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« on: March 14, 2010, 08:34:57 PM »

It does not seem to have occurred to anybody except me that LRH’s
story about Xenu and OTIII, can be turned around 180 degrees and make
just as much – and possibly more – sense.

That is: suppose LRH is/was Xenu. We have only his (LRH’s) word for it that he and Xenu were separate beings on opposite sides.

It makes just as convincing a story that Xenu, having escaped from his mountain prison, should invent this new way – Scientology – to take over the world by presenting himself as the Good Guy. There’s good evidence for this in the Scientology Plan For World Peace.

Once you start to consider this idea the evidence builds up. The total
distrust of and outright denigration of anyone else’s achievements in
the field of human improvement.
Christ, Buddha and the Vedas are freely invoked while establishing agreement with Raw Meat but all are scornfully rejected at “higher levels”. Definitely Xenu type behaviour.

What do you think?
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« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 01:07:29 AM »

I think first and foremost that the whole Xenu story
is the work of a mediocre Science fiction writer.

However if one assumes it to be true, then it is
an event of historical significance like no other incident
in the history of mankind.
Yet Hubbard`s essay on it which is handwritten, looks
like a young childs account of an LSD experience.
There is no definition anywhere for "goofing the floof."

Hubbard wasn`t even sure if the villain who created body thetans
was named Xenu or Xemu.

But worst of all ... Despite the fact that millions of unprepared
wogs have heard the Xenu story, none have died.

And how come none of the people who have heard the Xenu story
has gone.... "Of course....!!"
No one else has researched further into this theory of the
formation of the society in which we live as discovered by Hubbard.

I suspect the only place where Xenu existed is between Hubbard`s ears. So I guess that makes Hubbard Xenu.

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