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Author Topic: Scientology under fire in Aus  (Read 54467 times)
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    The Australian media are not turning a blind eye any more..

 Melbourne school linked to Scientology received $300,000 in federal stimulus money

    * John Masanauskas
    * From: Herald Sun
    * December 03, 2009 12:00AM


A MELBOURNE school linked to the controversial Church of Scientology received $300,000 in funding from the federal stimulus package.

Yarralinda, in Mooroolbark, is one of two schools in Australia that uses the teaching methods of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently expressed concerns about the Church of Scientology after independent senator Nick Xenophon made serious claims against the organisation under parliamentary privilege.

Last week, the State Government told its schools not to distribute materials by a Scientology-funded group called Youth for Human Rights after it was revealed it organised a year 9 art prize.

Yarralinda, which boasts it is a "no homework school", says on its website it uses the Applied Scholastics method developed by Hubbard. The private school's patron is Scientologist Kate Ceberano.

Tom Cruise, a prominent church member, is a global ambassador for Applied Scholastics.

Yarralinda received $250,000 for a multi-purpose hall and $50,000 for refurbishment under the Federal Government's education stimulus package.

It will also get $340,000 over four years in federal aid for private schools and is given state government funding based on enrolment numbers.

Senator Xenophon said it was inconsistent that governments were banning Scientology-funded groups from state schools while the Federal Government was providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in stimulus money to schools directly linked to the organisation.

Yarralinda principal Christel Duffy, a Scientologist, said her school offered a broad curriculum and met all government requirements for public funding.

"Our focus is on nurturing students' natural abilities to equip them with both job skills and life skills," she said.

Church of Scientology spokeswoman Vicki Dunstan said Yarralinda was a secular school independent from the church.

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                                  Scientology secrets
                                        D-Day plus 14
See the video...

Watch an OT 8 caught out spying and then denying she is a scientologist.

Or on youtube...

Q.Do you think the Government should call a Senate Inquiry into the Church of Scientology?

Vote here...

DO IT !!!

Yarralinda school in Melbourne, took a second mortgage of a million bucks, to give to Mel Org, for its Ideal Org (on the promise that those who had pledged monies would pay the school back within a year).

A year down the track and nothing was payed back. Guess what the annual interest is/was on a million bucks?

A couple of years later (2008), only 10-20% was paid back.

So, the majority of the Govt funding that Yarralinda receives goes to interest on a mortgage which the school took out for the "Ideal Org"? Oh my!
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I have nothing else to do.

« Reply #17 on: December 10, 2009, 01:29:04 PM »

If your not doing anything wrong. Why is there the need to deny what organization your from? Argh, the blatant stupidity of these people aggravates me so bad. its right in front of their eyes but they are too idiotic to see it. Great win btw. :P

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« Reply #18 on: December 14, 2009, 07:53:42 AM »

                  Post from Sydney ( Whyweprotest )

 Sydney - Two Anons vs OSA Special Briefing ANZO
This afternoon Sydney Anonymous was alerted to a meeting being held at AOSH ANZO.

Email heads up was as follows:

Dear ____,

Due to recent events the usual Sunday Buffett Briefing held at the AO this Sunday
is being rescheduled.

OSA ANZO has called for a special briefing and all public are being asked to attend. It will be at AOSH ANZO this Sunday the 13th of December at 6pm. There will be a light buffett dinner provided and there will be a question and answer period following the briefing.

Please pass this message on and assist us by bringing others with you.Your backup and support is very much appreciated.


Kaneri Warren

Being within walking distance of ANZO I'd thought it best to at least have a known
presence during the meeting, especially considering the high possibility of Anonymous & Critics being on the agenda. I sent out a heads up to let other local Anons know that I was enroute and was soon joined by another a little ways up from the location.

A large carpak sits directly across from ANZO so it was there we decided to head to first, to get a view of how many public/staff were present outside, or arriving for the function. Observing from the carpark left us at the disadvantage of not letting our presence be known and also not being able to have an interaction OSA, when I say interaction I am referring to an adult conversation between two human beings. So we headed down the fire stairs and out the fire exit door, directly across the road from ANZO itself.

Our presence was instantaneously acknowledged by the 15 or so mix of staff and publics standing around - mobiles out of the pockets, staffers trying to casually usher people inside & ANZO security giving us their best practiced OT stare. At this point I had taken approximately two photos of the groups - these photos would not be really worth sharing as on inspection, they're somewhat blurry and offer nothing of real value. After about 8 minutes, the first of what was to be a handful of visits from our boys in blue, pulled up.

As soon as the police had arrived, a ANZO security guard with walkie talkie on his
belt approached the officers, pointed us out. One officer began taking a written report whilst the other approached where we were sitting. Unfortunately, this officer was not too pleased with us. I'll give you the short of the long to save a wall of text, this is the jist (of the first conversation):

Officer :"Right.. can you tell me what you are doing here?"
Me :"Sitting, drinking water, having a conversation."
Officer :"No - what ARE you doing here - why are sitting across the road from this
place - have you been taking photos?"
Me :"Yes, I have taken two photos in the few minutes that we have been here."
Officer :"With a camera? Taking photos of the people coming in and out of this building?"
Me :"That is correct."
Officer :"I want to see the photos - give me the camera."
Me :"Uh. No. You can't have the camera - what exactly is the problem here?"
Officer :"You are harrassing the individuals - you aren't allowed to take their photos."
Me :"Actually, yes I am. This area is public - I can take a photograph of whatever and whoever I like. Can I ask again, what exactly is the problem?"
Officer :"No - you can't take their photo - give me the camera"
Me :"No - you show me what law it is exactly that I am breaking and I will gladly
accommodate your request."

At this point the officer decided that glaring at me would help, so we stayed silently staring at each other for about 40 seconds.

Me :"Show me the law I'm breaking. That's all I'm asking of you."
Officer :"Why are you here?"
Me :"Ok fine. Myself and my friend of mine are here to observe a meeting that is taking place in this building at the moment. Why? Because we are part of a protest group which has been LEGALLY protesting this organization for close to two years now."
Officer :"Show me your permit!"
Me :"Permit? Permit for what?! We don't have signs, we are not wearing masks nor are we distributing anything. We are simply here to observe."
Officer :"You just said you were part of a protest group - this is a protest, show me your permit!"
Me :"We are not protesting officer - we're just sitting here. We havn't being harassing any guests to the building nor are we blocking any ingress or egress. If you could explain what law we are actually breaking, we will glady remove ourselves."
Officer :"Look. Why don't you just PISS ORF!"

And promptly turns around and goes back to the other officer who is still taking a written report from the ANZO security guy which contains christ knows what.

For about another 10 minutes or so the officers are conversing with each other about 20 feet away whilst the staffers and Public still in the vicinity are giving us the biggest sneers & shit eating grins you can imagine. Very very mature.

Eventually the officers are joined by another squad car, so now there is 4 police officers talking together. Myself and the other Anon talk amongst ourselves as wait for the outcome.

Surprisingly, and thankfully, the original officer returns to us - firstly apologizing for his outburst and then explaining their position. Their position is one we all should know too well by now, when a call is made they need to answer it. He also said it was fine for us to be where we were and as long as no intimidation or harassment takes place, then it wasn't a problem. He bid us good night and left.

We watched as the police walked back to their vehicle and enjoyed the shit eating grins falling off each and every public and staffer - yes thats right, someone knows his laws.

It was now approximately 6:30pm and the briefing was supposed to start at 6 - yet ANZO still had a mix of staffers and publics milling around. Looking inside from where we were sitting it was observed to be about 25 - 30 inside and 20 or so outside at any given time. We also were quick to notice again a flurry of mobile phones being pulled out and sure enough, within 5 minutes of that happening a police squad car would slowly drive down by ANZO. These 3 cars we saw did not stop, but did look over at us as they went by. It should be noted here that the "road" outside ANZO would be better described as an alley - so this amount of traffic in the area was not common. Also, I had not taken any further photographs apart from the first 2 taken when we got there prior to the officers turning up.

This of course did not stop the various publics and staffers from differing on that - once again the same officer pulled up in a squad car. This time being a lot more friendly and open, and definitely willing to reach a compromise. When he informed that he had received numerous calls of harassment & intimidation since leaving the area, I gave him the utmost assurances that these claims were not only not true but I could prove it by showing him the timestamps on the camera in my possession if required.

We got to talking about the reasons why we protest the Organization, how long we had been doing it and the various outcomes so far. I also gave him a few examples of how the Organization responds to open criticism, with slander and, funnily enough, lies & harassment of those individuals involved with the protest group.

It was a given that the security of ANZO was not about to cease calling the officers out & waste their time - so we offered a compromise; I would not take out my camera & we would leave the vicinity at 8PM. Giving us another 60 minutes to observe the incredible paranoia generated by two individuals simply sitting across the road from ANZO. The officer agreed & we shook hands, with him again apologizing for coming across as somewhat angry earlier. Nice guy, definitely hope to cross paths with him again (which I'm sure will happen)

So we sat across the road from ANZO, having idle chit chat and casually watching as various blinds in the windows above us would open a few inches and shut again, staffers inside standing cross armed in the foyer giving us their best OT stare and the occasional public who would come and sit near us - I would assume in the hope that we'd speak to them giving them more then ample reason to once again cry wolf to our friends in blue.

Once 8PM swung around, we made good on our promise and left without a sound. A big thanks to The Fatman for joining me there tonight. Always good to have second person for backup in case situations become unnecessarily escalated. Also a massive thanks to the young officer, I'm glad to know there is still boys in blue who know when they're dealing with a person who knows & respects the law.

A message to OSA - you made absolute dickheads of yourselves out there tonight. How's it feel to fail so miserably right in front of the publics you pulled in for your oh-so-secret briefing? Your tactics are laughable and they're piss weak. Keep em coming, we're loving the lulz.

Total amount of individuals attending briefing: 50, mix of mostly public and staffers


ANZO has sekrit meeting - two anons arrive. OSA shits bricks, bawws to police. Police raawwr raawwr! Anon nah-uh, norty! Police oh-- kthnx bye.
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« Reply #19 on: December 14, 2009, 07:58:59 AM »

 Default  CoS claims 250,000 Aus-sci's
AM - Senior Scientologist says 'no cover up' 12/12/2009

Bronwyn Herbert reports.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Its status as a religion is fiercely contested, but the Church of Scientology is undisputedly one of the world's fastest growing groups, as Reverend Bob Adams explains

BOB ADAMS: From one church in 1954 to… we're in 165 nations now; we have 8,000 churches, missions and groups right across this fair earth of ours.

BRONWYN HERBERT: And that includes about a quarter of a million Australian members. But many of the church's former followers have raised serious allegations of abuse.
Where ARE all those Scientologists hiding?

Australian Census 2006:

Church of Scientology

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
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« Reply #20 on: December 21, 2009, 07:36:43 AM »

    Aaron Saxton takes on the Sea Org in Sydney,

See his fifteen minute speech outside the Advanced Org.
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« Reply #21 on: December 21, 2009, 09:07:38 AM »

From: Gerry Armstrong []
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 12:00 PM
To: ''
Cc: <snip>
Subject: Offer to come to Australia to support call for Scientology inquiry

December 19, 2009

Senator Nick Xenophon
212 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Via E-mail:

Dear Senator Xenophon:

I’m writing you because someone has offered to fly me to Australia to contribute to the effort to bring about an inquiry into Scientology. I would like to communicate with you, or someone from your office, or someone else you suggest, to establish if and how I can be helpful, and to work out a schedule.

I am copying this letter to Seven Network’s Bryan Seymour and Craig McPherson because you commended them in your Senate speech for their investigative reports, and they might already even know of my relationship to Scientology.

Last Saturday, a videographer at the monthly Anonymous protest of Scientology in Vancouver, BC, Canada asked me about Australia, and then put this on YouTube: YouTube - Hey Gerry What About Scientology in Australia?

I mentioned that if my information or testimony about Hubbard, Scientology fraud, fair game, etc. was wanted in Australia I would be up for going there.

A man in Montreal saw the video, e-mailed my wife Caroline and me, and offered to pay our way for this purpose. I accepted, and this kind gentleman has now sent a sum to us by Paypal. For security reasons, our present intention is that I make the trip alone.

That someone in Canada has come forward to pay for this trip to support a governmental inquiry in Australia into Scientology evidences the importance this matter has for people internationally.

Caroline and I sent you brief reports last month in support of your call for an inquiry. Both of us were high level Scientologists and are now high level targets and opponents of the organization. My site: Scientology v. Armstrong

Caroline’s site: Refund and Reparation

Our site on Scientology’s “Suppressive Person” doctrine: Suppressive Person Defense League - Home

I have testified for over 70 days in depositions or trials in more than 20 Scientology related legal cases, written dozens of sworn declarations or affidavits, and spoken publicly or done media interviews on many occasions, most recently in Germany. I think that my knowledge and experiences can be helpful in understanding, questioning and dealing with Scientology, and I hope that Australia uses them.

I will also now communicate this information to Australian internet contacts Caroline and I have, so that my time can be well utilized, and this excellent opportunity developed for the best result.

Please feel free to forward this letter to anyone else.

Yours sincerely, and Merry Christmas!

Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P6
(001) 604-703-1373

Get the links and the video here...
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« Reply #22 on: December 23, 2009, 06:47:46 PM »

On December 3, 2009, Lise O’Kane of Brisbane, Australia officially
resigned from the Church of Scientology explaining, “I was
absolutely disgusted with what David Miscavige has done to our
precious technology. With Reverse Dianetics and Reverse Scientology
destroying so many lives worldwide,  I realized some time ago the
source of that plague was David Miscavige himself.”

A Scientologist for more than 10 years, well respected and well
liked throughout Scientology down under, Lise is a highly-skilled
auditor and fully-interned Golden Age of Tech Class IV C/S who did
her tech internship at AOSH ANZO. For the last five years, she held
the posts of Tech Case Supervisor and Auditor in Brisbane org.

Lise O’Kane was also Ed McBride’s auditor. For those of you who
don’t know, Ed McBride was a soldier in the Australian army who was
soaring after having just completed his auditing program in
February 2007. Ed decided to take a day off and inexplicably was
found dead 24 hours later. No one knows what happened. While his
death was unrelated to his auditing, the Church’s irresponsible,
secretive and evasive responses, coupled with the horrendous
revelations of crush regging and human rights abuses worldwide
convinced many that the Church had something to hide.

Lise was deeply saddened at the Church’s attitude in regards to the
McBride’s tragic loss (and as yet unexplained death of their son
and brother) and how it was all about the protection of the Church
and no care for the individual.

When the Church received the news that Lise was going to resign,
they sent in people to handle her from leaving. Like many staff
they were being kept in the dark with no idea what was really going
on in the world. So Lise took the opportunity to enlighten them, by
handing them a copy of “What happened to training?” from

Finally free from the Church’s suppressive control as dictated by
David Miscavige, Lise did what any normal human being would do, she
reached out to the Ed McBride’s family expressing her own sorrow
and condolences for their loss.

Lise is now an INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGIST. Visit to read her official resignation
from the Church of Scientology, written December 3, 2009, but just
posted today.

She can be reached at
                                             The resignation:

To: COB RTC (Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center)
IJC (International Justice Chief)
CJC ANZO (Continental Justice Chief, Australia, New Zealand & Oceania)
CO OSA ANZO (Commanding Officer, Office Special Affairs)
MAA AOSH ANZO (Master At Arms, Advanced Org and Saint Hill

I, Lise O'Kane of Brisbane Australia do hereby announce my resignation from the Church of Scientology. My International Association of Scientologists (IAS) card and Class IV C/S certificate have been handed back to Brisbane Org.

The Church of Scientology management in its current form is a suppressive group who are forwarding illegal orders and downright destructive activities from International Management. This group under “Command Intention” deal in propaganda and lies and promote this widely throughout the world as “unprecedented expansion”. Orgs are empty and hatred of Scientology is at an all time high yet the focus is to get upstat buildings and raise $ for the IAS to solve the problems and attacks. This is a wrong why. You cannot get Scientology within the churches anymore. The brilliant tech of LRH is just NOT available and in its place is a squirrel version.

Over the last 10 years that I have been involved in Scientology, I have seen the slow erosion of the Org to what it has become now. The lies and “doublethink” (George Orwell 1984) are rampant through each and every level. The fear to speak your mind is rampant throughout staff members and public. You can remain in good standing as long as you do exactly what you are told. You are told to LOOK but this really transcends into ONLY WHAT WE TELL YOU TO LOOK AT.

LRH says in Keeping Scientology Working Series #1 that we only get hit for “no” results or “bad” results. Well HELLO??? Where is your responsibility on this. All this trouble is self generated and yet is blamed on “SPs.”

I could write a very long-winded disconnection letter full of refs that are violated daily and broadly but to tell the truth. I really can’t be bothered. So below are some of many major points.

Personal and widespread comms that refer to the Golden Age of Knowledge (GAK) as the source reference. Squirrel [means "corrupted"]. (attached)
Embellished symbols by adding GAK microphone symbol with Dn and Scn ones and promoted broadly in magazines. Squirrel. (attached)
No “real” statistics given in magazines and on Scientology websites with evidence to back them up as true.
No profiles of any Int management staff on any legitimate website except for David Miscavige.
The keeping of outer org trainees at FLAG in Clearwater, Florida for way beyond what is needed for them to fire back into their own orgs to produce. Instead keeping them at FLAG to be cash cows for years under the guise of “waiting for perfection”.
The consistent reg’ing for the IAS as the only solution for the planet and using “rewards” and references out of context to get compliance and suppression on each individual to DO these squirrel programs. (attached)
The complete and utter nullification of allowing any Scientologist to freely express any grievances or protests that they have.
The public denial by Tommy Davis that disconnection does not exist. When we ALL know it does.
This week alone, Brisbane Org had Senior C/S Chief CMO, CJC ANZO and a top sea org recruiter directly running the Org on some recruit mission. Nothing personal on these guys they are great people but since when are they our recruiters??? They are management for crying out loud, how off-policy is THAT?? You guys are an absolute shambles. Its not a question of “having to bypass” because we aren’t doing our jobs. You aren’t doing yours. End of story.
There is no point trying to correct local orgs because the squirreling comes right from the top and the only way to correct this horrendous scene is by each and every public scientologist to just simply walk away and say NO.
I am now expressing my rights as set by LRH to freedom of speech and I am also taking back my right to freely use my ability gained on Grade 0 “To freely communicate to anyone about anything.” This ability of mine has been squashed for years within the church and yet brilliant in the outside world.
I am also using my right to assign a condition because I am damned if I am going to wear the condition myself for the lack of assigning it.

I assign the Church of Scientology management and all its entities the condition of TREASON.

I now say NO and hope that others will do the same.

Lise O’Kane
Brisbane, Australia
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« Reply #23 on: December 23, 2009, 07:07:28 PM »


Complete texts of Exes' letters tabled by Sen Xenophon
The complete text of all the letters from former Scientologists tabled by Senator Xenophon on November 17, 2009, along with his motion for an inquiry into the cult's tax exemption has been posted on Scribd by Jonny Jacobsen of Infinite Complacency.

Scribd: Xenophon Senate Letters

The document is 54 pages long and is a goldmine of information.

In his usual thorough way Jonny is analyzing and writing about each letter. So far he has written the following:

Infinite Complacency: The Letters filed to Senate

Infinite Complacency: 2 Aaron Saxton's letter I: Australia

Infinite Complacency: 3 Saxton's letter II: in the US

Infinite Complacency: 4 The Etheridge letters

Infinite Complacency: 5 Paul Schofield´s Letter

Infinite Complacency: 6 Kevin Mackey's Letter

Letters with page numbers in the document:

1. pp 1 - 4: Dean Etheridge

2. pp 5 - 11: Ana Etheridge

3. pp 12 - 18: Paul David Schofeld

4. pp 19 - 22: Kevin Mackey

5. pp 23 - 25: Timothy Underwood

6. pp 26 - 34: Carmel Underwood

7. pp 35 - 43: Peta O'Brien

8. pp 42 - 54: Aaron Saxton

download here ... 2.5 MB
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« Reply #24 on: January 15, 2010, 06:45:30 AM »

 Cult files ResOrd against Aaron Saxton to stop him raiding AIS event in Sydney!

From Scooter at ESMB
" The cult has just let slip its greatest fear.

It’s gone out of its way to stop my mate Aaron Saxton from appearing at the next protest outside AOSH ANZO by hitting him with a restraining order via the local police.

I haven’t gotten the full details from Aaron but these usually are filed by someone when they think they may be assaulted by a possibly violent person.

Why did the cult do this?

Short-term tactically it makes sense: Aaron can’t go and stand outside the AOSH ANZO and protest because he’s within the 200 (?) meters of the person seeking the restraining order. It stops Aaron making an impact on the public and staff of the AO like he obviously did at the last protest there.

Why is it so important to stop Aaron?

He used to be the receptionist there. So every public going into the building at that time he was there will remember the grinning teenager who used to greet them at the door. And wonder what the hell happened to make him now outside with a bunch of “masked misfits” protesting the very cult he lovingly served before. And every crew member who served with him will remember the dedicated young Sea Org member doing his utmost to “Save the Planet.” And wonder how someone so “on-Source” as a teen could now be “an evil SP.”

You see, a lot of the crew and public wouldn’t have known Aaron had been all over the TV and U-Tube. They don’t watch the “entheta” because they’ll wind up in ethics if they do.

They won’t know why Nic Xenophon spoke out in parliament, nor what he said. They won’t know Rathbun and Rinder have been out with their posse doing their utmost to bring down Saint Dave, COB. They won’t know how badly the French court case went against the cult. They won’t have any of this info because they trust OSA and the Co$ to give them all their info on the “wog world.”

So when an ex-SO member speaks out in front of his old org, and speaks with compassion for those he once was a team-member with, OSA has a huge problem.

I saw a little of this when I protested outside Melbourne org late last year. When we all rolled up outside the org, the ground floor of the building was boarded up and there were staff inside moving around leisurely. The soundbox was warmed up and a few speeches were made and nothing much happened inside.

Then I announced I was outside and talking specifically to the staff and public and panic reigned – windows were hurriedly closed, staff inside were suddenly running around.

Why? Because I was a threat – an OT, long-term staff, one of the enduring “good guys” now saying “it’s all lies, folks.”

Aaron IS threatening, make no mistake about it. He threatens the person who has taken out this order against him very much. She was (up to a few years ago at least) the major reg in Sydney for the Ideal Morgue scam. And Aaron threatens her livelihood big-time. He threatens her stats. He threatens the very food on the table and the roof over the berthing. Because he threatens to take away the very foundation the whole cult is built on: people who won’t/can’t look at the world for themselves but rely on the cult to do it for them.

So OSA just HAD to do SOMETHING (and before Thursday 2pm too, of course )

So they’ve awarded Aaron with an honour I don’t think any other ex has ever had – his very own restraining order.

It says “we are so scared of you and what you are doing we will do anything to keep you away from the doorstep.”

THAT is the ultimate status symbol in my opinion. It says that Aaron is so much bigger than OSA that they can’t do anything effective to counter what he’s saying. It says that OSA have no answer to Exes speaking up outside the orgs they are so familiar with. Because it threatens the very existence of OSA as we know it, Jim.

OSA is supposed to have external threats covered. Obviously Aaron is too big a threat for them to deal with in the usual way. So they’ve gone unusual. Out of fear. The thought of having Aaron outside the IAS event in a few days will have sent OSA collectively into a panic. Because it will prove how ineffective they are at their “jobs.”

So Aaron has received the highest honour there is – he’s officially recognized by Co$ as bigger, more powerful and more capable than all of the ANZO crew, OTs and other culties put together.

Sorry Alanzo, but you’ve got a lot to do to get that status, as have the rest of us.

Is there anyone else ready and willing to step up on the stage and challenge Aaron Saxton to the title? Try your best at the next protest near you.
Paul "Scooter" Schofield
ex-Syd F, NN Syd & Mel staff, ex ED NN ANZO
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« Reply #25 on: January 16, 2010, 07:52:08 AM »

     Saturday 16th Jan 2010  .. Keep an eye on this.
Aaron is showing up at the protest outside the Advanced Org in Sydney.

Just so you are up to speed, Aaron has a restraining order put out on him by a Scientology OT in Sydney.  This is a total admission that the OT levels and SP/PTS tech don`t work.  The basis of a Restraining Order is that one feels frightened for their safety. Aaron has only ever used verbal communication without one single threat either spoken or implied.

Watch for the videos on youtube tonight to see how this unfolds.
Many representatives of the media will be present.                   


On 16 Jan I will be with Anon protesting at the AO.

THIS IS WHERE THE CHURCH WILL CALL THE POLICE to get me served this Restraining Order.

I will get the media there.

There will be fireworks.

We have got to make a lasting impression because we do not have much time before February.

I am asking in the nicest possible way, PLEASE COME.

I am about to take a fall.

Lets show the Church when one gets whacked, 10 other Ex -Scn or ex-SO will be there.

We got to show them we will only increase our acitivites.

The staff no doubt have been briefed about me.

Imagine their anguish to see and hear from 5 or more others out the front?

Come on! Let's go for it. February is too close to not do this. If this was your last chance to say anything before The Senate decides, would you come?
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« Reply #26 on: January 16, 2010, 05:01:31 PM »

    Posted 6:00 PM New Zealand time. Sat 16th Jan 2009.

Originally Posted by sydanon

We have started, collecting petition signatures & talking with the public. 25 of us in full effect :D -- 19 minutes ago from mobile web

Here is the thread to keep updated...
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« Reply #27 on: January 16, 2010, 10:54:38 PM »

Re: Assaults! Sydney - 16th January, 2010
I just got a couple of calls from Kooka and Aaron.

They were at the pub I think and were very excited.

Their raid was full of lulz, I was told that they spoke on the bull horn for nearly four hours in front of AOSH ANZO.

Then a very strange thing happened, Mark Hanna, Vicky Dunstan's first husband and the Presisdent of the Cof$ ANZO up until recently came out and handed his card to Kooka, which read; Mark Hanna, Lawyer. She said he was shaking.

He then went up the street and spat on one Anon, tried to kiss another and snatched the I-phone from a third before he was restrained by the lawful Anons.

Here's the big news, it was in front of media and was captured by several phones and cameras. It will be aired nation wide in the news tomorrow.

Mark Hanna is currently being questioned by the police.

The funny thing is that Aaron was trying to obtain the "Temporary Restraining Order" that was supposedly to be served, the Glebe police knew nothing of it.

So, all in all the Anons had a very big day full of win.

Kevin Bloody Mackey
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Posted by Tamphex

Hey guys - just walked in the door and still have my boots on.

So heres the lowdown; Mark Hannah approaches myself and another Anon while I'm taking a break a little ways up from the Org. Asks me if I know Aaron (specifies Aaron's other surname, rather then Saxton) and so I inform him Aaron has gone around the corner to get a bite to eat but should be back shortly. And then I ask him if I can pass on a message. To that he says:

"No. It's none of your fucking business"

As he walks away I'm already dragging my camera out and walking behind him. He stops at a group of Anons further down, says something out of my earshot and then starts walking away. Then he turns around, his hands visibly shaking, opens his wallet and shows it to myself and a Exscn (Kookaburra) saying "You make sure you tell Aaron what it says on this card" (his lawyer business card) which he then gave to Kookaburra.

Then I look down the road and see Aaron walking up the road; as does he. So thinking this is the individual who is going to be delivering the restraining order, I start after him again. Then I notice he's now marching straight at Aaron with clinched fists. I turn around and scream for /b/ackup, yelling "Cameras! Cameras to me!" All the anons with cameras start to follow.

Then, he flips the fuck out.

One of camera anons, Malcom Wolf is now directly in front of him aiming front shot - the guy runs towards Malcom, flapping his arms. I kid you not, flapping his arms like a fucking bird, reaches Malcom grabs him around the neck and shoulder and attempts to kiss him. Malcom manages to struggle free and the guy is now about to start running (by this time he's already passed Aaron, who is calling for the police as is all the Anons behind me)

I came up behind the guy - put one arm around his neck and my other around his chest, shove myself up against the wall and used all the strength I could muster to hold him in place. The police came literally STORMING down the street while I have him restrained and command I release him, which I do. He then proceeds to continue to flip the fuck out, screaming all sorts of shit like how he's going to sue me, and sue anyone who publishes any footage.

The female police officer grabs him, while the other two police officers hold us back (by now, we're all fired up and screaming to have him arrested) The female officer takes him around the corner to the shopping center security room (while Zhent and I followed behind and all the way to the door) and we proceed to give our statements as to what happened etc.

Ok man I really need to take my boots off. And a glass of water & a cig.


Oh before I forget; what I did was not assault, what I did was legal restraint of an individual possibly endangering others in the vicinity.
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                Trouble in the house of Hubbard
January 23, 2010   

  As pressure builds for a government inquiry into the Church of Scientology, Nick O'Malley investigates the group's increasingly troubled operations.

It should have been one of Scientology's greatest moments. One of Tom Cruise's, too. But the day he accepted Scientology's greatest honour, the Freedom Medal of Valour (for Achievement in the Field of Excellence), Cruise might just have crippled the church.

The award ceremony was held in 2004 and before Scientology's charismatic leader, David Miscavige, introduced Cruise, a video interview of the actor was played to an enraptured audience.

''Being a Scientologist, if you drive past an accident it's not like anyone else … you know you have to stop because you know you are the only one who can really help,'' Cruise said against a pounding Mission: Impossible soundtrack.

''We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, we are the authorities on improving conditions … we can rehabilitate criminals … we can bring peace and unite communities.''

The statements would have raised few eyebrows among those in the glittering auditorium - they outline some of the basic beliefs of the church. But in 2008 the film leaked onto YouTube and Cruise was widely ridiculed, not only for the content of his speech, but for his wild-eyed delivery and for the odd bursts of laughter that punctuated it.

The notoriously litigious church responded typically, threatening to sue, and YouTube removed the clip.

The incident outraged the fiercely pro-freedom of speech online community and Anonymous was quickly formed - a loose, leaderless movement dedicated to attacking Scientology.

Within days of its creation in January 2008 hundreds of protests had been staged in front of church buildings around the world. Among the first were those in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Many Scientologists suddenly discovered there was a widespread opposition to the church for the first time. One was Sydneysider Kevin Mackey. ''I began researching online. A lot of what Anonymous said was wrong, they mixed up fact and rumour, but it was enough to get me looking. ''I went home and read and read and read.''

Within two weeks Mackey had decided he would never enter a Scientology building again. He knows he will never see the $1.1 million he says he and his wife spent and donated.

Mackey is one of the complainants the independent senator Nick Xenophon referred to when he made a damning speech attacking the church in Federal Parliament last November.

''Scientology is not a religious organisation. It is a criminal organisation that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs,'' he told Parliament.

He catalogued the allegations made by Mackey and his friends, including that the church committed fraud, that it was party to perjury and forced labour, that it broke priest-penitent privilege to manipulate members and that it pressured employees to have abortions.

The church's Australian president, Vicki Dunstan, denies the allegations, describing the complainants, including Mackey, as disgruntled apostates, bent on damaging the church.

She believes the church is under constant attack by Anonymous, which she described as a misinformed ''hate group'' dedicated to total freedom of speech.

Raphael Aron, who heads Cult Counselling Australia, told The Age he believed Xenophon's speech had dealt the Australian church ''a mortal blow - the most serious since their beginning in Australia''.

This progression from online criticism to defection is common around the world, says Stephen Kent, a professor of sociology at the University of Alberta in Canada and a leading expert on Scientology.

''Scientology is based upon a growth model,'' he told the Herald. ''Its policy is to reward upstats [increases in membership and revenue] and punish downstats.

''So in a period where the internet is filled with hostile information, in the context of a global economic downturn and probably with declining membership, the likelihood is great that the organisation is experiencing severe financial pressure.''

It is impossible to accurately gauge the church's membership. Dunstan says there were about 250,000 members in the Australasian region. The most recent Australian census reveals only 2513 identified themselves as Scientologists.

With an official presence in at least 30 countries, the church claims it has 10 million members worldwide, but Kent believes the true figure could be less than a tenth of that number.

An American church official, Tracie Morrow, who is visiting Australia at the moment, denied it had suffered any decline, saying that in the past five years it had expanded more than ever before, but she was unable to offer any figures.

In August last year Scientology's most senior Norwegian member, Geir Isene, very publicly defected. He published online a paper condemning current church management. He called the church's global building campaign, known as the Ideal Org crusade, a ''scam'' designed to ''add to the value of its assets by pressuring its public for money''.

To put his defection into context, Isene had reached Scientology's highest level, Operating Thetan VIII. When Cruise won his medal he was OTVII. The church's founder, Ron L. Hubbard, had estimated Gandhi and Jesus Christ to have been somewhere below OTI.

A string of high-profile defections followed in the United States, including the multi-Oscar winning writer and director Paul Haggis, who wrote to the church's chief spokesman, Tommy Davis, and accused him of lying by claiming the church had no policy of ''disconnection'' or banning certain members from contacting family members or friends outside the church. Haggis's wife had been forced to disconnect her parents, he wrote. The letter was leaked.

Then the St Petersburg Times in Florida wrote a damning series of stories about the church using the testimony of the most senior of its defectors - former second-in-command Marty Rathbun and former spokesman Mike Rinder.

In France the church and six of its members were convicted of fraud, fined and forced to publish the findings in French and English language newspapers.

Kent believes the internet landed its first blow on Scientology in 1995 when the story of Xenu was first published on the newsgroup alt.religion. scientology, and the church launched a copyright infringement action to have it removed.

Xenu is crucial to Scientology's cosmology but the church has always been reluctant to publicly acknowledge it.

The story of Xenu came to light when a former member, Lawrence Wollersheim, successfully sued the church for ''infliction of emotional distress" in 1985. He was awarded $US30 million in damages, a sum reduced on appeal.

Xenu, it turns out, was the evil ruler of an intergalactic federation that was struck with overpopulation problems. He lured billions of aliens to Earth on spaceships shaped like DC-8s, but without engines, and stuck them in volcanoes and then dropped hydrogen bombs on them.

Their souls, known as thetans, linger on Earth causing serious mental health problems, which the Church of Scientology can cure, for a price, through its auditing process.

The story of Xenu is only made available to Scientologists who have ''cleared'' themselves through auditing and then progressed up the rungs of church teaching to the level of Operating Thetan III.

When the story was entered into evidence the church sought and failed to have it sealed. Kent believes its widespread dissemination online has caused a permanent decline in church numbers and a resulting cut in its revenue.

The Wollersheim case was also instrumental in revealing Scientology's doctrine of Fair Game, by which enemies of the church, Suppressive Persons or SPs in internal jargon, may be attacked.

The founder Hubbard, a science-fiction writer, revoked the policy in 1968 due to bad publicity, but the church's aggressive stance towards perceived enemies remains and former members have told the Herald they believe they are now being ''Fair Gamed''.

The policy also appears to justify the church's espionage against the US government. In the 1970s agents of Scientology infiltrated a string of government offices and private organisations with orders to remove any documents about the organisation. In 1979, 11 senior members, including Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, were convicted or pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including obstruction of justice, burglary and theft of government documents.

Isene's departure prompted two American OTVIIIs, Mary Jo Leavitt and Sherry Katz, to leave.

All three say they maintain their belief in Hubbard's teaching, but not in the church. This type of split with the Scientology is becoming increasingly common - many dissatisfied with the church have affiliated with the so-called Free Zone and continued their study of Hubbard's teachings.

The Australian church members who came forward to Xenophon say they have gathered online information and passed it on to hundreds of church members, prompting more defections.

According to Kent, the free availability of information like this online is enough to dissuade many of those who might have a casual interest in the church from pursuing it. But he believes the church's reaction to its decline has been far more dangerous to it than the bad publicity.

Rather than tighten its belt the church has launched a campaign to build new churches and centres around the world in a bid to draw in newcomers. The new centres are known as Ideal Orgs.

''The Ideal Org is probably a reaction to global decline, and if so then it is a very dangerous business strategy,'' Kent says. ''It well may be that some of the deviance we are hearing about in the organisation, including embezzlement and fraud, have to do with the severe financial pressures the organisation is under at the moment because of the Ideal Org.''

The Herald has obtained an newsletter sent to Melbourne members shortly before Christmas demanding Ideal Org donations.

Its tone is light but its message is clear. ''All Melbourne field need to be alert, and possibly even alarmed! We have detected a new syndrome that may affect up to 97.5% of all Scientologists in Victoria: Obsessive Compulsive Donation Disorder Denial Syndrome,'' it begins.

The only cure for the syndrome is for all members, except those who have donated that very day, to ''come to the org with cash, cheque or your credit card''.

Unlike many of its critics, Kent does not dispute that Scientology is, at least in part, a religion.

''The bottom line with Scientology is that it is a multi-faceted transnational organisation, only part of which is religious. Many other parts have evolved. Business management, pseudo drug treatment, pseudo psychiatry, education systems.''

He believes a Senate inquiry into the church's activities in Australia would be appropriate.

''I suppose the people supporting the inquiry would say it is not about religion; it is about [alleged] crimes and malfeasance being committed by an organisation that has charitable status.''
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