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                                                  SENSE OF WONDER

                                                         Part 17

                                                         The fix

The reason one is not enlightened is because of other priorities.

This statement isn`t an easy one to grasp. But it can be seen in relation to the creation of time.
People deceive themselves and the world by saying " No I haven`t got the time for that....I`m too busy."

An enlightened one hearing this fob off spots the deception.
The truth is not that one doesn`t have time....It`s that one has other priorities.
And so this little truth twist has aided in the un enlightened continuation.

Let us do a short exercise to get an enlightened perspective.

Grab a piece of paper and write a list of reasons why you are unenlightened.

Do it NOW !!!

What you now have before you, if you did the above, is a list of your addictions.
This is the list of how your identity has defined itself as unenlightened.

If you erased all the things on this list, you wouldn`t have a clue who you were any more.
Because you would be pure potential.

Now the one thing you didn`t write on your list, and I`m going to write it here for the first time ever, is;

                 "I`m too busy pretending to be enlightened , to be enlightened."

As one is plummeting to their death it becomes clear that everything one is, has amounted to zero benefit.
All those diplomas, all those, brownie points, all that dedicated service, all those certificates, all those late fines from the library, all the love one has given, all the money one has accumulated, all ones responsibilities, all the respect one has acquired, all the lives one has helped.... All mean nothing. In deed.... they are the very reason you find yourself plummeting




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                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                    Part 18

                                    The world`s oldest profession
                                         (The great pretender)

Enlightenment has eluded us due to us having other priorities.

The priority has only ever been, feeding our addiction.

We have all been too busy to give up our addiction.  The truth of this is plainly evident by the evolution
of psycho therapy. 

There is nothing that fuels our addiction like being asked to talk about our circumstances and experiences.
The irony is that, it is our experiences and circumstances that have culminated in why we are seeing a therapist. They are the story of how we got to be where we are NOW, which is where we don`t want to be.

There is not one shred of therapeutic value in indulging ourselves in our past.
All it is, is justification for our addiction.

Let me state boldly and emphatically that there is nothing in ones past that will lead to enlightenment.
People`s story, or circumstances and experiences are a lesson in unenlightenment.

What?... you thought that enlightenment was somewhere in your past but you missed it????

The past is an bottomless pit of fuel for our addiction.

And what is that addiction? may well ask...

It is the addiction to being YOU.

It is the mold which predetermines everything you are doing in a pretend now.

Let`s look at some guy who "voluntarily" looks after the appearance of the local church.

People, once in a while, praise him for his tireless dedication and conscientious diligence.

What a hero. Where does he get his drive? How can one person be so community minded?

But .......  nothing on earth will ever convince him that his efforts are unnecessary and wasteful.

Any attempts to make this guy redundant will be taken as a personal insult and a threat to his dignity, or sense of self worth.

Every hero will shrug off his heroic deed as something he "just had to do."
He "could NOT stand around and do nothing."

So all the people we worship and use as role models have always done what they were going to do anyway. Nothing could stop them. IT is like an addiction.

This is the great pretense. 

Dramatizing our circumstances and experiences is what we call character building.

It is more important to us than enlightenment.

Unenlightenment is freedom to do what our circumstances and experiences dictate that we do.

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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                         Part 19     
                                         Losing something to gain nothing

The genesis of all addiction is perceived deprivation. The addiction creates a need for instant gratification.
The addiction and its gratification are something.

So the addicted is left with the conundrum, "How to lose something to gain nothing."

The ever helpful mind steps in and pretends that one can lose something and gain something else.

Yet the proud announcements of "number of days" without indulging in the addiction, confirm that one has still not resolved the feelings of deprivation.

  " I have deprived myself of my addiction for thirty one days. Look I have a medal."

Medals and trophies are an attempt to make something out of nothing.

Which is the definition of a soap opera.

What we are reading here is frustrating to the mind.

The mind is addicted to logic. The mind can figure things out. It needs facts and statistics.

Why then is it, that facts and statistics shown to an addict can be effortlessly ignored ???????

One can show the mind of an addict, charts and case histories. The mind of an addict can agree 100%
that their addiction is hurting, not only themselves, but also their friends and family.

Yet the addict`s mind will do a 180 degree walk away from the irrefutable facts.

Because the mind cannot fill that feeling of deprivation. It needs that fix to instantly gratify the feeling of deprivation.

This has confounded, mind owners, social workers and community groups, and Hollywood, for as long as "Coronation Street" has been running, and longer...

We all know that the mind will one day come up with a something that will be a cure for addiction.

After all we are addicted to that idea.

If we give up that something.... we will be left with nothing.

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« Reply #33 on: October 16, 2012, 07:45:58 AM »

                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 20

                                           Life as an addict

The great thing about an addiction is that if everyone has the same thing it ceases to be an addiction and now becomes "just part of LIFE."

To remain unenlightened all we need do is retain our addiction to life.

It makes us feel normal and gives us a sense of belonging.

To see what a pretense this all is, all one has to do is watch a movie from the 50`s. Pre Elvis...

There is something stuffy and suffocating, creating a subtext to each and every scene.
It`s as if there is a hidden agenda motivating all within the film.

If we try to get a modern teenager to sit through a 1950`s movie, we see the kid starting to show symptoms of severe anti social behavior.

The kid is unwilling to tune into the sensibilities of the time and he finds everyones pretentiousness, irritating.

And yet this could have been the biggest box office draw of its day.

This kid can`t conceive of the fact that his grandchildren will fall asleep watching his present favorite movie.

The only movies that survive the test of time are those that don`t prostitute themselves to current mores, and fashions. Recognizing the guy with bad table manners as the villain, doesn`t have a very long shelf life.

Another insight into this phenomenon can be had today by watching a movie made in a country that is unaffected by your own culture.

We look at this foreign movie and go "these people are nuts !!!"
They are all making a fuss about shit that doesn`t matter.

"For Gods sake....Let me out of this hell.!!!!"

You get the same thing when you have someone from another culture tell you why they are depressed.

When they are finished , we feel exasperated.

It becomes clear to us, as outsiders, that all these issues, despite our attempts to empathize with them, are all made up.

Luckily we are only experts on everyone else`s mind.
Otherwise when we were depressed and despondent we would see that all our issues are made up to.

Then what would we have to do all day ???

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                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                Part 21

                                           For better or for worse

Because everyone here in physical shares the same addiction, we can divert our attention from
our own addiction, by seeing that others have it worse.

This is the ugliest side of our addiction. It has everyone here in its grasp.

It turns us into sanctimonious killers. It allows us to betray those we love. This addiction is the glue that
holds us here in an unenlightened identification with form.

Why hasn`t anyone else pointed it out in thousands of years?

Because..... It is this very addiction that inspired all previous philosophical thinking.

All philosophies that have resulted in us remaining unenlightened were just justification for the addiction.

None of what we are reading here makes any sense to the mind.

It just doesn`t fit in with our circumstances and experiences.

Because of that, we are able to remain unenlightened. We turn a blind eye to everything outside of our circumstances and experiences and enable our addiction and become murderers.

Let`s see if we can come at this from inside of our circumstances and experiences.

Someone does us wrong. This immediately gives birth to a judgment call by our circumstances and experiences.
Which after all is what has created what we currently are.

We know the person who did us wrong, did us wrong because it doesn`t fit in with our circumstances and experiences. Now the mind will build a case against this wrongdoer.

"Look no one who likes me does this sort of wrongdoing."

The mind will consult others who have different circumstances and experiences from the wrongdoers.

It`s like the mind wants a lynch mob assembled to eradicate wrongdoers.
Of course this sort of thing would never happen in real life.

We, in our pretend ed enlightened times would never have wrongdoers sentenced to death by hanging, lethal injection or the electric chair.  We would never consider killing their entire families, and burning their villages. We would never bomb their cities back to the stone age... All because they had different circumstances and experiences.

Oh yes we would !!!

It`s much less effort to simply disown them. Write them out of our wills. Give them the evil eye or the silent treatment till they hopefully die screaming of cancer.

We fail to see that every time we disown someone else`s circumstances and experiences and we ostracize and condemn them due to our more enlightened viewpoint,.....  We are empowering our own addiction to our own circumstances and experiences.

Which is the pretend enlightenment that we are addicted to.

"Look ! I AM RIGHT...
( on this marble floating in space with not the foggiest clue what it`s all about.)

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                                           SENSE OF WONDER

                                                Part 22

                                           The recovery

Great minds have pondered the subject of addiction.

And you wanna know what they have come up with?

An addiction to curing addiction.

The main thrust of these behavior modification techniques are motivated by the evidence that addiction ultimately results in death.

Which, of course, would deny one of life.

Interestingly when people`s lives is threatened, they display all the symptoms of an addict.

Could it be that all addictions are based on an unwillingness to experience being deprived of life?

Now we are getting close to the heart of the matter.

An addiction is an unwillingness to experience deprivation.

Once you are unwilling to experience being deprived of something you are stuck on the game board
of life, at the mercy of your dealer.

Our unwillingness to experience being deprived of eternity puts us at the mercy of a loving God who can smite us if we fail to deliver what that God is unwilling to be deprived of...Our eternal devotion and obedience.

So you see.... Even God is an addict.

Yes you are.

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                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                             Part 23

                                        Flushing out GOD.

According to historical records, We and GOD have many things in common.

We and God have unlimited potential, which is laying dormant presently.

In the past, both God and us have had trouble managing our frustration and anger.

You may recall how God has taken lives. Just like Hitler, Stalin, Bush, and Pol Pot did.

Like God, we have a gender and a humanoid form. We know that we can sit at the right hand of the father. Many biblical references speak of HIS body parts and bipedal structure.

And yes, just like us, God falls victim to jealousy, and vanity. We also share self worth issues in common with God.

Like God we can have children. Like God we can create new life.

And like God, when our children disappoint us we have the potential to smite them.

Like God our love is conditional.

Also in common with God is our incapability to stop evil.

How about our capacity to be pleased or displeased? Yep... That to.

But .... Now I`ve got you.

God can make something out of nothing....

Oh yeah....  Have you read a script from "Home and away" or "Days of our lives", or The Middle East.

Does God write them?

Yes my child.  I`m afraid we do.

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                                                   SENSE OF WONDER

                                                      Part 24

                                                    Living on the inside

The one thing we all clash against every waking, and, sometimes sleeping, moment, is our mind.

We are all aware that we are not utilizing our full potential.

It feels as if our mind is a wet blanket friend.

Our mind conjures up all these ways we can receive great benefit. And yet as soon as we set
off on the road to perceived fulfillment, the mind say...."Not so fast... !!!"

This has frustrated and baffled us our whole lives. In fact the more life we have had, the more it frustrates and baffles us.

The way we justify and accept living with this is to say "If only...... then......."

If only I could win lotto ..., then..... I could do the things I want to do."
If only I`d listened more at school , then people would respect me....etc.

Since the mind is merely a store house for our circumstances and experiences, the only stuff in it
is what got you to where you don`t want to be now.

Eventually one feels so trapped in their own home that they burn it down, while still residing there.

This is referred to as a mental breakdown.

The mind manufactures our unique identity. And we are addicted to that whole package.

Being able to attain our full potential, is thwarted by our own minds.

While we remain identified with our minds all we can become is dictated to us by our experiences and circumstances. Attaining our full potential remains outside of our experience and thus, circumstances.

  Fortunately we have death to remind us that ultimately our circumstances, experiences and their vessel
the mind are all temporary accommodation.

We have made something out of nothing.

If we perceive this and voluntarily move out of our minds we are filled with a sense of joy and wonder.

Present moment awareness is then realized, and it has nothing to to with our present environment.

After all..... Our present environment is the manifestation of a mind.

By disowning the mind, one moves from being the effect of their experiences, to the cause of them.

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                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 25

                                        The Bicycle of life.

Some philosophies, in their one inch wisdom, preach of this bullshit "cycle of life."
As if there is great wisdom in surrendering to the inevitable birth, survive and die is the way to go.

It conjures up images of some nostalgic sense of fitting in to the system.

There is no shortage of evidence that the cycle of life effects everything from a rock to a galaxy.

Nothing expresses our reverence for this grand scheme of things like " Desiderata"

I s`pose its better than "Fuck you very much for your kind donation."

However like everything else that has been thought and written, it is actually motivated by a bullshit, unwritten, till now, premise.

That premise is...

  Our circumstances create our experiences create our circumstances create our experiences create our circumstances........

You may have heard the expression "Stop the world. I want to get off." Or we may have experienced that sentiment within ourselves, or from others.

That is your "cycle of life." More accurately "treadmill of life". And even more accurately "bicycle of life."

So we pedal at our own speed in the direction of perceived benefit, completely resigned to the fact that "No matter where we go....There we are."

Our circumstances create our experiences create our circumstances create our experiences create our circumstances........

We experience that everyone else is doing it... So it creates the circumstances for us to experience it as well. It`s quite addictive.

When we fall off our bikes, we don`t lay there reciting the " Desiderata".

We say to ourselves.."There is something very unfair and wrong in this universe."

But we dust ourselves off and get back on the road.

Anyway...That`s enough time spent reading this for now.

"On your bike!"

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« Reply #39 on: October 28, 2012, 07:26:48 AM »

                                            SENSE OF DOUBT

                                               Part 26

                                             Mr Brightside

It will be of great relief to many of you to know that everything we have read in this thread is made up.

That`s right. Not one word of it is based on any corroborating evidence.

The idea that we are making this all up is actually made up.

This is the type of concept that makes us feel disturbed and uneasy.

All one`s stable datums are scattered to the wind.

We feel deprived of our sense of stability and security.

So let`s put that back immediately.

The truth is that God made us all.

He lives in Heaven with Jesus and he watches everything we do.

We get points for doing the things he likes and we get demerit points when we do things he doesn`t like.
The worst thing that we can do is say that he is bullshit.

For that one alone we can be sentenced to an eternity of not existing.(Or at least wishing we didn`t.

Okay ???  You got your sense of stability and security back ?

Even though joining God in Heaven is sold as some sort of Disneyland for adults we notice there is a lack of willing volunteers to go there.

Does that mean they have some doubts ?

Ooops ...There goes that sense of stability and security.

The other thing that hurts like a nail through the hand is the fact that true believers  answer some questions based on their circumstances and experiences while others are answered with "God."

Why is it that there is a definite bias towards answering the easy questions based on their circumstances
and experiences. But the tough ones all have a one word answer... "God."

This subject matter makes people feel very insecure and destabilized. (Which is actually fear.)

But as it happens this fear is very deep seated and all other fears have their genesis in this one subject.

Until one transcends this fear, all spiritual enlightenment is stopped dead.

And that is because it is pretended enlightenment. It is a sense of security that makes one deaf, blind,  and DUMB.

It actually gives permission to Gods to become mere mortals.

Do you realize that if God had the same circumstances and experiences you`d had, God would be just like you !!! ???


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« Reply #40 on: October 29, 2012, 07:46:12 AM »

                                             SENSE OF WONDER

                                                  Part 27

                                              "Go directly to Jail.
                                                  Do not pass go.
                                              Do not collect $200."

Hell is a state of mind.
Heaven is a state of no mind.

Everything that has ever existed, is existing, or will ever exist, can only exist in the eternal moment of now. One cannot be deprived of anything in the present because everything is present.

The illusion of deprivation and the anxiety of the junkie can only exist within the illusion of TIME.

We create time by pretending we are being deprived.

That pretense is what creates a vacuum where the feelings of deprivation can, hopefully, be resolved.

To be a mind owner at all, one has to have bought into the emotion that they are deprived.

The less one feels emotionally deprived, the less serious one becomes.

The mind then is not required and ceases to be identified with.

We can see the opposite occur when seeing someone who has bought into the illusion of deprivation, manufactured a mind to solve it, filled the mind with circumstances and experiences and then identifies with it.

Then we take everything seriously, can`t change who we are, and believe our own bullshit.

At this end of the scale, we believe every thought the mind has, and are compelled to act on it.

Think of all the misery caused, due to those of us who have become victims of every thought they have.

We can immediately spot how deluded someone`s mind is by their lack of humor.

Enlightenment is hysterically funny.
Unenlightenment is some serious shit.

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                                                     SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                         Part 28

                                                      How I write

This is me talking now. The human.

Every morning I get up, have something to eat, a cup of tea and a smoke, then I do twenty minutes or
so of present moment conscious breathing.
It is during that time where a quote or phrase manifests.
It is a present time perception. Maybe like something behind what the human form experiences as the environment.  So rather than perceive a television set... I feel the energy that is behind the manifestation.

Anyway... So say I get this phrase. "Life is extreme tiredness."

I sometimes have to jot it down so it will leave me alone to get on with the breathing.

Then I sit at the computer and look at the phrase. Then I just start to write. It pours out of me.
I don`t stop to think about what I write.
I don`t worry about spelling or grammar.
It`s so hard to keep up with the outpouring of what I`m tuned in to.

Then I hit post before reviewing what I wrote.

Sometimes just before I start to write, I look at the previous post just to help get in tune with this stuff.
It`s then I sometimes catch a spelling mistake etc.

But it also occurs to me that what I have written is not about the quote or phrase I started with.

So I`ve become aware of the fact that the quote or phrase is actually the door which opens to a bunch of stuff that was previously hidden from view.

Now the reason I`m telling you all this, is that this door has been firmly shut with me on the human side of it.

Okay .... So here is what I`m seeing.
This door is symbolic of the barrier between knowing and not knowing.

Ignorance and wisdom if you like.

Human vs God.

Before one can move somewhere. One has to be somewhere else.

Presently I am experiencing everything that is holding me on the human side of the door.

Not the manifestations. But the energies.

I`m trying to make peace with it all.
But the frustration of being on the NOT KNOWING side of the door when you are being squashed against it......
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« Reply #42 on: November 04, 2012, 08:23:03 AM »

                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                                Part 29

                                          The search for truth

Holy fuck !!!!

I`m sorry this is going to seem like a jumbled mess. But I need to write it down before I lose it again and disappear back into TIME.

Mans search for the truth, and your search for the truth has been thwarted by the truth about truth.

Firstly Truth does not exist until you perceive it.
It`s not hanging around out there with an agenda to be discovered.

Truth is actually the point of creation.
We approach what we perceive as the truth by actually recognizing the path back to the point of creation.

So one gets the impression that the truth is unfolding through a sense of recognition of its layers.

So it`s an apparency that when one removes the lies that are cloaking the truth , then truth will be revealed.

But as one stands outside of ultimate truth, a door is perceived.

On this side is not knowing the truth and on the other side is full knowledge of the truth.

This has been fucking with me for all time.

Finally saw it just now.

                                    TRUTH IS A REVOLVING DOOR.

When we push on it, we just come out somewhere else with a new truth.

                                       Truth is the point of creation.

Now this is hell to try and grasp from an identification as something perspective.

You won`t find anything that even approaches the truth from there.

And that is because we are constantly casting camouflage over the truth we came into being with as an
act of SELF PRESERVATION.  In other words we create new truths to hide from ourselves the contradiction we are unwilling to experience. In other words lies.

This is the glue we use to stay addicted to form and hide the truth from ourselves.

But we kind of know that we are removed from the truth.
And that is exactly what keeps this pretense going.

And to compound the problem when we finally unscramble this mess and pass back through the door of truth, we discover we have merely come out the other side with a new truth.

           It is impossible to find "THE TRUTH" when it is ourselves who are creating it.

           In ultimate reality there is no truth !!!  AND THAT IS THE TRUTH !!!

You can only find where it WAS.

Because when you finally grasp the truth it has become a new truth....Something else.


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« Reply #43 on: November 05, 2012, 07:48:41 AM »

                                                      SENSE OF WONDER

                                                          Part 30

                                                    Nothing but the truth

All life is the manifestation of TRUTH.

It is impossible to lie.

Every lie is an alternate truth.

A lie is just a truth that hasn`t had the benefit of manifestation of circumstances.

It seems like word play.... But below this is truth about guilt, regret and denial.

The truth is that once you buy into the idea that you can create something that is less than the truth,
you have opened this whole bullshit can of worms about sin, transgression, and overts. And that`s the truth.

Unless you bought into it.  As soon as you buy it, you own it.

Truth has always been held up as something real.
Something to fear. Something to intimidate with.
It is also pointed at as something to revere.

We have fallen for this so badly that we think any discussion about TRUTH is redundant.
After all the TRUTH is the TRUTH and nobody can do anything about it.

For example, it is probably TRUE that you will never be a famous movie star like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. But Brad and Angelina never experienced that truth.

It`s probably true that you will never be as Rich as Bill Gates. But Bill never fell for that TRUTH.

It`s probably true that you will never be a mass murderer like Hitler, Stalin or Moses....  But Hitler, Stalin and Moses didn`t know the TRUTH that they couldn`t be mass murderers.

We have banged our heads against the TRUTH for all time. But as one approaches it, one sees it like trying to chase a rainbow.

Contemporary expertise is that one should face the truth. Step one is to admit you have no power over alcohol. Immediately you have twelve steps to take on the path to truth as an alcoholic.

                           TRUTH IS THE ACT OF CREATION.

                            ALL CREATION IS HAPPENING NOW !!!!

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                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 31

                                     " I am the way, the truth and the light..."

                                                                                                          Jesus Presley.

Life, as we know it, did not exist before TRUTH.
In fact, life as we know it, only exists , as it does, because TRUTH made it so.

And is it not obvious that life continues to perplex us because we haven`t been told the whole truth, and nothing but.

To know the whole truth, and nothing but, is to end the game. It leaves no mystery to resolve.
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is being back in the drivers seat.

From that point of unlimited choices and full potential, we cannot go anywhere without taking truth with us.

There really is no comparison.  There is nothing to do.  We are a spectator with no preference to outcomes of participants.

To have a preference we willingly discard the whole truth and bundle up a bunch of half truths for our journey.  It`s a little like being an explorer. Someone who leaves the comforts of home behind so that they can appreciate them when they get back.

It defies logic.  So why do we do it?

                          "Because it`s there !"
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