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Author Topic: Article: Melrose Place Star Denounces -----Scientology----  (Read 2389 times)

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I wasn't sure where to put it, so here it goes (i'm sure someone will move it if it's in the wrong place):

brief overview:
hollywood actor says scientology is bad!


Melrose Place Star Denounces -----Scientology----

Jason Beghe, who played the murderous Jeffrey Lindley on Seasons 3 and 4 of Melrose Place has denounced the religion he?s been a firm believer in for the past 14 years.

A former scientologist, Beghe plunked over a million dollars into the organization but was banished when he asked for an approximate $65,000 he had fronted for a future study back.

Beghe was what is known a an OT5 auditor?a member that teaches new members the ropes. In a video on YouTube he now says Scientology creates a ?brainwashed, robotic version? of yourself.

The actor claims that once you ask for a refund or repayment, you?re not allowed to take another course or speak to another Scientologist ever again. He says the people are simply ?vindictive.?

According to a FoxNews story, Beghe claims that not all the celebrity Scientologists are 100 per cent ?in.? People like Kirstie Alley could get out and Tom Cruise, one of the biggest advocates, was out for several years. In the article, Beghe says Cruise was brought back ?in? at the time of his divorce from Nicole Kidman and was put through an ?Ethics Cycle? after he and Penelope Cruz split. He apparently had to make amends. According to Beghe, this cycle would explain Cruise?s War of the Worlds campaign, his jumping on the couch on Oprah, his marriage with Katie Holmes and his fight with Matt Lauer.

Beghe claims he had been trying to leave Scientology for almost eight years, but was a part of the addiction of it. It took he and his wife more than a year ? both devout followers who even partook in the ?silent birth? for their first child ? to get out.

The actor, who has also had roles in Cane, Everwood, and Chicago Hope, says during his 14 years as a Scientologist his relationships with friends and family became very strained but they are now much better.
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Great piece!  Jason is a (excuse my language) fucking star.

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