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Author Topic: Why I love Anonymous..... and WoW  (Read 1129 times)
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We cannot die; we are forever.
You cannot stop us; we are forever growing in numbers
You cannot go anywhere; we will be watching you.
You can no longer be mostile or malcious; we will stop you
You cannot spin your lies to make them truths and make our truths false
You cannot dictate what 'truth' is; this is subjective. There is no universal truth.
You cannot spin your lies to make them truths and make our truths false
You cannot deceive us; we know the truth.
We are legion, we are Anonymous.

My first sighting of Scientology came at a quintessential meeting of the minds at a friends house in the Upper Hutt City. There, after a long Saturday day being spent at the beach drinking beer and eating bree cheese, lettuce, Vogels bread and large BBQ quantities of MEAT, MEAT MEAT, I was having the most elaborate drunken conversation with a good friend who began telling me an epic story which I now remember and call the "Scientology Diaries". He revealed to me the true nature of scientology and I was captiviated. I don't know if it was just my drunken state of mind, but I wanted in. I wanted to learn more about this wacky religion and why it was such that people were against it. I decided I would do my homework on the matter.

So it was that when I returned home I switched on my computer (<3) and began absorbing huge quantities of information. I searched everywhere untill I could not learn anything more about Scientology. I visited the wikipedia's, the xenutv's, the alt.religion.scientology's forums of the innernets. I had done my homework. I then knew that I understood Scientology completely. Although I understand that knowing both sides of a story is important to gain a full picture of things, I didn't want to waste any time heading into a scientology org or view any of their materials - I already knew what was true and what was not. I figured, journalists try and know both sides of a story, but who likes them :D.

I thought the story of scientology and me was over then, but much later into that night, on my religious application of playing WoW, I stop thinking about it. My skills in WoW increased; I felt like I was now fighting a new war, a war to save mankind. These silicons are no different than hostages. We need to free them, and we are the only people on the planet that can do so. We are the authorities on cults. I can't just go past a Scientology Org or a mission, or someone reading a book by LRH and just keep driving by. I look at them and I know that I'm the only one that can help him.

As I slept much into the following afternoon, I awoke peaceful. I felt like I now had a purpose in the world. I would divote myself to saving the world from Scientology.

Then, a year later, something magical happend. A new group emerged that shared my ideals and wanted to do what I wanted was born.... it was legion, it was Anonymous. Oh jesus. Man was I in for a ride... As I followed the developments of Anonymous I felt like the whole world was waking up. I knew that if I belonged to this organization I could actually DO something about how the world is going downhill through scientology rather than just standing by an doing nothing. Anonymous made me get my act together, it pulled in my intentions and now made me responsible too.

In summary... while we continue to expand by huge amounts (I believe we are the fasting growing anti-cult movement in the world) we will inevitably keep going untill our Final Solution, if you will, is eventualized. We might change our  numbers, and sure the other team will have victories, but we will continue spreading the cause, defending the faith. We have to protect the materials we have on Scientology, because they want them back and they want to censor them shitless. The materials we have in our possention on the beauty that is the internet is the tools we have to spread our word out to the commons. To provide an understanding of this phenomenon, and what we are trying to destroy, is contained within the walls of not only this forum, but inside the hearts of all Anony's worldwide. We can make a difference, we can change this world from the downward spiral that it is going down through the influence of Scientology. We are, individually and collectively, the complete description of Anonymous. We are a movement and its our organization, its activities and its growing influence in society is growing.

Anonymous Works. We are getting people out of Scientology. We are teaching the world the evils of Scientology. The people are learning and with every day with our collective might our message grows clearer and fervents more authority. 

But we cannot do this alone. We need everyones help. The enemy is powerful. As we are aware from Clearwater, they have the assistance of local government and police. Therefore, we are not going against merely a religion, but a government and all the might it commands. I do not believe in or subscribe to religious labels for individuals. I am not a thetan, a clear or a SP. The scientologists are trying to drug us with their religion, trying to spread false causes for our social ills and personal problems. They want to keep their position by continuing keeping society under their control. Scientology is an industry of fasle beleif. They shock people with their lies. We, as Anonymous, cannot stand by.

This is a game we can win. Just like becoming lvl60, you need to go through the ranks to become a True Anonymous. I am Anonymous. that defines who I am. people ask me who am I, and they want to know who I really am, and I just tell me this: "I am an Anonymous." It is a title I respect in others and i vigerously apply to myself. Its a title that I have to earn. If you want to be a Mage of a magical creature like in WoW in real life, then here is your chance. What do you want your childrens children to say when they ask you "Grandpa, what did you do about it?"

We are Anonymous, we are legion, not a religion. We Are the True Truth of the debate. Accept us, expect us, you must or you will never understand what the world is truely about.

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