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Author Topic: "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."  (Read 32675 times)
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« Reply #120 on: May 23, 2014, 10:17:38 AM »

                                                          "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 119

                                                                    Q and A.

I`ve tried doing this connected breathing but nothing happens. I was expecting to become enlightened.
How long do I have to do it for?

Well for starters.. you don`t have to do it at all. Your expectations of what enlightenment is will always inhibit your ability to recognize it. Enlightenment is like nothing you have ever experienced. Your expectations are based on your experience. Those experiences were of unenlightenment. Enlightenment is on the other side of you losing identification with those experiences.
You don`t have to do it for long. You only can do it NOW.

Doing this breathing thing doesn`t seem to work for me. How come?

It doesn`t work for you. But you can choose to work for it.
This is the mind doing what it does. It`s job is to keep you distracted by something else.
You try to stay focused on present moment awareness and the mind will do its darnedest to distract you with something else.

I can`t seem to get comfortable doing the breathing. My butt hurts. I get itches. I need to cough. And my nose starts running. For some reason I can`t get comfortable enough to be able to focus on present moment. What to do?  Should I buy some comfortable pillows or a floatation tank?

But isn`t that exactly what your whole life has been dedicated to? Trying to be comfortable here.
And how`s that going by the way?
The comforts you acquire to avoid being distracted are the distraction.
By choosing instead, to remain focused in the present moment, despite the distractions, one is freeing themselves from the cycle of discomfort, distraction, discomfort, distraction.
As distraction fades so does discomfort. Along with the sore butt, the itches, the cough, the snot, the pillows and the floatation tank.
Other distractions and discomfort then are not there to be comforted.
Bye bye to your addictions. Bye bye to your repressed resentment. Bye bye to the deep psychological discomfort your psychiatrist was getting to the bottom of.  Bye bye to your need for love and acceptance. Bye bye to your comfort zone.

Is doing this breathing some type of therapy?

No. You have been in therapy your whole existence.
This is anti therapy.
Once you get rid of all the therapy you have experienced, it becomes apparent that it was the therapy that was fucking you up.

"I have a friend who is really suffering and needs help. What can I do?"

Realize that your friend is merely distracted and seeking comfort.
Our instincts are to provide that comfort. When you succeed they merely get distracted by something else.
If they still have a sparkle in their eye then probably the best thing to do is laugh hysterically as they tell you about it.

However usually that sparkle is not there.
So the main thing is to not let yourself be distracted by their distraction.
This probably won`t make sense while you are trying to be sympathetic to your friend.
But the effect your friends problem has had on you is something you can now breathe into present moment awareness.
The best thing you can do is to remain un affected by their distraction/problem.

And just like them, you can only do something effective about something that you aren`t the effect of.

"I`m taking drugs and alcohol. Should I stop this before I start doing the breathing?"

Hell no. The discomfort caused by taking them will show up when you try to focus on present moment.
This will turn on the discomfort of not taking them.

Realize that you are not being a friend to yourself while you are allowing these distractions to rule your life.
Now have a good laugh at yourself.

Realize that all your suffering was for nothing. Don`t then make it into something else.

That`s plenty for NOW.

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« Reply #121 on: May 24, 2014, 08:48:29 AM »

                                                            "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 120

                                                                Q and A part II.

I thought enlightenment and spirituality was supposed to be uplifting.
There is nothing uplifting in this message. How come?

Everything you have heard up till now on the subject of enlightenment was written to give you comfort.
People have always sought comfort in religion and the words of the latest fad.

That has been the criteria, for anything spiritual to catch on.
If it doesn`t provide comfort, then it must be of no benefit.

Searchers have been distracted by religions and philosophies because they provided them with comfort.
Notice how if you question or criticize someone`s beliefs they get very unconformable.
They cannot look outside of their comfort zone. Because everything they view is through that comfort zone.

When someone tries to enforce their beliefs on you, it`s you who feels the discomfort that their belief is preventing them from feeling.

The more uncomfortable they make you feel, the more discomfort their beliefs are preventing them from feeling themselves.

Better a happy lie than a sad truth.

But isn`t this present moment thing just an escape from reality, and an effort to find comfort?

Well it could be.... If that is what you are using it for. That`s pretty much the difference between this and meditation.
Meditation has many parallels to medication.

It is used to find comfort in something.
Where as present moment awareness is really all about nothing.

You can`t really say..."Before I started doing this connected breathing I used to be uncomfortable.
Now I am comfortable. And a big thanks to connected breathing."

If you are doing the present moment connected breathing for some perceived benefit, then you have slipped right past "nothing" and are doing something else.

Because that something else created the beneficiary of it. That beneficiary is now sentenced to protect and prolong that something. A mind is created.

Well I just don`t get it. Why on earth would anyone want to become nothing?

But that`s exactly what you are. Till you became something else.
You came into this world with nothing. And you leave it with nothing.
Am I making this up? 

No.  The nothing is real. Everything else is made up. Till you know that, you have no choice but to be present in the process of protecting and prolonging that which is made up, till you become nothing again.

So being nothing is not something anyone with a mind would want to be.
Once they lose identification with the mind, that`s just what they are.

So you can buy some time and let that creep up on you or you can reacquaint yourself NOW!

There is no benefit to doing this. Unless you think fun is a benefit. But FUN is what you really are.

Maybe you`ve been too distracted to know that.

"Is there a God?"

Only the great God ISME can never ask that.

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« Reply #122 on: May 25, 2014, 08:43:32 AM »

                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 121

                                                                Q and A part III.

"What the fuck does that mean? `Only the great God ISME can never ask that.`"

The great God ISME could never ask if there was a God....Because there would be no time to ask it.
A question and answer can only be separated by time.

"But wouldn`t a God be able to do anything it liked? If it wanted to ask that question couldn`t it create the time to ask it?"

Yes that`s exactly what God is doing...But under a different name.

"And what prey tell is that name?"


"I get it....  So God ISME doesn`t have the time to wonder whether or not it exists. But God ISNOTME does. But isn`t this all just mind games and word play?"

God ISME has no time for mind games and word play. One has to believe in the one true God ISNOTME. Only he can make that time.

"I doubt if anyone would believe that. It just doesn`t ring true.
All the evidence points to the fact that people are not God, under any name. Show me one book in any library in the world that backs up what you are saying."

Exactly. Libraries are the temples of God ISNOTME. Talk about mind games and word play. You`ve found the mother lode. By being in the position to ask if there is a God, one must believe in God ISNOTME by default. Regardless of the answer.  One must be living in God ISNOTME to create the time to pose the question.

"This sort of thing does my head in. I just know I am not a God. And anyone who thinks they are is out of their fucking mind."

Now you`re getting it.

"No I`m not. Look.... All I want is to live a long life and be happy. I don`t want to even think about this sort of shit."

God`s speed. God is with you all the way.
You see...By default you are be living in God ISNOTME. And you are quite happy to spend time doing that. God bless you. It is only because of God that you have the time to spend at all.

"Okay that`s enough. Just give me a quick fix."

Sure. I`ll give you one that takes no time at all. Reacquaint yourself with not asking the question about whether you exist or not.

"And how does one do that?

By sitting in a distraction free environment with your eyes closed, deliberately breathing your body, and doing nothing. Ignore your discomfort and take a break from the eternal uttering of God ISNOTME, who we have re named The Mind.

And is there something to be gained by doing this?

Nothing !!!!
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« Reply #123 on: May 26, 2014, 09:09:46 AM »

                                                              "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                 SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                    Part 122

                                                                Q and A part IV.

"There you go with that nothing again. What is the big deal about nothing?"

There is no deal at all with nothing. But where one gets into trouble, is when they decide to make something out of nothing. Which is a waste of time. Every single something will ultimately revert back to nothing. Try to think of even one thing that won`t.

Now you`d think that given this reality, that everything came from nothing, and is ultimately going to return to nothing that some investigation of this would be warranted. However, nothing is something the mind cannot think with. Any exploration of nothing can only be done without the mind.
`Nothing` makes the mind redundant. The mind`s mortal enemy is nothing. You place the mind in the presence of nothing and it will make something out of nothing.

"I can`t think with that."

Exactly !!!!
The mind, with its mandate to protect and prolong it`s self, will always chose something over nothing.
In fact the mind is convinced that anything is better than nothing.

This gives God ISNOTME the power to create anything it chooses.
This places you in the role of spectator, participant or victim. And devoid of choice.

Even a moron knows that the universe was created by God ISNOTME.

"So what can one do other than try to enjoy the ride?"

Nothing. That is the only choice you can make. There are no other choices.

"Give me a for instance."

Choose to set aside an outside of time space every day.
Then keep choosing to not be drawn back into the world of God ISNOTME.
This makes God ISNOTME very uncomfortable.
The part of you that is be living in God ISNOTME will be visited upon by that discomfort.
Just refuse to be home when it visits.

Say you get an itch. Just don`t be where an itch can be experienced.

"What`s the big deal about an itch. Why not just have a little scratch and get back to business?"

Because that is the major way God ISNOTME intimidates its victims.
God ISNOTME will create discomfort in, and about, the body to remind you that you are the victim here.

Just ask anybody.

The discomfort caused by identification with a body is legendary.
Body owners are inflicted with a constant barrage of dissatisfaction about their bodies.
Mine`s sick. Mine is too old. Mine is ugly. Mine is losing its hair. Mine is too skinny. Mine is too fat.
Mine has warts. Mine smells. Mine is in jail. Mine is weak. Mine is always tired. Mine has no sight. Mine is
too short. Mine has a rash. Mine....mine....mine.....

And every complaint is confirmation of God ISNOTME.
In fact they often curse God ISNOTME and plead with him to end the suffering their body is causing them.

By becoming the victim of an itch, one is identifying with a body that they are the effect of.
Imagine living in a situation where what was going on in, and about, your body was totally out of your control................. That was easy.....

Or just don`t be there when discomfort strikes in or about the body.

"So should one take a break from doing the present moment awareness when they are sick or have a tooth ache, or any form of physical discomfort?

No. they would be better advised to take a `break from the discomfort of being a body owner`, by continuing to choose to do the connected breathing exercise.

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« Reply #124 on: May 27, 2014, 09:51:30 AM »

                                                      "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 123

                                                            Q and A Part V.

"What happens if I do this breathing thing and nothing happens?"

Then you are right on course.

"But this doesn`t make sense. How can nothing happening be enlightenment?"

But then don`t you see, you have turned that nothing into something else. You have turned nothing into something that didn`t make sense.

"I`m sure people would respond to this better if it made sense. Isn`t that true?"

Absolutely... It is true that people respond to things that make sense.
That has included, hair shirts, self flagellation, exterminating infidels, tortured confessions, celibacy,
exorcisms, burnings at the stake, terrorizing small children with made up stories , suicide bombings, bankruptcy, Vows of silence, worshipping cattle and rats, putting swords through the cheek, cannibalism,
counting beads on a necklace, murdering pigeons, banging one`s head against a wall, chanting, genital mutilation, imprisonment, fair gaming, isolation, never seeing who you believe in, casting spells, pointing the bone, voodoo dolls, Tele evangelism, ex communication, giving animals a long painful death, protecting a sign or a rock, and my personal favourite, sacrificing virgins.
Yep...I think I`ll stick with stuff that doesn`t make sense.

"That`s actually really funny."

That`s what funny is....Seeing the fun that another isn`t having.

"Stop the bus. I need some time with that one."

See... that`s funny.

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« Reply #125 on: May 28, 2014, 04:47:00 AM »

                                                         "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 124

                                                            Q and A Part VI.

"But what about when one laughs at themselves? How can you say that someone finds themselves funny when they are often suffering lives of despair? "

Anyone who is suffering a life of despair, does so because they are missing out on fun.
Once they see that they are the fun they are missing out on, they see how funny it is.
Since you are the fun, being absent from your life will feel like suffering.
What you are running into every day is people who are absent from their lives.
Unfortunately, people consult their minds to remedy this discomfort.
The mind goes looking for fun. It sees things that look like fun and makes valiant efforts to have them.
It will even take photos to memorialise the fun it is having. Maybe even post them on "Face plant."
Or have a photo of themselves holding a fish, on their desk at work.

Now they have something to remind them of the fun they had, while they suffer through their lives.

"I don`t get it. What`s wrong with having fun?"

Nothing.  But what is one having when one isn`t having fun?   Whatever they are having, it is not fun.
When fun is not present in one`s life, it is because the fun that is you is not present in your life.
Usually it`s because you are too busy out there looking for fun.
Once one sees that they are the fun that is missing from their lives, they can see all the fun they have been missing. And that`s funny.

"Where do you get all this crazy shit? What is in it for you to be writing all this?"

I write because it is FUN. Once you are present in your life, you stop looking for fun and be the fun you can NOW see. The mind doesn`t see the funny side of this. Now you can laugh at the mind.

"But are you getting this stuff by channelling or talking to God or what ? How can I get this sort of information for myself ?"

Okay ...I`ll give it to you straight.
If you are identified with a mind, you have no choice but to be a good human and let it kick the fun out of you.
Just choose to tell the mind that you can now see the fun that it can`t.
The search for fun is over.  I`m here now.


If I had listened to my mind none of what you just read would ever have emerged.

Thanks for reading this. It is fun writing for you. XXX

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« Reply #126 on: May 28, 2014, 10:36:47 AM »

                                                     "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 125

                                                            Q and A Part VII.

"So which one are you?" Are you the guy asking these questions....Or the guy answering them?"

Both.  I have the answer and the question. I separate them by creating a little bit of time.

"But weren`t you saying before, that the question prejudices the answer?

Yes. It absolutely does. That`s why I only create a little bit of time between them. Unlike others who create a vast amount of time between question and answer. My prejudices last seconds, instead of centuries.
But there is another difference. For me, it is Fun asking the questions and it is Fun answering them.
I kept making the choice not to identify with my mind. So my questions and answers are not dictated to by a mind.

"So how come nobody else has come up with all this?

Well that is the question isn`t it....

"Well what is the answer?"

Choose to not identify with the mind that is telling you that you are less than the nothing you are worshipping.

"What on earth are you telling us?"

I`m telling you that on Earth you are unable to see that everything you are doing is for nothing.

"No.... You`ll have to give us a for instance....???"

See all of the great cathedrals, listen to all the great words of wisdom spoken, watch all the great rituals being performed, count all the cash  poured onto this great source of answers....
Feel all the discomfort in the prayers of the needy...

Now open your eyes and see all that subservience  is directed at "Nothing."
But because the mind cannot contemplate nothing, it instead goes for something else.
The mind then is forced to be subservient to the something else. But that something else is really nothing.
But to a mind owner, he or she is now less than the nothing they have turned into something else.

Being present moment aware removes one from greater or lesser .

"But why is anybody forced to be subservient to anything?"

Excellent question. Just don`t take your time answering it.
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« Reply #127 on: May 29, 2014, 03:03:52 AM »

                                                      "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 126

                                                            Q and A Part VIII.

"That last bit is hard to get your head around. Can you explain it more?"

When one moves away from being the nothing that they are, they gain an outside perspective of that nothing.
That outside perspective is the illusion of choice. One can either be greater than, or less than ...nothing.

Having this illusion of choice holds one away from simply being the nothing that they are.

"I am no longer nothing, because I am less than nothing"
Or, "I am no longer nothing because I am greater than nothing."

I know how complex this sounds. That complexity evaporates when one ceases to pretend to be greater or lesser than nothing.

Those who take the lesser route have no choice but to either pray, work, or learn themselves out of the reality that are not choosing.

Someone who takes the greater route has no choice but to expect to be prayed to, expect to be worked for and expect others to learn from.
Once again it is not a choice. The last choice anyone made was to cease to be nothing.
The only choice that can be made from out here is to choose to be nothing again.

"Man this is hard going...."

Tell me about it.  Imagine waking up every morning and having to re enact this over and over again, and having no choice.

People are stuck with the reality that they are living. I mean it is there man. No chance of it de-materializing.

So one has no choice for those who believe that they are less than nothing, but to work, prey, or learn their way out of the reality that they are present in.

And for those who believe that they are greater than nothing,there is no choice but to have lesser beings work for them. prey to them, or be taught a lesson.

"This is massive in its implications. It doesn`t sound like it`s right at all.  Actually it sounds made up and crazy..."

Nevertheless, now that You know about it, see if you can have some fun spotting it.

It only takes one greater than guy to enslave millions of lesser than guys.

But I`m not here to make you work hard or be taught some greater than the others lesson. You don`t have a prayer.

Just pointing out how crazy and futile greater or lesser than, is.

While one is imagining that they are greater or lesser than anything they are stuck with it.

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« Reply #128 on: May 29, 2014, 10:44:20 AM »

                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 127

                                                            Q and A Part IX.

"I don`t see why this greater or lesser than, thing has come up. Explain???"

Because while one is holding the position that they are greater than, or lesser than, they inhibit their ability to assume the position that they are actually nothing.

Just have a look at how competitive the reality one is experiencing is.
One is living in a world where there are winners and losers. There is constant pressure to gain self esteem. Then there is the pressure to not lose their self esteem.

What a dent to their self esteem one suffers when they are branded a loser.

"You know I`ve never looked at this before. I always assumed that this competitiveness is what life was all about."

It is the reality that most have assumed. They have had no choice.
But look at the suffering caused by this assumption.
"If we didn`t cut down the rain forest, our competitors would have."
"Our religion is the greatest, and best religion money can buy. the others are all losers and they deserve to go to Hell."
"Why do you have to be a loser? Why can`t you be more like the that Jones boy. He`s a real winner."
"We are in business to make money. If that means some people have to be sacrificed then so be it."
"I`m with the reds. We are the best. If you are a blue, you need to be taught a lesson."

Just look around you. The desire to be greater, gives one licence to lose all empathy with losers.

If you are the greatest, becoming nothing is not an easy choice to make.
If you feel that you are less than nothing, then becoming nothing is something you  will feel unworthy of choosing.

"Once again. There is much more going on here than just the written words."

Whatever it is ...just make sure it isn`t greater or lesser than.

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« Reply #129 on: May 30, 2014, 10:59:30 AM »

                                                        "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                             SENSE OF JOY.

                                                               Part 128

                                                            Q and A.  Part X.

"Can you, as clearly as possible, define exactly what enlightenment is ? Then people can get a grasp on it and know what they are aiming for."

Sure. Get everything you know and throw it away.

"Why? How can that possible help?"

Because it is everything you know that is inhibiting your ability to see that you are already enlightened.

"Oh for fucks sake !!!  I really think you have lost the plot."


"You seem to have a never ending supply of stupid answers."

Only because you have a never ending supply of stupid questions.

"Okay then...Give me one question that isn`t stupid."

Not possible.

"How come?"

Because one has to ask the question from the viewpoint of stupid. The viewpoint one assumes to ask the question has to be one of being stupid.
The answer is the remedy to the discomfort caused by being stupid. The question creates the less than nothing void for the more than nothing answer to fill. And focusing on the process of doing this over and over  distracts one from the reality that they are already enlightened.

"This whole subject causes me discomfort."

And it is the need to resolve that discomfort that is always posing the questions.
This is why people "need" answers. They need to resolve discomfort. And that discomfort emerges in the mind.
There is an eternal struggle to gain peace of mind.

"This is so complicated. It hurts."

That is a choice that the mind has made for you. Just like your heart beating and your breaths being taken.
Stop either, and you will experience vast discomfort.

"So if we have no choice what can we do about it?"

No. You always have one choice. To stop playing the game.

"And then?"

And then you will be able to focus on being enlightened.

"Okay... Just tell us. I can`t see how one can be enlightened by ceasing to play the game."

You are oblivious to your own enlightenment because you are distracted by the game you are playing.

Just like you are oblivious to all the discomfort and disasters you aren`t experiencing.

"But what isn`t happening has the potential to be anything."

                                       BINGO !!!!!!!!!!

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                                                               "OUTSIDE OF THE STORY."

                                                                       SENSE OF JOY.

                                                                              Part 129

                                                                      The eternal beginning.

Okay. We`re going to change gear a little bit here.

I am starting a new chapter, in a new thread.

It will be called;                                                      "A new story"

                                                                              Sense of fun.

From when the first post goes up there will be a a link to it here...

Meanwhile, I would like you to consider how you would feel about auditioning for a part in a production with your nearest theatre company.


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