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« Reply #150 on: December 18, 2017, 07:52:03 AM »

                                                         The author

                                                       Part 147.

                                                        The eternal first.

The first barrier to observing the actual is anything other than the first.

One can number the barriers that exist after the first.

But if the first is the only observation being made there is no second guessing.

This is the first time this is being observed. It cannot happen in the past and it cannot happen in the future.

The actual can only be observed NOW.

Because everything other than now is non actual.

The life looking at this protests.... It says "This is just crazy bullshit. It`s just some theory made up
by some demented human trying to become someone special."

The life unable to observe what is being pointed out here, can list millions or reasons why it is not so.

That list is made possible by not observing what is being pointed at.

If one is seeing it, it is being seen for the first and only time.
There can exist no list of why one is seeing it.

The instant it is seen, the list maker is gone.

It becomes a problem one never had.... Or a time one never spent.
Or a jail that was never built. Or a relationship one never had.

This subject matter is impossible to see.
I understand the problem.

"I am trapped...and I want to be free."

Is that the problem ?
Are you willing to have a look at this?

What is the solution?

                  I don`t know !

That is the first and only observation that transforms everything that is into everything that isn`t.

" I don`t know!" frees one from the past.

Resurrecting the past, deflects consciousness from observing what is here and now.

Human consciousness is buried in thought. And thought is everything but here and now.

Human consciousness says..."But I am here and now...and I don`t like it."

But if one was actually here and now, there would be nothing not to like.
Nothing to list.

One can list their problems.
One can make a list of steps to take to resolve those very problems.

The list is endless. You have been not seeing that every time you added to it.

You are seeing this for the first time.
It is what is actual.
What is actual cannot be listed.

This observation cannot be added to the list of what is known.
The one who had not observed it is no longer there to make the list.

The first step is not knowing.
There are no follow up steps to list.

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« Reply #151 on: December 19, 2017, 06:57:37 AM »

                                                 The author

                                                       Part 148

                                               The center of it all.

What is actual, is that all that is known amounts to nothing.

At any given time one can be asked by self or others "But what does it all mean?...
"Who am I? How did I get here? What am I doing here? What is the meaning of existence?"

Regardless of everything one knows, an authentic look into these big questions reveals that one actually knows nothing.

One can know a few things , or one can know a lot.
But how much you know has no relevance to the big questions.

One can speculate in a sophisticated manner . Or one can speculate from a location situated next to total ignorance.

The whole spectrum of what you know puts you on the wrong page in the wrong book.

Nothing can be known that will free you from the mystery of life.

That mystery is created by the known. And what is known just doesn`t add up.

So one is compelled to know more. And on it goes. The eternal mystery has bought you some more time.

And the one conned by these mechanics is stuck in the center of it all.

It does not know what to do about it.

"Just give me a bit more time."

This game is rigged.

Getting out of it runs contrary to everything you know.

Everything you know is what is imprisoning you.

The only answer an escapee from the known can give as to how they escaped can only be "I didn`t know I couldn`t."

What you know is the past. That past will inhibit actual observation of what is here and now.

Here and now is all there is. Everything else is a projection of the mind.

The author does not know a single thing.
The author is not located in the center of what it knows.

The author is observing what is here and now. Undivided attention has no location.
The authored is stuck with then and there. Divided attention is located at the center of it all.

So ...what is the answer?

                          "I don`t know. Let us give it our undivided attention."

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« Reply #152 on: December 20, 2017, 07:07:13 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 149 

                                                    Free of the known.

What the authored doesn`t know is that what it does know is the prison it resides in.

Look beyond the words. See what is here and now.

You can easily list what the self knows.

"I know I could be better. More successful.  I know I have some serious problems. I know I hate my job.
I know if I`d been smarter, my life could have been so different. I know there are people I don`t want to run into. I know I am sexually frustrated. I know I should get in better shape. I know I should stop wasting money on doodads. I know I should take better care of my finances. I know some people hate me. I know you can`t change the past. I know if I stop and think about my life I will cry. I know I am susceptible to bouts of depression.

I don`t need to tell you all these things....

These things you already know.

They are the things you already know.
Plus you can list more... Lots more. It`s endless. What you know goes on forever.
Growing all the time.
You are continually learning.

Trouble is once you have learned from all your mistakes it is too late.
You have already made them.

So you learn not to make those mistakes again.

And there is your prison.

"I`ll never fall in love again.
I`ll never trust anyone again.
I`ll never get conned again.
I`ll never compromise my reality again.
I`ll never allow anyone to see who I really am again." 

This is the past attempting to change and modify the future.

And thus one has a whole life that they were never present for.

For fucks sake.... Just look at the fake people you interact with every day. Look at yourself.

My bullshit interacting with your bullshit. I hope they both "Have a nice day."

Can we look deeply into this?
Can we see that we simply don`t know what the hell is going on?

Can we see that the comfort provided by knowing makes not knowing very uncomfortable.

To come to the fact that one does not know means one has left their comfort zone.

It takes great courage to face the unknown.

The instinct is to try to convert the unknown into the known.
And this is how one gets trapped between them.

The known and the unknown only exist by you being there between them.

Once the known is eliminated so is the unknown.

And so is the life trapped between them.

Then all that is exists is the actual...which is unknowable.

As soon as the actual is observed, the life existing because it had not seen it is over. Gone...Never was.

Which is why there is no benefit experienced in seeing what we are seeing here.

The whole motivation for knowing, is to make the life existing in ignorance of the actual, more comfortable.

The whole of humanity is attempting to be in a better place.
Look at for God`s sake !
Isn`t this what is actually going on?

If you saw it.... The guy who couldn`t is gone.

The human is a slave to this con.
It is so busy holding on to it`s comforts that it has no time to enjoy them.

"Will I finally find eternal comfort when I see through all this ?"

Your search for comfort is your life of discomfort.

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« Reply #153 on: December 21, 2017, 07:20:58 AM »

                                                  The author

                                                       Part 150



Nice to be here with you.

Now.... Where were we?

I don`t know.

Where are we going?

I don`t know.

By not knowing, we can simply see what here and now actually is.

Here is no de facto relationship.

Here is no relationship by proxy.

Here is life... Or what is left of it.

Life is relationship.
Life cannot be in isolation.

One is not afraid. One is afraid of something.

One is not free unless there exists something to be free of.

We seeing this?

So life is relationship between me and something other than me.

The moment there is something other than the self, then the self can spend time interacting with it.

The more defined the self is, the more there is to interact with.

Life does not exist in isolation.

Life is relationship.

Are we seeing this?

If we are ...there is no longer a relationship between us. There is just what is actual.

We are together on this.

Together we can observe the mechanics that would drive us apart.

We can see that this unity may break apart in time.
Life is all about relationships ebbing and flowing.... is it not ?

We desire to be in fulfilling relationships.
We distance ourselves from those relationships that are unfulfilling.

We are using relationship to define ourselves.

"I am this. But I certainly aren`t that."
"I may be a loser.... But compared to you, I am a raging success story."

There is no love lost between you and what you are not.

That is because there is no love to lose.

We try to cultivate love through relationship.

But love cannot be cultivated.

It is what is always there.... but for relationship.

When you see relationship as a device for separation, s/he who was in relationship is no more.

Can you not see that ALL relationships end badly in time.

All relationship is unfulfilling in the end.

The more one builds it, the more painful it is to see it break down.

You are now in relationship with that pain.

But..... You are that pain. Just try not to be.
Pain is just love gone bad.... through separation.

There is the pain. And there is you.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.


The one in pain is no more and never was.

There is no separation. No relationship.

You are no longer in relationship to love.
Love and you are one.

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« Reply #154 on: December 22, 2017, 07:32:20 AM »

                                                 The author

                                                       Part 151

                                                What "I don`t know" can see.

"I don`t know." stops the mind dead in it`s tracks.

Not the words. The words are not the thing. The words are a pretense...A promise of the real thing.

Beyond the words `I don`t know.` there is a stillness...there is a silence....An absence of noise. A void.

This is the void that the mind has been attempting to avoid.
This stillness... This silence.... is nothing to think about and thus nothing to think with.

The actual comes into view.

The thinker is the thought.

Consciousness has become dependent on thought to give it something to be conscious of.

Consciousness is relying on thought to end its misery.

But misery cannot exist without thought.

You are what you think you are.

This mechanism is not a product of evolution.
It is what is now.

Thought is fighting for it`s life now.

Thought and life are a separation of the same thing.
Life is the thought ..... and the thought is life.

There is a dependency between them. And that dependency  is addiction.

When life and thought are seen for what they actually are, dependency has no thought to give it life ...
and no life to give it thought.

The reflected IS the reflection.

The observed and the observer.

"I don`t know" can see all this.

"I know" only thinks it can.

You are most welcome......
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« Reply #155 on: December 23, 2017, 06:46:59 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 152

                                          "But what about all the problems in the world?"

I don`t know.
Do you ?

If you don`t , we can look into this together now.
We can give this our undivided attention.
Undivided attention and now are the same thing.

Attention becomes separated in time.
Time exists because it has caught our attention.

When one is giving their full attention time disappears.

Are we seeing this?
Are we giving it our undivided attention?

Don`t worry... This won`t take up any of our time.

Worrying takes time.

So now we look at why there are so many worries in the world...

What are these worries?
Have a look.

Can we see that the worries in the world are all mental projections?

It`s like watching the TV news.
Which are mental media projections.
Which are the same as the solutions.... Mental media projections.

The mental media are projecting both the problems and the solutions.

Otherwise how would you even know the world had problems and solutions?

The media creates the good and the bad. The victims and the victors.
It isn`t good or bad that it does this. It has no choice.
It has to do it to sustain it`s life.

If there isn`t a problem, there isn`t  story.
Exposing a problem is a story.
Projecting a solution is a story.
A non problem is a non story.

There are more non problems in the world than there are problems.
But a non story cannot catch anyone`s attention.

The news is just entertainment.
It is reality TV with a bigger budget.

There is no difference between news presenters and their stories and religious presenters
and the stories they are entertaining those vacant enough to be distracted by them with.

The only problems and solutions that exist in the world are the ones you are being told about.
If you weren`t being told they exist... they would cease to.

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« Reply #156 on: December 24, 2017, 06:26:50 AM »

                                                     The author

                                                       Part 153

                                                What are we observing now?

All that can be observed is the prison one is in.

Every direction one looks , one runs into a barrier.

And that is what catches our attention.

How do we go beyond this barrier that has caught our attention?

That is what life is for you and your mates.
We are all inmates.

But because all our mates are stuck in the same shit hole with us, we accept our lot.

"That`s life."  "One day we will be free.... Till then I`ll just struggle on."

"No one else seems to mind. I`ll just fit in as best I can."

We are observing the barriers to being free of the life we have accepted... The prison life.

We do not know what life is like outside of the prison.

All we hear is rumor and speculation. So there is nothing concrete to aspire to.

We have gotten used to being surrounded by concrete.

Freedom exists to move about within these concrete walls.

But we are in constant danger. Our prison is really an asylum.
Our fellow inmates are capable of unbelievable cruelty. We could lose our life at any time.
And no one would even care.

Are we looking at what is actual ?
Is this the author taking dramatic license.?
Or are we seeing "Just the facts."?

What we are observing here and now makes no a prisoner.
The prisoner needs a frame of reference.
And that frame of reference is the prison.
And anything observed by the prisoner has to fit in to that frame.

Thus all the prisoner sees, or observes, is a barrier.

The prisoner cannot observe freedom because s/he has no frame of reference.

That frame of reference can only be the past.
The prisoner is stuck in the past.
The prisoner is a living memory.

Okay.  Pause a moment.

Can it be observed how impossible it is to be free of the life sentence?
Can we feel the frustration and the rage simmering below the surface of one`s attention?

Do we feel the powerlessness? Do we observe that there is nothing one can do about it?

Okay !

Stop there.

We are with the actual.

Observe that anything done now is a distraction from what is actual and thus ceases to be the actual.

Resist the temptation to try to make sense of what is being observed.

There is what is being observed....And there is what is observing it.

The observer and the observed.

Both exist or neither do.

They are a separation of the same thing.

The observer is the observed.



The life that existed in ignorance of this is gone. It is over. It never was.

No frame of reference. No memory. No past. No prison. No barriers. No benefit. No becoming.

There is no longer anyone trapped between your ears.

The authored is gone. The author is revealed.

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« Reply #157 on: December 25, 2017, 06:24:58 AM »

                                                      The author

                                                       Part 154

                                            What is here and now?

I don`t know.
Shall we have a look ?

At all times here and now is what we are not observing.
All that can be seen is barriers.

They surround us, placing us in the center of them.

What we cannot observe is freedom from those barriers.

So we invent what it will be like to go beyond those barriers.

These are the mechanics of what is preventing one from being here and now.

What is here and now can never be obtained. It cannot be held on to.

It cannot be caught in the net of time.

Here and now is transforming. It is always new.

The new has no past. It has no history.

This is why we are looking at the same old shit day after day.

Can you see it?

If you can, then the guy who couldn`t is gone....and never was.

There is no benefit possible from seeing the actual here and now.

Just like there is no benefit in not having a terminal illness...? Or not being pursued by something that means you harm.
There is no benefit from losing a relationship that you never had. There is no benefit being free of delusion.

How much of your time is spent being grateful for the mental illness you never had?

"Here I am in prison and your explanations of what freedom is don`t sound right to me."

If you weren`t in prison an explanation of freedom would be unnecessary.

You would not be somewhere due to a lack of an explanation.

An explanation would not be required to set you free.

To a prisoner all freedom is is a better prison.

All that I`m pointing at here and now drives the prisoner bonkers.

"This is all bullshit. Let me take over. What is here and now is the page or monitor that I`m seeing this on.
What is here and now is the table in front of me. My body on the chair. The picture on the wall.
These are what is here and now."

Well where were they a minute ago?

They only materialized when you put your attention on them.

Do you kind of see it?

Here and now is what you have your attention on.

If it is undivided attention, there is no you.

Divided attention is there and then. It is why the prisoner is a confused mess.
The prisoner is overwhelmed by delusion.

The actual is absence of delusion.
Here and now is the absence of there and then.
Freedom is the absence of barriers.

There and then,  delusion , and barriers are all the prisoner can put his divided attention on.

For if he didn`t,..........there would be no one there to.

"But none of this is of any benefit !!!!!
All I want is a better prison"

What can I tell you? You are the author.

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« Reply #158 on: December 26, 2017, 03:32:21 AM »

                                                     The author

                                                       Part 155

                                                    The myth of opposites.

While one is being conned by the belief in opposites, one is living in a myth.

What is actual is what is actual. It does not have an opposite.

Something can exist that is opposed to the actual. But it is not
the opposite of the actual. 

In the actual there exists no conflict.

But something opposed to the actual exists in conflict.
It is the conflict.

But is it actual?  Is it real?
Have a look.

Can light be found by wandering in the darkness.
Can truth be found in the lies?
Can silence be found in noise?
Can love be found in hate?
Can the actual be found in what is non actual ?

And yet that is where we are searching.

By manufacturing an opposite we have something to look through.

But if one did not look through anything, what is actual is clearly seen.

Meanwhile a search through the non actual can only ever result in a false actual.
A non actual actual.

Such a searcher will see a light that is saturated with darkness...
A truth that is made up of lies.
A silence that is deafening.
A love that is masking hate.
A reality that is simply unreal.

Simplicity is never going to be the result of complexity.

Yet complexity exists to promote the search for simplicity.

Anything other than the actual is a delusion.
That delusion stands in opposition to the actual...yet it is not the opposite.

The actual has no opposite.
The opposite is a delusion which is the creation of conflict.

Conflict is not the opposite of unity.
They are unrelated.

The resolving of the delusion of conflict brings about a deluded unity.

"We have agreed to disagree." (ie. "Fuck you .. and the horse you rode in on!")

"Your idea of freedom and mine are sentenced to eternal separation."

Uniting all the differing delusions takes time.
It actually makes time.
The time for that unity never to be found.

Observing that delusion is in no way related to the actual, allows one to simply cut it loose, here and now.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

They are not related. They are not opposites.

The non actual is opposed to the actual.
The actual is not opposed to anything.

One is stuck with the non actual.
It is with the actual that one is unstuck.
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« Reply #159 on: December 26, 2017, 06:58:48 AM »

                                                      The author

                                                       Part 156

                                                      All you want...

You have your wants.

Happiness... Success...Love.... Admiration.... Harmony.... Wealth.... Comfort....
Respect.....  Fun.....  Power..... Freedom.... Health.... Expertise....  friendship...
Ecstasy....  Family... Belonging.... Experience...  Peace.... Enlightenment...

Maybe you want to put some more stuff on the list...

There are the things we want.

So come we are stuck with the opposite ?
What the fuck is going on there ?

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it together?

Are we looking at the actual problem?
Are we looking at the context, rather than the content?

Are we able to observe this now ? Without bringing something along to hide behind ??

Can we observe this without trying to learn something from it.?
Can we observe the actual for the first time?

Can we see that which has been unseen for the entire life of s/he who had not seen it?

Can we see that we are actually stuck with the exact opposite of what we want...and there is nothing we can do about it?

Can we see that this has always been the case?
Can we see that we are still left wanting???

Can we see it beyond the words?
Can we see it with everything we are?
Can we see it with body, mind, and soul?

Is what we are seeing indisputable ?
Is there no conflict about it?

There is no opposite?
There is only what is actual and nothing else?

Is the one who was seeing something else gone?

Has want gone with them?

Is there now no opposite to be stuck with?

Can we see that there exists no opposite that we have to change and modify
into what we want it to be?

Can we see that if we changed and modified a non existent opposite
it could only ever bring about a non existent result?

All of our wants fulfilled could only be empty?

Nothing would turn out how we really wanted because none of our wants were real to begin with.
Can we see that ?

We used to want an explanation.
As you can see, it is no longer wanted.

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« Reply #160 on: December 27, 2017, 07:27:04 AM »

                                                   The author

                                                       Part 157 

                                                What is dleiafteh ?

I don`t know.

Let`s look at it.

It is a made up word.
No human has seen this word before.

And thus no human has looked beyond the word.

Can we look beyond it now together?

The word just doesn`t make any sense.
That is doesn`t make any sense to what is looking at it.

And what is looking at it is a life.

It is a life that is an accumulation of a past.
And the word `dleiafteh` is not included in that past.

So unless there was a life there trying to make sense of it, there would be no need for it to mean anything.

But what is actual is that we have a life that does not like to be left in mystery.
The life and the mystery are a team.
Without both there could be neither.

Once the mystery is solved the mystified ceases to be.

But we do something, as humans... We make the solution to the mystery something known.
We accumulate the known. We expand what we know and build a life on it.
But it still doesn`t make any sense. So we imagine that there is more to know.
With what we now know we are able to see more of what we didn`t know we didn`t know.

And on it goes......

The human has been conned into believing that all it`s hopes and aspirations will become actual through
the accumulation of knowledge.

And there is nothing right or wrong with that.
It is a mechanical process. We don`t even need to think about it.
We just do it.

Humans are psychological hoarders.
Hoarding on any level is life affirming.

"I have a life.... Look !"

When one meets up again with someone they knew as a kid, they are always keen to let
you know that they are successful. They have a successful life.

It`s hard to stop them from trying to impress you with it.

But you`re going "What ever happened to that fun loving kid I used to know.?"
"How did you get so serious?" That serious guy has killed the fun loving kid.
If you meet them in a retirement village recreation room, you see that the fun loving kid is dead.
It has been replaced by someone so bewildered that have lost all touch with reality.

There is a tragedy and a beauty here that is deeper than most humans are willing to observe.
The thing you can rely on the human to be is superficial. Am I alone here? Or can you see it to?

If you can, you are observing the human...instead of observing through the human.

Observing the human, one can see that it`s life is it`s death.
The moment the human believes it is a specific nationality it has lost the life it had as every nationality.
Every other nationality can die without the patriot feeling anything. " I guess they just lived in the wrong country. Tough luck !"

The moment the human believes in a certain God, religion, or philosophy, it can build a life as that.
And it is sentenced to protect that life.

"If others believe in other, Gods, religions , or philosophies, it is their own silly fault. Fuck the lot of them.
I tried to warn them."

When you see a groom standing at the alter, you are witnessing a death.

The guy dying up there is the guy who can come and cum where ever he wanted.
Now he is vowing to kill that guy and just be restricted to cum in the one place where he has promised to.

It`s even being witnessed by God. It is written into law. It is vowed and promised.

All the forces of the universe are present to kill this guys wandering dick.
Thank God for alcohol !

Female humans have a different take on all this. And they are right less than 50% of the time.
They know men haven`t a hope of living up to their expectations. Which is why they cry at weddings.

Ah... It`s such a parade of the absurd. The human is attempting to perpetuate itself by killing itself.

Don`t see it.?

The life you have built for yourself is what is killing you.

Life and death are the same thing.

      And it doesn`t make any sense. Just stop there. Don`t create a mystery to live in.

                                                      L I F E
                                                     D E A T H


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                                                   The author

                                                       Part 158

                                                     Body of knowledge.

 Human knowledge is the human body.

You know you have a body.

The human spends a lot of time stressing over their body.
It is what others see of them and it shows where the human is at.

One look at the body and you know what sort of a relationship you are going to have with that some body.

Changing and modifying the body is possible, but not for long. It soon reverts to what it was you wanted to change.

It has been the goal of humans to have a life beyond the body that is imprisoning them.

Often that goal only comes into view after the mortality of the body comes into view.

The human holds onto the body because it believes that without the body it is nothing.

And being nothing terrorizes the human.
The human does not want to become a memory that no body is having.

Can we observe the senselessness of all this...and just observe that "we do not know."

It is a simple thing...

"I don`t know."

This ends the mind`s relentless interference and makes direct observation of what is possible.

We don`t need to draw on human history. Human history is a mental projection.
The entirety of human history is created with a body.
Without that body human history is nothing.
"I am human so I must have a history.... a human history."

That body is looking at history... It makes sense to the human. It`s all it knows.

Okay... So we have tried to get rid of our history. But we can`t.
Just like we can`t get rid of our body.

We have a history of being a body and we can`t deny it.

That leaves the human with a peace of mind and a terror of death.

History is everything you know. And the human is at the center of what it knows.
That is where the self is located. And that self cannot be other than self centered.

You want to leave the world a better place , then just leave it.

The human is the embodiment of delusion.
It believes. And that is all it does.
It cannot see what is actual.
The actual is that the human is imprisoned by it`s own beliefs.
The human believes it is a body.
But not for long.
A belief buys one time. It gives one something to do.

The belief that one is a body can last about a century.
Ask a human what they are going to do after that and they come up with beliefs.
Beliefs are a substitute for what is actual.

Can we see this? Can we see it clearer than we can see ourselves in the mirror?

Being with the actual dissolves beliefs.

The belief only exists in company with the believer.

The believer and the belief.

The believer IS the belief.


There can be no belief when there is no body there to believe it.

There exists no body to benefit from observing what is actual.
It is your beliefs that are making you some body.

Get rid of belief and you are no body !

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                                                     The author

                                                       Part 159

                                                     What now ?

What now? is a question asked from within the field of time.

If one was truly here and now, there would be no question.

There would just be what is... and there would be no question about it.

So let us have a look at what is here and now.

The physical universe has been something the human has grown accustomed to giving them
feedback on what here and now is.

If one is a bit disoriented, the physical universe can be used to distract one from the disorientation.

One can use the physical universe to ground themselves.

The human has always gravitated towards the physical universe to give them a sense of location and time.

One can look at a clock and go "It`s time to go to sleep."

Once one has located themselves within the physical universe it becomes clear that the physical universe has laws. To remain within the physical universe one has to obey those laws.

Is this what is actual? Is this the right context?

Punishment exists to keep players within the law.

From the playground to the retirement home, there are laws to keep everyone in line.

One can avoid punishment by staying within the law.

If one knew all the laws and followed them, one could live a punishment free life.

That is unless a lawbreaker intruded on their law abiding life.

Fortunately there are law enforcers who catch law breakers and punish them.
This punishment is called rehabilitation.
It is designed to change and modify the conduct of the outlaw, so s/he can, in time,  inhabit a life within the law.

In some locations, when the law breaker is beyond redemption, they are sentenced to meet their maker.
They are sent to the ultimate law maker for him to deal with the trouble maker, with the words "And may God have mercy on your soul."

Trouble is... it doesn`t make any sense.
There should be a law against it.

A law is designed to artificially change and modify what is actual.

Do you see it?

If what was actual was being observed there would be no place for laws to exist.
Not in the playground. Not in the retirement homes.
And not in the physical universe.

Laws are there to keep you located within them.
That is what is here and now.

You and the laws you believe you have to obey to avoid punishment.

What a life...

I mean really...

Law exists where love is not.

Love is outside of the law.
Love is outside of time.
Love has no location.
Love is what is here and now.

When you see are it.
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                                                    The author

                                                       Part 160

                                                Where is the love?

The word love is not love.

To say that one loves something is actually confirmation that one doesn`t.

This is the best the human can do.

Because if love was there the one loving would not.

Saying one loves something means the lover and the loved exist in separation.

When that separation no longer exists the lover and the loved cancel each other out and there is only love.

When you are loving your new born baby, you don`t exist.

The human talks about love and with every word separates themselves from it.

Humans carry the scars of times they were conned by love....

.....Without seeing that every scar is just confirmation that it was never love at all.

The actual definition of love is that it has no definition.

By defining what love is one is actually defining what isn`t...
...Because love has no definition.

One cannot be hurt by love.

But one can have their heart served to them on a plate by the cheap imitation human version of it.

It`s then that they are hit by the actuality that the human version of love was all about "Me".

The human has been conned by imitation love since the dawn of time.
As soon as the mechanics of the con are observed, time stops and real love, which is timeless, eliminates the me that wasn`t love.

This subject matter is close to one`s heart.
Observing the context without being drawn into the content is impossible for the human, who`s heart has been broken so often it has become bitter and twisted. All it is trained in is fake love.

The human cannot find love... It never will.
Love is there when the human isn `t.

So how does one get off the human love train?



The lover and the loved exist as a duo.
But the lover is the loved.

The human who could not see love is gone.
Now we are the love we see.

And it isn`t dependent on anything.

Dependent-see is over.

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« Reply #164 on: December 31, 2017, 07:08:40 AM »

                                                     The author

                                                       Part 161     

                                             Transformation from seeing to being.


Are we all here now?

Okay. Let us begin.

What do we see?

"I don`t know."

Now what we see is what we cannot be.

All we see is barriers to what we cannot be.

If we were being, that being would be what is seeing.

If one is seeing the words here, one is seeing the barrier to what lays beyond them.

The word is NOT the thing.

The word "barrier" is not the barrier.

By looking beyond the word one can see the actual barrier.

The actual barrier is an aspect of a divided self.

ie. You (Or a part of you) is the actual barrier.

Not only are you your own worst are your only enemy.

If you and your enemy were one, there would be no enemy.

But the human places itself in conflict with the enemy.

It says. I see the enemy and I do not want to be it, or like it.

"I see laziness. And I do not want to be lazy.
I see depression...And I do not want to be depressed.
I see boredom...And I do not want to be bored.
I see suffering. And I do not want to suffer."
I see ignorance. And I do not want to be ignored."

Laziness, depression, boredom, suffering, and ignorance are the fact... the actuality...
and we do not want to be with the fact.... the actual.

So we separate ourselves from the actual and create a mental projection of an opposite.

Now we have something to do, by distancing ourselves from the fact.

 Activity, happiness, interest, pleasure and enlightenment, all have to be cultivated.
Without your participation, none of them remain there.

They are not self perpetuating.

Without regular workouts at the gym, the flabby person you really are will return.

Are we seeing this?

We hate the flabby guy, we really are, so much... that we belittle anyone who even reminds us of him/her.

Anyone who isn`t like we imagine we should be , we condemn to death, mercilessly.

We don`t want to see.

What we don`t want to see is that the raw mechanics of conflict are the fact that conflict is conditioning versus conditioning.
Simple as that.

Can we see it now?  Is it what is actual?

Human history is evidence that nothing can be done about it.

So let`s not be distracted by history.

The human is trapped between what is and what should be.

But what should be is a mental projection. It is not the fact.

It could be..... But here and now it isn`t. And here and now is all there is.

Can we see it?

We are seeing beyond the word. We are seeing actual conflict.
Conflict is always a between.

Conflict is separation.

Can we see it?

Can it be observed?

The observer is the observed.


We no longer see it. Now we be it.


The one who saw conflict is no more.

No one.... No conflict.

Welcome to reality.
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