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« Reply #180 on: January 14, 2018, 07:55:54 AM »

                                                          The Author

                                                      Part 177

                                                    Where are we now ?

The "me" knows something.
The something known is what traps the "me".

"I know my limitations."

By changing and modifying what the me knows, one can change and modify one`s limitations.

Through this mechanism the me convinces itself that it is free.
But no matter where one places those limitations one is still trapped within them.

Consciousness is a product of the known.

What one does not know, one is not conscious of.

When one attempts to expand it`s limitations by venturing into the unknown it is met with

One attempts to capture a small piece of the unknown by taking as much known as it can
into the unknown, and surrounding something unknown with what is known.

The me, the consciousness, is the known.
Without the known the consciousness of me ceases to be.

So the me owes it`s life to never knowing the we.

The we can never be known by me.

We are able to see why the me can never be free.
The me is caught in the field of time.

When the we now sees the mechanics of trapping a me, the me who had not seen it ceases to be.

A me looking at this subject matter goes unconscious. It can`t think with it.
It doesn`t know what we are talking about.

The me is looking for world peace.
The we is the world peace the me is looking for.

The we is an absence of the me.

The we is everything the me is not.

And everything the we is not is a me.

We are not something that exists in isolation.

Me exists in the illusion of isolation.

Please observe the fact that no lifer has ever transcended their life sentence
and lived to tell the tale.

All that lifer`s have ever known is hardship, suffering, disappointment, frustration, injustice,
conflict, greed, betrayal, depression, heartache, fear,.... etc.

Transcending the life sentence requires one`s undivided attention.

And for one who`s existence is division, this is impossible.
But the impossible does happen..

 Are we together on this?

Can we see that when the me dies to everything it knows...
... we are free of limitation ?!

The me who could not see this is gone.
Never was.

So where are we? Now!
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« Reply #181 on: January 15, 2018, 07:53:59 AM »

                                                  The author

                                                    Part 178

                                             It`s all about me.

What we are observing here as a subject is consciousness.

The subject matter creates unconsciousness in the me.

The me ceases to be conscious of the subject when it realizes "There is nothing in here for me."

The me looks into the subject of unconsciousness and searches for content.

The we isn`t looking into the subject. It is looking at it.

We can see that the me spends a third of it`s life unconscious... asleep.

The me drifts between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are a division.
These two poles create somewhere for the me to drift between.

Consciousness only exists because of unconsciousness.

What the me is not conscious of creates what the me is conscious of.

Me is awake only when it is resisting sleep.
Consciousness is polluted by unconsciousness.
The me cannot see this at all. It is unconscious of it.

The me is unconscious of how consciousness exists.

The me cannot see the mechanics of this.

But we can clearly see that the me has put it`s self in the hands of the mind.
Here again we see the division.
The mind is divided between the conscious and the unconscious.
The me is of two minds about everything.

The perfect trap.

The Me is conscious of what it wants to know and unconscious of what it doesn`t want to know.

The me can never know that me is actually a we.

The me would cease to exist.

Only we can see this?

The me has already gone when we are seeing the actual.

Seeing the actual is being the actual.
No division.

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« Reply #182 on: January 16, 2018, 08:35:11 AM »

                                                 The author

                                                    Part 179

                                      Looking at consciousness without a conscience.

To observe what is actual, the non actual must be brushed aside.
The actual is the absence of the non actual.

It is what is there, when what it isn`t is removed.

The actual is not a result.
The actual is not a collection of lesser actuals.
The actual cannot be divided.
The actual is not a process.
The actual is not relative to anything.

Consciousness is all the above.

Have a look.

Consciousness is a divided collection of results in the process of being relative.
And on top of that, it can be lost and regained.

Consciousness is a product of the mind.

Overwhelm the mind with more than it can process and consciousness is lost.

It has bought itself some time.

As consciousness is regained one collects their thoughts.

Of all the countless thoughts in existence, the individual recognizes those that belong to them.

Those are the ones they are counting on to produce their individual consciousness.

So do we see that consciousness is a collection of thoughts.
And unconsciousness is a dispersal of thoughts.

Consciousness is merely a trick of the mind.

If the mind approaches the actual... it goes unconscious.

It is unconscious of the actual.

When we see this, the me that couldn`t is gone.

Nothing there to be conscious or not conscious of. 
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« Reply #183 on: January 17, 2018, 07:08:23 AM »

                                                       The author

                                                    Part 180

                                                 Beyond consciousness.

Where undivided attention exists, consciousness does not.

Consciousness is evidence that undivided attention has left the building.

When the house lights come on, one is conscious that they were off.

Consciousness is dependent on having something to be conscious of.

Thus consciousness is divided attention.

There is something ...and something that is conscious of it.

Consciousness is fragmented attention.

When attention is un-fragmented there exists no consciousness.

None of this is of any use to consciousness... so it remains unconscious of it.

Undivided attention on the actual renders consciousness itself, of no use.

Can we see that we are attention that is divided?
Can we put our undivided attention on this actuality?

Can we not see that we are a divided version of the very same thing?

If we can, then consciousness is gone.

Consciousness is the individual.

The individual exists in division.

This is the me in the making.

And that me is stuck with the constant feeling that the me they are being is not who they really are.
Is this what is actual?
Can we see it?

Can we be it?

There is who we are being...and who we actually are.

The observer and the observed.

The observer IS the observed.

Unification ...


Individual human consciousness is no more ...and never was.

It has no more time to waste in delusion.

It`s a whole new world.

You are no longer the authored.
Here and now we are the author.
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« Reply #184 on: January 18, 2018, 08:31:25 AM »

                                                     The author

                                                    Part 181

                                           The creation of the problem.

No problem exists in your absence.

You and the problem are a team.

A problem does not exist until someone is there to be conscious of it.

Consciousness is what puts one there....

That is the problem.  The actual problem.

Consciousness tries to solve this by becoming unconscious.

But one`s unconsciousness is what creates the unconsciousness in others
that can get away with doing the unconscionable.

We have to be careful here not to catch the circular logic merry go round.

If we just stand back and give this our full attention, if we just observe the actual,
without being drawn into the content...

A catch 22 situation only exists when one is caught in it.

The me wants to be free... But to be free there is no more me.

The me exists through wanting to be free.

If the me ceased wanting to be free, there would be no me left wanting.

When there is a me there left wanting, dependency has been created.
Deprivation of dependency is addiction.

The receptacle for all addiction is consciousness.

Consciousness is addiction.

Without consciousness there would be no where for addiction to reside.

If one lost consciousness all addiction is lost with it.

The addict cannot benefit from loss of consciousness.
There is simply no addict there to benefit.
The consciousness was the addiction.

The me is addicted to individual consciousness.

There is me and there is individual consciousness.

The observer and the observed.
But the observer IS the observed.


The me who was individual consciousness is no more.

You are the absence of that which you are not.

Consciousness is exposed as merely an argument you were having in your head.

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« Reply #185 on: January 20, 2018, 07:26:14 AM »

                                                  The author

                                                    Part 182

                                             Stuck this side of transformation.

At all times the me comes to a dead end when it attempts to transform.

At all times the me is saying "This is not who I really am."

Change and modification is the only option.

This is an invitation into the realm of thoughts and ideas.

The search is on.

We are just observing this as a mechanical process.

One is able to focus the energy that was previously dispersed.

One becomes hopeful and enthusiastic. A better future is in the making.

The me has successfully distracted itself from the actual.

"I am out of shape.....But I`ll look at all this again when I get in shape."

The me has bought itself more time.
That is what the me is all about...buying itself more time.

Because the me becomes conscious when it is already on this roller coaster ride called life
it is holding on for dear life.

If the me is having a good time it doesn`t want the ride to end.
If it isn`t having a good time it just wants to get off.
Either way... one is stuck on the ride.

The roller coaster ride called life has completely captured their attention.
The perspective of not being on the ride has evaporated.

We are not trying to change or modify anything here.

We are just observing a mechanical process.

Something that has evaporated for the me.

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« Reply #186 on: January 22, 2018, 07:40:04 AM »

                                               The author

                                                    Part 183

                                                Yet to see.

It is the inability to see how one is being conned that permits one to remain conned.

The one being conned is uncooperative in any attempt to see the con.
It`s life is dependent on not seeing it.

For once it is seen, that life is over.

One`s life as a ................ is over the second one sees how they were conned into being a .......... .

It is not possible to dwell on how one was being conned and all the travails and suffering that life was creating.
Because the moment it is exposed as a con there is no longer anyone there to dwell in it.

If there is still someone there to dwell on it, then that dwelling has not been vacated.

"I used to be someone who could not transform. But now I have transformed.
I am no longer a ......... . Now I am an ex  .......... in recovery."

......Means you have yet to see the actual con.

If one can dwell on it..... One is still dwelling in it.

There is no lesson to be learned here.
Once what was inhibiting learning is seen, there is nothing to learn and no one to learn it.

Learning fuels the fire of conflict.

If one had learned nothing , they would not have learned how to be in conflict.

The human learns from it`s mistakes.
This way it never observes that it IS the mistake that is sentenced to learning.

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« Reply #187 on: January 27, 2018, 09:09:36 AM »

                                                  The author

                                                    Part 184

                                         Everything one is...

For the one who looks at what is being pointed at here, that one and all that comprises it, is evidence that what is being pointed at is not true.

To tell someone that they don`t actually exist is impossible for them to believe when one has to exist to see it.

This is not being pointed out as a truth. Truth is a thing.... and we are going beyond things.

Maybe this will help....

Once your life has ended...what is left beyond that ?

It is that which exists beyond life that is being communicated to here and now.

We are looking for a mechanical process.
But we must see it in a detached way.
If one is still attached to the process, they trapped in an individuation.

That individuation is living proof that there is no "We" beyond that life.

"We cannot live together in harmony, simply because there is no "WE".

All the individual ME`S share the same dilemma.

But the ME has not the vaguest idea of what sharing is.

It will say "It was `me` who shared."

No matter who the "ME" has a shelf life.

When me tries to see beyond that life it has nothing to work with.

But if we drop tools and observe....

We can see what me could not.

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« Reply #188 on: January 29, 2018, 07:46:29 AM »

                                                 The author

                                                    Part 185

                                                  What`s the story ?

Can we observe that there is what is actual, or there is the non actual.

The non actual is in conflict with the actual.
But the actual is not in conflict with anything.
The actual is not would`a, could`a, should`a.

Anything other than the actual is a story.

Whether it be a good story or a bad story,
Whether it be interesting or boring.
Whether it be based on fact or pure fantasy...

If it is not here and now actual, it is a story.

Can we see this?

There are no true stories.

The story places itself in opposition to the truth.

The story is a pretend truth... And the truth is a pretend story.

Is that hard to see?

How can the truth exist without a story to make it truth?

When all stories end, the truth is ended with it.

Man`s search for the truth is an endless story.

If one assembled every bit of truth man has discovered one would see that
only half of it has been discovered.

So all man`s search has really uncovered is half truths.

Vowing to speak the truth is actually open season on telling lies.

The truth only exists while there is someone there to believe it.

Meanwhile the actual was, is , and always will be, there regardless of what anyone believes.

Can we see the mechanics of this?

The mechanics are the barrier to seeing the actual.

Once one sees how they are being conned, there is no one left there to not see it.

Not seeing what is actual is the mechanical process that creates life.

Life exists in denial of what is actual.

When that life is over, the story has ended. The me has run out of time.
The actual is revealed. And the actual is a we. Not a collection of me`s.

The me is incapable of being we.

And thus we have the story of man.

Man`s story is what is creating man.

Man is created by his story.

While man believes his story, s/he has a life as a result.

We can see this.
But "me" cannot.

The me has no choice but to keep searching for the truth.
Only "we" can choose to observe that which is actual.

And it is a choice.
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« Reply #189 on: January 30, 2018, 08:27:23 AM »

                                             The author

                                                    Part 186

                                                 How do I ...... ?

Can we observe that the me attempting to be the we is merely reinforcing the me. ?

It is the same deal as using conflict to bring about peace.

The human is compelled to do something.
Just get a human to do nothing.... Try it yourself.

 " Can`t be done. Ridiculous. Pointless. Nothing to be gained from it.
Zero reason exists to do nothing.
Doing nothing is being lazy."

We are observing what is actual.

The human is so preoccupied with not doing nothing that
it fails to see it is a slave to doing something.

Every human is doing something..... except the ex human.

For the ex human there is nothing can be done and nothing to do anyway.

"But I don`t understand how the me can do nothing."

That`s because there is nothing to understand.

Can we see that the human has been trying to do things about it`s situation for it`s entire history?

This is not peculiar to any individual.
It is common to all individuals.

Thus it is a we problem. Not a me problem.

Me is the problem.

If it wasn`t for me, we wouldn`t have the problem.

Me wants to do something about the problem.

But we can see that doing anything is actually pointless.
It just buys me more time.

 We are all in this together.

Me has based it`s life on not being we.

We are examining material here that the me has no capacity to see.

Once we see it...the me that couldn`t is no more.

There is no me there to wonder what it is now that it has seen it.
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« Reply #190 on: February 01, 2018, 08:02:25 AM »

                                                         The author

                                                         Part 187

                                                   No one understands me.

The we is not a collection of me`s.

Every me has been confounded by this.

Me`s have been trying to form a we since the me existed.

Converting me`s into we`s is not possible.

A group of me`s is a group of me`s.
It is not a we.
We cannot teach the me anything.

The we is the absence of me`s.

If a me is being held hostage, the we cannot be coaxed into taking action.
The me is only ever taking itself hostage.

The me says "I won`t be a we until other me`s are we first."

What we are looking at here is the mechanics of all human conflict.

Conflict is division.

The individual human exists in ignorance of we.

The we has nothing to do with me.

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« Reply #191 on: February 02, 2018, 08:26:46 AM »

                                              The author

                                                 Part 188.

                                            There is nothing here for me.

The me is a self perpetuating mechanism.

Self perpetuation is all that the me knows.

If the me cannot see a future in something (anything) it will not pursue it.

The me is a self contained mechanism that is all about me.

We are looking at this to find out what is actually happening.
We are not judging what is seen.
We are not comparing what we see to anything.
We are not contributing anything to what we see.

The me trying to know what we are seeing is putting me back on the map.

The me on the map is what is having all the trouble.

The me is located right smack in the middle of what it knows.

And what it knows ultimately is that the me is in trouble.

Can we see the dilemma?

The me cannot see the cause of it`s dilemma, because the me is the dilemma doing the looking.

The me making sense of what it perceives is making the sense of me.

If we choose to observe the mechanics of this con, the me who could not is no more.

Till then, the me is constantly struggling to "get it."
The me cannot see that every time it "gets it", it is the me that has been gotten.

"I get it. Now I know where I am."

The me is trapped in a need to know.

We don`t know that we need to know.

We simply don`t know.
We are not hoarding things to be examined in the future.

We are simply observing. And all the me`s know there is no future in that.
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« Reply #192 on: February 03, 2018, 07:42:19 AM »

                                                          The author

                                                             Part 189

                                                    What`s the story ?

All stories are about the illusion of transformation.

When actual transformation occurs there is no story.

We is the me without a story.

A story is a mechanical process.

A story is a second hand observation.

For that story to be followed it must engage the mind.

Observations that do not fit into a story do not engage the mind.

A story is second hand observations that are being processed through a formula.

The mind is so caught up in the story that it fails to observe the formula.

A story is an imaginary journey about becoming. It is change and modification.

It is about the illusion of transformation.
Without the human mind there is no story.

The me is the result of stories.

The we creates the stories that the me is caught in.

The me is the authored.
The we is the author.

Can we observe the mechanics of story telling without being caught up in the story?

Well ?

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