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« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2014, 08:21:37 AM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 16


This is my first update in several months. Will there be more?
We`ll both just have to wait and see...

I took a long break from tuning into potential and relapsed into the need for results.

It`s something all who seek enlightenment have to navigate through.
When one`s life doesn`t transform into a full-time fantasy camp, inevitably impatience sets in.
One begins to wonder if maybe they have it all wrong.

"Maybe enlightenment isn`t up this road."
"Maybe I`m doing the wrong things."

"It never occurred to me that being enlightened would feel so miserable."

And of course, one always has the ever present self worth issues that threaten to tear down all one has erected.

And why is it that the closer one gets to enlightenment, the further away from it they feel?

And conversely, why would it be  that the further away from enlightenment one is, the more confident they are about their being in close proximity to enlightenment.

It`s a puzzle. An enigma. A labyrinth that has baffled all who are living in it ever since time began.

And isn`t it fascinating that the more self assured one is the more one can be confident that they are further away from enlightenment.
The further one resides from enlightenment, the more answers they seem to have.
And yet the closer one is to enlightenment, the more questions they have.

It`s like it`s all inside out, back to front and upside down.

I confess that I too had the image of an enlightened one as someone who could confidently hand out advice and solve problems.
Traditionally that is the image we have been led to believe in.
Someone who is not phased by anything. A "go to" guy for the bewildered. Someone with a silly hat.

But consider this....

Every person seeking enlightenment is deluding themselves.
What they are really doing is seeking relief from their story.

That is quite an insight.

No wonder there is not one shred of information available with instructions on how to become enlightened.
It`s as frustrating as hell. 
It`s how we deal with things. We want to know what to DO !

Just tell me what I have to DO, to become enlightened?!

You want me to accept Jesus (Whatever that means)....Fine.
You want me to meditate for five years?  Okay...I`ll do it.
You want me to just love everyone and everything?  Okay ...I`ll do that.
You want cash ? How much? Do I get a plaque or a certificate?
You want me to wear a burka?
You want me to stop eating meat?
Just tell me. Somebody please just tell me.

But you notice how much discomfort one feels if their method of enlightening themselves is stripped from them???

So it is clear that any doing is an effort to provide comfort.
Any doing is an effort to make being unenlightened more comfortable.
And it`s a delusion.

What you believe in, you be living.

And that becomes the viewpoint you inhabit.

That is what engages a story.

Just like a play. And it is a play.
When the play is over and the final curtain drops, the actors abandon their characters.

The lights come on. They are enlightened.

Not by the play. But by the absence of play.

For an actor, absence of a play means there is no longer his story.

All stories are about conflict.  Try to think of one that isn`t.

                                                 EVERY STORY IS ABOUT CONFLICT!

Write down the titles of your top ten stories. Books, films, Religions, political parties, philosophies, jobs, wars, price of fish, romance,
western, fable, proverb, investment, marriage, hobby, appointment, relationship, bank account, trip to the casino, holiday,
road crossing...............................

To be in a story one must be conflicted.

To be conflicted one can only be unenlightened.... Otherwise you would be on both sides of the conflict.
To be conflicted one must make the opposing viewpoint untenable.

Is this getting through?

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« Reply #16 on: October 30, 2014, 08:42:39 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 17


...... Is something that can only be taken. It isn`t something that can be given.
The moment you try to delegate responsibility, you have assummed responsibility yourself.

All you`ve really done is impose accountability.

This goes deeper than would appear at first glance.

Notice how part of the human condition is the feeling of accountability.

And with that accountability goes denial of responsibility.

These two conflicting attitudes are poles apart.
There is a space between them where stories can be written.

It`s as if the inability to reconcile these conflicting viewpoints is the definition of life.

By living life in a story one is never far from the possibity that they will be held accountable for their actions.
The moment they are, the denial of responsibility rises to the surface.

So it is by relinquishiong responsibility (Cause) that one makes themselves accountable. (Effect)

By denying responsibility one descends into accountability.

The denial of responsibility is admission of accountability.

By insisting that you are not responsible you are being accountable. You are making yourself accountable.

This all seems like bullshit word games.

And it would be if not for the fact that  responsibility can only be taken.

Notice how no one is taking responsibility for anything that has gone wrong.

And there is a lot that has gone wrong in the world.

To remain in this world one must transform responsibility into accountability and pass it on.

Enlightenment, like responsibility , can only be taken. It cannot be given.

If you are waiting for enlightenment , you are probably sitting in a story somewhere reading this.

That`s okay....It`s my fault !
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« Reply #17 on: January 31, 2015, 07:51:04 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 18

                                                                     A one eighty.

It`s been a while since I put finger to key.

What is dancing around me is too important not to put down.

So I`ll just allow it to flow.

Firstly it is a mistake to have a new story. It is the addiction to having a story at all that ends in suffering.
Yet we do it instinctively...

Without a story...we are no one.

And enlightenment has been mistakenly equated with finding out who one really is.

A person`s story is always the search for who they really are.

It is through a story that one defines themselves.
"This is who I am. here is my story."

All suffering is due to identification.

One can shut off feelings of discomfort by disassociating with the source of the discomfort.

The mind is the link between a source of pain and one`s perception of that pain.

It is the mind that keeps one unenlightened.
There is no conscious mind.
                                                        Mind is unconsciousness defined.

What I`m about to say is so tricky to grasp.
The mind can come up with reasons why it is wrong till the end of time.

It is the job we have delegated to the mind to keep us unenlightened.

A mind owner is in a perpetual state of sleep.
When something comes along that jars us into consciousness the mind demands that rather than
be with the discomfort,  we act immediately to remedy the situation urgently so we can go back to sleep.

These are the loneliest moments one can experience.

This is waking up on a battlefield with no weapons.

The mind can only ever be dishonest about who you really are.

It has no answer. It never will have the answer to that question.

It is why the question is asked. Absent a mind there are no questions.

Here is the tricky part I was telling you was coming up.
I`ll go into it further. For now I just want to get it down.

The mind , having no answer for who one is, instead sets about
defining who you are not.

Over time one becomes swamped by all the things one is sure one isn`t.

These are specific things one has disassociated from.

So one is then left with an unspecific idea of who they are.

The identity one believes they are is in fact all that is still left during the process of elimination.

But no matter how much one defines what they are not, it does not remedy the the answer to the question of who we really are.

This is why, over time, finding the answer only gets harder.

Now the mind has total ownership of its host.

The mind owner sits in the center of all this wondering what the answer is, never to realize that he/she is
living in the ultimate trap.

Getting out of this trap means being completely counter intuitive.

Being out of the trap equals the end of dishonest identification.

The dishonesty is that you are dis identified with anything at all.
Absent a mind one is everything and potentially anything.

It is the minds job to rub your nose in the fact that the above is not true.

Enlightenment is realized when one is honestly identified with everything. After all it is all you.

Un enlightenment is the process of disguising that honesty.

The mind can come up with endless reasons why you are not everything.

And while you let it, it will be so.

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« Reply #18 on: September 20, 2015, 09:01:05 AM »

Every moment is a new beginning...

I recently posted these articles at Ex scientology message board.
It kind of got me juiced up a bit.


This whole enlightenment trip is , as any ex scientologist can attest to, a real fucken minefield.

99% of what is being passed off as "the way" is someone`s delusion.

Interestingly, each seeker believes the above statement, convinced that he is onto the 1% that is the true way.
Some are even willing to die defending it.
And yet still cannot live it.

There seems to be no end to the extent seekers will go in defense of their path, including murder.
So you see the passion this topic evokes.
Any challenge to one`s path is taken very personally.
And that is because it is identified with. It is taken very personally.

I wonder how well it would go down if I proposed the fact that we are all being conned.

I wonder how well it would go down if I pointed out that the path itself, any path, is the con.

I wonder what would happen if instead of nurturing a path one examined the dis-ease that arose from perpetuating it.

What if enlightenment is the eternal process of realizing how un enlightened one actually is?

Oh yeah, one tip... "Your mind is NOT your friend"........................ It`s the path maker.

Just ask Hubbard.


Just in case you are up for more...

I write this , not to be clever or gain approval.
I have no desire to win anyone over to my viewpoint.

I`m writing this because I have compassion. And I know that transcending life`s miseries is impossible.

But I also know that the impossible does happen.

Wondering where to go or what to do to free oneself is so overwhelming that most have settled in to their life sentence believing
that it will all make sense one day, perhaps when we die, which is a long way off.

I truly hope that what I`m about to share will demystify the whole subject and encourage you to discover for yourself that you are being conned.

Communicating sanely about this topic is next to impossible due to the deep seated core beliefs one views any subject matter with, to judge it.
"I accept this. I reject that." " I approve of this. I condemn that."

Someone who is going around asking everybody they know how to solve a problem they are experiencing, is deceiving themselves.
Just watch how their search for a solution stops the moment someone tells them to do what they were already planning to do.
All other advice is passed over. "They didn`t really get it. They were stupid" But the one who told them what they were already thinking is a genius who really
understands. And they are the clever one.

So if you keep telling people what they already think, you are a friend to follow.
If you tell mind owners things that they aren`t already thinking ..."you are a nut. And have many faults. Not just your bad advice. I may kill you."

The hidden agenda of the mind is to achieve PEACE. Not for the world... For itself.

The mind asks.... Does this information give me peace of mind? If it does, it becomes the truth.
If it doesn`t...It is complete bullshit. And it turns it`s owners back on it.

The con is that the mind manufactures separation and conflict.
Minds have existed ever since problems began.

And yet not one mind has come forward with Peace as its goal.

Unless you know of one....

Reason being... Any message of Peace comes from someone who is out of their mind.


Have you ever been curious as to why the mind is an expert on everyone else`s mind and yet when it
comes to its own mind it is a blabbering idiot?

If you have been through the education system, then probably not.

When a mind is force fed answers to questions it never asked, its sense of curiosity is extinguished.

A reluctance to learn is the result of being taught.

The result is, one winds up completely compromised and miserable and they are not even curious to know how and why it happened.
So the seeker is now motivated to end the psychological hurt that arose in the absence of their sense of curiosity.

They have been conned.

Once the mechanics of the con have been observed, it`s over.
When one sees how the magic trick is done, one ceases to be tricked by it.

See who murdered curiosity and curiosity is resurrected.
Which is probably worth doing as curiosity is the only thing that is going to reveal the how and the why of the life sentence one is serving.

Being wrongly convicted is the source of anti social behavior. Resurrecting one`s innocence is reserved only for the curiously uneducated.

More to come....


Like I said, this subject matter is very emotive.
Having one`s beliefs challenged releases passionate emotions.
It causes unbearable psychological discomfort to the mind owner.

Such challenges move one into close proximity to the unthinkable actuality that their convictions are wrong.
And the frustration and despair of being wrongly convicted send the mind into a frantic effort to restore peace.
If people have to be tricked, lied to, or utterly destroyed, so be it.

The mind will even work through the night to restore peace to itself. It`s called dreaming.

The mind is only loyal to itself.
The last conversation the suicide or the murderer has before the act, is with their mind.
The mind is the paddle that takes you up "Shit Creek" and then abandons you.

The mind places "The art of war" by Sun Tzu on mind owners "recommended reading " list.
And in all the years it has existed it never wrote "The art of Peace."

The mind is the worst idea it ever had.

It is the prison you serve your life sentence in.

To break free the key is psychological discomfort.
The lock can be picked with curious attention.
Observing the mechanics of the lock reveal one`s con(victions)

Everything else is choice-less cell decoration that grows old with you.
It merely serves to distract one from admitting they are a prisoner of the mind.

Refusing to grow old and rot in jail transforms
enduring into enjoying.

Mindless fun results.


Becoming enlightened is impossible.

Unless you can show me enlightenment, what I say stands.

All anyone can show you is a path that, if followed, will lead to it.
There are as many paths as there are people.
You are halfway along one right now.

That path is called life and you are stuck right in the middle of it.

The path you have walked is forever informing the path you are bulldozing ahead.

However all the past is, is a remembrance of the pathways that led you to where you don`t want to be right now.

The mind can`t think with this.
It gets bored. It shifts its focus onto things that make sense... like wrestling or hot-rods.
Little mini dramas of life where there are winners and losers, heroes and in the lives of the real..Where there is safety in numbers.

The actuality that one comes into, and leaves this world alone, is dropped from one`s consciousness.
The pathway into the human experience is opened and perpetuated by relegating actuality into the unconscious.

Why be with a sad truth when one can aspire to happy beliefs like everyone else?
"It will all make sense one day.....Maybe at death...which is a long way off."

There is no path that leads out of all this. There is no location that one can arrive at. There
is no effort that can be rewarded with an end to the human experience. No length of time served will ever result in compensation.
There is nothing one can do to escape.

However.... undoing is a whole other un matter.

I won`t bother this board any further on the subject of enlightenment ( what it isn`t. )

For the curious only, Observations available here....
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« Reply #19 on: September 20, 2015, 12:49:17 PM »


                                                                     Part 1

Curiosity is the beginning.

"What would happen if..."
"I wonder what it would be like if...."
" Why is it that........?
"How would it feel to....."
"Where might I discover.....?"
"When will I know.......?"

Curiosity, to be a beginning must give birth to a partial knowing.
Curiosity and partial knowing, together, make creation possible.

To the all knowing, creation is unnecessary. It has no purpose or meaning.

But creation puts in place the search for purpose and meaning for the "partial knowing" to become "all knowing."

Life is created by the "all knowing" to give the "partial knowing" time to become complete.

This is the meaning and purpose of life.

The gap between "being" and "becoming" is the residence of the "partial knowing."

The realm of the "partial knowing" is the eternally incomplete.

But what does all this mean to the man on the street?

It means he can free himself from doing..... and undo.

Completion with no search for meaning or purpose. 

Curiosity satisfied ...................

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« Reply #20 on: September 21, 2015, 08:56:27 AM »

                                                                        "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 19

                                                                          Where the fun stops

All psychological discomfort is a manifestation of being conned.

Being conned manifests as psychological discomfort.

When fun is absent, suffering comes into being.
When love is absent, laws come into being.

Where love exists no laws are necessary.

Love can deny the laws of nature, physics, and the universe.
Love exists outside of the law.
Existence without love is existence inside the law(s).

Crime and punishment are the creation of law makers.
The ultimate punishment is a life sentence.

No matter how many life sentences one is serving, only love can set them free.

Love has the power to be curious.
Love has the ability to trace psychological discomfort to its source.
Love has the insight to see mechanics of the con manifesting as discomfort.

The con is dissolved. Love remains.

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« Reply #21 on: September 22, 2015, 09:42:08 AM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 20

                                                                   It`s only words.

The word is not the thing.

A chair is not the word "chair."

Once one modifies a chair beyond certain parameters, it ceases to be a chair.

However the word can be modified without arousing suspicion.

Someone can thus go around with what they think is the thing, in their head, where in fact is only a symbol and possibly severely corrupted.

The words that don`t represent objects, but rather concepts can be twisted so far out of shape that the concept represented by that word is completely lost.

Words like , God, love, truth, peace, fear, religious, time, life, death, enlightenment, freedom, have today lost all meaning.
They are are an embarrassing shambles.

When someone asks you if you believe in God.... Ask them to define God.

You`ll see what I mean.

It means that someone who has found one of these things has only found the thing that fits their perverted definition of it.

By using words and symbols, which are never the thing, one deludes themselves intellectually into believing that
they have unearthed the actuality. Whereas in fact all that has been unearthed is their own warped ideas.

The actual exists regardless of what ideas one has about it.
It cannot be modified or tamed. It cannot be cooked or flavored. It cannot be cultivated or petitioned.

No amount of mental gymnastics will change the actual.
Therefore the actual remains and the thing put through mental gymnastics is never the actual thing.

All thought is a cheap imitation of the actual thing.

Thinking itself becomes a Disneyland version of the actual fact of thought.

Is it any wonder that humanity is fucked up and insane? 
Deluding itself that it is evolved and sophisticated. When the actuality is that Disneyland can only exist by hiding the
technicians that make it all work.

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« Reply #22 on: September 23, 2015, 07:44:57 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 21

                                                                           The trap.

  If someone was to tell you how to be free, it would mean nothing.

Anything you are told is evaluated to see if it is a match for what the evaluator already knows.
So it is agreed, or disagreed, with, based on what is known.

What is known is what one has experienced.
The mind is a storehouse for experience.
The mind is therefore memory.

Memory is the past.  Past experience.

The mind cannot remember that which it has no experience of.

It cannot remember freedom.
It cannot remember peace.
It cannot remember silence.
It cannot remember love.
It cannot remember stillness.
It cannot remember truth.

To experience any of these things one must go beyond thought.
For thought, memory, or experience does not contain any of the above.
For thought to contemplate any of the above, it must pervert them.

The mind can only think with  perverted versions of the above.

This is why none of the greatest thinkers have been able to come up
with one thing that can help you become free of thought.
This is also why none of the great minds can help bring peace, love, silence, stillness, freedom or truth to the world.

If there were solutions  to the ills of the world then they could be communicated.

You could hear the words that would bring you these things.
Someone could tell you the truth. It would be in a book.
But they aren`t !!!

Only you can discover these things for yourself.

They are all there waiting patiently for you. They always were and always will be.

So for example.... "What is truth?

Truth is what remains, once all the lies have been removed.

Peace is what remains, once all the conflict is removed.

You do the rest.........
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« Reply #23 on: September 23, 2015, 08:41:24 AM »

                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 22

                                                                        What are you?

Man`s search for himself is the eternal search. The search is the creation of that eternity.

When all searching ceases completely, so does time.

All searching implies that you already know what you are searching for.
Otherwise how will you recognize it when you find it?!

The game of life is played in the field of time.
Life is becoming.
Anything that is simply being, is outside of life. And thus outside of time.

Before one can become one must be.

By being something one can enter the field of time and become something.

"I am being sad..... I want to become happy."
"I am being simple.... I want to become complex."
"I am being ignorant.... I want to become informed."
" I am primitive... I want to become evolved and sophisticated."
" I am lost... I want to become found."

But the thing you are being can only be deprived.
It is that deprivation that motivates the desire to become the non deprived version of the deprived version one is being.

The irony is that one will, through time, be deprived of all they have accumulated to remedy their sense of deprivation.

Accumulation is life one sentences themselves to.

Thus death has been shrouded in loss.

All one can acquire is what they are not.
When one loses all they have acquired, what remains is what they actually are.

You are the absence of what you are not.

Life says that absence of what you are not is death.

But all that can ever die is the sense of deprivation.
Life is the eternal urge to revive the sense of deprivation.

Life keeps one too busy to see that.
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« Reply #24 on: September 27, 2015, 08:59:04 AM »

                                                                     "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 23

                                                                 "I thought I had changed."

Change is only possible outside of thought. 

Thought resists change.

A change occurs when thought is absent. Then change returns to justify, rationalize, sabotage, or modify change.

Change is a something that thought does not control.
It leaves the thinker at a loss to explain the change. So thought creates ideas and concepts to fill that loss.
Thought is compelled to put the reins on change so it is back in control.

Evolution is not a thought process.
Evolution would be spontaneous if thought didn`t rein it in.

Thought has not evolved ever since it gave birth to itself.
It is devolution.
Thought has assumed the role of consciousness.

Thought has made itself the center of attention.

That self centered-ness is unconsciousness pretending to be consciousness.

Consciousness has invented the sub subconscious to rationalize and justify the glaringly obvious fact that consciousness is a pretense.

Thought says that a part of it is subconscious.
Thought cannot say where the self at its center resides. It must be something it is not conscious of.

Thought is the mechanism used to halt spontaneity and slow down change.

Thought is a fake self centered, fake spontaneous, fake consciousness, fake control with a fake subconscious.

All this puts the mind, with its thoughts, in conflict with itself.

All fragments of the mind are subconsciousness pretending to be consciousness.

The mind rages against freedom of thought. The perfect disguise to hide the actuality that thought itself is the prison.

The key to unlocking this , is the fact that the experience of suffering, any form of suffering, is symptomatic
of being conned.

When the mechanics of the con are completely observed, the con is over.
When one sees how a magic trick is done, one can never be tricked by that magic again.

The change is instantaneous. When one doesn`t think about it, it is clear that only the mind could ever be tricked.

True consciousness is something the mind is not equipped to think about, or even entertain, as it has NO CENTER.

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                                                                      "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                          Part 24

                                                                        Fear of death....

A death that one is not conscious of has no platform for existence.

One can only give life to something through relationship.

Anything which cannot be interacted with, on any level, is as good as dead.

However thought can interact with what is otherwise dead, through pretense.

Thought has given life to pretense with which it can interact.

The moment thought stops interacting with the pretense, the pretense ceases to exist. It dies.

It`s as if it never existed in the first place. Which it didn`t.

What was nothing, then given life, returns to nothing again. This is LIFE.

A pretense perpetuated by interaction. 

Only thought, which is limited, can interact with a pretense.

Thought itself is the pretense that sabotages any attempt to dissolve the pretense.

It has waged war to achieve peace ever since it crawled out from under the rock it pretended it was hiding under.

Thought sabotages all efforts to see the mechanics of pretense.

Only when the pretense of thought is exposed can one see that which thought is hiding for the duration of life.

Here it is.....   

The thought has created the thinker.

The thought has separated the thinker from his thoughts.

Watch closely. ........

The thinker is the thought.

Without the thought, the thinker is not.

Fear of death is the pretense.

Death of fear is the dissolving of fear of death.
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                                                            "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 25

                                                              Why are you still here?

Where is here?   
Here is where you are thinking from.
When thought is is the you that is here, there, or somewhere. 

The action of thinking is what fixes one to a location.

Thought is the jail that the thinker is trapped in.

Which raises the question "What is one without thought?"


Which is a state of spontaneous creation.

No frontiers.

One sees that thought is not only the motivation to acquire.  It is also the process of denying that fulfillment.
The mind is conflict. It is the in and the out breath.

I must look desirable.....    I must eat everything in sight.
I must be wealthy.......       Wealth is scarce.
I am lonely....  I must find somebody who completed me.
I must get respect....    I will emulate people I respect.

Pain and suffering result.  ALWAYS !!!

Pain and suffering then give the mind the incentive to remedy the situation.

The goal is "peace of mind."

One searches endlessly for "Peace of mind" with the very thing that, to exist, must contain conflict.

The mind is the conflict humanity has been trying to resolve.

The mind has created "Time" to put the solution as far away as possible in a fantasy.

The frustration felt by every human is the life created between where they are and where they want to be.

The mind uses every trick in its arsenal to perpetuate itself.
It can only do this with the illusion of time.

The mind cannot function outside of time.
The mind will use all its power to inhibit its owner from seeing what is actual.

The moment one is fully here and now, s/he doesn`t know what to think.

It`s the psychological equivalent of the physiological orgasm.

Mindless fun !!!
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                                                                "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 26

                                                               Putting off procrastination

All one has to work with is time. 
To perpetuate the illusion of time is hard work.

The mind is the delusion known as time.
All that is known is what the mind is composed of.

And what it is composed of is a delusion, which is time.

Time is the mind.

The mind cannot entertain the idea of not existing.
It can only operate in the known.

It has no experience of not existing.
Therefore it sentences itself, and anyone  gullible enough to believe it, to existence.

To exist the mind has become a parasite.
You are the host.
The mind tricks you into carrying it around by pretending to be your friend and pretending it can work all this out..... in time....

It`s the perfect self perpetuating machine and the mind owner is a slave to it.

The mind to exist must ignore what is actual.
It cannot see the actual. It doesn`t even attempt to.

Meanwhile the long suffering mind owner consults the mind and asks...
"How can my suffering end?"
The mind comes forward with time based solutions. It can only draw on what it knows.
It does not know freedom. It can`t think with it.

So it projects a non specific aggregate of what has the illusion of being freedom
and gives its owner tasks to perform with the hope that over time it will reach its goal.

So the search for the answer is totally sabotaged.

One can only search for something they once had.
How can something be lost if it was never found?

To find something one must be able to recognize it.
How else would one know they had found it?

So in every case... The thing which one is seeking is something that was already had.

Notice how the mind goes all crossed eyed trying to avoid this actuality???

The actual cannot be observed by the mind.
The mind wants something to think with.
If you don`t give it something to think with, it will resurrect all sorts of incomplete thoughts and dump them right on your head.

That constantly chattering mind,  the mind owner is tormented with 24/7, is the genesis of distraction.

Keep busy being entertained so that the mind will give its owner a bit of peace.

Particularly if other mind owners are also using that distraction.

Isn`t it interesting that when one is successfully entertaining themselves, time disappears.....
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                                                                 "A NEW STORY."

                                                                Sense of fun.

                                                                     Part 27

                                                             Averting avoidance

Is any of this making sense?

If it is , you still haven`t got it.

The compulsion to make sense of everything is the mind avoiding what is actual.

It has to position everything it encounters with something it knows.

It`s been doing this since the day it was consulted and became more than just a recording apparatus.
And yet..have a look at the actual world. The world that invites so much suffering and misery.
Not only on a global level ...But also on a personal level.

The inability of the mind to recognize that global suffering as the same thing as the personal suffering
experienced by the individual, is the actuality.

The ability to take global suffering and make it personal is part of the con which allows suffering to perpetuate.

The mind encourages one to overcome their personal suffering and succeed despite the odds.
Obviously this is very hard work.
Otherwise these determined, single minded individuals would not be applauded globally and held up as
heroes, role models, and success stories.
But when asked why they did it. They say "I had to. I had no choice. Anyone else, given my situation, would have done the same thing."

I realize exactly how frustrating all this is.

The mind, that has tricked you into thinking it is you, kicks in and demands that it makes sense so it can evaluate the situation and do something about it.

To transcend this eternal cycle one has to cease doing.
Doing evokes time.
Immediately you are back on the treadmill.

Any change that requires time is merely the mind`s avoidance of the actual.
By observing the actual the transformation is already your new home.

The instant you realize you are happy, it is over.

See it.  See it NOW !

To see how the magic trick is done is to never be tricked by that magic again.
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« Reply #29 on: October 27, 2015, 08:39:24 AM »

                                                                       "A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 28

                                                                         What`s wrong with the world?

Great minds and simpletons alike have pondered this question for eons.

It doesn`t take genius to realize that one is in every moment surrounded by things that shouldn`t be.

It is this observation that fuels, frustration , anger, apathy, depression, conflict, desperation.

The only relief from these emotions is when one feels that they can do something about it.

Hitler`s mind was able to shift to other matters of state, once the Jewish problem was being dealt with.
The mind will keep nagging at it`s owner until s/he does something about what is not at rest within it.

The self centered egotistic mind cannot change, cannot recover, cannot avoid the inevitable.
It has sentenced it`s owner to bring it peace, while perpetually creating conflict.

Isn`t this bizarre?
Isn`t what you are reading contrary to everything you think?

Let me demonstrate the fact. The actuality...

I have written thousands of words. Most mind owners bailed out early on, because this is not an easy read. No where is written what one wants to hear.

If you were to attempt to communicate what I`ve been saying, you`d realize that you can`t remember any of it.
There was no message. If you were to read it all again there would be page after page that wouldn`t sound familiar.
You`d wonder how come I didn`t mention this and that the first time you read it.

Actually from where you are at this moment...The only parts of this that you`d remember are the parts that you didn`t really get.

For any of what I`m saying to be retained by memory it has to lose it`s purity and become slightly altered.

I wrote all this and even I have no idea what I`ve said.

Every time I sit down to write I have not the foggiest notion of anything that has gone before.

The moment one can quote anything said here it is because the mind has been able to alter it enough to make it part of memory.
To be part of memory it cannot be pure truth. It must have been manipulated into something that fits into the structure of the mind, which is conflict.

I see the unadulterated truth as it appears on the page in front of me.
You see it, as it appears before you.
That is the change.
The con is exposed. The mechanism is observed. The magic trick is no longer something that deludes the mind.

By observing the mechanics of the illusion, the illusion has no power over you.

At which point your address has changed.
You go from being a believer, into an observer of FACT.

When enough beliefs are dispensed with one has left delusion behind and is now living in actuality.

There is no need to quote philosophy. There is no need to consult authority.
Everything is there in plain sight.

There is nothing wrong with the world. That is the actuality !!!

It is what it is. 
The moment you project a better world you have abandoned actuality and moved off into delusion.

And that is where the human experience happens...In illusion.

It isn`t wrong. It isn`t right. It simply is.

The desire to change what is, is the exact thing which makes that change impossible.
The pure observation of what is, is the transformation that has baffled great minds for as long as they decided minds were great.

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