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                                                    The Author.

                                                      Part 1

                                                    Ghost writer

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, white papers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Wiki

Every human is a ghost writer.

The author does not have a story.
For a story to exist there must be conflict.

Conflict is the story.

As the author has no conflict, the author is story less.

The author is outside of the story and beyond the reach of conflict.

To arrive in the story the author must author an author... A ghost writer.

The ghost writer is in conflict.The ghost writer will exist for as long as conflict does.

Once conflict ceases to exist there is nothing for the ghost writer to write about
and thus his/her existence is no more.

The ghost writer can only write about conflict. There is no choice. There are no other stories.

The ghost writer is a conflict writing machine.
It has no choice.
If it ceased to write about conflict, it would all be over for the ghost writer.

The ghost writer can never observe what the ghost writer is because the ghost writer
is observing through the ghost writer.

The ghost writer is creating the observation. And that observation is separation and division...
Which is conflict.

The ghost writer is the human.
And the human is trying to write its way out of being a ghost writer.

Do you see the dilemma ?

The ghost writer is trying to write it`s own happy ending. It has to. There is no choice.

The ghost writer is writing to free itself from having to write.

Thus the ghost writer is it`s own jailer.

The last thing it writes can only ever be the first thing.

The author authored the ghost writer.

The ghost writer cannot un-write itself because it is the authored. Not the author.

 The ghost writer is not the actual. You are the actual.... Surrounded by the non actual.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on February 26, 2017, 07:33:29 AM
                                                    The Author.

                                                      Part 2

                                                    The story of conflict.

The story of conflict is the human story.

The human has known nothing but conflict.
The human tries in vain to end conflict. But to end conflict is to end the human.
The human is the ghost writer who`s function is to author conflict.

Without that conflict the human would not have a story.

Is what one is observing here what is actual? Or is it just another story?

Let us have a look.

Sit in a distraction free environment , close your eyes and connect your breathing.
Surely this is as simple as can be, Just spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from your life.

Now notice how on the face of it this appears to be very simple.

And yet, before you know it something else has taken over.

All this chatter. All this conflict. All these stories.The connected breathing has ceased.

Okay.... All that distraction is the ghost writer that is pretending to be you.

Is this observable?

Is it what is actual. Is there anything you can do about it?

If there isn`t...then it is what is actual.

So can it be observed that the human ghost writer is sentenced to a life of conflict, pain, discomfort, and suffering?

Unwilling to be a victim of this , the human seeks help. And who does it turn to?
The ghost writer. !!!

Now the ghost writer says I must write a story about overcoming all the pain, suffering and discomfort.

The ghost writer wants a happy ending. That is the carrot.
And it falls for it every time.

"I will be free of pain, discomfort and suffering as soon as I .....   ......    ........."

But the moment you .....    .......    ..........   it is over.
It is gone. " I will be happy when I am married." becomes  "I will be happy when I am divorced."
" I will be free of pain, suffering, and discomfort once I have a job." becomes "I will be free of pain, suffering and discomfort as soon as I leave my job."

It is a con.

But the human is so busy looking through this mechanism that they fail to look AT it.

While one is looking through it, there is always something can be done.

But when one looks AT this mechanism there is nothing can be done.

The human cannot observe the actual. That is why s/he is stuck here in mystery.

In a cry of desperation the human goes to the only thing it knows, the thing that is it`s very essence....

The human turns to the ghost writer and says "Write me the fuck out of here."

And the ghost writer says "That`s all I do.  I will keep writing you out of here as long as you exist."

"If I didn`t wouldn`t exist to be written out."

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                                                  The Author.

                                                      Part 3

                                          The ghost writer is the voice of experience.

When the voice in your head has no experience to draw on, it has nothing to say.

Where it has nothing to say, it is absent.

Experience is the bread and butter of the ghost writer.

The more experience the ghost writer has, the more it has to say.

Those experiences are real because the ghost writer says so.

The ghost writer depends on experience for it`s very existence.

The ghost writer pretends it is creating.
But it can only ever reorganize experience.

Accumulation and construction are a pair.
Neither can exist without the other.

Experience is accumulated and constructed by the ghost writer.

You are not the ghost writer. The ghost writer is the accumulation and construction of experience given a voice.  The ghost writer is the author of the horror story it exists in.

To end the horror story is to end the existence of the ghost writer.
While the ghost writer exists there is no end to the horror story that is the human experience.

The ghost writer remains undetected because one is looking through the ghost writer.

Maybe see it this way...

One is always observing through their experience.
The experience one is observing through cannot but compromise what one is observing.

One has had bad experiences with the opposite sex. Thus one cannot observe the opposite sex without the bad experience distorting the observation.

Experience is conditioning.

Experience and conditioning are all the ghost writer knows.

Conflict is conditioning butting heads with conditioning.

We are merely observing the mechanics involved here.
We are not in conflict with them. We are not trying to do anything about them.

The moment one finds something, s/he who was looking for it is no more.
Transformation has occurred.

The ghost writer is forever more.
The ghost writer is complex observation looking for simplicity.

Not convinced that you are observing through a ghost writer that is writing
a script of conflict and slavery every second of your existence.???

Sit down in a distraction free environment, close your eyes and connect your breathing.

Now observe the ghost writer in action.

Observe what is actual.

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                                                   The Author.

                                                      Part 4

                                                  The penny drops.

The ghost writer specializes in writing stories. It is all it does.

Without a story, the ghost writer is nothing.

There is no end to the stories the ghost writer will come up with.

It has a story for everything.
If you introduce something new to the ghost writer it will put it into a story.
Till it does, it can`t make sense of what it is observing.

Trouble is... Life has no obligation to make sense to anyone.

Life having to make sense is itself a story.

The moment a story is engaged, observation of the actual is avoided.

There is nothing but what is actual and the stories we tell ourselves.

There is no way out of this.

The ghost writer has no choice but to come up with a story to account for it`s existence.

See if you can observe the mechanics of this.

"Why ? Why ? why ?" the human pleads with the universe.
"I want answers.!!"

"What am I doing here? How did I get here? When will my suffering end?"

And so rather than observing what and how one actually is, the ghost writer diverts it`s owner to a story
that tries to make sense of it all.


One observes the ghost writer in action. 
Now rather than be there with what is actual, the ghost writer will make up a story about how it came to be.

"Maybe it was chemicals from the big bang....  Maybe God looked down on the earth and said "I like what I see...
How can I fuck it all up?  Maybe as a baby you were denied a nipple once too often and that is the cause of all your suffering.

There could be books full of stories written. full of theories and evidence and statistics explaining
why you are a complete victim of circumstances.

Tests could be done in laboratories.

Maybe one day all the stories could be united and we could have the one true story.

What if someone brainy went through all the wisdom man has accumulated and put it all to the test to see exactly what worked.

Well what worked was the guy sifting through all that irrelevant garbage.

They are all stories.

God. The atom. The big bang. Evolution. Creationism. Politics. Science. And story telling.

While you are buying into this story, all of your problems exist because of the past and all of their solutions are in the future.

You just have to put in the time.

There is nothing you can do about it if you look at this as actual.

There is plenty you can do if you don`t.

Everything that is holding you here is happening now.
Everything else is simply a story.

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                                                   The Author.

                                                      Part 5

                                              A goodnight story.

What a story does is puts it`s listeners to sleep.

For someone who buys into any story, they are living in a day dream.

The victim of a story is not observing what is actual.
They are distracted by the realm of thought.

Humans take great pride in doing this.
It is called being intellectual, or intelligent.

This intelligence deflects it`s owners attention away from the fact that it is completely ignorant.

Completely ignorant of the actual.

The intelligence fails to see that all it accumulates and constructs will be scattered to the wind in time.

The intelligence was merely a collection of stories. All self serving.

When the story is over the ghost writer is mystified as to how it was conned into spending all it`s time
in a story. So it will make up a story about that as well.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 05, 2017, 06:57:29 AM
                                                 The Author.

                                                     Part 6.

                                            I want to see results !

For a result to exist, it must be within the field of time.

It used to be like this... and now it is like that.

So a result is the final chapter of that particular story.

It is when one takes stock. Sees where things are at.
What is actual.

"Here are the results."

That observation is an observation of what is actual. But the ghost writer cannot
make that observation from outside of time.

It makes the observation from within time and it engages in a new story.
"Where to from here?    What now?   How do we proceed from here?"

The ghost writer is totally dependent on time.
Without time, it cannot ply it`s trade.

There is an infinity of stories to be told.

But the only ones you spend any time with are the ones tailor made for you by the ghost writer.

It seduces you into identifying with the story that is unfolding right before your eyes.
"This is My story. It is real. I have the proof. I can`t just magic it away."

"I have to see it through to the end. It is what we humans do."

"I am not alone. I am as fucked up as the next guy."

The human gazes at the stars, and screams out in agony. "How the fuck can I end my suffering ?"
And the ghost writer comes to the rescue.

The ghost writer, unable to observe the actual agony that you are in, projects a vision of the end of your pain.

It writes a story with a happy ending and casts it`s victim in the role of someone on the road to recovery.

The character thus created is now focused on an imaginary future and is given things it has to do.

These are just the mechanics.
One is not trying to do anything about this con.
Merely to observe. Observing is not a doing..

Direct observation is observing what is actual.
It is not observing what it was or what it will be.
That is doing.

Doing is not possible in the presence of the actual.
What is actual is actual and there is nothing you can DO about it.

As soon as you spend any time on this, you have missed it.

The exit door is like a flashbulb going off.

It illuminates what is actually there right now and nothing else.

There is no waiting around for results.

You are the result of results waiting around.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 06, 2017, 07:45:39 AM
                                                The Author.

                                                     Part 7.

                                     How did the ghost writer come to be?

Do you see how this question is a subtle deflection away for the fact that the ghost writer actually is ?

Because the ghost writer cannot observe what is actual it tells a story.

It tells a story of how what is came to be.

It has now placed the listener inside the story of finding out about the evolution of the ghost writer.

What we are observing here is a slippery fish. A mechanism that avoids detection at all costs.
It`s life depends on it.

Just look at it.... 

Your existence depends on not ever observing what that existence actually is.

The instant one observes what is actual, they are no longer there to know that a time existed where they did not observe what is actual.

Transformation has occurred and what was, is no more, and never was.

The swimmer cannot locate the guy who couldn`t swim. He is beyond resurrection.
Because he is no longer there to be given life.

The ghost writer is a partial consciousness that cannot see the full picture.

For the ghost writer to see the full picture spells the end of the ghost writer.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 10, 2017, 07:55:08 AM
                                                  The Author.

                                                     Part 8.

                                               Pressing problems.

The human is so overwhelmed by pressing problems that there exists no time for observing the mechanics of problems.
The pressing problems are the content that inhibit observation of the context.

One is so consumed by their own problems that there is no time to be away from them.

If one could resolve the mess they have gotten themselves in, they speculate that then they would have time to write new stories. Stories that don`t involve conflict. Stories that are a perpetual "happy ending."

But don`t you see that is just another story.

All stories must contain conflict. Without conflict, there is no story.

Tell me one story where conflict is absent that anyone would ever waste their time on?

You go into the theater and sit patiently till the conflict begins.
Now there is a story that one can pick sides and hope that their side wins.
The side they pick is that side which aligns with their conditioning.

It`s all so mechanical.  And yet the viewer of the story is blind to the mechanics.
They are being conned.
But it is endless. They fall for it over and over and over.

Even someone who is trying to focus on the mechanics of "a story" is quickly seduced by the story.

To study the craft of film making the late great Peter Sellers used to turn the sound off and watch movies.

It is mainly the dialogue that gives the mind it`s chance to get you involved in the story.

Even sporting events have dialogue before and after the match. All to play this con on you and get you
thinking you have a stake in the outcome.

This is not to say it is a good or a bad thing.
But to say... "It is a thing."
And it remains unobserved by humans.

This is not an attempt to make any sense of it.

There is nothing to be gained by observing this. There is no happy ending here.
We are observing that dialogue is what the human uses to identify with any story.

And the ghost writer uses this to give you all sorts of pressing problems.

When one sits quietly in a distraction free environment and connects their breathing, it is
dialogue that the mind uses to press you into problems and conflict that are all creations of the ghost
writer. You are being told stories that are all made up.

Every one of those stories must contain conflict.

All human philosophy is just another made up story with a story about a happy ending.

It is tragic to see a human who has done everything they were told to do and wind up clueless and conned.

It is more tragic to observe that rather than observe the actual con, the ghost writer makes up another story.  And the whole subject of beliefs fall inside that.

What is being revealed here is not a story.
There is no happy ending.

Every pressing problem you are having would cease to exist if what was there having them was no more.


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                                                The Author.

                                                     Part 9.

                                                Telling stories.

    The mind of the human uses stories to store it`s content.

It cannot store an isolated fact.

Till that fact fits into a story, the mind has no way of storing it.

An isolated fact is not part of the mind without a context.

The mind cannot observe a context.
It immediately converts it to content.

Now it becomes a fact because.....

The content of the mind is meaningless unless it is deposited in a story.

This is the function of the ghost writer.

The ghost writer gives the human mind a voice.

The ghost writer`s function is to give the mind`s content meaning and significance.

It is the voice in your mind that won`t ever shut up.

If it were to shut up, it would render the content of the mind meaningless.

The human is trapped in the mind, and when trying to observe the source of it`s imprisonment,
all it will ever encounter is stories.

The function of the mind is to accumulate, construct, and perpetuate content.

The ghost writer gives this function a voice.

Every story the ghost writer tells is inevitably a ghost story.

No wonder the human feels haunted and possessed.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 13, 2017, 07:53:01 AM
                                                 The Author.

                                                     Part 10.

                                             The never ending story.

The dilemma the human is constantly facing is that it cannot observe the actual.
There is nowhere within the human for the actual to reside.
The actual is not a story.

And unless something fits into a story the human can`t think with it.

Add to this the fact that the moment the actual is observed it transforms.
That which was existing is no more.... and never was.

So how to climb out of this????

The way is through negation.
If what is not actual is discarded. And the mechanics of the con are exposed till there is nothing left.

Can you see this?

Once all sound is eliminated, only then can silence be observed.

Once all hate is eliminated, only then can love be revealed.

When all stories are absent, the actual and you are unified.

The actual was always there, but it was buried under the fantasy world of the story.

This is purely an observation of the mechanics at play. There is
no reason for the human to get involved in it. After all there is nothing the human can do about it....

....Because it is what is actual.

And what is actual is of no relevance to the human.

The actual spells the end of the human.

Consequently the human avoids the actual like the plague.

Here....  Let me put you on the spot...

The fact is that the human does not know what occurs after the human expires.
That is the fact. The human knows nothing about time outside of the human experience.

So what does the human do?  The human has to do something. It`s what being human is all about.

So the human makes up stories about the afterlife.

And it is all stories that the human can comprehend about a subject that the human has no capacity to comprehend at all.

What happens after you die..?

I`m asking you now?

Whatever answer you just put there is a story!!!

You don`t know for a fact that your story is what happens.
You live in hope.

Humans have beliefs that give them peace of mind.

"He`s gone to heaven and is with baby Jesus...." etc.

"God will understand why I was such a cunt my whole life. He will forgive me and give me the keys to the kingdom." etc.

"I will reincarnate into a new body and get another chance of solving this dilemma. " etc..

All stories. Made up by the human to perpetuate the human that is itself made up.

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                                                   The Author.

                                                     Part 11.


What has dumbfounded humans since the dawn of time is the delusion that time dawned at all.

It just didn`t.

How can one possibly locate the beginning and end of time when time never existed?

It is a barrier to observing what is actual.

It is a barrier !!!

It is nothing without being a barrier. 

The moment the barrier is removed, so is time.

You are located there. What prevents you from being here is a barrier.
That barrier is time.

It will take time to eliminate the barrier.

Eliminating the barrier is a story.

Absent the barrier the story has no basis in existence.

The narrator of the story is the ghost writer.
And the ghost writer is trying to write itself out of the story.

But everything it writes is the beginning of a story and the creation of time.

Please observe that what is being written here is not a narrative.
It is not a "What to do" manual."

It is a series of snapshots that do not fit into a story.

The human requires an evolution.

"I am here. How I got here is the key to unraveling this mystery."

"All I need is more TIME !!!"

The human believes that one day he will have the whole story.
The human is being conned in every instant he holds onto that belief.

That belief can only be the beginning of a new story.

"I am here. But I want to be there."

But the "here" is false.

The human thinks. "I am here."

But just look at what is here. It isn`t who you really are at all.

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                                                The Author.

                                                   Part 12.

                                     A false you can only exist in a false here.

"What am I doing here?" is the basic question the human is asking.

Of course one can be distracted from this question for a time.
But the beginning of distraction has created the end of that distraction.
It is only a matter of time.

Then here you are again with "What am I doing here?"

Unable to observe the actual answer to the question, the human creates another distraction.

If the human just stayed with the question and stopped asking it, they would observe that they are actually here. There is no question.

The question is being created by what is here asking it.

What is here...the you... exists only so long as a here exists between the question and the answer.

If there were no question and answer, how could there be anyone there to ask it.

Once this is observed. All that is left is that you are here.

That is the fact. There is no question.

So the human goes..."But how did I get here?"

This is a distraction from the fact that one IS here.

Time is created before and after the question.

It is this mechanism that seals the fate of the human.

Now one has smothered here with all sorts of there`s.

The human is in search of remedies for the pain, suffering, and discomfort it is creating by searching for them.

The human spends it`s life sentence relocating from one source of pain to another.

The escape the human seeks in pleasure is only pain in disguise.

Nothing that never gave you pleasure can cause you any pain.

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                                               The Author.

                                                   Part 13.

                                            But how did all this come about ?

The material being observed here drives the human crazy.

It just doesn`t make sense.

It does not fit in with experience or evidence.

It does not contribute to human knowledge and understanding.

Okay.... Well what have all these requirements come up with?

What is every leading edge inquirer into life telling us ?

"We just need more time !!!"

Check it out for yourself.

More time is humanities answer for everything.

"If I only had time..."

"Anything is possible.....given time."

In time, will you ever cease to be a slave to time?

Can you see that you are a slave to time now?

I mean right the fuck now.

There is no escaping time. That is the fact.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Right ?

This thing that has you in it`s grip, has you in it`s grip now.
There is no other time for it to grip you in.

If it isn`t now, it is merely a mental projection....which you are creating now.

The mental projection is not what is actual.

It is always the mental projection that requires time.

You don`t .

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 19, 2017, 09:07:42 AM
                                                The Author.

                                                   Part 14.

So who is the author?

The author is not what was authored.

The author is absent from the story.

The story is the creation of the author.

A story is conflict. And conflict is division.

Unification is a no story.

When there is no story. There is only what is actual.

What is, is what is.

"I am happy."
"I am sad."
"I am rich."
"I am poor."
"I am sick."
"I am healthy."
"I am ugly."
"I am bewildered."
"I am human."

Trying to make sense of what is, is making up a story.

Now one has distracted their attention from what is to what was or what could be.

What was and what could be are mental projections.
They are non actual.

They are separate from what is.

Their is division. Thus there is conflict. There is discomfort, pain and suffering.

A barrier exists between the actual and the non actual.
That barrier gives birth to time. One now has time to overcome the barriers.

Thus the story is created and the voice of the story is the ghost writer.
The ghost writer is the voice of experience.

Experience is conditioning.

It is that conditioning which traps the ghost writer in the story.

The story has nothing to do with what is actual.

If what was actual is being observed, there is no story.

The ghost writer cannot observe what is actual.
The ghost writer is the embodiment of the non actual.

Can we see how this plays out?

The human becomes conscious of pain, suffering and discomfort.
It senses disunity.

That pain, suffering and discomfort is what actually is.

But the voice of experience says "I need to change and modify something to remedy this pain, suffering and discomfort."

That is ..."I need a distraction."

The ghost writer writes a story about the remedy to suffering.
The human sets off in search of the conclusion of this story.

And here you are !!!

There is no evolution to this.

It is what is occurring right now. In every moment you are being trapped by what you are doing right now.

What you have done...Or what you will do have nothing to do with it.

Unless you want to stay trapped. Then what you have done, and what you may do, has everything to do with it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on March 20, 2017, 07:54:08 AM
                                               The Author.

                                                   Part 15.

                                          Why can`t all this just be simple?

It is !!!

It is you that is complex.

When all complexity is done away with....Simplicity is what remains.

Simplicity is obscured by complexity.

One has a complex problem. It remains complex until the actual cause of the problem is observed.
And what is actual is simplicity itself.

The complexity of the problem vanishes upon observation of the cause of the problem.

The problem was that complexity was obscuring simplicity.

The observer is the observed.

The human looks out at life and finds itself surrounded by complexity.
It cannot observe what this complexity actually is because it is actually looking, not at the complexity, but through it.

Thus one has located themselves.
The human is located at the center of the complexity it has surrounded itself with.

If the human could simply observe the mechanics of complexity.
If the human could observe that complexity is simply a barrier to observing what is actual...
Then that which was surrounded by complexity would no longer be there.

Where is the one, who used to have a problem, after it is resolved?

S/he is gone without a trace.

While one is playing a board game, they have located themselves on the board.

Once they are no longer playing the game, nothing happening on that board is of any consequence to them.
They are no longer there. The potential drama and complexity of the game becomes inconsequential.

Consequences only exist while one is located there to suffer those consequences.

And how can one not be there?

By being here.

When one`s breathing is connected they are here.

When one is distracted by complexity, they have no choice but to be THERE.

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                                                The Author.

                                                    Part 16.

                                           The great unaffected.

So who is the author?

The author remains unaffected by your inquiry.

The human cannot ever grasp the fact that the author remains unaffected.

The human will cry out in a range of human emotions for acknowledgement from the author.

Yet the author remains unaffected.

The human cannot observe this fact.
There is nothing the human character can do to effect the author.

Have a look at all the ways the human is trying to win the authors favor.

Yet there is absolutely nothing the human can do to change this.

It is what is actual.

The author is unaccountable to anyone.

The human is on a mission to do something to win favor from the author.

The human will create a story that s/he believes will effect the author.

But the author remains unaffected.

The character in the story only exists because of the story.

Absent the story, the character is unaccountable and unaffected by anything.

End of story.

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                                                      The Author.

                                                         Part 17.

                                             Making sense out of nonsense.

Experience has no validity unless it is within a story.

Random facts remain so unless they can be part of a story.

The story is the effort of the human to make sense of random facts.

The human is thus sentenced to make sense of everything it experiences.

When things don`t make sense the ghost writer has the job of making it make sense.

So the ghost writer will take some facts and make up a story about them in an effort to make them make sense.

A life is created between sense and nonsense.

"Here is my life... that doesn`t make any sense... I will make some sense of it."

Not only does this make sense, it is also making that which is making sense of it.

We are observing the mechanics here. We are not trying to make any sense of it.

The human as an individual, and as a species, is dedicated to making sense of life.

But the more sense it makes, the more nonsense it reveals.

It is an endless treadmill that the human has walked for half an eternity.

And trying to make sense of it all is what powers the treadmill.

Making sense of things is a distraction from observing what is actual.

What is actually there has no obligation to make sense to anyone.

 The human has invented the fact that life owes it an explanation.

Which is nonsense. 

Just enough nonsense to try to make sense out of it.

Between sense and nonsense resides the created.

Free of sense and nonsense is the creator. Unaccountable and unaffected.


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                                                      The Author.

                                                         Part 18.

                                                        Story time.

The human believes it has a story. This is actually a flirtation with the non actual.

If you have a story... Where is it ?

Point to it.

For as long as you have a story. you are a prisoner of it.

Once again this drives the human crazy. S/he can`t make any sense of it.

The ghost writer comes to the rescue.
It distracts it`s victim by insisting that this is all hogwash and one day in the future it will all make sense.

Making sense of random facts is the function of the ghost writer.
If it wasn`t doing this, it would be doing nothing.

If the ghost writer wasn`t making up stories then what is actual could be observed.

It is not possible to simply observe what is actually there while a story is being made up about it.

Here is "My depression." 
The reasons I am depressed is because .... You have your own story.

Do you see what has actually happened.
The actual depression is not observed. In it`s place is a story. A story which doesn`t actually exist.

If it does....Where is it ?

Do you see the con?

The story is a collection of random facts tied together in a story to make the depression, which is made up, seem real.

It is this mechanism,that is keeping the human trapped in the human experience.
It is not the story ! It is not the content of the story. It is the context.

The ghost writer is expert at making up stories.
Without a story, it can`t make sense of anything.
And it`s function is to make sense of everything.

"I am stuck here till I make sense of it."

But it is the making sense that is creating the "stuck."

Observe this.....

No matter what finally makes sense to the human, the human is still stuck in the human experience.
The human has to be there for it to make sense to.

The human is surrounded by nonsense and sentenced to make sense out of it to break free.

Hasn`t happened yet......

Forget about "The greatest story ever told."

Observe "The greatest story NEVER told."

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                                                   The Author.

                                                     Part 19.

                                               Searching for something..?

You won`t find it here.

This is all about discarding things to search for.

It is all about dismantling that which has reason to search.

The human cries out.. "But I am really here. I have real problems. I am suffering."

The human is searching for relief from it`s suffering.

It always has.... and it always will.
The search is creating the time to be deprived of that relief.

Both the time and the relief are projections of the mind creating a story.

They are distractions from that which is actual.

The human is lured away from confronting the actual by the promise of something better.

One doesn`t simply observe their suffering.
If they did, they would see that the suffering is there only because they are.

Instead the human creates a mental projection to follow out of the suffering that they haven`t even looked at.

Those mental projections take the victim of them away from here and deliver them there.

Suffering can only occur because one is there.

If one was here instead of there, then there would be nothing there to suffer.

So if we dismantle everything that is there instead of here then there is no one there to suffer
or search for relief from that suffering.

Why does the human continually fall for this con?

Because the human does not want to be here !
The human wants to be somewhere else. And somewhere else is there for as long as you want it.

Here is there ...minus the mental projection.

When the mental projection is gone. There is here.

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                                                The Author.

                                                  Part 20.

                                         But why am I still suffering ?

One is suffering because there is still something there to suffer.

The human reaction to suffering is to project another there where one is free of suffering.

However that which is suffering is transported there to resume the suffering.

Striving to free oneself from suffering is a distraction with a shelf life.

Before long the suffering will infiltrate and usurp the distraction.

The human has no choice but to pursue another distraction and the treadmill is activated.

Unable to observe an absence the human cannot see that all the suffering it is not experiencing has one thing in common.  They are not there !

If one was not there experiencing the suffering they are experiencing, then that suffering would have nothing there to experience it.

So...How does one free themselves from bondage to suffering?

And why has nobody ever pointed it out to you before?

The fact that it hasn`t been pointed out is key to this.

It hasn`t been pointed out because it is an absence.
And the human cannot observe an absence.

Instead of the absence, the human puts something there to observe.
That something is inhibiting observation of the absence.

Put simply... The human cannot conceive of itself not existing.

Thus the human is sentenced to existing.

It has no choice. And there is nothing it can do about it.

The human has no choice but to be there.

The only choice available is to be here, and to withdraw from being there.

This is not a doing. It is an undoing.

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                                                 The Author.

                                                   Part 21.

                                             The author is an absence.

The author is the absence of what it is not.

And the author is not the authored.

Nowhere in the story can the author be found.

The story is there because of the author.

All that can be found on the pages of a story is the authored.

An authored character, in an authored story, in an authored here.

These are the mechanics of why the human cannot observe what is actual.

 For when the actual is observed the human is no longer there to observe it.

When the story asks "why am I here?" the author is unaffected by the inquiry.

The author is under no obligation to make sense or be accountable to anyone.

You are the author of your own obligations and accountability.

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                                                The Author.

                                                  Part 22.

                                            This is so hard to see.

Forget about hard. It is impossible.

Please observe that this dilemma has existed for all time.

It is the building block of time.

The human wants a solution that makes sense ...that s/he can do something about.

All this from something that has no obligation to solve anything, not accountable to make sense to anyone. And doesn`t have to do anything.

And on top of that, once what is actual is observed, that which couldn`t see it is gone !

Add to that the fact that the human is obsessed with content.
The content is so distracting that the context remains un-observable.

" I am so pissed off with my ex partner.
"They did this to me. And this and this.... And this."

The big picture is missed while one is self absorbed with the little picture.

The human is trying to impose obligation and accountability in their search for sense.

But all they end up doing is creating `was done`, `doing`, and `will do`.

These are the mechanics of "being there."

Thus "making sense' is permanently on the horizon, and the human is permanently pursuing it.

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                                                 The Author .

                                                    Part 23.

                                                The delusion.

The human is forever attempting to improve it`s situation.

Is this a fact?

As individuals and as a species, humans are living in hope that liberation is only a matter of time.

There is overwhelming evidence that this is the case.

It is what motivates doing.

And yet as individuals and as a species humans have been doing things since time began
and all that  doing has only revealed even more to be done.

Now... Please understand I am not suggesting that one doesn`t do things.
One has to do things. There is no choice.

But the doing of things is a distraction from the actual fact that one is a slave to doing.

The content obscures the context.

"I am so busy doing stuff that I have no time to observe what doing actually is."

If one cared to look, it could be seen that doing is creating time.
After all, one needs time to do anything.

You are not wasting any time on the things you are not doing.

Do you see this?

You are not worrying about shadows on planets in the Andromeda galaxy.

Shadows on planets in distant galaxies have nothing to do with you.

Something must have something to do with you before you can have something to do with it.

And the way to get something that has nothing to do with you to have something to do with you, is to put it into a story.

That story is the story of you.
And you are located right there in the eye of the hurricane.

If the story was absent, then you would be too.
And the hurricane would have no "I" to form around.

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                                                     The Author.

                                                        Part 24

                                            "But how does all this fit in?"

That which is being observed here does not "fit in."

It isn`t something that can be added to the accumulation of human history.

It is not a part of any evolution.

It is not trying to make sense.

It is not attempting to fit in.

The above is what the human is doing.

But you are not human. 
Well you are...but not for very long.

It is while you are, that you need to accumulate, evolve, make sense of things, and fit in.

And yet the act of being evicted from the human experience doesn`t accommodate any of these criteria.

Death makes no sense at all.

The subject causes bewilderment in the human.

Humans will even hear the sentence "S/He died happy." and never pause to see the idiocy of this statement.

To the human, death must be avoided at all costs.

The whole human experience is avoiding death.

For death reveals that the whole, entire human experience was and is a distraction.
It is a distraction from what is actual.

The human is the embodiment of not seeing what is actual.

The human inhibits observation of what is actual.

When the life distracted from what is actual is no longer distracted, then the life that was possible only because of the distraction is no more.

S/He who sees how they were being conned is no longer there to see it.
The life being conned is no more. And never was.

That`s the difficult bit to see.

But try to go back to believing something that you now know is false.

Just try it !

The guy, who used to believe what was false, is un-resurrectable.

What is being revealed here does not fit in with what being human is all about.

What is being revealed here is all about not being human.

Once you try won`t go back.

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                                                        The Author.

                                                           Part 25.

                                                "What did I do to deserve this?"

This is a question asked frequently by the human.
In fact one has to be human to ask it.

If the human was absent so to would the question be.

All human questions arise from a doing.

If the human was just being and absent from doing.
The human would cease to be human.

By failing to just be...and observe what is actual, the human projects a non actual better future.

But for this better future to become actual, the human has to do something.

To do something, the time to do it, is created.

Let`s go through it together.

What is actual is NOW !

Now is all there ever is. No matter where one goes, they are still in now.

But the human is unable to see this. The human would rather have a better NOW later on.

The vision is projected and the barriers to a better now come into focus.

To remove or overcome these barriers requires that one makes the time to do something about them.

We are not saying this is right or wrong. We are not saying this is good or bad.
We are not judging this in any way. We are simply observing it.
We are seeing the mechanics of what is.

We are not trying to put these mechanics into a story.
We are not asking "what did I do to deserve this?"

We are not looking for an angle here.

"How can observing what is actual benefit me?"

Look at this... !!!!!

If one was observing what is actual there would be no one there to benefit.

The human sentences itself to turn the non actual into the actual.

To wonder what one did to deserve this is to be there to wonder.

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                                                       The Author.

                                                         Part 26.

                                                   "What happens when we die?"

This question has been around for as long as we have lived.

After thousands of years of the greatest minds pondering it, death has never revealed what it actually is.

Just look at this.

Nothing the human has thought or done has penetrated this veil of secrecy.

Nothing !!!! 

The human can speculate and hope and theorize.
But the actual fact is, the human knows nothing about death.

Till one observes this as what is actually the case, one is left with theories, hope, and speculation.

Science theorizes, hopes and speculates that life is all a chemical reaction.

But when asked `what is it that is reacting to all these chemicals?` such proponents have their own chemical reaction.

What is it exactly that takes it personally when one`s theories, hopes and speculation about death are challenged?

In some cases challenging a human`s theories, hope and speculation about death can result in the challenger finding out first hand what death actually is.

Humans will defend their beliefs about death to the death.

How could they not?

Their life is defending their beliefs about death.

If they had no beliefs, they would have no life to defend.

Trying to observe what is actual about death drives the human crazy.

Just take a look around you. No shortage of crazy in every direction.

Having a life is having the inability to observe death.

When that life is abandoned, then death is what is observed.

There are no chemicals or beliefs to distort the observation.

There is no life there to observe that one is dead.

All that was authored is no longer.

Absent the authored is the author.

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                                                   The Author.

                                                        Part 27.

                                           "What happens when we live ?"

We suffer.

We do all we can to not suffer. But suffering is the life sentence.
Without it , we would have no life at all.

"Rest in peace." 

To put an end to a life is to put an end to it`s suffering.

Whatever that life is identified with creates a channel for feeling.

Feelings run the whole range from good feelings to bad feelings.

If one believes they are part physical, part mental, and part spiritual,
then one has physical, mental and spiritual feelings.

If one does not believe they are part spiritual, then that one has no feelings about it.

No pain or pleasure is derived from the spiritual dimension that they don`t believe in.

To believe in is to be living in.

You have to believe that you are a spirit to have your spiritual well being held to ransom.

Do you see it?

Once someone has beliefs, they can be manipulated and conned.

But you are only manipulated and conned because you have a belief that something that can be manipulated and conned is there to be manipulated and conned.

Beliefs have nothing to do with what is actual.

Beliefs are the mind substituting what is actual for something it can think with.

It thinks it`s beliefs are what is actual.

Try to tell the mind otherwise and it can`t think with it.

These observations can only be accessed when one backs out of their life.

Till one is backing out of it, that life is doing the observing. Or what it believes is observing.

It sees what it believes is actual and does something about it.

But to observe what is actual is the end of the road. The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

To have a belief about what is actual is to have a life.

For when the actual is observed, that life is over.


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                                                 The Author.

                                                    Part 28.

                                        That which is actual cannot die.

What can, and does eventually die, is the non actual.

What is non actual is authored.

As one is dying they are actually coming back to life.

The human death process is discarding the non actual.

As the authored is discarded, the author is revealed.

So death is life and life is death.

They are the same thing separated by time.

Life is an accumulation and a construction.
Death is loss and deconstruction.

What is constructed and accumulated is effect and accountability.

When all that is gone, when the story is over, what remains is unaffected and unaccountable.

The authored, which is non actual, is removed.... The actual author is revealed.

The author is the absence of the authored.

What is authored creates accountability and effect.

The effect and accountability thus created cannot effect or make accountable the author.
Thus the ghost writer claims authorship.

The ghost writer has to justify it`s own existence.
Thus it creates stories.  Stories that try to make things make sense.

Unable to observe what is actual the ghost writer sentences the human to believe in and be living in stories. There is no choice.

Pain and suffering are a creation of the ghost writer to keep the human in the story.
Thus pain and suffering is what the life is.

What is being observed here is not a story.
There is no beginning or end.
There is no construction or accumulation.

These are snap shot observations of the mechanics of a con.

When the actual con is observed, that which was being conned is no longer there to observe it.

Upon observation of this, the ghost writer says..."But nothing here fits in with the content of everything I am. It just can`t be true. Everything I am is an example of why this is not true. I can`t DO anything with this. How about a story instead?"

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                                                  The Author.

                                                    Part 29.

                                            The actual is the exit.

The problem for the human is that it cannot see the actual.

If it did, then what is looking at it would cease to be.

The human ghost writer deceives it`s victims with stories about "In time all will be revealed.
Humanity will evolve to a place where it knows what is actually going on. The universe is unfolding."

The ghost writer has it`s own agenda. And that agenda is to buy more time.

But have a look. Time is wholly a creation of the ghost writer.

It does not exist. There is overwhelming evidence that time does exist.
Everything you know took time to know it.

But when you have a real honest look you will surely see that the human knows nothing.

You could build a super computer that would collate all human knowledge and reduce it to
the final answer.  But that final answer raises a new question.

And on it goes forever.

But isn`t this all just word play and mind games ?

YES !!!

That is the message here.
Back out of all the word play and mind games.
Simply observe what is actual.

Just don`t be there where word play and mind games are your prison.

Can I offer an example?

The human on hearing about freedom projects a mental fantasy on what freedom is.
But it actually cannot do this. 

The human only sees freedom from. It cannot conceive of free of.

The human cannot observe actual freedom. So it makes a picture and then
develops a plan. Then there is a "to do " list.

And this is the basis of happiness.
Actual happiness is a myth. A carrot on a stick.

It is the contemplation of freedom from, and the pursuit of happiness is all there is.

The actual happiness at the end of the rainbow is like ice in the sun.

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                                                          The Author.

                                                              Part 30

                                                "But I don`t see how I am being conned."

Of course you don`t.
If you did, you would no longer be being conned.

Being conned is all about not wanting to think about it.
And not wanting to think about it is what deprives one of the faculties needed to think about being conned.

It is the unthinkable.

Not one person who is being conned is thinking about how it is being done.

They are distracted by promises of a better life.
The better life is what one is thinking about while they are being conned.

What sort of con are we focusing on here?

Every type of con in existence.

The mechanics are the same.

Distract the mark with mental projections of a better life, while giving them something to do to overcome the barriers to that better life.

Have a look at it !!!

Those who do not share the mark`s vision can spot the con clear as day.

Because they do not share the mark`s vision, it is clear to the mark that non believers just don`t get it.

Being the victim of a con has put the mark in a place they do not want to be.

The bait used is the hope of being liberated from where one doesn`t want to be.

But being there, where one is, is the con.

Let`s look at it.

Are you choosing to be where you are?

Do you have any accurate information on how you came to be?

Is the life you are living something you are choosing ?

What the fuck is really going on?

Where is the exit door?

The fact that you are here without your consent, is proof positive that you are the victim of a con.

The here that you are experiencing is a false here.
If you look into it, you will see that all the here you are is just there`s masquerading as here.

If you were actually being here, you would not be there to be the victim of a con.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on April 12, 2017, 08:17:27 AM
                                                        The Author.

                                                             Part 31.

                                                      "This is all very confusing."

Well actually it is completely removed from confusing.

When confusing is doing the observing then confusing will the observation be.

This is all part of the hall of mirrors the human is sentenced to wander for all time.

The human desperately wants to make sense of life.

But life does not make sense. Life is not accountable to anyone.

Life is a confusing mess because a confusing mess is trying to make sense of it.

Don`t think you are a confusing mess ?

Give a talk on the meaning of life. Your time starts now.

Trust me...anyone listening will confirm that you are a confusing mess.

And that confusing mess you are is trying to make sense of something that has no obligation whatsoever to make any sense at all.

Rather than look through the confusion, how about directly observing the confusion.

The moment you are observing the confusion that is you. You are out of confusion.

You have to be here to see it.

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                                                  The Author

                                                      Part 32.

                                       Abandoning what is right in your life.

A human has no choice but to put a lot of time and effort into being right.

One is surrounded by examples of what happens when one isn`t.

You don`t give the right answers in the exam and you don`t pass.

You don`t say the right thing to someone and they are disappointed in you.

This stuff is so obvious that one looks through it .

One is so preoccupied doing it, that they fail to see what they are doing.

Being right is a full time commitment.

You can`t just be right once and expect that to carry you into the future.
The future promises all sorts of new there`s to be right in.

One does not want to spend any time being in the wrong.

And yet when one is in the wrong there exists nothing there to be in.

Everything that was so right coming in, turns out to be so wrong once one is there.

That which is wrong , once it is observed, is discarded.

The human does not accumulate the wrong answers.

An existence is created out of rightness.

The human is eternally puzzled by how s/he came to be where s/he is existing....

What is clear is that one is there.
What is not observed is that one is being right there.

Right and wrong are not the focus here. Focus is the focus. (Right or wrong.)

To a human the above appears to be mind games and word play.

Can it be observed that having to be constantly right is pure mind games and word play?

Can the human survive in a world where right and wrong don`t come into play ?

With no right, there would be no right there for anyone to be.

The wonder and the wonder-er are codependent.

Neither exist without the other.

It is through being right that they are right there.

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                                             The Author

                                              Part 33.

                                          How to stay human.

The way humans remain human is to perpetually wonder how they came to be human.

How the human came to be is not the issue. Perpetually wondering is.

Any human will be able to convince you, and themselves, that they are the result of
things that have gone before.

Things that have happened in the past have contributed to what is now talking to you, and itself, as a human.

A human with no past is no human at all.

It is a past that makes someone human.

The human reasons that by making sense of the past that one day in the future, they will be free of it.

They will stake their lives on it.

After all...without their life, there would be nothing to stake on it.

Everything that is keeping someone human is happening NOW.

Thinking that the past created what is thinking is also only possible NOW.

Anything other than observing how one is being human NOW is a distraction
from observing how one is human.

Being human results in a human being.

Backing out of it is the only choice possible.

Everything else is the intervention of time.

Time is the gap between you and what is actual.

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                                                             The Author

                                                               Part 34.


The fact of being stuck can only exist between two things.

One is susceptible to depression only while they exist between happiness and sadness.

Neither happiness nor sadness are actual. They are both projections of the mind.

The existence of sadness and happiness begins the moment one projects a self between them.

Happiness or sadness in relation to dinkumdankums does not exist.
One is not desirous of , or being deprived of  dinkumdankums.
Dinkumdankums cannot be held to ransom.

Someone who is stuck in a deep depression can be asked to express their feelings
about dinkumdankums.
Not surprisingly they will not have any.
Nor will they have the time to ponder their lack of depression on this subject.

After all, they are far to busy being depressed about real things.

But when asked what are the real things one is depressed about, it is observed that
the only thing real about them is the compulsion to make them real.

One can only remain depressed by not observing what they are depressed about.

The moment one actually observes the cause of their depression it transforms and is no longer there.

"I am depressed because I failed to find happiness."

Just get off this treadmill and look how you are being played.

Happiness is a mental projection. A phantom.
It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

"I will be happy when I learn to drive.
I will be happy when I leave school.
I will be happy when I get a job.
I will be happy when I get another job.
I will be happy when I meet my soul mate.
I will be happy when I get married.

I will be happy when I get a promotion at work.
I will be happy when I have a baby.
I will be happy when I have my own home.
I will be happy when I buy this course on how to be rich and happy.
I will be happy when I have a daughter to go with my three sons.
I will be happy when I am retired.
I will be happy when I am divorced.
I will be happy when I am dead."

Maybe you have a few of your own.

Go for it.
I`ll still be here when you get back.

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                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 35.


The human operates from a sense of entitlement.

That sense of entitlement is an authored author.... Or a ghost writer.

The entitlements a human has an expectation of are all mental projections, based
on, and in, time.

"I am entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Really ?   Says who ?

Any time the fact that these entitlements are not actual is evident, the human becomes indignant.
It throws a hissy fit. 

The human feels it is entitled to believe what it wants to.
The human thinks it has a right to a philosophy.

The human will hold up it`s beliefs and philosophies to shade itself from the evaporating penetration
of the actual.

The human does not see that the beliefs and philosophies that they hold need to be defended.

When they are attacked the human will run to their aid.

The human spends it`s life protecting it`s beliefs and philosophies.
Those same beliefs and philosophies that abandon them in times of trouble.

See what is actual. Discard what is non actual and the actual is what remains.

Being free of the human is not an entitlement.
It is lack of entitlement.

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                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 36.

                                                          The impossible.

Getting out of a life is not possible.

That life exists because one is in it.

So to be out of it that life has no basis for existence.

Does this help to explain why getting out of life is not possible. ?

That life would no longer be there to know it was out.

Death would have been conquered.

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                                                          The Author

                                                               Part 37.

                                                       Life is a prerequisite to death.

Once a life exists that is all it is.

All it is is the life that has been created.

Everything that life consists of is prone to having that life taken from it.

That life has a mandate to perpetuate itself.
It dedicates it`s time to that and has no time to observe the mechanics of what it is doing.

The self is so busy staying alive it never examines what being alive actually is.

The frustration and anger experienced whilst examining this material is such a life.

The frustration and anger is an invitation for a life of frustration and anger.

That life of frustration and anger is incapable of observing what it is because it is
the frustration and anger that is looking.

The frustration and anger is the life that has a mandate to perpetuate itself.

It projects the frustration and anger on all it sees.

This is the mechanical process of how a human sabotages itself.

It`s self has an appointment with death. And the human mandate is to
put that appointment off for as much time as possible.

Every human is being conned by this mechanism.

If they weren`t, they would cease to exist as a human.

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                                                          The Author

                                                               Part 38.

                                                        Being human is not a choice.

Is that what is actual?

Are you choosing to be stuck here as a human?

When you woke up this morning did you go " I think I`ll be a human today?

Being human is a life sentence.

Being free of the human is only available through death.
Death of the human is the last thing the human will allow to happen.

All the above is self evident.
There is nothing new here. No mind blowing revelation.

It is what is actual.
There is nothing one can do about it.

But the human cannot observe what is actual.
It lives it`s life sentence without ever observing what that life sentence is.

The mechanism used by the human to avoid observing the actual is the mind.

There is the actual. And there is the story that the mind places between the observer and the observed.

Sit quietly in a distraction free environment and connect your breathing.
In out In out in out.  No pauses.

Observe the mind making up distracting stories.
Observe that the only choice there is is to not get caught up in them.

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                                                             The Author

                                                               Part 39.

                                                               No and.

When the human mind is exposed to the material here, it goes "This is all bullshit."

It sees here none of the tools to free itself from itself.

The mind insists on being consulted about its own eradication.

The mind says "This is not how to get rid of me...What you need to do is ....."

The mind will search frantically for an authority that can stand between it and oblivion.

It will use whatever works to inhibit observation of the actual.

The mind will look for the greatest mind that can tell you how it became non existent.

The addict trying to escape addiction will run to the addiction for solace.

This is the mind. It is your life and it is destroying your life.

Nothing in the mind is real.
Not one thing.

Not even the sense of serenity that resides just over the horizon...eternally.

The mind is the "and" .

Here is you.

There is you and....

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                                                             The Author

                                                               Part 40.


Everything that is retained by the mind is retained because it is right.

Even if it is because one is right about it being wrong.

This rightness is the conditioning that the human clothes itself in.

Nobody is being who they are because it is the wrong thing to do.

If it were the wrong thing doing it would be impossible.

One can bury this actuality in word play and mind games.
That is what the human existence is.

Being right is life. Being wrong is death.

Do you see it ?

Owning one`s conditioning is the right thing to do.
"I am being who I am because of the experiences I have learned from."

"Without those experiences I wouldn`t have a clue who I was."

Look at this...

If you didn`t have a clue who you were, you could be anything.

To disown who you were, is to be who you actually are.

And who is that?

An absence of that which you are not.

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                                                          The Author

                                                               Part 41.

                                                         More about the author.

The author does not use learned skills to create.

Language and experience play no part in creation.

Language and experience are tools of the mind to claim authorship for something that
is purely modification and rearrangement.

A great idea is a great idea because the perceiver of it knows nothing else.

An even better idea is based on the great idea that preceded it.

The human is sentenced to attempt to think his/her way out of their sentence.

But every thought is a vocalization and thus a sentence.

How ironic that one is sentenced by sentences.

The difficulty in exposing this con is that being free of it is not something
in one`s experience.

Unable to relate to it, the human has to amend the message till it is relate-able.

The human is sentenced to exist between pleasure and pain.
So a message from the author is viewed from that context.

"This message is about increasing my pleasure and reducing my pain."

That is the only way the human can relate to the message.

So a message from the author becomes twisted and perverted.

It is also creating the time for the reduction of pain and the increase in pleasure.

But what it really comes down to is it gives the human something to DO.
That is the thing that closes the cell door behind the human.

To do is what the human is all about.

To not do is something the human simply cannot relate to.

The human is so used to doing that for the human to not do is unthinkable.

The unthinkable is free of.
Something the human cannot relate to at all.
The human can never be free.

S/he asks eternally "why am I here?"
The human is never here. The human can only exist in a there.

If the human was actually "here" there would be no one there to ask the question.
Observe beyond the words.
The sentence would no longer be there to be served.

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                                                             The Author

                                                               Part 42.

                                                        Is the author God?

God is an invention of the human.
Have a look at any God that has been invented and it will be observed that HE is
polluted with human qualities.

He has to be... Otherwise the human cannot relate to him.

The relationship the human has with God is actually a relationship between a human and
his/her own mind.

There is a dialogue present every time a human communicates with his/her God.

These dialogues form the sentence that humans serve for their God.

The human exists in separation from God. Thus a dialogue can occur.

Whether one believes in a God or not, this dialogue is part of what being human is.

The dialogue is only possible in the space between separation.

The human is separated from who s/he actually is. Thus dialogue and communication is possible.

A self cannot communicate with a self.

There would be nothing to communicate.

Communication only exists because of separation.

When one is what is actual, there is no possibility of a life to exist.

A life exists in contrast to death.
When life and death are observed as the same thing, there is no separation between them.

They only appear separated to the human, while s/he is existing between them.

Time is what makes the separation of what is actual, and what isn`t , possible.

None of this is a remedy for anything.

What is actual does not need fixing.

It is what is actual. And one observes `that` when there is nothing can be done about it.

Observing this material drives the mind nuts.

Or does it expose the mind for the nut is actually is?

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                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 43.

                                                            The eternal mystery.

When trying to climb out of their life sentence the human, denied any other option, is compelled
to seek knowledge from someone who knows.

Who has all the answers?
It is hoped that an all knowing being can shed light on the mysteries of life.
This is recourse to an authority.
Which is a barrier to observing what is actual.

So a seeker is sabotaged on their first step.

That isn`t to say that their are not some who can point out things that the human has not looked at before.

But these helpful beings are not placing a division between what is known and what isn`t.

The whole of organized religion is based on this fact...
"WE know something you don`t."

But implying that is not what is actual.

When asked "What do you actually know?"
It becomes apparent that they don`t know anything.

For to know one must be located between know and don`t know.

That is the only viewpoint a human can have.

To be free of the human is to see what is actual.
There is nothing to know or otherwise.

That is the exit door from the human sentence....

... To observe that one does not know.

Anything other than that is delusion ! 

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                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 44. 

                                                          Standing on the precipice.

Observing what is actual is the last time one will see it.
For the moment what is actual is observed, it is transformed.

That which was there observing it is no more.

What was lost is found. So the seeker of it is no longer there to seek.

The life of the seeker is extinguished. Never to return. It is no longer there to return.
Only something else can return. What is returned is transformed.

The human has been seeking meaning to it`s life for all time.
That life existed only because it was seeking.
When the seeking is over, so is the life of the seeker.

Transformation has occurred.

The human is stuck on this treadmill of life with no choice in the matter.
It is a question that cannot be answered. For it to be answered the questioner can no longer be there
to ask it.

The whole of human history is dramatizing the frustration caused by what this con actually is.
And the human who sees it is no longer there to be frustrated.

What is being revealed here is counter to everything you know.

But if what you know is carefully examined, it becomes apparent that you actually know nothing.

Unable to be with this actuality, the human is compelled to come up with explanations that
provide nothing but peace of mind.
But peace of mind is completely divorced from what is actual.

Peace of mind inhibits observation of what is actual.

Peace of mind is all about being as close to the happy end of a scale, and as
far away from the sadness that makes that scale possible.

The human exists between happy and sad.
When the mechanics of this con are actually observed, happy and sad have no gap between them for
an existence between them to occur.

Transformation has occurred.
S/he is transformed. That separation between happy and sad is no longer there to be occupied.

None of what is being revealed here is of any interest to a human.

The human cannot relate to any of it.
As soon as it does it has missed the point.

It becomes clear that all human philosophy is just fueling the human fire that rages through the ages.

Just ask any human what happens after they die, and you will see that the human knows nothing.
The human is happy to exist with his/her delusions.
Their delusions come under the heading of philosophy.

What is being revealed here is ANTI PHILOSOPHY !!

By dismantling human philosophy, one is dismantling the human. 

The human is the authored.
The author is not human.

The author is the absence of that which has been authored.


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                                                             The Author

                                                               Part 45.

                                                           The great seductress.

As one hovers over the precipice of being human and non human, one is hovering
over everything they know and don`t.
One is right there where slavery transforms into freedom.

This is the end of the line for the human. It is death.

So going beyond it is something impossible for the human to do.
For a start it is a not doing. And doing is what the human is.

The human absolutely cannot do nothing.
Try it.

After a few micro seconds of not doing the human is seduced back into doing.

Sit comfortably in a distraction free environment, close your eyes, connect your breathing.
In out in out in out...No pause.

Know nothing.
But before you know it you are seduced back into life.
Life suddenly becomes unfathomably interesting.

But any life begun has sealed it`s fate and it has obligated itself to a rendezvous with death.
The human has no choice but to serve it`s life sentence.

Life and death are two parts of the same thing.
Separated only by time.
A time that only exists between that separation.

One has a life time.

That lifetime is a death.

Having a life means a lot to lose.

As death approaches all that one has to lose is lost.

By the end of that life there is nothing left to lose.
Death is no longer a threat. All is lost.
Life is restored.

The life one has just lost was actually a death.

Life and death are reunited. Time stops.

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                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 46.

                                                  "What is the author trying to say?"

Nothing !

There is nothing to communicate.

I am communicating nothing.

A complete absence of everything.

How can we see this?

Think of death. Is it not an absence of everything?

It is obvious that when death occurs the human is absent.

What was there before is absent in the hereafter.

The human is deluded into believing that it is here.
But the human can only ever be in a there.

As death approaches, the human separates itself from it`s delusion.

All the deluded here`s are exposed as there`s.

Before death one could believe they are a successful industrialist.
A member of a religion, or a political movement.
One could believe they were a member of a race.
One could believe that they are a citizen of a country.

One could even believe they were a knowledgeable authority on matters of importance.

But death couldn`t give a flying fuck about any human delusions.

They are all erased by death.
Death is the removal of all the there`s.
Death is being here. Actually here.
Which is life !!!

Your life was your death.
They were always the same thing separated only by time.

Now to royally screw things up...
The human exists in a delusion over what death is.
Just like the human is deluded over what life actually is.

It has to be.... If it were not, the whole thing would be over.

The human is trying to overcome death.
Yet the human has not the foggiest notion of what death actually is.

Death is the nothing that you cannot simply be with when you
sit in a distraction free environment, close your eyes and connect your breathing.

Life has an agenda!

Death has nothing.

By simply being here (Not there) life and death have no relevance. Nothing!!!

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                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 47.

                                                         How you are getting here.

Can one have a look at one of the great questions that has baffled humanity since humanity was here to be baffled.

"How did I get here?"

This is such a loaded question that needs to be unloaded before what is actually going on can be observed.

Firstly what is meant by "I"?

Have a look at it.

Without exception, the answer to this question, is denied the one who is asking.

So do you see the rest of the question "How did I get here?" is redundant.

Because there is mystery surrounding who one actually is, the asker of the question
is not who they really are.

Every human feels this.
There is an awareness that circumstances inhibit a full expression of who they really are.

If one was being who they really are, they wouldn`t know themselves.

Thus the human is left wondering who they really are.

But who they `are not` is asking the question.

If one was who they actually are, there would be no question.

It`s tricky. 

When looking out at the world, all one sees is a population of humans not being who they really are.

The whole human world is complete bullshit. Fake. Pretentious. Misguided. Pain and suffering. Deluded.

Is this what is actual?

Just look !

There is something wrong with the world !
This isn`t the world I came here for.

But this is the actual human existence. There is no escaping it.

So one asks "What could I possibly have done to deserve this?"

And the answer is "everything."

Everything you have done is what has gotten you into this mess.

And the human solution is to "do" more.

"But I can`t not do anything !!!!!"

The only humans that don`t have to do anything are dead humans.


Sit comfortably in a distraction free environment. Close your eyes.
Connect your breathing and "Don`t do anything."

The question "How did I get here?" is no longer there to be asked.
It never was.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 24, 2017, 08:47:28 AM
                                                         The Author

                                                               Part 48.   

                                              "So why can`t the human see what is actual?"

Because the human exists by not seeing the actual.
If the human saw the actual, it would no longer be there to not see it.

When you see how you are being conned, the one being conned is no more.

It is no longer stuck there. It has moved on. Transformed.

The actual is nothing complicated.

Not seeing it is what is complicated.

Not seeing it is barriers.

Those barriers are there to inhibit observation of the actual.

The last thing the human wants is to remove those barriers.
Because if it did, the human would cease to exist.

The barriers are effectively a mirror maze.

And the human exists within that maze.

The barriers are language, Recourse to authority, judgement, and the mind generally.

The mind is a collection of pictures of significance.
Those pictures make a story that the human is stuck in.

That story is a series of conclusions.

And those conclusions inhibit seeing what is actual.

There before you is what is actual.

But it avoids direct observation. But how ?

Look at this quickly....

One believes they are observing what is actual.
Let`s use a storm as an example.

There is the storm.

Here am I.

"How do you feel about the storm?"

That`s what humans do. They have opinions and conclusions. They have feelings.
Human feelings.

There is a storm.

How you feel about it.....What your opinion of that storm is... all inhibit
observation of that actual storm.

Do you kind of see it?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 25, 2017, 09:16:07 AM
                                                              The Author

                                                               Part 49.   

                                                             Can I come too?

Every effort to transcend the human existence is thwarted by the human, that insists on coming along too.

It`s like trying to end a game of monopoly by bringing your marker along with you.

Do you see this?

Once you lose identification with the marker, you are free of the monopoly game you have been playing.

It is over. And it never was.
Trying to resurrect that identification is not possible.
One can easily erect a new attachment to a monopoly marker.
But the previous one is gone. Circumstances have changed.

The character who used to be playing is no more. Even if one has attached themselves to the same marker.

I`m using this as an example... Just so the mechanics of this can be observed.
Because you are not presently a monopoly player, a monopoly player is not trying to make this observation.

Being a monopoly player inhibits the observation of the mechanics of being a monopoly player.

The monopoly player can only see that which relates to being a monopoly player.

How often have you thought about the rules of "Cluedo (Clue U.S.A.)" while playing Monopoly?

The rules of "Clue" are not relevant to a monopoly player. S/he spends no time with them.

The monopoly player observes through the marker they have identified with.
That observation is limited to the monopoly board. As far as what`s really going on, outside of the game...well they haven`t got a clue.

There exists no one there to ponder it.

The monopoly player is preoccupied with the game they are immersed in. Nothing else matters.
That is to say...Nothing else matters to the monopoly player.

For something else to matter, the monopoly player identification must be suspended.

If it wasn`t, humans might try spending monopoly money in the real world.
One might try to uphold the rules of monopoly to get through life.

One has to abandon the monopoly player to interact with the real world.

To observe the real world, the monopoly player cannot come along too.

To observe what is actual, the human cannot come along too.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 26, 2017, 09:27:38 AM
                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 50.

                                                      All opinions are human opinions.

Humans and opinions are synonymous.

To have an opinion, one must be human. To be human one must have an opinion.

That opinion, when examined, is a viewpoint.
And every human has one that is unique to them.

A viewpoint is where someone is observing from.
It is a location.

One locates themselves via a viewpoint.

What is your view on politics on Pluto?

Till your attention was put on it there was no viewpoint at all.
And failing to find anything there you have nothing to grasp on to.

So a viewpoint on Plutonian politics is not held.

But look further into this absence.
Because one has no viewpoint on Plutoniun politics there is no need to defend them.

We are effectively talking about nothing.

And that nothing is what the human cannot see.

The human cannot see any of the viewpoints s/he doesn`t have.
The human is preoccupied with the viewpoints it does have.

If the viewpoints the human has were absent, the human would cease to be preoccupied.
At which time, time would cease to exist.

The human is preoccupied with defending its viewpoint.
This is the mechanics of doing.

Doing is made possible and mandatory by having a viewpoint to defend.
Once there is nothing to defend, there is nothing one has to do anymore.

Still don`t see it?

Try to think of one thing you have to do about anything you have no viewpoint on.

Before you can do something one has to adopt a viewpoint.

Is it possible to not have a viewpoint?

That`s the con.
You have an infinite number of non viewpoints.... But you can`t even see one of them.
All you can see is the viewpoint that you do have.

One can change and modify their viewpoint. That is all they can do.
That is all humanity is trying to do.

And failing into eternity.

The viewpoint is made up.
The human rallies the forces to make a viewpoint real.

That is all a viewpoint is good for.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 27, 2017, 08:56:37 AM
                                                           The Author

                                                               Part 51.

                                           "But how can one not have a viewpoint?"

It`s probably easier to look into this by substituting the word viewpoint with the word opinion.

If you talk to a human, it is obvious that they have opinions on everything.

Just ask "What do you think of ...............?"
And the human will spurt forth something.

The spurting is what we want to look at.... Not what was spurted.

It is only human to be drawn into what another`s opinions are.

By doing this one is failing to observe what an opinion actually is.
And what it is, is a viewpoint born out of conditioning.

An opinion, or viewpoint, is the sum of one`s conditioning.

So do you see? The human is imprisoned with every opinion they have.

Still don`t see it?

Just challenge any human`s opinion.

The reaction can be anything from indignation to murder.

The human spends his/her life defending their conditioning.
And this is the cause of all human conflict.

If you were to allow your conditioning to remain undefended, it would
simply cease to remain.

You would be free of it.

But don`t expect any help from the human in you.
It has no choice but to defend it`s viewpoint.

Only you can choose to let it release you.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 28, 2017, 09:02:01 AM
                                                            The Author

                                                               Part 52.

                                             "Where does the author come into all this?"

It doesn`t.

The author doesn`t come into this at any time.

For a "this" to exist it has to be authored.

Any "this" that exists would be over instantly, unless it had a self perpetuating mechanism within it.

Now if one can just simply observe this as what is actual, without having an opinion on it ...
One can see the mechanism at play.

A problem creating machine.
A mystery creating machine.
A conflict creating machine.
A dissatisfaction creating machine.
A delusion creating machine.

This machine is called "The human mind."

It is a self perpetuating machine.

The human is expecting this , problem, mystery, conflict, dissatisfaction, delusion, creating machine
to free it from it`s life sentence.

It is incapable of this.
That isn`t what it does.

Just see it...and be done with it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on June 29, 2017, 08:46:28 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 53.

                               "But isn`t all that is being written here, all just  your opinion?"

But I am no one who is talking about nothing.

I have no reputation, or credentials. I have nothing to defend.
I am not an authority on anything.

I do not have a point of view that I am trying to convert you to.

Nothing that is written here is born out of experience or conditioning.

The human experience is all about focusing on what you are doing.

But if you are not doing anything, there is nothing to focus on.

To focus on anything, one must have a point of view to focus from.

That point of view can only ever be bogus.

That point of view is born out of conditioning and experience.

Thus we have a human world full of opinions ... all in conflict.

The opinions the human has have nothing to do with what is actual.

The opinion inhibits observation of the actual.

So how does one escape this human existence?

Of course there is death. That is an eviction that is everything the human is attempting to delay.

The human is in conflict with death. S/he is intimidated by it.

It is only by failing to observe what death actually is that this intimidation is possible.

And the human existence is one of constant intimidation.

The human is conditioned to not lose this life.

But if one had already lost everything that is that life, what would remain to die?


There is no way to intimidate you over the life you do not have.

IF the life you have could be transformed into all the lives you don`t have,
you would see that an opinion is not possible.

You may have an opinion of what was just said.
I don`t !

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 01, 2017, 10:11:10 AM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 54.

                                                 The endless enigma.

Getting a human to observe the actual is like trying to use a muscle that does not exist.

The human has no capacity for observing what is actual.
The human exists in denial of the actual.

For the human to observe the actual, that human would be absent.

The actual exists in the human`s absence.

The human is there preventing observation of the actual.

Place the actual in front of the human, and the human will alter it so
it can see it. But what it sees is no longer it.

It has taken a human form.
Thus it is no longer what is actual.
The human`s bread and butter is the non actual.

As for the actual.... Well the human can`t do anything with it.
That is what the actual is... That which nothing can be done about.

The moment the human has an opinion about the actual, it ceases to be actual.
And there we have the human point of view.
Which can only deal with non actual.

A human is dying...

He withdraws from his vocation.
He realizes that he never actually was a factory worker.
It was just something he had to do.

As his health deteriorates he realizes that he is still here.
As his mind deteriorates he sees that he is still here.
His empire fades into insignificance.
Yet he is still here.

He realizes... I am not any of the things that were my life.
They are gone ...But I`m still here.

All his dreams and regrets lose importance.
He is still here.

What is going on in the world becomes meaningless.
He realizes the body will soon be gone.
He is losing the last connection to the human experience.
Now there is just breathing.

And that ceases.

But he is still here.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 02, 2017, 08:32:07 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 55.

                                When the authored is dispensed with, the author is revealed.

The entire non actual is authored.

It has no basis in reality.
It is all authored conditioning and opinion.

While one is preoccupied with the non actual, the actual remains hidden.

One unfortunate encounter with a giant meteor and all of human past, present, and future is obliterated.

It is as if it never happened.

There are no humans there to mourn the loss. There are no opinions or viewpoints for humans to hold on to.

The human and the human viewpoint are annihilated in the same instant.

All of human history amounted to nothing.

Religion, science, philosophy, politics, entertainment, suffering, and conflict, have nowhere to reside.

What the human thinks of all this is irrelevant. There is no human thinking to be had.

There is no human there to wonder how it got there.

What parts God, or the atom, played in the creation of man, are redundant.

Everything that was ever authored is dispensed with.

The author is revealed.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 03, 2017, 09:58:05 PM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 56.

                                   The human is everything the author is not.

The human is authored. S/he is a total victim.
Even out there at the cutting edge of human understanding.
The human is still a victim of being human.
This is at the cutting edge.
The humans who represent the best efforts of mankind to understand the nature of existence
would still rather be right, than anything else.

The human sabotages all efforts to transcend being human.
Transcending being human is a death sentence to the human.

If the human found out the actual meaning of life, s/he would no longer be there to know it.

The best humanity has to offer on the coming together of everything is championed by humans
in conflict.

Even the most sophisticated, brilliant, learned, researchers cannot escape their own instincts as humans.

They cannot even hear what the other guy is saying.
Instead they are picking fault with it.
Just impatiently building a brilliant retort to demonstrate their superiority.

This isn`t good or bad. It isn`t right or wrong.
It is what humans do. Just observe it.

The human`s internal war with their own mind spills over into conflict with other minds.

It is what being human is all about.

Everything any human says or does is completely justified to that human saying and doing it.
 And just like the justification, the human has no basis in actuality.

The graveyards of the world are full of justifications.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 17, 2017, 09:15:06 AM
                                                       The Author

                                                         Part 56.

                                             More on the actual.

The actual is NOW.

Now is the exit door to time.

For time to exist, the exit door was missed.

Hearing this...the human protests..."But time is real."

And for the human it is.

It is real for as long as one is being human.

And being human is NOT a choice.

The only choice that exists is not being human.

At which point, the human being is over.

Until one observes that they are being human, the human is doing the observing.

Can we look at this?

The human is busily serving it`s life sentence...
The human is DOing TIME.

The past is a mental projection.
The future is a recycled mental projection of the past.
Both are only real to the human that is caught between them in a mental projection of NOW.

The now the human is living in is just the factory where future is converted into past.

Here one second. Gone the next.

The human idea of now is completely polluted by time.

And there is nothing the human can do about it.
It is what is actual.
The human cannot see this mechanism because the mechanism is doing the looking.

Similarly...every philosophy is crazy , except the one you have.
The one you have is the crazy doing the looking.

Do you kind of get it?

Once you see how you are being conned, the person there being conned is no more.

With every glimpse of the actual, there remains a little less of the person that is susceptible to death.

Birth is the beginning of time.
Death is the end of time.
And the person is stuck between the two.

If that person was not there.... Neither would birth and death be.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 18, 2017, 09:00:10 AM
                                                       The Author

                                                         Part 57.

                                              Eternal life is an oxymoron.

Life cannot exist without the presence of death.

Life and death are a dynamic duo.

By appearing anywhere between life and death, the human is burdened with all the stresses
and strains of keeping life and death as far apart as possible.

When the struggle is over, only then may you rest in peace.

While the human exists between life and death s/he deludes itself into believing that it can create.

"You create your own future..." etc.

Crap !

Your past is creating your future.

"I used to be poor.... Now I`m going to get rich."

"I lived without love...Now I am going to find my soul mate."

There is not one single thing the human does that is not based on circumstances.

All human philosophy is polluted with circumstances from it`s inception through to it`s abandonment.
It all has a shelf life. Circumstances change.

Everything in the human realm is authored.
The author is absent. "He works in mysterious ways."

Unable to observe this actuality the human is left with no choice but to try and make the best of
of a bad situation.

The human serves it`s sentence in pursuit of feeling good.

Completely disregarding the fact that no human has ever succeeded.

Good feelings are transient. The good feelings of success are soon swamped with the fear of failure.

And on it goes. As it always has. And as it always will.

The human asks, "So what is the answer?"

The human never looks at why they are there where the question is.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on July 24, 2017, 10:12:03 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 58.

                                                 The outer limits of thought.

For as long as a human has existed it, has confused thought with consciousness.

The human has a thought.... It is conscious of the thought. That thought becomes consciousness.

The human concludes "I am conscious because I can have thoughts."

"When I am not having thoughts, it is because I am unconscious."

Consciousness without thought is something the human cannot think with.

Navigating through this maze is impossible for the human.
S/he is stuck with human consciousness.

There exists nothing outside of human consciousness.

Human consciousness goes into gear to try to think it`s way out of this maze.

The very mechanism that is the trap, is charged with the task of freeing itself.

Can you see that this is why no human has ever escaped it?

The human is a time producing machine.
If it doesn`t have time, it can`t think.

The human thinks that with more time, it can think of the solution.

Thus sentencing itself to more time with human consciousness.

Just ask yourself...What have the great thinkers come up with in resolving this dilemma?

So far the great thinkers have come up with nothing.

That cannot be !

I understand that man hasn`t solved the whole puzzle yet. But what have they solved ?
What part of the eternal puzzle has now been established as fact?

What book or philosophy are you looking at ?

Why is it gathering dust instead of becoming part of the fabric of human existence?

The human is so preoccupied with how they got where they are , that the they is overlooked.

While one is connecting their breathing in a distraction free environment, the they reveals it-selves.

This is the outer limits of human thought.
And it is remarkably similar to trying to break free of the earths gravitational pull.

As one sails off into nothingness, one cannot help but look back and enjoy the view.
Seeing the curvature of the earth is all it takes to gain a unique perspective on life.

That is the viewpoint that one now has. Thus one has been successfully lured back into orbit.

Meditation, psychedelics, and space travel change and modify one`s viewpoint.

It is life changing. 

The human settles into it`s new life.

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                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 59.

                                                 Dispensing with the authored.

Until such time as the authored is dispensed with, the author is remains a mystery.

The human is so preoccupied with interacting with the authored that, the author remains unoccupied.

In story telling, this is called the fourth wall.

"Breaking the fourth wall" is any instance in which this performance convention, having been adopted more generally in the drama, is violated. This can be done through either directly referencing the audience, the play as a play, or the characters' fictionality. The temporary suspension of the convention in this way draws attention to its use in the rest of the performance. This act of drawing attention to a play's performance conventions is metatheatrical. A similar effect of metareference is achieved when the performance convention of avoiding direct contact with the camera, generally used by actors in a television drama or film, is temporarily suspended. The phrase "breaking the fourth wall" is used to describe such effects in those media. Breaking the fourth wall is also possible in other media, such as video games and books. wiki

When the fourth wall is broken it really fucks with the human mind.
The human mind can`t process it.
It throws the viewer into a confusion.

It causes a kind of nervous hysteria.

The same sort of nervous hysteria a human experiences when they misplace something.

When a human cannot locate their keys or their wallet.... Maybe they don`t see their car where they remember parking it. Their cell phone is missing.

Right at that moment a LIFE is created.

It is a life of discomfort. A kind of torture. A weird panicky kind of confusion.

The mind is blowing a gasket. It can`t trust itself anymore.
It is reaching for an answer. It is unable to rest until this mystery is resolved.

It runs different mental projections endlessly through it`s processor.
The human is totally focused on ending this living hell.
"Where the fuck are my ...    ????"

Look closely at this....

If you quiz the suffering human about the validity of their panic, they will find your
line of inquiry completely inappropriate.. and "Not helpful" at all.

"This is a serious situation !!!!"

There is nothing anyone can say to convince this victim of loss that what they are experiencing, and feeling, is not valid.

How dare anyone even make such an insensitive suggestion.

We are simply looking at this. We are not choosing sides...or judging...or trying to anticipate where this is going.

What we are about to observe is something the human has eternally failed to see.

The second the mystery is solved..the lost item is located, there is a feeling of relief.
The human calms right down. Order is re established.

The frantic, neurotic, who was there just a moment ago is gone.

Where ?

Where did they go?

Just moments ago the human was adamant that the anxiety ridden life they were experiencing was valid and real.

So where is it now ?

The human isn`t anxious or worried about losing that identity.
Yet it was real. They insisted it existed. Now it is as if it never did...

What gives?

The life of the seeker exists until what is sought is actually found.

Transformation occurs. The seeker is no more....and never was.

The entirety of the human existence has just been laid out before you.

Why has this not been observed before?
Because the human was never looking for it.
The human cannot see what is actual.
For to see it, the human is no more.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 12, 2017, 10:42:36 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 60.


Stress is a feeling that is easily activated in the human.
For some, it is a way of life.

It is a discomforting feeling that begs to be remedied.

One is so preoccupied trying to pacify it that, what it actually is, never gets a look in.

Any human can spot at a glance what another should do to remedy their stress.
And yet trying to remedy their own stress often magnifies it.

Is this because the human is deluded about the causes of their own stress?
Is it because the human is confused about inside and outside?

ie... The stress is felt inside...yet the cause is obviously outside.

"I feel stress because I am in a stress causing environment."

Once again stress motivates doing. The outside doing distracts the human from
the inside feeling.

"I suffer from stress... But I`m doing something about it."

Suffering is the motivation behind the search for a remedy.

In it`s desperation for relief, the human will grasp onto anything that comes their way.
Whether it is short or long term relief is not an issue. Just so long as it gives relief.

Short term relief blinds a relief seeker to any inevitable suffering caused by the remedy in the long term.

When the long term effects kick in, the relief seeker will search for a remedy for that.
But that`s still a long way off.

One has bought more time !

We are examining the mechanics involved here.
There is no remedy being sought.

Now it can be observed that pain and pleasure are what the human is serving time between.

Avoid that pain. Find that pleasure.

It is an endless treadmill that the human cannot free itself from.

Holding them apart is very stressful.

As it shall always be.

It is what makes us human.

To be free of the human is to be free of stress.

This is not a long or short term solution.
This is removal from the term.                                                   

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 13, 2017, 09:01:06 AM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 61.

                                                    The Scientist.

Science cannot exist without the mind.
Where the mind is absent... so too is science.

Science defines the boundaries of human thought.

Science cannot go beyond those boundaries.
So the scientific mind is attempting to extend those boundaries.

But can you see that all that is occurring is that the human mind is being extended ?

The great minds and the simple minds are all in the same trap.
They are at all times trying to bring peace to the mind.

The mind is forever stuck in a mystery. And it does not like to be stuck or in a mystery.

It is a slave to reward and punishment.

Science has to believe that this mind is actually a brain. A piece of meat located inside of the human skull.

Obviously physical intrusion into the brain can effect thought.
So the conclusion is that the brain is the thought maker.

Yet the location of this thought maker has eluded the greatest brains that have ever pondered this.

The brain is like a computer.
It does computations.

But just like your computer...if you disconnect it from it`s power source, it does not compute.

But all this misses the point completely.

Whatever is causing thought is out of control.

The origin of thought is obscured by thought process.

With no control over the thought process...
The origin of thought remains a mystery.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 14, 2017, 09:28:07 AM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 62.

                                                    The salvation market.

The human is the created.
It is not the creator.

Likewise, the human is the authored. Not the author.

The human has come up with all sorts of misguided rules of conduct to win the creator`s favor.

"If I behave in a certain way and resist my human instincts, I will, in the future, receive my reward."

There will be times when the human slips below it`s own projected standards.
There will be mitigating circumstances where improper conduct can be excused.
The human rationalizes that on the balance of things, overall....I am a good human.

"Anyone would have done what I did, if they were in my position."

All this crazy goes around and around inside a human`s mind.
The human mind is as nutty as you can be and still walk upright.

It is living in a world of delusion.
And that delusion is trying to make sense of what is actual.
They are complete opposites.
And living between them is what creates the life so positioned.

The human has convinced itself that it can barter it`s way out of the dilemma it has found itself in.

The human believes that it`s actions and behavior are relevant to
it`s ascension from that life.

But those actions and behavior can only ever be relevant to the human.
And the human is the trap.

Believing that one`s conduct is relevant to one`s salvation is what is inhibiting that very salvation.

Whether one is being a multi millionaire philanthropist, or a drummer for a heavy metal band, the exit door is the same...

"Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up !"

But.... But.... But....

"Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up !"

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 17, 2017, 08:14:58 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 63.

                                           "Is it possible to bypass the mind ?"

Let`s look into it....

What is it that we would be bypassing if we could?

Humans try to cop out of this observation by being confused about what the mind is.

Is it the brain? Is it consciousness ? Is it chemicals ? Is it a physical thing?
Is it the result of evolution ? Did God give you free will and then dangle you over the fires of Hell?
The human will ponder this for as long as the mind exists.
When it is no longer pondered, it will be because the mechanism that ponders is no more.

Just as time would disappear with the absence of good time keepers.

So we can bypass this mental defense system by not stopping to admire it.

Just look at what is actual. And what is actual is the mind`s function is what traps a human... not it`s structure.

Look at this...

How can the mind see itself when it is the looker?

All that is possible is reflection.

And upon reflection it can be observed that the real struggle is not with thought....But with thought process.

Whatever you believe is the originator of thought, becomes redundant upon direct examination of thought process.

Thought precedes manifestation.

But a thought must be processed before it can manifest.

Thought as it exists in human form is only ever a reaction.

It is a reflection. And that reflection is a process.
The process is partnered up with time.
If there was no time...there would be no time to think.

The whole human existence is a battle with the mind...or more precisely...thought process.
Can thought process be bypassed?

How much time do you spend with your hand on a hot plate?

How much time do you need to learn that touching something burning hot is not a good idea?

How many times a day do you think about how lucky you are not to have your hand on a hot plate?

When you are near a hot plate how many times do you remind yourself not to touch the red hot element?

Would it be accurate to state that you spend no time at all thinking about hot plates  ?
Is it that you just don`t go there?

So ...have you, in fact, bypassed thought ?

Now get this...

The hot plate/hand contact left no room for the mind.
It hurt like a bitch and there was no negotiating with it.
There was no space for a thought process to intervene.
The mind was bypassed.

There was no lesson learned. 
The burn victim isn`t repeating to themselves...
"I must not touch hot plates. I must not touch hot plates."

The life of the hot plate contact survivor never materializes.
There was no thought process.

"Anyway.... I`m much too preoccupied with dangers that are not as forthcoming as  hot plates."

Like ....thought process.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 19, 2017, 08:44:01 AM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 64.

                                                 "Just tell us what we should do !"

It is the dream of the human that somewhere there is a route out of this human existence.

If there was, wouldn`t it be the case that someone could write down the steps one must take
to escape the life sentence?

But any steps taken are into life.!!!

Any doing is doing your time in that life sentence.

The human cannot think with this. Because the human IS the life sentence.

This is not word play or mind games.

Look at it. ... You find a book about enlightenment...
You speed read all the theoretical stuff and breathe a sigh of relief when you find the what to do sections.

So the human mind projects a benefit. It sees that in time it can achieve that benefit.

The human now builds a life as someone on the path to enlightenment.

And as always happens, when they get to the end of it, they look to see that they are still
firmly anchored on the path to enlightenment. It`s a treadmill.

When the human observes that s/he has been conned yet again... that human is no longer there to be conned.
Then they find another path to be conned by.

Every distraction from the actual problem will eventually deliver you back to the problem.

Why not just be there and observe the problem.

Doing something about it is only a distraction.


"I do not know what life is all about."

That is the end of it !!!

Do not DO anything.

Could that concept exist without you observing it?

So are it.

The observer IS the observed.


You are it. And it is you.

Game over.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 20, 2017, 08:44:25 AM
                                                   The Author

                                                         Part 65.

                                                 Seeing is not believing.

For to see what is actual, belief becomes redundant.

Belief is a substitute for what is actual.

The human sentence exists for as long as one holds onto their beliefs.

Beliefs are a distraction from what is actual. Thus beliefs are a barrier.

The actual cares not one iota what anyone believes about it.

Once the actual is observed there is no need to hold onto any beliefs.

So everything the human believes is non actual.

For once the actual is observed there is nothing to believe in.

You getting this?

What good does it do you to see this?

None !

Is that hard to believe ?

Of course.... Because it is what is actual.

The actual can only be observed by YOU.

If it isn`t, then it becomes... It becomes an observation by proxy.

Because it is not your observation, then it becomes someone else`s and then you have a belief.

No one can tell you what is actual.

This is why the "How to escape the human experience" manual cannot exist.

Humans will defend their beliefs with their life.

For without those beliefs that life cannot exist.

Look closely at that.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 22, 2017, 08:44:20 AM
                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 66.

                                            Free of what has been said.

Because the human evolves, learns, modifies and constructs, deconstruction is like
a muscle the human does not have.

The human will throw everything it has into coming out the other end of it`s life sentence victorious.

The human is attempting to escape life by building it.

This is all a journey into delusion.

Human thought suggests that one day the truth will be discovered.
Great minds will come up with an explanation for everything.

Humanity will have this cosmic ah-ha moment and all it`s problems will be history.

But look at it.
Isn`t that just another mental projection. A mental projection that has no basis in reality.

And what if the meaning of life is discovered and John Smith of 22 Mt Pleasant Rd says..."I disagree."

Where is that human utopia then... while John Smith still exists in disagreement with it?

After all... He is entitled to his viewpoint.

And there you have it...

The viewpoint is the problem.
The viewpoint is the human viewpoint. And it is the very thing that sabotages any hope of escaping the life sentence.

The human is so focused on what he could be. That he has never calmed down enough to observe what he actually is.

The human believes that it can perpetuate itself by building an encyclopedia around it.

To escape the human life sentence has nothing to do with any human imaginings about what that entails.
In deed ...human imaginings are what stand in it`s way.

Nothing the human has ever done or said is relevant outside of the human experience.

Is there something outside of the human experience...?

Not to the human !

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                                                       The Author

                                                         Part 67.

                                                 The problem goes in search of the solution.

The problem is the manifestation of "Not the solution."
For if the solution was apparent the problem would dissolve.

Since the problem and the solution are poles apart. all that is left
for the human is to soothe and pacify the problem.

After all, if the human did not exist , neither would the problem.

Unable to conceive of nothing the human has no choice but to put something there.

If the human could see what is actual, the nothing would be revealed.

But that would spell the end of the human.
And the human exists to delay ending at all costs.

The human so threatened will look for something to place between itself and the nothing.

"But The Bible says... Confucius said.... Einstein said...
It looks for an authority on human understanding and holds onto it for dear life.

Thus  a reprieve is granted.

Peace of mind is restored and the mind is given permission to run havoc in human affairs.

As it always has. As it always will.

The human exists in denial of what is actual.

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                                                         The Author

                                                         Part 68.

                                                  Getting an education.

This is essential for the human.
One has to learn how to be human.
It doesn`t come naturally.

The human thrives on ideas and information, that inspire more ideas, that inspire more learning.

All essential for the human existence.

Next time your doctor tells you, you have six months to live, show him all
your certificates and awards. Show him the depth of knowledge that the human race will
be deprived of if he doesn`t save you.

It becomes obvious that your life has nothing to do with your death.

They are headed in different directions.

The life you have built is a mere dot on the wall paper of human history.

And yet to the human, that dot is everything.

This isn`t good or bad. It isn`t right or wrong.

It is just something the human cannot learn or be taught.

I am not trying to teach anyone anything.
I am merely pointing out things so that the guy who cannot see it is no longer there.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 27, 2017, 08:10:36 AM
                                                   The Author

                                                         Part 69.   

                                                         Your life.

It is from one`s life that one is observing life.

It is from that life that one tries to make sense of life generally.

If it doesn`t make sense to your life then it has no chance of ever making any sense.

The only reason it actually needs to make sense is so that it makes sense to your life.

Don`t get caught up in the words.
Don`t try to make sense of this. Just see what is being pointed at.

Once you do...the guy who`s life depended on not seeing it, is gone.

There is no lesson here. Nothing to learn.
Nothing to write down and highlight in yellow.
Once you see something...the guy who couldn`t see it is gone.

If you can teach him anything, if he needs sense made out of it...he is still there.

There is no recovery process. There are no steps to take. No path to follow.
OVER !!!  Finished !!!

If one is reading this from their life, none of it is making any sense.
"It`s asking me to use a muscle I don`t have."

If one is reading this with anything other than curiosity, that "other" is inhibiting the view.

The human for example is in a life sentence that seems to make no sense.
They work and struggle their whole lives, put up with all the bullshit.
Search fruitlessly for love and then they die and loose everything they worked so hard for.

Doesn`t make any sense.  Right ?

"But that`s all stuff I can`t do anything about. After all that is life. And death is something I`ll worry about later."

Can we just look at this?

Is it what is actual? Or is it a con?

The human is stuck here.
Is that what the case is?

Is it?
Have you ever really looked?

Look now.

Just be here.
You know.... Sit down, close your eyes and just be here.

It is something someone with a life cannot do.
That life is calling for them... "Come back... You have things you have to do."

Your life is fighting for it`s life.

It needs you there.

See this. Is it what is actual?

The here that you are stuck in is entirely there`s.

Still don`t see it?

Try again.... Just be here...
Connect your breathing and don`t do anything. Just be here.

You can`t do it.
You are immediately called away by your life.

You are not stuck "here." You are stuck "there."

Get it?

Being here is unstuck.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on September 28, 2017, 08:01:42 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 70.   

                                             "But what if your system doesn`t work?"

There is no system here.
I am not suggesting anyone do anything.

There are hundreds of self help, self awareness systems out there.
More coming through all the time.

Some are fucking amazing. Some are pure bullshit.

Each promise life improvement.

And the promise of life improvement gives the life, in need of improving, hope.

Often that hope is the real benefit the system provides.

A life without hope, is a life the human cannot conceive.

And that hope is riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after.
But what about after that?
Why do the stories always end with the happily ever after moment?

Why not stick around to find out that Cinderella is frigid and Prince Charming is a rogue?

I am not attempting to overwrite anyone`s beliefs.
I am not trying to provide a philosophy for life.

The beliefs and philosophies you already have are why you are where you are now.

They are all attempts to create a more comfortable prison cell.

But look at this.
If that prisoner was not there, neither could the prison be.

The observer is the observed.

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                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 71.

                                              "Who or what is conning me?"

The human hears me saying that they are suffering because they are being conned.

That can`t be true.....  Can it ?

The human gets angry. It protests and says "the guy who is saying I am being conned is deluded.
If I am being conned better be able to explain to me how exactly I am being conned."

So let`s walk through this slowly.

Someone of a different religion from yours is obviously being conned.

It is virtually impossible to explain to them logically how their whole belief system is simply nuts.

And yet it clearly is.
That`s because you are looking at it.... And they are looking through it.

To take away someone`s firmly held beliefs is just not an option for them.
They will defend those beliefs with their life.
Those beliefs are their life.

Are you tracking with me?

The more you try to persuade someone out of their beliefs the stronger they hold onto them.

They are defending their beliefs .

But their beliefs are that life.

This is not a problem that requires a solution. It isn`t right or wrong. Neither is it good or bad.
Human`s are free to believe what they have been conned into believing.

They did not choose their beliefs.
The beliefs put something between them and what is actual.
That life of a believer owes it`s life to those beliefs.

If those beliefs were not there...the actual would be observed and s/he who
was holding those beliefs would be no more.

The human cannot see who or what is conning it...Because when it does, it is no
longer there to see it.

Once you see this, you will no longer be there to not see it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 01, 2017, 06:46:51 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 72.

                                                 The con goes on.

The fact that the human is being conned has created the life that exists of s/he who is being conned.

That life will now perpetuate through time until the actual mechanics of how they are being conned is observed.

But as a safety net the con will include a defense mechanism.

If a con did not have a defense mechanism it would be exposed on the spot. The game would be up.

Can we look into this?  Is it possible that to perpetuate in time, all belief systems must have certain mechanics in place?

If those mechanics could be observed, would the victim of those mechanics continue to be victimized by them?

A belief system has to be invented.

There is not one instance of a belief system existing before it was invented.

All the lives that were lived before the belief system was invented were never able to benefit in any way from that belief system.

Let us call our example belief system..."The Deluded."

Before we have the deluded, there must be a Deluder.

The Deluder is the founder of the system for the Deluded to follow.

The Deluder must establish motivation for the deluded to enter the Delusion.

The Deluder has to reach out to victims of pain, suffering and discomfort.
Those who are not... simply aren`t interested. They are too busy having fun.

For the suffering, the Deluder has to give hope that someone`s pain, suffering and discomfort can come to an end if they only follow the simple system put there by the Deluder.

The sufferer, projects an image of how they will feel once they are free of their suffering.

Now all they have to do is what they are told to do by the Deluder. They have a life of hope.

So now one has become one of "The deluded."

But they now have a problem.

Even though their focus has gone from their suffering onto learning how to be one of "The Deluded",
they have become separated from those who are not deluded.

The system used by the deluded only works on the deluded.
So obviously "we need to recruit more deluded."

If everyone was a member of the deluded, there would be no more suffering. The world would be at peace.

Everyone would be deluded and obey the great Deluder.

For anyone who won`t...Well... we`ll make sure they experience nothing but pain, discomfort and suffering, hopefully for eternity. Let them burn in Hell. If they won`t join the Deluded, they don`t deserve to live.

"One day... the non deluded will find out that the deluded were right all along."
That is what the Deluded would like to believe.

But what the deluded don`t realize is that the Hell they want for the non believers is the very hell they,  themselves, escaped by becoming deluded.

And they know it is real. And they know it is there waiting for them when they stop being Deluded.

Did you see this..?

If you did... The human who couldn`t is gone.

Nothing was learned.
There was no path to follow. There was no hope or reward.

The moment you observe the actual mechanics of "the delusion", the life of "the deluded" is over.

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                                                          The Author

                                                         Part 73.

                                              "So... What the fuck use is any of this?"

None. Not one thing being pointed out here is of the slightest use to anyone.

Now ...Notice immediately that the human cannot think with this.
There simply is nothing to think about.

There is nothing that is being pointed out that is in conflict with anything.

Once again the human is baffled.
Their whole life exists in conflict.
If there is no conflict, there is no life.

The human wants to have something to overcome.
If there is nothing to overcome ...there is nothing to do.

The human begins looking at this material and wants to know where it ends.
What will be achieved? What benefit will be gained ?

But beyond all that the human wants it all to make sense.
It is an insult to one`s intelligence if it doesn`t make any sense.

So how about we go down that road for a moment.
Let`s see what intelligence has brought to the human species.
The pinnacle of human intelligence would have to be "The Central Intelligence Agency."

This is a multi Billion dollar organization that will let nothing stand in it`s way in the pursuit of
intelligence gathering.

The result of all this intelligence gathering is the decision to keep all the intelligence it has gathered to itself.

The C.I.A. is unaccountable to anyone.
They can and do whatever the fuck they want to.

On November the 22nd 1963 C.I.A. with the help of a power hungry criminal , then vice President,
ended the very democracy they were formed to protect.

Since that time, not one political process on earth has ever been able to override the Central Intelligence Agency`s authority and agenda.

The agency appointed to protect freedom has taken freedom away from the process that appointed it.

This is not to get all your junk about conspiracies stirred up.

All of these conspiracy theories exist only because the actual facts are not available.
The actual facts are held by the Central Intelligence Agency...and they are under no obligation to share that intelligence with anyone.

That is the pinnacle of human intelligence.
To have an intelligence agency who`s brief was to protect the free world, that then imprisoned it.

And the most sophisticated , intelligent humans that impose their intelligence on the world, can`t see it.

But maybe that is all just misuse of intelligence!

Which isn`t very intelligent is it ?

If it was actual intelligence, surely it would be smart enough to not misuse itself.

`Human intelligence` is an oxymoron, just like `military intelligence.`

It is not very intelligent to be in the military.
And likewise, it is not very intelligent to be in the human.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 03, 2017, 07:29:13 AM
                                                   The Author

                                                         Part 74.

                                              Stand by your man.

If one is trying to see what I am pointing out in these articles, with their intelligence, they
will simply not see it.

It won`t make any sense at all. Just like life doesn`t.

Recently I had a friend ask me to explain one of these observations to him as if he was a ten year old.
Once I did...he saw it.

So I pointed out to him that not being a ten year old was what was inhibiting his ability to see it.
Ten has no significance. It was just a representation of prior to becoming intelligent.

Interestingly.... Once one ceases to not see what I`m pointing at, one could re read everything here
and ask "Why the fuck didn`t you say all this the first time?"

Well...I`m sorry. I`m doing my best. try to point it out to the guys down at the pub.

You try to coax someone out of the exact firmly held beliefs that are causing them to live in misery.

When one tries to extract a human from the life sentence, they will get really frustrated and pissed off with you.

They will explain with great passion that they are completely justified in being the human that they are.
Anyone trying to point out that not one of their justifications is actual, will risk being a target of their wrath.
They are defending it with their lives.
It is their lives.

So one listens patiently to this well rehearsed and heartfelt story.
And from the outside of it one observes it is intelligent insanity. Just like the C.I.A.
And just as paranoid.

Really look at this....

When the story telling has exhausted itself and the personal attacks on you have failed to get your junk stirred up.....  Just simply ask...   "NOW WHAT ?"


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                                                     The Author

                                                         Part 75.

                                                        Fix you.

How does one fix something that ain`t broke?

The human perspective on other humans is that they are somehow broken...or flawed.

The world has problems because others just can`t see things the way you can.

Plus you have the facts to back up your viewpoint.
Those facts are the viewpoint.
The other guy just has different facts.

The human has a life based on those facts.
If any of those facts are stripped away from the human, s/he goes into a panic.

They experience a sort of a death.

So holding on to those facts is a matter of life and death.

The human will resort to any method to hold onto their facts and eliminate
anyone or anything that poses a threat to those facts.

This has nothing to do with right or wrong.
Right and wrong to the human means the last man standing.

Obviously the last man standing was right because no one is left standing to say otherwise.

You are right to be human. You are not broken.

The standing human gives great importance to right and wrong.
The human no longer standing couldn`t give a toss.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 05, 2017, 06:55:20 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 76.

                                                  Now you see it...
                                                  Now you don`t !

Can it be observed that the human is limited ?

Of course one could say... "But anything is possible time."

But if time is eliminated as an escape route for human limitation, then the human is limited to
what they are being right here and right now.

And that human who is right here right now can only be limited.
.... Limited to what is right here, right now.

Now we can observe what is actually there...and not what could be.

So what we observe is a life form that cannot see it`s limitations.
It knows that in time it could be free.
But that is all speculation and mental projections.
This is the mechanics of how not to observe that one is in a trap.

By imagining one could be free of the trap, one is able to decorate their prison cell.
One exists where they would rather not and puts pictures on the wall which could all have the caption

"One day....."

And this is how the human interacts with the subject of freedom.
It is all just pictures on the wall.

Pictures that hide a dirty stain that`s laying there.
And that dirty stain is that the human is in prison.

That prison is slavery to conditioning.
Every action taken by the human is rooted in their conditioning.

If you had lived the life of any other human you would be conducting yourself exactly as they are.

There is no choice.

And this is where the mechanics of the trap are exposed.

The human`s conditioning is the prison from which there is no escape.
For to escape from that conditioning, one would no longer be who had escaped.

So the human has no choice but to see a picture of what freedom must be.

The human has never stopped to see that their picture of freedom is just more conditioning !!!!

How about that for a perfect trap?

Ask any human to explain to you about freedom.... and watch them look at their pictures.

So the human is distracted from the fact they are trapped by projecting images of being out of that trap.
Thus distracting themselves from the fact that they are trapped.
The images are the trap.
Not one of them is actual. Not one!

Everything the human knows about freedom is actually the trap.

And of course trying to get this through to a human is impossible.
It sets off all their stuff.

It gets them frustrated, angry and violent.

But beyond all that.... it doesn`t make any sense.

Really look at this.....

The human needs it to make sense before they can accept something.
They have an ah-ha moment.
One can only be free when it all makes sense.

The human is conscious that they are here and they are then on a mission to make sense of it.

"One day it will all make sense."

But what if life it doesn`t make any sense......?

Then the human is stuck here trying to make sense of it for all time !!!

Cool trick !!!???

Post by: Ididntcomeback on October 06, 2017, 07:48:29 AM
                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 76. 


Apart from reproduction, there is no other pursuit that has captured human endeavor like freedom.

The entire science of politics is dedicated to the carrot of personal freedom.

Political systems are postulated to ensure individual freedom and the individual becomes a slave to those very systems.

The fact that the system itself can only be flawed is obscured by the evidence that some individuals always try to buck the system.
There has never yet existed a system that was not in some way abused.

Let`s look at why... 

One would never support a system that prevented individual freedom. Right?

So a system is invented to ensure that individual freedom ..... so long as the individuals in it obey the rules.
Is that not the same as being a slave to the system ?

The human imposes rules on freedom.

"I don`t get it !"   


"Ah... but there is freedom within the rules !!!"

And that is the limitation of the human !!!

This is not an invitation to get into a political debate.
This is an invitation to get out of them all.

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                                                        The Author

                                                         Part 77. 

                                                     The criminal mind.

Isn`t it amazing...all the years of experience and research into the criminal mind
and it still hasn`t seen that "it" is the criminal.

The mind has successfully avoided detection.
It commits the perfect crime with every move it makes.

Robbing people of their happiness.
Blatantly committing heinous acts of cruelty and greed.

Costing the world billions of dollars and wasting billions of man hours.

The experts in criminal profiling are hunting down an offending mind.
Without realizing that it is the mind that is doing all the offending.

Can we look at this?

Ask any lawman what is the common denominator of a life of crime.
They will tell you it is all about who you associate with.

And the human associates with the mind.
S/he never leaves home without it.
It is a full time association.
Going anywhere without one`s mind is unthinkable  !!!!...... !!!!!    .....!!!!

The human mind draws it`s victim into a life of crime by
projecting images of how one can improve their life.

And yet it never asks "Why have one at all?"

You see the human life has come, been and gone within a century.
Sure some humans live longer than that, but believe me that extra time is not
spent running around, partying, and fucking.

So immediately we see that observing the big picture is not something the mind is equipped for.
The human associating with a mind has a limited human perspective.

And the mind says... "I can`t do anything about that... I can only work with what I know."
Exactly what I`m pointing at.

The mind will keep it`s victim so preoccupied with the problems it has invented that the victim
doesn`t get any time out to see that.

Come on guys...Look.

The mind supposedly is there to "solve " problems.
But have a look at the solutions the mind has brought it`s victims.
The solutions are the "problems."

The human mind is a chamber of horrors that is your worst enemy.
It`s a parasite that has tricked it`s host into believing that it is them.

The poor tortured human begs the mind ..."please release me !? Let me be free of this torture."

And the mind says ..... "Leave it to me."

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                                                         Part 78.

                                                  "Why do you talk in riddles?"

Because a riddle leaves YOU to come up with the answer.

The world is full of answers.
But until YOU pose the question, they remain invisible.
The answer fills a void opened by the question.


If I say "42" could mean anything and thus is meaningless.
If I say "46 minus 4 is....?
Then 42 is something you observe for yourself. But you had to take something away to see it.

You have to understand that the mind is full of tricks and evasion.

It is a labyrinth of dead ends.

By pretending to be an asset when it is a total liability, the mind makes you it`s bitch.

Before any human does anything, the mind insists on being consulted.
It says "Run it by me first."

The mind is an accumulation of experience and knowledge.

And that knowledge and experience is making you who you are.
But if you no longer want to be what your knowledge and experience dictates then
obviously the mind has NOTHING to offer.

When you break free of the confines of the human mind, and then try to interact with one..
it reeks of smugness and condescension.

But if your smug, condescending mind meets another smug condescending mind, it
will do battle with it.

The losers mind will replay the encounter till it has put bandaids on all it`s wounds.

This is the mind !
It is not your friend.

But where would we be without our minds?

The mind has no answer for that !

The mind can`t think with that... can it ?

It just shows pictures of rioting in the streets, anarchy, greed, lying, crime, violence.

Pretty much what you see on the news, or at any meeting of mind owners.

So... the world without it would look pretty much how it looks with it ???!!!

And to the mind ... there isn`t a problem.

"I`m too busy with my life to be concerned about all this delusional mind fuck."

Of course you are.

You don`t have a choice.

You are free to do whatever your mind tells you to.

But.... what help is the mind when you say to it..."That`s it ! I`ve had enough..!?"

Riddle me this....  " What would something you have never like?"


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                                                         Part 79.

                                             "But...Where is "all this" going?" 

The human cannot understand that what is being revealed here is all about going nowhere.

You see the human IS going somewhere. It is obsessed by it.

What the human is missing, because it is so busy going somewhere, is that it has taken a wrong turn.

The human has entered a cul de sac from which there is no exit.

The human has piggy backed along with his sophisticated technological evolution that is a mismatch for
his/her psychological state of being.

Technology can see anything a human wants happening anywhere in the human world. Yet all that is happening is completely mad.

So s/he has the technology to see it. But not one clue about how to fix the insanity s/he sees.

The human has long since had the technology to eradicate all human life.
But not even a hint as to how to eradicate that within the human which would develop such technology.

S/he is so busy going somewhere, that the irony of where s/he is actually headed is never observed.

Now immediately the human mind interjects. You see is the culprit, and thus has to deflect attention elsewhere.

It says  "Other minds are at fault. I`m okay !"

"I`m too busy tormenting my own host, to worry about fixing other peoples problems.

And when I do fix other people`s problems it is actually to fix my own issues over self worth and wanting to be remembered fondly.

"I am mind. And I am too busy building Hell to tear it down."

The human experience is a one way super highway that can only ever be a dead end.

When death comes it liberates the human from building it`s own prison.

Every human mob stampeded down this dead end like a boxing day sale at a department store.

The human is a victim of a con.

And like a religious zealot at your door, there is no talking any sense to them.
One cannot see the con while the con is doing the seeing.

Every human life is built on a con.

Once the mechanics of that con are observed, the life of the conned is over.

When you see how the magic trick is done.... The one who was being tricked by it , is no more.

Where did s/he go ?

Nowhere !!! Which is exactly where "all this" is going.

See it ?

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                                                         Part 80.

                                             "But the idea of not having a mind is crazy."

What would be having that idea?

The mind and crazy are a team.
One can`t exist without the other.

To a crazy mind, not existing is crazy.
But can it be seen that crazy cannot see itself?

Not one crazy mind in all of human history has realized it is crazy.

For the moment it truly sees it, it is gone.

So there is nothing there to see the crazy.

So what do we mean by crazy?

Out of control.
Don`t see it?

Control your mind.  Come on try it.
Sit there with your eyes closed in a distraction free environment and shut your mind off.

Connect your breathing... In out In out. No pauses. Relaxed.

What happens?

The crazy party called the mind whisks you away on a crazy adventure.

So upon waking up to this, one returns to the connected breathing.
And sure enough the mind intervenes yet again.

If you look at what is intervening. I mean really look at it.... It is just out of control...  plain crazy.

That crazy will run, out of control, to inflict what ever it is programmed to, on it`s unobservant victim.

And the poor human victim is powerless to escape it`s tormenting.

It`s because the mind has convinced the human that it is them.

The entirety of the human experience is a search to find out who they are by who they are not.

Look at the mechanics of this....

You are only wondering how you got here, because you are here.

You are not wasting any time trying to figure out how you didn`t get at all the places you never got.

This is not word play.
The mind will say it is, because it`s life is threatened.

The words are not the thing. The words point to the thing.
And what I`m pointing at is that the moment you see that the mind is
crazy, you are no longer there to see it.

Both the mind and the crazy join all the other problems you don`t have.

Does this idea seem crazy?

If it does...just add it to the pile of crazy ideas that has kept the human here having more of them.

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                                                         Part 81.

                                                    How does one show up here ?

The human is trapped in thought.

It thinks it can think it`s way out of this.

Do you see the treadmill this puts there?

And the human hopes and believes that it can run to the end of the treadmill.

Hasn`t happened yet. But there is still plenty of time.
That time spent on the treadmill, wouldn`t even exist if you weren`t there running out of it.

The human is so preoccupied trying to have a good time, that s/he can`t see that there is nothing good about time at all.
The human is forever wondering "where have all the good times gone?"

The human is a victim of time.

First there was nothing. Then there was a big bang. How it could be big when there was no other bang to compare it to has never been explained by any of the great minds that eventually evolved.

Now before time , there were volcanoes and dinosaurs... Then there were slimy things that came out of the water. Over time they became monkeys who climbed trees so as to avoid being eaten.
Then they invented the computer and the commuter.

And here you are today.
A complete victim of time.
Every reason you are stuck here is due to time.

Time can explain with exact science why you are stuck here in time.

But ask this commuting monkey brain how to not be stuck here in time...

And it says ..."Just give me more time."

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                                                         Part 82.

                                                    A crack in "reality."

The human is so upset by the content of the con they have fallen for, that they have no attention spare to put on the context.

It is that simple.
So busy with problems that what a problem actually is never gets a look in.

And of course there is all the human emotion and crazy that gets in the way of observing objectively.

Ask a human about divorce as a subject, while they are going through one, and you get nothing but venom.

The human is a victim of every con the human mind can imagine.

There is no choice. This setup guarantees upset.

The human cannot see the big picture while s/he is being the small picture.

The small picture is self absorption.

Which is the definition of being human.

"I am....." is a statement the human is making every waking moment.
And every single adjective put at the end of it can be substituted with the words "self absorbed."

But is there a non waking moment?
Are there cracks in this self absorption ?

What happens to this self absorption while one is being entertained?

One becomes so other absorbed, that self absorption is suspended.

Is this a crack in reality?
Is it the crack that self absorbed humans have missed?

If that crack could be widened....

Could the un-obsorbed, unobserved appear beyond it?

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                                                         Part 83.

                                                     Looking at the looker.

While one is being entertained, they are giving their complete attention.

Who and what is being entertained is suspended.

One is free of who they are for the duration of that entertainment.

By being absorbed by the entertainment, self absorption has disappeared.

One cannot be self absorbed and entertained at the same time.

One is either spending time being self absorbed...or they are spending time being entertained.

But look !

After one has finished being entertained they are left wondering "where did the time go?"

Do you see it?

While one is putting their full attention on something, time ceases to exist.

It is only when their attention goes back on themselves that they are able to wonder where the time went.

If one was giving their complete attention to other than themselves, time would cease to exist.

It is only by having attention on self that the clock ticks over.

If the self is not there, who is watching the clock?

No non existent self has ever been late for anything.

If an existing self could put it`s full attention on nothing, there would be nothing to come back to.

It is because an existing self is unable to do this, that a self is there to come back to.

It is by placing one`s full attention on the mechanics of this, that a self can transform.

And that is what is being pointed at here.

The actual mechanics.

How anyone feels about what is actual, don`t mean shit.

If you are still there having feelings about it, it`s because you still haven`t seen it.

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                                                         Part 84.

                                                     The great cosmic con.

Let`s examine the actual mechanics of a con.

Can it be seen that the victim of a con cannot see it.....?

I mean... if they could, the con would be over.... right?

So you communicate to a human... "You are being conned."

The human knows that they are not being conned. If they were... surely they would know it.

Do you see this clearly?

Immediately the human, hearing your accusations, will become defensive.

This is a defense mechanism that protects the victim of a con from observing it.

The con victim will use all it`s resources to remove the threat to it`s survival.

It will keep going deeper into it`s evolutionary heritage till it finds something that is effective in driving the threat away. From sophisticated logic and mastery of evidence, all the way down to biting and scratching.

Let`s look at why...

This announcement made to a con victim is not met with a "Thanks... Now I can get back to my life..."
Because being conned is their life !!!!

Which is why con victims defend the con they don`t want to see, with that life.

The con victim can`t see they are being conned....and they don`t want to.

Do you....?

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                                                         Part 85.

                                                    The same old scene.

The moment the mechanics of how one was being conned are observed, that which
was not observing those mechanics is GONE ! 

The cult contacts you and you say.."who the fuck are you talking to. That guy doesn`t live here anymore."

The cult says ..." you need to bring them back."

It doesn`t matter how hard one tries, the life that couldn`t see the con cannot come back.
It is gone! Over! Finished ! Vanished!

Are you seeing this?

There was no years of therapy and counseling involved.
There was no change or modification.
The life that could not see the con is over. It died!

Now if one rushed to the hospital and got an emergency brain scan,
it would be clear that the brain is still there.
So the section of the brain that contained the con victim has not curled up it`s toes and moved off to "Brain heaven."

The brain is still there.... Just like a screen is still there after the movie has finished.

And it was never your brain. It is the human brain.
Try to pick your brain out of a brain scan like up.

The brain is not the individual`s. It is not my brain or your brain.

It is the same screen . Only the movies being projected on it are different.

And the human brain is stuck watching horror movies.

Those movies are the life stories of victims of a con.

It is when the mechanics of the whole production of getting that story onto the screen are observed,
that one can see the author of it all.

Till then one is preoccupied with the story.

Fascinating !!!

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                                                         Part 86.

Are you beginning to see how this works?
Are you able to observe the actual mechanics?

Does one feel better for having seen it?

How can they ?
The person who was feeling bad is gone. Never even existed.

If that person is still feeling something about it, it is because they are still there.
And that life created by not seeing it has not transformed.

The life only exists till the actual is observed.

Once how it all works is observed, that life is gone.

Okay... it is hard to see this. That is because what is looking is only there to look because it can`t see it.

All it can see is what not seeing it has created.
And that is the life one looks out from.

And that viewpoint will inevitably be defended by that life.

Just look man. It`s so obvious when you see it.

If it helps...Try to tell someone that they are being conned. They cannot see it.

They can only see you as a threat to their life.
And they will go into a rage. They will defend the con with their lives.
That is what is creating the life they are defending.

They will say..."But I have a life. I am a professor at a university. I am rich. I am successful.
I am happily married. I have certificates and trophies. I have interests and hobbies.
I have some stuff I don`t talk about as well."

Yeah !???  For how long?

How long do you have that life?
And where is all you have after you are gone?

Who are you after all you have is gone?

The first thing you notice when you die is...

"Holy fuck I am actually dead !!!!!"
So who is observing that you are dead.?

You have to still be there to see that you are dead.

Then the actual is clearly observed...
Life and death are the same thing.

And it is all happening now.
The very same now you just spent a life time trying to avoid.

With time between them.

And time is made up.  It is a con.
Try to point to it.

Take a break. You have been through lifetimes of not seeing this.
You are very welcome.

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                                                         The Author

                                                         Part 87.

                                                      The wrong turn.

Can it be seen that by smashing the vessel containing it`s contents, that the contents
have lost their container.

So effectively the contents spill out. They can no longer be held.

So we look at the mind..or thought as the container.
And experience as the contents.

Every human has been suckered into believing that they are their experience.

Without their experience the human has nothing to identify with.

For as long as the human has been stuck with problems, it has been preoccupied with the content of thought.
That is all the human knew.
It is all the human can know.  The human is limited by thought. And thought is limited.

So what this has meant for the human is it has been conned into believing that the content of thought
is all he has to work with.

Millions of different therapies have been developed to try to sort out the mind.

And the mind has loved every second of it.

The mind can play cat and mouse forever with any analyst, using any method.

The mind goes into rapture when it organizes it`s host into therapy.

Therapy is like taking the spoiled brat mind to the carnival.

When it gets bored with one ride it simply moves to another.

When the mind gets indulged by any form of analysis, it`s looking for importance's with a mechanism that can and will shift significance's.

The whole subject of mental therapy is falling for the con that the contents of the mind require change and modification.

Once the vessel for the content is dismantled, the whole content loses all it`s significance.

Gone !

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                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 88.   

                                               Nothing to hide behind.

The victim of the human experience con, has a life.

If the mechanics of that con are observed, then that con, like any other, is over.   

Where the human really struggles with this, is that everything the human thinks he is, exists
because the human cannot see the con.

The human has no apparatus for facing this dilemma.

It really is best described as using a muscle you don`t have.

Place your finger tips on a flat surface, as if you are holding an imaginary ball.
Now tuck your middle finger under the palm of your hand so that it is laying flat on the table.

Now lift your fingers, one at a time off the table surface.

Thumb. Index finger. Pinky. All come up off the table surface.

But what happens when you try to lift the ring finger?

Stay with that feeling for a moment.

That is a physical equivalent of the feeling the human gets when it tries to lift itself out of the life sentence it is stuck in.

The human has not the muscle needed for such a task.

The more it tries to use a muscle it doesn`t have, the more frustrated the human has become.

It concludes... "Because I don`t have the muscle to do cannot be done!

This is all bullshit. A waste of time. "

Now... If one observes the actual fact that the human is limited..One sees that the human is stuck in a trap.

Every attempt to free itself actually entangles the human more.

So essentially the human has to drop all his weapons before he does battle in this war.

However when the human drops all his weapons , it sees that there was never any war in the first place.

It was the human`s attempt to hide behind it`s weapons that was the magnet for conflict.

Kind of a big moment that the human realizes that it has been doing battle with itself all these millennia.

Hand on the table again like before. Middle finger tucked under.
Now turn your palm up and bring the extended fingers and thumb you could lift, into a fist.
Meanwhile extend your middle finger straight and hold that shape (palm facing you) in front of your face..

Being done with the human experience is effortless.

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                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 89. 

                                                    Being human is a waste of time.

Let`s look at the mechanics of how the human remains human.

Can it be seen that the human is stuck between what s/he has, and what s/he wants ?

"This is my life.... But if I had this or that I would feel better."

This is the moment to moment human existence.

Constantly looking for ways to improve it`s position.

But once it has improved it`s life , all that happens is it sees the next thing to improve.

There is no end to it. Except death...  Which is what the human is trying to avoid.
It is doing all it`s improving to avoid death.

But there has never been an actual case in all human history of a human avoiding death.

So do you see ? The struggle is in vain.

Really look at this.

So the human sees that all his efforts to avoid death, are doomed to fail ultimately.
But the human goes... "No I chose to be human. I don`t chose death !"

Every human pats him on the back and says "S/he was a fighter."

As if that was something unique?

Being human is being a fighter. The human is immersed in conflict. And he wants his way !

Are you seeing the mechanics of this?

One day, the human realizes s/he is struggling constantly but not getting anywhere.

The human looks for ways to free itself from struggle.
It hears about some brilliant fix it guy and joins the queue of humans following the fix it guy.

Eventually he realizes that this fix it guy can`t fix him/her.

Conned again !!!

The human, if it really looks, can see that all it`s efforts to free itself from the human life sentence took the human along with them.

"Maybe one day scientists will solve this ... Maybe I haven`t found the right religion yet. Maybe I should take mind altering drugs. Maybe I should go to Tibet. Maybe I should come up with a method myself."

As a human, I will do anything other than see what is actual.
Anything else would be non human.

Duh !!!

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                                                   The Author

                                                         Part 90.   

                                                 Changing history.

The human has convinced itself that history is real.

If it is... Where exactly is it ?

Point to it.

"But it is well documented in films and books."
Which can only be viewed NOW !

Anyone who says history is a delusion must be deluded....Right ?

So I ask again .... Where is it ?

Is this a mind game ? Am I just fucking with the reader?

Let`s see...

Have a look at history.

Look at the dinosaurs, the Egyptians, the Greeks, The Romans, The march of civilization.
Napoleon...Hitler... Sputnik, The Teletubbies.

All pictures projected by a mind that believes what it projects must be real.

The mind uses history to hide what is actual.
What is actual can only occur NOW.

"But history explains how things became what they are. We learn from history."

Okay mind... Tell me in one word or less what humans have learned from history?

Nothing !!  Not one fucking thing.

It just puts something else between you and the actual.

The actual exists NOW. It can only be observed now.
Everything else, including history, is a diversion from NOW !

So ..What if one learns every single thing about history.
 One now has an explanation of how they became what they are....


History is a made up story of how you got fucked up.
It has nothing to do with getting un fucked.

As a species one can look at history to understand how humanity got divided and why there is war.

As individuals one can look at their history to understand why they are also at war.

One thing cannot be at war with itself.

Humanity has divided the good from the bad.

The individual has divided the good from the bad.

If one takes the good with the bad, there is no division...
And there is no good or bad now. Just what is.

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                                                      The Author

                                                         Part 91.   

                                                   His Story.

     The human is drowning in it`s own history.

Because the human believes that history is actual, it lives in a delusion.

It uses history to make sense of things. "This is why I am the way I am." 

And it is right.

The human is the way it is because s/he believes thought process is real.

But it simply is not. It is just change and modification of mental projections.

Can we look at this?

The human is drowning as a result of believing it`s mental projections are real.

The human is driven mad by it`s mental projections.

It cannot shut them off. So the torture and torment are out of control.

If you are human , you know what I am talking about.

Every waking moment the human thought process is arguing with itself.
To hide this, it drags other human`s into the mix.

"I am sad because others have made me sad. Just look at the evidence."
And that evidence is history.
The human is free to believe anything it is told to.

And it is told that history is real.

So we get all of history assembled like an obedient student.

Now we have the whole story of how this intolerable mess came about.

NOW WHAT ?????

History is the problem. Nowhere within it lays the solution.

"But we learn from history !!!"

You learn how to be human.

Which is a life. A life sentence.

And life is a con.
Any life is over once it sees how it is being conned.

Not only is it gone. It also never was.
So there is no history involved in this transformation.

History is actually what is preventing it.

"One day this will all make sense. Someone will figure it out.
Thinking about this hurts my brain.
There is no evidence to support what is being said here.
What is being said here has NO HISTORY !!!"


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                                                    The Author

                                                         Part 92.   

                                                Drowning man.

Once one is no longer human, why someone is actually being human can be clearly observed.
This observation is denied to the human.

The human is observing through the human...Not at the human.

The human is still trying to be human. It is having a life to defend.

Meanwhile it is drowning in that life.

When one hears the screams for help coming from a human, they are the screams of the human.
What is killing it is pleading to be saved.

The drowning human sees a hand being offered by someone who is clearly not drowning.

What the human will do then is explain with great passion, why it is drowning.
It will also go into gory detail about how it feels to be drowning.

If you keep your hand there, it will grab onto it and try to pull you into the water with it.

It will try to get you to understand what drowning is all about.

That is the human. As bat shit crazy as anything ever invented.

And if by some miracle you get the drowning man out of the water and ask
it to explain why it is drowning and how it feels, it will say... "But I`m not drowning."

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                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 93.

                                                       The creation of ME !

The "me" is the embodiment of a con.
It is being tricked.
It is not the result of having been tricked.

Believing that it is the result of a con, is itself a con.

The me is being conned right NOW !

Can we look into this ?

Can we look at the context here ...and not the content...?

The context is the mechanics.
The content is what that context has given life to.

War is a content.
The factors that made war possible are the context.

Because war was possible is the context.
War stories are the content.      Got it ?

Because those vulnerable to war are so preoccupied fighting it, they
have a biased view of the context.
"It`s their fault. They caused it.!"

Man has been fighting wars since he was man.
He deludes himself into believing it will all make sense when it is over.

S/He believes that his/her life will all make sense when it is over.

Meanwhile s/he faces reality. But do you see....

All the human can ever face is it`s own reality.

And whenever that reality is challenged, he who is there to face that reality cannot but take it personally.

The mechanics involved here are just fascinating.
So impossible to see. Thus humanity marches blindly on.

The human cannot see it because it is what is looking.

And then when you lay it all out, the whole con, the human sees nothing in it.

"What is the benefit? How will any of this help me? If what you are saying is come no one else has  said it? Nothing being said here aligns with my personal philosophy? When you say that observing what is actual is the way out of the life sentence, you are deluded."

Here are the mechanics...

The one being conned cannot see that s/he is being conned.
Is this observable ?

The moment the mechanics of the con are observed, the life as a con victim is over.
Can this be observed?

Because the life of the con victim is wholly dependent on not seeing the con, the con victim
will defend that life.

It will stop at nothing to perpetuate the con it does not want to see.

The content of the life of the con victim is only there to justify the con.
It filters everything it sees. It builds a life based on the con.

And it will not lay down that life for anything. Making sense...logic... sanity... compassion...  be damned.

The life of the con victim is in conflict with other con victims.

Any other con victim coming into their orbit is dispatched mercilessly.

The con victim takes any challenge to their con personally.
The con has created the person there to take it. So there is no other way.

The only thing the human ever has to defend is a con.

The con is why they are there to defend it.

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                                                              Part 94.

                                                       Internal guidance system.

For the con victim, nothing is more important than perpetuating the con that only exists because one cannot see it.

Are you willing to look at the mechanics of this?

Here is what can be observed...

The actual couldn`t give two hoots about how anyone feels about it.

Any feelings one has are in the realm of the non actual.

This is how the life that exists, because of the con, protects itself from seeing the con.

Feeling exists because there is a me there to be aware of it.

If the me was absent so too would the feeling be absent.

There must be something there to feel. They are a team.

Feeling is being divided.
This feels good. That feels bad.

Reward and punishment.

By not holding onto the con, the victim feels bad. They feel pain.

By perpetuating the con one is rewarded with pleasure. They feel good.

"My life is on track. I feel happy.  My life is falling apart. I feel sad."

The ultimate pleasure is of course the wherewithal to perpetuate the life one is trapped in.

And the ultimate pain is the termination of that life.

We are examining the mechanics of being trapped.

The trap is having a life. It is identifying with any part of that life and calling it me.

The con victim is so preoccupied with maintaining the life thus created, that it cannot see anything else.

Notice that as the walls of one`s comfort zone fall away, the con victim experiences severe negative feelings.

This is the constant threat to the life of the conned.

These negative feelings motivate doing.

"I must do something to be rid of these negative feelings. Why ?  Why ? Why is this happening to me?
I was a good human. I did what I thought was right. I gave to charity. I performed rituals. I just want my life back !!!!"

`Why`is really `I`

When the con victim feels the con slipping away, it will get interested in philosophy, casually.
It will seek out advice from fix it people. All to pursue it`s own ends.

All it wants is for the pain to end and to get it`s eternal life back.

How does one know that they are being conned?

Simple.   Feelings. 

"But ..if I didn`t have feelings... I wouldn`t be human !"

BINGO !!!   

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                                                              Part 95. 

                                                       "But how did all this come about?"   

It didn`t. It is coming about.

This is key to whether or not one sees the con.

What are the mechanics here?

The fact that one has feelings about something is the doorway to observing how one is being conned.

The feelings we are looking at here are the exact feelings that prevent unbiased observation.

So it is imperative to dissolve the one who cannot see that.

The human goes about it`s sentence with great passion.
Whether the human is passionately loving ...or passionately hating... they both lead to violence.
Passion is violence held at arms length by the creation of a future.

"I will defend what I am passionate about with my life."

And the final resting place of that is violence.

When all else has failed the passionate human will resort to biting and scratching.
That which the human once passionately loved is now the target for every form of violence the scorned lover can imagine.

And there is no thinking one`s way out of it.
The human believes that the act of violence will bring them peace of mind.

The human, in pain, will believe in anything that will take away that pain.

And that is how the con is created.
It takes away one`s pain.

When the con is exposed, the pain returns.  One is in a bad place. But they don`t want to be.
Great motivation to remain conned don`t you think ?

The human walks a very fine line.
It`s whole deluded existence is ready to topple at any moment.

Look at it.

It allies itself with those who support it`s delusions.
It stays away from those who are in conflict with it`s delusions.

You make friends. And they remain friends so long as they support your delusions.
The moment they say "You are full of shit !!!" they cease to be your friend.
Your delusion takes precedence over any other loyalties.

When one loses an ally, there is an overwhelming feeling of loss.

This is a standard human feeling.
One experiences grief.  The pain is unbearable.

The mind gets out all the old records and plays them over and over.
It`s all part of the grief process. It causes the human to wonder "What`s it all about?
Why does life have to be so unjust?" What has become of my comrade in arms?"

The content of this relationship is all one can see. Memories.

This sadness is preferable to observing the fact that an ally has ceased to support your delusions.

They are gone !!!  That is the fact.

How one feels about it is all non fact. Delusion.

Rather than simply be with the fact, the human will distract itself with history.

How did this come to be?.. is a distraction from how it is.

Okay....  "I am in a bad place."

Rather than be with the fact...The human will create a history that justifies why one is in that bad place.

It has no choice. It uses feelings to guide it.
And having a history feels right. Time makes a nice buffer between the human and the actual.

One has now been diverted from the actual. Which feels as natural as being deluded.

It goes against everything one believes and stands for, but the choice is there now, and only now, to
observe the actual.

"I am in a bad place." 
No delusions there to distract one from the fact.

The observer and the observed.

The observer is the observed.

S/he who was in a bad place is no more.
And never was.

History has not proven this....again and again.

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                                                         The Author

                                                              Part 96.

                                                        "What are we all doing here ?" 

Predictably ...this question is only asked by someone who isn`t doing well.

Someone who is doing well is having such a blast doing it that the question never seriously arises.

So the question is loaded. The question has completely eliminated anything that is not framed within that question. Anything outside of that frame simply doesn`t make any sense.

It is important to observe the impossible situation the human is in.
It`s very existence sabotages any chance of transcending that existence.

What is being observed here is the first time it has ever been seen.
This is the only time it can be. The time is now. Which is no time at all.

That is of course if you choose to look.
And that choice is not made by the human sentenced to time.

Let`s go into this slowly and carefully....

The human observes through what is here.
It identifies with what is here and then asks why it is here in the first place.

Unable to observe what is actual.
The human creates a history to justify what is here.

So the human has fallen for the con that history has created them.
Whereas in actuality, it is they who are creating history.

The human is trapped in who the history they are creating is making them.

Until the mechanics of this con are observed, the victim of this con is being deprived of this observation.

One is still stuck in the content created by the belief that history has created them.

So right now.... Point to history....with your finger.

You are in a sphere. Point to the place in that sphere that history is.

Till this observation is made, one is deluded into believing that they are surrounded by history.

And further... that they are the product of that history.

Now the human quite rightly will insist that this is all just mind games and that history is real.

And there they are ...stuck with it.

Stuck in a delusion...And this gives them peace of mind and a reason to not be free of history.

Once this observation is made....Once the con is exposed... The life of the victim of that con is over..
and never was.

There is no one left there to wonder why they are there.

The human is wondering why s/he is there only because there is someone there to wonder.

Maybe this will help....

You say to someone "You are not really a human."

They say. "Of course I am. I have a history to prove it."

So you inquire..."What would you be without that history?"

You see this?


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                                                              The Author

                                                              Part 97. 

                                                     "But ...I`m still feeling bad." 

Shall we look into this?

The human is so preoccupied with their feelings that what feelings actually are is never observed.

While one has strong feelings, it is impossible to lay those feelings aside.
The human is stuck with their strong feelings, which makes unbiased observation impossible.

The way the human feels about things, colorizes their observation of the very thing they are having feelings about.

Feelings become the compass the human uses to implement doing.
The human is continually doing things about it`s feelings. 

The human is attracted to others because of their similar feelings.
The human is repelled by those with different feelings.

The human is at all times attempting to turn it`s bad feelings into good feelings.

All the human is asking for is to feel good. Is that too much ?

We seeing this ?

So the human is obligated to defend it`s feelings.
After all one doesn`t want to have their feelings hurt.

And one can readily see the impact hurt feelings have on the human.

If you hurt someone`s feelings ...there will be consequences !!

They will manufacture a whole history to justify the elimination of anyone who dares to hurt their feelings.

It gets personal.

No one else understands why you feel as strongly as you do, regardless of how clever you are at convincing them.

No...  It just comes down to you !!!  You and your feelings.

    "But I still feel bad."

Choose to get off the `feeling-go-round`or read this again.

...and by the way...What would it be like to not have to worry about getting your feelings hurt ?...

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                                                              Part 98. 

                                                  How do you feel about feelings ?

So we have the entire subject of feelings.
Good feelings, bad feelings, funny feelings, angry feelings, hurtful feelings, romantic feelings,
jealous feelings, lustful feelings, tired feelings, enthusiastic feelings, cautious feelings, crazy feelings,
strange feelings, rejected feelings, optimistic feelings, puzzled feelings....

It goes on and on.
The human pretty much has feelings about everything.

But the actual doesn`t give a shit about anyone`s feelings.
You are here. That is actual.
How you feel about it doesn`t alter the fact.

You have been dumped by your lover.
How you feel about it is all to do with avoiding the fact.

When it comes to feelings, you can`t have someone else`s.
Feelings are all about you. 

You and your feelings.  YOU AND YOUR FEELINGS !

A team.

One cannot be without the other.

The human feels that because they are here, they have feelings about it.

But if one just looks, without their feelings, it is clear that because one has feelings, one is here.

Feelings are the distraction from the actual.

When the actual is observed.... the whole fucked up human experience is over... and never was.

But wise men have said..."Go with your feelings....!"

You have.... and look where you have ended up. a member of an entire species that can be brought to a violent rage with a few short sentences.

You have ended up exactly where you are because your feelings have put you there.

Then you have feelings to try to remedy where your feelings have dumped you.

"But what would the world be like if we didn`t have feelings for each other.?"

We have and here we are in the fantasy world of mixed feelings.

"But how do I stop having feelings ?"

You can`t. The actual is the actual because nothing can be done about it.

Do nothing. Observe the mechanics of the con.
Once the actual con is observed, the life as a victim of that con, is over...and never was.

There is no one there to be conned by "their" feelings.

"But I feel the author is wrong about this."

Look again without feelings.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 99.

                                                        The mechanical process.

The human take on mechanical process is to see a sequence of events.

It has no other way of seeing a process.
It sees an evolution...or a series of events.

Thus it has added time to the mix.

Step one is followed by step two...and eventually one arrives at the final step.

So do you see ? ... the human has been drawn into the process.   

The human believes that by doing all the steps, it will be able to step off when it reaches the final step.

 "I am ignorant.  But if I do these steps I will reach enlightenment.   It`s never happened... But what can ya do?"

One is curious how a magic trick is done.

One looks at the thread that joins all the steps together.
One looks closely.... "Ah ha !!! What they had not seen during all these steps was the bit of invisible thread
that made the steps possible.

The moment the cob web like bit of nylon thread is exposed, the whole trick is laid bare.

The guy who was conned by the trick is gone in an instant.

That was the missing observation. That was how the trick is actually done.

So we see that the mechanics facilitate the illusion.
But the unobserved element is what holds the whole thing there.

One spends time looking for the hidden element.
But there is no more time to spend looking , once it is seen.

   What the human cannot see is that it is having the problems it is having, because they are THERE.

Just as the human cannot see that the problems it isn`t having are because it isn`t there .

The human takes steps to solve it`s problems.
But it never simply observes what is there to have the problem.

The invisible thread that ties the human to the problem is it`s feelings.
While it is having them, it is having problems.

The human has not one problem that it has no feelings about.

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                                                          The Author

                                                              Part 100.   

                                                         Step by step.

The human is completely deluded about what NOW is.

It believes that NOW is the result of the past.

The past got one to now.

Now, to the human, is time between past and future.

The human cannot observe the fact that past and future are projections of the mind. They are made up.
They are made up to make the pseudo now that the human exists in , possible.

The only time past and future can be observed is NOW.

So do you see? Everything is NOW. Which is no time at all.

When a now is slotted in between a past and a future it creates the time needed to not see what it is doing.

So the human isn`t the result of being conned. It isn`t the result of it`s past.
It is creating that past NOW.

The human is being conned in the false now.

This observation is not available to the human.

It has a life that is in contradiction to what is actual.

That life feels threatened by pointing out that it is being conned.

It will get a head ache and start creating a history to justify why it has sound evidence to support the life it
is stuck in.

It will refuse to enquire into this any further.
It will criticize the one who is pointing out the mechanics of this con.

It will say "Well....what about your life? Huh ??? Not so clever now.
If you know so much, how come your life is a fucking mess? How come you
aren`t tripping the light fantastic? Back the fuck off... Or I will humiliate you with facts and statistics.
You will be sorry you ever tried to help me. I don`t need your help. I am man...hear me roar!!!"

A false now is creating a false here and where.

That false now is a there pretending to be a here.
That false now is a when pretending to be a where.

I understand that this is impossible to see.
But the impossible does happen.

The impossible defies all wheres and whens.

And that is the actual here and now.

Anything other than here and NOW is a barrier to observing what is actual.

Anything other than here and now is a delusion.
It is the content of the human mind.

And the human mind says.....

"Hang on a second. Run that all by me again."

It reels one in with an invisible thread called "feelings."

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                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 101.

                                                            Forgiveness. Part one.

Conventional human belief is that one must forgive those who have transgressed against them.

That is of course if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven and receive God`s forgiveness.

This is all just so moronic.

And yet the human goes on believing it.

What a great con.  An impenetrable wall. 

Humans that live inside this con are the real walking dead.

A human coming at this problem is a zombie banging it`s head from inside a circular wall.

And with enough time living with this frustration, it resorts to violence.

If it can destroy everyone it hates.... there will be nobody there to forgive.

One delusional problem eradicated.
One real problem left unscathed.

So how can we see ourselves through this ?

Have a look.....

"I hate someone with a passion...and now I`m being asked to forgive them !!!!

Let them say sorry first....

Okay.... They said sorry... But that is just words... What about making amends...?
Strangely ..the more they do to make amends ...the more it reminds me why I shouldn`t forgive them.

I am human..King of the beasts. I can outlive insanity." 

So what is the human unable to see?

What is the con ?

Look at it......

                                                  Concludes in Part two.

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                                                               The Author

                                                              Part 101.

                                                            Forgiveness. Part two.

Can you ever forgive me for leaving you hanging like that ?

If Part two wasn`t here ...that would be unforgivable.

The life of an unfulfilled expectation would have been born.

And that expectation remaining unfulfilled... would be unforgivable.

Forgiveness is trying to convert something into nothing.

This is a super human ability.
Which is why the human simply cannot do it.

Expecting the human to forgive, is like expecting north to forgive south.
Neither of them exist ..yet they remain poles apart.

Feelings are the compass the human uses to convince itself it is not lost.

But it is.  It is lost in an existence of intolerance , ignorance, prejudice, envy, hate, vengeance, disappointment, victimization, greed, and violence.

And then  Jesus comes along and says "Love your enemies."
Well Jesus..."How come your Dad could never love Satan?"

And being deprived off that observation has left Jesus hanging on a cross for two thousand years and counting.
Held there by flocks of humans who missed this as well.
Okay.... Can we look behind the curtain here?

Can we see the context without stirring up the content?

How do we get beyond the forgiveness con?

Till one does...they are trapped in an unforgiving existence.

How does one break free of all this?

"I don`t know !"

Perfect. We are observing the actual.

No matter what you will arrive back here now at the actual.

"I DON`T KNOW !!!"

The observer and the observed.
Neither can exist without the other.

The observer IS the observed!


He who had a life not knowing, is no more. Gone. It was never there.

It cannot be resurrected.

There is nothing there to forgive !

.... and no one there to forgive it.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 102.

                                          The human is incapable of forgiveness.

Surely that cannot be...

The human is un-forgiveness.
So for forgiveness to exist, the unforgiving human must be absent.

For forgiveness to exist there can only be nothing there to forgive.

What is being pointed out here is what is actual.
But the human is incapable of seeing it.
Just as the human cannot see forgiveness while there remains something there to forgive.

And what is creating the unforgivable?


History is what the human is stuck with and in.

History is unforgivable.

Is there something that has never been seen by any human being revealed here and now?

Let`s see...

By observing that one doesn`t know...One has made all of history redundant.

One has arrived at a life constructed by their history.

And the moment that one sees that he does not know, that history is impotent.

Now it is not there to inhibit the observation of what is actual.

One has no barriers to direct observation.
Their history is no longer doing the looking.

Nothing being communicated here has come from the known.
It is not based on any history of anything anywhere.
It is pure unadulterated, unbiased observation.

It has no agenda.

The human will hold on to history for dear life.
But it is a con.

Have a look.

What has history done for you lately ?

It has put it`s victims in an unforgiving life.

It is all they know.

"I am a failure. I am not happy. I am a survivor of two failed marriages. I am still waiting to
be sexually fulfilled. I don`t have the qualifications. I do not have the body I want.
I am an addict. I am losing the battle. I could have made more of myself. I have
horrible secrets that I don`t dare tell anyone.
I have a job I hate. I am not talented. I am not gifted. I have health problems.
I can`t forgive those who have put me in this horrible life." etc.

What I know is that I am miserable and trapped.

But I cannot face that.
Thank God for my mind...... It can distract me from what is actual and dance with me through dewy meadows.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 103.   

                                                     The  Unforgiven   

History is the unforgiven, being held there by the unforgiving.

History is a tool used by the human to breathe life into the unforgiving human.

The human can neither forgive nor forget.

It`s very existence is dependent on never forgetting and never forgiving.

There is no life possible for the forgiving forgetter.

A human existence is a result of the belief that s/he has one.

This history creates a who.
And that who is doing the looking.

The human cannot observe without a who there doing the observing.
That who manipulates what it is observing.

The who looking and what the who is seeing are the same fucking thing.

Thus the human is trapped by it`s own belief in it`s history.
It simply has no facility to be free of this cycle.

Why ?

Because it has no history about being free.

It looks at freedom as a subject and sees itself laughing and drinking on a speed boat surrounded by
celebrities and models.

Shall we slow this down ?

A human has a history that it is stuck with.

It cannot break free of it`s history.  That history is conditioning.

It complicates the matter by having a history of others believing it`s history too.

"I am a failure and everyone knows it."

The individual human, by identifying with it`s history, is sentencing others to theirs.

The unforgiving and the unforgiven are the same individual.

The moment this con is observed, there is no individual there to add this observation to.

Can we look at at this way...?

The individual human is hurting.
It has a life in this unforgiving world.

It accumulates unforgiveness...because it simply cannot forgive.
That unforgiving creates the unforgetting.
And thus history is the imaginary road that has conned the human into believing
that it is a product of it`s history.

That history is unforgettable.
So the human cannot forget it`s history.

Without it`s would no longer be there to suffer for it.

What is being revealed here has nothing to do with history.
History is why it will forever remain unseen by the human.

Human history is a history of suffering.
Spot the con. Observe the mechanics of it....

And the one who was suffering because of history, has none, and is no longer there to suffer from it.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 104.   

                                                           What is NOW ?

Now is what is.
It is the absence of everything it is not.

When everything that isn`t now is gone...Now is what remains.

Now is what is actual. Everything else is non actual.

The human hangs onto the non actual, because that is all it has got.

It is stuck to the non actual.
That non actual cannot observe what is actual ever.
Because to observe the actual the non actual must be absent.

Do you kind of get the conundrum that the human faces?

Maybe this helps to explain why the human can do nothing about it.

There is no point in trying to assemble any technique for freeing oneself from
this life sentence.
All efforts to free humans from their prison have played into this con.

Maybe this is hard to believe.

Let`s look into it....

When one departs this human existence, is it not true that the departed has taken nothing from this life with it ?
Let`s not split hairs on this matter. Nothing of substance accompanies the ex human into the afterlife.

We see this?

The human cannot think with this actuality. It just has nothing to think with.
What it is compelled to do is believe something non actual so it has something to believe.

For example , the human will believe it will take it`s history with it so it can be judged.
It imagines there will be a favorable verdict on judgement day and it`s reward will be eternal life.

But have a look now at all human techniques and wisdom...
Is it anything other than wishful thinking, based on absolutely nothing.

Isn`t every technique for enlightenment absolutely polluted by the human perspective.
If it wasn`t couldn`t be of any comfort to the bewildered human.

The human has thrown everything it knows at the problem.
But all it knows is it`s history....which is what it is trapped in.

Quite a trick...when you see it.

So how does one communicate this to a human ?

The human will be defending it`s history with it`s life.
It`s history is it`s life. Without that life, there is nothing to defend.

Can you see this?

If so....the life you had as someone who couldn`t is over....NOW.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 03, 2017, 07:19:30 AM
                                                         The Author

                                                              Part 105.

                                                           The mystery maker.

The now that arises from observing that time is a con and NOW is all there is, is out of mystery.

Mystery creates the time for it to be solved.

The human has bought into the contents of the mystery, and thus distracted itself from
the context, and the mechanics of what mystery is.

Mystery is wanting to know.

But thousands of years of mystery solving has only revealed further mysteries to be solved.

Mystery is history.

The human looks at this and says "What a bunch of bullshit !"

And to the human is. 

The human will create history to back it up. 

It is a mechanical process that takes time.

Just ask the leading authorities on the human mystery. They will tell of how the human evolved into where it is now. "Okay...So the human is a bit fucking nuts... It just needs more time. Humanity just needs to evolve. Look at the future. Everyone living in harmony because of evolution."

But what happened to the `not the fittest`?

Evolution is survival of the fittest.

Evolution is for those who fit the program.

The whole human thought process paradigm is fragile. It doesn`t stand up to criticism well.

Just probe any human about their life... Deep probing questions start to reveal the bubble of contradictions the human lives within.

What we aren`t looking for here is answers. Just observe the defensiveness.
Every human at it`s core is fighting for it`s life.

There is an urgency about this.

It isn`t an urgency that once existed... or one day will.

It is a now urgency. Urgency requires action now.

The human rises to the occasion, as if waking from a sleep.
The same sleep that will consume them once the emergency is over.

An emergency is a matter of life and death.
Once life has been victorious, the emergency is over.

The human is programmed and conditioned to buy itself more time.

Once it has got that time in the bank, the emergency is over.

So can it be seen that life provides no incentive to be free of it ?

There is no urgency. It is not something one needs to look into now.

Plus those quantum physicists are going to make a huge breakthrough any day....

Now is all there is. Now is where what is actual can be observed.

There is no mystery about what can be observed.
Mystery only exists in that which cannot be observed.

Once what can`t been observed can be, the mystery is over.

The world the human lives in was created in time.

Free of that world is the observation that, that world was/is/will be  being created NOW.

A mystery only exists while someone is there being mystified.


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                                                         The Author

                                                              Part 106.

                                                          The Fear ground.

We are looking at fear.
What is it ?
Is it real?  Does it really exist?

Can it be dissected?

If it isn`t come the human is living in it ?

Fear is a residence. 

It is the electric fence around every human.

The human deludes itself into believing that fear is outside of that fence.
But the fence is fear and the human is living in it.

The thing with living in fear is there is no escaping it.

It gets right inside... It tenses up the body and panics the mind.

The mind and body are reacting to the fear totally out of control.

Clearly fear is a mechanism for self preservation.

Which means that if the self is living in fear... then that fear must accompany that life.

The life is composed of it`s history.

History has taught it what to fear.

If there was no history...the human would have no idea of what to fear.

So to live with history is to live with fear.

Being without history is being without fear.

Once there is nothing to protect...there exists nothing to fear.

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                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 107.

                                                      It`s all about feelings.

Fear, mystery, suffering... are all feelings.

Without feelings none of them could exist.

So we can see that feelings are the glue that bind the human to its experiences.

The things that are not binding the human to its experiences, are the things it has no feelings about.

Can this be observed?

The human, unable to view feelings impartially, will even have feelings about feelings.

It will protest..."But feelings are what make us human."

And the point is made.

From the most loving to the most heinous acts performed by humans, all are motivated by feelings.

Feelings motivate the human. The human cannot motivate feeling.

The human is the slave of it`s feelings.

Really look at this.

It can`t do anything without having feelings about it.

This is compounded by the fact that the human is having feelings based on prior feelings.

Then when their feelings are hurt, they try to feel their way out of the hurt.

The human is on a `feeling go round.`

The human will feel that if they use "feeling management." they can free themselves from being a victim of their feelings. That will work, or not, based on their feelings.

Can it be seen that the human cannot observe what is there without having feelings about it?

So is it the case that the feelings are doing the looking?

If your feelings are not doing the looking , it will be seen that this is what is actual.

The moment feelings arrive...they arrive between you and what is actual.

The non actual is created by you now. The tool is feeling.

Feelings create the separation between the observer and the observed.

Absent the feeling, the observer is the observed.
There is no separation....

One is what they are observing.

The feeling con is redundant.

There is no possibility of fear, mystery, or suffering.

So what is there?

Observe for yourself !!!

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                                                              The Author

                                                              Part 108.

                                                            So what are feelings?

All humans have them. Without feelings the human would have no idea of how it felt about anything.

The human would be idea-less.

Feeling is what gives the human ideas.

History is bereft of good ones had by any human.

The whole human experience is a bad idea.

To the human, a good idea is a mental projection that perpetuates the human sentence.

And that sentence is the search for freedom.

But the human has no idea of what freedom is. None !

The human is instead searching for good feelings.
At the same time it is trying to avoid bad feelings.

If the human could observe the mechanics of this, it would
be obvious that the human existence is lived within the separation
of good versus bad feelings.

But it is a sham.
Those good feelings become bad, when what was making the human feel good is gone.

And visa versa... When what was making one feel bad is gone ...good feelings replace them.

Round and round the human goes on the feeling go round.

One can see the carnage caused by human feelings in history.

But can one observe that feelings are creating human history NOW ?

Feelings are the motivation for doing.

What you aren`t doing is because you don`t feel like it.

So can we look at what feelings are ...and where they are coming from?

Can we look at this without feeling?

Can we just simply observe ?

If feelings are the eye glasses one is looking with, the observation is abberrated.

The actual could not give one iota about how anyone feels about it.

So to observe what is actual one cannot be feeling about it.

Feeling is a non actual invention.

So let`s look into this....

Feeling is about relationship.

And relationship is separation...

Something ceases to be in relationship when it is the thing.

The human will grab onto this revelation like abseiling rope.

It will say... "What I must do , is try to have more empathy for others.
I can see myself now. Listening intently to others feelings. Trying to see things through their eyes.
They will think I am special. They will worship me."

The human will project good feelings about `being one` with others. World peace will surely result.

But it is all made up bullshit. This is the human!  Made up bullshit.

The human empathy for their fellow man evaporates the moment their fellow man says "You are full of shit."

Those good feelings about peace, love, and empathy now become feelings of war, hate, and separation! In a second !

The reason feelings exist is because someone is there to have them.

Someone and feelings are a pair.

The observer and the observed.

The observer is the observed.


The one there being stuck with their feelings, is no more.
...and never was.

Bullshit transformed into authenticity.

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                                                             The Author

                                                              Part 109.

                                                           Where is the human located?

Medical dissection has failed to locate where the human actually resides.

There is no petri dish on display anywhere that contains a human.

So can we observe that the human consciousness is not a physical thing?

On the other hand is it also observable that a physical thing can have an effect on human consciousness?

And conversely...that human consciousness can have an effect on physical things? ...

So where is human consciousness coming from...?  and where is it going to?

Surely human consciousness resides between the two.

Coming and going.

Coming is a past. Going is a future.

Thus the human is located between the past and the future.

Absent these two poles ...the human has no where to exist.

Let`s come at it another way.

The human is not located where it has no feelings.
Put simply... if there is no are not there.

Or... Till feelings are not there.

You are there because you feel you are.

The human is located at the center of feeling.

No feeling..... No location.

Still not seeing it?

Do strong feelings exist ?

And when they do...what occurs?
That is when it is being taken personally.

See it now?

Feelings are the invisible thread that ties one to location.

And thus the individual is created.
And the individual is a separation.

By holding on to ones feelings, one is trapped in individual location.

One is surrounded by feelings.
One feels trapped. Trapped by feelings !
Separated from the actual.

Following their feelings about the past into the future.
Unable to feel that they are actually being conned.

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                                                        The Author

                                                              Part 110.


For the human it is impossible to feel nothing at all.

As soon as it feels nothing...there is nothing to feel.

So it doesn`t register with the human.

Language to communicate this does not exist.

Human consciousness exists because there is something to feel.
So it is conscious of...

So without the ..., there is no human consciousness.

So to the human, nothing exists outside of human consciousness.

You talk to the human about something outside of human consciousness
and the human is not conscious off it, till it converts it into something
it can relate to as a human.

Now this just seems to the human as a bunch of mind fuck.

But the inability to observe the mechanics of this mind fuck are what is
creating the human consciousness that you are stuck in !!!

Human consciousness is a sham.

It is all about feeling. The center of that feeling is where human consciousness is located.

When feeling is eliminated, individual human consciousness reign of terror is over...and never was.

When everything that can die has, what remains cannot.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 111

                                                         Who is actually writing all of this?

The author.

There is no me or I between who is saying and what is being said.

Nothing here is known.
It isn`t coming from a big warehouse of knowledge in the sky.

So in a sense...there is no one saying it and nothing being said.

To communicate what is being revealed here is not something that has been stored up.
The author here is not drawing on anything.
There is no experience or history that is being looked through.

What is being pointed at does not fit in with anything.

It has no relevance to time either.

There is no agenda.
There is no goal.

No effort to teach or learn anything.

There is no becoming.

Human consciousness is stuck in gear.
It is constantly becoming.

By no longer being there to be conned by human consciousness, there is no becoming.           

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                                                             The Author

                                                              Part 112 

                                                            This is annoying.

Something is annoying only because one is there to find it so.

But what is there to be annoyed?

A you.

There is a mechanical process here just out of reach of human observation.

The human gets conned every time by identifying with the content and distracting itself from the context.

The human is so preoccupied with being annoyed that what annoying actually is, lives to see another day.

Can we see that being annoyed cannot occur until one takes it personally.
If one doesn`t take it personally, annoyance never gets a look in.

So the human focuses on what is annoying it, and never inspects what is there to be annoyed.

And what is there to be annoyed is a person, who takes it personally.

So the very fact that a person is there, creates the fact that anything threatening the life of that person is found to be annoying.

The more of a person one is, the more there is for that person to be annoyed about.

Notice there is no choice involved here.
One cannot choose what is annoying them. If one could, surely they would choose the things that didn`t.

There also exists no choice about being annoyed.
One is annoyed ..and that is that!

To not be annoyed by something annoying is like a suicide.
One has to kill off the person who is there being annoyed.

Or.... Why not kill the annoying thing ???!!!!

That is the state of the human.

"It was him or me."
"It was them or us."

The human finds having this pointed out annoying.
It disrupts their whole life.

"But what about my plans for world domination?
What about the wars I am involved in?
If I don`t hold my ground...I will be constantly walked over.
This is bullshit !!!"

Meanwhile all the hate mail that is being sent where no one is living gets "returned to sender,"

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 113

                                                        The prison builder.

If one could sit the human still for a moment, (Which you can`t) it would be clear that the busyness that cannot sit still is what the human is.

The human is a busyness.
It is busy preventing itself from sitting still.

For if it would only sit still it would all be over for the human.

Which is why it can never sit still.

Can it be observed that the human is the prison?

Can it also be observed that any attempt to break free of this prison
insists on bringing the prison with it.

The human`s only motivation for breaking free of the prison is suffering.

When someone`s life falls apart, they ask the big questions.
Their life is so unbearable that they seek out answers.

But the question being asked is..."How can I get my life back?"

Meanwhile many humans have managed to distract themselves from all this.
They get busy with goals and ambitions, plans and projects.

Which are all there to have a future now that is free of suffering.

Once I have .......  then I can have a NOW I like.

The whole human approach to getting out of the human prison is by decorating their cell.

But there is always a better picture one can pin to their wall.

This has nothing to do with how anyone feels about it.
It isn`t a case of how it could or should be.

It is what one can clearly see if they care to look.

Once it is seen, s/he who couldn`t see it is no longer there.

There exists no TIME to not see it.

Time required not seeing it.

The human cannot see how time works.
It is too busy doing time to see it.

The human upon having pointed out to them that time does not exist, thinks...

"Well I know time does exist ..but I can pretend it doesn`t....for a while."

Once this con is over...

The ex human can clearly see that time does not exist...but s/he can pretend it does....for a while.

Still on the fence ?

That fence is only there because you are sitting on it.

Deconstruct what is sitting on it, and what it is sitting on is gone as well.

The human and the prison are one and the same.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 14, 2017, 07:37:03 AM
                                                              The Author

                                                              Part 114

                                                             But what about....?

The human has an agenda to shift all significance away from what is actual.

To observe what is actual is death to the human.

Let`s go into this slowly and carefully...

Time, for example, does not exist.
It just doesn`t.

Point to time.

It cannot be done.

Time is a projection of a mind.

But if the human is told that time doesn`t really exist, it will say..."But what about....?"

That mind will project all sorts of convincing arguments for the case of time.

Because the mind has no capacity for seeing what is actual, it will eventually give up
trying to think about it. It will distract it`s host with pictures of being happy with a promotion,
or a new swimming pool.

It will take the one who pointed out that time is made up, off of it`s Christmas card list.

If the one who points out that time is a sham also points out that suffering is a sham, the
victim of a mind will say "But what about the starving millions... What about babies with aids.
I don`t believe in God. Till someone can show me God, until I see God with my own eyes..
I won`t believe in him. My cousin once went to a psychic. Those guys are real. So are U.F.O.`s

The mind will come up with facts , opinions, statistics, bits of philosophy,...It will quote passages from dusty books.
The mind is grabbing at anything to keep itself from seeing the actual.

It is insane !

It`s life depends on not seeing how it is being conned.
So the human mind will get pretty heated about this subject matter.

The "but what about....?" is a defense mechanism.

What you are defending only exists because it is non actual.

You are only here because you are defending it.

Once there is no one there to defend it...there is nothing there to defend.

"But what about....?"

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                                                               The Author

                                                              Part 115.

                                                              HERE and NOW.

You are the absence of what you are not.

And what the human is Here and Now.

The author is here and now.

The authored is there and then.

The authored is the mechanism that creates separation from the author.

What is being communicated here is not what has been authored.

It is not about there and then. It is about here and now.

This is not observations that are being channeled from elsewhere.

There is no store house of secret knowledge or wisdom.

There is no superior being who one must win favor with.

The moment you fall for that con, you are back driving a human round and round in circles.

Anyone who does is being authored.

This is all observable Here and NOW.

Anything that can be described is authored.
The author is indescribable.

All one can ever observe of the author is what the author IS NOT.

Because the human is incapable of observing what is actual, it substitutes what is actual with beliefs.

It`s whole authored existence is dependent on the beliefs it holds.

Which explains why the human holds onto it`s beliefs for dear life.

For example; the human believes that in time it will be free.

And yet TIME is actually what inhibits the very freedom it seeks.

Everything that is born into time....dies in time.

Overwhelmed by all this, the human resigns itself to trying to have as good a time as possible.

But having a good time is only possible between good times and bad times.

Conned again.

Observing this con extracts one from good and bad ...and the times this duality made possible.

The life that existed between the two is now over....and never was.

The authored and the author are reunited.
They are one and the same.
Separated only by TIME.

With time gone...all there is, is NOW.

Absent time, Here and there cannot stay apart.

The life in the authored can only be inauthentic.

Authenticity is the author.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 16, 2017, 07:00:54 AM
                                                              The Author

                                                              Part 116.

                                                     The H.M.S. Dignity.

The human uses history to give itself a life.

History creates a reputation for the human.

The human with a reputation has something to defend.
That reputation is something that can be judged.

Once the human has lost it`s good reputation it has nothing to live for.

A reputation is a thinking about what others are thinking about one.

A good reputation feeds the human with honor and dignity.

The human has constructed a good name for itself.
It thinks others think it is valuable.

And this all works fine for as long as one remains human.
However when the human is evicted from it`s life, it loses it`s name.
Whether it was a good one or a bad loses it.

The human, prior to eviction, desires to be remembered fondly.
It`s a big deal to the human.

The human wants a permanent memorial to it`s impermanence.

Even when there is nobody, the human wants it known that it was once somebody.

That is how entrenched this con is.

The human wants to die with honor and dignity.
Honor and dignity are what dies.
If one can jump off that boat before it sinks there remains nothing to go down with the ship.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 17, 2017, 07:12:53 AM
                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 117.

                                                           Me oh my.

The human is trapped in it`s individual human existence.

The human is the trap.

It is so preoccupied with what it is, that time to see what it isn`t never materializes.

What one isn`t is not trapped in time.

What one is, is trapped in time.... and that is the individual.

For the individual human all that time exists for is me and my.

 The me can define itself...

"I am ....... ."

" . My life. My family. My car. My debts. My community. My country. My opinion.
My needs. My God. My self My problems. My health. My suffering."

We are not having feelings about what is being observed.
We are not wondering if there is any history to support it.
We are not judging it against any woulda, coulda, shoulda.

The author is pointing out that by observing what is actual, transformation occurs.

The individual human is baffled by this. It wonders what is the actual.

"Just tell me what is actual...and I will fucking observe it."
" I just want to be free. I have money....  What should I do?"

This subject matter drives the human batty.

It`s whole existence is a con.
That existence is fighting for it`s life as we speak.

"But what about....?"

Meanwhile, everything it digs up to support it`s existence is only relevant to it`s existence.
The life support does not exist, other than to make that existence valid.

And that existence is all about buying more time.

The individual human is the prisoner.

It is on the run from the actual.

It will conjure up pictures, rather than observe the actual.

And using those pictures as a buffer, the individual is creating it`s self.

That self cannot see what is actual.

It cannot see what it is doing.

What it is actually doing is defending itself from the actual.

When there exists nothing to defend, then attack becomes impossible.

When `me and my` are discarded, there is only the actual.

The authored and the actual are a separation.
The actual is the author....... Authenticity.

The individual can never see this.
For the second s/he is over.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on November 18, 2017, 06:27:10 AM
                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 118.

                                                           How did we get here?

This has been asked by inquiring minds since the inquiring mind was here to ask it.

It cannot see what is there asking. Because what is asking is doing the looking.

Without the `what is doing the looking` being there, no inquiry is possible.

There is no such thing as time in actuality.
It is a made up barrier that holds the actual at arms length.

Time exists because one is believing in it.

This is a tricky one to communicate.

It goes counter to everything you know.

But what you know is that you are out of communication.

You don`t understand anyone and anyone doesn`t understand you.

The idea that anyone could communicate what is actual to you is something you can`t understand.

So the author is communicating to you what is actual and you have nothing there to believe it.

This communication appears to be jumping around. It doesn`t fit in with anything.
It keeps changing course.

It`s like everything is happening NOW !


There is only now.
You did not get here......    You are getting here.

It is all happening now.

Once this is observed, one is free of it.

Surely the author is deluded. Maybe the author is conning you.

The author is pointing out that to see what is actual, one must observe how they are being conned
into believing delusion.

And that can only be seen now. Because NOW is when it is happening.

You are writing it. You are the author.

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                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 119.

                                                        Free of the human.

When the human arrives NOW, the human is gone.

The human can only exist away from now.

Once the human is now it has no beginning or end.

So there is no life to live.

All of it`s energy is being spent holding itself away from now.

The human occupies all it`s time avoiding now.
For if it were to arrive now there would be nothing to occupy that time....And no time to occupy.

The human existence is dependent on avoiding now at all costs.

Herein lays the genesis of dependency.

The human has things it is dependent on for it`s existence.

It has become dependent on time to avoid now.
This is creating time to be dependent on even more.

One must see this in it`s context.
Please observe that the human existence has baffled the human ever since it came into existence.
So much suffering. So much heartache. So much fear. So much pain. So much mystery. So much energy spent.

Can it be observed how and why life has remained all of those things?
Can it be seen that it is a self perpetuating mechanism?

And the human is not equipped to resolve it at all.
Can you see the con?

Immediately upon trying to see what is actual here, the human defers to history.
It lies to itself. It says..."I am here because of things that came before me. I need time to figure this all out."

The human sees freedom as an imagined future.
It expends vast amounts of energy trying to build a future now.

This is not an individual endeavor.

The human is one and the same from individual to individual.
Being different and misunderstood is identical from human to human.

The human sees it`s problems as unique to them.
Yet all humans have the exact same problem.

We are all stuck in the same theater, just watching different movies.

Once the human sees that your problems are my problems, the human is
no longer there to have the problem.

The problem is building itself into the species.
The species is the problem. It is a problem building species.

When problem solving is observed for what it actually is , time stops.
There is no time to spend on human problems when the human is no
longer there to waste it`s time and energy on them.

Every problem you have is because someone is still there to have it.

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                                                                The Author

                                                              Part 120.


Who can observe what is actually being communicated here ?

Someone who is not being any kind of one.

If one is being someone it is because they are bringing something along with them to make the observation.

Any something brought along will corrupt and bias the observation.

An expectation of what will be observed is going to blind them to anything they were not expecting.

Can it be observed how natural it is for the human to interfere with direct observation?

The human adds the human viewpoint to everything it observes.

This creates the separation between the observer and the observed.

When full, unbiased attention is given to something, the observer ceases to have a location.

This is all gobbledygook to a human.

Nothing here fits in with it`s experience.

The human is so preoccupied fitting in with it`s experience that the ability to observe what is
actual never gets a look in.

The human is confused .
That confusion cannot observe an absence of confusion.

For if it was, the confusion would no longer be.

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                                                           The Author

                                                              Part 121.

                                                          Observing the actual.

"Okay. All one has to do is see what is actual... What do I do?"

There is nothing anyone can do to free themselves of this trap.
Doing is the trap.

Escaping the human is impossible.
This human experience is a self perpetuating mechanism.

The human has no facility to undo this.

Can you see what the human is up against?
Can it be observed that this is what is actual?

"I am living a life sentence."

"And there is nothing I can do about it."

Is this what is actual?

So stop there. 
The human is programmed to "DO" something about it.

Immediately the human, thus programmed, is back in the program.

Can we simply observe this and resist our instincts?

No human has.... ever.
Just look at all knowledge....

It is all there to tell you what to do.

If it doesn`t tell one how to do something about it....then it is abandoned.
It is seen as pointless.

Which is actually what the human existence is. Pointless.

All the human has been through and experienced... All his struggles and suffering have been for nothing.

The human says... "But if I leave the world a better place than when I arrived, I will have achieved something."

The only way the human can make the world a better place is by leaving it.

The human is the embodiment of the non actual.
It`s whole existence is chasing shadows and mental projections.
It exists in the non actual human world.

"But I am busy. I have to do things....  I have problems that must be solved. I have responsibilities."

Every cemetery is filled with the remains of humans who did, did, did, till they did themselves in.

All for what ?

Nothing !!!

Observing what is actual removes the life that couldn`t see it from being there.

Just like all the problems you aren`t experiencing.

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                                                          The Author

                                                              Part 122.

                                                         The beginning of the end.

The only place the human cannot be is here and now.

It will conquer the universe, plumb the depths of the ocean, explore other planets,
educate itself, build an empire, bomb villages in third world countries....

But it won`t ever be here and now.


Because the second it is, the human is gone.

Can it be seen that now is all there is?
Every other time is a mental projection.

The human, fighting for it`s life, will insist that time is real.
It will come up with very convincing arguments.
It will have facts, statistics and common sense.
All of which it is doing now.

The human is making the case for time NOW.

By believing in time one has a life.
Every belief creates a life.

One has a life as a christian by believing in Jesus.
One has a life as an American by believing in America.

And when one has a life as an American christian... well...look for yourself...

Whatever it is one is being..that is what is inhibiting observation of what is actually being pointed at here and now.

There is no becoming here. This is not a "how to" manual.

The human only sees that  which contributes to it`s becoming.

If there is no contribution to it`s becoming, it sees nothing.

It says..."But if this isn`t making me a better....... why am I looking at it?"

The human cannot see it`s actual predicament.

That life that it holds onto so dearly has a destiny with death.
Every life is stuck between birth and death.

Death is there...but for time.

Now can it be observed why the human absolutely must believe in time?
It`s life depends on it !

But ask the most sophisticated , well educated, authority you can find.."What is death?"
and you are talking to a complete idiot.

"It`s a big mystery and we just need more time to figure it out."

The timeless quote of humanity.

The human can only picture time horizontally.
But it doesn`t move from left to right.
It doesn`t move at all.
It is vertical.

It is all happening NOW.

To interact with time one has to knock it on it`s side.

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                                                        The Author

                                                              Part 123.

                                                         "How did we get into this pickle?"

We didn`t !

You are getting into this pickle with everything you do.
It is not an accumulation.

It is not that you are at the end of a long history.
You are the beginning of history.

You are making history now.

Hard to see?

Let`s look into it....

Humans have spent millions of dollars trying to recover from their history.
The human lives in the hope that one day they will be free of their history.

It is their history that is making them who they are...
But deep down, they do not like who they are.
They know they could be better...
If things had gone differently ...imagine where one would be now....

The human has glimpses of a pre history existence in childhood.

Nothing history has given them has ever come close to the experience of living without a history.

There is nothing the human can do to shake off it`s history.
It is the shadow that follows the human everywhere it stands.

And when that human turns it`s back on the source of light, it`s shadow is inevitably there.

But if one is looking into the light there exists no shadow.

The human is incapable of looking into the light.
To see the light the human is no longer.

One is the light.

The observer is the observed.

Kind of get it ?


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                                                          The Author

                                                              Part 124.

                                                   "How come all this is new ?"

If what is being communicated here is what is come it is only being discovered now?
Smart people have looked at life and none of them have said what is being said here.

Why isn`t the message here already part of common knowledge?

Okay....  Are you curious enough about this to have a look?

Firstly can it be seen that knowledge is an accumulation ?

Knowledge is useless if it doesn`t `fit in.`

So for a human who is trying to fit in ...knowledge is essential

So what we are looking at here won`t fit in. There is no shelf to put it on
for future use.

It has no application.
There is nothing here that will buy a person more time.

And more time is what motivates the human to apply itself.

Meanwhile the human is trapped in a life where they are surrounded by things that require their constant attention.

The human just wants some space to breathe.

And yet if one asks the human to just sit there right now, close their eyes and breathe....
The human cannot do it. Five seconds and off with the fairies they go.

The human deceives itself that it is after serenity.

Serenity is there if only the human could get out of the way of it.

Death is serenity.
And death is what the human is trying to avoid.

See it ?

You cannot intimidate someone with death when they are already dead.

"But I have a life....!"

Not for long.

So what is the actual?

Right now, write down what is actual.
Just grab a pen and paper...or open a word program, and write what is actual.

When you are done, read it.

Doesn`t it sound a lot like the gobbledygook you have been reading.

And yet, it was you who is writing it.

You sound a lot like me.
One and the same.

The author.

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                                                            The Author

                                                              Part 125. 

                                                            Were you the author ?

Did you write anything ?

Yes?  Or no ?

To write, one is the author.

To not write is to be the authored.

Or one can simply not look at it, and be unaware that they are the authored.

Welcome to the human race.

The human has no choice but to be the authored.
The human is what authored is.

The human is being.
And what is being is what is authored.

The human cannot function without being authored.

No.... This is not mind games and word play.

Mind games and word play are the realm of the human.

To do otherwise is to exercise a muscle that simply does not exist.

Maybe this will help....

Say one is experiencing anger or grief.

Just step out of it.

Do you see it?
The human cannot do that. It has no muscle to walk out of what is obviously making it`s life hell.

But it has the muscles to rationalize and justify it.

"I am angry because Bill is a cunt !
I am hurting because someone I loved is gone."

The human has no muscle to go "someone did not fulfill the expectations I had for them."

The human is very ill at ease when their life gets disrupted.
When it happens , all the human wants is to get it`s life back.

The author cannot get a look in anywhere because it has become identified with what it has authored.

When the authored dies, the author is still there. The author was none of what was authored.

So it is by removing what one has authored that the author is revealed.

The author is fact. The authored is fiction.

How do I get you to see this?

How do you get you to see this?

Write what is actual.
The human cannot.

But you can.

The actual is the author. The authored is the non actual.


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                                                        The author

                                                         Part 126


The author is outside of time.
It is the authored that starts the clock.

The author writing about the actual remains outside of time.

The non actual can only be authored. And that non actual exists in time.

Hard to see ?

Of course it is. That is why one remains trapped within it.

There is nothing within time that will ever free one from this trap.

And that time is the ammunition used by the human to escape it.

One does not need to be clever to see this.
Non clever is a learned skill.

One is educated into being stupid.

Of course this is all contradictory to everything one has learned.

If one could suspend everything they know...if one could ignore everything they have learned,
there would be no need to know or learn anything.

Learning and knowing is what creates stupidity.
And stupid humans expect more learning and knowing to resolve this.

When the human dies... there is nothing that it knows or has learned that is of any use whatsoever.
Nothing. Not one thing from the human experience has any relevance to the outside of the human experience.

The last human thought ever is "What a fucking waste of time that was !"

At the moment of death all of the human`s history is obliterated.
It was actually already obliterated, but the human had been keeping it alive.

A human`s history is already gone.
The human tries to hold onto it by creating pictures of it.
These are called memories.
But they are non actual pictures.
And the human can`t let go of them.

"But all those fun times... All those friends and loved ones... All that created me is locked in my memory."

Despite how ones feels about it.... Can it be seen that the past is a dead now...?

Can it be seen that all that those precious memories are is just pictures wrapped up in feelings ?

The consensus of philosophy is that one should forget the past.
Completely impossible for the human to do.
The human is only standing there because of the past.

It cannot forget what it is.

But if what it is ...wasn`t.....? Can it be seen that there would be nothing there to forget....or remember.

Once you see write it.

The human can completely dig rebirth. Being reborn gives one a stepping stone to give them somewhere to stand.

But talk about re death and the human has no capacity to contemplate it.
There is nothing to stand on...thus nowhere to stand.

Absolutely where the human cannot be.

This is where the human is over.

There is no human there to take any step.

Just like all the problems you are not having.

There is no one there to have them.

And you don`t miss them. They have created no memories to remind you of them.

Remind and re-death are synonymous.

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                                                        The author

                                                         Part 127

                                                 The author knows nothing.

The author is not corrupting observation with anything.

There is nothing known. There is nothing learned. There is no experience...No history.. No opinion...
No beliefs.. No angle... No feeling...  No motive...  No recourse to authority... No words... No mind involvement.
No judgement... No time... No thing between the observer and the observed.

Because there is nothing between the observer and the observed, there is no thing holding them apart.

The observer is the observed. Transformation is occurring.

Transformation is freedom.

Something that is not able to transform is trapped.

Can this be observed ?

A trap is a con.

It is where one is seduced into believing the non actual is actual.

And thus a life comes into existence.

That life will fight for it`s life.

It exists in conflict with all other non actual.

Where the actual is present, conflict is impossible.
There are no sides to take.
One is outside.

To take sides, one has to identify with a non actual.
That identity is trapped.

It is sentenced to defend itself.

 The actual  needs no defense.  It has no sides. Thus there is nowhere to be trapped.

The authored is meanwhile trapped in it`s own story.
It has taken sides.

It is constantly believing its story is real.
It is the result of that story.

I am ..... , because .... .

And it takes that trap everywhere it goes. Even on it`s quest for freedumb.

"But none of this is making any sense to me. I can`t relate to anything the author is saying.
I don`t know what is actual. I don`t know how to see what is actual... I can`t see any benefit to it..
This is impossible. I`ll just not think about it... What`s on TV ?"

Is that what is actual?

The moment you see it, the you who couldn`t, is gone.

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                                                      The author

                                                         Part 128

                                                 Suffering for dummies.

Part and parcel of being human is suffering.

Sometimes one wonders if life is anything but suffering.

So what is it ?

Why is it there?
Who thought of it in the first place?

Let`s look into it.

Can it be seen that for suffering to exist, someone must be there to suffer.

There has to be a you.... and that you cannot avoid suffering.

You are being shadowed by suffering at every step of the human experience.

If you stop and just observe you will see that you are surrounded by suffering.

The human tries to escape and avoid suffering. But being human is the suffering.

There is no escape.

This is not just an idea to toy with.
It isn`t something one wants to theorize and be clever about.

When one is existing within suffering, it is a living hell.

So can we.... you and I together, see what is really going on?
If suffering can be ended, not the idea of suffering, but actual suffering... would
you be willing to die for it?

After all.. it is clear that once someone dies, their suffering is over.

There remains nothing there to suffer.

Being there was what was causing the suffering.

But the human doesn`t think of that. The human will think that because something else is there...that
is why it is suffering.

That thing that is causing the human to suffer must be eliminated.

Just stop and look at all that would need to be eliminated for suffering to end.

It`s endless.  It is everything that is non actual.

And the human is the embodiment of the non actual.

The human and suffering are a team.
You can`t have on without the other.

Are we going too fast?

The human experience lasts a century...if you are unlucky.

Beyond that there is no human and no human suffering.

So what was there before death, that was suffering?  The human.

The human has it`s own identity.
It has a name. It has an address. It has a bank account. It has hobbies and certificates. It has it`s religions and political affiliations. It has a personality. It is all about being an individual.

It can say the words `I and my.`

This is something the human has to be taught.
The human is taught to take care of itself and fuck everyone else.

Once this is learned, the  individual human is there to be fucked by everyone else.

We are just looking at the mechanics of this. We are not trying to do anything about it.

We are not looking at this as something to bandy about at the water cooler.

Everyone at the water cooler is there to prove that what you are saying is contrary to what every individual human, has been taught, knows, and is experiencing.

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                                                      The author

                                                         Part 129

                                                    Free of freedom.

Because the human spends its life suffering, it at the same time, tries to be free of that suffering.

So the suffering, and the desire to escape that very suffering, coexist.

We are looking behind the curtain here.

We are examining the props on the stage of life.

We are observing the tools that the actor uses to further the story and provide entertainment.

It is so human to be suffering, that the audience takes for granted that the story is all about ending suffering.

That is the human story unfolding at it`s basic level.

It is the foundation for all stories. It is the motivation that every human audience needs no explanation for.

All human action is predicated on becoming s/he who is free of suffering.

Once s/he has freed themselves from suffering there is no more story.

But it still has yet to happen...even once.

"He died a happy man." is as deluded as  "And they all lived happily ever after."

While the human is preoccupied with trying to end it`s suffering, it has no time to
examine what is there to suffer.

The suffering and the sufferer are a duo.

One cannot exist without the other.

Do you see this?
If you can, the human who couldn`t is no more.

The human who has not observed this is forever going through different stages.

The final curtain call could happen any moment...

It just isn`t in the script.

So the actor cannot see it.

But if the actor drops the act, the play is over.

The theater of life empties and authored has no role.


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                                                      The author

                                                         Part 130

                                                 The anatomy of problems.

Problems are unique to the human.

The human alone, can envisage the non actual.

The ocean does not wonder what will become of it.
A cat doesn`t wonder what tomorrow will bring.
A rock is not concerned about being beside a hard place.

But the human says ..."None of these things can experience joy."

And I say to the human "Where is this joy that humans can experience?"

Show me !?

The human carries joy as a carrot dangled in front of it.

And there you have the problem.

Joy is the fantasy-land of having no problems. 

And that is the anatomy of the problem.

It is unique to the human. It is human anatomy incarnate.

The human is the real problem.

The real problem is the human being there conjuring up non actual problems.

The human goes..."But my problems are real." And through this distortion of what is actual, the
human makes itself real.

And that real human has real problems.
Those problems owe their existence to the human.
Thus the human is stuck with their existing problems.

When attempting to observe what the author is pointing at here and now, the human says
"But this isn`t correct. You have to solve your problems. That is life."

And the author says "You might be right. I don`t know... I`m just not going to make a problem out of it." 

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                                                          The author

                                                         Part 131

                                                      Now here.

To observe the actual one can only be now here.

And when one is now here they are nowhere.

One ceases to exist. A problem cannot manifest.

There is no one there to have any problems.

So can we together look now at what the actual factors are that create problems ?

This examination can only occur now.
The moment history is consulted, one has been distracted.

So the problem is there still remains something there that is susceptible to problems.

A mind....and a body.

But not just any mind and body.

Mine !!!

The mind and body I have identified as me.

Both of these things are able to perceive problems and register pain.

If they didn`t , one would be free.

Are we seeing this?
Is this a delusion ? Or is it what is actual?

Is this a minor matter for casual examination?
Or is it something one can recognize as the most important thing that needs to be resolved?

Is this subject matter the key to actual liberation?

Is this what one has looked to the heavens and asked in times of great sorrow?

Is the answer something someone can know?
Or is that the one who could know it is no longer there to know it?

Can it be seen that one is there because they don`t know it?

And by not knowing it, they are creating the time to come to know it....

And in the same instant one has created a division between the known and the unknown.

Has in fact the known, become the residence for the mind and body of the human ?

If one did not know that it was their body and their mind, how could they be?

A body and mind exist within the known...and live in fear of the unknown.

The mind and body of the human do not know how they will fit into the unknown.
Could it spell the end for them... ?
They would rather not find out.

"Stay with what you know." That`s what the mind and body are telling you every second of their lives.

The human feels great discomfort when it doesn`t know what is going on.

Thus what is `going on` is what it knows.

So has observing what is actual here freed you to any degree from identification with what is known?

I don`t know.
And neither do you.
There is now no one there to know it.

Freedom from the known.

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                                                      The author

                                                         Part 132

                                                   What is Now ?

Now is what is actual.

Everything else is non actual and a projection of the mind.

To observe what is actual one must be now.

The human cannot accompany one in this observation.

The human is preoccupied with before and after.

And before and after are mental projections.

Now is invisible to the human.

So the human cannot see what it actually is.

The author is authoring now.
The author is disregarding all befores and afters.

Once this is happening the authored is no more.
All that remains is the author.
The author is the absence of the authored.

The authored is individual consciousness.

That consciousness exists in the before and after.
When there is no before and after, there exists no individual consciousness.

Humans wonder why humans are so self involved.
Why they are so self absorbed...

It`s because that`s what the human is. There is no choice.
It is all the human knows.

Anyone who is truly altruistic has left the human race.

The human cannot be altruistic.

The human is motivated.

A human who appears to be altruistic always has an agenda.

Those individuals have found a way, they personally can benefit from their altruistic activities.
Whether it be a free ticket to Heaven, or respect and admiration from others.... whatever.
They become offended when their help is rejected.

The human pursues their self interests. To do otherwise is not human.

The author has no motive.
The author has no interest in help of any variety.
The author is beyond help.

The author is observing the actual.
The observed IS the observer.

And the actual observer is not an individual.

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                                                        The author

                                                         Part 133

                                               It`s happening NOW. 

How does one come to see this?

One doesn`t. One cannot see it.

It is what is there when one is not.

One is preventing that one from seeing that it is all happening NOW.

Notice how what is being revealed is not a linear thought....
It is not a process ...or a method.

It is nothing observing nothing.

This spells the end of the human.  The human cannot see nothing...
And while it is seeing  something, it is being something.

The observer is the observed.

This could all be wrong. I don`t know...  I am not an authority or anything. I am nothing.
Look for yourself.......

This is not something one is trying to figure out.
To do so requires activation of a mind.
And the mind is what is known.

Despite the mind`s insistence that it knows everything.
Closer inspection reveals that it knows nothing.

Right now ask the mind what is going on? How did I get here? What is the meaning of life?
Why is there pain and suffering ?

Put the mind on the spot!

Put up ...or shut up.

Observe that the mind will be trying to deflect attention from the fact that it actually knows nothing
about what is actual.

Is this observable? Is it a fact ?

An individual consciousness is looking.
It is confused. It is composed of unresolved conflict. It is suffering.

It is on an amusement park ride and it cannot get off .

It wants the ride to stop before it can safely dismount.

So it waits for an authority figure to come and pull the plug.

But the authorities are stuck on the same ride, they just have more comfortable seats.

No one else has time to observe your suffering.
They are preoccupied trying to insulate themselves from their own.

Is this all going too fast?

Slow down !

Individual consciousness is the observer not seeing that it is the observed.

Once the observer sees that it is the observed, that separation is gone.

Individual consciousness is eradicated in an instant.

All of human history is swept clean before you knew it.

Everything you are not is over.

What you actually are is the absence of what you were not.

Okay.... Take a breather.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 04, 2017, 06:36:46 AM
                                                       The author

                                                         Part 134.

                                                 What is here and NOW ?

This is the real question.

Every other question arises in the unreality of not seeing what is here now.

By not observing what is actually here and now, speculation and mystery are created.

The human doubts the accuracy of this observation because it has no idea about
what here and now are.
For an idea to form it can only be located away from the here and now.

It buys one some time to speculate and be mystified.

When the mystery is no more, the time for speculation is over.

Gathering information and accumulating essentials ceases.

There does not exist anything essential to gather.

The mystery was what made accumulating essential.

Once you see how you are being tricked, everything that was essential for you to see it,
is no longer relevant. Like the guy who was being tricked, everything that was essential to that is gone.

Essential cannot exist in isolation.
It must be essential to... or essential for....

Essential is the child of separation.

Something remains essential until there is unification.

When unification occurs nothing remains essential.
Essential is redundant.

It is essential that one looks beyond the words here to see what is actual now.

Once it has been seen, it is no longer essential to see it.

One doesn`t have to keep seeing it. There is essentially nothing there to keep one seeing it.

One is surrounding themselves with the essentials, which is essential to and for buying time
away from here and now.

Once the mechanics of this are observed, one is essentially free.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 05, 2017, 07:33:41 AM
                                                          The author

                                                         Part 135.


There are no mechanics in play when observing the actual.

Mechanics exist as a barrier to observing the actual.

So we look at actual mechanics that are preventing observation of the actual.

When one wakes up to the fact that there is only now, one has eliminated what the
mechanics actually do.
They deflect observation to a made up past and future.

Mechanics take time.

With time out of the equation, all that remains is the mechanics of the mechanics.

One is observing the trap without falling for it.

First observation is that observing this subject matter makes the human extremely uncomfortable.
It`s very existence is being threatened.

The first observation is that the human is there to feel uncomfortable.
One is observing the discomfort that the human actually is.

The first observation is that the human is creating and solving it`s own discomfort.
This is a self perpetuating mechanism.

The first observation is that the human has no capacity to get off this ride.
The human is the ride.

The first observation is that there is nothing the human can do to be free of this ride.
The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

The first observation is that the observer is the observed.
First observation is liberation.
First observation is transformation.

Any subsequent observation is a mechanical process and thus enslaving.

Subsequent observation is authored. (Created.) (Trapped in the mechanical process of time.)(Dispersion.)
First observation is author (Creator.)(Free and Timeless.)(United.)

It only takes a split second to be caught in the mechanics of time.

Those mechanics create a second second and subsequent seconds.

Liberation from mechanics doesn`t take a second.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 06, 2017, 07:28:33 AM
                                                        The author

                                                         Part 135.

                                                           The body.

It is a body of knowledge.

The human knows it is a body and thus it is.

So how did this come about ?
That is the human question ?

And as a question polluted by the human, what that sees is a polluted human answer.

The observer IS the observed.
Without either there is neither.

The human wonders how it came to be.
It goes to the authorities.
They say we were part of a chemical bang and since then we evolved.
You know the story... You`ve seen the documentaries.

And this is all interesting and makes a lot of sense..... to a human.

But it does nothing to remedy the suffering the human has evolved into.

Not a thing !

"But humans somewhere are burning the midnight oil and looking into it.
There could be a big breakthrough any day soon."

Okay...enough ! It is a con.

The human didn`t get here.
Getting here requires a history. The passage of time.

But time is a con. It is a mental projection occurring NOW.

The human didn`t get here.
It is getting here.

With everything one does, one is putting themselves here.
Even trying to make sense of it all is getting one here.

But what got here is as false as the here it has gotten to.

The observer and the observed.

If you see this.... you see the cruel trick life is.

And you are that cruel trick.

See what you are doing.

Ask yourself.... Why am I playing such a cruel trick on myself .... "now"?

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 07, 2017, 07:22:11 AM
                                                      The author

                                                         Part 136.

                                                      "Just tell me !"

Staying human requires waiting for someone other than you to tell you what is actual.

"God must know what is actual.... I imagine he does...."

Any scripture written by the hand of God, or a close relative, is all about there and then.
But the actual is here and now.

So what is it ?

I don`t know.

The actual isn`t something one can pull down from a shelf.

The second one does, it is a part of history.

The actual cannot be contained. It cannot be defined.
It is transformation.

The second you have it, it is gone.

This goes counter to everything the human believes.
The human has built a life that it believes is actual.
And when what one believes is actual attempts to see what is actual, all it does is
miss the point endlessly.

I do not know what is actual.

To see what is actual is only possible here and now.

Do you see that?

There is no second guessing.

The actual is creation.  Creation is the absence of the created.

Creation is a perpetual first.

"Should I just pretend that the past doesn`t exist?"

"I don`t know. Should you pretend that all the problems you don`t have don`t exist ?"

See that for the first time.

The human exists between the creator and the created.

So when they are united ...what are you observing here and NOW?

The observer and the observed.

The author and the authored.

The creator and the created.

The here and the now.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 08, 2017, 07:56:44 AM
                                                       The author

                                                         Part 137.


Transformation is the end of the life that could not transform.

It not only ceases to exist...It also never did.

The one who transformed doesn`t `live` there any more....  And never did.

This doesn`t appear to make any sense.

To the pre transformed it seems impossible.

But once transformation has occurred there remains no one there for anything to make sense to.

And this is where the pre transformed gets confused about impossibility.

"If it was possible it would already have happened."

It hasn`t happened because it is not possible..... yet !

The human is trapped within what is known.

It thinks if it knew more, then what seems impossible now would become possible in the future.
Life and experience have proven this time after time.

Why then, cannot the human see that it is trapped in time?

It doesn`t know anything else.

When transformation has occurred, there exists nothing there to know what was impossible.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 09, 2017, 06:38:17 AM
                                                     The author

                                                         Part 138.

                                              "Where is the author?"

The author is "Here and Now."

What use is a God who is distracted?
How can one be the creator while one is predisposed?

The author is attention that is undivided.

The author creates undivided and now.

Forget the words.....
They are not the thing. They are only necessary in the absence of undivided attention.

Once undivided attention is `here and now` words are redundant because
there is no separation between the listener and what is being said.

To arrive `here and now` one has to arrive alone.
Upon arrival, aloneness has vanished.

One has become all that was separated.

One is undivided attention.
There is no separation.

The creator observes that s/he was their own worst enemy.
And when one unites with their own worst enemy transformation occurs.

One`s own worst enemy is no more...and never was.

It is now one.

What one is now seeing is what one has been doing everything it can to not see.

Upon seeing it.... the one who couldn`t is no more.

While the one who couldn`t see it is in existence it will do whatever it takes to not see it.

The one who cannot see it is abandoned on it`s deathbed, fighting for it`s life.

This is all clear to the author.
The author is free of avoiding here and now. Here and now is the actual.

The actual is creation. Authorship. Absence of the non actual.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

What you are not is running out of time.

And when what you are not has run out of time, what you are remains.

See for yourself.

No one else can see it for you.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 10, 2017, 06:53:06 AM
                                                   The author

                                                         Part 139.

                                                         "What is it like to be the author ?"

It isn`t "like" anything.

For it to be like something, that something must have been authored.

The authored exists in the past.
The authored is there to create a future.

The author cannot exist outside of NOW.

The authored can never understand the author.

The authored is a pretense. the author is authenticity.

The author is revealed when the pretense is over.

Pretense needs a past and a future to exist in.

The authored`s ideas about what the author will be like
is the very pretense that obscures the author.

How does one communicate this to a pretense ?

How can authenticity penetrate pretense?

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it together ?

We need to show something to someone who`s whole existence is dependent on not seeing it.

That existence is a pretense.

That existence will scratch and bite if one goes into conflict with it.

So how do we eliminate pretense?

But we don`t want to be standing there against it....

To stand there against it can only be a pretense.

To declare war on pretense is falling for more pretense surely.

What if one was to simply stop pretending ?

If one was simply here and now, pretense would have no where to reside.

One would be observing what is actual. The non actual would evaporate.

If pretense is what is being observed then it would be creating the observer.

The observer IS the observed !

You are the pretense you are observing.

Unification. Transformation.

There is no formula here. This is not a "how to" manual.

There is no knowledge to accumulate and communicate.

We are done with pretense !
There is no past or future tense.

There is nothing to be tense about at all.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 11, 2017, 02:38:45 AM
                                                          The author

                                                         Part 140.

                                                   "What is authenticity?"

I don`t know.

Let`s have a look at it.

Isn`t it when all pretense is gone?

Isn`t authenticity what is at the bottom of everything?

Once all the lies, deception, delusion, and pretense are over...isn`t that where authenticity is.

So it must have always been there. But it was covered over by what it was not.

Are we seeing this?

Is this an authentic observation. Can we see it here and now?

In deed... if we are here and now authenticity is all we see.

This is not a second hand observation. This isn`t an observation that
can be pulled down off the shelf. It isn`t an observation that was made in the past that we are
standing in to resurrect it.

It is not a belief.

It is what is actual. And it can only be seen here and now.

But it helps us to see the mechanics of how the actual is obscured.

The non actual is a belief. It is something created...authored... made up.

A belief cannot enter time until there is someone there to believe it.

Belief and believer are a team. They spend time together.

The belief and the believer cannot outlive one another.

When one is gone so is the other.

They only exist in separation.

When the believer sees that s/he is the`s over. Gone. Never was.

Time spent apart from the actual has finished.

It was all a bad dream.

The dreamer and the dream are no longer there to try to make sense of it all.

 The nightmare of the human experience was inauthenticity incarnate.

Every time it answered the question "How are you ?" it was lying.   
Perpetuating a belief. Wallowing in inauthenticity.

It`s human nature.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 12, 2017, 07:01:26 AM
                                                      The author

                                                         Part 141.

                                "This is all very interesting....
                                 ....but I can`t do anything with it !"

When one is present before something that they can`t do anything with, they are in the presence of the actual.

The actual is that which nothing can be done about.

If one turns their attention away from what is actual, there is an infinite number of things that can be done.

But they are all being done with the non actual.

Life exists in avoidance of the actual.
And that avoidance will last a lifetime.

When that lifetime expires, one goes....

"Oh shit. Here I am. And there is nothing I can do about it. There is nothing that can be done about it."

One can spend lifetime after lifetime by not seeing this.

The human experience is a pretense.
No matter how clever one is at accumulating and constructing a life, no matter how convincing one is as a character in their own play, when play time is over, that life faces the final curtain call.

Whether one had a successful play or a bomb, matters not.
When it is over it is as if it was never there.

There is a sad beauty observable here...

To see all the tears that have been shed... To see all the hearts that have been broken...
To see all the drama, mystery, and adventure...

To see the boredom and the frustration....

To see all that one was not beseeching the author to tell it who it is...

Now what the author sees is all that s/he was not.

Is this all a little bit too out there?

It is to the authored.
The authored is the one who is out there.

All that is out there is what the author is not.

It is an inauthentic pretense that was nothing trying to become something.

That nothing has the potential to become anything.

It sees getting out of the mess it has created, very unbecoming.

"But I can`t do anything with this !"

Exactly !!!

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 13, 2017, 07:19:55 AM
                                                     The author

                                                         Part 142.

                                                   A series of firsts.

When a life is posed with a question, the last answer it wants to give is "I don`t know."

That life feels inadequate if it can`t come up with some sort of answer.

It doesn`t want to leave anything unexplained.

That would disrupt peace of mind.

It would leave the questioner in mystery.

Solving the mystery is a motivating force of a life.

These are things so obvious and fundamental to life that life has no reason to observe them.

It doesn`t take a genius to see that every story is about someone trying to overcome problems.

But how?  That is the mystery. 

That is what pulls one into the story.

How can I make my prison cell more comfortable ?

Is there any other story ?  Look at it.

Is what is being observed here actual ? Is it ?

This isn`t something one can learn and know.

Once it is observed, the life existing in the prison created by not seeing it over.

There remains there, no one to not see it.

One is seeing what is actual now for the first time.
There is no other time to see it.

There is now no one there who cannot see it.
That life is over. Gone. Erased from history. It never was.

No need for therapy or discussion groups. No need for rehab.
No need. There remains nothing needy there.

There are no victims or victors.

There is nothing there to be forgiven and nothing there to forget.

This could all be wrong.
I don`t know.

The split second one knows... they think they know.
This is a distraction from what is actual.

One has created the time to dwell on it.

And the life sentence is to dwell on time in time.

But no matter the thinking and dwelling, at some time your time is up.

Then what ?

I don`t know !!!!!!
I wasn`t there.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 14, 2017, 07:25:33 AM
                                                   The author

                                                         Part 143.

                                                   Days of future passed.

Time is the realm of the non actual.

A departure from the actual takes time.

It is a life time.

That life lives in denial of the actual.

For if the actual were observed, that life would be over. Gone...and never was.

While one is inhabiting a life, that life only exists because of habit.

It puts everything on automatic so it doesn`t have to deal with it NOW.

Habits are a tried and trusted method of not having to face what is actual.

That life is formed by habits which the life inhabits.

There are no good and bad habits . There are just habits.
They are all a tool for avoiding what is now.

Avoiding NOW is buying more time to inhabit.

Confronting a habit is in direct conflict with the habit of inhabiting the habit forming life.

This can appear unbelievably impossible to see.

One is in the habit of not seeing it.

You kind of getting here on this?

Breaking a habit can appear unbelievably impossible to see.

One is in the habit of not seeing it.

Now you are here !!!

Being there is a habit.
Being here can never be a habit.

Because actually being here means the life formed through habit is no longer there to inhabit.

No life is in the habit of being uninhabited.

Uninhabited and uninhibited meet for the first time.
Unification and transformation.

Now you write what you have just seen.
You be the author.

...Or you could just go back to some old habit...

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 15, 2017, 07:01:45 AM
                                                        The author

                                                         Part 144.

                                                  So... What`s left ?

At all times there remains someone there to wonder why they are there.

Being there and wondering are a duo. You can`t have wonder when you are not there to wonder.

Once you are not there , there is no one there to wonder.

Seems like a game of words.

Look beyond the words.

What is there can only wonder.

When being there and wondering cease, one is simply here.

When one is simply here, there is no time to wonder.

Time ceases to exist the moment, the eternal moment, one is here and now.
Here and now are united. Creating everywhere and nowhere.

We are observing the mechanics of this so that the one there wondering about it is no more.

One can get this conceptually.
This is moving the observation out of here and now and placing it in the mind.

The mind is a storehouse that is building a case for it`s existence.

Do you see that ?

How is it possible to see it?
Is it possible to see right through all the noise and just be with what is actual?
Are you interested?
Are you curious?

Observe that while one is curious, they are giving their attention.
Their attention has gone from what is there giving it.

There is no you if one is giving their attention.
You are attending what is here and now.

And the you is not.

The individual , which is just memory, is no more.

See the mechanics here...

The obsession with self is over. The habit forming history has nothing to inhabit.

By observing this, there exists no one there who hadn`t.

The imaginary Utopia the individual had been spending time wondering if they would ever find,
is there, once the individual wondering how to find it is defused.

It is here and now and it is like nothing the individual was capable of imagining.

Imagining was a substitute for attending it.


Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 16, 2017, 07:40:43 AM
                                                                          The author

                                                                            Part 145.

                                                                        I don`t know.

One cannot know NOW.

One can only know in the past.
The known is the past.

What is known inhibits observation of what exists here and now.

The known paints over the here and now.

The author exists now, And what the author is authoring is unknown.

The moment it is authored it can be known.

What is known can only be the authored.

The author cannot ever be known by the authored.

Once the authored is abandoned the author is revealed.

The authored will not abandon itself...because that is all it knows.

Do you see the dilemma?

The author cannot know what it is creating.
Once it has been created ,from then on it can be known.
And what it knows is that it is trapped in what was authored and it cannot see what authored it.

Now one can observe what is actually happening.

This is the anatomy of the trap.

What remains is what was authored and that whatever authored it cannot be seen.

Can the big picture be observed here?

The poor victim of this con is stuck not knowing how it got conned.
It`s only option is to know more.

It cannot see that the more it knows the more it is trapped.

Have a look at any super human...

Observe the fact that they are super human because they didn`t know they couldn`t be.

Meanwhile humans know that they cannot be super human...
And there is nothing can be done about it.

That which nothing can be done about is the actual.
It is here and now.

The human thinks something can be done.... if it only knew how.

But knowing is the past... Which is exactly what the human is stuck in.

The superhuman is the author...the  creator...

Free of the known.

The super human is joyous, independent, and free..... and has no idea why.

The human is full of ideas as to why s/he isn`t.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 17, 2017, 06:47:45 AM
                                                   The author

                                                       Part 146.

                                                  What can die ?

I don`t know.

Let`s have a look.

For something to die, it must be alive first.

While that life is in existence it will be doing it`s best to not die.

That life will not persist beyond the death it is avoiding. It knows that.

Time is the key to having a life time.

Life and time are a duo. Neither can exist without the other.

There is a simplicity to death that life cannot see.

There is a complexity to life that death cannot see.

A complex life is ended with a simple death.

Is this all for fun?
Are we looking at this to try to outsmart death?

Is there any possible benefit to be obtained by examining this subject matter?

No. There is no benefit to any life by examining the mechanics of life and death as a duo.

Which clearly demonstrates why it has never really been examined.

"If it contains no benefit then why go into it?"
That is the modus operandi of life.

A life that examines death, as a subject, will project some sort of benefit into the equation.
Thus everything known about death by the life examining it has been severely compromised.

Thus what death actually is has never been observed by any life.

This is such a slippery fish, it is no wonder that the subject of death has made fools of every life that ever
tried to grab a hold of it.

So can we just simply look at death without what fools have projected over it?

Death is the life that never materialized.

When one`s time is up, all that had materialized de-materializes.

Until there is nothing left.
Transformation has occurred.

One had a life that never was.

Life cannot comprehend this.

It will throw something between itself and what is actual.

"Death is a long way off..... Maybe there is a God. I lived a God fearing life.
I`ll just think about it some other time. Why does life have to be so complicated?"

Life is that complexity. It is even complex in it`s complexity.

But look !!!!   If that complexity never existed....How could it die?

Nothing can be said about the simple life...because there is no one there to say it.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on December 18, 2017, 07:52:03 AM
                                                         The author

                                                       Part 147.

                                                        The eternal first.

The first barrier to observing the actual is anything other than the first.

One can number the barriers that exist after the first.

But if the first is the only observation being made there is no second guessing.

This is the first time this is being observed. It cannot happen in the past and it cannot happen in the future.

The actual can only be observed NOW.

Because everything other than now is non actual.

The life looking at this protests.... It says "This is just crazy bullshit. It`s just some theory made up
by some demented human trying to become someone special."

The life unable to observe what is being pointed out here, can list millions or reasons why it is not so.

That list is made possible by not observing what is being pointed at.

If one is seeing it, it is being seen for the first and only time.
There can exist no list of why one is seeing it.

The instant it is seen, the list maker is gone.

It becomes a problem one never had.... Or a time one never spent.
Or a jail that was never built. Or a relationship one never had.

This subject matter is impossible to see.
I understand the problem.

"I am trapped...and I want to be free."

Is that the problem ?
Are you willing to have a look at this?

What is the solution?

                  I don`t know !

That is the first and only observation that transforms everything that is into everything that isn`t.

" I don`t know!" frees one from the past.

Resurrecting the past, deflects consciousness from observing what is here and now.

Human consciousness is buried in thought. And thought is everything but here and now.

Human consciousness says..."But I am here and now...and I don`t like it."

But if one was actually here and now, there would be nothing not to like.
Nothing to list.

One can list their problems.
One can make a list of steps to take to resolve those very problems.

The list is endless. You have been not seeing that every time you added to it.

You are seeing this for the first time.
It is what is actual.
What is actual cannot be listed.

This observation cannot be added to the list of what is known.
The one who had not observed it is no longer there to make the list.

The first step is not knowing.
There are no follow up steps to list.

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                                                 The author

                                                       Part 148

                                               The center of it all.

What is actual, is that all that is known amounts to nothing.

At any given time one can be asked by self or others "But what does it all mean?...
"Who am I? How did I get here? What am I doing here? What is the meaning of existence?"

Regardless of everything one knows, an authentic look into these big questions reveals that one actually knows nothing.

One can know a few things , or one can know a lot.
But how much you know has no relevance to the big questions.

One can speculate in a sophisticated manner . Or one can speculate from a location situated next to total ignorance.

The whole spectrum of what you know puts you on the wrong page in the wrong book.

Nothing can be known that will free you from the mystery of life.

That mystery is created by the known. And what is known just doesn`t add up.

So one is compelled to know more. And on it goes. The eternal mystery has bought you some more time.

And the one conned by these mechanics is stuck in the center of it all.

It does not know what to do about it.

"Just give me a bit more time."

This game is rigged.

Getting out of it runs contrary to everything you know.

Everything you know is what is imprisoning you.

The only answer an escapee from the known can give as to how they escaped can only be "I didn`t know I couldn`t."

What you know is the past. That past will inhibit actual observation of what is here and now.

Here and now is all there is. Everything else is a projection of the mind.

The author does not know a single thing.
The author is not located in the center of what it knows.

The author is observing what is here and now. Undivided attention has no location.
The authored is stuck with then and there. Divided attention is located at the center of it all.

So ...what is the answer?

                          "I don`t know. Let us give it our undivided attention."

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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 149 

                                                    Free of the known.

What the authored doesn`t know is that what it does know is the prison it resides in.

Look beyond the words. See what is here and now.

You can easily list what the self knows.

"I know I could be better. More successful.  I know I have some serious problems. I know I hate my job.
I know if I`d been smarter, my life could have been so different. I know there are people I don`t want to run into. I know I am sexually frustrated. I know I should get in better shape. I know I should stop wasting money on doodads. I know I should take better care of my finances. I know some people hate me. I know you can`t change the past. I know if I stop and think about my life I will cry. I know I am susceptible to bouts of depression.

I don`t need to tell you all these things....

These things you already know.

They are the things you already know.
Plus you can list more... Lots more. It`s endless. What you know goes on forever.
Growing all the time.
You are continually learning.

Trouble is once you have learned from all your mistakes it is too late.
You have already made them.

So you learn not to make those mistakes again.

And there is your prison.

"I`ll never fall in love again.
I`ll never trust anyone again.
I`ll never get conned again.
I`ll never compromise my reality again.
I`ll never allow anyone to see who I really am again." 

This is the past attempting to change and modify the future.

And thus one has a whole life that they were never present for.

For fucks sake.... Just look at the fake people you interact with every day. Look at yourself.

My bullshit interacting with your bullshit. I hope they both "Have a nice day."

Can we look deeply into this?
Can we see that we simply don`t know what the hell is going on?

Can we see that the comfort provided by knowing makes not knowing very uncomfortable.

To come to the fact that one does not know means one has left their comfort zone.

It takes great courage to face the unknown.

The instinct is to try to convert the unknown into the known.
And this is how one gets trapped between them.

The known and the unknown only exist by you being there between them.

Once the known is eliminated so is the unknown.

And so is the life trapped between them.

Then all that is exists is the actual...which is unknowable.

As soon as the actual is observed, the life existing because it had not seen it is over. Gone...Never was.

Which is why there is no benefit experienced in seeing what we are seeing here.

The whole motivation for knowing, is to make the life existing in ignorance of the actual, more comfortable.

The whole of humanity is attempting to be in a better place.
Look at for God`s sake !
Isn`t this what is actually going on?

If you saw it.... The guy who couldn`t is gone.

The human is a slave to this con.
It is so busy holding on to it`s comforts that it has no time to enjoy them.

"Will I finally find eternal comfort when I see through all this ?"

Your search for comfort is your life of discomfort.

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                                                  The author

                                                       Part 150



Nice to be here with you.

Now.... Where were we?

I don`t know.

Where are we going?

I don`t know.

By not knowing, we can simply see what here and now actually is.

Here is no de facto relationship.

Here is no relationship by proxy.

Here is life... Or what is left of it.

Life is relationship.
Life cannot be in isolation.

One is not afraid. One is afraid of something.

One is not free unless there exists something to be free of.

We seeing this?

So life is relationship between me and something other than me.

The moment there is something other than the self, then the self can spend time interacting with it.

The more defined the self is, the more there is to interact with.

Life does not exist in isolation.

Life is relationship.

Are we seeing this?

If we are ...there is no longer a relationship between us. There is just what is actual.

We are together on this.

Together we can observe the mechanics that would drive us apart.

We can see that this unity may break apart in time.
Life is all about relationships ebbing and flowing.... is it not ?

We desire to be in fulfilling relationships.
We distance ourselves from those relationships that are unfulfilling.

We are using relationship to define ourselves.

"I am this. But I certainly aren`t that."
"I may be a loser.... But compared to you, I am a raging success story."

There is no love lost between you and what you are not.

That is because there is no love to lose.

We try to cultivate love through relationship.

But love cannot be cultivated.

It is what is always there.... but for relationship.

When you see relationship as a device for separation, s/he who was in relationship is no more.

Can you not see that ALL relationships end badly in time.

All relationship is unfulfilling in the end.

The more one builds it, the more painful it is to see it break down.

You are now in relationship with that pain.

But..... You are that pain. Just try not to be.
Pain is just love gone bad.... through separation.

There is the pain. And there is you.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.


The one in pain is no more and never was.

There is no separation. No relationship.

You are no longer in relationship to love.
Love and you are one.


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                                                 The author

                                                       Part 151

                                                What "I don`t know" can see.

"I don`t know." stops the mind dead in it`s tracks.

Not the words. The words are not the thing. The words are a pretense...A promise of the real thing.

Beyond the words `I don`t know.` there is a stillness...there is a silence....An absence of noise. A void.

This is the void that the mind has been attempting to avoid.
This stillness... This silence.... is nothing to think about and thus nothing to think with.

The actual comes into view.

The thinker is the thought.

Consciousness has become dependent on thought to give it something to be conscious of.

Consciousness is relying on thought to end its misery.

But misery cannot exist without thought.

You are what you think you are.

This mechanism is not a product of evolution.
It is what is now.

Thought is fighting for it`s life now.

Thought and life are a separation of the same thing.
Life is the thought ..... and the thought is life.

There is a dependency between them. And that dependency  is addiction.

When life and thought are seen for what they actually are, dependency has no thought to give it life ...
and no life to give it thought.

The reflected IS the reflection.

The observed and the observer.

"I don`t know" can see all this.

"I know" only thinks it can.

You are most welcome......

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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 152

                                          "But what about all the problems in the world?"

I don`t know.
Do you ?

If you don`t , we can look into this together now.
We can give this our undivided attention.
Undivided attention and now are the same thing.

Attention becomes separated in time.
Time exists because it has caught our attention.

When one is giving their full attention time disappears.

Are we seeing this?
Are we giving it our undivided attention?

Don`t worry... This won`t take up any of our time.

Worrying takes time.

So now we look at why there are so many worries in the world...

What are these worries?
Have a look.

Can we see that the worries in the world are all mental projections?

It`s like watching the TV news.
Which are mental media projections.
Which are the same as the solutions.... Mental media projections.

The mental media are projecting both the problems and the solutions.

Otherwise how would you even know the world had problems and solutions?

The media creates the good and the bad. The victims and the victors.
It isn`t good or bad that it does this. It has no choice.
It has to do it to sustain it`s life.

If there isn`t a problem, there isn`t  story.
Exposing a problem is a story.
Projecting a solution is a story.
A non problem is a non story.

There are more non problems in the world than there are problems.
But a non story cannot catch anyone`s attention.

The news is just entertainment.
It is reality TV with a bigger budget.

There is no difference between news presenters and their stories and religious presenters
and the stories they are entertaining those vacant enough to be distracted by them with.

The only problems and solutions that exist in the world are the ones you are being told about.
If you weren`t being told they exist... they would cease to.

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                                                     The author

                                                       Part 153

                                                What are we observing now?

All that can be observed is the prison one is in.

Every direction one looks , one runs into a barrier.

And that is what catches our attention.

How do we go beyond this barrier that has caught our attention?

That is what life is for you and your mates.
We are all inmates.

But because all our mates are stuck in the same shit hole with us, we accept our lot.

"That`s life."  "One day we will be free.... Till then I`ll just struggle on."

"No one else seems to mind. I`ll just fit in as best I can."

We are observing the barriers to being free of the life we have accepted... The prison life.

We do not know what life is like outside of the prison.

All we hear is rumor and speculation. So there is nothing concrete to aspire to.

We have gotten used to being surrounded by concrete.

Freedom exists to move about within these concrete walls.

But we are in constant danger. Our prison is really an asylum.
Our fellow inmates are capable of unbelievable cruelty. We could lose our life at any time.
And no one would even care.

Are we looking at what is actual ?
Is this the author taking dramatic license.?
Or are we seeing "Just the facts."?

What we are observing here and now makes no a prisoner.
The prisoner needs a frame of reference.
And that frame of reference is the prison.
And anything observed by the prisoner has to fit in to that frame.

Thus all the prisoner sees, or observes, is a barrier.

The prisoner cannot observe freedom because s/he has no frame of reference.

That frame of reference can only be the past.
The prisoner is stuck in the past.
The prisoner is a living memory.

Okay.  Pause a moment.

Can it be observed how impossible it is to be free of the life sentence?
Can we feel the frustration and the rage simmering below the surface of one`s attention?

Do we feel the powerlessness? Do we observe that there is nothing one can do about it?

Okay !

Stop there.

We are with the actual.

Observe that anything done now is a distraction from what is actual and thus ceases to be the actual.

Resist the temptation to try to make sense of what is being observed.

There is what is being observed....And there is what is observing it.

The observer and the observed.

Both exist or neither do.

They are a separation of the same thing.

The observer is the observed.



The life that existed in ignorance of this is gone. It is over. It never was.

No frame of reference. No memory. No past. No prison. No barriers. No benefit. No becoming.

There is no longer anyone trapped between your ears.

The authored is gone. The author is revealed.

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                                                      The author

                                                       Part 154

                                            What is here and now?

I don`t know.
Shall we have a look ?

At all times here and now is what we are not observing.
All that can be seen is barriers.

They surround us, placing us in the center of them.

What we cannot observe is freedom from those barriers.

So we invent what it will be like to go beyond those barriers.

These are the mechanics of what is preventing one from being here and now.

What is here and now can never be obtained. It cannot be held on to.

It cannot be caught in the net of time.

Here and now is transforming. It is always new.

The new has no past. It has no history.

This is why we are looking at the same old shit day after day.

Can you see it?

If you can, then the guy who couldn`t is gone....and never was.

There is no benefit possible from seeing the actual here and now.

Just like there is no benefit in not having a terminal illness...? Or not being pursued by something that means you harm.
There is no benefit from losing a relationship that you never had. There is no benefit being free of delusion.

How much of your time is spent being grateful for the mental illness you never had?

"Here I am in prison and your explanations of what freedom is don`t sound right to me."

If you weren`t in prison an explanation of freedom would be unnecessary.

You would not be somewhere due to a lack of an explanation.

An explanation would not be required to set you free.

To a prisoner all freedom is is a better prison.

All that I`m pointing at here and now drives the prisoner bonkers.

"This is all bullshit. Let me take over. What is here and now is the page or monitor that I`m seeing this on.
What is here and now is the table in front of me. My body on the chair. The picture on the wall.
These are what is here and now."

Well where were they a minute ago?

They only materialized when you put your attention on them.

Do you kind of see it?

Here and now is what you have your attention on.

If it is undivided attention, there is no you.

Divided attention is there and then. It is why the prisoner is a confused mess.
The prisoner is overwhelmed by delusion.

The actual is absence of delusion.
Here and now is the absence of there and then.
Freedom is the absence of barriers.

There and then,  delusion , and barriers are all the prisoner can put his divided attention on.

For if he didn`t,..........there would be no one there to.

"But none of this is of any benefit !!!!!
All I want is a better prison"

What can I tell you? You are the author.


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                                                     The author

                                                       Part 155

                                                    The myth of opposites.

While one is being conned by the belief in opposites, one is living in a myth.

What is actual is what is actual. It does not have an opposite.

Something can exist that is opposed to the actual. But it is not
the opposite of the actual. 

In the actual there exists no conflict.

But something opposed to the actual exists in conflict.
It is the conflict.

But is it actual?  Is it real?
Have a look.

Can light be found by wandering in the darkness.
Can truth be found in the lies?
Can silence be found in noise?
Can love be found in hate?
Can the actual be found in what is non actual ?

And yet that is where we are searching.

By manufacturing an opposite we have something to look through.

But if one did not look through anything, what is actual is clearly seen.

Meanwhile a search through the non actual can only ever result in a false actual.
A non actual actual.

Such a searcher will see a light that is saturated with darkness...
A truth that is made up of lies.
A silence that is deafening.
A love that is masking hate.
A reality that is simply unreal.

Simplicity is never going to be the result of complexity.

Yet complexity exists to promote the search for simplicity.

Anything other than the actual is a delusion.
That delusion stands in opposition to the actual...yet it is not the opposite.

The actual has no opposite.
The opposite is a delusion which is the creation of conflict.

Conflict is not the opposite of unity.
They are unrelated.

The resolving of the delusion of conflict brings about a deluded unity.

"We have agreed to disagree." (ie. "Fuck you .. and the horse you rode in on!")

"Your idea of freedom and mine are sentenced to eternal separation."

Uniting all the differing delusions takes time.
It actually makes time.
The time for that unity never to be found.

Observing that delusion is in no way related to the actual, allows one to simply cut it loose, here and now.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

They are not related. They are not opposites.

The non actual is opposed to the actual.
The actual is not opposed to anything.

One is stuck with the non actual.
It is with the actual that one is unstuck.

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                                                      The author

                                                       Part 156

                                                      All you want...

You have your wants.

Happiness... Success...Love.... Admiration.... Harmony.... Wealth.... Comfort....
Respect.....  Fun.....  Power..... Freedom.... Health.... Expertise....  friendship...
Ecstasy....  Family... Belonging.... Experience...  Peace.... Enlightenment...

Maybe you want to put some more stuff on the list...

There are the things we want.

So come we are stuck with the opposite ?
What the fuck is going on there ?

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it together?

Are we looking at the actual problem?
Are we looking at the context, rather than the content?

Are we able to observe this now ? Without bringing something along to hide behind ??

Can we observe this without trying to learn something from it.?
Can we observe the actual for the first time?

Can we see that which has been unseen for the entire life of s/he who had not seen it?

Can we see that we are actually stuck with the exact opposite of what we want...and there is nothing we can do about it?

Can we see that this has always been the case?
Can we see that we are still left wanting???

Can we see it beyond the words?
Can we see it with everything we are?
Can we see it with body, mind, and soul?

Is what we are seeing indisputable ?
Is there no conflict about it?

There is no opposite?
There is only what is actual and nothing else?

Is the one who was seeing something else gone?

Has want gone with them?

Is there now no opposite to be stuck with?

Can we see that there exists no opposite that we have to change and modify
into what we want it to be?

Can we see that if we changed and modified a non existent opposite
it could only ever bring about a non existent result?

All of our wants fulfilled could only be empty?

Nothing would turn out how we really wanted because none of our wants were real to begin with.
Can we see that ?

We used to want an explanation.
As you can see, it is no longer wanted.


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                                                   The author

                                                       Part 157 

                                                What is dleiafteh ?

I don`t know.

Let`s look at it.

It is a made up word.
No human has seen this word before.

And thus no human has looked beyond the word.

Can we look beyond it now together?

The word just doesn`t make any sense.
That is doesn`t make any sense to what is looking at it.

And what is looking at it is a life.

It is a life that is an accumulation of a past.
And the word `dleiafteh` is not included in that past.

So unless there was a life there trying to make sense of it, there would be no need for it to mean anything.

But what is actual is that we have a life that does not like to be left in mystery.
The life and the mystery are a team.
Without both there could be neither.

Once the mystery is solved the mystified ceases to be.

But we do something, as humans... We make the solution to the mystery something known.
We accumulate the known. We expand what we know and build a life on it.
But it still doesn`t make any sense. So we imagine that there is more to know.
With what we now know we are able to see more of what we didn`t know we didn`t know.

And on it goes......

The human has been conned into believing that all it`s hopes and aspirations will become actual through
the accumulation of knowledge.

And there is nothing right or wrong with that.
It is a mechanical process. We don`t even need to think about it.
We just do it.

Humans are psychological hoarders.
Hoarding on any level is life affirming.

"I have a life.... Look !"

When one meets up again with someone they knew as a kid, they are always keen to let
you know that they are successful. They have a successful life.

It`s hard to stop them from trying to impress you with it.

But you`re going "What ever happened to that fun loving kid I used to know.?"
"How did you get so serious?" That serious guy has killed the fun loving kid.
If you meet them in a retirement village recreation room, you see that the fun loving kid is dead.
It has been replaced by someone so bewildered that have lost all touch with reality.

There is a tragedy and a beauty here that is deeper than most humans are willing to observe.
The thing you can rely on the human to be is superficial. Am I alone here? Or can you see it to?

If you can, you are observing the human...instead of observing through the human.

Observing the human, one can see that it`s life is it`s death.
The moment the human believes it is a specific nationality it has lost the life it had as every nationality.
Every other nationality can die without the patriot feeling anything. " I guess they just lived in the wrong country. Tough luck !"

The moment the human believes in a certain God, religion, or philosophy, it can build a life as that.
And it is sentenced to protect that life.

"If others believe in other, Gods, religions , or philosophies, it is their own silly fault. Fuck the lot of them.
I tried to warn them."

When you see a groom standing at the alter, you are witnessing a death.

The guy dying up there is the guy who can come and cum where ever he wanted.
Now he is vowing to kill that guy and just be restricted to cum in the one place where he has promised to.

It`s even being witnessed by God. It is written into law. It is vowed and promised.

All the forces of the universe are present to kill this guys wandering dick.
Thank God for alcohol !

Female humans have a different take on all this. And they are right less than 50% of the time.
They know men haven`t a hope of living up to their expectations. Which is why they cry at weddings.

Ah... It`s such a parade of the absurd. The human is attempting to perpetuate itself by killing itself.

Don`t see it.?

The life you have built for yourself is what is killing you.

Life and death are the same thing.

      And it doesn`t make any sense. Just stop there. Don`t create a mystery to live in.

                                                      L I F E
                                                     D E A T H


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                                                   The author

                                                       Part 158

                                                     Body of knowledge.

 Human knowledge is the human body.

You know you have a body.

The human spends a lot of time stressing over their body.
It is what others see of them and it shows where the human is at.

One look at the body and you know what sort of a relationship you are going to have with that some body.

Changing and modifying the body is possible, but not for long. It soon reverts to what it was you wanted to change.

It has been the goal of humans to have a life beyond the body that is imprisoning them.

Often that goal only comes into view after the mortality of the body comes into view.

The human holds onto the body because it believes that without the body it is nothing.

And being nothing terrorizes the human.
The human does not want to become a memory that no body is having.

Can we observe the senselessness of all this...and just observe that "we do not know."

It is a simple thing...

"I don`t know."

This ends the mind`s relentless interference and makes direct observation of what is possible.

We don`t need to draw on human history. Human history is a mental projection.
The entirety of human history is created with a body.
Without that body human history is nothing.
"I am human so I must have a history.... a human history."

That body is looking at history... It makes sense to the human. It`s all it knows.

Okay... So we have tried to get rid of our history. But we can`t.
Just like we can`t get rid of our body.

We have a history of being a body and we can`t deny it.

That leaves the human with a peace of mind and a terror of death.

History is everything you know. And the human is at the center of what it knows.
That is where the self is located. And that self cannot be other than self centered.

You want to leave the world a better place , then just leave it.

The human is the embodiment of delusion.
It believes. And that is all it does.
It cannot see what is actual.
The actual is that the human is imprisoned by it`s own beliefs.
The human believes it is a body.
But not for long.
A belief buys one time. It gives one something to do.

The belief that one is a body can last about a century.
Ask a human what they are going to do after that and they come up with beliefs.
Beliefs are a substitute for what is actual.

Can we see this? Can we see it clearer than we can see ourselves in the mirror?

Being with the actual dissolves beliefs.

The belief only exists in company with the believer.

The believer and the belief.

The believer IS the belief.


There can be no belief when there is no body there to believe it.

There exists no body to benefit from observing what is actual.
It is your beliefs that are making you some body.

Get rid of belief and you are no body !


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                                                     The author

                                                       Part 159

                                                     What now ?

What now? is a question asked from within the field of time.

If one was truly here and now, there would be no question.

There would just be what is... and there would be no question about it.

So let us have a look at what is here and now.

The physical universe has been something the human has grown accustomed to giving them
feedback on what here and now is.

If one is a bit disoriented, the physical universe can be used to distract one from the disorientation.

One can use the physical universe to ground themselves.

The human has always gravitated towards the physical universe to give them a sense of location and time.

One can look at a clock and go "It`s time to go to sleep."

Once one has located themselves within the physical universe it becomes clear that the physical universe has laws. To remain within the physical universe one has to obey those laws.

Is this what is actual? Is this the right context?

Punishment exists to keep players within the law.

From the playground to the retirement home, there are laws to keep everyone in line.

One can avoid punishment by staying within the law.

If one knew all the laws and followed them, one could live a punishment free life.

That is unless a lawbreaker intruded on their law abiding life.

Fortunately there are law enforcers who catch law breakers and punish them.
This punishment is called rehabilitation.
It is designed to change and modify the conduct of the outlaw, so s/he can, in time,  inhabit a life within the law.

In some locations, when the law breaker is beyond redemption, they are sentenced to meet their maker.
They are sent to the ultimate law maker for him to deal with the trouble maker, with the words "And may God have mercy on your soul."

Trouble is... it doesn`t make any sense.
There should be a law against it.

A law is designed to artificially change and modify what is actual.

Do you see it?

If what was actual was being observed there would be no place for laws to exist.
Not in the playground. Not in the retirement homes.
And not in the physical universe.

Laws are there to keep you located within them.
That is what is here and now.

You and the laws you believe you have to obey to avoid punishment.

What a life...

I mean really...

Law exists where love is not.

Love is outside of the law.
Love is outside of time.
Love has no location.
Love is what is here and now.

When you see are it.

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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 160

                                                Where is the love?

The word love is not love.

To say that one loves something is actually confirmation that one doesn`t.

This is the best the human can do.

Because if love was there the one loving would not.

Saying one loves something means the lover and the loved exist in separation.

When that separation no longer exists the lover and the loved cancel each other out and there is only love.

When you are loving your new born baby, you don`t exist.

The human talks about love and with every word separates themselves from it.

Humans carry the scars of times they were conned by love....

.....Without seeing that every scar is just confirmation that it was never love at all.

The actual definition of love is that it has no definition.

By defining what love is one is actually defining what isn`t...
...Because love has no definition.

One cannot be hurt by love.

But one can have their heart served to them on a plate by the cheap imitation human version of it.

It`s then that they are hit by the actuality that the human version of love was all about "Me".

The human has been conned by imitation love since the dawn of time.
As soon as the mechanics of the con are observed, time stops and real love, which is timeless, eliminates the me that wasn`t love.

This subject matter is close to one`s heart.
Observing the context without being drawn into the content is impossible for the human, who`s heart has been broken so often it has become bitter and twisted. All it is trained in is fake love.

The human cannot find love... It never will.
Love is there when the human isn `t.

So how does one get off the human love train?



The lover and the loved exist as a duo.
But the lover is the loved.

The human who could not see love is gone.
Now we are the love we see.

And it isn`t dependent on anything.

Dependent-see is over.

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                                                       Part 161     

                                             Transformation from seeing to being.


Are we all here now?

Okay. Let us begin.

What do we see?

"I don`t know."

Now what we see is what we cannot be.

All we see is barriers to what we cannot be.

If we were being, that being would be what is seeing.

If one is seeing the words here, one is seeing the barrier to what lays beyond them.

The word is NOT the thing.

The word "barrier" is not the barrier.

By looking beyond the word one can see the actual barrier.

The actual barrier is an aspect of a divided self.

ie. You (Or a part of you) is the actual barrier.

Not only are you your own worst are your only enemy.

If you and your enemy were one, there would be no enemy.

But the human places itself in conflict with the enemy.

It says. I see the enemy and I do not want to be it, or like it.

"I see laziness. And I do not want to be lazy.
I see depression...And I do not want to be depressed.
I see boredom...And I do not want to be bored.
I see suffering. And I do not want to suffer."
I see ignorance. And I do not want to be ignored."

Laziness, depression, boredom, suffering, and ignorance are the fact... the actuality...
and we do not want to be with the fact.... the actual.

So we separate ourselves from the actual and create a mental projection of an opposite.

Now we have something to do, by distancing ourselves from the fact.

 Activity, happiness, interest, pleasure and enlightenment, all have to be cultivated.
Without your participation, none of them remain there.

They are not self perpetuating.

Without regular workouts at the gym, the flabby person you really are will return.

Are we seeing this?

We hate the flabby guy, we really are, so much... that we belittle anyone who even reminds us of him/her.

Anyone who isn`t like we imagine we should be , we condemn to death, mercilessly.

We don`t want to see.

What we don`t want to see is that the raw mechanics of conflict are the fact that conflict is conditioning versus conditioning.
Simple as that.

Can we see it now?  Is it what is actual?

Human history is evidence that nothing can be done about it.

So let`s not be distracted by history.

The human is trapped between what is and what should be.

But what should be is a mental projection. It is not the fact.

It could be..... But here and now it isn`t. And here and now is all there is.

Can we see it?

We are seeing beyond the word. We are seeing actual conflict.
Conflict is always a between.

Conflict is separation.

Can we see it?

Can it be observed?

The observer is the observed.


We no longer see it. Now we be it.


The one who saw conflict is no more.

No one.... No conflict.

Welcome to reality.

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                                                       Part 162

                                                     The art of seduction.

So how was one seduced into becoming human ? And why does it matter?


Is that what is actual ?

Is the fact that one does not know where all the noise of the mind ends?

Is quiet direct observation now possible?

From here we are able to see the barriers to direct unobstructed observation.

We are no longer identified with thought. We can directly observe the movement of thought.

Thought tries to sell one on the idea that one needs to know.

This way one can become the one that knows.

Once one knows something, one can build a life on it.

One now knows something that no one else knows.

"Nobody knows the trouble I`ve seen...nobody knows the sorrow..."

Once one knows something a line has been drawn in the sand.
Beyond that line is what one does not know.

One knows their limitations.

Their limitation is what they know.

What they know is that they feel isolated and incomplete.

Maybe if they knew more there would be less of them there to feel isolated and incomplete.

They learn and experience, gathering more known.

With that known they then know that there was so much more that they didn`t know, they didn`t know.

The gates to the human prison fly open invitingly.

The mystery is the seduction.

We are not, here and now, seduced by any mystery.
We have emptied the contents of mystery by not being mystified by it,.

We are observing mystery itself.
We are window shopping. We aren`t buying anything.
We have not accumulated any wealth to aid us in acquiring anything.
We have no where to put anything we acquired anyway.

The mystery is a mechanism.

Can we see into this?

I don`t know.
Let us have a look.

A mystery exists between the known and the unknown.

When one knows they know...or doesn`t know they don`t know there exist no mystery.

 Knowing that one doesn`t know, breathes life into this seductress called mystery.

The known and the unknown are separated. All separation is conflict.
Separation is not evidence of conflict. It is conflict itself.

If you were not existing in separation there would be nothing to be in conflict...or with.

The mystery creates the time for you to solve it.
Once it is solved there is no more time to be spent on it.

One moves on to the next mystery...then the next... then the next...

This is the content of the human life sentence.

The human is content to be continually in mystery.

All of the props used to perform a magic trick were created to camouflage what is actually occurring.

The props are the barriers to observing the actual.

The barriers prop up the life of the mystified.

Observe how the props are distracting the observer from the actual and there is no mystery.

The human believes s/he needs to know....when actually s/he doesn`t.

There is no benefit in seeing how one is being conned,
because he who would have benefited is no longer there.

There is nothing s/he can say or do about it...
The one who was tricked into saying and doing is no more...

 The word "unseduced" does not exist in human language. 

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                                                       Part 163 

                                                    Cutting your losses.

When one gives up on something, has one realized that there is no point going on with it?

Has one faced the facts? 

Is the dead horse they are flogging incapable of being resurrected?

Is it time to simply walk away ?

But can one simply walk away..?

Or does what try to salvage what they can from what obviously was dying?

Does one bring the experience with them?
Does one learn something from that experience?

Does one learn enough so that they won`t make that mistake again?

What are we looking at here?

There is no content. What has died? What are we learning ?

If one has an answer to all the above then they have been focusing on content...and have missed the context entirely.

We are looking at the mechanics here. We are looking at something for the first time.
This observation is being made for the first time.
It is unrelatable to someone who has never seen anything like it.

To them, they have missed it time and time again.

How long would one need to spend alone in a cemetery giving a lecture before they saw that there was
no one there anything they had learned mattered to ?

Life only matters to life.

There are no groups carrying the slogan "We are the dead." defending their rights or expressing their views.

Nothing matters to those who have walked away from matter.

Is all this hard to see?

And why should I even want to see it?

Let`s come at it from a different route...

When someone dies, they are giving up everything that mattered to them.

What used to matter, transforms into what doesn`t.

The dying is cutting loose all it`s attachments. All it`s habits and addictions are being given up.
They are getting out of the habit forming life they were addicted to.

Their body, that used to matter so much, transforms into matter that matters to no one.

Now there exists no one who is attached to that body.

They have cut their losses and simply walked away with nothing.
Nothing was learned. Nothing was resurrected. Nothing actually mattered.

What one thought mattered ...actually doesn`t.

Thought is the barrier between a life that matters and what is actual.

Life only matters to life.

Life and what matters have a shelf life.

One has a life because it matters.

One does not spend any time with things that don`t matter.

So what matters is one`s life.

One is matter.

When one sees through this there is no matter holding them there.

There is no one there.

One is no longer matter.

Does any of this matter?

Who is there for it to matter to?

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                                                       Part 164

                                            "How can one watch the movement of thought?"

Thought is always about something.
If there is nothing to think about, there is no thought.

So thought has a content.
That content is all one can think with and about.

Thought is limited. It is limited to and by what it knows.

What it knows is that thought can get it out of bad situations and into good situations.

One thus becomes dependent on thought. That dependency is habit forming. It is an addiction.
Just try to stop thinking.
And this is without a bad situation to think one`s way out of.

Close your eyes in a distraction free environment and breathe in and out with no pauses anywhere in the movement.

This places thought in a bad situation. You have made it redundant. If this goes on for too long
thought will be out of a job.

It`s job is posing and solving problems.

Without thought you will not be able to see any problems.
And if you can`t see can thought solve them?

Around now the mind starts to get pissed off !

It says " I must make the one who is exposing me, go away."
It knows how to distract you... It wins every time.

For when it does not win there is no time.

Just try to think of all the times you were not thinking.

" I wasn`t thinking when I married that arsehole !"

Yes you were ... You were thinking you were marrying someone else.

Thought distracted you from what you were actually marrying.

Can you see this?

Let`s really look at this. Not think about it.

You thought you were lonely.
You thought getting married would put an end to that loneliness.

Now you have ended up thinking you are lonely AND married.

Thought got you into this mess and now you think that thought can get you out of it.

But have a real fucking look at it.

Thought is posing and resolving problems !!

That is what thought is doing.
That is the movement of thought.

Can you see it?

Thought is a mechanical process that takes charge.
It puts you where you don`t want to be constantly so it can do it`s thing and get you out of that location and into another.

Okay??? !!!

With me so far?
Let`s go deeper. Let`s really watch the movement of thought. Let us put our full attention on it.
Let us refuse to let it distract us.

Thought creates situations. Like an author creates stories.

We have an introduction.
The introduction is a time and a place.
We have a protagonist that we can relate to.

The protagonist becomes aware of a problem.
The problem is the barrier to happiness....The enemy.

The story now has all the ingredients to capture the unwary.
And what is being captured?

One`s attention.

We are observing a mechanical process.
Without observing it as a context we are relocated to it`s content.

Once we see the movement of thought we are no longer carried away by it.

We together on this?

If we are, there is no judgement about it.
We are not receiving any status from what we are seeing.
We are not forming thoughts about what we can do with what we are observing.

The one who could not see it, is no longer there to think about it.

The thinker thinks s/he has learned something.
The one freed from thought, has nothing to think about or with.

Did that just blow your mind?

If it did there is still a movement of thought.

See it !!! ???


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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 165

                                         "What is unpolluted thought?"

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it?

Are you willing to?

First one must rid themselves of the  pollution of knowing.

Simultaneously one is free of the self.

You are what you know.

The self cannot escape this conundrum.

It makes up a philosophy to remain polluted...

"It`s not what you know.... It`s who you know."

Human philosophy is a distraction from getting to know YOU.

The YOU can throw a quote at any problem and walk away with it`s dignity intact.

As is, and will always be the case, we can choose to observe that the actual is beyond
our powers of observation.
All one can ever see is the barriers to observing the actual.

It`s like we see the symptoms but we cannot see the actual dis-ease.
Thus human, philosophy and healing is all about dealing with symptoms.

All human healing, whether it be physical, or psychological, is geared towards giving one their life back.
(Spiritual healing is an oxymoron.}
The resurrection of the individual in it`s quest for eternal life.

Rather than be with the threat to one`s life, the human becomes anxious to put it behind them.

In any given situation , the human will choose life....for itself.

So there is only an illusion of choice.
One is not choosing to have a life.
That life is choosing to have them.

The individual human is stuck in a life and it has no choice about it.

The individual human is the life that exists in, and because of, division.

Individuals exist in division...which is conflict.
They are in conflict with themselves and they deflect the cause to other individuals.

The individual self will eradicate anyone who disagrees with it`s ideas about peace.

And this is where the individual self lives.
It exists in conflict and confusion.
It has polluted itself with delusion.

It is `doing` so that in the future it will no longer have to `do.`
It has wars to end all wars.
It `thinks` so that it will no longer need to `think.`
It works so that it will one day be able to give it up.
It learns so that one day it will have nothing left to learn.

It searches so that one day it can end it`s search.
It finds fault so that one day it will be faultless.

Thought is time.
Time is thought.

Time is what pollutes thought.

When complete attention is given, time and thought disappear.
As is happening now.

The only polluted thought that can substitute for full attention is YOU.

The one who IS divided.
The dignified.

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                                                       Part 166

                                                     "What now?"

This is a choice.

By not choosing to look at what is now, we are stuck with what has already been chosen.

By not choosing to observe what is now, one is left with no choice but to
observe what isn`t now.

And what isn`t now is `there and then.`

Which is memory...which is mind... Which is a history one is making up.
They have no choice.

You are your history and there is no getting away from it.
Your history is following you where ever you go.

Your history is in the way of observing what is here and now.

"But history is real. The Roam Empire did exist. There is overwhelming evidence."

How come your picture of the Roman Empire is uniquely yours?

No one else has the same Roman history as you.

It is YOUR history.

Point to it !

Most have a history of being in their head.
So they are once again polluting observation with history.

If your head didn`t exist.... would the Romans ?

This is NOT word play or someone`s idea on how to be clever.

It is what is actual.
And refusing to observe what is actual sentences the observer to a life time of conflict.

Of course the deluded observer will call up all the good times from history.
It will be unable to recall the agony and torture of the bad stuff.

It does not want to remember all that shit.

And thus the subconscious is born.

All the stuff one does not want to be conscious of.

So can it be observed that the content of memory itself is divided?

Memory is the mind. And the mind is in conflict.

Are we seeing this now ?

That conflicted mind has not a hope in Hell of ever escaping conflict.

Consciousness is polluted by thought.
Thought takes one`s attention away from here and now.

One`s attention is divided.

We are observing the mechanics here. We are looking at a context.
We are giving it our complete attention.

We are seeing how we have been conned.

Now we are attending.
And when we are attending... we are not somewhere else.

When we are somewhere other than `here and now` we are conscious of it.

We are conscious that we are conscious.

That is division, and thus conflict.

When complete attention is given, there is no division.
There is no conflict.
There is no consciousness.
There is no self.

The only consciousness that exists is self consciousness.

They exist as a duo.
Without both there can be neither.

There is dependency between them.
Can we see this ? Can we put our attention on it?

The self that is dependent on not giving this it`s full, undivided, attention is over. Gone...Never was.

The self and the consciousness have left the building.

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                                                       Part 167 

                                                     Something new ?

"How is it that we are seeing what we are seeing here?
This is all new.

Thousands of years of history has failed to see what is actual.

How come?

Is it not because we are not looking through those thousands of years.

We see that thousands of years of history have led us
to the fact that "we don`t know."

So why look any further into history ?

"I don`t know." renders all history redundant.

Do we see this?

So we now are here just putting our full attention on what is actual.

And what is actual is that we are observing not the actual , but barriers to observing the actual.

Immediately we see that what others have told us is a barrier.

It places a barrier between us and what is actual.

We are then observing the authority as a substitute for direct observation.

We have become a slave to authority... and it has the final word.
It has a beginning that has doomed it to an end.
It has become a barrier to direct observation.
It makes slaves of those who believe it.
Has done for thousands of years.

It has divided our attention.

We are not using this observation as an excuse to look no further.
We are not getting involved in a conflict with authority.

Authority has nothing to do with what is actual.


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                                                       Part 168     

                                       "Is it possible to completely end something?"

I don`t know.

Are we curious enough to have a look into this?

Can we see the actual mechanics of perpetuation?

And would observation of the actual mechanics of perpetuation put an end to it?

Let`s look deeply into this now....

What have we learned thus far ?

Nothing ! 

So here and now we simply don`t know.

Has that observation not ended polluted observation of what is actual?

There is nothing complicated about this.

It requires nothing to see that one doesn`t know.

So what is this complex thing that jumps in here and says "But I can find out."?

It is the exact thing which can`t simply end it.

Do we see this?

Now this thing that can`t simply end it, is fighting for its` life.

It is full of tricks. It`s whole existence is dependent on being tricked.

It will trick one into believing that one day authorities will see through all this and
then tell one about the actual.

It will trick one into believing that this is too overwhelming and remind one of the REAL problems they are facing.

Can one right now see that the life that is looking into this dilemma has no interest in coming to an end?

It wants a solution that will permit it to survive beyond the resolution of the question.

And this has a history of working. One is here now to pose the question at all because one survived beyond all previous answers.

The questioner has survived in tact. It has lived to pose more questions.

It has bought itself more time. It did not simply end. It can`t.

This subject matter is what the life in question does not want to look at.
It does not want to be conscious of what is actual.
If it sees it, it will simply be over.

The life wants to bury this subject matter.
It is making the subconscious .
The subject matter will not go away.
The subconscious is an effort to put it somewhere till a future time.

Consciousness is now divided.

Where there is division, there is conflict.
We are not remembering this. We are seeing it now.

That conflicted consciousness will typically throw money at an authority and
buy more time to not observe the mechanics of this trick.
Consciousness will dive into it`s content and freewheel on the path of least friction.

The more one tries to break free of this conflicted life, the more it digs it`s nails in.

It will play along smugly until one says.... "Just stop it !"

Now it will go ballistic on you.

Thus we are not trying to free one.
We are just saying   "See one."

The moment one sees, the life that depended on not seeing is over. Gone...
It has come to a complete end.

So is it possible to completely end something ?

Not while the life that ended it remains beyond it.

One is only seeing the impossible.
One is not seeing the possible...One is being it.
If one ceased to be what is possible,
one would no longer see what was impossible.
It would come to a complete end.

Nothing to say.... and no one to say it.

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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 169

                            "Why am I constantly stuck with the opposite of what I want?"

Can we look at this for the first time?

Any other time is history.

History pollutes direct observation.

Without history one simply does not know anything.

Once one does not know, direct observation is possible.

By not knowing one has done away with divided attention.

It`s like when a human is listening to another it is doing so with divided attention.

It is partly hearing what is being said.... It is partly thinking of how what is being said relates to it`s history,
it is partly thinking of a response...It is partly restraining itself from spurting forth that response.

Can we see this?
Is this what an actual conversation between humans consists of ?
And this is the least polluted the human conversation can be?

I mean to say...It can get a lot worse than this.

What if the human is communicating with it`s ex partners lawyer?
What if it is talking to a representative of another religion?
What if it is talking to a person with a troubling past?
What if one is talking to a member of the opposite sex?

Can we see that simply being there and observing what is communicating to one is impossible for the human?

Can we see it right to our core?

Can our superficial existence be moved aside so that the  deep, profound and thorough can be observed?

If we can`t...We are stuck with it`s opposite.

The human is always stuck with the opposite of what it says it wants.

It is the opposite of what it wants.

Can we see this?

There is the authentic.

And by not being authentic one is stuck with inauthenticity.

But what is inauthentic is not authentic.

It is not what is actual.

What is not actual is not what is actual.

This is a mirror maze one is sentenced to wander through with no way out.

Is this what is actual?

Can the authentic observe this?

The observer is the observed.

Can authenticity dispel in-authenticity ?

Let`s look at it now.

What are the mechanics of this con ?

Life exists between two things.

Those two things are the same thing separated.

Once they are reunited, the life that existed between them is no more.

So we have something and it`s opposite.

This is the con.

Dark is not the opposite of light.

No color of the spectrum is the opposite of any other color.

One can mix those colors to create other shades.

This is all manipulation and distortion of light.

By trying to see the light, one has created manipulation and distortion...
Otherwise it would be the light, which cannot be manipulated or distorted.

There is what is.
And anything else is the opposite, which is not even related to the authentic.

The opposite is not real. It is a trick and a con.

It is an idea imposed on one.
Just like the ideas one tries to impose on others.

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                                                   The author

                                                       Part 170

                                                  The opposite is inauthentic.

What we are observing here and now is a scam that has been played on
humans ever since time began..

That time was only possible because of the scam.

The mechanics of the scam cannot be observed by the victim of the scam.

The victim of this scam cannot exist beyond the observation of the scam.

There is no such thing as recovery in actuality.

If one is still in recovery, they have not put their full, undivided attention on the scam.

Divided attention still exists.

To say "I am an ex addict" is to put oneself in opposition to that addiction.
Divided attention. Separation...Conflict. = time to resolve that conflict.

Time to heal...Time to recover. Time to be the opposite of what one was.

Thirty days sober....  Applause.

All the effort required by a human to try to be the opposite of what it actually is drains energy
and takes the spring out of one`s step, the twinkle out of one`s eyes, and the love from ones soul.


Let`s look at this serious matter closely. No more shadow boxing.

One will never see the light while they have their back to it.

Everything one sees, while their back is to the light, is a shadow.
It is a shadow of what is blocking the light.

Once what is blocking the light is gone , so is it`s shadow.

By standing for something one has placed themselves against it`s opposite.

Look at the mechanics here. Don`t fuck around.

Now one is stuck with the opposite of what they want.

"God loves nothing more than a human with a plan."

The barriers to becoming rich only materialize when one tries  to escape poverty.

Failure does not exist until someone wants to be a success.

Rejection starts the moment one wants acceptance.

This is the world of opposites.

It is the world in which the human exists.

Opposites are merely shadows...Phantoms ...

They create a gap into which the human can fit.

That gap is a spectrum and the human who has bought into opposites resides somewhere on that spectrum.

The human is located between the opposites of happy and sad.

But happy and sad only exist while one is between them.

They are the contents of a shadow.

That shadow will exist while one places themselves in front of the light.

Once one is the light , there are no shadows.

Saying that shadows are real, is like saying every single thing the human has ever uttered.

The actual has no opposite.
The opposite of what is actual cannot exist.
For once it does it becomes actual.

The Inauthentic has no opposite, because it isn`t actually here to have one.


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                                                     The Author

                                                      Part 171

                                                   Out at sea.

We are trying to grasp something here so we can let it go.

The human is the embodiment of a con.

To be free of the con, one must see the con.

Once the con is seen, that which could not is not.

So how does one show something to someone who`s existence is dependent on not seeing it?

I don`t know. And neither do you.

Let`s look into it together now.

What is actual is that our existence could be terminated at any moment.

Traditionally we have called this death.

You had an existence and now you don`t.

That existence is gone as if it never was.

So that existence was nothing pretending to be something.

Don`t be frightened.  We are just looking.

If we are giving it our undivided attention then it has already happened.

That life that refused to see this is suspended while undivided attention is present.

And it isn`t good or bad. It isn`t anything like one imagined it would be.

Being with what is actual is beyond the imagination.

Imagination is an image one holds up in the belief that it will delay being with the actual.

Are you with me here ?

We are observing something for the very first time.

Human history is the accumulation of beliefs that have stalled this moment.

Once one has beliefs, one has to stand by them. For if one didn`t the belief would be gone.
When the belief is gone, so is the believer.

The believer has turned it`s back on what is actual.. and the life it has as a believer is a shadow of itself.

By taking a stand for what one believes one has now created the world of opposites.

The believer is standing against the opposite of what it stands for.

The opposite is dependent on having a believer standing against it.

It is only by believing in God that one is surrounded by Satan.

It is only by believing that happiness exists that one sees sadness all around them.

The believer has no choice but to defend it`s beliefs.
If it`s beliefs cease to exist so to will the believer.

The believer is the belief.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.


The believer and the belief are no more.

And never were.

We are no longer out at sea.
We are out to see.

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                                                 The Author

                                                      Part 172

                                                  Breaking down barriers.

Can it be observed that no matter how many times one breaks down barriers more keep arising  ?

Can it be observed that this is endless ?

No matter what one does, they are surrounded by barriers.

Is this a fact? Or is it something the mind is creating ?

Is this the actual barrier ?

Is the actual barrier, being endlessly drawn into the content of barriers ?

 Let`s look into it together now.

Can we observe that a barrier exists because of our desire to go beyond it?

If there was no desire.... could there be a barrier?

Really look at this. Not intellectually... But be there with the fact.

The barrier is the internal self saying "yes" and the external non self saying "No".

Is the external non self allowing you to see this right now?

Or has a barrier been born ?

Is the internal self saying " I just can`t see it.?"

"I, myself can`t see it... But if I could overcome the barriers to seeing it, I could transport my present self
through the barriers and arrive at a better self."

This is all about division.  Can you see how divisive the mechanics of desire and barriers are?

The self is dissatisfied with it`s present self. It desires self improvement.

There you have division...separation...and inevitably conflict.

It is this conflict that forms the barrier.  See it ?

We own our present self....there is no getting away from it.

To get away from it we have to transport the self beyond what is not the self.... which is the barrier.

So can we see that the barrier is disowned?

The self has divided itself from the barrier.

It exists in conflict.

Are we seeing the endless cycle in it`s raw form?

The self exists surrounded by barriers.
It desires to be free of those barriers.
It disowns the barriers and desires to be beyond them.

The self spends it`s whole existence engaged in conflict with barriers.

Without those barriers the self wouldn`t know what to do, or who was doing it.

The individual self will swear that the barriers it can see are real.

Well come no one else can see them but your self?

They are your barriers.

No one else`s.

You and your barriers are a duo.

Neither could exist unless both did.

They are both you.


The you surrounded by barriers is no more..... and never was.

One now IS their surroundings.

Materialization of a barrier is not possible. Division is not possible.

Unless one goes...."Hang on a minute...."

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                                                    The Author

                                                      Part 173

                                                  Who is we?

Are we being presumptuous when we use the word we ?

Surely you are you and I am me.

We are all individuals. 

But if we are all can the word "we" even exist ?

Individuals who are not divided coalesce into a group.

One goes from "me" to "we".

Please don`t focus on the words here...
The words are not the thing.

A word defines something.
But we are observing the undefinable.

We are the `lost in words`, attempting to see the `lost for words`.

The word `love,` defines love. But love is undefinable.

So the word has stopped short of what actually is.

The word has separated one from what one loves.

How can you love something if you are it?

We have to `not be something` to love it.

So we are stuck not being the love, we are trying to see.

We are all looking for love.

Not you... Not me....  We!

The love we are not seeing is the love we are not being.

The love we are not being is creating the we in division who is not seeing it.

I know...  Makes one go cross eyed.

Okay... Let`s bring this into the "real world" so we can actually see this pile of horse shit.

"I love you." (So long as you give me what I need and fulfill my expectations. The moment you don`t I will have a team of lawyers fucking you up with malice. If I could afford an army there would just be a crater where you used to pretend to love me.)

And that is who we are.
Don`t you just love it?


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                                                 The Author

                                                      Part 174

                                                Between me and freedom.

The human really only has one question.

"How do I become free of pain and suffering?"

Can we see this?

If pain and suffering were non existent, we would be so busy enjoying that sense of freedom that
there would be no motivation to inquire into the mechanics of life.

Mechanics are how something works.

It is a time based process that can be relied upon to be consistent and thus dependable.

Given time, a mechanical process will change and modify anything that goes through that process.

A life that goes through a mechanical process will reappear changed.

What are we picturing here?

Nothing !!!

We are not putting this through a mechanical process.
We are simply observing the process.

We are not thinking this way, and given time, changing our thoughts.

We are observing the movement of thought.
We are not being part of the process.

Unless that occurs one is asking "How do I play myself off of the playing field?"

We are observing this for the first time.
It is the only time it can be observed.
Because NOW is all there is.
Everything else is a mental process.

Don`t see it?
That is why you are still here.

Everything that is going through the life process is what has not seen through this deception.

Life is simply something that has not died.....yet.

And "we" are all going through this life process...... as a "me".

Look at that !!!!!

We as a me !?

How is that possible?

It doesn`t make any sense.
Here is me unable to think about it.

Here is me, unable to see the exit door.

The me is fighting for it`s life.
The exit door is the last thing it will see.

Beyond that door there is no me left to see.

  "This is all mind games and word play."

Okay.  Let us dispense with all that and just look at what is actual.

We are going through the life process as a me.

Thus life is a process of moving away from we towards becoming me.

And yet we are all going through the same process.

We wouldn`t consciously be putting our me`s through this process.
So there has to an unconscious cause changing and modifying we into a conscious me.

Is looking at this putting me to sleep?

We choose to continue observing.

We are now conscious of unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is playing dead....without actually dying.

Sleep is a rest from our restless consciousness.

Sleep is a mechanical process through which we have a break from being me.

We me`s never tire of this process.

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                                                   The Author

                                                      Part 175

                                                The big sleep.

When one tries to observe actual consciousness, only the barriers to this observation
arrive in one`s consciousness.

One is leaning against the exit door and they cannot get a handle on it.

This exit door only opens from the other side.

One is using the content of consciousness to observe consciousness as a context.

There is nothing in the content of consciousness that can open a door from the other side.

Human consciousness does not have super human consciousness as part of it`s content.

When human consciousness is confronted with anything outside of that, it becomes unconscious.
It goes to sleep.

The me loses consciousness of the self.

Human consciousness is all about the self. The self conscious.

The human is not conscious of anything beyond the self.

If the self is not involved somehow then the human is not conscious off it.

So to move beyond self consciousness is to be unconscious.

With me so far?

Quite the dilemma.

So how does one communicate with the other side?

What can be observed is that communication can be forthcoming from the other side.
But we have no say about what comes through or when...or to whom.

Don`t let this set off all your junk. We are just standing at the doorway. We aren`t
buying anything inside.

We don`t know what the fuck is going on with this subject matter.
Quite frankly it puts us to sleep.

Hang on.....  Us is a we.

Human consciousness is a me unconscious of the actuality that it is a we.

Human consciousness is able to have a life totally unconscious of the other guy and the other side.

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                                                    The Author

                                                      Part 176

                                                   The great divide.

To resolve this matter, to bring it all together, what is actual must be observed.

To see the actual is to be the actual.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

When everything that is not actually you is cast aside, what remains is the actual you.

But the actual you is a we.

Let`s not let the words get in the way here.

Consciousness is what we know. What we don`t know, we are not conscious of.

Knowing creates division.

I know something that you don`t know.

We then have the student and the teacher.

Once the student knows what the teacher knows there is no division.

The student imagines that by knowing what the teacher knows s/he will be rid of pain and suffering.

Seeing that this doesn`t actually occur just means more pain and suffering.

When the student knows what the teacher knows they are no longer divided.
Now they can both say "We actually know nothing."

One has to apply huge amounts of effort to know about the non actual.
Whereas knowing nothing takes no effort at all.

Despite all man`s efforts to know what is actual.... Man actually knows nothing about the actual at all.

Individual consciousness is what one knows.
When that consciousness is confronted with something it doesn`t know, it goes to sleep.
It becomes unconscious.

In this state of unconsciousness the mind is free to dream.
So it dreams up all sorts of explanations for things that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

It dreams of a better future... It dreams of that which will bring it satisfaction and end it`s suffering.

It dreams of what is other than actual.

There is a mechanical process here that we are all apart of.

The individual is unconscious of this. The individual cannot see it.

But "WE" can. And we are on the other side.

And only "WE" can open the door.
When "WE" do, the individual is no longer waiting there to come through.

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                                                          The Author

                                                      Part 177

                                                    Where are we now ?

The "me" knows something.
The something known is what traps the "me".

"I know my limitations."

By changing and modifying what the me knows, one can change and modify one`s limitations.

Through this mechanism the me convinces itself that it is free.
But no matter where one places those limitations one is still trapped within them.

Consciousness is a product of the known.

What one does not know, one is not conscious of.

When one attempts to expand it`s limitations by venturing into the unknown it is met with

One attempts to capture a small piece of the unknown by taking as much known as it can
into the unknown, and surrounding something unknown with what is known.

The me, the consciousness, is the known.
Without the known the consciousness of me ceases to be.

So the me owes it`s life to never knowing the we.

The we can never be known by me.

We are able to see why the me can never be free.
The me is caught in the field of time.

When the we now sees the mechanics of trapping a me, the me who had not seen it ceases to be.

A me looking at this subject matter goes unconscious. It can`t think with it.
It doesn`t know what we are talking about.

The me is looking for world peace.
The we is the world peace the me is looking for.

The we is an absence of the me.

The we is everything the me is not.

And everything the we is not is a me.

We are not something that exists in isolation.

Me exists in the illusion of isolation.

Please observe the fact that no lifer has ever transcended their life sentence
and lived to tell the tale.

All that lifer`s have ever known is hardship, suffering, disappointment, frustration, injustice,
conflict, greed, betrayal, depression, heartache, fear,.... etc.

Transcending the life sentence requires one`s undivided attention.

And for one who`s existence is division, this is impossible.
But the impossible does happen..

 Are we together on this?

Can we see that when the me dies to everything it knows...
... we are free of limitation ?!

The me who could not see this is gone.
Never was.

So where are we? Now!

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                                                  The author

                                                    Part 178

                                             It`s all about me.

What we are observing here as a subject is consciousness.

The subject matter creates unconsciousness in the me.

The me ceases to be conscious of the subject when it realizes "There is nothing in here for me."

The me looks into the subject of unconsciousness and searches for content.

The we isn`t looking into the subject. It is looking at it.

We can see that the me spends a third of it`s life unconscious... asleep.

The me drifts between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are a division.
These two poles create somewhere for the me to drift between.

Consciousness only exists because of unconsciousness.

What the me is not conscious of creates what the me is conscious of.

Me is awake only when it is resisting sleep.
Consciousness is polluted by unconsciousness.
The me cannot see this at all. It is unconscious of it.

The me is unconscious of how consciousness exists.

The me cannot see the mechanics of this.

But we can clearly see that the me has put it`s self in the hands of the mind.
Here again we see the division.
The mind is divided between the conscious and the unconscious.
The me is of two minds about everything.

The perfect trap.

The Me is conscious of what it wants to know and unconscious of what it doesn`t want to know.

The me can never know that me is actually a we.

The me would cease to exist.

Only we can see this?

The me has already gone when we are seeing the actual.

Seeing the actual is being the actual.
No division.

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                                                 The author

                                                    Part 179

                                      Looking at consciousness without a conscience.

To observe what is actual, the non actual must be brushed aside.
The actual is the absence of the non actual.

It is what is there, when what it isn`t is removed.

The actual is not a result.
The actual is not a collection of lesser actuals.
The actual cannot be divided.
The actual is not a process.
The actual is not relative to anything.

Consciousness is all the above.

Have a look.

Consciousness is a divided collection of results in the process of being relative.
And on top of that, it can be lost and regained.

Consciousness is a product of the mind.

Overwhelm the mind with more than it can process and consciousness is lost.

It has bought itself some time.

As consciousness is regained one collects their thoughts.

Of all the countless thoughts in existence, the individual recognizes those that belong to them.

Those are the ones they are counting on to produce their individual consciousness.

So do we see that consciousness is a collection of thoughts.
And unconsciousness is a dispersal of thoughts.

Consciousness is merely a trick of the mind.

If the mind approaches the actual... it goes unconscious.

It is unconscious of the actual.

When we see this, the me that couldn`t is gone.

Nothing there to be conscious or not conscious of. 

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                                                       The author

                                                    Part 180

                                                 Beyond consciousness.

Where undivided attention exists, consciousness does not.

Consciousness is evidence that undivided attention has left the building.

When the house lights come on, one is conscious that they were off.

Consciousness is dependent on having something to be conscious of.

Thus consciousness is divided attention.

There is something ...and something that is conscious of it.

Consciousness is fragmented attention.

When attention is un-fragmented there exists no consciousness.

None of this is of any use to consciousness... so it remains unconscious of it.

Undivided attention on the actual renders consciousness itself, of no use.

Can we see that we are attention that is divided?
Can we put our undivided attention on this actuality?

Can we not see that we are a divided version of the very same thing?

If we can, then consciousness is gone.

Consciousness is the individual.

The individual exists in division.

This is the me in the making.

And that me is stuck with the constant feeling that the me they are being is not who they really are.
Is this what is actual?
Can we see it?

Can we be it?

There is who we are being...and who we actually are.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.

Unification ...


Individual human consciousness is no more ...and never was.

It has no more time to waste in delusion.

It`s a whole new world.

You are no longer the authored.
Here and now we are the author.

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                                                     The author

                                                    Part 181

                                           The creation of the problem.

No problem exists in your absence.

You and the problem are a team.

A problem does not exist until someone is there to be conscious of it.

Consciousness is what puts one there....

That is the problem.  The actual problem.

Consciousness tries to solve this by becoming unconscious.

But one`s unconsciousness is what creates the unconsciousness in others
that can get away with doing the unconscionable.

We have to be careful here not to catch the circular logic merry go round.

If we just stand back and give this our full attention, if we just observe the actual,
without being drawn into the content...

A catch 22 situation only exists when one is caught in it.

The me wants to be free... But to be free there is no more me.

The me exists through wanting to be free.

If the me ceased wanting to be free, there would be no me left wanting.

When there is a me there left wanting, dependency has been created.
Deprivation of dependency is addiction.

The receptacle for all addiction is consciousness.

Consciousness is addiction.

Without consciousness there would be no where for addiction to reside.

If one lost consciousness all addiction is lost with it.

The addict cannot benefit from loss of consciousness.
There is simply no addict there to benefit.
The consciousness was the addiction.

The me is addicted to individual consciousness.

There is me and there is individual consciousness.

The observer and the observed.
But the observer IS the observed.


The me who was individual consciousness is no more.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

Consciousness is exposed as merely an argument you were having in your head.

Post by: Ididntcomeback on January 20, 2018, 07:26:14 AM
                                                  The author

                                                    Part 182

                                             Stuck this side of transformation.

At all times the me comes to a dead end when it attempts to transform.

At all times the me is saying "This is not who I really am."

Change and modification is the only option.

This is an invitation into the realm of thoughts and ideas.

The search is on.

We are just observing this as a mechanical process.

One is able to focus the energy that was previously dispersed.

One becomes hopeful and enthusiastic. A better future is in the making.

The me has successfully distracted itself from the actual.

"I am out of shape.....But I`ll look at all this again when I get in shape."

The me has bought itself more time.
That is what the me is all about...buying itself more time.

Because the me becomes conscious when it is already on this roller coaster ride called life
it is holding on for dear life.

If the me is having a good time it doesn`t want the ride to end.
If it isn`t having a good time it just wants to get off.
Either way... one is stuck on the ride.

The roller coaster ride called life has completely captured their attention.
The perspective of not being on the ride has evaporated.

We are not trying to change or modify anything here.

We are just observing a mechanical process.

Something that has evaporated for the me.

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                                                    Part 183

                                                Yet to see.

It is the inability to see how one is being conned that permits one to remain conned.

The one being conned is uncooperative in any attempt to see the con.
It`s life is dependent on not seeing it.

For once it is seen, that life is over.

One`s life as a ................ is over the second one sees how they were conned into being a .......... .

It is not possible to dwell on how one was being conned and all the travails and suffering that life was creating.
Because the moment it is exposed as a con there is no longer anyone there to dwell in it.

If there is still someone there to dwell on it, then that dwelling has not been vacated.

"I used to be someone who could not transform. But now I have transformed.
I am no longer a ......... . Now I am an ex  .......... in recovery."

......Means you have yet to see the actual con.

If one can dwell on it..... One is still dwelling in it.

There is no lesson to be learned here.
Once what was inhibiting learning is seen, there is nothing to learn and no one to learn it.

Learning fuels the fire of conflict.

If one had learned nothing , they would not have learned how to be in conflict.

The human learns from it`s mistakes.
This way it never observes that it IS the mistake that is sentenced to learning.


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                                                    Part 184

                                         Everything one is...

For the one who looks at what is being pointed at here, that one and all that comprises it, is evidence that what is being pointed at is not true.

To tell someone that they don`t actually exist is impossible for them to believe when one has to exist to see it.

This is not being pointed out as a truth. Truth is a thing.... and we are going beyond things.

Maybe this will help....

Once your life has ended...what is left beyond that ?

It is that which exists beyond life that is being communicated to here and now.

We are looking for a mechanical process.
But we must see it in a detached way.
If one is still attached to the process, they trapped in an individuation.

That individuation is living proof that there is no "We" beyond that life.

"We cannot live together in harmony, simply because there is no "WE".

All the individual ME`S share the same dilemma.

But the ME has not the vaguest idea of what sharing is.

It will say "It was `me` who shared."

No matter who the "ME" has a shelf life.

When me tries to see beyond that life it has nothing to work with.

But if we drop tools and observe....

We can see what me could not.

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                                                    Part 185

                                                  What`s the story ?

Can we observe that there is what is actual, or there is the non actual.

The non actual is in conflict with the actual.
But the actual is not in conflict with anything.
The actual is not would`a, could`a, should`a.

Anything other than the actual is a story.

Whether it be a good story or a bad story,
Whether it be interesting or boring.
Whether it be based on fact or pure fantasy...

If it is not here and now actual, it is a story.

Can we see this?

There are no true stories.

The story places itself in opposition to the truth.

The story is a pretend truth... And the truth is a pretend story.

Is that hard to see?

How can the truth exist without a story to make it truth?

When all stories end, the truth is ended with it.

Man`s search for the truth is an endless story.

If one assembled every bit of truth man has discovered one would see that
only half of it has been discovered.

So all man`s search has really uncovered is half truths.

Vowing to speak the truth is actually open season on telling lies.

The truth only exists while there is someone there to believe it.

Meanwhile the actual was, is , and always will be, there regardless of what anyone believes.

Can we see the mechanics of this?

The mechanics are the barrier to seeing the actual.

Once one sees how they are being conned, there is no one left there to not see it.

Not seeing what is actual is the mechanical process that creates life.

Life exists in denial of what is actual.

When that life is over, the story has ended. The me has run out of time.
The actual is revealed. And the actual is a we. Not a collection of me`s.

The me is incapable of being we.

And thus we have the story of man.

Man`s story is what is creating man.

Man is created by his story.

While man believes his story, s/he has a life as a result.

We can see this.
But "me" cannot.

The me has no choice but to keep searching for the truth.
Only "we" can choose to observe that which is actual.

And it is a choice.

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                                                    Part 186

                                                 How do I ...... ?

Can we observe that the me attempting to be the we is merely reinforcing the me. ?

It is the same deal as using conflict to bring about peace.

The human is compelled to do something.
Just get a human to do nothing.... Try it yourself.

 " Can`t be done. Ridiculous. Pointless. Nothing to be gained from it.
Zero reason exists to do nothing.
Doing nothing is being lazy."

We are observing what is actual.

The human is so preoccupied with not doing nothing that
it fails to see it is a slave to doing something.

Every human is doing something..... except the ex human.

For the ex human there is nothing can be done and nothing to do anyway.

"But I don`t understand how the me can do nothing."

That`s because there is nothing to understand.

Can we see that the human has been trying to do things about it`s situation for it`s entire history?

This is not peculiar to any individual.
It is common to all individuals.

Thus it is a we problem. Not a me problem.

Me is the problem.

If it wasn`t for me, we wouldn`t have the problem.

Me wants to do something about the problem.

But we can see that doing anything is actually pointless.
It just buys me more time.

 We are all in this together.

Me has based it`s life on not being we.

We are examining material here that the me has no capacity to see.

Once we see it...the me that couldn`t is no more.

There is no me there to wonder what it is now that it has seen it.

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                                                         Part 187

                                                   No one understands me.

The we is not a collection of me`s.

Every me has been confounded by this.

Me`s have been trying to form a we since the me existed.

Converting me`s into we`s is not possible.

A group of me`s is a group of me`s.
It is not a we.
We cannot teach the me anything.

The we is the absence of me`s.

If a me is being held hostage, the we cannot be coaxed into taking action.
The me is only ever taking itself hostage.

The me says "I won`t be a we until other me`s are we first."

What we are looking at here is the mechanics of all human conflict.

Conflict is division.

The individual human exists in ignorance of we.

The we has nothing to do with me.

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                                                 Part 188.

                                            There is nothing here for me.

The me is a self perpetuating mechanism.

Self perpetuation is all that the me knows.

If the me cannot see a future in something (anything) it will not pursue it.

The me is a self contained mechanism that is all about me.

We are looking at this to find out what is actually happening.
We are not judging what is seen.
We are not comparing what we see to anything.
We are not contributing anything to what we see.

The me trying to know what we are seeing is putting me back on the map.

The me on the map is what is having all the trouble.

The me is located right smack in the middle of what it knows.

And what it knows ultimately is that the me is in trouble.

Can we see the dilemma?

The me cannot see the cause of it`s dilemma, because the me is the dilemma doing the looking.

The me making sense of what it perceives is making the sense of me.

If we choose to observe the mechanics of this con, the me who could not is no more.

Till then, the me is constantly struggling to "get it."
The me cannot see that every time it "gets it", it is the me that has been gotten.

"I get it. Now I know where I am."

The me is trapped in a need to know.

We don`t know that we need to know.

We simply don`t know.
We are not hoarding things to be examined in the future.

We are simply observing. And all the me`s know there is no future in that.

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                                                             Part 189

                                                    What`s the story ?

All stories are about the illusion of transformation.

When actual transformation occurs there is no story.

We is the me without a story.

A story is a mechanical process.

A story is a second hand observation.

For that story to be followed it must engage the mind.

Observations that do not fit into a story do not engage the mind.

A story is second hand observations that are being processed through a formula.

The mind is so caught up in the story that it fails to observe the formula.

A story is an imaginary journey about becoming. It is change and modification.

It is about the illusion of transformation.
Without the human mind there is no story.

The me is the result of stories.

The we creates the stories that the me is caught in.

The me is the authored.
The we is the author.

Can we observe the mechanics of story telling without being caught up in the story?

Well ?