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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 32676 times)
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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 104

                                                         Making peace with nothing.

When one is doing the daily present moment awareness connected breathing "nothing" happens.
Or more correctly, nothing is happening.

This drives the mind wild. The mind sees this as a perfect justification for abandoning any further pursuit of present moment awareness. The mind can think of a million things one could be doing to distract ones focus from the sheer frustration of nothing happening.

The mind will say "Look I`ve tried this for two seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years/decades now...
....and nothing is happening."

The mind will not recognize that frustration as something. It will see it as nothing.

You see how subtle this is?

Maybe it will be clearer this way....  The mind faced with the frustration of experiencing nothing will replace it with an experience of something. That something , for our purposes, could be called a distraction.

But you see what has happened ? The mind is trying to distract its owner from the frustration of nothing.

So the mind rallies the troops and sets off in search of a distraction from its frustration.

No matter what that distraction is, whether it be a new car, or a new lover, or a new computer game, it will
only ever result in one being revisited by the same frustration it was supposed to distract one from.

The distraction cannot ever be a remedy for the frustration. It is after-all only a distraction.

Nothing makes people more frustrated than a remedy that didn`t work.

"You promised me you would love me for ever !!!!!"
"They promised me that I`d get reliable, trouble free, motoring !!!"(And where the fuck are the girls in bikinis?)
" This new fucken computer game is just the old one with different graphics !!!"

Then the whole cycle of life begins again.  " I think I`ll go on one of those cruises. That will make me happy."

Happiness is distraction from the frustration of having nothing to experience.
But that distracting experience cannot but revert back to the nothing one was trying to avoid, resulting in a return of the same frustration and the experience of being unhappy.

Distraction is not the remedy for the frustration of experiencing nothing. All it does is buys one more time.

And here we are NOW. You`ve done all the things that were supposed to make you happy.
And yet here you are, frustrated as hell. If you are still distracted, that last sentence just went right over your head. But it will still be here for you, when you come back, less distracted.

By looking for relief from the frustration of experiencing nothing through distraction, one has now put an agenda into every distraction they engage with.  It sets one up to be continually disappointed in the distraction.
It`s just a case of "how long?" before the distraction abandons all responsibility for your frustration curing agenda.

You have no choice.

The only choice one has is to make peace with the nothing.

Until one does, one is sentenced to time in the inevitability of running from frustration to frustration.

The more one allows their specific frustration to dissipate into the unlimited potential of present moment consciousness, the less one will have waiting for them at the end of their distractions.

Imagine a world where nothing could disappoint you.
It would be like nothing you had ever experienced.

It matters not whether you found this message about nothing frustrating.

But I did warn you there was nothing to be gained from reading my messages.

Once you have made peace with your frustration over nothing, you will have nothing to be frustrated about....
....or with !!!!!
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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 105

                                                                 Gaining loss.

The one thing that the mind cannot cope with at all is loss. If you aren`t sitting in a loss at this moment then
the mind cannot think about it.
If you are sitting in a loss then it`s all the mind cannot think about.
It goes into meltdown and goes through your old record collection playing them over and over.
As if that will achieve something.

Mind owners who are experts on the mind come up with ways that fictitious minds can "Cope with loss" or "Deal with loss." Or "get over loss." 

The flaw in this logic is that there is nothing there to get over, cope, or deal, with. It is not there. It`s a loss.

One thought they had something and now it`s gone.  It is absent. It is irretrievable.

Anything one does to remedy nothing, is something. And immediately it becomes so, it is no longer what was requiring remedy. It`s something else.

Seems like word play. And that`s exactly what the vocalizations caused by loss are.

"I could have...  I should have.....If only I had.....  I didn`t know what I had till it was gone....
I`d do anything to get it back..... I`ll do anything to get rid of this pain."

The mind is no help. It just keeps playing the old records, and it is on the verge of abandoning you as well.

If you ever needed proof that your mind is not your friend, try getting comfort from it in your moment of need.

It will likely, helpfully, suggest that you blow your brains out.

What the mind won`t think of is that the one thing not experiencing the loss is the thing that is lost.

That which is lost won`t think to experience that it has been lost..... Because experiencing that it has been lost is confirmation that it hasn`t. How else could it be experiencing it? Only by not being lost.

You can easily see why the mind is at a loss to remedy the pain of loss.

All pain is,....  is identification.  Identification is having stuff.

Red bikes get lost all the time. But if it happens to be the one you had then it`s a pain.

The less one identifies with something, the less pain its loss will cause.

If one was to lose identification with every thing. Then one would lose the pain of losing those things.

Losing something is merely an illusion. Because having identified with that thing was the illusion.

Everyone at the funeral is sad over their loss, except the guy being funeraled, who has lost identification with
that guy.

And because that guy was only defined by his mind, (which is what killed him), his mind is free to haunt somebody else with it`s remedial record playing .

By gaining loss and losing everything..... one has lost the no choice, painful experience of being defined.

With present moment awareness, one sees that belief in loss is an illusion hatched from the un-inspected truth that
identification can be had by having.

And it can while you believe it. But then you are vulnerable to experiencing the pain of losing it.
But when one loses that "truth", having and losing both are lost. It`s a choice to lose it. But a painless one.

One can spend time trying to get over , through, or under a loss.
It takes no time to see that it is only by "having" that one engages "losing."

Lose the illusion of having and..... .....    .....  what have you got to lose?
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                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 106

                                                                 Facing reality

There is no face grimmer than one that is facing reality.
And that grim face`s reality is that you should face reality as well.
To a reality facer, someone who isn`t facing reality needs to be taught a lesson.

They have no choice.

A reality facer is compelled to defend the reality they face and convert non reality facers to face reality.
The reality facer cannot stop themselves from rubbing reality in the face of the non reality facer.
It is essential to the reality facer that others face reality as well. This makes violence , threats , intimidation, force, and corporal and capital punishment, completely justified. After all, it is for the non reality facers benefit. They just don`t realize it.

The reality facer will assemble an army, and gather other reality facers to enforce reality on non reality facers.
It`s completely the right thing to do... Just ask Sam and Bill and "everybody."

At the same time a reality facer is instructing non reality facers about reality, the reality facer is compelled to discover more reality to reinforce the reality they are instructing.
The reality facer will often use a yellow highlighter pen to highlight the one sentence in a whole book that is reality.

The reality facer can scan a whole newspaper and only see the few bits of reality that it contains.
A reality facer, is on a mission to reinforce reality and disregard everything else.

There is no end to what a reality facer will do to keep reality there.
If reality was to disappear... Where would we be?

Without reality, there is nothing.

All those wars , would have been for nothing. All of those brave men who died in battle would have died for nothing.
All those people who got depressed and got hooked on drugs and alcohol, would have done so for nothing.
What about all the time one spent in school....Was that for nothing?
And what about all the domestic violence?....Yep. That would have all been for nothing.

And what about all the years of dedicated service and self sacrifice to the great religions, that too would have all been for nothing.
A lifetime spent toiling and struggling till one discarded their withered and worn out bodies, that would have been for nothing.

This is the reality that reality facers can`t face.

Oh and by the way....

Please enlighten me.

I want to believe. 
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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 107

                                                            GOD. Inside out.

Consider all the thoughts that have been thought and all the words that have been used to try to explain GOD.
And you will see that they have all come to nothing.

So rather than settle on nothing, the thinkers and utterers have moved on to something else.
In fact , they have done nothing but something else.

Everything on the subject of GOD that has been served up can only ever be something else.

Once something else has been put on the plate, that something else is not GOD.

The moment you put mashed potatoes on the plate , you are serving up "Mashed potatoes and ........"

God was the infinite potential that the plate , the mashed potatoes and the specifically something else, came forth from.
But once it came forth to be specifically something, it lost it`s potential to be anything else.

You`ll notice how people in the arts are always thanking GOD for inspiring them.
Yet not plumbers. Plumbers have specific things that they have to do. There is limited creative licence available in the world of plumbing.

What I am telling you here is potentially worth billions of dollars.
The answer to all man`s questions. The solution to all man`s problems. The end of all suffering.
One on one consultations with God himself....

If someone was to package and market this stuff. Design courses and seminars. Sell books and cds. Get celebrity endorsements. Put it on the shopping channel. Just think about the potential !!!!!!

The whole problem is, you`d be selling them "nothing." 
That`s why all the really affluent religions have been selling something else.

You simply can`t sell nothing. People won`t accept it.
Infinite, unlimited potential, has to become something else before people will buy it.

Having infinite, unlimited potential, is simply not real to people.

They will however buy into the idea that someone other than themselves could have it.
He has been named GOD, and he lives in his palace in Heaven and he knows everything there is to know.
He made you. He loves you and forgives you your manufacturing flaws, transgressions and trespassing.
And all he wants from you is completely open to interpretation.

GOD is kind and patient. And let`s not forget loving and jealous, and wrathful , with a bit of smiting in there.
God, who created everything, must also have created the psychiatric conditions he suffers from.

GOD is completely accommodating. He/she/it will be, and is, whatever you want to believe.

GOD is really something else.
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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 108

                                                          Confessions of God`s therapist.

  Edited transcript of an interview conducted in a dingy hotel room in Saigon November 1969 and L.A. 1987

When God first came to see me, he was pretty fucked up, to say the least.

Things were tense. It was a war zone. Suffering and death were all around.
God staggered in slightly tipsy and smelling like he hadn`t bathed in months.

I asked him how I could help.
Well he just went ballistic. Ranting and raving and cursing every mother fucking arsehole he could think of, while waving all sorts of weapons about.

Once he calmed down, I repeated my question.

"Can`t you see? Are you fucking blind? We are in Hell. This whole shit-house should be blown off the map.!!!"

Like I say...He was a mess. Didn`t even know who he was. Just confused, cornered, and blind with rage.

I asked God why he was here in Hell as the sound of choppers droned away in the distance.
He said. "I was drafted. I had no choice. You think I would be here if I had a say in it?"

I asked God what he`d say to being somewhere else.
God assured me he`d rather be anywhere other than where he was.

So I got him to close his eyes, connect his breathing , and think of nothing.

Every so often God would open his eyes and explain to me that he was still here.

One time when he did he was still here. But now here was somewhere else.
We were now in a run-down apartment in the Los Angeles suburbs and it was 1987.

I asked God how he got out of Indochina.
He told me how he`d walked out of our meeting without his weapons and was promptly delivered to his superior officers for not carrying a weapon at all times.

Apparently he had told someone in charge that he had realized he was God and had chosen not to harm another living thing. He must have been quite adamant about it.

After three days of evaluation by the duty psychiatrist he was given a section 8 and sent home.
His diagnosis was that he had lost his mind. Too crazy for the armed forces. Now that says something.

Meanwhile back in L.A. God was doing okay. He was managing a rock band and apart from an addiction to cigarettes and the occasional use of recreational drugs he was in good shape.
He still hadn`t realized who he really was.... But it didn`t seem to bother him.
 He didn`t seem to want any more help. So I left my card, just in case he needed me again, and I caught the bus back to my office where another God was due to see me early that afternoon.


What the fuck?????
Am I serious ????
Is this for real ?????
I`ve never read such a bunch of crazy fucked up shit in my life. (Try The Bible.)

I guess this was the biblical equivalent of a parable.

You see for God to wind up in Hell or La la land takes some doing.

But the key to it is to not know that he is God.

He has to suffer from the psychiatric disorder that he created.

We are all the manifestation of God`s mental illness.

Why on earth are we doing this? Well that`s like asking a crazy person why they aren`t sane.

They have denied themselves the sane viewpoint that creates the space for crazy to exist.
That crazy is collectively known as "The mind."
And of course without TIME, there is nothing to experience that crazy in.

So take away the mind, and take away time and there is nowhere for crazy to manifest and no time to experience it.

The God who has chosen to inhabit a mind has surrendered free choice over to that mind.
Now the only choice left is to vacate it. Or one can `not` make that choice and continue to do what their out of control mind tells them to.

Do you realize what they do to the worst of the worst prisoners who refuse to reform.... They lock them up alone with nobody but their mind.  The cruellest torture a mind owner can endure is to be locked up alone with their own mind. Do you get it?  And who, prey tell, is the last conversation the suicide has with???  Their own fucking mind.

This is the entity that God`s have created so that they have something to do and the time to do it.

God has manifested every type of crazy imaginable, all facilitated by the mind.
But the prize one that the mind earns its bread and butter with is Amnesia.

Without Amnesia you would realize God`s name.

                   Here for the first time ever is the name of God.... But you`ll probably forget it.

                                 God   ISME.

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« Reply #110 on: May 15, 2014, 09:45:40 AM »

                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 109

                                                                 The conversion.

Traditionally man has elected to believe that anything infinitely more powerful than himself must be a God.
The Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, had Gods coming out their arses.

It didn`t take a genius to figure out that staying on side with something infinitely more powerful was a good idea.
Actually what it took was a moron.

And Moronism was born.

Now if one moron could put on a convincing show that tricked the other morons into believing that he knew what the infinitely more powerful wanted, then that moron was able to get more on top of the others.

Now the pressure was on to have the best show in town.
So the rituals became more elaborate and the silly hats became sillier.

Moronism appealed to the moron inside all who saw the show. But when some morons were still not bowing down
to those morons who knew best what God wanted, and when they refused to heed the warnings, those who best knew what God wanted , realized that God wanted them to cut a deal with those morons who could enforce the heeding of their warnings.

Meanwhile those who could get morons to heed, were having trouble getting them to heed enough.
King Powercrazy would tell his armies to go forth and conquer. And they`d say "Fuck you."
So he`d say "I order you to." and they`d say "fuck you."
He`d tell them that they should be willing to die for him. And they`d say "Fuck you."

He`d tell them of the rewards they would get for going on his power trip.

But it was obvious that they would not be able to experience those rewards if they were rotting in some foreign land with an arrow through their brains.

So those who knew what God wanted , knew that God wanted them to cosy up to King Powercrazy.
Now those Morons could get the king to enforce the people to heed warnings and  King Powercrazy could send
his armies off to loot and plunder for him because it was what God wanted.

Not only that, those who moronically died for the King would have his loot waiting for him at God`s palace.
Now just to emphasize what morons these Gods armies are.
They were always sold on the idea of risking their life for the reward of virgins.

Absolutely amazing !!!  Did they not realize that their dicks would have been eaten by non cloven footed beasts of the fields?

I`ve never been able to fathom religions obsession with virgins.
But is it possibly that the male has eliminated the possibility of the girl being able to say to him "I`ve had better."

Anyway...Back to our crusade.

Around 300 AD the morons, who were busy conquering the known world, found that some of the people they were trying to conquer would rather die for their one true God than be conquered, and they weren`t expecting virgins.

So the conquerors of the world decided to cosy up to the morons who were putting on a show that they knew what the one true God wanted.

So the Christians and the Romans cut a deal which would finally tell the world what the one true God wanted and also had the power crazy descendants to enforce it. (Plus it all began with a virgin.... "They`ll love that !")

The new one true God was born and his name...Revealed here for the first time..

                                      God ISNOTME.
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                                                           "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 110

                                                            Murky certainty.

There exists an illusion that there are many diverse religions all believing in different Gods.
But that is a moronic delusion.
They have all believed in God ISNOTME since HIS emergence.

It`s the one unifying aspect that all religions have in common. If they didn`t, they wouldn`t have emerged to unify with anything in the first place.

We are all living in the world created by God ISNOTME.

For it is only by believing in God ISNOTME that they are here to have a life at all.

For anyone to have a life is utterly dependant on their belief in the one true God ISNOTME. Who has powers they can only dream of.

Once again it sounds like wordplay.
However as one connects their breathing and loses identification with their mind, they do what no one with a life can do. They merge with nothing.

Whether one does this voluntarily, by choice, or involuntarily by death, makes no difference.

At that moment, that moment becomes all there is. There are no other moments.

It is only in the moment where nothing exists that nothing is revealed as pure, infinite, unlimited potential.

There is no mashed potatoes AND ........

There isn`t even a plate to serve stuff up on.

There isn`t even anything to believe in because there is no truth till you make it up.

And there is no reason or benefit to making up a truth.
So all that is left is FUN.

"Who can I be now?"

Look around you ....There is your answer.

One returns from present moment awareness and wakes up to reality... The world full of proof that God ISNOTME exists.

One returns to where they live. They awaken to the place they call home. Specificity Street.
Present moment awareness had all been a dream. A vacation from the harsh realities of life.

But if one made present moment awareness their home, then the harsh realities of life would instead be the vacation they were dreaming of.
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« Reply #112 on: May 17, 2014, 09:13:31 AM »

                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 111

                                                     Stop the world. I want to get off.

The reality one is present in, whether it be comfortable or not, is what one identifies with home.
If it is comfortable, one can see no benefit in leaving.
If that reality is the source of discomfort then one can see great benefit in leaving it.
But the more uncomfortable, the realer that reality becomes.
The realer the environment one is present in is, the more unreal it is that one can leave it.

After all.... one`s problems are real.
And always a little too close to home for comfort.

The emotional pain and frustration is celebrated in Heavy Metal music.

But you have to be there to get it. Then it hits you where you live.

To live anywhere at all, one has to be a believer in the God ISNOTME.

This is the one true God that all home owners have in common.

Even atheists strongly believe in God ISNOTME. He`s the one they curse when disaster strikes where they are living.

And yes, God ISNOTME can even count Satanists amongst his most obedient servants.

Once one believes in God ISNOTME, the believer has unwittingly bowed down to forces more powerful than self.
"Reality has been created..... I didn`t create it. I believe in God ISNOTME. I am for-evermore a servant of God ISNOTME. I need to be on side with that which is more powerful than me."

Because believers in God ISNOTME wanted to do what God ISNOTME wanted them to do so much (which was actually nothing) they allowed God ISNOTME to have a voice.

That voice, the voice of God ISNOTME, manifested as the one thing that would give a voice to the God ISNOTME that would be automatically obeyed. It would be the voice of God ISNOTME eliminating any possibility of making a wrong choice. Or a right choice. for that matter. It eliminated any responsibility or possibility of ever having a choice to make. 

Even the choice of believing or not in God ISNOTME was taken care of.

It`s the one thing the enforcer of the will of God ISNOTME will never order you to do.

You`d have to be out of your mind to have that choice.

                                              For the mind IS the God ISNOTME manifested.

And he/it will hang on to you as if your life (Comfortable or not)depended on it. Because it does.


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« Reply #113 on: May 18, 2014, 10:09:40 AM »

                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 112

                                                           "Humans in the mist."

The evidence that God ISME doesn`t exist is overwhelming.
Equally overwhelming is the evidence that God ISNOTME does.

I know this is a mind fuck !

Someone asks me "do you believe in God?" I say "define God."
Whatever they say cannot be God...Because God is undefinable.

Now if someone says they don`t believe in God. I say to them. " If God was life itself... would you still not believe in God?"

But if you want to avoid crazy...It`s better to stay away from any conversations about God altogether.

As we are all manifestations of God`s Psychiatric illness, any discourse on the subject can only be crazy vs crazier.

This has put the whole of humanity in a mist that not even a mystic like Dian Fossey could see through.

The result is that humanity is present in a reality where...."it is a jungle out there."

What a mind owner cannot see is that the jungle out there is only seen by the jungle in here.

The mind holds on to the un-inspected truth that it is only believing what it is seeing.
But for someone who has lost their mind, it becomes the un-inspected truth that they are seeing what they are believing.

The truth to exist at all one must turn their back on it.

The moment one inspects their truth, they discover that all that is holding it there is their belief in it.

Obviously that can`t be the truth.

No... I`m not trying to be clever. I`m trying to communicate something that is contrary to everything you believe.

It isn`t something that needs to be true or believed in. Having truths, and believing in them, has caused every disaster you have ever had the misfortune to experience.

                                          For whatever you be believing, you be living.

                                            The belief you hold on to, be life you hold on to.

The be life you hold on to, is overwhelming evidence of the truth it would be crazy to abandon.

Is this fucking with your mind?


And while you be living in God ISNOTME the evidence of its existence will remain overwhelming.

When one does the connected breathing, truth and belief fade away like yesterdays news.

Just pay no mind to any unexpected "news flashes" from the misty jungle. They aren`t true. (Till you be livin` them.)

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« Reply #114 on: May 19, 2014, 04:14:12 AM »

                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 113

                                                                   Self HELP !!!

For a believer in God ISNOTME with overwhelming evidence that there are many more powerful forces in the environment they are present in than their-self, there comes the realization that their self needs help.

They observe that their dreams are not being realized. The things that they have used to distract themselves have all failed to provide them with the sense of satisfaction that they had hoped for.

Then comes this lonely feeling of desperation. What to do???

They know if they choose the wrong thing, it could waste years of their life. They could end up with the same dilemma but just be older and tired-er.

This is where one is faced with no option but to do some soul searching and have a serious discussion with their mind.

Have I described you? Like down to a T...?

I know this is the case because that state is the human conditioned defined.

How ? how ? how? how? how?....................

After being a regular patron of the "self help" section of the library I feel I can save seekers of knowledge, some time.

That whole branch of helpful advice could be summarized thus..  "Become someone else."

The language differs from book to book but the message and the methodology is the same.

"Fake it till you make it."

"Hammer in a new self over your old self.  Train your brain.  Dress for success. Be the love you want to see in the world. Do what successful people do."
Keep reminding yourself "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

"Visualize....plan..... self discipline...... Tell your self that you deserve everything you desire."

Here are the steps.

1.We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. Continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


                   ie. BECOME SOMEONE ELSE.

So what is the answer...?

       Who is asking ?......................

                                 GET RID OF THAT GUY !!!!!

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« Reply #115 on: May 19, 2014, 10:52:40 AM »

                                                             "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 114

                                                       "When will my suffering end?"

The moment that there is no "My" to suffer.

Till then there is only suffering.
Now we try to escape that with distraction. But that suffering is just waiting for us when the distraction wears off.

The Mr/Miss Right you found fails to live up to your expectations.
That religion you joined ends up abandoning you just when you needed it.
That gadget you bought gets old and boring.
That dream holiday has to be paid for when you get back.
That career advancing job you got becomes a sentence.
Those children you pushed out, turn out to be ungrateful, self centred, screen watching, disappointments.
Those friends you accumulated fall to bits in front of your eyes.

There is no end to suffering while you are there to experience it.
Every distraction is suffering with a fuse.

Well what hope is there then?  This paints a very bleak picture of the human experience.
Not at all. The picture has already been painted.
Just look into the faces of your fellow humans.

With very few exceptions the happy "Have a nice Day" faces you see are faking it.
With a few words one can wipe the smile off the face of even the happiest faker.(Fakir)

Just tell a happy hopeful Christian that "God sucks dick in Hell."

And voila !!.... You are now looking at the face of the Devil.
It`s like ripping off a band-aid to reveal a festering wound.

The suffering that religion had distracted this Christian from is back in a flash.

The point I want to reiterate here, is that all mind owners are only three bits of bad news away from the laughing academy.

"Fake it till you make it." seems like a modern age catchphrase for the upwardly mobile.
Whereas in actuality it is all mind owners have ever, are ever, and will ever do.

There is no choice.

It is only when humans makes the choice to disassociate with the mind that it becomes clear that every single thing they had been doing, liked and disliked, was without choice.

But the really hard one to dissociate from, is that the same applies to all other mind owners one has had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting.

It is only now that one can choose to stop appointing those who will ultimately disappoint them.

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« Reply #116 on: May 20, 2014, 03:55:19 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 115

                                                             Dreaming of home.

As one starts to zero in on present moment awareness, they begin to reconnect with dream consciousness.
Their dreams start to become more real. Meanwhile their real world experience starts to feel more and more like a dream.

The solid, impenetrable environment that used to be all too real begins to feel softer and more malleable.
The dreams one has, begin to affect changes in one`s real world experience.

This gives the person going through this the view that these two worlds are re uniting. Coming together if you like.

But that view only exists because one is still living in the mind which needs to make sense of this phenomenon.
Once on the other side there is no need to make sense of anything.

The same phenomenon occurs as someone is approaching death.
The "real world" starts to fade out as dream consciousness takes over.
People who are dying are prone to what are called hallucinations by those still grounded in their "make sense of it" based reality.

To those focused on the dying person they observe someone losing their mind just before they lose their life.

Luckily this situation never lasts very long so those observing it can get back to their lives before they lose their minds as well.  They can go back to their homes and find comfort in the things they keep around them.

Meanwhile the recently departed has left to be home with God. (Or burn forever in Hell  if they were masturbaters.)
(Did it ever occur to anyone that Hell is the place where those who believe in it are living.)?

Death is just enforced present moment awareness.
One hasn`t merged the reality consciousness with dream consciousness.
One has moved house. And they have left all their belongings behind.

There is no forwarding address. Any real world bills sent to the deceased will fail to coax any sense of responsibility
 from the dearly departed.

Home is where one keeps all their stuff.
Not true.
It`s all our stuff that is keeping us home.

When one has present moment awareness, home is anywhere they are. It is potentially everywhere.

Meanwhile one`s stuff insists that it should be a specific place.
And that stuff, which is no hallucination, will keep reminding those trying to leave home that they have responsibilities.

Here is an example of the important, pressing, matters that the mind will use to call someone trying to leave home
back with.

      Breathe....Inoutinoutinout...No pauses.

  " Oh shit. I`ve got that function next week ....... In......  I really hate Tom`s girlfriend.   Out
She`s such a bitch..... In  Fuck...What did I wear last time?....  out......In......Out
Can`t wear the same thing again.....In  But I look so good in the thing I wore last time.... out....

Rodney said so.  I like Rodney...... In.....   Shame about his coke habit.....

I`ll bet if the government arrested all the drug manufacturers and made a big fire and burnt them.... In...
there would be more time.... out.... for reality TV shows about burning casseroles.... In

I wonder whatever became of Graham Kerr...Out

What did they call him ?.......In.........Oh yeah. The galloping Gourmet.  ........out 

That guy could cook tripe like no one else.


Just listen to your mind calling you home for important reasons while you are doing the connected breathing.

Now there`s some real tripe.

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« Reply #117 on: May 21, 2014, 10:05:07 AM »

                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 116

                                                            The rise and fall of Fun.

To be living in a mind that believes in God ISNOTME is no fun.

The constant nagging... The arguments....  The stress......  The lying.......  The suffering....  The struggle...

To distract ones self from this dire situation, one goes in search of fun.

But pure unadulterated fun that goes through the mind`s processes comes out as a complicated mishmash of 
bizarre standards that cannot but fail to provide the sense of satisfaction that it set out to find.

The mind owner is constantly on the look out for things that could be fun.

The mind is struggling so hard to find any fun at all, that it looks no further than finding fun for its self.
It has such a tenuous grip on fun that it has no idea what fun is for other minds. So decides to let them find their own fun.

Of course a mind owner takes for granted that it knows what its children will find fun.
But that is short lived as well.... Despite the expense.

Empires, businesses, marriages, careers, friendships, projects, political parties, religions, film studios, schools, lives are built in the hope of finding fun. They crumble when the fun doesn`t materialize.

"Our marriage is not working. We used to have so much fun together. But it just isn`t fun any more."
"This expedition to the South Pole isn`t fun any more. I just want to go home."
"This  course I signed up for stopped being fun months ago."
"This business venture looked like it would be fun. But now it`s just one problem after another."
"The philosophy I had such hopes for has turned out to be just another scam."

It started out as what looked like fun and turned into me not finding any fun for myself and justifying it by busying myself helping others to find the fun I wasn`t having. I was so busy, I didn`t even realize others were making fun of me the whole time."


So what`s the deal ?

Everything one observes emerging, emerged due to the hope that fun would accompany it.

They persisted because there was always the hope that the fun would be there if what emerged was given time.

When all hope of that fun emerging was lost, that thing was dismantled and vandalized with prejudice.

This fun that the vandal experiences destroying shit. Is the fun that the thing being destroyed failed to provide them.

                                            Destruction is fun gone bad.

The only laughter on Wall Street is a sadistic one.

FUN can never be found...... Because it is FUN doing the searching.
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« Reply #118 on: May 22, 2014, 03:19:34 PM »

                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 117

                                                      Pay Withdraw it forward.

"What`s wrong with the world? you may well ask.

And if you do, you had to be in it to ask.

There are an infinity of things that are not in this world and so the question has never occurred to them.

But that`s just speculation. The world is here and the questioner isin it. Thus there is no choice but to ask that question.

What`s wrong with this world is that you are in it.

A resident in this world has gone from Freedom to freedumb.

The mind, once you are in its grip does not allow choice.
You just fucking well do what you are instructed.

Try these lines out for size:
"You are choosing to be fat."
"You are choosing to be depressed."
"You are choosing to be poor."
"You are choosing to be sick."
"You are choosing to be an addict."
"You are choosing to badly behaved."

Look!  If you are residing in a mind, you have forfeited your right to choose shit.

"But I chose the blue one instead of the red one." That is a wonderful expression of freedumb.

Why did you choose blue?
"It`s my favourite colour."
When did you chose to make blue your favourite colour?
"I don`t remember. It just is. Stop bugging me."

The world is the way it is because there isn`t another one.

Do you get it. There is no choice !!!

You are stuck in this one, and while you are, you have no choice.
This one is all that exists. There is no other world to choose between.

The last choice you made was to have no choice.

The very next choice you make will be to undo that choice. Because that is the ONLY choice you can make.
Every single other choice is no choice at all.

This is hard going for a mind owner.

Still need convincing ?

Try telling your mind that you are other than what it has decided you are.

Tell your mind that you`ve changed your mind about being claustrophobic.
Tell it that you are no longer afraid of the opposite sex.
Tell it that you have decided to become slim.
Tell it that you don`t want to be an addict any more.
Tell it that you have decided to stop being a manic depressive.
Tell your mind that you have decided to swap religions.
Tell your mind that you are going to love your enemies.

Good luck with that....
Enjoy your Freedumb for the few seconds it lasts.

You can`t have any fun with the mind till you stop it from making fun of you.                                                             
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« Reply #119 on: May 22, 2014, 10:47:43 PM »

                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 118

                                                         When reassurance needs you.

All pain is, is negative feedback from identification.

Conversely, pleasure is positive feedback from identification.

To feel either, one must have identified with that which is experiencing.

Any vocalization which contains the word my, our, I, we, or mine contains that identification. It is first person.

Remove the my, our, I , or we and the experience is not felt.

A bad drug trip is only a painful experience when it is "Mine."

A skilled hypnotist can convince his subject that the arm having a needle passed through it is not an arm that the subject would refer to as "my". And presto, there is no experience of pain.
Likewise a hypnotist can convince his subject that a bad drug experience is "mine."  This despite the fact that no drug has been administered.

To be in pain, mental or physical, is a sad and lonely place to be.
When drugs are not able to provide a distraction or disassociation from the pain the victim is left with the realization that nothing is helping.

When one has tried everything to escape their emotional pain and yet it is still there.... They realize that nothing has worked.

It`s a sad and lonely place. Their whole life is reduced to nothing.
Nothing brings them pleasure. There is nothing worth living for. There is nothing they can do.
Their only desire is to become nothing.

They have just discovered the same thing every other seeker of truth came to.

Nothing !!!!!!

All that struggle...All that effort..... All that money.... All that trust..... All that hope...... All that commitment....

And it all came down to nothing.

Every time they found just turned into nothing again.

It is all so overwhelming that the victim of life, wants nothing more to do with anything. They just want to be nothing.

But rather than becoming nothing, they instead become something else. A more depressed version of the self that they wanted to become nothing.

It`s a very subtle thing. Missed by all the someone`s who made something of themselves.

Every road ever taken, every line of enquiry followed to its ultimate end, leads to NOTHING !

Unable to comprehend nothing, the mind immediately chooses something else instead.

It has to. That`s it`s job. To hide "nothing" from its owner.

For when that mind owner fully embraces "nothing" the mind is done for.
It becomes like every other mind that the mind owner hears on the radio and in the streets.
They get to hear all sorts of crazy shit. But now....none of it is his/hers.
Because there is no identification, there is no compulsion to obey (Or else....). There is no pain to experience.

So how does one embrace nothing?

Sit in a distraction free location, close your eyes and breath your body. Breath in and out with no pauses between the in and the out.
As soon as the lungs are empty begin the inhaling. As soon as the lungs are full, immediately start to exhale.
Done through the nose. Not forced. Just relaxed but with control.

While you are doing this, you are beginning to experience present moment awareness.
Your mind will not like this at all. It will try to persuade you to not lose identification with who it has spent a lifetime making you into.

Just go back to the connected breathing.  FOCUS ON NOTHING .

It is only by being in the now that nothing is accessible.

Nothing and only nothing is potentially anything.

Anything other than nothing is going to taint that nothing with something else.
One can always deal with something some other time.

One can only deal with nothing NOW !!!

There are billions of sound reasons not to do this.
There can be no reason to do it. It can only be your choice.
The only choice you can make is to cease having no choices.
Only you can provide the reassurance you need.

All my love.
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