Scientology under fire in New Zealand

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                        Scientology.   This is the session !!!

                      Today ...Wednesday 25th Nov 09.

Start of session....  7:00 am TV3 sunrise. Watch from 8.45 am.

                            7:00 pm TV 3 Campbell Live.

                            9:30 pm TV 3 Inside New Zealand "How to spot a CULT."

Make sure you stay sessionable .

                            Further auditing to be announced.

Yeah, Destiny's Church the other week, the cults thing this week, heaaaps of anti-cult news out and about, awesome!

What was on Sunrise? Do we have any anons/ex-scilons representing? I hope we'll hear a bit about Scientology.. on the other hand they've been keeping themselves very, very quiet in NZ so wouldn't be surprised if there isn't much on 'em. Destiny's Church and friends have a much higher profile.

Yay! Just saw Genny, hehee!

Holy shit, what a great doco!

way to go Lance and Genny - I don't know who the other lady was though.

There has been more bad press this year for our scio friends than all the other years combined.

Doesn't that tell you something?

The question is - are the news media going to get scio fatigue?

I suppose that depends on what new revelations or inquiries come out.  Certainly the media is getting revenge on all those years scio sued, threatened to sue, or otherwise intimidated them.

The only scio stats that are increasing is slappy's real estate square footage. The other sides of sciodom are well and truly screwed.

Get ready to have the last drop of blood sucked from you, scios.

You could have course leave with a drop still flowing in yer veins.  All the tech you will ever want has been freely available since 1982.

Hubbards dead and not coming back - Miscavidge has well and truly shafted you all - and you know it.



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