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Author Topic: THE UNKNOWABLE  (Read 10615 times)
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                                                     THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                              Part 97.

                                                        The saboteur.

The human will sabotage any opportunity to see the actual.

This is where the human demonstrates it`s brilliance.

The human invents whole philosophies to misdirect attention from the actual.

Thousands of man hours and billions of dollars are spent being led up the garden path.

Violence, conflict and war are just two garden paths crossing each other.

The garden paths walked by the human are what it lives and dies for.

Once there exists nothing to live and die for, there exists nothing to live and die.

This is so obvious in it`s simplicity that the human, to exist beyond it, has to look away.

To hold up a flag is to give birth to a flag carrying life.

That flag carrier can live... which gives birth to it`s death.

The flag carrier will never experience the pain and suffering of those who don`t carry that flag.

There is no one there to experience it.

Seeing this is like having an itch one can`t quite reach.

The itch only exists while there is someone there to scratch it.

It is the sabotage of this actuality that leaves the misdirected scratching out an existence.

An existence of "You scratch my back, I`ll scratch yours."

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                                                  THE UNKNOWABLE

                                                              Part 98.

                                                     "Can this ever make sense?"

The question is "who could it ever make sense to?"

To make sense, something has to have a past.

The past makes making sense possible.

With no past there is nothing to make sense and no one for it to make sense to.

One is a creation of the past.

This distracts the human into thinking of an evolutionary process.

This past creates a future. It is a mechanical process.

It makes sense.

Can one just observe what is, without needing to make sense of it?

In the same instant what makes sense, and who it is supposed to make sense to, are eliminated.

Making sense of something has created a new base camp.
It is the platform from whence a new construction is built.

The new platform is not an observation ...
It is what creates the observation.

There is only a need to make sense if one believes they are a creation of the past.
In actuality the past is the created...not the creator.

See through this and one is nowhere.
See through this and we are now here.

Does that make sense?

Trying to make sense out of something that doesn`t....
is a long sentence.                                                           
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