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Author Topic: OUR STORY  (Read 48337 times)
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« Reply #180 on: September 28, 2013, 09:02:02 AM »

                                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                   Part 167

                                                                Off the rails

The whole life experience is attempting to not go off the rails.
Any time someone goes "off the rails", humanity turns away in shocked embarrassment.

The stigma attached to being "off the rails" is only the first level of motivation to stay on the rails.

Staying on the rails is to perpetually dramatize one`s circumstances and experiences.
One`s interaction with life is a case of banging ones junk into other`s junk.

"I am a ............, because ............"
"Well I am not a ......... because I didn`t ........."

Of course you look at this and say..."But that`s life."

I rest my case.

While one is playing the role they have been scripted, they take it very seriously.

"I am the Queen. I wave at people."

"I am the Pope. I stay awake."

"I am a cop. I arrest bad guys."

"I am a scientist. I wish I could get laid like rock stars do."

"I am a writer. I wish I could write what people want to read."

One has very sound reasons for being what they are.

When one is doing okay...One is happy to have those reasons.
When one is not doing well one is not happy to have those reasons.

Either way , one is vulnerable. One is at the mercy of circumstances and experiences.

This is slavery. This kind of slavery is imperceivable.
That`s because one has nothing in their circumstances and experiences in contradiction to this.

Nothing else exists. So one becomes the nothing that the fake something dictates.

The only time one can collide with the fake somebody they are pretending to be, is when one
takes a stand and remains present moment aware.

Present moment awareness is off the rails. Ones struggle then becomes to remain off the rails despite
the herculean efforts of one`s humanness to ground them and overwhelm them with an array of
circumstances and experiences.

Those circumstances and experiences have put your feet  exactly where they are right now.
They are destined to walk the earth till it kills you.

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« Reply #181 on: December 29, 2013, 07:38:05 AM »

                                                                      SENSE OF WONDER

                                                                                Part 168

                                                                            The end of "Our story"

This will be the final instalment of "Our story."

It is life`s grand illusion that a story can end.

From inside a story all it can ever do is change.

We have all been suckers for this hoax since time began.  We dream of a happy ending.
And if by some grand fluke the happy ending arrives , we are still there.
We go from being a gold medal winner to a cross dresser or an abusive partner. Or paranoid about dust.
It`s endless.

We call this constant struggle evolution.

We pretend that we are progressing. We are becoming more evolved. We are getting closer to Utopia.

And yet our sophisticated selves are as miserable as the flea infested cave men who knew nothing of science or religion.

Both ponder the same big questions followed by a comparable void of silence.

How can I be happy? Is there a God? Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering all around me?

Tens of thousands of years of evolution have done absolutely nothing to answer the big questions.

All it`s really done is teased us with the hope that we are getting closer to resolution of "Our Story."

Existing in this story based reality all we are doing is changing props, scripts, actors and sets. The story goes on.

Let me cut to the chase.... "WE ARE HERE TO ASK WHY ?"

No one who isn`t here has ever asked that question.

It is being here that motivates the question. The perpetuation of that question is "Our story."

I am beginning a new thread. The next series will be titled.

                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

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