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It could not possibly be by accident that the Ethics Conditions of
Scientology are in reverse order.

From its inception the Ethics Code of Scientology has emphasised its
Snakes and Ladders structure. “Up is Good. Down is Evil”.
You struggle to get up the ladder, and the lower conditions are taken on
voluntarily only in moments of great stress, or distress, or Confusion
(However, confusion is always construed by Ethics Officers as Doubt).

The conditions from Liability downwards are imposed  by one’s
‘superiors’ who are of course Superior and know best what is ‘for your
own good’.

The consideration that one might take on a really “Low” condition of
one’s own volition could only be a sign of insanity, or so one is led
to believe. Once, when I was high in the Org system, the Ethics Officer confided
in me that when one assigns to an SP the condition of Enemy one must
give them the formula “Find out who you really Are” because “That
really spins them in”.

And thus the formulae for the ‘really low’ conditions become
identified wholly with Failure, Criminality and Sin.
And so one is forced to aim ever upward, upward… trying to achieve
– not your own goals but – the goals of Elron and Miss Cabbage.
Ever ‘upwards’ and away from what was your original Goal in entering Scientology
– to find out who, what and where you REALLY are.

Because that is why you joined – isn’t it? That is what you expected, hoped for.

After all, when one has found out Who, what and where one REALLY is
then Scientology, or any other set of institutional rules and
instructions is about as helpful as a Rolls Royce jet engine or a ton of Plutonium would be to a butterfly.
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« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 12:39:10 AM »

Welcome devizer.

Interesting viewpoint. 
As Scientology is downstat globally on every front it is
self evident that the conditions of existence and their related
formulas aren`t cutting it.

Do you think they were written with good intentions?
Of course if they weren`t that would mean even scientology
itself has no formula to follow to get into POWER.

Otherwise they are being misused.

Any thoughts ??

Signed ,

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