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Author Topic: "A NEW STORY."  (Read 67043 times)
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                                                                     A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 342

                                                                   The human struggle.....

The entirety of the human struggle is due to attempting to hold something there that is not actual.

This con is not something within human perception.

If it was, the human would no longer be there to perceive it.

The human exists in ignorance of this actuality.

All the human constructs and accumulates is to perpetuate this human existence.

The human has no choice but to target the human body with all efforts at self deconstruction.

The human believes s/he is the body and as such the body becomes the repository of all pain.

Once the pain is felt, it then confirms to the human that they are indeed a body.

The body is then located at the nexus of all pain.

There is no choice.

This must be wrong !!!  How could the body be responsible for all of one`s pain?

Well.... How much pain could you be in if you didn`t have one ?

Really look at that.

The human is so preoccupied with locating the body away from pain that it
does not see that the body is the source of the pain it is trying to dislocate from.

Pain exists because one is there identified with the body.
Once one is no longer identified with the body, (eg. dead) no pain is registered.
One is no longer there.

That body is not where one is located.

The whole of human philosophy is premised on the belief that you are a human body.
But you are not.

All human philosophy is about perpetuating this falsehood.

Human philosophy is only of interest to a human body that is being inhabited.
Read human philosophy to one that isn`t and there is no interest whatsoever.

Yet everything that the human body is is still there.
All that is missing is who you really are. Which has nothing to do with the human body at all.

Let me summarize all of human philosophy in one sentence...

"Wear a silly hat."
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« Reply #346 on: January 14, 2017, 07:01:34 AM »

                                                                      A NEW STORY."

                                                                       Sense of fun.

                                                                           Part 343

                                                                   "What was I thinking ?"

Can we examine the mechanics of thought?

We are not thinking about thinking.
We are just observing without judgement or any expectation of a result.

The obvious thing to notice about thought is that it comes with a voice.

It is a speaking entity.

Any vocalization takes time.

Therefore... vocalized thought is not pure thought.
It is thought that is being processed.
Pure thought is being put through the human conditioning ringer.

What begins as pure thought comes out as severely infiltrated human thought.

It has to for the human to be able to relate to it.

Human thought is thought that has been humanized.

The human has no choice about this.
Any thought that hasn`t been modified to fit the human experience does not register with the human at all.

So human thought is limited.

Human thought has no clue whatsoever about how to eliminate human problems.
No human thought has made the tiniest dent in the resolution of human problems.

Human thought has to modify the problem to suit the human.

Human thought distracts the human from seeing the actual problem every time.

The human thought agenda is "How can the human still be there ? "

Do you see how this completely sabotages resolving any human problems?

The human is the problem.
While the human remains, so to will the human problems.

Think of all the problems you aren`t having.
You aren`t having them because you are not there.

We are trying to get something extremely complicated to observe simplicity itself.

And it can`t.

The mechanics of this present themselves when one connects their breathing.

While the breathing is connected there are no human problems.
The human takes this as a threat to it`s existence.
So it automatically imposes itself into the equation.

It uses every distraction it can till it brings you back to being human.

There is no choice. It has already occurred before you know it has happened.
The only choice at all times is to return to the connected breathing.

There is no human reason to do this. It isn`t even a doing.
The human is all about

The human is sentenced to doing. To not do anything is inhuman.
The human is barking orders to it`s captive every moment it is conscious.

When breathing is connected, human consciousness is absent.
There is silence.

Silence is an absence of noise.

In that silence there is pure thought.

Pure thought has no voice. It is not limited.
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