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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 32668 times)
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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 16   

                                                                         Crunch time.

How can what I`m saying possibly be true?  If it was you surely would have heard about it by now.
What? You`re supposed to believe words on a screen not echoed by any of the great universities or experts on the subject of life?!

How come this information isn`t on CNN. Why has Jeremy Kyle never brought it up?

What credentials do I have? What about my life?...... How come I probably aren`t a multi millionaire laughing from when I get up in the morning till when I fall asleep at the end of the day?

What I`m saying can`t possibly be true !!!!


Their is nothing here to believe. One can`t design a course and sell cd`s of what I`m saying. There is nothing to learn or teach.

All we have here is a movement away from a specific viewpoint.

Notice how people who are falling apart with laughter say to the joker. "Stop it....You`re killing me."

I`m the joker who is taking the "life " out of you.

Better now than waiting till you get taken out of life. That`s when it becomes clear that they have been living a lie.
Their is no alternative. Life can only exist inside a lie.

I know it`s impossible to get your mind around this.
All one can do is move out of the specific viewpoint that believes in the truth.

Okay.  So let`s see if we can blow your mind.

Are you ready?

Take a look at your life.
You have a name. You have an age. You have interests and hobbies. You have certain individuals that you interact with.
You have an education. You may have a job. You may use that job to identify yourSELF with.
You have a history. You have memories. You have had experiences. You are within a set of circumstances.
You have strengths and weaknesses. You have preferences. All very tangible stuff.

You can prove you exist. The case for you existing is overwhelming.

And everything above is true.

Except when your life ends. Now none of it is true.

But you say...."It used to be true."

Problem is.......  There is no such thing as time.

So there was no time for any of your truths to exist.

The life you have is merely the lie born from your belief in a truth.

                "Life" is the process of;

                                              1.) Holding up a created truth.
                                              2.) Believing it.
                                              3.) Identifying with the viewpoint that can hold the truth in place.
                                              4.) Turning one`s back on the truth while being directed by it.
                                              5.) Wearing oneself out avoiding the truth.
                                              6.) Living a lie.
                                              7.) Holding out for as much time as possible until the truth catches up with one.
                                              8.) Discovering that one`s truth was a lie.
                                              9.) Creating a new truth.
                                             10.) Start all over again.

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« Reply #16 on: January 31, 2014, 07:37:04 AM »

                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 17

                                                                  Stake your claims.

                                                  1.) Holding up a created truth.

And so we begin the human experience with one of the greatest stories ever told.

"......With God as my witness...I`ll never be hungry again"

                                                            Scarlett O`Hara (Gone with the wind 1939.)

                                                                               2.) Believing it.

                            To believe in something one has to have a stake in it. Throw themselves into the role.

                                              3.) Identifying with the viewpoint that can hold the truth in place.

One has from that moment on lost their unlimited potential and now have a specific viewpoint with a specific desired outcome.

                                              4.) Turning ones back on the truth while being directed by it.

The self created truth cannot be inspected again without bias. Because now one can only see what they have created from a myriad of loaded questions.  The answer has become sacred. Their truth is now the motivation for thought. There is no motivation to find fault with one`s thinking.

                                              5.) Wearing oneself out avoiding the truth.

This is where the mind gets busy , drawing on everything in its experience to formulate plans and hatch schemes to carry out.
The difference between an amateur and a serious actor is that the serious actor asks before playing a scene; "What`s my motivation?"
He goes from someone reciting lines to living them.

                                              6.) Living a lie.

The more something is thought about and talked about the less purity remains. It has to be refined to fit in with the agenda of the mind. From the isolated viewpoint one has no option but , as in this case, to play the part of a business person. A serious business person.

                                              7.) Holding out for as much time as possible until the truth catches up with one.

From here one puts out their radar and attracts to themselves the wherewithal to perpetuate their lie. They will meet kindred spirits, attend seminars, dress for success, imitate other successful business people.  Develop a new vocabulary, even carry themselves differently.
Things that bolster their new world view are embraced. Things that don`t are ignored. It never dawns on one that they have one solution for everything. No what the problem, there is a businessman's answer. Needing love is now a business transaction. Alcohol is the businessman`s answer to the stress of it all.  If you are a child of one of these serious business people you are constantly reminded that you are a liability. But there is a business solution to that too. You are being groomed to be Donald Trump junior. And you better make your parents proud if you want any inheritance.  The more the child hears about the gold rush the more he thinks..."Bull-rush."
                                              8.) Discovering that one`s truth was a lie.

"The difference between the black man and the white man is that if the white man losses all his money he jumps out the window. A black man would never do that."
                                 Unnamed African American New York cab driver 1990.

                                              9.) Creating a new truth.

When disaster strikes the mind can be said to have failed. It has no clue how to take away the pain so it offers up the most moronic rubbish over and over again till the mind owner has had enough.

                                             10.) Start all over again.

The now ex mind owner, totally vulnerable, will grab a new truth to ease that pain.  A new mind is forming. It is encouraged with all the evidence it produces to back itself up. It will never be inspected again while it can give life.
The cycle has begun again.
You have a life. Life is a game. And we are all being played.

I realize that the above example is somewhat self serving in its twists and turns. But you don`t need my example. Look at your own example.

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« Reply #17 on: February 01, 2014, 07:54:37 AM »

                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 18

                                                               Where`s the fun in that?

When your truth is that you have a life then it is inevitable that you will believe that circumstances and experiences are an integral part of who you are.

Such a believer will be motivated to improve their circumstances and strive for better experiences.

One will now collect the desirable and discard the undesirable.  This activity is totally dependant on having a viewpoint.
One is further led to believe that without a viewpoint there is nothing worth viewing.

Everyone knows that you are uniquely you. You have your own body. Your own name. Your own description. Your own personality.
Your own hobbies and interests. Your own quirks. Your own moods.

And for someone who wants to be one of everyone one has to turn their back on the pure potential that they are.

From there one is encouraged by everyone to build a life for themselves.

A true believer will spend their whole life doing this.

One will draw to themSELVES experiences and circumstances that bolster their belief.
They will find no comfort in anything (like these words) that challenge that belief.

The self will deliberately turn its back on true north and take pride in heading south.

The self has no motivation to resolve itself. It`s only agenda is `self` preservation.

If you ask the self what it is doing at the eleventh hour...

You will be listening to a complete victim of experience and circumstance.
Their truth has caught up with them and now they face the final curtain completely lost and bewildered.
Their whole life`s work has been for nothing.

They are about to become the cause of truth, again.

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« Reply #18 on: February 01, 2014, 04:57:55 PM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 19

                                                                    When is the truth not the truth?
                                                                    When it isn`t yours.

Your truth is the only truth you need to have a long and successful, or otherwise, life.

That truth is only in existence because it can be seen from the point of view you are maintaining.

So now that you have a viewpoint you are obligated to manufacture a mind to support that truth.

That mind will search out like minded people. The more people believe it , the truer it shall appear.

The mind has no capacity to do otherwise than defend its truth... It has all the proof it needs.
"You can`t argue with the truth. The truth will set you free."
But if it has the capacity to set you free, then what is holding you prisoner now !!!! !?????
It isn`t lies. Lies can only exist in the presence of truth.

The mind has successfully avoided asking or answering this question since the dawn of time.

Even the constant insults of the non like minded  hasn`t budged the mind in its resolve.

You see the non believers have their own truth to defend.
They see your truth as the absurd pile of crap that it really is.
You see their truth for the big pile of crap that it is.

The mind now has friends and enemies.
It has drawn a line in the sand.

So long as the non believers keep their views to themselves while you try to change their minds they are safe.

Despite the futility of trying to impose their truth on non believers, the mind must help the unbelievers to face the real truth.

See the problem?

As soon as you have a viewpoint you are out of sync with other viewpoints.

You have to be. They are different viewpoints.

"Why can`t they see it? It`s so obvious...  Are they that stupid?" The mind is happy to ask that till the point of exasperation.

"They can`t see it because they are not where it can be seen from.

"Okay!" the mind says..."They are a hopeless case. Let`s try to exterminate them and their "evil, blasphemous," minds.

We`ll show them who has the irrefutable truth.
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« Reply #19 on: February 02, 2014, 07:22:12 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 20

                                                             Never fuck with the truth.

The truth can be compared to the compass on a sea faring vessel. It points where one is going.
It says there is a better life in that direction. The new world awaits.
This is the cue for the mind to start accumulating what is needed to reach a specific destination.

Hope and belief help to keep one on course.

The mind takes its job very seriously. If anyone or anything challenges its authority, it  can attack with a total lack of compassion.

Mind owners are so capable of cruelty that their actions could fill newspapers around the world for ever.

Every act of any sort by the mind is totally justified by that mind.

The whole legal system has been built on finding the truth. And ironically the courtroom is the venue as far away from the truth as one can get and keep a straight face.

Even if you are an innocent victim with nothing to hide. The defendants lawyer will be able to expose inconsistencies in your testimony.

Abraham Lincoln, before he became president, was able to get one of his clients off one time when a witness positively identified him at the scene of the crime.
Lincoln questioned the witness about how he could see so well at night.
The witness said "by the light of the moon."
Lincoln produced the almanac that showed there was no moon that night.
Result...The testimony of the witness lost all credibility.

Okay ...  So we have a truth and the mind gathers and manufactures evidence to support it.
The mind is a zealot when it comes to building a self to live that truth.

The mind is all about accumulation. It`s Archilles heel is an absence.

There is nothing like a loss to turn the mind to silly putty.

Leaving it`s owner lost at sea.
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« Reply #20 on: February 03, 2014, 07:25:01 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 21

                                                                     Losing ones self.

Loss is the minds worst subject. It will distract its host from pondering the subject.

The mind can never come up with a suitable explanation. It will distract it`s host and FIND something else to think about.

Hearing about someone else`s loss the mind will express its sympathies, talk about it`s own brush with loss and then encourage the loss victim to pick themselves up and carry on. The mind will do its best to offer the sufferer a profound truth to soothe them.

"There are other fish in the sea."  "You can rebuild your life." You`ve got to pick up the pieces and move forward."

But all this falls on deaf ears. The loss sufferer`s mind is closed for business.

The unthinkable has happened and the mind is having a mental breakdown.

The loss victim has lost a truth. The bigger the truth the bigger the loss.

If it was a truth that one had built a life on, then that life starts to crumble. There being nothing to hold it in place any more.

The pain is unbearable. One is experiencing the primal fear of falling. Heroic efforts are made to grab a hold of something. Anything to stop
the brain drain. The pain is in direct proportion to the degree one has identified with what was lost.

The fact that one is now losing thier mind as well, only compounds the suffering.

Loss is the most difficult thing to communicate about. Other minds pretend they sympathize. But really they are just going through the motions.
Similar to what yours did when a close friend suffered a loss. It`s not anyone`s fault. It`s just the mind uses positioning to  form an opinion.
It has to be like something that one is familiar with for it all to make sense. Duplicating someone else`s loss is like placing nothing nowhere.

At a moment of  severe loss one turns to their life long accomplice, the mind, for help. Their is a bottomless pit of silence from the mind.
It is so embarrassed by this that it starts replaying the loss over and over and over , endlessly.
Maybe there is something that we missed.

Now totally lost and alone, the loss victim feels their world start to fall apart.

Everything they held as true is slipping away. It is the loneliest, most vulnerable place to be.

The victim is now looking for answers. A new truth to believe. It begins again.

It is why people stay in the game, encourage others to stay in the game, and why the mind kills people who don`t hold the same basic truths.

It is from this pit of despair that philosophy was born. A new truth. Something to take away the pain.

If only you believe it, you are delusional. If a few people believe it , it is a cult. If a lot of people believe it, then it is a religion. If everybody believes it, it is the world we live in.
A new path to follow. Things to believe. Obstacles to overcome. A life to live.
For ever and ever amen.

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« Reply #21 on: February 04, 2014, 10:07:57 AM »

                                                                    "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 22

                                                                  Filling the void. Building a life.

What do they say?   "Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself."

Once again, as always, a self serving bit of philosophy.

All philosophy that makes sense, is making sense because the self you are can relate to it. Thus all philosophy is a held up truth from a viewpoint. That viewpoint is based on the belief that one is here to sense the truth one holds up.

There is no truth..... till you believe in it.

That is why this world is so obsessed with the truth.

Life will always be a struggle with the truth. That`s because the struggle with truth is what life is.

When someone has had all their truth knocked out of them they are pronounced dead.

Death is enforced present moment awareness.

Present moment awareness is where one finds unlimited potential truths.

I want to use this to illustrate a point.

Potential is endless possibilities. Nothing is set in concrete.

One could potentially love or hate anything held up for consideration.

This is too general to be a truth. It doesn`t fit the definition or the criteria.

Try telling someoine that you could love or hate anything they hold up for your consideration.

Before much time has passed they will insist that you are obviously not telling the truth.

You get that ?

All we can ever see from inside of life is that truth can be refined. It can be used eternally looking for deeper truths.

But truth`s bastard children, lies, are always following truth around.

See it this way. A pathetic truth can only accommodate a pathetic lie.
A sophisticated truth can only accommodate a sophisticated lie.

                The ultimate truth is the only thing that can give birth to the ultimate lie.

Don`t believe that any  truth is set in concrete and you will have no reason to get dried out and hard.

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« Reply #22 on: February 05, 2014, 12:22:29 AM »

                                                                 "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 23

                                                                   "You can`t handle the truth."

No one can. Truth is like a rainbow. One can only perceive it because of where they are standing.

By the time you get to stand where a rainbow was. It has already gone.

So with this analogy one can finally grasp that truth is at the mercy of our viewpoint.

Truth changes with our changing viewpoint.

One cannot unravel this age old conundrum with truth.

That`s why nothing I say can be memorized or used as a formula.

Everything you are hearing is directed at shifting your viewpoint.

Because it is where you are that determines your interaction with life.

To avoid disaster, all one need do is not be where disaster strikes. 

Even devout atheists cuss the God, they don`t believe exists, whenever disaster strikes too close to home.

So do you see? You have predisposed yourself to being a disaster victim because of where you live.

The truth held up in times of disaster is, "Count your LOSSES, pick up the pieces , and rebuild your lives."

And that is true. ...So long as you believe it.

This has been the standard solution on how to cope with disaster.  Anyone who thinks differently is, of course, delusional.

But get this....  The truly delusional are rushing around trying to avert disaster, while distracting themselves from the reality that their very lives are a disaster.

The mind shirks responsibility here by telling its host that they just had bad luck.

Wanna know how fucked up the mind is on this subject?

Listen to a mind talking about a disaster.

"The Johnson family lost everything in the tornado. The house they lived in for forty years. Their meth lab and the family cat.
Allan,the father of four, was found in a neighbours paddock, with a broken leg, two broken arms, a concussion, severe bruising and several deep lacerations needing stitches. He was found buried under hen house debris, and reciting the script from "Starwars, Revenge  of the Sith....

                     But...... He was lucky..........  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????"

Just listen next time you hear disaster coverage.

Tell me I`m making this shit up.  What is it about disasters that bring out all these "lucky" people?

Even doctors....  "Well he was very lucky.........."

If laying in a hospital bed, in traction, is good luck, I`d rather have no luck at all.
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« Reply #23 on: February 05, 2014, 08:05:20 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 24

                                                                  An accident waiting to happen.

No one in their right mind would ever knowingly place themselves in danger.
Luckily the mind has the ability to draw ones focus away from the danger and place it on benefit.

The minds projects the glory of winning through all the hardships one endures in pursuit of victory.

There are no architectural models displayed with a torrential shower over them and a 200 mile per hour fan blowing wind on them.

All the minds projected realities seem to be occurring on a beautiful warm summers day, with a cloudless sky and no Tsunami in sight.

When the actual building is complete and visited in winter it is sometimes impossible to push the front door open against the force of the inclement weather.

The mind is the eternal optimist. It is so sure of its rightness that it doesn`t have a plan B.

It`s fantasized outcomes are so one eyed that no other outcomes are contemplated or acceptable.

The mind is building the self it always wanted to be.

But just to illustrate how made up the minds projections are.

If you take a western world conditioned mind, it will desire to stand out from the crowd.
Meanwhile an Eastern conditioned mind will have blending in with the crowd as its objective.

If a Japanese businessman was to suddenly be overcome with a severe case of death, you`d find his replacement was so identical
in looks, hobbies and interests , that no would would notice that he still hadn`t gotten around to replacing the standard issue family photo, left by his predecessor, on his desk.

Japanese game shows are all about someone being singled out, tortured and humiliated. The more they scream the funnier it is, to the Japanese.

There are no stand up comedians in the Eastern world. Instead they have lay down dead agitators.

If a western comedian said to an Eastern audience "Did you hear the one about the suicide bombing instructor who said to his class "Watch closely. I`m only going to show you this once...."  the comic would himself, bomb.

The conditioning one is exposed to by their specific circumstances bring about a specific predictable character.

That character, because of that conditioning has reduced conceivable, outcomes down to one specific possibility.

Humour goes out the window and seriousness sets in.

Just contemplate all the serious problems the world is facing.
It is us that create the seriousness around them. Till then they are just problems.

If you are overwhelmed by serious problems the best thing that you could do is meet someone who finds your problems hysterically funny.

You will feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders when you do to.
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« Reply #24 on: February 06, 2014, 06:53:47 AM »

                                                                "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 25

                                                                        Nothing to say.

The subject matter we are covering here is not possible to communicate to a mind. 

The mind cannot think with something it cannot position relative to something else.

The mind cannot endure subject matter it cannot relate to without turning on a massive dose of boredom. In severe cases, unconsciousness.

A loss is an absence of something. It is impossible for the mind to position a nothing next to a something.
The result is that the mind will distract itself from thinking about nothing, by daydreaming about something else.

If you`ve ever attended a school, I`m sure you can relate to this.

The reason so many people`s lives are a disaster is that they allowed themselves to be where the modern education system disaster struck.

The next time some kid at the traffic lights calls you a fucken shitfaced cunt, because you didn`t pay him for cleaning your windscreen, ask him to summarize how well the modern school system has prepared him to make his way in life.

The mind has a devil of a job trying to contemplate nothing.

It would rather have you suffer a disaster than nothing at all.

And the mind will take you to where disaster will strike, then feign disability and blame a God that neither of you believe in.

Anyway... back to loss.

Like I told you the mind will do a sterling job distracting one from the subject.

For example I was privy to a conversation yesterday between a guy who`s marriage was falling apart and a legal expert.
The legal expert began his advice thus...: "Next time just pick a chick you already don`t like and give her a house. It`s much less painful."

And I`m going to being using the sanctified institution of marriage to illustrate how disasters happen.

There is no subject that better illustrates, truth, belief, faith , hope, loss, positioning, conditioning and disaster the way marriage does.

It has been a disaster since the very first wedding vows were taken. It has taken more lives than alcohol, tobacco and firearms combined.

"You know you are over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can`t fill."
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                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 26

                                                                     Supplied then denied.

To experience the agony of having someone`s life drop out from underneath them, look no further than the marriage breakup.

To witness someone go through this process is to watch someone who has been struck by a disaster.
Of course there are many other types of disaster that can leave one`s life hanging in the balance.
They each have their own different story, but the shell shocked, bewildered look on the sufferers faces are the same.

So I`m going for the marriage breakup blues. Because it is something so rampant that they even keep statistics on it.

Everyone has stumbled through the debris of broken marriages. While not everyone has witnessed other forms of disaster.

Okay !!

The way to avert a disaster, is to not be there, where disaster strikes.

Now remember this is all about loss and the mind has to take its owners focus away from something that is not there.

The mind hates nothing. It would rather put you through anything than have you experience the tranquillity of nothing.

While your viewpoint is changing in the next few paragraphs the mind will keep interjecting. "But what about ......"
" and... But if that`s the case, then how come my friend Bob Sacamanto ......."
" But what about the starving kids in Africa? How does this help them ?"

"Okay mind.... If you are so full of bright ideas now...How come when I went through two years of HELL over my marriage break up you went on vacation. FUCK YOU !!!"

 Once again you placed yourself where disaster happened. Had you not been in that place, there would have been no disaster to experience.

Now I`m going to relate a pretty standard story that you should be able to identify with.

It begins innocently enough with nothing. Now rather than experience the limitless possibilities offered by nothing, one creates a truth that can give meaning to the life it is about to create. That truth is .... Anything is better than nothing.!!!"

That truth will not be inspected again till it catches up with he who has turned his back on it. This is the precise moment it is exposed as not being true at all.

Till that time, we can get busy looking for a something that is better than nothing.

One shines a beam of something out into the universe. One believes someone will acknowledge the something. At least they hope someone will.  Well slap me around and call me Susan if someone doesn`t shine your own light back at you and instantly there are two less lonely people in the world.

There is an attraction, but is there a meeting of the minds?

The mind gets busy vetting the potential candidate for true love.

Even dating agencies can help here if your mind is too lazy.

Similar age ...check !
Similar made up interesting facts about your selves.....Check !
Similar religious beliefs and state of mental deterioration....Check!
Similar financial bracket..... Check !

This is exciting....  Could this be him/her ?

A date is arranged.  The mind readies itself to be the person it thinks the potential partner wants its owner to be.

She is relieved to realize that he hasn`t picked up on the fact that she is tired of looking beautiful all the time and wants out so she can finally let herself go, while still making her girlfriends jealous.

He is relieved to think she didn`t pick up on the fact that he`s tired of having to go through this process every time he wants a root.

Note to readers.... I`m talking about a fictitious couple here just to illustrate a point.
Any similarities to anyone you know living or dead is purely coincidental.

Soon both of these fictitious characters begin to let it slip that they are selling a lemon.
This, and encouragement from friends and family hasten the relationship to becoming more serious.

The game of chicken commences.  Each tries to impress the other with what a great deal they are getting.

The mind gives its final pass based on chemistry. It will say of rejected prospective partners that "they ticked all the boxes....But they just didn`t have the right chemistry."

But if everything is in order, and all the tests have been passed, the countdown commences.

"We have found TRUE love. We are soul mates. We have an undying love for each other. We have found happiness.
 There is no he and she any more. We are a we."

Coming up in the next instalment...

                                                 Will he find out that she is pregnant before they say their vows ?
                                              Will she find out that he still gets the occasional spanking from a dominatrix ?

                                                   Will Karla be able to resist the urge to`speak now`, instead of forever holding her peace?

                                                    Will we "she" ever learn to appreciate formula one ?

These and other burning questions will be answered in the next thrilling episode of  "I do, I do, I do , I do, I do."

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                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 27

                                                                  "Love you to death."

Biologically, men are programmed to have an insatiable desire for sex. Once again not you... Men.

Meanwhile women have a biological need for security.  Women needing a safe environment to bear children.

Neither sex understand the viewpoint of the other because they are not living in and as that viewpoint.

So part of a woman`s make up is thinking long term.
Men. They don`t know anything about five minutes from now.

Women absolutely know that they can lead a man around by his dick. As soon as she is not getting what she wants the first thing to be withheld is her willingness to open her legs.  This method has been used for thousands of years to bring men around to a more cooperative frame of mind.

Meanwhile men will use their ability to provide security to threaten women. Just watch any "love story" to see this in play.

With this in mind let`s get back to our story.

A couple who can tolerate each other for more than five minutes have mountains of bullshit about relationships to sift through.
The woman, who is thinking in the long term knows that the happiest day of her life is her wedding day. She is the driving force behind the vows being taken.

Have a look at mens magazines for any evidence of wedding paraphernalia. All you`ll ever find is honeymoon photos.
Meanwhile women`s magazines are all about weddings and babies, relationships, and weight loss stories.

Women focus on before and after sex. Men just see those times, if at all, as obstacles and consequences.

So it is the women who instigates the marriage. He goes along with it. After all it`s what she wants.

This is where women become bullshitters and master manipulators.

Everything is in code. 

She asks him which of her girlfriends he thinks is prettiest. He thinks there is a threesome coming up.
But "Which of my friends do you think is prettiest?" actually means... "I`m in the mood for a fight.

"Does this dress make me look fat ?  Means  "You need to compliment me right the fuck now !!!

Meanwhile the guy is just waiting for an appropriate time to get his dick out.

The female needs to mould her man into the guy she wants to marry.

She is driving. He is just along for the ride, trying not to make any mistakes.

Finally their special day is here.

Thousands of dollars have been spent. Everyone is gathered.

The groom waits nervously at the alter. His main focus is..."What the fuck am I doing here? Oh well... too late now."

Suddenly the worst song ever written is playing. He turns around and wonders who the fuck is that making her way up the aisle?

They both keep reminding themselves "this is what we are supposed to be doing. Plenty of approval....  People like us.!!"

Now the game of chicken has reached its zenith. Neither have backed down.  This must be love.

Men are a hopeless lot. That`s the real reason women cry at weddings.

Now the minister or celebrant calls on all the supernatural forces he has heard of to witness and bless this holiest of unions.

The bride and groom don`t get many lines here as it is generally understood that they are in shock.

Finally the ceremony is over and then the deal is sealed by signing a contract.
Strangely no one has ever read their own wedding contract before they sign it.  That is the last bet and match in the game of chicken.
The deal is done. It`s over. What a relief !!!  GAME OVER !!!

Now everyone hits the bar. 

The newly married couple have just had the best day of their lives.

Where to from h
                         e ?.

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« Reply #27 on: February 07, 2014, 11:38:37 AM »

Sorry to have been out of touch...still read your stuff sometimes and I loved this last one about marriage...hilarious. Keep on keeping on...
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                                                                   "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 28

                                                                 And they lived happily ever after.

Nice to hear from you again Sharone. Loved the talk you gave at the Irish convention.

     Has anyone noticed how virtually all works of fiction end at this point. The princess has been rescued by the handsome prince and together they ride off into the sunset. The newly weds have finally found happiness and true love.

So why do all the fairy stories end there?

Surely, we as spectators, have a right to know what true happiness is like.

Here.... Let me tell you what happens after our blissful couple disappear over the horizon and the lights come on as the theatre empties.

Firstly for those involved in this story there is a huge sense of relief.  All of the obstacles have been overcome and the goal has been achieved.   Both have made a huge investment in each other. They are so grateful for all the support they received from everyone who helped make their special day such a success.  They are forever in their debt.

Our new bride knows that she has married a rough diamond. But with a little work he can be brought up to speed.

For the time being she is willing to overlook the fact that he got some of his lines wrong and that he was seen admiring the maids of honour way too long at the reception. 

One day they awake from the honeymoon and realize that the person they fell in love with is no longer working here.
She fell in love with the guy who was rescuing her. He fell in love with the girl who admired his rescuing skills.

She wonders where has the guy gone who used to do heroic things to impress her. He can see no reason to keep wooing someone who has already been wooed.

But here they are stuck with each other and they start to unpack their belongings.

As he opens up his meagre worldly goods, he never realized that his new wife had so much baggage.

Part of her baggage is supervising his baggage.

He extracts the first item and places it neatly in their love nest.

Before long. She can tolerate it no longer.

"Wo, wo, wo wo !!   What do you think you are doing? Sorry honey... That , that , that, that and that are going in the garbage straight off.

"You won`t be wearing those clothes any more. Your porn collection is not coming into our home. Those daily phone calls to your mother are over !!  You don`t need your old friends any more. They are holding you back (from giving all your attention to me.)
"Now , because I love you...You can keep that, that and that...for now.!  Put them in the garage."

Then he offers to help her with her baggage, but is relegated to placing her oh so essential, top heavy, ornaments carefully around their new home.

They begin to see that being a "we" means a lot of compromise.

He gives up his life long passion for Formula one. And she gives up complaining about it.

She gives up her quiet moments at home alone, and he gives up all his friends.

He gives up ogling other women and she gives up going out anywhere with him.

She phones her mum and friends saying  "I never would have believed it would be so hard to live with a male."

Her friends and mum assure her that "everything will be fine." She is about to get a crash course in husband training.

He doesn`t know what makes her happy. Luckily she does.  And she`s pretty emphatic about it.

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« Reply #29 on: February 11, 2014, 07:43:32 AM »

                                                                  "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                            Part 29

                                                                      Broken promises

Now that they are a couple, they have responsibilities that bring a whole new dimension to their definition of self.
They have made a commitment, in front of witnesses and, often,  in the presence of God herself.

Each has made a promise to be the source of happiness for their better half. They have promised to forsake all others and love only each other until it kills them. 

The fact that something needs to be declared has already made it bogus.
It`s like our love for each other was so less than obvious that we have to hire a plane to write it across the sky.
The bigger the words the more truthful it will be.

Whenever someone says to you "Look .... To be honest......."
What does that make everything else they have been saying to you?

Anyway.... Let`s get our fictitious couple positioned for their rendezvous with disaster.

There is some sense of closure experienced for finally answering the question that has hounded them for months...

"When are you two getting married?"

That is now replaced with "So when are you two going to have a baby?"

Now I get it....  This is an endless process of fulfilling "supposed to`s."

More helpful advice is "You`re not kids any-more. Now you have responsibilities."

Westerners scoff at the "arranged marriages" of the East, without noticing that  apart from choosing what colours to have, their marriage is completely arranged as well.

Every woman wants her wedding to be like a fairy tale. She has had it pumped into her by popular culture since she was a child.
There is no plan B.
Guys have been conditioned to believe that a happy woman is a moist woman.
There is no plan B.

Women need to feel loved to have sex.
Men need to have sex to feel loved.

Who invented this disaster zone ?

Our old friend the mind has been busy getting us deeper and deeper into uncharted territory. lured on by the hope of happiness.

Every time the prospects of happiness are fading the mind throws a hissy fit.

Where as before, each had only one mind the soothe. The couple have two minds to pacify.

As time passes, the hope over ever finding happiness is abandoned.

And there is one person to blame. The nut job who promised to love me to death.

Now all the mind owner can hope for is some peace and quiet.

  Question : Are you happy ?
   Response: "No. I`m married."

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