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Author Topic: A plea to reason.  (Read 1544 times)
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« on: March 30, 2010, 11:18:41 AM »

  Tuesday March 30th 2010.

Dear Scientologist,
                            Very soon you will be without a structure to hold your
religion up. The Scientology corporation is being exposed worldwide for the
deception it has perpetrated on the world. Just do a search for Scientology
on the internet to see if this is or isn`t so.

Soon the philosophy of Scientology will have to stand on its own.
Corporate Scientology is sinking beneath the waves.
And what will you be losing ?

1. Constant demands on your finances.
2. Constant demands on your time.
3. Constant compromises of your own reality.
4. Threats , fear and intimidation.
5. Constant pressure to "Save the planet."
6. Fear of expressing your sexuality.
7. The need to cut friends and family out of your life.
8. The inhibition of free choice.
9. The guilt imposed on you for following your own true passions and goals.
10. The freedom to have your own viewpoint or opinion.

So what would you be giving up ?

The chance to go free and live in eternity.

But even Hubbard defines a spirit as eternal.
So your eternity is already assured.
As for freedom... Can you just stop for a moment
and explain to yourself how a staff contract equals freedom ?

But what about going clear ?
And what about going OT ?

Scientology has been handing out certificates for sixty years
saying it has produced these states....

Maybe you have some of these super human skills.

Contact this guy and earn $1,000,000 US by showing him your
super human abilities.

It`s all strictly supervised. You can film the whole thing.
You chose the ability. 
Maybe you have OT powers. Maybe you have a perfect memory.
Or maybe you are just so in debt that it would class as a super
human skill you have.

It would be an overt for you not to take advantage of
this offer.

If you have not contacted the website above...
Continue reading...

Face the fact that you do not have what Corporate scientology has promised you.

Just walk out !!!  Take your phone off the hook. Stay with relatives.
Whatever . Escape from the clutches of organized Scientology for a few weeks.
Then when you`ve gotten back your sense of self, send me a personal message through this site and expect to speak with someone else who was lost and is now found.

I can assure you that the Scientology philosophy is still there for you
to do whatever you chose to do with.

Much easier to study when you don`t feel like there is a gun to your head.

Yes ... You will feel alone and frightened for a bit.
It`s your choice.
Live a happy LIE..... Or face the sad TRUTH.



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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2010, 01:45:30 AM »

 The Scientology Corporation is rapidly falling apart.
The truth of this is withheld from Scientologists by
a philosophy of censorship of information that scientology
strictly enforces.

What you can observe for yourselves is that you are now
being held responsible for the salvation of Scientology
through your money.

You are constantly being hit up for donations.
No matter how much you give , it is never enough.

This is a big part of why you aren`t seeing new people in the org.
Few Scientologists wants to expose their friends to this blatant and ceaseless begging.

Corporate Scientology is now on the rocks.
It is doomed.
You will outlive it. You will be financially ruined if you stay on board.
It is your children who will be deprived.
I know you have been taught that what I`m telling you is suppressive.

When did common sense become suppressive ?

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