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                       The latest news from Flag from an insider

    I was told today that all of the CSWs; particularly the LOA CSWs are to be approved only by David Miscavige and no one else. Just him, that's it. And staff has to wait until he is good and ready to read them.

    Also that there is a new question added to the A-J checks; David wants to know who is masturbating and whoever is found comitting that 'overt' is ordered to do a major ethics program.

    The new pre requisites to attest to OT 7 are: to sell at least one Basic Books package and to be a Patron of the IAS, if not then you cannot attest.

                   Auckland ORG Demolished

 The org building located in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand has been pulled down.


From their web site...

"You are very welcome to come into the Church of Scientology in Auckland at 44 Khyber Pass Rd., Grafton, Auckland.

We are open each day of the week and weekend and into the evening as well.

There is more information on this website so you are welcome to browse around.

                          Church of Scientology opens in Malvern

It was seeing his wife’s fears disappear after a few hours of counseling with the Church of Scientology, that got Dr. Sheridan Cyrus interested in Scientology.

She had a plethora of unexplained fears, he said. His wife wasn’t able to walk on sidewalks because she had a deep fear of earthworms. Whenever their kids’ teacher left a call from school, she automatically assumed the worst and would feel like throwing up before she even called the school back.

But after undergoing counseling with the Church of Scientology, his wife dramatically changed for the better, Cyrus explained.

Ever since then, Cyrus believes Scientology can help improve people’s lives. On Nov. 12, Cyrus opened Scarborough’s first and Toronto’s fourth Church of Scientology in Malvern.

    There’s a lot of people out there and they need help and that’s what we can do with this mission.

    — Pat Felske

Located at Neilson Rd. and McLevin Ave., it joins the three other churches on Yonge Street downtown and on the Danforth.

“This is so exciting,” said Pat Felske, the church’s Director of Special Affairs.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. There’s a lot of people out there and they need help and that’s what we can do with this mission.”

The Church of Scientology offers courses and counseling in many areas of life including relationship and financial problems, teaching children how to study effectively for school and even tax preparation.

Cryus has been active in the Malvern community over the years, helping raise money for a new Anglican church, which opened in 2001. He also helped expand the Malvern Family Resource Centre.

Working with people at the centre and as a dentist in Malvern, many people have asked him for advice for their problems, he said.

“I see there’s a great need for it [Church of Scientology] because people in the area are worried about their finances, relationships, their children,” Cyrus said.

“I think these are areas we can help them with.”

Around 70 people attended the outdoor opening ceremony including MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River Bal Balkissoon.

Saroma Baillie, 29, a local resident who attended the event said she joined Scientology 17 years ago when she completed their courses on studying and realized it helped her studies immensely.

“I realized that it actually made a real big difference so I kept my interest up,” Baillie said.

“I discovered that there are a lot more things in Scientology that I could use in my own life to help myself.”

                       Impact 123 April 2010 IAS Patrons status'

    PLATINUM EXCALIBUR $20,000,000.00 (estimated)

    Bob & Trish Duggan & Family

    PATRON EXCALIBUR $15,000,000.00 (estimated)

    Elizabeth and Michael Baybak & Family

    PATRON LAUREATE $10,000,000.00

    Richard & Amy Acunto
    Bryan & June Zwan

    DIAMOND MERITORIOUS $ 5,000,000.00

    Alan & Sheila Atkinson-Baker
    Craig & Sally Jensen

    PLATINUM MERITORIOUS $ 2,500,000.00

    The Dayton Family
    Doug & Laurie Dohring
    George Duggan & Megan Shields
    Jeffrey Jonas
    The Marian Kapusta Family
    Larry & Margaret Leong
    Kurt & Jenny Listug
    Brandon & Angela Marion &Family
    Ron & Mimi Pollack (Founding Platinum Meritorious)
    The Sgroi- Clouden Families
    Ali & Noor Shawkat
    Farid Tabibzadeh
    Juan D. Villarreal & Family
    David & Bonita Wilson Family

    GOLD MERITORIOUS $1,000,000.00

    The Alborzi Family................

.....................PATRONS WITH HONORS $100,000.00


The Carmichael Family
Helen Kay Smith
Clinton Stringfellow

                          Sober meritorious

$ 0.

    Scientology seems to have been dropped from Planet radio.
For years they have had a weekly hour long spot.

Now they just aren`t there...

Also news just in...

"This is it.... The launching point of what we have always dreamed of.... An Ideal Org here in New Zealand !

We have the best building in the world, and we just need to raise the funds, renovate it and OPEN !

We have expanded the org and moved into new quarters that are closer to the new Ideal Org premises, while preparing to renovate and open our Ideal Org building.
Now located in Grafton (at the OutSource IT Building, The Mall, 44 Khyber Pass Rd).
You should come for a tour any time and check out the new Premises."

Wow !!!


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