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                                        SENSE OF DOUBT

                                          Part 240

                                        The free identity

Why are there so many challenges to becoming enlightened?
People spend there whole lives on the path and yet can end up
completely fucked up and deluded?

"This one is easily solved. If people where sincerely asking for enlightenment it
would reveal itself. The problem is that, it was the delusion that sought an identity that
looked to the world like what the delusion pictured enlightenment looking like."

I kind of get that. But explain more?

"Okay. So the identity that the person has identified with wants something tangible. Something that makes sense. So it looks to other identities that proclaim enlightenment.
It perceives and experiences supposed enlightened people conducting themselves in a particular style.
Maybe they have a beard. Maybe they wear a funny hat. Maybe they they have a serene demeanor.
Maybe they talk in a slow and calculated manner, like a lawyer. Maybe they dress up and perform rituals and recite shit.  Maybe they quote a thick book.
There are certain tangible manifestations of supposed enlightenment. So the identity that you are wearing thinks if it dressed and acted like the enlightened identity, then it to could be enlightened."

So are there actually any outward signs of someone being enlightened?

" No. Not one.  People have held up signs all saying "This is enlightenment."
But any sign is evidence of un-enlightenment.
Enlightenment is not an external thing. It is actually a grand view of what is internal."

So how do you ever recognize someone who is enlightened?

"By being enlightened yourself."

So who do you follow. Who`s teachings should you study?

"Everyone`s. You see to truly know enlightenment, you must also embrace un-enlightenment.
Otherwise...What are you enlightened about?
People have been programmed to think that exposure to unenightenment will put their own enlightenment in peril. At which point your enlightenment is based on experiences and circumstances.
So it`s as empty as the Ark of the covenant.
If your enlightenment is based on experience and circumstances, what happens when your experience and circumstances change? You go to sleep in a monastery and wake up in Auschwitz.
Your enlightened identity has now disappeared down the toilet."

I can see that.

"It would be very expedient for those seeking enlightenment to discard "enlightened identities."
Every identity is a manufactured product. And as is true for all products, they have a shelf life.
By basing your enlightenment on something, know this;
"Every something is destined to become nothing. Every something is a this or a that.

It becomes a two sided coin.
When you can toss that coin and no matter which side it falls on, you have nothing at stake.
You and enlightenment are one. You have finally discovered the one sided coin."

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                                     SENSE OF DOUBT

                                        Part 241

                                   Let`s make a deal

I`ve been wondering why the stranger in everyone doesn`t just lift the physical dimension
version of itself up and out of physical to give it an overview of what`s going on.
Imagine the shift of viewpoint that, for example, having an out of body experience would give someone.
I`m sure many people would be won over by some such experience. Why not do that?

"I think you`d actually find it just freaks people out. All that serves to do is return the person back with a modified identity. And that identity wraps itself in an emotional blanket of overwhelm.
The fact remains that enlightenment is an internal thing. Enlightenment is not about experience. Only a viewpoint from within an individuated identity can experience.
Put another way... Unenlightenment is an experience.
One becomes unenlightened to experience life. At the moment of death one is immediately re enlightened. They lose identification with physical. They are lifted out of the physical dimension.
So what you talked about is what is actually happening. But reaching enlightenment that way takes a lifetime."

So is there a quicker way?

"Quicker implies that time and distance are involved in enlightenment.
This is a false assumption that the unenlightened identity uses to perpetuate itself."

No... You`ve lost me...

"That`s because you`ve been trying to look at this through a false assumption."

And what is that?

"You are assuming that people want to be enlightened."

Well don`t they ?

"Hell no. You think they wanted enlightenment all this time and it was denied them?"

I just assumed...

"Exactly. A false assumption. People are here because they want to have experiences. They just don`t want to have bad experiences."

That just hit me as you said it. I feel like I just evolved somehow.

"How could you not? After-all, is evolution not simply the avoidance of bad experience."

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                                             SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                    Part 242

                                              Get the flock outta here.

This stuff really does your mind in. Why does it have to be so difficult and complex?

"The mind is a record of your circumstances and experience. Having a mind inhibits enlightenment because enlightenment is not part of your experience.  And having circumstances is the opposite of what enlightenment is. The mind perpetuates the circumstances one experiences.
So enlightenment is easy and simple, but obscured by a difficult and complex mind."

Keep going...

"Look. The mind, which confirms the individuated identity, makes one believe that enlightenment
can be attained by going somewhere and doing something. Whereas enlightenment is in reality going no where and doing nothing.  Let me use an example so you can grasp this. Lets take conflict. Any conflict.
The mind will say "to resolve this conflict one must take these steps and accomplish these things."
You see the mind is an expert on everything. It will tell cab drivers what needs to happen to resolve conflict. It`s had thousands of years of experience on being an expert on resolving conflicts. Just watch the daily news.

On the other hand if one was to become present moment aware and tune into the no specific viewpoint that enlightenment is, one would be outside of conflict. The conflict has nowhere to materialize.
There would be no conflict. It would disappear. Let me now bring this concept to a more personalized viewpoint.

Say one had a physical problem. The mind says "I need to go here and do this..."
However if one was to become present moment aware and tune into no specific viewpoint the physical problem would have no where to materialize. There would be no physical problem. It would disappear."

So how can one do this?

"Sit quietly. Lose identification with the mind. Become present moment aware and tune into the no specific viewpoint. Be where the physical problem cannot materialize. Listen to what the physical problem is trying to tell you. Accept and absorb it`s viewpoint. Be with it in a place of no conflict.
Thank it for giving you the experience. Allow it to de-manifest.

Cry a little. Laugh a little. Let them become one. Joy and wonder."

 But couldn`t it be said that by getting yourself all serene you are just imagining that your problems don`t exist?

"Look at this then. Could the opposite also be true? By staying in an un serene place are you not just as likely to be imagining that they do?"

Either way it must be realized that a self must exist for the problem or conflict to adhere to.
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                                         SENSE OF DOUBT

                                           Part 243

                                        Where you live

But once you come back from that place of serenity, isn`t it true that you are back with your real problems?


Well what`s the point of taking a holiday from your problems if they are just going to all be there when you get back home?

"Well you have sown the seed of being without your problem for one. Sometimes that is enough to set off a chain reaction that will inspire the unwanted circumstance to de-materialize.
I`m sure everyone reading this has had the experience of suddenly seeing the solution to a problem while they were otherwise engaged. You bang your head against a problem for hours and then out of nowhere the answer drops out of the sky while you are driving the kids to school."

Yeah. Are you suggesting people run around all day doing stuff unrelated to handling their problems?

"Yes... If they want to get off the treadmill. Let me see if I can give you an example.
Just about every successful songwriter will tell you that the songs they are most proud of coming up with just dropped out of the sky. Now they are so inspired that they get busy bringing the song through
to completion that they don`t stop to examine the mechanics behind what happened.
This same phenomenon applies to all walks of life. It`s just clearer to see with a work of art or a work of creation. What the person has done is convince the stranger that there is an experience desirable to have. But don`t be mislead into thinking there is something negotiable about this.
The stranger works through you on an emotional level. If your desire is for a hollow emotional experience, that is what will drop out of the sky. The wherewithal for that experience will manifest and nothing on earth will stand in its way."

Give me some more examples...

"Sure. Take a stand up comedian. Just listen to him tell you all about the funny world he is experiencing.
If he`s good, you`ll laugh along and start to see how funny the world is. Then you might think "Gee if only funny things would happen to me all day like they do for this guy."
But he walked down the same streets you walk, he saw the same news you saw, He had a wife and kids like you do. Take his manager. He experienced everything that the stand up comedian experienced, except the humour. Nothing funny happened to him."

This isn`t really following a logical sequence. It doesn`t make sense.

"Great. Wonderful. It is your need for things to follow a logical sequence and make sense that keeps you on the treadmill. You are stuck with all these bad experiences and circumstances and you sit there trying to make sense of them. "Why is this happening to me? I don`t deserve this. I have been honest and loving and fulfilled my commitments and I`m rewarded with an x-ray that looks like a crossword puzzle. It just doesn`t make sense! I hate God. I hate life. What`s on TV?"

I don`t even know what to ask next.

"Perfect. Now I shall simply supply you with the emotional experience you desire, as always.
By quieting your mind and losing the singular identity viewpoint, you are rejoining me/us.
This is a state beyond your imagination. The reason I say that is because your imagination is an extension of your experience. It is a projection of the limited potential of the specific individuation viewpoint. It is not pure creation, merely modification.
When someone does the connected breathing they go on a holiday from all that.
But after the twenty minutes they return home to reality. Their circumstances and experiences
 re attach themselves. Just like the cancer the faith healer cured is back.
The addiction the hypnotist cured is back, The phobia the auditor cured is back. The paranoia the therapist cured is back. The poverty the financial advisor cured is back. The lovesick feelings your friend cured are back. The medical condition the doctor cured is back.

You`ve moved back to where you live.

So it is the inside outness of this that keeps people on the treadmill.

From now on when you move into present moment awareness become aware that you are more than welcome to stay. Make this your home. Then, from there, you can have holidays to cancer, poverty, paranoia, phobias, love sickness, medical conditions. That is of course, if you find them emotionally fulfilling.

You`ll find your obsession about making sense of them and taking them seriously is what`s gone on holiday. At which point other holiday destinations will drop out of the sky."

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                                            SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                 Part 244


When you talk to me it seems a bit patchy. Like there is nothing to grab hold of.
I was doing it myself all the way through "my story." Why do we do that?

"It seems patchy because it`s a multi viewpoint approach. It is the lack of a multi viewpoint that is holding
people in their bad experiences and circumstances. How can you be the number 6 when you are being number one? It takes six ones to become six.
And likewise, how can you let go if I`m giving you things to grab onto?
We authored "My story" together. I had the desires and you had the experiences.
We did that so that people could experience your experiences and see how to become enlightened."

Okay. Why would anyone want to become enlightened? We`ve written all these words about what it is
and how to get there but nothing yet about why. Can you enlighten us?

"So you can have some fun."

What? That`s it?

"You obviously don`t know what fun is."

Well what is fun?

"How about being able to experience anything and everything you desire?"

Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. But I honestly have no idea where you are going with this.

"Don`t you mean we?"

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                                                         Part 245

                                                   Love and deprivation.

I`m just turning this one over to you.

"Okay. You just jump in when you need clarification.

From where I don`t reside, I can potentially be, do and have anything, except an experience.
To have an experience I have to divide some of my potential. This is a pretense. Even you have the potential to do this. That potential is expressed by you when you re-watch a favorite movie.
Part of you pretends you don`t know what`s going to happen, so you can re-experience the emotional ride you know you`re going to love.

So you split some of your knowing into unknowing. To have a game one has to divorce part of themselves from knowing into not knowing. That not knowing part now has a specific viewpoint.
"I know this , this and this. But I don`t know that, that and that." A line is drawn in the sand.
When you are both sides, you have lost any illusion that you don`t know both this and that.
There is nothing for you to experience. It isn`t fun. You lose interest."

Can you give us an example of that?

"I guess sitting around all day telling yourself jokes would be something you`d lose interest in pretty quickly. Or trying to find easter eggs that you hid yourself. Definitely dating yourself would give one a feeling of being deprived.

And that`s the key. The experience of "deprivation" is where this all locks up.

           "Every single bad experience is rooted in the illusion of deprivation."

That is so broad and sweeping. It`s hard to comprehend.

"If anyone reading this was to write a list of the things in life that are the cause of their bad experience, they`d quickly realize that "Every single bad experience is rooted in the illusion of deprivation."
Anyone trying to kick an addiction will meet those feelings of deprivation head on. Anyone who is lovesick will tell you just how all encompassing those feelings of deprivation are. Anyone`s feelings of depression are compounded by the knowledge that they have been denied happiness. Anyone who is having a mental breakdown knows they have been denied their peace of mind."

So what is the remedy?

"Stop denying that you have denied yourself."

What the fuck? I can muster six billion people who would seriously disagree with you.

"Exactly. Interestingly, the more they disagree, the more serious they`d be about it.
And yet it`s quite easy to prove that each of them has selected the bad experience they are perceiving.
This is impossible to perceive from the viewpoint of identification.
Let me give you an example. Let`s say you have some guy who loses all his money, like what happened in the Wall Street crash in the 30`s. He has been denied all of his money. He sees this as `his money has disappeared.` But no money disappeared. It just changed hands. It was his money. Now it has been denied him. He perceives that he has been ruined. His life isn`t worth living.
The viewpoint that "I can be somebody if I have money" has just dematerialized for him.
His recovery will be a mirror image of how seriously he assumed this viewpoint.
Some feel that, that viewpoint is beyond recovery and has to die. But since he believes he "is" the viewpoint he feels that he has to die along with it. Thus you have suicide.

      "Suicide is the downside of taking yourself too seriously."

Now we read about this guy or get told about him. And we think "Well that`s a shame." His story is a tragic one. But hearing about it doesn`t drive the listener to suicide.... Because the reader didn`t identify with that story. But it did happen. All the evidence is there. So why didn`t you kill yourself when you heard all this evidence?  Because you chose not to "Identify" with it."

But I don`t see that the suicide had any choice but to identify with his problems. I mean that was his world.

"But he could have chosen other worlds. His specific viewpoint was reaffirmed with each act of denying himself other potential worlds.

Here... Maybe this will help.  When you select a monopoly marker to identify with, you chose to do all you can to deny monopoly money to the other markers. Doing anything else never occurs to players.
Let`s imagine that you simply play by the rules and follow the dice throw around the board , but this time, play without the identification to your marker. Now have multiplied your experience by the number of other players. You are now no longer denying anyone anything.
Because now when you are passing money over to another player, you are still passing it to yourself.
Even when you are giving it to the bank.

Suddenly the concepts of winning and losing de-manifest. So all that remains is the fun of playing the game and interacting with others.
Now jump back into identification with your marker. Oh what`s that yucky feeling?
Oh that`s stress, that`s tension, that`s selfishness, that`s isolation, that`s seriousness, that`s lack of empathy, that`s greed, that`s conflict, that`s avarice, that`s denial. And denial is the pretense."

That`s quite a lot to grasp.

" No. Don`t grasp anything I tell you. That`s not the way to go. Just move emotionally with what I tell you. It is a desire of the individuation to build circumstances and experience. That`s why you get all these stupid books on what to do to be happy, rich, un addicted etc. that end up in your closet with your get fit machine. People reading this should be able to say "I got nothing at all out of reading this."
However they will notice that their viewpoint is shifting. From where to where they won`t know.
But there will be times when they just feel more empathy for others or cry about something that never effected them before. Or laugh at something and be unable to explain why it was funny.
You tell them what you experienced a while back. You know what I`m talking about."

Yeah. Well I went up to do some shopping. I`d done the breathing exercise just before I went out.
Anyway I parked my car and walked across the car park. "Hello." I turned to see a complete stranger smiling at me and saying hello. Then the next person did. Then the next. Then the next.
I thought "How odd." But then it continued as I walked through each aisle of the supermarket. I wasn`t counting. But by now I had about twenty complete strangers saying hello to me. But it was every single person I walked by. Every single one. Same happened on my way back to the car. Odd day. Unbelievable.

" Ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Why is it so funny?

"You came here to have fun. Stop denying it !"

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                                        SENSE OF DOUBT

                                            Part 246

                                       The definition of you.

Can you tell us a bit more about deprivation. Maybe something we can relate to.

"It is what you relate to. It`s what defines you. Without deprivation you are nothing."

Thanks for the gentle introduction.

"I gave you the simple version. It`s you who deprive yourself of the simplicity.
Let me show you... "

Wow. As soon as you said that I went completely blank. I just sat here unable to focus on anything.


So what just happened?

"I just took away all your complexity. You were back to zero. Complete neutrality."

Okay. What are you getting at?

"In that state you were totally incapable of answering any questions on a personality test.
There is nothing to define you. It is like amnesia. And what does someone with amnesia try to do?
They try to find out who they are. They want to define themselves.
You try and tell someone with amnesia that they are the President of the United States and they`ll
probably say."No. That doesn`t feel right."  So you say "you are a serial killer rapist dictator." And they`ll likely say "No. That doesn`t feel right either."
You tracking with this?"

Yep. Go on.

"So is this not clear proof that people are defining themselves by their feelings?
Now they will search for evidence to back up their feelings. They want feedback from a different perspective. Feedback that supports their feelings is welcomed. Feedback that contradicts their feelings are rejected. So now you have someone building a specific viewpoint. I am this and this.
But I am not that or that.

Every act of self definition turns unlimited, unexpressed potential into specific expressed potential.
So by turning that specific potential back into pure unexpressed potential it leaves the person with a feeling of not knowing who they are.

Now the downside of this is that they will stay who they are and take everything personally.
They will die defending the personality they have actually manufactured.
Even when they perceive that they are nothing, they will still die defending the nothing they are.
So you talk to some prostitute addicted to crack cocaine, lying half conscious after being raped in a back alley and say "why don`t you simply become someone else?" And she won`t have a clue what you are talking about. Chances are she`ll defend what`s left of her "Personality" and tell you to "Fuck off arsehole!" 

Hey I had an experience very similar to that.

"That`s why I used that example.  Just to remind you how seriously people defend their personality."

So what`s the answer? Actually... what`s the question?

"People define themselves by what they are unwilling to experience."

But wouldn`t they also define themselves by what they are willing to experience?

"Ones willingness to experience doesn`t close any doors. It is not an act of definition."
" I am willing to experience this much of something, but no more than that."
That bit on the end is the act of defining.
It is what you are not willing to experience that defines you."

Okay then. Well what about drugs and violence and crime? Should people be willing to experience them?

"I am. Throw drugs , violence and crime at me all day. See if I care.
You see I don`t take any of it personally. Apparently you do."

This must be the most frustrating conversation we`ve had yet.

"See if this helps?
You and everybody reading this is experiencing what I/we cannot.
You are the part of me that is pretending it doesn`t know.
Your world is a giant melting pot of experience.
I/we would give our right hand to experience what you do. Actually you are my right hand.
So I experience through you.

Because of you, I know the feeling of mortality. I know the feeling of disunity. I know the feeling of size.
I know the feeling of distance. I know the feelings of sadness and happiness. I know the feeling of vulnerability. I know what it feels like to be lost. I know what it feels like to be addicted or dependent.
 Because of you I know what it is like to be frightened. I know what pain feels like. I know what imprisonment feels like. I know despair. I know betrayal. I know what it feels like to not know.
I know what it feels like to be denied.

From this day forth know that I am guiding you. Stay connected to me by simply being willing to experience where I put you. And when I come up to you laying raped and beaten in an alley some dark night and say "Why don`t you simply become someone else." Resist the urge to tell me to "fuck off arsehole."

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                                                 SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                       Part 247

                                                    A part of me

Okay. I still don`t think I get how what you are unwilling to experience defines you. Can you go over that again?

"Sure. When someone is living with the results of unwanted experiences, what do therapists do?
They get you to talk about your bad experiences. "You are afraid of dogs equals you must have had a bad experience with a dog. You are frightened of crowds equals there must be bad experiences with crowds in your past." 
No therapist goes..."Since you are terrified of an intimate relationship, it must be because you had a nice day at the beach and found a pretty shell."
No. The experiences that you willingly had have done nothing to define you.
I have had no experiences whatsoever, good or bad, thus I remain undefinable."

People have written vast tomes trying to describe me. This is why your world has had a bad experience from every definition of me. People have concluded that I could give a fuck about what they do.
Why ? For God`s sake, why would I? People think I have standards that must be upheld to win my favor.
And worst of all, people think my role is to punish them and withhold my love from them.
This is some of the most moronic shit anyone could ever have anything to do with."

So let me get this straight... You are pure potential. But the moment you express yourself you have ceased to be pure potential. Now you are expressed potential. So now, we down here, are that expressed potential. But we have the experiences you cannot have. Some of those experiences are bad
and that defines who we are.  Is that right?

"Good enough for now."

Let`s get back to the defining thing. I still don`t see the point.

"Sure. What you have all done is build walls around yourselves.
" I don`t want to fall in love because I might get dumped.
I don`t want to experience being without a cigarette.
I don`t want to put on a show in case I get booed.
I don`t want to offend the military in case they blow my house up.
I don`t want to say bad things about God in case he sends me to hell when I die.
I don`t want to die because I have said bad things about God and I know I`m going to hell."

Now if therapists weren`t so busy being "brilliant" and "respected," they might see that,
it is not really the specific bad experiences that have defined their patients. It is the `unwillingness to experience`that is underlying all the specific incidents. As usual the mind will come up with reasons to justify that specific manifestation till the end of time. You give the mind time and it will even come up with repressed memories. It will keep on manufacturing incidents right back to the beginning of time to account for why it is justified in making its owner miserable."

So what can people who think they are suffering because of their past, do?

"When you do the present moment awareness breathing un-define yourself.
When you first started doing the breathing you will have been bombarded with noise from the mind.
Once that has quietened down, you will see that the exterior world has a shot at you.
Just bring each incident of it into the present moment. Discipline yourself not to go on a bender, or feel intimidated by whatever happens. See each instance as a gift to show you what you are still unwilling to experience. Think of it as just more noise from the mind. Actually that`s what it is.
Once you get over the hump of doing that, you will start to feel that this present moment awareness is where you live. You won`t end off doing the breathing so you can relax. You will feel relaxed doing the breathing and it will carry over to when you aren`t officially doing the breathing.
In other words you are inside present moment awareness. It`s where you live.

These things I`m describing will unfold in a natural sequence anyway. I`m just describing them so you can go... "Oh this must be what I was reading about..."
The next unfolding will be the natural feeling of expansion. The viewpoint now becomes much wider.
As if your viewpoint was a pin head and now it is a room, or maybe the size of a building. This is not an easy one to communicate. Oh..I know. Now when someone insults you, it feels as if they are insulting
everybody in the room.  You`ll find it harder and harder to take it personally.

Actually, you`ll include the insulter in that "everybody in the room."

Now here is the next step.

Your expansion will be halted by your own acts of self definition.
And as I mentioned, that self definition is your ideas about what you don`t want to experience.

So let`s kick this off in a grand way.
Just as you tune into the present moment awareness connected breathing ask youself...
"What is the number one reason that I am not who I could be?
Now be with that answer. Bring it right in. Not the mind bullshit. Just the feeling.
Here is an example... Say the number one reason that comes up is a feeling of "What`s the use?"
Realize that your unwillingness to experience it, is what is holding it there.
So bring the feelings of "What`s the use?" into the present moment with you. Till you are willing to experience it. When you are totally willing to experience that feeling for all eternity, magically it disappears.

Then ask yourself "What is the number one reason I am not who I could be?

Say Fear of death comes up. Now bring fear of death into present moment consciousness.
Not the death. Just the unwillingness to experience it.
When you are willing to fear death for all eternity, magically fear of death disappears."

I`ve been doing this myself lately.

"Like I said, it unfolds naturally."

I`ve noticed after doing it that I don`t know who I am. I find it hard to have an opinion about things.

"Like I told you... You are un-defining yourself."

You do realize that this totally revolutionizes psychotherapy?

"Not a moment too soon."

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                                            SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                Part 248


Here`s a thought... What should people do if something really unconfrontable moves in on them
while doing this. Maybe a panic attack. Maybe feelings of grief or overwhelm?

"Firstly, realize that all that can come up is what is of comparable magnitude to your ability to overcome it. Otherwise you wouldn`t be aware of it. So sometimes what happens is you suddenly become aware of something that has been laying dormant. This has now presented itself to you because now you are up to overcoming it.
But don`t go getting all scared and freaked out about any of this.
Just don`t take any of these things seriously or try to make sense of them.
They don`t make sense. They just don`t."

Okay. Anything else?

"Sure... If something does present itself realize it now is the number one reason you are not being who you could be.
It needs to be dispatched like every other number one reason why you couldn`t be who you could be, that you`ve already become willing to experience.
Realize that you are actually holding it there by your own lack of willingness to experience it.
This is why peoples psychological problems have a reputation for being incurable. And as a result so many of the current handling's talk about "management.
So what do you do if your particular neuroses is "lack of management.?"
Take "lack of management" management courses?

Interestingly, it has never been losing ones mind that causes psychotic breaks. It has been trying to move a new mind in on an already existing one. This is why people joining cults and mind control groups are so prone to going nuts.

We`ll talk more about this later.
For now, if something freaky occurs just be willing to experience it.
That willingness will cause it to de manifest."

Man...I really could have used this information several times in my life. Do you really have any idea what it`s like to have a psychotic break or a constant panic attack?

"Yes. Thanks to you, I do."

Oh that`s right. I have the experiences you can`t have.

"Exactly. You, and everyone you know, are explorers creating the experience you are having."

I thought you were creating and I was experiencing...?

"We are partners." Think of me as base camp."

So what exactly are we exploring?

"The cutting edge of creation. I am willing to experience anything, but do so through you directly.
When you are willing to experience anything you will then experience everything through me, directly."

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                                               SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                     Part 249

                                                     What next ?

Is there anything else practical people can do to accelerate their transition from
unknowing to knowing?

"Yes. Get off the grid. Get out of the system."

What on earth are you talking about?

"The interaction with others I mentioned earlier will soon expand to a point where one becomes aware that they are dependent on systems. You should be able to cut through this pretty quickly.
You should become aware that systems you are dependent on are only pretending to shelter you from experiences you are unwilling to have."

What systems are you talking about?

" The education system,. The justice system, the political system, the medical system, the economic system. The media system, The religious system. The energy system, the infrastructure system. ie. The SYSTEM.
It is important right now to be willing to experience independence from the system."


"Because they are all about to fail."

How do you know that?

"You`d know it as well if the media system hadn`t already failed to bring you accurate information."

So what can people do?

"Start growing your own food. Get back to basics.
Get out of the economic system...  pronto... Do not incur any more debt.
Just live within your means.
Get information on self sufficiency. Put it into practice.
Get out of the system as quickly as you can.
Bullshit systems are put in place , not to serve you, but to use you.
When you are dependent on a bullshit system, you will devoured by it as it collapses."

Is this for sure? All this prediction on the system failing?

"I`ll tell you what. As soon as you hear of an energy source being discovered that will replace the oil, your planet is rapidly running out of, you can cancel my prediction.
Till then.... Get out of the system fast."

Shit. I wasn`t expecting this.

"Just be willing to experience the system failing. That means imagining that all the imaginary money
you exist on, really is imaginary."

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                                             SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                  Part 250


Gee... That last bit rocked my world for a couple of days. As in, the reality of it sunk in.

"You have a question?"

Well actually... Every question I have is immediately answered, even before I ask it.
I`m getting the questions and answers at the same time. It`s getting harder to distinguish which is you and which is me.

"You see what has happened. You are moving towards what you could be at a rapid rate.
You and I are merging. The questions and the answers are becoming the same thing.
You now have to pretend you don`t know to even have a dialog with me."

Yes. It`s as if my questions are now like..."What`s the ten o`clock time?

"Now we can drop the why do I pretend we are separate? and just be who we could be sharing potential expressed experiences as oneness."

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                                           SENSE OF DOUBT

                                              Part 251

                                            Helpful tips.

One of the key things that has made enlightenment so unattainable, is people`s misconception about what it is.

Enlightenment has been sold and packaged as a big bunch of happiness and super human abilities.
Or in some cases approval from some deity. But the true definition is "End Game."
You have just taken all your chips off the table and cashed them in. Every table.

To mistake happiness for enlightenment is something you should dispense with quickly.
Happiness is the carrot that your identity uses to keep you in the game.
When one is enlightened happiness or sadness are irrelevant.

Enlightenment is being able to see the beauty and perfection of despair, sadness, grief, loneliness, rejection, and depression. Some of the greatest, literature, art, poetry and music was written by people who get it.

It comes down to being willing to experience your circumstances, whatever they may be.
Inevitably , at some point in life you will be called upon to experience the loss of a loved one.
Talking to you about it now won`t have any real significance. But when you are actually having that experience it is overwhelming. There is an emptiness and indescribable agony that blankets you.
Realize you are having an "experience."

From that experience you can come to know just how invaluable every single life is.
You can experience a full blown dose of how much we all mean to each other.
This is an experience that is not available if you have cashed in all your chips.
That is why you are having the experience.

The part of you who is who you could be can only wonder how much we mean to each other.
That is until you volunteered to experience it.
There is a perfection here that can make you weep till it hurts.

But do you get my point? The concept of how valuable another being is can`t be conceived. It has to be experienced.  Please remember my words when the experience of loss swamps you.

Bless this person for opening your heart. Bless them for reminding you of the stars in the sky and the passage of time. Realize that you are experiencing what who you could be can`t.
They have become who they could be. When you become who you could be you are re united.
And then you can bask in the glory of that beings presence and know, from experience, just how breathtaking they are.

Now as for super natural abilities.

They don`t exist. They don`t exist because they already exist but you can`t see them.
The moment you define something as super human, you have denied yourself the experience of it.
You are performing superhuman feats all day long. But you don`t see them as super human.
You see them as a done deal.

The identity you have assumed hides your super human abilities from you because it knows it can`t compete with who you really are.
So the more you lose identification with the identity you have assumed, the more super your human abilities become.

Now an outside identity may look at your super abilities and say..."You have super human abilities."
But all you can ever do is wonder what they mean. Because you just did what you do and it wasn`t super to you at all.

You go up to Bob Dylan and say "You are a superman." And he goes. "No. I`m Bob Dylan."
Before long you piss him off.
So you go out and try to be like Bob Dylan thinking you will be superman too.
But Bob Dylan thinks "Man that guy was super annoying. Glad I`m not him."

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                                                SENSE OF DOUBT

                                                  Part 252


                                                 SENSE OF WONDER
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