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Author Topic: Scientology Schools in New Zealand  (Read 2813 times)
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Seize the moment

« on: April 08, 2008, 12:57:20 PM »

The name for scientology schools is 'Apple' schools and they have had their heyday in the states.  Here in NZ they are not recognised as proper schools but the push is on to have them recognised.  I hear that there have been submissions to govt about it.  So far the answer is no, so they are obviously going under convert names.

Don't send your kids to these schools:

Speak Better English
P.O. Box 63052
Papatoetoe, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: 011 649 274 5471
Fax: 011 649 258 3937
Director: David Rule

Sunny Day Homeschool
13 Suttin Cres
Papatoetoe, Auckland 63052
Australia  (!!!!)   (It actually says Papatoetoe is in Australia OMG that is funny)
Phone: 011 649 274 5471
Director: David Rule

They are listed on this site

as being schools scientologists WANT you to send your kids to.

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« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 10:28:16 PM »

Wait, what? Sunny Day Homeschool?
How is that homeschooling if you're sending your kids to a school?
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« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2008, 11:34:21 PM »

I'm wondering how many people would be stupid enough to send their kids to a "home" school that's not only not at their own home, but according to the information provided, not even in their own country.  ??? ;D

Thanks for the info

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« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2008, 12:37:21 PM »

Cheers OnceBitten for starting this thread; I really don't know that much about Scilon schooling in NZ; here's hoping someone can let us know how active these places are.

Here's some copypasta from a post I made on Enturb recently:

Applied Scholastics
This is the umbrella body for Scientology 'study tech' groups.

There's three NZ results from sci site!

Applied Scholastics New Zealand
13 Sutton Cres
P.O. Box 63052
Papatoetoe, Auckland New Zealand
Phone: 011 649 278 4077

Dennis Paul
P.O. Box 34294, Birkenhead
Phone: (649) 480-4567

Eithan Heke
2363 Motu Road, PO Box 18
Opotiki, B.O.P. New Zealand
Phone: (027) 224-2375

There are two NZ listings on this ABLE watchdog page - alreadt posted by OnceBitten.

The P.O. Box and phone numbers for Sunny Day Homeschool and Speak Better English match up with the Applied Scholastics ones, so it's fair to say David Rule is the go-to guy for NZ.

From !sci site

David Rule: "I am a reading, spelling and English as a Second Language Tutor and am a Principal of a small private school. I use Mr. Hubbard's study technology in these activities."

Whitedeth has conrimed that there's no way 13 Sutton Cres has a homeschool run out of it.

There are several Rules listed in the Scientology Service Completions database, but no David.

Dennis Paul has been a scientologist since at least 1994. Eithan/Ethan Heke is not listed in that database.

Applied Scholastics NZ Trust!

From the good ol' companies database:
Number    1760714
Incorporated      24-JAN-2006
Current Status      REGISTERED    
Organisation Type      Charitable Trust    
Previous Names No Previous Names on record

Address Details
Registered Office
  4 Anglesea Street
  Freeman's Bay

Address for Communication
  P O Box 63052
  Papatoetoe South

Details of officers/trustees have not been provided. This information is optional.

Documents Registered
Date    Barcode    Description    File Size    Available
29-NOV-2006 16:19:58       Particulars of Organisation Address    
24-JAN-2006 11:14:45    10050039685    New Incorporation Other Entities    387.1 Kb

The incorporation application pdf listed them as being based out of the Oranga Community Centre, however they then changed to the Freeman's Bay address in 2006. CCHR seems to have been based at the centre once too; presumeably they let office space to community groups. It could be fruitful to investigate whether Applied Scholastics has ever recieved funding from the local council.

Applied Scholastics New Zealand Trust December 2005

Manuel Schamroth, Director
Reitoa Rule, Administrator
David Rule, literacy tutor

First Committee Officers
Chairman - Mr Manuel Schamroth
Secretary - Mrs Rei Rule
Treasurer - Mr David Rule

"Applied Scholastics (TM) is an organization entrusted with a proven study technology. APPLIED SCHOLASTICS NZ is a division of a global organization dedicated to providing effective education."

Yup, sounds like L Ron's scilon tech at work there. They apparently provide community courses, business courses and training for tutors.

"The trust will run lectures, seminars and workshops to provide information and education on anti-drug, anti-alcohol, values and life orientation education."

Scientology values? There's no disclosure of any Scientology relationship in the dox... It's incorporated as a non-profit; presumeably they have to pay licensing fees to RTC for using the study tech. Do they own/regulate Speak Better English and Sunny Days Homeschool if they're still around? I know David Rule tutors non-native English speakers. Have they managed to get any government funding for 'educational purposes'?
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