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« on: February 25, 2017, 07:45:43 AM »

                                                    The Author.

                                                      Part 1

                                                    Ghost writer

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, white papers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Wiki

Every human is a ghost writer.

The author does not have a story.
For a story to exist there must be conflict.

Conflict is the story.

As the author has no conflict, the author is story less.

The author is outside of the story and beyond the reach of conflict.

To arrive in the story the author must author an author... A ghost writer.

The ghost writer is in conflict.The ghost writer will exist for as long as conflict does.

Once conflict ceases to exist there is nothing for the ghost writer to write about
and thus his/her existence is no more.

The ghost writer can only write about conflict. There is no choice. There are no other stories.

The ghost writer is a conflict writing machine.
It has no choice.
If it ceased to write about conflict, it would all be over for the ghost writer.

The ghost writer can never observe what the ghost writer is because the ghost writer
is observing through the ghost writer.

The ghost writer is creating the observation. And that observation is separation and division...
Which is conflict.

The ghost writer is the human.
And the human is trying to write its way out of being a ghost writer.

Do you see the dilemma ?

The ghost writer is trying to write it`s own happy ending. It has to. There is no choice.

The ghost writer is writing to free itself from having to write.

Thus the ghost writer is it`s own jailer.

The last thing it writes can only ever be the first thing.

The author authored the ghost writer.

The ghost writer cannot un-write itself because it is the authored. Not the author.

 The ghost writer is not the actual. You are the actual.... Surrounded by the non actual.
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2017, 07:33:29 AM »

                                                    The Author.

                                                      Part 2

                                                    The story of conflict.

The story of conflict is the human story.

The human has known nothing but conflict.
The human tries in vain to end conflict. But to end conflict is to end the human.
The human is the ghost writer who`s function is to author conflict.

Without that conflict the human would not have a story.

Is what one is observing here what is actual? Or is it just another story?

Let us have a look.

Sit in a distraction free environment , close your eyes and connect your breathing.
Surely this is as simple as can be, Just spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from your life.

Now notice how on the face of it this appears to be very simple.

And yet, before you know it something else has taken over.

All this chatter. All this conflict. All these stories.The connected breathing has ceased.

Okay.... All that distraction is the ghost writer that is pretending to be you.

Is this observable?

Is it what is actual. Is there anything you can do about it?

If there isn`t...then it is what is actual.

So can it be observed that the human ghost writer is sentenced to a life of conflict, pain, discomfort, and suffering?

Unwilling to be a victim of this , the human seeks help. And who does it turn to?
The ghost writer. !!!

Now the ghost writer says I must write a story about overcoming all the pain, suffering and discomfort.

The ghost writer wants a happy ending. That is the carrot.
And it falls for it every time.

"I will be free of pain, discomfort and suffering as soon as I .....   ......    ........."

But the moment you .....    .......    ..........   it is over.
It is gone. " I will be happy when I am married." becomes  "I will be happy when I am divorced."
" I will be free of pain, suffering, and discomfort once I have a job." becomes "I will be free of pain, suffering and discomfort as soon as I leave my job."

It is a con.

But the human is so busy looking through this mechanism that they fail to look AT it.

While one is looking through it, there is always something can be done.

But when one looks AT this mechanism there is nothing can be done.

The human cannot observe the actual. That is why s/he is stuck here in mystery.

In a cry of desperation the human goes to the only thing it knows, the thing that is it`s very essence....

The human turns to the ghost writer and says "Write me the fuck out of here."

And the ghost writer says "That`s all I do.  I will keep writing you out of here as long as you exist."

"If I didn`t wouldn`t exist to be written out."

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« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2017, 07:02:30 AM »

                                                  The Author.

                                                      Part 3

                                          The ghost writer is the voice of experience.

When the voice in your head has no experience to draw on, it has nothing to say.

Where it has nothing to say, it is absent.

Experience is the bread and butter of the ghost writer.

The more experience the ghost writer has, the more it has to say.

Those experiences are real because the ghost writer says so.

The ghost writer depends on experience for it`s very existence.

The ghost writer pretends it is creating.
But it can only ever reorganize experience.

Accumulation and construction are a pair.
Neither can exist without the other.

Experience is accumulated and constructed by the ghost writer.

You are not the ghost writer. The ghost writer is the accumulation and construction of experience given a voice.  The ghost writer is the author of the horror story it exists in.

To end the horror story is to end the existence of the ghost writer.
While the ghost writer exists there is no end to the horror story that is the human experience.

The ghost writer remains undetected because one is looking through the ghost writer.

Maybe see it this way...

One is always observing through their experience.
The experience one is observing through cannot but compromise what one is observing.

One has had bad experiences with the opposite sex. Thus one cannot observe the opposite sex without the bad experience distorting the observation.

Experience is conditioning.

Experience and conditioning are all the ghost writer knows.

Conflict is conditioning butting heads with conditioning.

We are merely observing the mechanics involved here.
We are not in conflict with them. We are not trying to do anything about them.

The moment one finds something, s/he who was looking for it is no more.
Transformation has occurred.

The ghost writer is forever more.
The ghost writer is complex observation looking for simplicity.

Not convinced that you are observing through a ghost writer that is writing
a script of conflict and slavery every second of your existence.???

Sit down in a distraction free environment, close your eyes and connect your breathing.

Now observe the ghost writer in action.

Observe what is actual.

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« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2017, 07:50:11 AM »

                                                   The Author.

                                                      Part 4

                                                  The penny drops.

The ghost writer specializes in writing stories. It is all it does.

Without a story, the ghost writer is nothing.

There is no end to the stories the ghost writer will come up with.

It has a story for everything.
If you introduce something new to the ghost writer it will put it into a story.
Till it does, it can`t make sense of what it is observing.

Trouble is... Life has no obligation to make sense to anyone.

Life having to make sense is itself a story.

The moment a story is engaged, observation of the actual is avoided.

There is nothing but what is actual and the stories we tell ourselves.

There is no way out of this.

The ghost writer has no choice but to come up with a story to account for it`s existence.

See if you can observe the mechanics of this.

"Why ? Why ? why ?" the human pleads with the universe.
"I want answers.!!"

"What am I doing here? How did I get here? When will my suffering end?"

And so rather than observing what and how one actually is, the ghost writer diverts it`s owner to a story
that tries to make sense of it all.


One observes the ghost writer in action. 
Now rather than be there with what is actual, the ghost writer will make up a story about how it came to be.

"Maybe it was chemicals from the big bang....  Maybe God looked down on the earth and said "I like what I see...
How can I fuck it all up?  Maybe as a baby you were denied a nipple once too often and that is the cause of all your suffering.

There could be books full of stories written. full of theories and evidence and statistics explaining
why you are a complete victim of circumstances.

Tests could be done in laboratories.

Maybe one day all the stories could be united and we could have the one true story.

What if someone brainy went through all the wisdom man has accumulated and put it all to the test to see exactly what worked.

Well what worked was the guy sifting through all that irrelevant garbage.

They are all stories.

God. The atom. The big bang. Evolution. Creationism. Politics. Science. And story telling.

While you are buying into this story, all of your problems exist because of the past and all of their solutions are in the future.

You just have to put in the time.

There is nothing you can do about it if you look at this as actual.

There is plenty you can do if you don`t.

Everything that is holding you here is happening now.
Everything else is simply a story.

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« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2017, 07:53:37 AM »

                                                   The Author.

                                                      Part 5

                                              A goodnight story.

What a story does is puts it`s listeners to sleep.

For someone who buys into any story, they are living in a day dream.

The victim of a story is not observing what is actual.
They are distracted by the realm of thought.

Humans take great pride in doing this.
It is called being intellectual, or intelligent.

This intelligence deflects it`s owners attention away from the fact that it is completely ignorant.

Completely ignorant of the actual.

The intelligence fails to see that all it accumulates and constructs will be scattered to the wind in time.

The intelligence was merely a collection of stories. All self serving.

When the story is over the ghost writer is mystified as to how it was conned into spending all it`s time
in a story. So it will make up a story about that as well.

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                                                 The Author.

                                                     Part 6.

                                            I want to see results !

For a result to exist, it must be within the field of time.

It used to be like this... and now it is like that.

So a result is the final chapter of that particular story.

It is when one takes stock. Sees where things are at.
What is actual.

"Here are the results."

That observation is an observation of what is actual. But the ghost writer cannot
make that observation from outside of time.

It makes the observation from within time and it engages in a new story.
"Where to from here?    What now?   How do we proceed from here?"

The ghost writer is totally dependent on time.
Without time, it cannot ply it`s trade.

There is an infinity of stories to be told.

But the only ones you spend any time with are the ones tailor made for you by the ghost writer.

It seduces you into identifying with the story that is unfolding right before your eyes.
"This is My story. It is real. I have the proof. I can`t just magic it away."

"I have to see it through to the end. It is what we humans do."

"I am not alone. I am as fucked up as the next guy."

The human gazes at the stars, and screams out in agony. "How the fuck can I end my suffering ?"
And the ghost writer comes to the rescue.

The ghost writer, unable to observe the actual agony that you are in, projects a vision of the end of your pain.

It writes a story with a happy ending and casts it`s victim in the role of someone on the road to recovery.

The character thus created is now focused on an imaginary future and is given things it has to do.

These are just the mechanics.
One is not trying to do anything about this con.
Merely to observe. Observing is not a doing..

Direct observation is observing what is actual.
It is not observing what it was or what it will be.
That is doing.

Doing is not possible in the presence of the actual.
What is actual is actual and there is nothing you can DO about it.

As soon as you spend any time on this, you have missed it.

The exit door is like a flashbulb going off.

It illuminates what is actually there right now and nothing else.

There is no waiting around for results.

You are the result of results waiting around.

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                                                The Author.

                                                     Part 7.

                                     How did the ghost writer come to be?

Do you see how this question is a subtle deflection away for the fact that the ghost writer actually is ?

Because the ghost writer cannot observe what is actual it tells a story.

It tells a story of how what is came to be.

It has now placed the listener inside the story of finding out about the evolution of the ghost writer.

What we are observing here is a slippery fish. A mechanism that avoids detection at all costs.
It`s life depends on it.

Just look at it.... 

Your existence depends on not ever observing what that existence actually is.

The instant one observes what is actual, they are no longer there to know that a time existed where they did not observe what is actual.

Transformation has occurred and what was, is no more, and never was.

The swimmer cannot locate the guy who couldn`t swim. He is beyond resurrection.
Because he is no longer there to be given life.

The ghost writer is a partial consciousness that cannot see the full picture.

For the ghost writer to see the full picture spells the end of the ghost writer.
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                                                  The Author.

                                                     Part 8.

                                               Pressing problems.

The human is so overwhelmed by pressing problems that there exists no time for observing the mechanics of problems.
The pressing problems are the content that inhibit observation of the context.

One is so consumed by their own problems that there is no time to be away from them.

If one could resolve the mess they have gotten themselves in, they speculate that then they would have time to write new stories. Stories that don`t involve conflict. Stories that are a perpetual "happy ending."

But don`t you see that is just another story.

All stories must contain conflict. Without conflict, there is no story.

Tell me one story where conflict is absent that anyone would ever waste their time on?

You go into the theater and sit patiently till the conflict begins.
Now there is a story that one can pick sides and hope that their side wins.
The side they pick is that side which aligns with their conditioning.

It`s all so mechanical.  And yet the viewer of the story is blind to the mechanics.
They are being conned.
But it is endless. They fall for it over and over and over.

Even someone who is trying to focus on the mechanics of "a story" is quickly seduced by the story.

To study the craft of film making the late great Peter Sellers used to turn the sound off and watch movies.

It is mainly the dialogue that gives the mind it`s chance to get you involved in the story.

Even sporting events have dialogue before and after the match. All to play this con on you and get you
thinking you have a stake in the outcome.

This is not to say it is a good or a bad thing.
But to say... "It is a thing."
And it remains unobserved by humans.

This is not an attempt to make any sense of it.

There is nothing to be gained by observing this. There is no happy ending here.
We are observing that dialogue is what the human uses to identify with any story.

And the ghost writer uses this to give you all sorts of pressing problems.

When one sits quietly in a distraction free environment and connects their breathing, it is
dialogue that the mind uses to press you into problems and conflict that are all creations of the ghost
writer. You are being told stories that are all made up.

Every one of those stories must contain conflict.

All human philosophy is just another made up story with a story about a happy ending.

It is tragic to see a human who has done everything they were told to do and wind up clueless and conned.

It is more tragic to observe that rather than observe the actual con, the ghost writer makes up another story.  And the whole subject of beliefs fall inside that.

What is being revealed here is not a story.
There is no happy ending.

Every pressing problem you are having would cease to exist if what was there having them was no more.

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                                                The Author.

                                                     Part 9.

                                                Telling stories.

    The mind of the human uses stories to store it`s content.

It cannot store an isolated fact.

Till that fact fits into a story, the mind has no way of storing it.

An isolated fact is not part of the mind without a context.

The mind cannot observe a context.
It immediately converts it to content.

Now it becomes a fact because.....

The content of the mind is meaningless unless it is deposited in a story.

This is the function of the ghost writer.

The ghost writer gives the human mind a voice.

The ghost writer`s function is to give the mind`s content meaning and significance.

It is the voice in your mind that won`t ever shut up.

If it were to shut up, it would render the content of the mind meaningless.

The human is trapped in the mind, and when trying to observe the source of it`s imprisonment,
all it will ever encounter is stories.

The function of the mind is to accumulate, construct, and perpetuate content.

The ghost writer gives this function a voice.

Every story the ghost writer tells is inevitably a ghost story.

No wonder the human feels haunted and possessed.

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                                                 The Author.

                                                     Part 10.

                                             The never ending story.

The dilemma the human is constantly facing is that it cannot observe the actual.
There is nowhere within the human for the actual to reside.
The actual is not a story.

And unless something fits into a story the human can`t think with it.

Add to this the fact that the moment the actual is observed it transforms.
That which was existing is no more.... and never was.

So how to climb out of this????

The way is through negation.
If what is not actual is discarded. And the mechanics of the con are exposed till there is nothing left.

Can you see this?

Once all sound is eliminated, only then can silence be observed.

Once all hate is eliminated, only then can love be revealed.

When all stories are absent, the actual and you are unified.

The actual was always there, but it was buried under the fantasy world of the story.

This is purely an observation of the mechanics at play. There is
no reason for the human to get involved in it. After all there is nothing the human can do about it....

....Because it is what is actual.

And what is actual is of no relevance to the human.

The actual spells the end of the human.

Consequently the human avoids the actual like the plague.

Here....  Let me put you on the spot...

The fact is that the human does not know what occurs after the human expires.
That is the fact. The human knows nothing about time outside of the human experience.

So what does the human do?  The human has to do something. It`s what being human is all about.

So the human makes up stories about the afterlife.

And it is all stories that the human can comprehend about a subject that the human has no capacity to comprehend at all.

What happens after you die..?

I`m asking you now?

Whatever answer you just put there is a story!!!

You don`t know for a fact that your story is what happens.
You live in hope.

Humans have beliefs that give them peace of mind.

"He`s gone to heaven and is with baby Jesus...." etc.

"God will understand why I was such a cunt my whole life. He will forgive me and give me the keys to the kingdom." etc.

"I will reincarnate into a new body and get another chance of solving this dilemma. " etc..

All stories. Made up by the human to perpetuate the human that is itself made up.

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                                                   The Author.

                                                     Part 11.


What has dumbfounded humans since the dawn of time is the delusion that time dawned at all.

It just didn`t.

How can one possibly locate the beginning and end of time when time never existed?

It is a barrier to observing what is actual.

It is a barrier !!!

It is nothing without being a barrier. 

The moment the barrier is removed, so is time.

You are located there. What prevents you from being here is a barrier.
That barrier is time.

It will take time to eliminate the barrier.

Eliminating the barrier is a story.

Absent the barrier the story has no basis in existence.

The narrator of the story is the ghost writer.
And the ghost writer is trying to write itself out of the story.

But everything it writes is the beginning of a story and the creation of time.

Please observe that what is being written here is not a narrative.
It is not a "What to do" manual."

It is a series of snapshots that do not fit into a story.

The human requires an evolution.

"I am here. How I got here is the key to unraveling this mystery."

"All I need is more TIME !!!"

The human believes that one day he will have the whole story.
The human is being conned in every instant he holds onto that belief.

That belief can only be the beginning of a new story.

"I am here. But I want to be there."

But the "here" is false.

The human thinks. "I am here."

But just look at what is here. It isn`t who you really are at all.

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« Reply #11 on: March 17, 2017, 07:53:36 AM »

                                                The Author.

                                                   Part 12.

                                     A false you can only exist in a false here.

"What am I doing here?" is the basic question the human is asking.

Of course one can be distracted from this question for a time.
But the beginning of distraction has created the end of that distraction.
It is only a matter of time.

Then here you are again with "What am I doing here?"

Unable to observe the actual answer to the question, the human creates another distraction.

If the human just stayed with the question and stopped asking it, they would observe that they are actually here. There is no question.

The question is being created by what is here asking it.

What is here...the you... exists only so long as a here exists between the question and the answer.

If there were no question and answer, how could there be anyone there to ask it.

Once this is observed. All that is left is that you are here.

That is the fact. There is no question.

So the human goes..."But how did I get here?"

This is a distraction from the fact that one IS here.

Time is created before and after the question.

It is this mechanism that seals the fate of the human.

Now one has smothered here with all sorts of there`s.

The human is in search of remedies for the pain, suffering, and discomfort it is creating by searching for them.

The human spends it`s life sentence relocating from one source of pain to another.

The escape the human seeks in pleasure is only pain in disguise.

Nothing that never gave you pleasure can cause you any pain.

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« Reply #12 on: March 18, 2017, 08:03:51 AM »

                                               The Author.

                                                   Part 13.

                                            But how did all this come about ?

The material being observed here drives the human crazy.

It just doesn`t make sense.

It does not fit in with experience or evidence.

It does not contribute to human knowledge and understanding.

Okay.... Well what have all these requirements come up with?

What is every leading edge inquirer into life telling us ?

"We just need more time !!!"

Check it out for yourself.

More time is humanities answer for everything.

"If I only had time..."

"Anything is possible.....given time."

In time, will you ever cease to be a slave to time?

Can you see that you are a slave to time now?

I mean right the fuck now.

There is no escaping time. That is the fact.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Right ?

This thing that has you in it`s grip, has you in it`s grip now.
There is no other time for it to grip you in.

If it isn`t now, it is merely a mental projection....which you are creating now.

The mental projection is not what is actual.

It is always the mental projection that requires time.

You don`t .
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« Reply #13 on: March 19, 2017, 09:07:42 AM »

                                                The Author.

                                                   Part 14.

So who is the author?

The author is not what was authored.

The author is absent from the story.

The story is the creation of the author.

A story is conflict. And conflict is division.

Unification is a no story.

When there is no story. There is only what is actual.

What is, is what is.

"I am happy."
"I am sad."
"I am rich."
"I am poor."
"I am sick."
"I am healthy."
"I am ugly."
"I am bewildered."
"I am human."

Trying to make sense of what is, is making up a story.

Now one has distracted their attention from what is to what was or what could be.

What was and what could be are mental projections.
They are non actual.

They are separate from what is.

Their is division. Thus there is conflict. There is discomfort, pain and suffering.

A barrier exists between the actual and the non actual.
That barrier gives birth to time. One now has time to overcome the barriers.

Thus the story is created and the voice of the story is the ghost writer.
The ghost writer is the voice of experience.

Experience is conditioning.

It is that conditioning which traps the ghost writer in the story.

The story has nothing to do with what is actual.

If what was actual is being observed, there is no story.

The ghost writer cannot observe what is actual.
The ghost writer is the embodiment of the non actual.

Can we see how this plays out?

The human becomes conscious of pain, suffering and discomfort.
It senses disunity.

That pain, suffering and discomfort is what actually is.

But the voice of experience says "I need to change and modify something to remedy this pain, suffering and discomfort."

That is ..."I need a distraction."

The ghost writer writes a story about the remedy to suffering.
The human sets off in search of the conclusion of this story.

And here you are !!!

There is no evolution to this.

It is what is occurring right now. In every moment you are being trapped by what you are doing right now.

What you have done...Or what you will do have nothing to do with it.

Unless you want to stay trapped. Then what you have done, and what you may do, has everything to do with it.

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                                               The Author.

                                                   Part 15.

                                          Why can`t all this just be simple?

It is !!!

It is you that is complex.

When all complexity is done away with....Simplicity is what remains.

Simplicity is obscured by complexity.

One has a complex problem. It remains complex until the actual cause of the problem is observed.
And what is actual is simplicity itself.

The complexity of the problem vanishes upon observation of the cause of the problem.

The problem was that complexity was obscuring simplicity.

The observer is the observed.

The human looks out at life and finds itself surrounded by complexity.
It cannot observe what this complexity actually is because it is actually looking, not at the complexity, but through it.

Thus one has located themselves.
The human is located at the center of the complexity it has surrounded itself with.

If the human could simply observe the mechanics of complexity.
If the human could observe that complexity is simply a barrier to observing what is actual...
Then that which was surrounded by complexity would no longer be there.

Where is the one, who used to have a problem, after it is resolved?

S/he is gone without a trace.

While one is playing a board game, they have located themselves on the board.

Once they are no longer playing the game, nothing happening on that board is of any consequence to them.
They are no longer there. The potential drama and complexity of the game becomes inconsequential.

Consequences only exist while one is located there to suffer those consequences.

And how can one not be there?

By being here.

When one`s breathing is connected they are here.

When one is distracted by complexity, they have no choice but to be THERE.
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