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Author Topic: My Past Life in Scientology  (Read 2341 times)
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                                    My Past Life in Scientology

It was a perilous but wonderful time for me in the autumn of 1973. I was a homeless yet blissful nobody, like the line McCartney sang in "You Never Give Me Your Money": Oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go. Id arrived in the middle of the night at Austin, Texas, hitchhiking down from Dallas with a backpack, a guitar, a portable Olivetti typewriter, and $249. This was everything I owned in the world, and I had nowhere else to go.

Id been dropped off on the freeway in Dallas by my mother and stepfather, who wanted nothing to do with me. Wed driven out from Alabama; it was the last time I would see them for half a decade. I should have been scared to death but Id been in worse situations, mostly due to them, partly due to having been a hippie. Id been forcefully divorced from my family (which included three younger brothers I loved deeply) twice before, put on the highway with $20 by my mother, and dropped off on the highway near Dallas by my maternal grandfather and my mother's sister. And then there was the hitchhiking across the South. Once, I woke up on the side of a freeway somewhere in Louisiana. Id slept in the grass the night before and somehow lost my wallet. I had 34 cents in my pocket. How Id survived, who knows?

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