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                                       SENSE OF WONDER

                                          Part 32

                                         The truth bubble

The fashionable truth is that some time trillions of years ago the universe was created.
It`s what the mind comes up with when asked to ponder this subject.
One gets overwhelmed by visions of astronomy and a deep male voice that reverberates throughout the universe, with a self confidence that is beyond question.

But the mind can`t ponder this for long as it is too big a question and the answer is too big to comprehend.

If that is what you buy into, then you are a victim of that truth for all time.

This vision is so popular that Cecil B De Mille made a killing with it in some movies he made in the pre Elvis era, when movie stars were also considered Gods.

Once you have bought into that past, you have by default also bought into the idea that this may all be resolved sometime in the distant future, by brilliant Scientists.

So we reenact that truth in a mini version with our lives.
"We were created so long ago and we don`t know how and we will get old and die and then ...oh who gives a fuck? It hurts my head."

This is how we become prisoners of the truth and victims of time.

Now if you buy into the truth that time is real, you can continue to fight the war for a better future
(Houses on Mars and phones that work).  You can lay down your life like all those brave men who died fighting for your benefit in World War One. True heroes...

Name one of them !!!!

...........        ................    ............

Talk about the unknown soldier.....!

We are all living in a TRUTH bubble. The more you believe in that truth, the realer it is.

Escaping from that bubble will make no sense at all. It is outside of your experience.
Meanwhile it does make sense to die in a foreign land fighting in a war you didn`t understand, for your King or Kaiser. 

          The truth bubble is your own creation. Only you can dissolve it.
By doing so, you move from being who you are, to who you could be.

                   The more one becomes who they could be, the less truth there is.
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                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 33

                                            Bubble repair

The truth we have manufactured manifests as the bubble we reside in.
We navigate that bubble through life, seeking out other bubbles that reaffirm our truth
whilst avoiding any barbs that could burst our bubble.

Our focus is directed forward,into and through our truth bubble, with our backs firmly against the exit.

The truth bubble we have manufactured, we take very seriously. So seriously that we guard it with our lives. Any rips or tears to our truth bubble  must be repaired as our number one priority.

Till those patches and repairs are done we feel deflated and experience intolerable discomfort.

Without our truth bubble we don`t know who we are. It defines us.

"I am a person. I am .....years old. I am heterosexual, I am a soldier.  I am a republican, I am a Muslim,
I am a banker. I am a kid. I am a holocaust survivor, I am a criminal, I am beautiful, I am dumb,
I am normal,.... I am disappointed, I am a parent, I am way too complicated to ever understand, I am, I said. "

It is our desire to have the security of a truth bubble.
We do not reside at the center of our truth bubble.

We reside with our backs to the exit.
It is from there that we have a perspective. It is from there that we have a point to view from.
It is a forward looking way of having experiences and circumstances.
When those experiences and circumstances evolve into what we are unwilling to experience, our
truth bubble falls to bits and the revolving door of truth takes our focus out of our truth bubble and into another realm.

This is known as a complete mental breakdown.

What we are looking at here is already outside of your truth bubble and may feel uncomfortable to conceive.

For centuries we have been willing to lie , and kill to keep our truth bubble inflated.
If our truth bubble is that, "Jesus Christ is Saviour." then our repair kit is throwing
"This is the devil talking" patches at all the holes, what we have just read, has made in our bubble of truth.

Of course if we were pondering this in a time before Christianity, like Jesus did, we couldn`t patch up all our doubts by throwing Jesus at them.

Fuck. That just made me laugh.

More soon.

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                                                SENSE OF WONDER

                                                       Part 34

                                           "You can`t handle the truth!"

A very prevalent ingredient of our truth bubble is that "The truth will set you free."
This alone is enough to keep you enslaved for as long as you believe it.

It is so deeply held next to our emotional core that it remains one of the few beliefs that remains a hidden truth, despite the fact that it does not match our circumstances and experiences.

You see for something to be true we need to marry it up to our experiences and circumstances.

We have specific experiences, which create specific circumstances and they become our yardstick for truth.

If I say to you now that "you are the author of your self. " it does not match all the experience you have had with the belief that you are merely a character in someone else's play.

In an earlier chapter I asked you to write a list of reasons why you are not enlightened,

Essentially your answer was "I don`t know."

("If I bloody well knew...then I would cease to remain unenlightened !!!!!"}

Add to this the fact that being enlightened is not part of you circumstances and experiences.
Only pretend enlightenment is.

Now I want you to write a list of reasons you are not being who you could be....

Do it NOW !

Even if you just pondered it. What you have looked into is the dimensions of your truth bubble.

Every single reason you are not being who you could be, is a self created truth...based on your circumstances and experiences.

You cannot see the point of creation of those truths because you are being them.
That self created truth gives you a point of view.
And that more importantly is a point to view from.

You are really superman.  However you are wearing your own Kryptonite around your neck.

It is called the TRUTH.

We have sought the truth since time began. And in every moment our imperfect selves seek the truth we create the time to do it.

What we are seeing here does not fit in with your circumstances and experiences...


Welcome to the beginning and end of history.

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                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                            Part 35

                                       We`re all just blowing bubbles

Our realization that we are less than perfect sets in motion our desire to be perfect again.
It gives us something to do and a game to play.

We take it very seriously sometimes.

Our perfect perspective has been swapped for a less then perfect perspective.

Our less than perfect perspective has given us a less than perfect perspective on what perfection is.

Our less than perfect perspective cannot understand why a less than perfect perspective cannot ever be back in sync with a perfect perspective.

No matter what less than perfect does or what it tries, perfection is always just over the horizon.

So we create our best shot at it, with a pretended perfection called TRUTH.

One of us was so adamant that his pretended TRUTH was so perfect that he wrote a book called "Mein Bubble" and set off to convert the world by force. Not all of us have his drive but that`s only because
we had a whole different bubble. The rest of the world retaliated and after a long struggle, Hitler and his Reich bubble were turned to Reich rubble.

Seventeen hundred years before him a Roman Emperor by the name of Constantine, who lived in his own bubble, realized that to keep his grip on the known world he needed to harness the loyalty and obedience
of bubble headed Christians. So he assembled and edited  part two of "The Holy Bubble", and converted all the Christians to Roman.

You see people won`t risk injury and death over someone else`s real estate acquisitions. But they`ll do
it to Spread the Christian crusade Truth bubble.

The prophesies were fulfilled, the Messiah had come been and gone and a third of the world are relying on a humorless, barely alive git in a funny hat, not to pop their truth bubble.
And what is that Truth bubble?...

"We are less than perfect. We need to do what perfection says
to sit in the presence of perfection when we die.... So long as we admit that we are less than perfect and "repent."

This crafty Roman Catholic move has had the whole of humanity jumping up and down on the same spot since 300 AD. 

Tired of it yet ?

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                                                SENSE OF WONDER

                                                  Part 36

                                                Just gimme some TRUTH.

Our Truth Bubble is our pretended enlightenment.
It is the best our less than perfect perspective can do in regards to setting the standard for a perfect world.  This is our pretend enlightenment.

Hitler knew that if you were Aryan, the world would be perfect if you ran it. And that if you were Jewish, black, gay, cripple or insane, you should be dead.

The fact that the outside world did not match the Hitler truth bubble caused him high anxiety.

The fact that people with truth bubbles like Hitler can exist, causes the world high anxiety.
And yet there is a little Hitler in all of us.

We have a pretend standard of what perfection is and the world constantly fails to fulfill our expectations.

Everything we are unwilling to experience is born in this dimension.

All suffering exists inside of the Truth bubble.

To extract your self from your truth bubble is to never be disappointed again.

See the beauty in an
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                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                             Part 37

                                          A time before Truth.

The world is the world it is because of your truth bubble.
And that truth bubble is unique to you.
There are no identical truth bubbles.

The only thing we have in common is that our truth bubbles need time to exist.

This one may not be so easy to grasp...

Time can only exist because it has the potential to not exist.

What this means is that our truth bubbles are inevitably Kamikaze missions.

The objective is to have a few laughs then crash and burn.

I know this all sounds like a weird bit of Japanese Noh theater.

But think about it....

When you read an obituary, you are looking into a truth bubble that no longer exists.

He was a good husband, loving father, worked tirelessly for the community, was a good Christian, and
controlled the lower East side with his crime syndicate.

Any obituary you like.....

But NOW none of it is true. It was a truth that does not exist NOW.

What you are looking at in its coffin is the cold hard truth at the end of its mission.

Then come those agonizing feelings of deprivation for those left behind.

But in a quiet moment of present moment consciousness we can realize that time in this physical realm was only ever a chance to experience how magnificent we are.

This realization ends our addiction to the TRUTH.

Now with that in mind, try going into a 7/11 and buying a pack of gum.

It`s a whole new experience.

All my love.

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                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                                 Part 38

                                           Rejecting eternal life

The lives we have created for ourselves have become an automaticity.
Call it instinct. Call it self preservation. Call it an unwillingness to experience nothing.
But names are irrelevant at this core level emotional nexus of the universe.

It is the thing which makes us experience terror if we try to ignore it.
But normally we`re long gone before the terror sets in.

The things that matter to us manifest as the matter that we use to insulate ourselves, from being nothing, with.

Yet as the inevitable termination of our truth bubble approaches, we release more and more things simply because we clearly see that they don`t matter.

Our final breath is our realization that absolutely nothing matters.

It`s quite a sobering moment. The pretense is over. Present moment consciousness is fully realized.
Nothing is being taken personally, as there is no person to take it seriously or otherwise.

Eternal life is rejected as an irrelevance, as there is now nothing to live it.

It is now that we can see how we were the less than perfect version of our perfect, magnificent selves.

We see that our journey was the perfect way to experience this.

We look back at the less than perfect world we have left and realize that because of it, we are experiencing the perfection we always knew we are.
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                                          SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 39

                                             Lost in translation.

It must be taken into account that the material being brought forward here has been buried since time began.

It is the exact reason why we have had the time to ponder it.

Trying to find "the meaning of life" from inside of it, is like trying walk out of a giant labyrinth that has no obvious exit. The fact that it does have an obvious exit after all, can only be observed clearly from above it.
From that perspective it is clear that there is no, no obvious exit.

So to not see the no no obvious exit  one has to be inside the Labyrinth.

From inside the Labyrinth there is no exit because you are perceiving the Labyrinth form inside of it.
Anytime you accidentally find yourself out of the Labyrinth, you ask yourself, "Outside of what?"
and are immediately back in.

Imagine your frustration at the conclusion of a game of Clue (US) Cluedo (British), opening the mystery envelope, only to reveal that Colonel Mustered was murdered in the letter Q(10), with a "get out of jail free card", by a "green tiddlywink."

You go. ... "This doesn`t make sense !!!  These things are from outside of this game.!

 We grumble about the game of life and yet reject any outside intervention because it just doesn`t make sense.

We are compelled to view the outcome of our roll of the dice.
We are inside the labyrinth because of our addiction to the truth. We never suspect that our definition of the truth is manufactured instant by instant to suit our desired everlasting life.
Our very identity is composed of the rules of the labyrinth.

To transcend who we are being we must become who we are not being.

You see the dilemma. !!!!

We must be willing to reside outside of our experience.

It appears to go against nature.

Yet once we are outside of our selves we are filled with an indescribable sense of joy and wonder.

We discover that the idea that a detachment from our own personal labyrinth, would render us cold and dispassionate, is a pretense. Pure superstition.

Yet it is from a disassociated perspective we realize that our individuation was actually the one who was defined by disassociation. It was afraid of falling in love. Was afraid of success. Was afraid of being happy. Was afraid of being sad. Was afraid of being rich. Was afraid of having fun. Was afraid of laughing. Was afraid of getting attention. Was afraid of rejection. Was afraid of being hurt. Afraid of spellling mistakes..Afraid of responsibility...

Was afraid of LIFE !

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                                         SENSE OF WONDER

                                               Part 40

                                Exteriorization from inside out

It may seem a contradiction, but your ability to be exterior to your body is a constant choice you are willingly making.

This one has pissed off more philosophers and garden shed think tanks than any other aspect of the human experience.

One feels as though being exterior to their own body is the ultimate expression of freedom.
And someone who can`t exteriorize convinces themselves that their attempts at enlightenment have amounted to a crock of shit.

The conundrum is ... "How can one go from inside oneself (defined) to outside of ones self (undefined)?"

It is your own perpetual act of defining yourself that creates the 'I" that you reside within.

The day that you cannot answer one question on a personality test is the day you are exterior.

The day that you can love your own executioner is the day you get a stay of execution.

Until that day is today you remain on the outside of enlightenment and on the inside of YOU.

Close your eyes and connect your breathing before reading on.  Do it now !!!

There is nothing but perfection. Less than perfect is an illusion.
It is the perfect `less than perfect` illusion.

The separation between perfect and `less than perfect` has created the space for manifestation of that which matters for `less than perfect.`

For `Less than perfect,` that which matters manifests as the solid truth.

`Less then perfect perceives the Truth and instantaneously has a point to view that Truth from.

It is that viewpoint that gives us the truth to create ourselves within.

The self we create is now on a crusade to convince ourselves that our truth is perfect.
We have even used convincing others of our truth as a, less than perfect, way of convincing ourselves.

When outside truth collides with our own, we disown all other truths and reaffirm the one we own.

 We are constantly defining ourselves inside our own truth, and are baffled when this never leads to our un-defining moment.

Maybe this will help us to see it....

Joe at work, brings to you an outside truth that you are an arsehole and need to suffer.
Instinctively you reject Joe`s truth and disown it and Joe and the horse he rode in on.

Joe is adamant that his truth is the right truth and you are equally convinced that your truth is the correct one.  By disowning Joe`s exterior truth you have reinforced your own interior truth.

You feel as if Joe has trapped you. But it was your choice to trap yourself.

The common reaction is to draw a line in the sand and go to war.

The hope is that whoever wins the war will win because their truth was right.
And yet every truth ever invented can be exposed as a lie, given time.

So you actually become the arsehole that Joe said you were right from the beginning.

Truth prevails. You lose again.

To be continued...

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                                        SENSE OF WONDER

                                         Part 40 continued

                                         Choosing sides

When we have a point to view from we inevitably have a point of view.

"I like these, but I don`t like those. I`m for this, but I`m against that. I believe in this and this, but I don`t believe in that and that. I want this, but I don`t want that. I am this and this and this, but I am not that and that and that. I could be described as this and this. But I couldn`t be described as that."

Have you noticed how no babies are consulted on the news regarding their opinion on the big issues of the day?  It would be pointless. The baby hasn`t had time to form a point of view.

So no one takes babies points of view seriously. Because babies don`t take the big issues of the day seriously. They just aren`t playing that game.

When we resurrect our experiences, we allow ourselves to see only the experiences that formed who we are. Or more correctly "who we are" only gets the exact answer that "who we have become" can ask.

So we get zip on babyhood, maths classes, and sermons. These are times when you were exterior. But you can`t recall them from the viewpoint you have become.

Who you have become doesn`t get to see the memories of someone we didn`t become.

If you could experience the character building memories of  someone named Joe you`d completely understand why Joe said you were an arsehole who deserved to be punished.

Because you have become the net result of your own experiences you know the truth is that Joe is the arsehole.

Uncross your eyes and get this.

If one melted down every harsh word ever said, and every act of punishment or retribution ever metered out, and reduced it to its lowest denominator....

If you were to cut through all the bullshit and justification behind every conflict anywhere ever,

What you would be left with this...

                               "You are less than perfect !!!!"

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                                               SENSE OF WONDER

                                                   Part 41

                                               How to avoid coming out

If circumstances cause our identity to confront its own mortality it will instinctively make a grab for self preservation. The way it does this is to manufacture time.

"Yes. I will die.... But not in the present moment. It will happen at another time way up in the future."

Now the identity can ponder death from a safe distance.

Since death is just an exteriorization from form, one sees that death is an undesirable inevitability with no perceived benefit.

This is why people can be threatened with death.
And when they are, there is an instinctive effort to delay it.
Faced with death, one tends to struggle and fight and urinate and beg.

But then they wonder why they can`t exteriorize.

They can`t because they don`t want to.

If you believe that you are the identity you have created then I`m afraid you are stuck in it, and nothing short of destruction of the body will pry you out.

Once you are out of the body, nothing matters and nothing is true.
Just like when you achieve present moment awareness and connect your breathing.

Or hadn`t that occurred to you yet?

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                                            SENSE OF WONDER

                                                  Part 42

                                   "I`m okay. You`re the arsehole."

When men of faith debate life with men of science, they share their differing points of view and each
come away enlightened and the world is a better place for it.

Actually... that isn`t what happens at all.

A few centuries ago the men of faith could have the men of science tortured till they recanted and then burnt at the stake, just as a sort of an exclamation point.
 Apparently they hadn`t learned that torture and putting to death a martyr, was the very action that the enemies of their faith had used to dis-empower themselves.

So when Science meets faith one has the collision of two incompatible truth bubbles.

Science has the circumstances and evidence to prove that their truth bubble is the right one and time
will only provide more circumstances and experience to show they are the clear winners.

Faith has the circumstances and evidence to prove that their truth bubble is the right one and time
will only provide more circumstances and experiences to show they are the clear winners.

Science has the power to blow up everything God made.
And God has the power to create the things that science can blow to pieces.

A marriage made in heaven ...or a test tube, depending on your own personal truth bubble.

So lets move forward in time till when the first Sea org contracts are expiring.

Here we are the year one billion, two thousand and twelve.

Science and religion, as they existed a billion years ago, no longer exist.

 From the comfort of our house on Mars we have a disagreement on a phone (that finally works)
with someone who has a truth bubble that is incompatible with our own.

So once again TRUTH is the clear winner.
It has given us something to kill and be killed over for a further billion years.

So what ? .... You ask.

Well ....Our belief in the truth is all that is keeping us killing and being killed.

God and science were created to justify it.

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                                                     SENSE OF WONDER

                                                              Part 43

                                                         God the scientist

What has obscured the exit from the labyrinth of life is our present perspective on what an exit should look like.

For an identity that has obsessed with self preservation, the exit is invisible, because what the self is seeking to perpetuate is the the perimeter fence of the labyrinth.

It is like trying to go from here to there. As soon as you are there, are are here again.

The identity that is seeking to escape the labyrinth wants to be free outside the labyrinth but take the prisoner identity with it.

The reason you aren`t being who you could be is that you instinctively take who you are being with you everywhere you go.

Who you are being is what gives you a life..... and inevitably a death. Your address is Mortality Row.

When your tenure is up, regardless of your faith and regardless of the letters behind your name, you find yourself ill prepared for the eviction.

There is absolutely nothing in your circumstances, experiences, or location on the map, that is of any benefit. Everything you perceived that you were is redundant.

The labyrinth de-materializes.

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                                                  SENSE OF WONDER

                                                       Part 44

                                            Spending the night in Heaven

The subject matter here has no grounding in circumstances and experiences.
So does one take the lead from organized religion and rely on FAITH?

I mean for the individual, it is a big deal. One`s whole future is created on the basis of the truth one resides in.

This truth is something the identity holds onto with such tenacity that it makes super glue look like snot.

So one has one identity, One life , and one point of view.

But look what happens when one turns  off their identification with their truth bubble....

All sorts of other potential identifications and potential realities and experiences come to life.

If it all gets a bit out of hand, the dominant truth bubble, with circumstances and experiences, intervenes and calms down the whole situation ... "It was only a dream. None of it was real. Here... look now that the lights are on. Remember you are Joe`s number one enemy. You are an age. You have a job. You have an address ...A specific place and time to reside in.
You like Abba."
 The current truth bubble one is residing in, will override all other potential truths and all other potential realities. All your less than perfectness is back.

One experiences great relief and a sense of security. 

One has woken up to reality !!!!

One ceases to be who they could be and nestles back into who they are being.

Yet when one attains present moment awareness, it becomes obvious that having a one dimensional
point of view that was less than  perfect, was the dream.

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                                                 SENSE OF WONDER

                                                        Part 45

                                                 Living on a fault line

Millions of words have been said and written about forgiveness.
Apparently it is a very therapeutic thing to do. We have been taught that we must forgive ourselves and others for all the wrong done to us.

Actually all this has done is proven that it is easier to give advice than to take it.

From outside of the effects of the wrongdoers actions, we cannot see why it is hard to forgive and forget.
However when it is our home that is under siege this idea of forgiveness is rejected as inappropriate, given the situation. In fact we will even struggle to forgive the condescending Pratt, who was naive enough to suggest it.

Any perceived wrongdoing is actually a collision with the expectations our truth bubble has molded for us.

Ironically any thoughts of forgiveness is evidence that forgiveness is a complete pretense.

Forgiveness is transferring a wrongdoing to the "too hard basket" and adding it to the dialog we have for our therapist later on, or knocking our blood pressure up a few clicks for the medical people to medicate.

Where we reside is an accumulation of injustices we have perceived.
The wrongdoing we have been the victim of is what has made us who we think we are.

We can`t be the one who forgives. Because what one is forgiving is who is doing the forgiving.

That leaves us without a residence.

When Joe announces, that because we are an arsehole who needed to be punished, he has burnt down our residence, our opportunity to forgive him can only present itself because we resided where his act of arson was inflicted.

That opportunity is inappropriate when we find amusingly, that Joe burnt down the wrong house.

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