the
next day and by the end of his first day at the actual facility he was
complaining. He said he was seeing weird things, people do weird
things. etc.

I had to tell him that "thing" I brought up to him before he left, that
it runs much deeper. He responded back to me with "I know TRUST ME, now

Then the director of the facility, Marty, wanted to speak to me.

Nothing was anything of importance that I can remember in the convo
other than towards the end him repeating to me THREE times in different
words, that if
John complaints about weird stuff going on to call him and ask him
directly and he'll clear it up! (how convienient)

On Friday I spoke with John again throughout the day. He was
complaining about them making him stare at people, etc. Basically he
started Book 1 of the TR's. (Thank's to the leaked books on here I can
stay one step ahead so I know what they are going to make him do I just
need book2 and 4a seems to be the same as book1)

He started telling me about how all the books were by Hubbard, ect. He
then told me that he had gotten yelled at earlier in the day by a staff
He went over by the pool area to just walk around and relax and one of
the staff members was holding a course session for book 4a I think and
they freaked out on John, and said he "can't be over there and that he
needs to leave!!!!". My bf told him in a nice way to basically F off,
He said that he was relaxing by the pool and that's that. He later saw
a student get angry and start yelling how they are a cult and that he
was leaving! John said the guy started walking out with his luggage
soon after.

Now this is when things get weirder....
Last night John was complaining about more TR sessions, the impossible
sitting still for too long etc, but they started doing the bullbaiting
which really annoys me. My bf was called a whole bunch of names and
then he had to do it back to his "twin".
This is when he started getting really annoyed at the situation... He
said he knows exactly what this place is, that his roommate even warned
him what its about and to be careful what he says.
John said they want to control every
little movement he makes. etc. I was telling him the stuff I read on
what the purpose for all the TR's were etc, I told him that he needs to
tell his brother EVERYTHING and tell him how serious this is and that
this is not addressing the
actual problem what so ever and that you're willing to go somewhere
else but to get out of there! John
cant do anything without the ok from his brother and said so. That he
just wanted to get through this as quickly as possible so he can come
home. Now remember he never said he wanted out now, that was me telling
him I wanted that.

As soon as I hung with him last night I get a text message from Marty
saying "I'm aware John is on phone saying get me outta here, I heard
him. Ill speak to him, ...freely call me if you wish. Marty"

I checked the time of the text and he sent it while we were on the
phone with each other. So he's basically admitting that the phones are
"bugged" and he
was listening! He had to be because It was really me who said that in
that wording. I didn't answer for him. 2 minutes later he called me and
left a
vmail saying that he is going to contact his brother and clear
everything up to make sure everything is ok and that he wants to talk
to me etc. (of course he does, nothing like being able to cover your
ass and save face by lying and BSing us)
I haven't called him. Why waste time listening to lies?

I talked to John today and he said he didn't talk to his brother yet.
He said Marty came into his room last night and asked him if everything
was ok, and he said Yes. Marty then was like well I heard you saying
you want to leave and J was just like na I'm fine...trying to play it
off like things are cool.

So folks these are the current happenings in Warner Springs, how we
were mislead from the first step we took to get out loved one help!
It's insane that they get away with any of their nonsense!

Anyway my problem now is that John's brother has been BSed sooo bad by
Josh, sooo bad by Marty that he believes despite some relations to Sci
they might have, that this is going to help him. He doesn't see the
seriousness in the situation and he doesn't see Narconon for what it
I sent him a text last night just updating him on how Marty seemed to
be listening, the phones being bugged etc. He didn't answer me. I think
he thinks that I'm paranoid and being a bit too much and crazy!

The only thing I can do now is continue to try my best supplying John's
brother with info, waiting for J's phonecalls on updates, and read the
leaked books so I know whats going on. So all I have now is to hope
things will turn out ok, and I am relieved to now have this forum, CRR,
Proff T, and Mark to turn to for help and to vent because otherwise
I'd be on my own in this.

If you please know any info specifically about Warner Springs Narc.
or any other general info, comment, anything at all! I will keep
posting updates about John's days etc.
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« Reply #8 on: September 02, 2010, 12:22:30 PM »

                        Death of a woman hits hard at Narconon

by Jenny Polman. Monday, October 15, 2007 | 5:23 | Last updated: Monday, March 1, 2010 | 1:56 p.m.

ZUTPHEN - Director Joanna Kluessien of private rehab Narconon Zutphen does not exclude anything when it comes to the unexpected death of the 30-year-old Laura, Friday.

Even that the woman, despite all the restrictions, has managed drug smuggling into center at the Deventerweg. "That is the horribility of it this," said a clearly disthraught Kluessien that has broken of a study tour to Denmark to be accessible for residents and relatives.

Laura - the fictitious name out of respect for the survivors - already spent eight months at Narconon rehab program and could well cope. "She ate well and even came gained weight, she slept well, was energetic and very helpful," said Daan Reinstra, public relations officer of Narconon, about the woman who was found dead friday morning in her bed. The cause of death is still unknown, but Kleussien and Reinstra do not exclude a drug-related cause. "Residents can be under guide going to the city but you can not people here 24 hours a day. The doors are always open and the stuff is everywhere available."

Narconon will seize the tragic incident for an even more intensive campaign against drugs. "We want to spread more information about what drugs can do. Because it is easier to deter youth from the start than getting them to stop using it. You can not warn children young enough. Its use seems increasingly to be accepted in our society, it looks stranger not to take pills than not. We're going to fight harder to eradicate drug use. Something like this should never happen again, we will do anything to make that happen. "

For the other (25) residents of Narconon is the death of Laura, a harsh lesson, says Kluessien. "They're shaken, talk about it a lot. They are back to face the facts. We also state." Laura initially used heroin, speed, and later subotex (pills), until she ended up at Narconon. Whether she was completely clean Kluessien dare not say.

Kluessien is very pleased with the way the Zutphen police dealing with the death of Laura. "Very thorough and compassionate. They want to get to the bottom too about what led to her dead. That is what we want. And if becomes clear she used something weonly hope that the person who the stuff was from is picked up." That has to be a Zutphen dealer acording to Kluessien . The residents spend a few days in their own way of attention to the death of Laura, who will be buriedin Greece - her country of origin - . "We're going to make a flower arrangement and will have a rememberance with a selected group people.
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« Reply #9 on: September 14, 2010, 11:27:35 PM »

    * Report: #522216

Report: Narconon - Vista Bay
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Reported By: Mark (Winchendon Massachusetts)
Narconon - Vista Bay Vista Bay Deceptive and False Advertising, Con Artists Watsonville, California
*Consumer Comment... Narconona Is a Complete Joke
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« Reply #10 on: September 15, 2010, 10:39:04 AM »

Oh Bless.... what a lovely success story.  Tom Cruise says that Scientology has the solution to drugs.  Looks like this person found the solution too...they ended up a real re-hab facility eventually.
I'm am constantly amazed at Scientology's deluded existence and their insistence that you should follow it too.
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« Reply #11 on: October 21, 2010, 08:09:05 PM »

                  Ex Narconon Worker David Love And Gerry Armstrong [1/2]

It`s the guy interviewed on the Edge a few posts above...

David Love interviewed on The Edge about Narconon
Tom Smith, the host of The Edge, interviews David Love about the fraud and abuses in Narconon. This interview broadcasts at 12:30 p.m. eastern U.S. time on Friday 16 July 2010 and at 11 a.m. eastern U.S. time on Sunday 18 July 2010.
The url to
A soundfile of the interview will post after it airs.
To say the least, you will receive some education about how NarCONon really operates.

Here is the download (audio file)
50.02 MB
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« Reply #12 on: October 22, 2010, 04:32:12 PM »

                            Narconon Vista sued   

 Narconon Rehab Called Front for Scientology


October 21, 2010

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (CN) - A father claims Narconon International and the Association for Living and Education International are fronts for Scientology, and that he paid them $35,500 for "essentially worthless treatment" for his drug-addicted son. He says the groups run rehab programs "to enrich themselves and to provide a recruit base for the Church of Scientology rather than to provide competent treatment for chemical dependency."

David Compton sued the two companies, and Narconon Vista, alleging fraud and breach of contract. He wants his money back and $1 million in punitive damages.

"The conduct of defendants is pervasive and plaintiff and his son are not the first victims of the conduct of defendants," the complaint states. "Defendants are engaged in a scheme or plan to enrich themselves and to provide a recruit base for the Church of Scientology rather than to provide competent treatment for chemical dependency. As such, their actions are intended to inflict harm upon the persons entering their programs while obtaining large sums of money for essentially worthless treatment. Such pattern of conduct has resulted in harm not just to plaintiff and his son but many other families who have been traumatized by actions of defendants."

Compton says that when he paid $29,000 for his son's rehab, he "was not informed that defendants are an off-shoot of the Church of Scientology and that the programs offered by defendants are used as a recruiting tool for the Church of Scientology."

He claims the defendants "engage in a 'bait and switch' program whereby all or virtually all persons who go to defendants' facility are first referred to 'chemical detoxification' for which a separate charge is imposed."

He says the detox program cost him an additional $6,500.

Compton says he "was informed that defendant utilize accepted standards of treatment for chemical dependency when, in fact, the treatment by defendants is not accepted in the treatment community as being within the standard of care."

He claims he "was informed that defendants had a 70 percent success rate in treatment of drug dependency when, in fact, their success rate is much lower."

He claims he "was led to believe that the facilities were clean and sanitary [though] in fact the withdrawal house was disgusting. The facility smelled of mold and the water dispenser had mold growing out of it. The facility had 10 residents of which 8 men all shared the same bathroom. There were human feces evident throughout the bathroom including on the floor, toilet and side of the bathtub," according to the complaint.

Compton wants his $35,500 back and $1 million in punitive damages.

Mr. Compton is represented in Santa Cruz County Court by John Hannon II of Capitola, Calif.
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« Reply #13 on: November 01, 2010, 11:23:44 PM »

                       Narconon Dangers and Health Risks - Part One

It is not a matter of “if” another person will die, it is a matter of “when.” Narconon is a dangerous rehab center and the health risks and dangers to the Canadian public must not be tolerated any further......

Read on here.
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« Reply #14 on: November 04, 2010, 09:53:08 AM »

                 Narconon - Success Rate Fraud Conspiracy - Dox
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