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« Reply #165 on: January 01, 2018, 07:28:45 AM »

                                                      The author

                                                       Part 162

                                                     The art of seduction.

So how was one seduced into becoming human ? And why does it matter?


Is that what is actual ?

Is the fact that one does not know where all the noise of the mind ends?

Is quiet direct observation now possible?

From here we are able to see the barriers to direct unobstructed observation.

We are no longer identified with thought. We can directly observe the movement of thought.

Thought tries to sell one on the idea that one needs to know.

This way one can become the one that knows.

Once one knows something, one can build a life on it.

One now knows something that no one else knows.

"Nobody knows the trouble I`ve seen...nobody knows the sorrow..."

Once one knows something a line has been drawn in the sand.
Beyond that line is what one does not know.

One knows their limitations.

Their limitation is what they know.

What they know is that they feel isolated and incomplete.

Maybe if they knew more there would be less of them there to feel isolated and incomplete.

They learn and experience, gathering more known.

With that known they then know that there was so much more that they didn`t know, they didn`t know.

The gates to the human prison fly open invitingly.

The mystery is the seduction.

We are not, here and now, seduced by any mystery.
We have emptied the contents of mystery by not being mystified by it,.

We are observing mystery itself.
We are window shopping. We aren`t buying anything.
We have not accumulated any wealth to aid us in acquiring anything.
We have no where to put anything we acquired anyway.

The mystery is a mechanism.

Can we see into this?

I don`t know.
Let us have a look.

A mystery exists between the known and the unknown.

When one knows they know...or doesn`t know they don`t know there exist no mystery.

 Knowing that one doesn`t know, breathes life into this seductress called mystery.

The known and the unknown are separated. All separation is conflict.
Separation is not evidence of conflict. It is conflict itself.

If you were not existing in separation there would be nothing to be in conflict...or with.

The mystery creates the time for you to solve it.
Once it is solved there is no more time to be spent on it.

One moves on to the next mystery...then the next... then the next...

This is the content of the human life sentence.

The human is content to be continually in mystery.

All of the props used to perform a magic trick were created to camouflage what is actually occurring.

The props are the barriers to observing the actual.

The barriers prop up the life of the mystified.

Observe how the props are distracting the observer from the actual and there is no mystery.

The human believes s/he needs to know....when actually s/he doesn`t.

There is no benefit in seeing how one is being conned,
because he who would have benefited is no longer there.

There is nothing s/he can say or do about it...
The one who was tricked into saying and doing is no more...

 The word "unseduced" does not exist in human language. 
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« Reply #166 on: January 02, 2018, 08:14:51 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 163 

                                                    Cutting your losses.

When one gives up on something, has one realized that there is no point going on with it?

Has one faced the facts? 

Is the dead horse they are flogging incapable of being resurrected?

Is it time to simply walk away ?

But can one simply walk away..?

Or does what try to salvage what they can from what obviously was dying?

Does one bring the experience with them?
Does one learn something from that experience?

Does one learn enough so that they won`t make that mistake again?

What are we looking at here?

There is no content. What has died? What are we learning ?

If one has an answer to all the above then they have been focusing on content...and have missed the context entirely.

We are looking at the mechanics here. We are looking at something for the first time.
This observation is being made for the first time.
It is unrelatable to someone who has never seen anything like it.

To them, they have missed it time and time again.

How long would one need to spend alone in a cemetery giving a lecture before they saw that there was
no one there anything they had learned mattered to ?

Life only matters to life.

There are no groups carrying the slogan "We are the dead." defending their rights or expressing their views.

Nothing matters to those who have walked away from matter.

Is all this hard to see?

And why should I even want to see it?

Let`s come at it from a different route...

When someone dies, they are giving up everything that mattered to them.

What used to matter, transforms into what doesn`t.

The dying is cutting loose all it`s attachments. All it`s habits and addictions are being given up.
They are getting out of the habit forming life they were addicted to.

Their body, that used to matter so much, transforms into matter that matters to no one.

Now there exists no one who is attached to that body.

They have cut their losses and simply walked away with nothing.
Nothing was learned. Nothing was resurrected. Nothing actually mattered.

What one thought mattered ...actually doesn`t.

Thought is the barrier between a life that matters and what is actual.

Life only matters to life.

Life and what matters have a shelf life.

One has a life because it matters.

One does not spend any time with things that don`t matter.

So what matters is one`s life.

One is matter.

When one sees through this there is no matter holding them there.

There is no one there.

One is no longer matter.

Does any of this matter?

Who is there for it to matter to?
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« Reply #167 on: January 03, 2018, 07:40:26 AM »

                                                The author

                                                       Part 164

                                            "How can one watch the movement of thought?"

Thought is always about something.
If there is nothing to think about, there is no thought.

So thought has a content.
That content is all one can think with and about.

Thought is limited. It is limited to and by what it knows.

What it knows is that thought can get it out of bad situations and into good situations.

One thus becomes dependent on thought. That dependency is habit forming. It is an addiction.
Just try to stop thinking.
And this is without a bad situation to think one`s way out of.

Close your eyes in a distraction free environment and breathe in and out with no pauses anywhere in the movement.

This places thought in a bad situation. You have made it redundant. If this goes on for too long
thought will be out of a job.

It`s job is posing and solving problems.

Without thought you will not be able to see any problems.
And if you can`t see can thought solve them?

Around now the mind starts to get pissed off !

It says " I must make the one who is exposing me, go away."
It knows how to distract you... It wins every time.

For when it does not win there is no time.

Just try to think of all the times you were not thinking.

" I wasn`t thinking when I married that arsehole !"

Yes you were ... You were thinking you were marrying someone else.

Thought distracted you from what you were actually marrying.

Can you see this?

Let`s really look at this. Not think about it.

You thought you were lonely.
You thought getting married would put an end to that loneliness.

Now you have ended up thinking you are lonely AND married.

Thought got you into this mess and now you think that thought can get you out of it.

But have a real fucking look at it.

Thought is posing and resolving problems !!

That is what thought is doing.
That is the movement of thought.

Can you see it?

Thought is a mechanical process that takes charge.
It puts you where you don`t want to be constantly so it can do it`s thing and get you out of that location and into another.

Okay??? !!!

With me so far?
Let`s go deeper. Let`s really watch the movement of thought. Let us put our full attention on it.
Let us refuse to let it distract us.

Thought creates situations. Like an author creates stories.

We have an introduction.
The introduction is a time and a place.
We have a protagonist that we can relate to.

The protagonist becomes aware of a problem.
The problem is the barrier to happiness....The enemy.

The story now has all the ingredients to capture the unwary.
And what is being captured?

One`s attention.

We are observing a mechanical process.
Without observing it as a context we are relocated to it`s content.

Once we see the movement of thought we are no longer carried away by it.

We together on this?

If we are, there is no judgement about it.
We are not receiving any status from what we are seeing.
We are not forming thoughts about what we can do with what we are observing.

The one who could not see it, is no longer there to think about it.

The thinker thinks s/he has learned something.
The one freed from thought, has nothing to think about or with.

Did that just blow your mind?

If it did there is still a movement of thought.

See it !!! ???

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« Reply #168 on: January 04, 2018, 06:57:42 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 165

                                         "What is unpolluted thought?"

I don`t know.

Shall we look into it?

Are you willing to?

First one must rid themselves of the  pollution of knowing.

Simultaneously one is free of the self.

You are what you know.

The self cannot escape this conundrum.

It makes up a philosophy to remain polluted...

"It`s not what you know.... It`s who you know."

Human philosophy is a distraction from getting to know YOU.

The YOU can throw a quote at any problem and walk away with it`s dignity intact.

As is, and will always be the case, we can choose to observe that the actual is beyond
our powers of observation.
All one can ever see is the barriers to observing the actual.

It`s like we see the symptoms but we cannot see the actual dis-ease.
Thus human, philosophy and healing is all about dealing with symptoms.

All human healing, whether it be physical, or psychological, is geared towards giving one their life back.
(Spiritual healing is an oxymoron.}
The resurrection of the individual in it`s quest for eternal life.

Rather than be with the threat to one`s life, the human becomes anxious to put it behind them.

In any given situation , the human will choose life....for itself.

So there is only an illusion of choice.
One is not choosing to have a life.
That life is choosing to have them.

The individual human is stuck in a life and it has no choice about it.

The individual human is the life that exists in, and because of, division.

Individuals exist in division...which is conflict.
They are in conflict with themselves and they deflect the cause to other individuals.

The individual self will eradicate anyone who disagrees with it`s ideas about peace.

And this is where the individual self lives.
It exists in conflict and confusion.
It has polluted itself with delusion.

It is `doing` so that in the future it will no longer have to `do.`
It has wars to end all wars.
It `thinks` so that it will no longer need to `think.`
It works so that it will one day be able to give it up.
It learns so that one day it will have nothing left to learn.

It searches so that one day it can end it`s search.
It finds fault so that one day it will be faultless.

Thought is time.
Time is thought.

Time is what pollutes thought.

When complete attention is given, time and thought disappear.
As is happening now.

The only polluted thought that can substitute for full attention is YOU.

The one who IS divided.
The dignified.
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« Reply #169 on: January 05, 2018, 08:25:09 AM »

                                                        The author

                                                       Part 166

                                                     "What now?"

This is a choice.

By not choosing to look at what is now, we are stuck with what has already been chosen.

By not choosing to observe what is now, one is left with no choice but to
observe what isn`t now.

And what isn`t now is `there and then.`

Which is memory...which is mind... Which is a history one is making up.
They have no choice.

You are your history and there is no getting away from it.
Your history is following you where ever you go.

Your history is in the way of observing what is here and now.

"But history is real. The Roam Empire did exist. There is overwhelming evidence."

How come your picture of the Roman Empire is uniquely yours?

No one else has the same Roman history as you.

It is YOUR history.

Point to it !

Most have a history of being in their head.
So they are once again polluting observation with history.

If your head didn`t exist.... would the Romans ?

This is NOT word play or someone`s idea on how to be clever.

It is what is actual.
And refusing to observe what is actual sentences the observer to a life time of conflict.

Of course the deluded observer will call up all the good times from history.
It will be unable to recall the agony and torture of the bad stuff.

It does not want to remember all that shit.

And thus the subconscious is born.

All the stuff one does not want to be conscious of.

So can it be observed that the content of memory itself is divided?

Memory is the mind. And the mind is in conflict.

Are we seeing this now ?

That conflicted mind has not a hope in Hell of ever escaping conflict.

Consciousness is polluted by thought.
Thought takes one`s attention away from here and now.

One`s attention is divided.

We are observing the mechanics here. We are looking at a context.
We are giving it our complete attention.

We are seeing how we have been conned.

Now we are attending.
And when we are attending... we are not somewhere else.

When we are somewhere other than `here and now` we are conscious of it.

We are conscious that we are conscious.

That is division, and thus conflict.

When complete attention is given, there is no division.
There is no conflict.
There is no consciousness.
There is no self.

The only consciousness that exists is self consciousness.

They exist as a duo.
Without both there can be neither.

There is dependency between them.
Can we see this ? Can we put our attention on it?

The self that is dependent on not giving this it`s full, undivided, attention is over. Gone...Never was.

The self and the consciousness have left the building.
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« Reply #170 on: January 05, 2018, 10:49:46 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 167 

                                                     Something new ?

"How is it that we are seeing what we are seeing here?
This is all new.

Thousands of years of history has failed to see what is actual.

How come?

Is it not because we are not looking through those thousands of years.

We see that thousands of years of history have led us
to the fact that "we don`t know."

So why look any further into history ?

"I don`t know." renders all history redundant.

Do we see this?

So we now are here just putting our full attention on what is actual.

And what is actual is that we are observing not the actual , but barriers to observing the actual.

Immediately we see that what others have told us is a barrier.

It places a barrier between us and what is actual.

We are then observing the authority as a substitute for direct observation.

We have become a slave to authority... and it has the final word.
It has a beginning that has doomed it to an end.
It has become a barrier to direct observation.
It makes slaves of those who believe it.
Has done for thousands of years.

It has divided our attention.

We are not using this observation as an excuse to look no further.
We are not getting involved in a conflict with authority.

Authority has nothing to do with what is actual.


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« Reply #171 on: January 06, 2018, 07:09:31 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 168     

                                       "Is it possible to completely end something?"

I don`t know.

Are we curious enough to have a look into this?

Can we see the actual mechanics of perpetuation?

And would observation of the actual mechanics of perpetuation put an end to it?

Let`s look deeply into this now....

What have we learned thus far ?

Nothing ! 

So here and now we simply don`t know.

Has that observation not ended polluted observation of what is actual?

There is nothing complicated about this.

It requires nothing to see that one doesn`t know.

So what is this complex thing that jumps in here and says "But I can find out."?

It is the exact thing which can`t simply end it.

Do we see this?

Now this thing that can`t simply end it, is fighting for its` life.

It is full of tricks. It`s whole existence is dependent on being tricked.

It will trick one into believing that one day authorities will see through all this and
then tell one about the actual.

It will trick one into believing that this is too overwhelming and remind one of the REAL problems they are facing.

Can one right now see that the life that is looking into this dilemma has no interest in coming to an end?

It wants a solution that will permit it to survive beyond the resolution of the question.

And this has a history of working. One is here now to pose the question at all because one survived beyond all previous answers.

The questioner has survived in tact. It has lived to pose more questions.

It has bought itself more time. It did not simply end. It can`t.

This subject matter is what the life in question does not want to look at.
It does not want to be conscious of what is actual.
If it sees it, it will simply be over.

The life wants to bury this subject matter.
It is making the subconscious .
The subject matter will not go away.
The subconscious is an effort to put it somewhere till a future time.

Consciousness is now divided.

Where there is division, there is conflict.
We are not remembering this. We are seeing it now.

That conflicted consciousness will typically throw money at an authority and
buy more time to not observe the mechanics of this trick.
Consciousness will dive into it`s content and freewheel on the path of least friction.

The more one tries to break free of this conflicted life, the more it digs it`s nails in.

It will play along smugly until one says.... "Just stop it !"

Now it will go ballistic on you.

Thus we are not trying to free one.
We are just saying   "See one."

The moment one sees, the life that depended on not seeing is over. Gone...
It has come to a complete end.

So is it possible to completely end something ?

Not while the life that ended it remains beyond it.

One is only seeing the impossible.
One is not seeing the possible...One is being it.
If one ceased to be what is possible,
one would no longer see what was impossible.
It would come to a complete end.

Nothing to say.... and no one to say it.

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« Reply #172 on: January 07, 2018, 09:17:01 AM »

                                                    The author

                                                       Part 169

                            "Why am I constantly stuck with the opposite of what I want?"

Can we look at this for the first time?

Any other time is history.

History pollutes direct observation.

Without history one simply does not know anything.

Once one does not know, direct observation is possible.

By not knowing one has done away with divided attention.

It`s like when a human is listening to another it is doing so with divided attention.

It is partly hearing what is being said.... It is partly thinking of how what is being said relates to it`s history,
it is partly thinking of a response...It is partly restraining itself from spurting forth that response.

Can we see this?
Is this what an actual conversation between humans consists of ?
And this is the least polluted the human conversation can be?

I mean to say...It can get a lot worse than this.

What if the human is communicating with it`s ex partners lawyer?
What if it is talking to a representative of another religion?
What if it is talking to a person with a troubling past?
What if one is talking to a member of the opposite sex?

Can we see that simply being there and observing what is communicating to one is impossible for the human?

Can we see it right to our core?

Can our superficial existence be moved aside so that the  deep, profound and thorough can be observed?

If we can`t...We are stuck with it`s opposite.

The human is always stuck with the opposite of what it says it wants.

It is the opposite of what it wants.

Can we see this?

There is the authentic.

And by not being authentic one is stuck with inauthenticity.

But what is inauthentic is not authentic.

It is not what is actual.

What is not actual is not what is actual.

This is a mirror maze one is sentenced to wander through with no way out.

Is this what is actual?

Can the authentic observe this?

The observer is the observed.

Can authenticity dispel in-authenticity ?

Let`s look at it now.

What are the mechanics of this con ?

Life exists between two things.

Those two things are the same thing separated.

Once they are reunited, the life that existed between them is no more.

So we have something and it`s opposite.

This is the con.

Dark is not the opposite of light.

No color of the spectrum is the opposite of any other color.

One can mix those colors to create other shades.

This is all manipulation and distortion of light.

By trying to see the light, one has created manipulation and distortion...
Otherwise it would be the light, which cannot be manipulated or distorted.

There is what is.
And anything else is the opposite, which is not even related to the authentic.

The opposite is not real. It is a trick and a con.

It is an idea imposed on one.
Just like the ideas one tries to impose on others.

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« Reply #173 on: January 07, 2018, 10:20:59 PM »

                                                   The author

                                                       Part 170

                                                  The opposite is inauthentic.

What we are observing here and now is a scam that has been played on
humans ever since time began..

That time was only possible because of the scam.

The mechanics of the scam cannot be observed by the victim of the scam.

The victim of this scam cannot exist beyond the observation of the scam.

There is no such thing as recovery in actuality.

If one is still in recovery, they have not put their full, undivided attention on the scam.

Divided attention still exists.

To say "I am an ex addict" is to put oneself in opposition to that addiction.
Divided attention. Separation...Conflict. = time to resolve that conflict.

Time to heal...Time to recover. Time to be the opposite of what one was.

Thirty days sober....  Applause.

All the effort required by a human to try to be the opposite of what it actually is drains energy
and takes the spring out of one`s step, the twinkle out of one`s eyes, and the love from ones soul.


Let`s look at this serious matter closely. No more shadow boxing.

One will never see the light while they have their back to it.

Everything one sees, while their back is to the light, is a shadow.
It is a shadow of what is blocking the light.

Once what is blocking the light is gone , so is it`s shadow.

By standing for something one has placed themselves against it`s opposite.

Look at the mechanics here. Don`t fuck around.

Now one is stuck with the opposite of what they want.

"God loves nothing more than a human with a plan."

The barriers to becoming rich only materialize when one tries  to escape poverty.

Failure does not exist until someone wants to be a success.

Rejection starts the moment one wants acceptance.

This is the world of opposites.

It is the world in which the human exists.

Opposites are merely shadows...Phantoms ...

They create a gap into which the human can fit.

That gap is a spectrum and the human who has bought into opposites resides somewhere on that spectrum.

The human is located between the opposites of happy and sad.

But happy and sad only exist while one is between them.

They are the contents of a shadow.

That shadow will exist while one places themselves in front of the light.

Once one is the light , there are no shadows.

Saying that shadows are real, is like saying every single thing the human has ever uttered.

The actual has no opposite.
The opposite of what is actual cannot exist.
For once it does it becomes actual.

The Inauthentic has no opposite, because it isn`t actually here to have one.

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« Reply #174 on: January 08, 2018, 07:48:14 AM »

                                                     The Author

                                                      Part 171

                                                   Out at sea.

We are trying to grasp something here so we can let it go.

The human is the embodiment of a con.

To be free of the con, one must see the con.

Once the con is seen, that which could not is not.

So how does one show something to someone who`s existence is dependent on not seeing it?

I don`t know. And neither do you.

Let`s look into it together now.

What is actual is that our existence could be terminated at any moment.

Traditionally we have called this death.

You had an existence and now you don`t.

That existence is gone as if it never was.

So that existence was nothing pretending to be something.

Don`t be frightened.  We are just looking.

If we are giving it our undivided attention then it has already happened.

That life that refused to see this is suspended while undivided attention is present.

And it isn`t good or bad. It isn`t anything like one imagined it would be.

Being with what is actual is beyond the imagination.

Imagination is an image one holds up in the belief that it will delay being with the actual.

Are you with me here ?

We are observing something for the very first time.

Human history is the accumulation of beliefs that have stalled this moment.

Once one has beliefs, one has to stand by them. For if one didn`t the belief would be gone.
When the belief is gone, so is the believer.

The believer has turned it`s back on what is actual.. and the life it has as a believer is a shadow of itself.

By taking a stand for what one believes one has now created the world of opposites.

The believer is standing against the opposite of what it stands for.

The opposite is dependent on having a believer standing against it.

It is only by believing in God that one is surrounded by Satan.

It is only by believing that happiness exists that one sees sadness all around them.

The believer has no choice but to defend it`s beliefs.
If it`s beliefs cease to exist so to will the believer.

The believer is the belief.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.


The believer and the belief are no more.

And never were.

We are no longer out at sea.
We are out to see.

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                                                 The Author

                                                      Part 172

                                                  Breaking down barriers.

Can it be observed that no matter how many times one breaks down barriers more keep arising  ?

Can it be observed that this is endless ?

No matter what one does, they are surrounded by barriers.

Is this a fact? Or is it something the mind is creating ?

Is this the actual barrier ?

Is the actual barrier, being endlessly drawn into the content of barriers ?

 Let`s look into it together now.

Can we observe that a barrier exists because of our desire to go beyond it?

If there was no desire.... could there be a barrier?

Really look at this. Not intellectually... But be there with the fact.

The barrier is the internal self saying "yes" and the external non self saying "No".

Is the external non self allowing you to see this right now?

Or has a barrier been born ?

Is the internal self saying " I just can`t see it.?"

"I, myself can`t see it... But if I could overcome the barriers to seeing it, I could transport my present self
through the barriers and arrive at a better self."

This is all about division.  Can you see how divisive the mechanics of desire and barriers are?

The self is dissatisfied with it`s present self. It desires self improvement.

There you have division...separation...and inevitably conflict.

It is this conflict that forms the barrier.  See it ?

We own our present self....there is no getting away from it.

To get away from it we have to transport the self beyond what is not the self.... which is the barrier.

So can we see that the barrier is disowned?

The self has divided itself from the barrier.

It exists in conflict.

Are we seeing the endless cycle in it`s raw form?

The self exists surrounded by barriers.
It desires to be free of those barriers.
It disowns the barriers and desires to be beyond them.

The self spends it`s whole existence engaged in conflict with barriers.

Without those barriers the self wouldn`t know what to do, or who was doing it.

The individual self will swear that the barriers it can see are real.

Well come no one else can see them but your self?

They are your barriers.

No one else`s.

You and your barriers are a duo.

Neither could exist unless both did.

They are both you.


The you surrounded by barriers is no more..... and never was.

One now IS their surroundings.

Materialization of a barrier is not possible. Division is not possible.

Unless one goes...."Hang on a minute...."
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                                                    The Author

                                                      Part 173

                                                  Who is we?

Are we being presumptuous when we use the word we ?

Surely you are you and I am me.

We are all individuals. 

But if we are all can the word "we" even exist ?

Individuals who are not divided coalesce into a group.

One goes from "me" to "we".

Please don`t focus on the words here...
The words are not the thing.

A word defines something.
But we are observing the undefinable.

We are the `lost in words`, attempting to see the `lost for words`.

The word `love,` defines love. But love is undefinable.

So the word has stopped short of what actually is.

The word has separated one from what one loves.

How can you love something if you are it?

We have to `not be something` to love it.

So we are stuck not being the love, we are trying to see.

We are all looking for love.

Not you... Not me....  We!

The love we are not seeing is the love we are not being.

The love we are not being is creating the we in division who is not seeing it.

I know...  Makes one go cross eyed.

Okay... Let`s bring this into the "real world" so we can actually see this pile of horse shit.

"I love you." (So long as you give me what I need and fulfill my expectations. The moment you don`t I will have a team of lawyers fucking you up with malice. If I could afford an army there would just be a crater where you used to pretend to love me.)

And that is who we are.
Don`t you just love it?

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                                                 The Author

                                                      Part 174

                                                Between me and freedom.

The human really only has one question.

"How do I become free of pain and suffering?"

Can we see this?

If pain and suffering were non existent, we would be so busy enjoying that sense of freedom that
there would be no motivation to inquire into the mechanics of life.

Mechanics are how something works.

It is a time based process that can be relied upon to be consistent and thus dependable.

Given time, a mechanical process will change and modify anything that goes through that process.

A life that goes through a mechanical process will reappear changed.

What are we picturing here?

Nothing !!!

We are not putting this through a mechanical process.
We are simply observing the process.

We are not thinking this way, and given time, changing our thoughts.

We are observing the movement of thought.
We are not being part of the process.

Unless that occurs one is asking "How do I play myself off of the playing field?"

We are observing this for the first time.
It is the only time it can be observed.
Because NOW is all there is.
Everything else is a mental process.

Don`t see it?
That is why you are still here.

Everything that is going through the life process is what has not seen through this deception.

Life is simply something that has not died.....yet.

And "we" are all going through this life process...... as a "me".

Look at that !!!!!

We as a me !?

How is that possible?

It doesn`t make any sense.
Here is me unable to think about it.

Here is me, unable to see the exit door.

The me is fighting for it`s life.
The exit door is the last thing it will see.

Beyond that door there is no me left to see.

  "This is all mind games and word play."

Okay.  Let us dispense with all that and just look at what is actual.

We are going through the life process as a me.

Thus life is a process of moving away from we towards becoming me.

And yet we are all going through the same process.

We wouldn`t consciously be putting our me`s through this process.
So there has to an unconscious cause changing and modifying we into a conscious me.

Is looking at this putting me to sleep?

We choose to continue observing.

We are now conscious of unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is playing dead....without actually dying.

Sleep is a rest from our restless consciousness.

Sleep is a mechanical process through which we have a break from being me.

We me`s never tire of this process.

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                                                   The Author

                                                      Part 175

                                                The big sleep.

When one tries to observe actual consciousness, only the barriers to this observation
arrive in one`s consciousness.

One is leaning against the exit door and they cannot get a handle on it.

This exit door only opens from the other side.

One is using the content of consciousness to observe consciousness as a context.

There is nothing in the content of consciousness that can open a door from the other side.

Human consciousness does not have super human consciousness as part of it`s content.

When human consciousness is confronted with anything outside of that, it becomes unconscious.
It goes to sleep.

The me loses consciousness of the self.

Human consciousness is all about the self. The self conscious.

The human is not conscious of anything beyond the self.

If the self is not involved somehow then the human is not conscious off it.

So to move beyond self consciousness is to be unconscious.

With me so far?

Quite the dilemma.

So how does one communicate with the other side?

What can be observed is that communication can be forthcoming from the other side.
But we have no say about what comes through or when...or to whom.

Don`t let this set off all your junk. We are just standing at the doorway. We aren`t
buying anything inside.

We don`t know what the fuck is going on with this subject matter.
Quite frankly it puts us to sleep.

Hang on.....  Us is a we.

Human consciousness is a me unconscious of the actuality that it is a we.

Human consciousness is able to have a life totally unconscious of the other guy and the other side.

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                                                    The Author

                                                      Part 176

                                                   The great divide.

To resolve this matter, to bring it all together, what is actual must be observed.

To see the actual is to be the actual.

The actual is the absence of the non actual.

When everything that is not actually you is cast aside, what remains is the actual you.

But the actual you is a we.

Let`s not let the words get in the way here.

Consciousness is what we know. What we don`t know, we are not conscious of.

Knowing creates division.

I know something that you don`t know.

We then have the student and the teacher.

Once the student knows what the teacher knows there is no division.

The student imagines that by knowing what the teacher knows s/he will be rid of pain and suffering.

Seeing that this doesn`t actually occur just means more pain and suffering.

When the student knows what the teacher knows they are no longer divided.
Now they can both say "We actually know nothing."

One has to apply huge amounts of effort to know about the non actual.
Whereas knowing nothing takes no effort at all.

Despite all man`s efforts to know what is actual.... Man actually knows nothing about the actual at all.

Individual consciousness is what one knows.
When that consciousness is confronted with something it doesn`t know, it goes to sleep.
It becomes unconscious.

In this state of unconsciousness the mind is free to dream.
So it dreams up all sorts of explanations for things that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

It dreams of a better future... It dreams of that which will bring it satisfaction and end it`s suffering.

It dreams of what is other than actual.

There is a mechanical process here that we are all apart of.

The individual is unconscious of this. The individual cannot see it.

But "WE" can. And we are on the other side.

And only "WE" can open the door.
When "WE" do, the individual is no longer waiting there to come through.

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