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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 32671 times)
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« on: December 30, 2013, 07:08:07 AM »

It is suggested that one read "MY STORY"


before reading what follows...

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 1

                                                                        BIG vs small.

There is an infinite supply of occurrences that are not a problem. They may be a problem for someone else,
but to you they are simply not a problem.

For an occurrence to  manifest as a problem, your personal involvement is required.
One must adopt the viewpoint that they have a stake in an outcome.

History is an account of other`s personal involvement in outcomes.
We are encouraged to learn from history. There are even exams.

And yet the one lesson to be learned from history is that we don`t learn from history.

The individuation that is YOU is writing history right now.
To do this, one has to delude themselves that they have a stake in an outcome.

Can you quote what historical figure you are basing your present time history writing on?

Is it Sir Walter Rayleigh ?  Joan of Arc?  Pol Pot? Lady Godiva?  Alexander the Mass Murderer?

Who ?

It is a cruel joke that historical figures are held up as larger than life examples of what to or not to do.

However the fact that they have all been relegated to history is proof conclusive that they were smaller than life.

History is merely a story just like any work of fiction. A mix of fact and fantasy. An emotional ride that, to capture you, must convince you that you have a stake in it.

As soon as you believe in something, you have set yourself on a collision course to discover it is not true.

That is the game this dimension offers. It is the game.
Without it there is no game.

The reason being that you have elected truth to be something outside of that which is you.

That act makes an emotional ride possible. It makes a stake in an outcome possible. It is history in the making.

It is no coincidence that the problems you manufacture are all bigger than you.

Whilst all of the problems you don`t have, are imperceptibly smaller.

The only problems that can be perceived are the circumstances you elect to be smaller than.

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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2014, 07:55:23 AM »

                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 2

                                                  While there is still hope, there is no enlightenment.

The most addictive substance in this dimension is LIFE.  The glue that sticks one to it is HOPE.

This is so obvious that it is behind thought. It is the fabric of what does the thinking. Thus it avoids detection..
Life and hope are not what one sees. They are what one sees with.

The unenlightened see this paradox as a play with words and hope it goes away. There is nothing to be gained from grasping this.

For the enlightened there is no hope.  You recognize enlightenment when you are hope-less.

If you think for a moment that you can be enlightened and hope for something, you are still hoping to become enlightened.

Enlightenment has been subverted by anyone or anything that gives you hope.

Giving someone hope is convincing them that enlightenment is a journey you can pack your luggage for.

It deludes you into thinking that the unenlightened you can accompany you into enlightenment.

Organized religion gives us the hope that we will be reunited with all our loved ones in the hereafter.
Liz Taylor will be lounging around a mansion with all of her seven ex husbands and their ex spouses and their ex spouses...and children.
....and pets !!!
The things we were denied in this life are all there awaiting us in the rapture.

When one is enlightened there is nothing to hope for. The perfection in the imperfection is as assumed as problems are in the physical plain.

Enlightenment requires no hope. Hope is anathema to enlightenment.

Hope creates something to overcome and an interesting story for historians.

When the things to be overcome lose all relativity to size, enlightenment is experienced.

Every moment of unenlightenment is bolstered by your decision to be bigger or smaller, better or worse.  ie. Relative.

Tomorrow`s lesson....   "How to make an upside down cake the right way up."
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« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2014, 07:13:48 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 3

                                                                    Hope = faith = belief = a life.

From outside of the story, hope, faith and belief are identical.  Together they make a story and that story is your life.
From inside of a story one has a platform to view from.
One evaluates all circumstances and experiences with their story as a filter.

If what is being observed does not fit in with ones story it is not engaged in any way.

Ones hopes, beliefs and faith form a bubble around the identification created by that story.

And this is where you get the upside down cake...

One believes that circumstances and experiences have created their life (bubble).
But from outside of the story one sees clearly that the beliefs, hopes and faith, have created the circumstances and experiences that are ones story.

That bubble is there to protect the owner from the terror of losing ones identity.

This should explain why story owners allow people holding guns to push them around.

There is unadultereated terror at the thought of losing ones story (life).  This is because it is unthinkable.

When ones story is doing someone`s thinking, losing identification with that story makes thought completely random and dissociated.

In this realm of identification ones faith, hopes and beliefs precede them on a journey into a life story.
It  is a game of catch up that has the goal of self perpetuation. It is those beliefs, hopes and faith that drop the evidence (Circumstances and experiences) that encourage us to make sound decisions.

Here... let`s see if I can get the penny to drop.  I know its not easy to think of something without something to think with.

Notice how stupid people are on the subject of death.
Ask great religious leaders or top scientists. They are the stupidest.
You have asked them to think of a subject where their thinking gear is redundant.

The thinking gear is created by the life that is the viewing platform.
Absent that life there is nothing to think with. There is no viewing platform.

You can see by the afterlife hopes and beliefs that are commonly held that they are fraught with this world influences.

Gates. Palaces, father, Mansions, trumpets, virgins. All that crazy shit.

This is why hope faith and belief can lead you down the garden path totally without inspection.
They are manufacturing the evidence that keeps them immune from blame.

They are like "the shakes" experienced by a junky.
Hope, faith and belief are the glue that keep one addicted to life.

Shatter someone's hopes, faith and beliefs and just see if their LIFE doesn`t fall apart !!!

Is their a cure for this ?  Only when you don`t HOPE for one.

One cannot think their way to enlightenment.
Thinking is an unenlightenment Queen bee.

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« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2014, 08:35:11 AM »

                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 4

                                                                      Is there a God ?

Is there an answer? Is there a reason for being here? Will the cast of "Friends" ever re unite for a one off special?
Which religion is right? Is there life on Mars? Did Jesus really exist? Who will win American idol ?

While you are waiting for these questions or any questions, for that matter, to be answered you have successfully distracted yourself
and perpetuated the illusion we call life.

There are no answers that will bring one to enlightenment. All questions and answers just buy more time.

When one is outside of the story, there are no answers because there are no questions.

Questions and answers are the same thing. There is no time to ask a question and await the answers.

It becomes clear that time itself was created between questions and answers.

From inside the story one can delude themselves that one day they will have the answer and the answer will bestow enlightenment.

This is all despite the fact that all answers have ever done is to provide MORE questions.

I know....  We are getting close. Soon mankind will have the answers they have been looking for. Maybe it will happen when
we invent the wheel or computers become a reality. Maybe the Hadron Collider will show us how to make the perfect curry.

If one was to magnify and manifest this question and answer time machine and  create the perfect unenlightenment collider, it would be called "Organized Religion."

Here you have a hope, a belief and a faith acting as the vanguard of all the evidence and answers bestowed on us by greater powers.

How can one get enlightened by seeking answers from an unenlightened, self perpetuating industry?

Don`t you see?  By asking a question, all you are doing is reconfirming the story that you built a life on.

Example...  Is there a God?   Answer....  #@^%$+++.

This answer is totally rejected because it isn`t the answer you were EXPECTING !!!!!!

It doesn`t fit in with your circumstances and experiences.

This mechanism is what has kept mankind unenlightened for more time than existed before it was kept. Infinitely more.

The exact ingredients that create organized religion are the exact same ingredients that go into creating a life story.

And what is organized religion but one big story. And for Man it is His tory unfolding.

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« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2014, 07:29:45 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 5

                                                                 You and me against the world.

As soon as one has elected to be someone from within, they have created a world where they can go...without.

For every bit of character building one does, one loses options. Ones view of the world becomes set in concrete.

As we are all experts on everybody else`s mind we soon see how people are set in their ways.

The mind says "Well since we have to go some way...It may as well be the right way.

The more one identifies with a mind that is doing things the right way, the less one can recognize other ways.

The mind is geared up to perpetuate itself. It has an innate addiction to fitting in with what it perceives as LIFE.
It is a co conspirator. It will draw on ones circumstances and experiences to justify the RIGHT direction to take.

The mind has an agenda that supersedes any other possibilities.

Identification with a mind eliminates infinity and reduces one to one.

Let`s take a few instances where this can be seen.

We are talking about other individuals minds here. Otherwise the mind looking at itself will see nothing. It`s what does ones looking.

Let`s say we have in front of us a mind with a problem.
The mind feels uncomfortable and unfulfilled. It has all the symptoms described by words invented by the people who are working on cures for these exact mental problems.

The experts allow the afflicted some of their precious time.

Without fail, the expert will ask the mind to tell its story.
The mind is in heaven.

It puts on the record before the question is even finished.

The expert will compare the story it is hearing with its own story. This is how it can see where the afflicted took the wrong path.

The expert`s mind has diplomas and a speed boat, so it knows it took the right path.

The experts mind won`t for a second suspect that it is leading the troubled mind down the garden path.

Let me just make the point that, A person`s story is a complete record of how they got fucked up.
It is what led them to where they don`t want to be right now.

There is nothing in that story that will get the person from where they don`t want to be now to where they want to be in the future.

But for the time being they are offered , hope, faith , and belief.... They have a LIFE with hope faith and belief.

Without those things they would have no identification with their LIFE his/story.

Their options would go from one to infinity.

One goes from "I AM ................   to ,but  I could be......or I could be............  or I could be. Or even.........

The I am has filled in the first blank. It cannot see the `could be` blanks at all. They remain blank.

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« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2014, 06:39:28 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 6

                                                                    The walking dead.

To have a life one has to be 99.99% dead.

The life we have is what is left of us when our light is dimmed.

The circumstances and experiences we identify with take form.
That form is the darkness on a negative photographic plate that we hold up to the light.

From outside of the story we see that all life is only possible in the dark.

The light blocked by our belief in negative experiences and circumstances creates the picture that we
are sentenced to develop in the darkroom.

One cannot hold up the same negatives every time and expect the picture to change.

We are constantly recreating our same old life and getting the picture all too clearly.

Because we believe in and are so addicted to the picture of our life, we look from the picture and focus on the forms that are
holding back the light that we are.

At death we surrender our identification with the picture and the negative and we lose the singular viewpoint that our
identification created.

We come back to life through death.

No wonder identities are baffled about life and death.

"Life is death and death is life."

It`s like trying to punish someone into liking you.

By blocking ones own light, one is always developing a picture that is unique to the self.

That self, over time, identifies with the picture of their life by adding more darkness to the negative.
This process makes their picture more black and white and defines the lines.

The more defined you are, the more you are surrounding yourself with darkness.

One gets to the point where they are so identified with the darkness that they fail to recognize their own light any more.

It`s always darkest just before the dawn.
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« Reply #6 on: January 14, 2014, 07:29:58 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 7

                                                             Don`t mess with Mr. In between.

Enlightenment will continue to elude humans for all time.

This is all part of the conundrum.

The mere fact that one is a part of mankind is a full expression of unenlightenment.

Enlightenment is inperceivable to all but the enlightened.

Enlightenment is not something one can understand conceptually. It is a state of being.

Even if the most talented word-smith re wrote what I am describing here, it would never be a hit.

It could only ever be read for the wrong reasons.

For what is read on this subject to do its magic, one has to be out of their mind.

So it can only ever address that within you which is already enlightened.

It`s more of an acknowledgement than a sacrament.

The message here does not answer the questions any reader could have ever asked.

One cannot place these answers in any void created by any question.
No information here will ever fit in with anybody`s experience.

People will not tolerate this logic for a second. "It just doesn`t make any sense." they will say.
And yet they will see nothing odd about a bunch of hippies protesting WAR , by having one with the police.

The only motivation provided by unenlightenment is to become somebody.

It doesn`t ever register as completely futile.
Just take a walk around your local cemetery.
Everybody planted there used to be somebody to.

The unenlightened miss the point that the ones they aspire to be like, were only ever having fun.

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« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2014, 07:01:43 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 8

                                                            "My God.... Why hast thou forsaken me?"

God cannot be felt while one is deluded about potential.

The self has been educated into believing that potential is a standard of excellence that one can live up to.

"He had so much potential but he blew it all quitting."

"If we lived up to our potential the world would be a better place."

"I always knew I had the potential to be a ........   but for some reason I just never did."

The mere fact that one takes on board the idea that they have the potential to fail is a perversion of what potential is.

Potential is not an extinguishable force.
It is not something that has a use by date. It is not something one can waste. And it certainly isn`t something one can live up to.

All these, and a myriad of other dilemmas , are only possible by hitching ones wagon to lack of potential.

Potential is limitless possibilities.  Which is the definition of GOD.

There is nothing a god could not potentially do!!!

God can even make God-self invisible.  And the moment that happens we are left with the birth of the question...

"Invisible to who ? " 

And that is where YOU are right NOW.

God can see you at all times.
But while there are "times" you cannot see God.

The self`s view of God is obscured by the negative one is holding up.

Only some of God`s light filters through.
The darkness in the negative casts the shadows that surround the self.
They define everything that is framed within that picture one has of Life.

It`s not fun living in the shadows.
 And FUN was what God was having when he allowed a part of God to focus back at God and see how much Fun God potentially is.

When one reunites with God, it is the most fun they have ever had.

But from down here in the shadows one thinks that by modifying the shadows fun can be experienced.


Guy wants to be a babe magnet.

He looks at his body and feels it is inadequately defined. 

Conclusion.... Go to the Gym. Endure much pain and gain the body he can love.

Because he can love that body it is obvious to him that babes will love it to. And all sorts of fun will be the outcome.

But the pain is too great. The path too long. He quits and now has put more experience and circumstance on the negative
that blocks fun.

No wonder the longer one lives the more one dies.

It is part of the conspiracy to take life seriously and reward oneself with fun.

Why then are the most beautiful women the most critical of their own bodies?
Why do people express fun by getting shit faced with alcohol.?

Why do the wealthy holiday in places where they don`t need money?

Why do rock stars become junkies?

Why do "The Wiggles" fight amongst themselves?

  Fun is not something one has. It is something that one is.

Looking outside of ourselves to find out who we are is how we got here in the first place.

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« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2014, 08:31:37 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 9

                                                                    The CONtrol.

To be inside of his story a guy has to continually project the concept that there is something greater than the self.
Higher forces. God. A supreme being. An all knowing entity. The mover unmoved. The devil.

Because the mind cannot conceive of such a thing. It has to pervert this dilemma into a concept it can think with.

So you end up with people worried to death that some almighty presence gives a hoot whether they masturbate or not.

The general conspiracy is that some great creator is keeping notes on our masturbation habits and these and other unmentionable transgressions will need to be accounted for on judgement day by our "mortal " souls.

This is never pondered on for long by the mind. It has other priorities. Namely preventing judgement day from happening at all.

This concept has made wankers of all who believe it.

Being part of the human race is nothing to be proud of.  And it is a race. A race away from the finish line. With a severe handicap.

This whole scam about God and eternity has been perpetuated by severly motivated racers pretending that they know what God wants
and doesn`t want.

This is the genesis. Not the Genesis which took seven days.
The Genesis of control. With you as the new life form to play the control game.
Which is all his story has ever been.

Control. Control. Control.

Have a look through any his story you want. It could only exist within a frame of control.

The tool implemented can only ever be right and wrong.

A self to exist has to be inside a frame of control using right and wrong to not see that.

And all right and wrong is adjudicated by a greater force.

Whoever has control is right. Who ever lacks control is wrong.

Any self can sit in this to create their eternity.

From within the story right and wrong are all one can see. By seeing them control is the omni presence that one is fighting.

Outside of the story it is clear that right and wrong are the tools used by control on the gullible and the needy.

One can never release themselves from un-enlightenment because of right and wrong.
Right and wrong are what mask enlightenment.

What I`m telling you here is definitely not right (Or wrong).

Everything you have experienced is proof of that.

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« Reply #9 on: January 20, 2014, 08:02:58 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 10

                                                                       Play the game !

When ever any humans are brought to account, we are caught in a terrible predicament.

"Your Honour, my client although remorseful of his lapse of judgement, was also a victim. His parents died in a tragic stampede at a K Mart opening sale. He was sexually abused, by eight sets of foster parents and three priests. His efforts to save the African Dung Beetle from extinction, were misguided, to be sure, but that was the result of a poor education. The fact that he sought solace in the alcohol he purchased with those funds is surely an indictment on society as much as my client. It is with these extenuating circumstances that I beg the court to show some sympathy and leniency towards my client on this day of sentencing."

The other side of this coin, which is randomly tossed around, is where a human becomes someone others want to emulate. The biography goes into intricate detail about all the obstacles that this fine example, of what can be achieved against overwhelming adversity, overcame.

This is no surprise. After all,  it is a case of "That`s life."
It is obvious that each step taken is thoroughly and exclusively informed by the individual`s circumstances and experiences.

It is this reality that makes genuine love between the players in the game of life, impossible.

All love in this dimension is conditional.

Parents will love their offspring until they develop an attitude incompatible with theirs.

Newly weds will love each other till death or until they fail to meet each others expectations.

Funny how you have to really love someone before you can really hate them.

Love has been perverted by the mind to mean compatible baggage.

From outside of the story it becomes clear that one has to invent a serious relationship before it can go seriously wrong.

There is no worse feeling in the world than to have all of your expectations disappointed by another.

Just don`t appoint anyone. It is not easy staying out of the game.  But the truth of the matter is, it is just as difficult to stay in the game.

The difference is that if you stay out , you have nothing to lose.
If you stay in, you have everything to lose.

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« Reply #10 on: January 23, 2014, 09:33:04 PM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 11

                                                                     The death about truth.

From outside of the story truth is a spontaneous creation. It is not created relative to anything else.

For that truth to become manifest one has to believe in it.

But a truth can only exist in the presence of a specific viewpoint.

Till that TIME, it is pure potential.

Ironically, the viewpoint  adopted by the philosopher is that the truth will set you free.
How many TIMEs have you heard that useless piece of junk?

Which truth are they talking about?

It is only truth that can enslave you.

As soon as you believe in a truth , you are from that time on a slave to it.

So from the moment truth sinks into your life, you have created a stimulus response story.

You look out from that truth and create your own bleak outlook.

The truth has made liars of every one of us.
We presume that if all the lies are replaced with truth we can use the truth like stepping stones to walk out of this place.

But realize this. " If there was no truth, lies could not exist !!!!!

A lie can only exist relative to a truth.

From outside of the story there is no truth or lies.

From inside of the story there is nothing but.

As one`s story unfolds it is an evolution of discovering that all truths are lies.

And it has gone on since time began, and will continue to keep creating time.

To the enlightened, there is no truth or lies. All there is, is spontaneous creation.

The spontaneity is lost the moment one views their creation as a truth.

   "Not believing any truth will set you free."           
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                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 12

                                                                         Proof of life.

The moment one believes a truth, they are under pressure to provide proof.
If they can`t they and their truth will be rejected.

The one thing that supersedes proof is agreement.

This is something innate to to the mind.
It sets the mind on a mission to create mass agreement.

The mind reasons that if enough people believe it, then that will trump any proof top the contrary.

This is the cosmic conspiracy at work.

Philosophical truths are dependant on numbers to gain any sort of credibility.

If you have 1,000,000 believers then your truth must be better than a philosophy that has one believer with proof.

The game of life is perpetuated fanatically and habitually by all "lifetime membership card holders.

Just start noticing it. You will be encouraged to agree and discouraged and even ostracised for not agreeing.

Every single player in this game has an agenda to make you agree.

"Great weather we are having."  " It`s not safe to walk the streets."  " Wasn`t that a great game last night."

"Politicians are out of touch." " But at least you have a job. That`s the main thing."  " Justin Beeber is a spoilt rich kid."

"Things are so expensive these days."  " Did you hear about how stupid foreigners are?"

If you don`t agree with any of the above your "life" could be in jeopardy.

Play the game !  Play the game !     Play the game !!!
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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 13

                                                                      Saving the world. (As we know it.)

Can you imagine the world singing in perfect harmony under a huge coke bottle?
Can you imagine every single person in the world sitting around a huge camp fire singing Kumbaya?
Can you imagine whole communities being able to picnic with bears and lions?
How about world leaders all hugging each other and crying as the last weapon of mass destruction is thrown on a huge bonfire?

Bit of a stretch?

What about a family outing where no one gets physically assaulted?...

No ?

How about just not feeling disappointed about yourself?

Actually I know for a fact that the subject of world piece cannot even be contemplated by the human mind.

It`s like teaching dead people to dance. You were too late.

World peace....  The greatest minds in existence have been pondering this for eons and still haven`t come up with one idea.

Not one.  Instead the mind has come up with world peace ideas to fight over.

So how come world peace has been the most popular yes vote of all time, only to be constantly pipped at the post by conflict?

This phenomenon has made jack asses out of Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, L. Ron Hubbard, and The Incredible Hulk, to name a few.

And Ozzy Osbourne  has done more for world peace than all of them put together.

                      "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most."

                                                                                                 Ozzy Osbourne

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                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 14

                                                                    Working for peace.

From inside of the story working for peace makes perfect sense.
If everybody just put a little effort in and was a bit more tolerant and loving then peace would be an inevitability.

There could be peace plans and negotiators. Agreements signed.
When that all failed we could send peace keepers to the worlds hotspots and once they get shot at we could punish those who break the peace with a war.

This would be like the police a.k.a., peace officers. And they have a long history of restoring the peace.
They have a war on crime. 

This all makes perfect sense to the mind.

Why the criminal justice system came up with a scheme called "Diversion" is unclear to me.

This prevents non serious, first time offenders, from being put through the criminal justice system.

Mind owners agree this is a good idea. But why deny those who have wandered from the straight and narrow the benefit of all the criminal justice system has learned about rehabilitating lawbreakers and returning them back to a society where they can carry on as well adjusted , contributing citizens ???

Isn`t this an admission that getting involved with them isn`t going to do anyone any good.?!

Christians have been at war with sin and evil, for centuries. They even had crusades in the middle ages.

"Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before."

They even send out missionaries to conquer new areas.

                                          Having a war for peace is as moronic as talking about silence.

Like silence , peace is what`s already there.

By connecting with the peace and quiet , so are you.

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                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 15

                                                                       Right you all is.

The mind is not seeking enlightenment. The mind has a stake in keeping its owner unenlightened.
Enlightenment spells the end of the mind.

To prevent its owner from realizing this, the mind has come up with a series of forgeries.
A bullshit version of everything man has asked the universe for.

Let`s look at a couple of examples.

How is it that there are so many different "one true paths" to enlightenment?

The mind loves this sort of shit.

It says, "Well if the religions can`t even agree and get along together , what hope do I, a normal human being, have?

The reason religions exist at all is to save man from suffering. If there was no suffering, the worlds religions would have no

No religion can afford to end suffering. To end suffering would be to end religion.

So religion instead sells "hope" to those who are willing to "believe."

From that perspective bullshit enlightenment is dressed up and sold with great dignity.

Dressed up enlightenment is easily recognized by all the pomp and ceremony that surrounds it.

The more elaborate the ritual, the less enlightened its practitioners are.

Wearing a funny hat , shaking a stick and doing a wacky dance are all symptoms of fake enlightenment.

The mind being an expert on everyone else`s mind sees this. It recognizes how absurd other`s beliefs and rituals are .
But it does not, for a moment, allow inspection of the crazy shit it inflicts on its own host.

This phenomenon has harmonics all through every aspect of "life".

Bullshit peace, Bullshit love, Bullshit philosophy, bullshit justice, bullshit knowledge.
Bullshit happiness, bullshit heroes and villians, bullshit entertainment. Bullshit justice,
Bullshit politics. Bullshit science.  Bullshit healthcare. Bullshit society. Bullshit information. bullshit economics

And most insidious of all... Bullshit TRUTH !

It is only by ceasing ones search for truth that one realizes
truth was only ever a specific viewpoint held up by the unlimited potential that one was before the truth set in.

             A truth is something you are holding there by believing it.
             By believing it your truth is on a timer which runs out when you inevitably discover your truth is not the truth at all.
             The truth is your slave master.

The truth is only there because of the viewpoint you have adopted to find out that your truth is made up.


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